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Hidden Laws of Science and the Mystics
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Wednesday  2.27.2013

Host: Wynn FreeAudio Link -
Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is Wynn Free. This is our Wednesday night call where we ask questions to our Sources. We have both Daphne and Terry on the line tonight; we’ll probably alternate questions between the two of them.


Thank you all for being here. Daphne, you’re there, correct?


Daphne:  I am here Wynn, yes.


Wynn:  Did I say the date? February 27, 2013 and Daphne, is there anything you would like to share from your conscious mind with the group before we start?


Daphne:  In terms of some of the things we talked about today? Give me more to hang my hat on, Wynn.


Wynn:  Give you something to hang your hat on? If I do that, you’ll tell me I’m taking your free will away.


Daphne:  Oh, no, no, no, no.


Wynn:  Some of you may not understand that we’re not actors here; some people might think we’re actors. We’re working things out in front of you. Those of you that are sensitive know that; you know what I mean. In other words, when you are bringing through messages in the way that we are, it all has to ground in the physical. To ground in the physical, the personal interactions have to be grounded. When they’re not, it creates more potential for negative sources to come in.


When we talk, when we do a call like Monday, which was a lot of fun; Daphne played some piano; I sang a song, live. Carla Rueckert sang a song. It was kind of a letting your hair down call. But when we do a call like that it’s not just fun to listen to. We who are on the call, Daphne, Carla, Terry, myself are learning how to interface with each other on a very human level.


Do you know, one of the things for people who do something extraordinary, like channel—when I was playing music I had this same problem: when you have a talent that really touches people, it’s very hard to be human, because people expect a lot out of you, but on your human side, you’re still human.


You still have your human nature; you still have your faults and your frailties. Yet when people are confronted with you because you touched them deeply it’s understandable, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that it has to be worked out, because you touch somebody at a very deep level, then suddenly they expect you to be as good as the part of them that touched you. Usually that’s not true; usually the human side is still human and still has its faults.


When we do a show like Monday’s that was so much fun, it was a show where the human sides start to enjoy each other, because it’s very important. On the human side, as you all know, having been humans and still being humans, we have things like jealousy, envy, ego, etc. etc. We all have that potential, I think, except for Terry. Terry is probably the most perfect of us all on the human side, except that she gets spacey. But otherwise, her ability to unconditionally love is extraordinary.


But when we get our human sides together, it makes all the other stuff work better. When human sides are going through stuff the other stuff gets more shaky for me; I’m responsible to make sure nothing negative comes out. I think that we don’t have to go through all the human sides that we go through, but you guys that are sensitive are on these calls. You’re listening; you feel it. You’re actually helping support it all in a very high way and I want to thank you. This really is a group interaction; it really is an ‘us’ and a ‘you’. Your ability to project support and love and get moved by everything affects us, which makes us want to do it. It makes us feel the responsibility of it.


With that, Daphne I’ll turn it over to you and see if you want to say anything.


Daphne:  Well, that’s kind of an interesting start, thank you. It gives me something to ponder. I guess when you’re saying the human side you’re talking about personality constructs.


My experience with that, what I’ve been noticing in my own experience and in people around me, is that with awareness and with kind of a diligent wanting to be on the spiritual path, that spiritual awareness and that human personality construct doesn’t necessarily stay stagnant. In fact, it is undergoing a sense of transmutation as well.


So, those kinds of things you were talking about, the jealousy and the competition and envy, that’s very much a part of 3D. But those are all vibratory; those are all vibratory in nature. As people start understanding the truth of unity consciousness it’s not that those things automatically go away, but you will find, I think—I’ve seen this with myself; I’ve seen it with other people—that they have less impact on you. You can step into a place of observer or witness when you start feeling those things coming up in your space, coming up in your field. You can start to actually choose whether to engage those lower-level frequencies or not.


