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Monday Calls; 2013 Conferences

Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  We’re reminiscing about Boulder City. Do you know what? This is a night that we’re going to let off steam. We all have been working hard; we’ve been working hard and you’ve been working hard. Why have you been working hard? 


Some of you are learning that if you keep coming onto these calls and if you’re a first-timer, you’re not going to understand this, but talking to the Elohim and talking to these celestials and having all these high conversations has a wonderful aspect to it, in terms of wisdom, guidance, feeling energies on the line and love. Then, you find out that you’re going through your dark night of the soul and all your stuff is coming up. All of you who keep coming on these calls, I know you’ve been processing stuff. This is a call to let off steam.


Carla, are you on the line by any chance?


Carla:  I am, Wynn—hey!


Wynn:  Hey! Do you know that quality of dark nights of the soul and letting off steam?


Carla:  Yes and it’s true; especially these days, with the shift and everything being so much clearer now, if you want it to be. You get as much as you want to process just as fast as you want to process it.


Wynn:  That’s right. What does it mean to process stuff? It means that when you really start working on yourself, you start to release patterns. Some people think that you just magically step into enlightenment or something. Maybe that happens for some people, but not for me and not for most of the people I observe. When you really start making a commitment to your own evolution, all those things start coming up.


Gijs:  Wynn, do we need to go back to Boulder City, Nevada where we started?


Wynn:  Daphne and I were talking about our adventures in Boulder City, Nevada.


I’ll tell you guys: When you talk about processing—I don’t usually talk about this for myself, but I’ll tell you some of the stuff that has happened. We had to pay a lot of dues. Carla, I know, has paid a lot of dues, to be able to stand and hold this energy in this realm. There are negative energies out there that don’t want this to occur. They test you; I’ll tell you how we ended up Boulder City. Then, Daphne, are you ready to sing a song?


Carla:  I was just thinking, “There’s a song in this”.


Daphne:  Am I ready to sing a song? Now, this is the first I’ve heard of this, Wynn. What kind of song are we talking about?


Wynn:  I don’t know; I want you to express your artistry. I’m going to have Carla sing a long if she wants to; I’m not going to force anybody to do anything.


Daphne:  I’d rather play the keyboard or something; I don’t know.


Wynn:  Get your keyboard ready. We’ll let you play something for everybody.


Daphne:  Well okay, maybe; we’ll just sort of have a hoe-down.


Wynn:  Carla, I know you have a song in you, right?


Carla:  I’ve got 14 or 34…


Wynn:  I have a song in me.


Carla:  Absolutely.


Wynn:  I’m encouraging people; this is a call where there’ll be some time where people can call in, share stuff, ask questions, but we’re keeping it kind of light. We’re not channeling, so don’t ask a really heavy question. Keep it light.


But just to give you an idea of processing, some of you guys think you’ve got it bad. This will give you an idea of one of the things I had to go through.


I had given a talk in Las Vegas at something called ‘Noetic Sciences.’ Daphne was with me; we actually did a live channeling there. Then we stayed in Las Vegas for a few days. There is this really neat hotel that I happen to like in Las Vegas that is not one of the big ones. It’s probably the oldest hotel in Las Vegas; it’s downtown. It overlooks a plaza with total, glowing neon lights. If you look out your window, it’s a blaze of neon-light stuff. Daphne was there and she was totally freaking out. We did a session.


Daphne:  No, no, no; it was the Old San Francisco Hotel. It was in the old part of Las Vegas; actually I liked it very much. But the “freak-out” that Wynn refers to was; the entire city of Las Vegas is entrenched in what is called the negative reversal money grids. This was back in 2008; I wasn’t aware of this at the time, but just being in Las Vegas was making me incredibly sick; I mean nauseous. I mean, like passing out; I didn’t understand what was happening.


I just knew that we’d be walking these casinos. People are smoking and they’re drinking and I’m not making any judgments about this stuff. People do what they do, but the thing about smoking, drinking, gambling, all of that stuff, it literally takes your holographic form and diminishes the vibration of it by octaves. It solidifies you into very, very rigidly controlled forms.


From the research that I’ve done in subsequent years and David Wilcock also; his research supports this as well as many others, Lisa Renee, for example. There are very, very low-level thought forms that are controlled by the negative elite. It’s called a Vesica Pisces system and it’s an entrapment of the organic matrix. Basically, your life-force, your life Source, ends up getting sucked up like by a vacuum cleaner when you get into places like this, unless you are extremely vigilant.


