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Sunday Planetary Grid Healing; 2013 Conferences
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Hosted by: Wynn Free
Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Dave Masty
Edited by: Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes, David Masty and Susan Rush
Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee


Wynn: Good morning everybody. It is March 3, 2013. This is our Sunday conference call and if you are here for the first time, welcome. Get relaxed; get ready for two hours. What am I going to say? There are a lot of energies on this call; I get so many emails from people about how it shifts them. How they start out in one mood and by the time the call ends, their depression has gone away or sometimes little miracles happen and sometimes big miracles happen.


This call is dedicated to making the energetic connection with those Sources. I think this Sunday call started--it’s been going for a number of years now--because we’ve been experimenting. There’s a lot of information that has come through this work concerning how the other dimensions work.


As this information was coming through and our Sources were answering questions, they were saying, “How do we work with this realm? Well, we can project Love Light energy into this realm or as you study us, we study you.”


When we were first getting those kinds of answers, I didn’t quite know how to work that. How do you get Love Light energy from Sources in other dimensions? How do you do that? How do you move from this mental understanding of how things work to having a direct experience of communion with these Sources? Was that possible?


I didn’t know the answer, but one day I did this little visualization on a call and I asked them to come into the space. Something shifted which I could feel. I could feel my energy shift, but I didn’t know if anyone else was feeling it. In fact, I said, “Maybe I’m the biggest idiot in the world, maybe I’m doing this and no one else is having the experience.” But I started getting emails from people that they were having the experience.


I tend to be somewhat empirical. I try to think, “Well, maybe it’s a suggestion; or maybe it’s this; or maybe it’s that”. I kept running all the possibilities of what it might be and the truth of the matter is that I could only come to one conclusion: that it really was them! As you’re on this call you can monitor yourself and if you start to go through an experience on the call, you’re going to have to kick the tires and say, “Hmm, did that really happen? What’s going on?”


I would get emails like, “I never had an experience like that before” or “I understand now what people talk about when they talk about the Light.” It’s a very non-inflictive, pleasant experience. It’s like suddenly your whole body is transformed. Suddenly energies shift inside you. You have to monitor that experience and decide yourself what it is. I’ve had to come up with my own theories of how it all works and see if the theories stick.


My theory is—and of course this is something which is spoken of in many books and articles now—about the Universe being a hologram. That’s not my idea; that’s many people’s idea. Another idea is that there is a veil surrounding our planet and that humans by and large are contained within that veil and no matter what you do, you’re in the box of the veil and it’s hard to get out of it.


Now there’s a theory that when that energy comes in, if it is truly coming in through the center of the Universe, if it’s coming in from these Energies that are beyond the veil, when we connect, suddenly we are moving ourselves beyond the veil. That’s the theory.


These are things that you can’t prove, but that you have to observe and watch and see if that theory fits the explanation. In most cases, people will have that experience, then they will come back, feel like their old self, feel contained and feel trapped and then they’ll have that experience again.


Over time what I’ve observed is, people who keep coming to these calls learn how to hold the experience of that expanded space. They start having it in their life, in between the calls more and more. Eventually they can hold the space and I would say that when you start to hold the space, you are suddenly in this realm but not of it. You have the experiential knowledge that you are not just your body. Not just as an idea, but as an experience.


Then as you learn to hold the space it would be as if you, who you are, has expanded itself beyond the veil and is reaching points in the Universe at a higher hologram, shall we say. You’re existing at a higher hologram; you’re touching into it and when you start to experience yourself at a higher hologram than just the compressed Earth hologram, you start to experience that you have more Love in this realm and you have more power, because when you create an intention or a projection, you now have all this extra energy that is helping to manifest that intention.


You start having synchronicities; you start having chance meetings; you put out the idea of something and suddenly something happens. There’s some manifestation of that idea and you might say that you are starting to operate in what some people call “God Consciousness”. Although I don’t know if God is the right word here, but if it works you can use it.


You are still in your conscious mind, not cognizant of all this; it’s not like you’ve expanded and you can see something that you didn’t see before, although some people might. You have extra sparkplugs firing; it would be like your car was firing on two sparkplugs and suddenly it’s firing on eight sparkplugs and you don’t even know. You can’t look in the engine, you can’t see the sparkplugs, but you step on the gas and suddenly, instead of a slow forward motion it goes v-r-o-o-o-m and you’re doing wheelies.