I think that one of the reasons that Terry is so incredibly masterful at this is that she’s shared with me that she’s worked for very many, many, many  years with actual practices, self-observation practices. I’ll let her talk about them more if she wants to. But she’s diligently worked at mastering her response to certain triggers in her life track.


These things that Wynn talks about, the lower-level nature or the lower-order nature, don’t have to be prisons. We are much more masterful and much more powerful than we’ve given ourselves credit for. In fact, my experience is we’re in a time now on Earth, the electromagnetics of the Earth are at a point in their frequency and their shift and their focus that that lower order stuff really needs to be watched very carefully, because we’re in a place and space where whatever we are focusing on, we will manifest extremely quickly.


If you are manifesting positive, uplifting things it will be in your space very quickly. Equally so, if you are manifesting fears, if you’re manifesting ‘what-ifs’ and ‘buts’ and all the rest of it, they are going to present themselves very quickly.


People are being given a tremendous opportunity here to really see what it is they are putting forth into the vibratory spectrum because what you’re putting forth you’re seeing. What is in your space? This is not a blame thing; these are the laws of physics; what you’re putting forth, you’re manifesting. If you want to change what you’re manifesting, start looking at the thoughts; start looking at your internal mind-speak. Start looking at the tape-loops that you’re running; start looking at your self-counseling. It’s really, really important to be aware.


Wynn:  I just want to interject, because in this particular area I think that there are two aspects of this; sometimes Daphne and I don’t come to a consensus on this one. There is one aspect which is your thoughts, your thinking, etc. Then there is another aspect which is your unconscious.


My experience for myself is that there are huge things in your unconscious. Until you can probe deeply enough to really know what they are, it’s how you feel you are. You think you are how you feel right now; but, that’s not who you really are. That’s a product of all your lifetimes, and all the things in your unconscious that makes you feel a certain way. This is where observation and witnessing to yourself helps you to bring up these unconscious things which are not nearly as easy to work with as your thoughts.


You can semi-think all your thoughts and say “I will be abundant; I’m not going to be jealous, I’m going to do this”, but these unconscious things which go into unworthiness, they can go into depression. They’re not so easy to release, as many of you know. There are different approaches to it.


I was bringing this up because Daphne and I did a reading for someone. Daphne is kind of like a wild horse sometimes; things come through her that are—I say, “Uh oh; what’s happening now? Do I trust this?” and I have to go with it for a while. It’s not easy, because I’ve learned to trust something and then it changes.


We did a reading today. With Terry on Sunday they were saying, “We can help you to lift your karma if you let us.” Now, that’s a big deal. That was on the Sunday call: “We can help you to lift your karma if you let us.” I’ve watched this occur for people in our group. I’m trying to understand the process by which that can work.


One of the things is, you really have to believe they’re one with you; you have to connect with that this is a part of you that’s in a higher dimension. It’s not the Elohim being this great being that created the Universe, but the Elohim being an extension of yourself that created the Universe, which means part of you created the Universe and that you just don’t remember; they’re just more in a state of memory. They’re more in a state of empowerment.


But you’re maybe in a state of great courage, particularly if you’re one of those Wanderers who has come into this realm and got lost here. That’s what usually happens. For someone to come in from that realm to this realm to help lift the vibration and then get lost is an act of heroics.


Waking up to that and learning how to step into the original mission that you had on the other side is an amazing thing. Of course, if you were on the other side and you were one of those High Beings, you would have seen things as one. You would have known more about the oneness of everything, instead of coming into this realm and forgetting.


So, of course the Elohim wants to help us; of course the Ra group wants to help us. We’re here and we’re struggling to make a difference here. By being of service here they have been waiting to work with groups of people that want that. They want to help clear your karma and clear your energies, but you have to relate to it as part of yourself clearing you, so that you don’t give up your power. Because that is the temptation: to feel like you’re giving up your power to these exalted Sources and “Tell me what to do; what should I do? I’ll do anything you say. I’ll fix me. Just tell me.” That’s the temptation.