Of course, I didn’t know about this five years ago; I just knew that when I was in places where there’s people drinking, smoking, sexual promiscuity—prostitution is legal in Nevada—again, no judgments, but you’ve got things running rampant in terms of collapsing your human potential. It was an education; just put it that way. It was a huge education.


Carla:  I wanted to say one thing; what Daphne was talking about, entrapment and stuff. One image will get it for you, right?


So we’re someplace in Nevada—personally, I surf on it; I don’t get into it; I surf on it; I like the music. I like when you come into the casino and it goes, “Ding-a-ding-a-ding-a-ding”; you know all different keys. It’s a cacophony; it’s tone clusters but there’ something about it that for some reason it reminds me of a circus or something. I stay above anything that’s energetically icky and I just enjoy the music.


But at any rate, this is Carla, by the way, here’s the image: I was going through the casino on my way to have a bite to eat. The great thing about Nevada is that they want you to gamble so stuff to eat tends to be cheap. So you can eat a lot for a little; and, that’s really nice and it’s usually pretty good food. We were on our way to do that; I had to look twice, because here was this lady.


She was in a hospital garment, if you could call it that, with an IV-pole and an IV in her arm hanging onto the poll. She was working the slot with the other. She had this huge container; I think it was quarters and she just was one time after another, over and over. When I came back from eating, she was right there.


I have no idea when she would actually leave the floor; I suppose only from necessity just to refresh herself or to get a new IV. That’s what Daphne’s talking about.


Daphne:  Yeah, right.


Carla:  That’s what Daphne’s talking about; it’s just like there’s no mind left. You are a living, breathing vehicle but the addiction has taken you over. The addiction is living your life for you, so you have no life. The life is gone and that’s a shame if you don’t live your own life.


But I like the music.


Wynn:  Terry has a different approach to casinos. You put Terry in a casino and she starts walking around and standing in front of all the slot machines and saying, “Now, which one is the right one?”


Carla:  Oh, do you? And how are you at that, Terry?


Terry:  Yeah! Well, you know it’s almost none of them that are the right one. I was walking through the casino and there was just like acres of slot machines. There was another fellow that I was walking with and he went way ahead of me. I stopped at this one and I said, “This is it! This is the one! It’s got all these good feelings that it’s going to give a lot of money.”


I didn’t have any money or anything to play the slots with; I had some dollar bills in my purse. I stood there for a minute. I thought “Well, I’ll never find it again.” My friend was disappearing in the distance so I just gave up. I almost never play the slot machines. When I’ve played in the past it’s like then just maybe a quarter; I’d win 75 cents and then I’d stop.


I just have this ability to surf the energies and to not get into them and to just focus on whatever energies that I’m interested in. That’s my take on it.


Wynn:  I want to say: If anyone is listening to us for the first time tonight and they expected to hear voices from other dimensions, they’re here. You have to listen in between the cracks. Oftentimes we do these Monday nights and we have extraordinary calls; we have an extraordinary history of calls.


In fact, it’s probably because we put up the history. Both Carla and I have huge amounts of stuff on our websites. I urge you to go to or; there are thousands of things up there for free on all kinds of different topics. On many of them there is extraordinary energy that comes through.


Tonight, we’ve been doing this for years now, so this is our fun break, where we let our hair hang down. You realize, just because we do this extraordinary stuff, we are humans.


Talking about gambling, when I was first with Daphne and in the first six months, we were in this crazy situation where we didn’t have any money. The Sources had predicted a newspaper headline in advance. At the very beginning I said, “How do I know Daphne’s not crazy? Can you guys predict a newspaper headline?” They said, “Watch for this headline in two weeks”. Two weeks later, there was the headline. If you read the book The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You; you’ll know what the headline is.


A couple of months later we were sitting there trying to make money. I’m saying, “I think this is really important; how do I make this work?” That’s when we had our famous drive to Portland, where I said, “Does anybody want to talk to me?”


Suddenly, boom; that was the first time there was any channeling. Once there was this ongoing conversation, I asked them, “Why don’t you guys help me with the horse races?” I figured they predicted a newspaper headline; what was possible? They said, “It would send you back into patterns of previous lifetimes which wouldn’t be advantageous for your highest role this lifetime.” So that was that.