That is what we’re learning. We’re learning how to do that. When we start learning how to operate on eight cylinders, we start to realize the connection between our intentions and our results. The timeline from intentions to results starts to shorten. Things you want come in and flow in, in a magical way. Of course everybody wants this and sometimes, for some people, there is a healing. Something in their body shifts because you bring energy in from this higher hologram into this place, into your body where the energy is stuck and the energy starts to flow. The body starts to heal itself.


This is not necessarily a fast process. This is not where you come into these calls, as many of you who’ve been coming in for a while know and suddenly everything shifts at the end of the call. You think because we are talking to these High Sources that they are going to do it for you. You think, “Just please do this for me.” Occasionally that might happen, but usually it’s a build, because if something is done for you, you ask and it’s done, you will tend to give up your power to that thing that does it for you. You’ll tend to kiss their ass and say “Please do this or please do that.” You will not yet have learned that it is a co-creative relationship.


If they were doing things on demand like that it would be a disservice to you. It would be a disservice, because it would be teaching you to give up your power to them. Of course many people have and I am fairly sure that it’s this kind of thing that’s happened historically, that was the cause of many religions starting. One of the things about religions is that there’s a tendency to give up your power to God. I don’t think that’s what the Higher Forces want, for you to give up your power.


It’s like if somebody has loads of money and you happen to be around them; there’s a tendency to give up your power; to be very nice to that person, to defer to them, hoping that if you are nice to them and if you defer to them, suddenly they’ll like you and they’ll give you money. It’s a similar idea. If I like God and if I defer to God, then God will like me and make everything happen in my life.


This might work for some people and that model might work. But I believe the more accurate model is that you can’t give up your power to something that you are. You just have separated yourself from the realization that you are part of that; you think it’s different from you, so you give up your power to something that’s big, that is powerful, that seems to be able to cause miracles to occur and it might work and you might get miracles. But the real Source of power is your own empowerment; that you’re part of that, you have access to that, but you are designing your own life.


You have to design your life in accordance with what’s possible. In other words, if you are saying to yourself, “Alright, I want to be a famous movie star. God help me.” You would’ve had to make sure you have the talents to do that. You have to ask for things that you have the talents for or you have to create the talents; you have to go to acting school. Then you have to go where that’s possible, like Hollywood, so that you’re around people that can create synchronicities that will bring into your life what you’re asking for.


If you do all that and you operate with an expanded hologram, then you will have the synchronicities that bring those potentials in. It doesn’t have to be being a movie star; it could mean getting a job. What can you do? What’s your skill? What do you have to contribute to someone else? Can you be resourceful?


There are so many ways to make money now, in spite of the fact that the economy is somewhat contracted. If you’re resourceful, you can find a way. You can go into your local thrift shop. I go into the thrift shops here in Sedona and things are so cheap, sometimes 10% of the cost of if you were actually buying them new. Then you put things on eBay.


I don’t do this but somebody could, and learn what sells. It’s a whole something to learn; study eBay and learn the price of things. Go into the thrift shops and buy things; work it and master it. Know what things people want; which things sell quickly, look for them.


Suddenly, you have an extra income every month selling things on eBay. There might be fewer jobs out there, but the Internet makes more potentials. Do you know that if you are an editor—we were talking to Zoe earlier and she happens to be a writer and an editor—and you’re looking for a job, did you know there are websites where somebody who’s an editor can register themselves and other people who are looking for editors can find you?


They will give you a job right through the Internet. You might not work for as much money as you would like to have, but you can start building a reputation and as your reputation builds, people will want to give you more money. Or, you’ll get so busy that you can charge more and risk leaving some jobs behind.


I remember years ago, I created a little business for myself in Hollywood when I was writing music. When I was in high school, when I was a kid, I was kind of an electronics prodigy. I used to be a ham radio operator; I would build transmitters from scratch. It probably goes back to Atlantian lifetimes.


I had a commercial radio license. I didn’t realize how advanced I was at the time, but when I look back at it, I was like thirteen years old and I had this first-class commercial radio license and most people would have had to graduate high school and then go to technical school for two years before they got that license. So, I was a whiz at electronics kinds of stuff.