On these calls, we have situations where they can do what Daphne calls ‘activations’; they can work with your auric field. They can help clear things in a co-creation with you. I’ve watched that happen. I thought that perhaps on some of the readings that we’ve done lately, I thought that was happening. Now, I’m monitoring this, because this is a very, very sensitive area: walking the line between giving up your power, letting something outside yourself work with you. You have to really trust it for that to occur.


So, this is in process. We’ll keep you informed because I want you all to lift your karma because otherwise I have to sit here and keep doing this and saying, “Uh oh, they’re depending on me.” Actually, to tell you the truth, they’re not just depending on me. Many of you have actually changed your patterns and you’re holding the energy for the group and I’m just talking, but you’re holding the energy. If I come in on a bad day, you are holding it even if I’m not.


On that note, Terry, would you like to say anything? 


Terry:  Yes. I’ve worked on myself every day. It’s for most of my whole lifetime. So, I’ve seen what my triggers are and then I can take the trigger back.


I remember my past lives; I didn’t at first, but as I worked little snippets came in here and dreams come in there. Eventually, it just all went together, what my past lives were. I’ve seen what my issues were and how they related from the past life to a current life, or this life, or the last life. Sometimes I didn’t even know why something was happening to me, but when I looked at the series of lives I can see that some of the things that happened to me were a balancing of karma.


Once I saw that it was a balancing of karma, then I had to forgive those other people, because they were part of the lessons that I was learning. And I was part of the lessons that they were learning also.


Sometimes it seemed like I’d never get through something, or I wouldn’t be able to clear something. But I just would stay with it. Eventually I’d get why it was there and be able to clear it. So it’s like a work in a progress because I’m still doing it. That’s what I have to say.


Wynn:  Thank you. Alright, let’s get started.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We’re going to have our first question. Our first question is from Cindy in Chicago. I’ll address this to our Sources through Daphne:


“Why don’t Star Seeds remember why they incarnated on Earth?” Let me just make a suggestion: I’d like to ask our Sources to limit themselves to answering the question, unless something is extremely important so that allows us to go through all our questions, or as many as we can. Cindy asks:


“Why don’t Star Seeds remember why they incarnated on Earth? If their purpose is to help move us in the right direction with the shift, what good is it if they don’t remember why? I believe this is where having the veil makes no sense.”


I could probably answer that, but I’ll turn it over to our Sources through Daphne. Go ahead.


Daphne:  Thank you, Wynn. One moment please.


Council of Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is the Council of Ra’An; we address to you those queries, those constructs you have in your perceptual field in your mind about the veil, about frequency, about dimensionality and about the playing-out of the frequency-band game.


Beloveds, your experience of 3D would not be an experience of 3D, were not the veil in place. If you came to Earth knowing full-well that you are God-consciousness and that you are inviolable, you would not play out the integrations of polarity, which is present within the orchestrated frequency spectrum that you have chosen to work with.


You have chosen this incarnational pattern, this incarnational sub-struct and construct of your DNA has chosen to incorporate; incorpor meaning to be within the body-field, within the body-consciousness. You have chosen to ‘in-corpor-ate’ living Light units of consciousness and to bring these into the lower density field.


By thus choosing to do this amalgamation, you have chosen to orchestrate a certain dance; you have chosen to make into motion those atoms and those molecules which exist only in this density stratification. Were you to know the true essence of your divine God-hood Self, you would say “Ick, why do I want to bother with working in such limitation, in such density?” It is by going through the exercise that you develop the “spiritual muscle” that enables you to start lifting and to start penetrating the veil.


Unfortunately, because of the construct of the 3D, it is most usually through pain and through suffering that one learns. This is part of the construct; it is through restrictions, it is through limitations, it is through fear, it is through pain and it is through suffering that people usually begin to wake up and say, “There must be a better way”. Hence, you have had the great constructs of your religious, your philosophical and your transformative paths, which have been available to you for many, many years.