Let me see: Is Ariel there? Ariel, press *6; let’s see if she shows up. Ariel, you said you were going to talk.


Ariel:  Okay; yes.


Wynn:  Are you nervous?


Ariel:  Yes.


Wynn:  You are? I’m having Ariel say hello because Ariel—can I talk about you, Ariel? Is it okay?


Ariel:  Yes.


Wynn:  Ariel is one of those beings that I am sure has come in from a very high dimension and that has a really hard time grounding in this realm. I met her a few years ago in Sedona. In some ways, she reminded me of me when I was younger. I used to escape this realm by hitchhiking. Hitchhiking sent me into this miraculous freedom from everything and it was like the world was my oyster; I could be anywhere.


As I got to know Ariel, she’s a woman so she wasn’t hitchhiking. She had developed the art of getting rides from truck drivers and seeing where she would end up. She would call up using a truck driver’s phone number. “Wynn, call in the Light; I’m calling in the light; let’s hold the grids together here.” What did that feel like, Ariel?


Ariel:  It was awesome. I had my kids with me; my kids have done it. My son was in Iraq.


Wynn:  Did you have any synchronicities or little miracles when you were doing that?


Ariel:  Yes, like when we were going into South Carolina, remember when I had the big buffalo and we were going into South Carolina. All of a sudden, Thunder jumped in on with me and we jumped in. We were able to save a bunch of lives, because we lifted out those old souls that wanted to go. We were able to—remember that hurricane that was coming in South Carolina? We went up into New York City and we were able to stand up for Light and Love. I actually wrote “Light and Love” on the top of the buffalo for the nation with the Lord’s Prayer on his neck. Then I released him. It was fine; it was kind of scary, too.


Wynn:  Have our calls helped you at all keep it together while you’re moving around?


Ariel:  I’m listening to them more and more; especially some of those tapes that you gave me from Ra for protection, because I did come here for a higher purpose. I’m not sure of everything as you know, but it was inspirational meeting Wynn Free, because when I saw Wynn Free I saw Ra; I actually saw the template.


Wynn:  You did.


Ariel:  Yeah. That night I met him I washed his feet. I never told you.


Wynn:  How come when I look in the mirror I only see this guy with a big nose?


Ariel:  Oh, it’s a wonderful man that sits there.


You didn’t like me at first when I came in there; remember that day? But you’ve come to love me because I’m learning to love myself. I’m really coming out of a—I lost a baby this year; I lost a husband last year. I had to let go of a lot of things. Still, it’s very hard. It’s just me and my dog; I had to go to a Portland Ashram, because I had some free will violations done to me.


I’m trying to come out and to sell things and let the Lord lead me, because I really love Jesus; I love him a lot. I’ve been washing feet for 25 years.


Wynn:  Listen, Ariel: You’ve got hundreds of people listening to you right now.


Ariel:  Well, praise the Lord!


Wynn:  That’s what you want to leave them with: Praise the Lord, right?


Ariel:  Praise the Lord is all I can say, because He’s getting a victory in my life, Love and Light. It’s scary, Wynn Free. It’s scary to tell somebody you’re a Light Worker.


Carla:  Yeah.


Ariel:  Wooooooo, scary. Protect me, guys. Put me in your prayers tonight for protection and gas and food and shelter; I mean it, Okay?


Wynn:  Alright. Well listen: Thank you for sharing, alright, great. Thank you.


Ariel:  Thank you, Wynn Free; it’s scary, though.


Wynn:  It’s alright; it’s good for you. It’s good to move through your fear.


Ariel:  I really want to channel the Elohim, you know. You know that’s my goal. I want to channel the Elohim; I have done it once with my husband.


Wynn:  Well, just be patient. If it’s the right time, it will happen. Now you’ve got to be quiet, because we going to have Carla, if she wants to, sing a song.


Ariel:  Okay. Thank you.


Wynn:  Do you want to pick a song?


Carla:  Okay, I’ll sing it for you, Ariel.


Ariel:  Thank you.




Take my life and let it be consecrated, Lord, to Thee.

Take my moments and my days; let them flow in ceaseless praise.

Take my hands and let them move as the impulse of Thy love.

Take my feet and let them be swift and beautiful for Thee.