I was in Los Angeles and I answered an ad in what’s called The Recycler for someone that needed someone to fix intercoms. I walked into this guy’s office who owned a bunch of apartment buildings. I didn’t really want to work for someone, so I said I’ll operate as an independent contractor and I’ll bill you. So he said, “Well how much are you going to charge?”


I was still thinking very much in a mentality of “jobs” and what’s good pay for a job, so I told him seven dollars an hour. He said fine. Of course, I had no credibility; I had no record and couldn’t prove that I could fix intercoms. I thought I could, but I hadn’t ever done it, so there was no recommendation. So I started fixing intercoms for this guy’s buildings and I would bill him once a month or something for all the work I had done. For me it was seventh heaven, because I didn’t have a job; I didn’t work for someone, I kept my own hours and I was getting paid for it.


Well, about a year later I had to go get this special screwdriver to open one of these intercoms up and I went to another intercom repair company who happened to sell those screwdrivers and I bought the screwdriver from them. The guy was talking to me and he says, “Well maybe I can use you sometimes to help do some repairs.” He said, “How much do you charge?” My mind calculated quickly and I said fifteen dollars an hour. Keeping in mind that I knew, on some level, that I had learned how to do something that a professional company coming out would charge thirty dollars an hour.


So the guy started sending me on jobs at fifteen dollars an hour. He liked my work very much; I was really fast, I was honest. Now I had two people that I was doing work for; one I was charging seven dollars and the other fifteen dollars. Now I went back to the guy I was charging seven dollars for and I knew that if he didn’t want to use me, I could make enough money from the other guy to survive.


So I went back and I told him, “Listen, I’m raising my prices.” He looked at me and asked, “How much are you going to charge?” I said, “Twenty dollars an hour”. He looked at me cross-eyed because this was brash. Here’s a guy that had been working for seven dollars an hour and is now telling him he’s going to charge twenty dollars an hour. I thought he was going to say, “Thanks, I’m going to go look for someone else”.


But you know what? He agreed to pay me twenty dollars an hour. So now I’ve got one company I’m charging fifteen dollars an hour and another company twenty dollars an hour. I kept doing this for a couple of years and before you know it, I was charging thirty dollars an hour. And I didn’t have to work very hard to make a living at that point.


When I watch people think, ‘I can’t work for seven dollars an hour, other people make thirty or forty dollars an hour’ and before they have any business going, they establish their price very high and they don’t get any business. I believe it’s a mistake when somebody does that because I proved to myself, once you have business you can raise your prices, but when you have no business, no matter how good you are, nobody knows it, you have no credibility; plus you have no money and usually when you have no money, there’s a tendency to look a little down and out and people pick that up.


So if you want to make money, don’t worry about how much you charge somebody at the beginning; you can always change your price. But once you start doing it, you start building energy. You’ve got your foot in the door; you’re developing credibility and you can get new customers. Like if you are a massage therapist, it doesn’t matter what you charge to start with. I mean, what do massage therapists make? If you go to get a massage you might have to pay fifty dollars an hour, forty dollars an hour and in really high class places seventy or eighty dollars an hour.


Well, you’re there and you have no money and you want to be a massage therapist. It doesn’t matter how low you go; charge fifteen dollars an hour; charge twenty dollars an hour. Start building business. As you build your business and you have enough business to feel secure that you can pay your bills and money is coming in, then say okay, “All new customers, the price is going up to this.” But keep your old customers at the original price; you don’t want to ruin your old customer business, that’s your foundation.


You don’t have to raise your prices for everybody; just raise them for your new customers. Then build a bunch of new customers; then go back to your old customers and say, “I’m raising my price a little bit”. In other words your new customers are now paying you thirty dollars an hour and your old customers are paying you fifteen dollars an hour; you just say I’m getting too busy. In fact what you do is don’t even raise your price right away. Tell them, “In thirty days my price is going up five dollars to all my old customers; I’m just letting you know.”


This is the way you work things in the world. This is the way that you build your value in the world. This is the wisdom and you apply this wisdom with grace. Where does the grace come in? The grace comes in, if you are doing massage, when you are doing the best massage possible. You are making people fly off the table with joy and relaxation when you massage them. So, they want to come back; they need you. They can’t find that anywhere else and if it’s only fifteen dollars an hour they’ll start referring you. Just call it an opening special.