Unfortunately, these also have been subject to various off-planet and on-planet negative enforcements and that negative polarity constructs. You are dealing with something that is, in a sense, very complicated. However, on a positive note, the planetary constructs at this time, the light grids, are much more accessible than they ever have been before. The availability of Light consciousness flooding into your human DNA structure is coming at much, much greater frequency and with much greater rapidity than it ever has been availed to you before.


Thus, you are in a unique position to awaken from the slumber, to awaken from the dream. You have chosen to be here at this place, in this moment and in this time, to participate in a rather grand design of epic proportion which is, in of itself, an experiment. You have chosen to be part of this great and Divine experiment, not knowing precisely the timeline you would chose, nor the outcome.


So Beloveds, this is something that you are, in accordance, learning as you go. You are winging it; you are learning to be Earth angels. You are learning to fly; you are learning to see the Light within. You are learning that you are indeed God-consciousness in a body and that as you believe, as you know, as you have the conviction within self, you are able then to exteriorize that conviction without self and to make a dent in the creational force-field, in the creational creation field, which is God-consciousness incarnate. Collectively, as a group, you are able to do this together.


We hope that this has shed some understanding on your query. Peace, Omm, Ommmmmmmm.


Wynn:  Thank you. Just a little addendum on that: this realm became negative, probably more negative than it was expected to become, at the beginning of creation. Because free will was granted it wasn’t known how things would work. When beings come in from the higher realms, one of the things is that it’s quite an education to learn how this realm works and how the negative in this realm works.


There was a whole thing in Philip Dick’s writing, where you actually have to get lost in the negative and pull yourself up out of it. Then, the negative is still attached to you and it pulls up with you as you pull yourself out. It may be many lifetimes of being lost in the negative before you pull yourself out and are pulling the negative with you.


That’s kind of how I see it. I know that I’ve had a lot of lifetimes. Some of you know that there have been times that I did things where I was in the lime-light. I didn’t do the best job, because you can’t come at it from the top down to really do it; you have to get into, swim in it and then pull out of it so it tracks you out.


It’s just like if you want to help somebody right now. If you want to really help someone and they’re in a dark place, oftentimes unless you can move into their darkness and then move out again—I had the image today as I was talking to Daphne; it’s like walking down the road and somebody is caught in quick sand.


If you’re not willing to get your hands dirty, put [your hands] in the quick sand and pull the person out, it’s really going to be hard to save them by sitting there and talking to them about God or high principles. If someone is yelling, “Get me out of here,” you have to be willing to get your hands dirty and get them out of there without getting pulled in. That is the trick.


That’s why it takes a lot of lifetimes to learn how to do that. I hope that makes sense. Terry, are you on here?


Terry:  Yes, I am.


Wynn:  Next question:


“Some people are talking about Planet X and Niburu and Annunaki coming back to Earth. There is enough on the Internet about this that some people assume that Planet X is coming and going to devastate the Earth. The question is:


“Can you share more about Planet X and Niburu? Do we have anything negative to look forward to from that planet?”


Ra’An:  Thank you. Some days if you go out and look at the Sun as the Sun is coming up you can see a reflection that although it is not two suns, it looks like two suns. There is the Sun and then about five o’clock to the right there is a shiny, sometimes glowing, sphere. Sometimes it almost looks like a heavenly body there.


The conjecture is that we, on the Earth and in the Solar System, are part of a dual-star system wherein there is dark star that the Solar System is moving around, that planet Niburu is a planet that is rotating around the dark star and that about every 3,600 years it comes in close to Earth and has some of its orbit between Earth and near the Sun and then it moves back out and is not seen after that.


The presence of that body creates a gravitational connection with the Earth which places some strain upon [the earth]. This then creates a situation where earthquakes and even, at some point, the pole shift could take place. There isn’t a time line; usually this planet does not stay very long in the neighborhood; then it’s gone.