Take my voice and let me sing always only for my King.

Take my intellect and use every power as Thou shall choose.

Take my will and make it Thine; it shall be no longer mine.

Take myself and I will be ever, only all for Thee.


Ariel:  Praise the Lord, Carla. Oh, I love you girl. That’s awesome. I love you from my heart too. I’m so grateful; I’m so grateful.


Wynn:  Wait a second, I just unmuted everybody. Can we have a round of applause for Carla and Ariel?


Wynn:  Alright.


Ariel:  Thank you Lord. 15:31.


Wynn:  Alright, Ariel I just muted you. So, thank you so much. Let me see, what time is it? 7:26. Anyone out there have anything they want to say? Read a poem, call us any names you want, anyone? *6.


Carla:  There’s an approach: call us names.


Wynn:  Anyone want to call up BBS? I sent out all the phone numbers on BBS today because otherwise we’re going to see if Daphne’s got her piano out. Daphne, are you there?


Daphne:  Oh, you’re a sly one, Wynn. He totally springs this on me, okay.


Carla:  Oh, myself included. What the heck.


Wynn:  We might have Terry sing a round of “Beat It”.


Carla:  Not “Louie, Louie”?


Wynn:  When this voice that said it was Michael Jackson started coming through Terry, I’m not telling that whole story now; I just was testing it. I said, “How do you write a song?” Then he told me; it didn’t sound like Terry could make that up. Then I said, “Could Terry sing one of your songs?” And Terry starts going, “Beat It, Beat It.”


Terry:  He was so upset because he couldn’t make; my voice just couldn’t go anywhere near where his voice could go. He was totally…


Carla:  Right, right; “How do I make this happen?”


Terry:  It was like, “This voice is like one year old as far as training goes.”


Wynn:  Is your piano ready, Daphne?


Daphne:  Oh, my gosh; it’s a synthesizer. Let’s see; I don’t know if you can hear it.


Wynn:  All her life, Daphne has wanted to be a recognized artist. 


Carla:  And she has the talent for it, that’s for sure.


Wynn: She has the talent; you hear her music.


By the way, Daphne, if it’s okay with you, after this show is over, but only if you play something—if you play something, I will run an email and I’ll put your music out and I’ll make a big discount on it and I’ll send you all the money.


Daphne:  Oh, my gosh; can you hear this, Wynn? That’s very kind of you.


Wynn:  We hear it.


Daphne:  You hear it? Let’s see; hold on a second; wait a minute.


Beautiful music is audible.


There you go.


Wynn:  Alright! Now wait a second; let me unmute everybody. Let’s hear it for Daphne. [applause] Thank you.


Let’s see—Daphne?


Daphne:  Yes.


Wynn:  Do you remember “Dig the Spaces”?


Daphne:  Do I remember “Dig the Spaces”? Yes.


Carla:  That’s so good, yes. I dig that.


Daphne:  “Rainy Day” is more in my recent repertoire.


Wynn:  Do you remember the chorus to “Dig the Spaces”? We could do a duet.


Daphne:  That was a big hint, Wynn. I think I want to do “Rainy Day” instead. Do you have your guitar there?


Wynn:  No, I can’t get it out.


Carla:  Ha, okay.


Wynn:  Hey, I’ll do it Acapulco. Okay?


CarlaAcapulco, ha—acapella.


Wynn:  I think we should do “Dig the Spaces”, okay?


Daphne:  I think you should do “Dig the Spaces”; that’s a Wynn song.


Wynn:  You can just come in on the chorus with me, okay. Would you come in on the chorus?


Daphne:  Okay. We can try it.


Wynn:  Wait a second; we’ll come back to this in a moment. Terry, are you there? Are you there?


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  Terry, before we do “Dig the Spaces”, I’d like you to tell a blond joke.


Terry:  Well, the only blond joke I can remember is when I was screwing in a light bulb and I had to have thirteen other people turn the ladder.


Wynn:  Alright that’ll pass; that’s a blond joke. I won’t have you sing “Beat It”; you don’t want to sing “Beat It” do you? No, forget that, alright.


Terry:  It’s so bad.


Wynn:  Daphne and I will do “Dig the Spaces”. Carla, Jim is going to wish he was here today, don’t you think?


Carla:  Yeah, I’ll have to tell him what he’s missing.