There may be some effects from this body moving through this portion of the Solar System. It has not been totally mapped out, totally projected or prophesized of what is the total outcome of this, although it does have some influence that at this time we do not wish to project into the prophecy of the outcome of this, although it will pass through and will be gone again for a lot of years, about 3,600 years.


So, there are influences which are increasing the frequency and resonance of the Earth which are allowing individuals, humans at this time, to increase their frequency and to rid themselves of karma that they have been carrying and have an opportunity to become more clear.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you. Tell me something: in this particular case, can prayers help mitigate a worst-case scenario?


Ra’An:  Yes, that is correct. It can, as prayers are senior and all is vibration.


Wynn:  Thank you, okay. I’m going to ask this one to Daphne; this is from Joshua in Austin, Texas. It’s not exactly a question, but we can get your comment:


“I’m an avid listener to the calls as well as the archives. I’ve been listening for about six months and feel greatly connected to the group as well as the work. I have not asked a question before, so I’m using my newbie question priority to ask if we can make some time tonight to put Carla’s unhealing surgical wound in the Light if it’s for the good of all concerned and okay with Carla She is a tremendous inspiration and I am sending my Love Light to her as well as the group, both to the ground crew and to our Sources. Thank you.  – Joshua, Austin, Texas


It is OK with Carla. In talking to Carla today she told me that one of the things that has happened is her spine is falling apart and she has metal rods, however they do that, holding it together. The disk at the base of the spine has deteriorated to the point where it creates constant pain (I think by the weight of the stuff on top of it) so that’s what the operation is that she’s going into, to take out that broken disk. That’s the way I understood it.


I’m going to turn it over to our Sources through Daphne. They can make any comments concerning Joshua’s request to Carla.


Daphne:  This is me, from my conscious mind. I don’t think that there is any particular need to invoke Sources at this point; I think it’s a valid request and we certainly wish for Carla’s healing. So, if you’d like we could say a prayer; maybe you want to invoke the Light.


Wynn:  Why don’t we all just take a moment of silence and bring our Sources. Ask them to join us. It’s probably going to be about eight days until this operation occurs, so whenever it occurs I told Carla I would stay closely online with her when she’s having it just for having it to go smoothly and clear her stuff up.


Okay; as you know Carla and I are doing another one of our sessions, our “Law of One Made Simple” session on Saturday. I haven’t sent anything out on it yet; I’ll probably send it out tonight. I hope you’ll show up.


Carla has been locked in her chair; she can’t move. She can’t walk. I don’t know if you know that; her husband takes care of her. These sessions that we’re doing are really important to her; they’re really giving her feeling that she can be of service even if she’s stuck in a chair and not moving. I thank all of you for supporting her.


Here is another one and I think I’ll give this to Daphne:


“What is the purpose of resurrection according to the way the Bible presents it, the new testament, if we have reincarnation?”


That’s from Robert in Greensburg, Indiana.


Daphne:  One moment, please; thank you.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Light of the One Infinite Creator.


Ommmmmmmmmm. Beloveds, you have asked and we respond to you, we the Elohim, the Ra, the Ra’El, the Ra’An. You speak now with the one of the Ra’An. We would say to you: You ask of the body; you ask of the resurrection; you ask of the reincarnation. You ask of the differences in these expressions in these modalities of the life-force, of the life current, making itself available.


We, from our perspective, would say that resurrection, or the ability of the Love Light Essence to permeate the God-construct of body is to rid the body of karma. It is to rid the body of the imperfections of the earthly, 3D, limited constructs. It is to rid the body of dualism; it is to rid the body of that which makes the body ill or dis-eased. It is a clearing of the body.


In order for one to reincarnate, there must by necessity be a karmic impulse; there must be a reason that has been uncompleted, that needs a required resolution. There are those instances where souls, great avatar souls, take bodies. From the point of the view of a bodhisattva or a great master, there have been those instances where there is no karma, or there is very little karma.


But in general, the reincarnation track is a track of working out; it is a track of lower-level earth desires. It is a track of integrating and resolving polarity consciousness; it is a track of integrating dualism. It is a track of bringing together that which is unbalanced and needs resolution. Such a way, such a path is the path of the 3D.


However, resurrection, the idea that one may inhabit the light-body; this is the path of the Ascension. This is the path that you as a race are working collectively towards; you are working towards taking your body with you through the Ascension process, meaning that you can access the God-consciousness, the God Light in yourselves, in your cellular structure from the place and the template of an awakened body having the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, all the way up to the 12th strands of the Light-infiltrated encodements; the Light filaments in the body being able to work with you at all times.


It is as if the Light amperage, the ability to hold power to hold Light, to hold frequency, to hold Source within yourselves it exponentially moves from a place of unsustainability; where it is now it is subject to the laws of disease and decay, because you are still living within the third density.


Once you move over the bridge of the fourth, once you move over the bridge of the heart, once you make compassion and equilibrium and balance and harmlessness once you make this the foundational aspect, the mainstream of what is your life, the body is no longer subject to the lower laws of death and decay. Hence, resurrection, or the perfection of the light body, is then possible. Your bodies are not designed genetically, to die. Your bodies are not designed genetically to age. Your bodies are not designed genetically to need to consume, be it food or water, to sustain. Your bodies are designed to live directly through the pranic life-source which is the ether, which is the God-Source, which is all around you.


There are certain adepts, certain Masters who have evidenced this. This is the path of the Rishis; this is the path of the Yogis; this is the path of the gurus. However, this knowledge has been esoteric in the past; it has been made only available to a select few, because the over-all Light quotient, the over-all intelligence—we mean intelligence in the form of lack of ignorance, an unveiling of the ignorance—was not high enough for humanity at large to sustain the higher knowledge of the body-God-mind construct.


You are moving into a space now that your entire planet has [this knowledge] available to it, if individuals so choose to awaken, because the frequency encodements of the 5D Gaia grid have come online.


She has chosen to ascend; she has chosen this movement. And you may, as an ascending human, choose to ascend with her in your body construct, or you may choose an alternate timeline. This is the field of choice in which you find yourselves now.


This is why at this time, you must watch your thoughts carefully now. You must watch your desires carefully now, for “What is your heart’s desire? What is your lowest desire?” It will surely come to pass as the fields have become especially magnetic now.


All thoughts, all feelings have electromagnetism as their base. You are learning to draw the frequency in to your sphere and into precipitation with a sense of immediacy that has never been seen in the history of humankind in the last several hundred thousand years.


The esoteric is now being made exoteric. What was hidden shall now be shown. The hidden laws of the Universe, the hidden laws of the quantum field are now being made exteriorized for more and more people to understand that the mysteries of the yogis, of the Rishis, the mysteries of the mystics, of the adepts are now converging with the mysteries of science.


This is our answer to you. Thank you, Ommmmmmmmmm.


Wynn:  Thank you; that’s going to be our last question for tonight; it’s 7:58 and we have to give this back to BBS. There were other really good questions. Resubmit them for next week. Edna, resubmit yours; Michael, resubmit yours. We always get more questions than I can answer.


We have certain people asking questions about personal issues that are just true for them. I think we have to do that, sometimes we include those, but I think in the future we’ll have to do sessions that are separate. Maybe we‘ll charge a small amount of money to ask those questions, because there is a lot of processing that goes on with Daphne and Terry with personal questions like that. It’s not as easy to do it as questions that will work for everybody.


On that note, again: watch for the notice on the Carla Rueckert workshop on Saturday; thanks for supporting it; especially from Carla. She really appreciates doing them. Thank you all for being here and of course, thanks to all the volunteers. I don’t know if you guys are paying attention, but we probably have going on 19,000 hits on So something we’re doing is working. What a great thing that so many of you are using these resources; it motivates us to keep it up.


On that note, we’re going to unmute everybody and you can say goodbye. You’re online; we’ll see you Sunday.



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