Wynn:  We’ll have to do one of these again sometime.


This was actually when Daphne and I were driving to Portland, Oregon; I’ll tell you the story. I went there to make some money selling something. This harp band, Daphne used to be in a band with three harpists in Silicon Valley


Daphne:  Four.


Wynn:  They happened to be playing in Oregon. I said, “This must be fate; we should go there”. These women were all the wives of fairly successful Silicon Valley


Daphne:  No, no, no Wynn; you’ve got it all wrong again.


Jill’s husband is Dave. Dave is the lead guitarist for Yesterday and Today, which was quite a successful band. They have a really big following in Japan and in Europe; in fact, they’ve been touring Europe for the last couple of years.


But Nadine and Gwen were Silicon Valley professionals; they were tech-writers and Gwen is a long-term person at Hewlett Packard. But, they were not—you know, you’re giving their husbands all the credit, but actually they were self-made women. I think you have to be fair here.


Wynn:  In case, we were driving to Portland. This is after “Does anybody want to talk to me?” event. I didn’t realize how momentous that was at the time; I said “This is really nutty.”


We got a little further up the coast and I said, “Well, I’ll teach you one of my songs.” So, the song we were doing was “Dig the Spaces”. Now, I had a booth at a little fair in Portland and Daphne was there. One of the ladies from the band came by the booth.


I guess I felt inadequate, okay, because here is Daphne and she’s trying to help me. She wasn’t that much help; she wasn’t really good at that, but she tried. And this woman, I think it was Jill, came by, the leader of the band and I said, “Let’s sing Jill a song.” There we were at the booth, and we sang “Dig the Spaces”, although I don’t think it made a great impression, we tried.


Isn’t that true? Do you remember that?


Daphne:  I remember that, yeah.


Wynn:  Did I embarrass you?


Daphne:  At that point or now?


At that point I just didn’t know where to put any of this; it was so out-of-context for me. I knew these people in a totally different life. Looking back on it, it’s kind of funny. But, I think that they were kind of in shock, because you know Robert was very well-liked by myself and everyone else involved. So I think it was hard. Robert is my husband, so. It was a difficult situation, Wynn; we were creating the paradigms there.


Wynn:  Right and I kept driving around looking for a cheap motel. You said, “I couldn’t stay in a cheap motel.” Then we looked at the—was that a Sheraton? It was across the street from the festival; you said, “Let’s stay there”. I said, “We can’t afford it”, and what did you say?


Daphne:  I’ll pay for it.


Wynn:  That’s right.


Daphne:  Had I sold my land in Hawaii yet?


Wynn:  I don’t know.


Daphne:  Robert and I had bought forty acres of land on Hamakua Coast in Hawaii in 1998. We really should have held on to it, but we ended up selling it for I don’t know; seems like $300,000 or so. So I had some of that money. But we were pretty much living on that; we were just plowing through it. I had no income.


Wynn:  Alright; let’s do “Dig the Spaces”; everyone is waiting for “Dig the Spaces”.


Daphne:  Yeah.


Wynn:  I was writing a lot of sensitive songs; then I ended up getting some jobs at bars. I said, “How do I communicate to all these people drinking?” “Dig the Spaces” was one of the songs that came out of it. Even though I don’t think people understood the lyrics, they loved the song; they would sing along on the chorus along with “Do It ‘til You’re Sick of It.”


Are you ready, Daphne?


Daphne:  I don’t know, Wynn; you’re going to have to start.


Wynn:  Listen, if Carla and Terry kind of pick up the lyrics here, they can join in. Okay?


Carla:  Okay.


Wynn:  It’s pretty easy lyrics, okay? 1-2-3-4:


Sometimes the people read the books in order to get the smarts.

But, until they unlock the words from their heads

They’re never gonna find their hearts.

Sometimes the people they look at the sky and all they see is clouds.

But, you know Mr. Sunshine he’d be peepin’ through the cracks

If only he was allowed; ah-huh


Dig the spaces; do you know what I mean?

You gotta dig the spaces;

Things ain’t what they seem.


Are you ready, Daphne?


Daphne:  It’s been so long since I’ve done this; keep going. Maybe I’ll remember, go ahead.



Some people like the donut,

Some people like the hole.

Some people want your body,

And the rest they want your soul.

The atom it’s got these electrons

Goin’ ‘round the nucleus.

It was Mr. Einstein, he taught us,

The quantum mechanics, he said:

You gotta uh…


Come on, Daphne.




Dig the spaces; do you know what I mean?

You gotta dig the spaces;

Things just ain’t what they seem.




Dig the spaces,

Uh; dig the spaces; do you know what I mean?

Dig the spaces; ‘cause things just ain’t what they seem.


Some people eyes are burning;

They’re looking for a riot.

But, my mind is like a vacuum,

It just wants some peace and quiet.

Some people like the words of this song

And some people like the rhythm.

But if you’re looking for the truth, ah-huh;

You’re gonna find it in between them.


Dig the spaces; do you know what I mean?

You gotta dig the spaces, ‘cause things just ain’t what they seem.


Daphne:  We’re losing the rhythm here, dear. We need a guitar.


Wynn:  I’d like to make an announcement: Transcribers do not have to transcribe this call. Just tell people: Put the transcription up and say, “You gotta listen to it, okay?” This is not going to translate into a transcription very well.


Carla:  But you could do the words.


Gijs:  I like this song, Wynn; do you have it recorded or not?


Wynn:  I do have it recorded. Daphne, tell them about my song-writing.


Daphne:  Your song-writing—Wynn is an incredibly gifted song-writer. In fact, the first time I heard him I was, let’s see; where were we? We were in Monterey; we were at a seminar. We had started talking and there was a grand piano there in the main hall. You pointed and you said, “Go get us some coffee.” So I went and got coffee and you pulled up a chair. Then, you launched into it; I thought, “Oh my gosh, it’s Randy Newman!” His music really transported me.


The first song I heard him play was; what was it called? 


Wynn:  First Encounters of the Close Kind.


Daphne:  I call it the coffee song; you had me go get coffee and the song was about coffee, or meeting someone and starting a conversation. The person ended up becoming the love of his life. It was a song that was definitely interdimensional; it transcended space and time. It was almost as if we were living out at the piano what the lyrics were about. It had a very surreal kind of an effect on me; I thought, “Whoa! What’s going on here?”


There was a conference going on, so there were people around. Of course you know he’s so good that people started gathering; we had a crowd of thirty or forty people around the piano. It was a surreal moment; it felt like life had turned into a Hollywood film. It really did.


Wynn:  Right; time stopped in the lobby of the hotel.


Daphne: —lobby of the hotel, that happened to us a lot of places, especially when we’d go to nice hotels. We’d aim for the Hiltons and the Hyatt’s, because they tended to have nice pianos. Oftentimes, we’d say and buy a glass of wine and we’d sit at the piano if there weren’t a lot of people and he’d start playing and people didn’t want him to leave.


In fact, do you remember when we were in Pasadena and we met Terry? We were having dinner at the old Ritz Carlton.


Terry:  Ritz Carlton.


Daphne:  Yes, Ritz Carlton and we were hanging out there. It was really nice.


Yes, he’s definitely got the gift when it comes to music. Did you ever tell people about your meeting Brian Holland, how that whole thing started?


Wynn:  Do you mean the time I picked up the girl in the bar and she moved next door to him?


Daphne:  Yes, that was kind of interesting, very interesting actually.


Wynn:  You know what? I don’t want to focus on me too much, okay?


Daphne:  Okay.


Wynn:  Truthfully, now that we’ve opened the can of worms that I’m a good song-writer and Daphne’s a good musician maybe we’ll put more of that out.


I am really good; people would hear me and they’d say, “He reminds me of John Lennon or Randy Newman.” I’ve always been compared to the best of the best of songwriters. You might not know the story, but I was poised; I thought I was poised to be very successful, because I was writing songs with a famous person.


Then, this song got stolen, became a huge hit and I freaked out. I didn’t want to play music; I was not quite so worldly as I am now or so facile; my music was way ahead of my persona, my being. I couldn’t live up to it; I didn’t know how. I felt like there were two people in me. One was the musician-songwriter; and, I didn’t get recognized. It’s a very interesting story.


If I got recognized as a song-writer, I’m sure I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now and it was a very unusual quirk, a cosmic quirk, which took me 25 years to understand. There was a guy who I was writing songs with; in fact, who I have a very unusual karmic connection with, which I don’t even understand in words.


We had to send one of the songs we wrote together to this publisher in Nashville. We did and we both put some extra songs on that tape. Shortly thereafter, maybe five months later, people started calling me about my hit song and saying, “congratulations.” So I went and bought the record and it was published by that publisher in Nashville without my name on it.


I tried to recover; I was going to sue them. I had no money. I was not worldly; my life fell apart. I ended up selling things at street fairs for 25 years. Twenty-five years later, I get an email; this is very funny. I get an email from this same guy. He didn’t do anything wrong, but I didn’t want to talk to him for twenty-five years because there was part of him that was competitive with me.


He kind of like triggered the most negative synchronicity that ever happened in my life by having this song stolen, because he suggested we send it to those people.


Twenty five years later he sends me an email, some article on the web about Sai Baba having sex with his male disciples. Sai Baba was this Indian guru who was quite famous at the time. Many people thought he was God, or an aspect of God;  of course he probably was.


Carla:  Aren’t we all?


Wynn:  …because everyone is, right.


So, I’m reading this article that this guy sends me and there’s a link to the person who wrote it. I click on the link to see who wrote the article and guess where I end up?—David Wilcock’s website. If it wasn’t for him sending me that article, I wouldn’t be here now.


Oftentimes, I look at it and I ponder how amazing it is that the same person that caused the synchronicity for me to get out of music years later caused the synchronicity for me to write, “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce”, which led to meeting Daphne, which led to meeting Carla and Terry channeling. It’s that slight adjustment of the Universe, so slight, that makes such big things hinge on it, that it blows my mind that it works that way.


This same guy reoccurred in my life; he reoccurred when I went to Laughlin to meet Carla Rueckert. This was probably in 2001, when I met you. I don’t even know if I had met Daphne at that time. I was busy writing the book. I wanted to meet Carla, because I wanted to see if I trusted her as a person.


I walked into the lecture hall where she was scheduled to talk. I don’t think I ever told you this, Carla. I walked into the lecture hall and you were not up yet. They were still closing out on the previous speaker and guess what? The previous speaker was this same guy who I’m talking about, who caused my song to get stolen and then sent me the Sai Baba article. I can mention his name; I’m not saying anything bad about him.


His name is Michael Horn. What was he doing at a UFO Festival? He had become the American Media Representative for some guy in Switzerland who used to see flying saucers in his back yard, Billy Meier, and he had become quite well-known talking about that. He was there and I was looking for Carla.


Carla:  Was that when you sang me “Between the Spaces”?


Wynn:  That’s when I sang you “Dig the Spaces”, yes.


Carla:  Yeah, yeah—then you came and knocked on my windows. That’s how he found me.


Wynn:  I sat at Carla’s booth; she had a table there as a speaker. She was selling her Ra Material. This was the first time we met. I was selling her books and no one had ever sold as many books as I had.


Carla:  Man, he was button-holing people in the aisles. “You’ve got to see this book!” He’s an amazing salesman; he can sell you anything.


I was very impressed with the whole package. I thought it was great, all the way from “Dig the Spaces”, to salesmanship, to just who you were. There are some authentic people in this world and it’s nice to meet one; it’s nice to meet one that doesn’t have any masks on in particular. It’s kind of rare.


Wynn:  You know Carla, I was telling you about my dream readings the other day, remember?


Carla:  Yeah.


Wynn:  I was telling you little dream sentences that come in. One of those early sentences was kind of funny. They said “You finally found a job you won’t get tired of.”


Carla:  That’s good, that’s good.


Wynn:  Nobody called up; nobody asked any questions. We have three minutes left. The only person who hasn’t said very much is our back-up angel.


Are you there, Terry?


Terry:  Yeah, I’m here. I’m here.


Wynn:  Is there anything?


Terry:  I’m amazed at the beauty of Carla’s voice, and Daphne’s voice. I’ve heard Daphne before but not Carla.


Carla:  Thank you so much.


Terry:  Yeah, it’s beautiful. I love “Rainy Day”; maybe you guys could close with “Rainy Day”, you and Daphne.


Wynn:  I don’t think we have enough time. Its 7:53, right.


Daphne:  You are totally sweet; God Bless you, Sister. I send you a big hug; thank you so much for saying that. I really appreciate that.


Caller:  Hello, everyone I would like to say thank you to everyone.


Wynn:  Who is on there? Yeah, we hear you.


Heika:  This is Heika from Louisiana. I probably called like a couple of weeks ago.


Wynn:  Yes.


Heika:  I was watching the Oscars last night and they had this movie where this eleven year girl was nominated. I was just trying to look on the internet but I couldn’t find it. But anyway, she was nominated as best actress in this movie that had been shot in Louisiana and I’m from Louisiana.


It was actually they found this farmer that had all this junk in his yard, like this school bus where trees had grown around it. They were looking for a location for this, because it’s a movie about very poor people, but they’re worthwhile.


I didn’t see the movie, but this one line struck me where this little girl says, “I may be poor and little but God made me and I have a place in the Universe.” I was thinking that sounds like fourth dimensional reality where everyone has worth no matter how much money they have and what they are. We are all one.


I really wanted to see this movie and see if this expresses what our Sources talk about. I hope they put in some nature too, where you really appreciate nature because we can extend the oneness to that as well.


Daphne:  Heika, is that movie, East of the Southern Wild?


Heika:  Yes, I think so, yes.


Daphne:  I’ve seen clips from that. That little girl is absolutely brilliant; she’s precious.


Heika:  Yes; that’s why she was nominated, I guess.


Daphne:  I really recommend people to see that film. A really, really beautiful film, East of the Southern Wild.


Heika:  Yes, I’m just wondering if it expresses the fourth dimension.


Daphne:  And, there’s another film that came out, an independent, low-budget film. It was the story of an Irish song-writer and she becomes his girlfriend; she’s from the Czech Republic. They meet each other; they’re living in London. It actually won – I think it won, not an Academy Award – it won an Oscar in 2005 or 2006. It’s called “Once”.


Daphne:  But I just caught it on PBS on KQED last night and the music is beautiful. It was a low-budget film and it’s a true story. I think what Heika’s saying: it’s not about money; it’s not about status; it’s not about education. We are the gift; you are your wealth, you, your life, your ideas, your purposefulness, your love, your passion. You know all this other stuff, material stuff, it’s just tools; it’s just tools, that’s all.


Necessity is the mother of invention.


Heika:  Yes; I think sometimes people in this reality where your worth is determined by money and status a lot of times; just look down on so-called lower classes, maybe like they’re not as good and you know America does this to other countries, like people from other countries are not as good as Americans. I think in the new 4-D reality this is all going to change. We’re going to have much more respect for everybody and hopefully for nature, too.


Daphne:  Absolutely.


Wynn:  Heika, do you speak – are you German, Heika?


Gjika:  Yes, I am.


Wynn:  You know Daphne is doing a little German-only get-together on Sunday afternoons. If you send me an email, I’ll send you the information. She actually specifically asked that Heika join.


Daphne:  Yes and Gijs and Edna. It’s for German-speakers; anyone is welcome to come. It’s just that I used to speak fairly good German; I’ve forgotten a lot of it.


Wynn:  Daphne, excuse me for interrupting. We’ve got one minute left. I want to make one important announcement: We are doing Session III of the “Ra: Law of One Made Simple” series again this Saturday. It’s a little early, I was going to wait more time but Carla is going to go into the hospital. So, we decided to do it before she went into the hospital. I’ll send out the official notice probably tomorrow.


Also, speaking of movies, when Terry and I were in L.A. we had a few-hours meeting with Barry Morrow who wrote The Rain Man. Barry and I have been talking for quite some time about making a movie of my story. We got a little closer to it; really, he can’t make it, but he’s willing to write the story. He thinks it’s going to be a classic and it probably will be.


Barry agreed to do a workshop with us. This guy is a gem; I’ll send out the pictures of Terry and me and Barry and me. Maybe in a couple of weeks, if he’ll make good on his promise, we’ll do a Saturday workshop. I don’t know what it’s going to be about, but Barry is a really charming guy and it’ll be fun.


On that note, we are going to say goodbye to everybody. Thank you for letting us let our hair down tonight. Thank Carla, Terry, Daphne, Gijs and Ariel for her introduction at the beginning. Every so often we’ll check in with Ariel and see where she is in the country. Send her Love and Light. She’s one of those people that will feel it.


I’m going to unmute you all; everybody’s unmuted.


Carla:  God bless everybody.


Wynn:  Good night.


Carla:  Thank you.




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