The principle I’m saying works across the board no matter what you’re doing, whether you’re a massage therapist, an accountant, or even something high priced. If you’re doing something there’s no competition for, which some of you are doing—I know some of you are very innovative and creative and you’ve come up with things there’s no competition for—in that case, you can decide your own price. There’s nothing to compare; if people want your service, either they use you and want what you have or they don’t.


There is an amazing quality about money that you are projecting. You are projecting in your thoughts and your consciousness what you deserve and in combination with what you need and what the market will bear. So much of it has to do with your projection and your self-esteem and your belief in yourself. If you’re feeling that you don’t have self-esteem and you’re feeling unworthy don’t judge yourself for that; that’s pretty common. I certainly have gone through many periods like that and I know Terry has.


How do you change your self-esteem? How do you do that? How do you change your projection so that you project something out from yourself that makes you look worthy to other people; where other people can feel that you value yourself? How do you do that? You can’t mock it up; it has to be real. You have to start doing small things that bring results, small things consistently; so that you are starting to change your energy patterns. Like every time I get an email from somebody—keep in mind; we started doing this and I said, “Who’s going to be interested in this work?”


“Who is going to believe we are doing what we think we are doing?” That’s one of the reasons we didn’t charge any money for things; how can you sell something that you can’t even put into words what it is and have people believe you? Every time we got an email from somebody that, “This changed my life, or this did this, or my depression lifted”, I would copy those emails and I would send them to Terry and to Daphne and over time we got more confident.


We didn’t start out confident; there was no way to start out confident. How do you know how people are going to respond? Maybe everyone will start putting us up on the web and say we’re a bunch of frauds or we’re this. How do you know that’s not going to happen?


So we built it slowly and carefully and it was the response of you that built the confidence and increased the sense of self-worth and that, hey, we’re doing something really valuable, people really appreciate us.


You may not do what we’re doing, but there’s something that you can do, that you can work with. Maybe you’ll have to start cheap. It’s okay to start cheap, because if no one is knocking on your door, you have to get people knocking at your door. You have to prove to yourself that you are constantly giving people value.


As you build that, your self-worth will increase. Your ability to ask for more money will increase. You’ll have built a clientele at a lower price and you can then go to a higher price and leave the old clientele where it’s at. Just for the new clientele you raise the price and before you know it, you’re successful. Not only are you successful, your self-worth is really high. This is a worldly way of understanding how to do something; this is not just spiritual; this is the way, from my own experience of observing myself, that it works and it works every time.


Don’t think that you have to charge a lot of money when you start something. That’s a really big mistake. Well, it’s not a mistake if you can make it work, if you can charge a certain amount of money and people keep knocking at your door then it’s not a mistake. But in most cases, it won’t happen; you’ll charge a bunch of money and no one will knock. You’ll wonder: “Please God, help my business.”


Here’s a little experience that I’m sure you can relate to in terms of money. I go to a lot of restaurants. Restaurants are a really good example of the arbitrariness of perception of value. Depending upon the ambience of a restaurant, depending on the way it looks, the way it’s decorated, the attitude of the waiters. When you look at a really good restaurant, when you look at the menu of a restaurant, if its ambience does not hold the energy, you’ll look at a price and say, “Eight dollars! This is really expensive!”


You might eat there, but you may not go back, because you made the decision it was expensive. You go to another restaurant where the waiters are very congenial and very pleasant, very professional and the restaurant is designed so it looks affluent and you sit down and you look at the menu. You look at something for fourteen dollars and you’ll say, “That seems really reasonable!” In one case eight dollars seemed expensive, in the other case fourteen dollars seemed reasonable. Notice how you made those decisions.


Whatever you do whenever you ask for money for anything, you are projecting out your whole inner being; it’s relationship to money and value. In one case the projection makes the money sound cheap, in the other case it makes eight dollars sound expensive and fourteen dollars sound cheap. Notice how that works; that’s what you’re creating whenever you ask for money on something. You’re creating the perception of whether it sounds cheap or it sounds expensive.


Whether you’re looking for a job or doing a business, when you’re looking for a job, somebody says, “How much do you charge per hour?” or “How much do you want to make per hour?” And at that moment, the way you answer the question, or even if you’re just writing it down, every thought, every feeling in you is going to make your answer seem like you’re a bargain or you’re expensive. It’s just in the way you say it. When you realize that you can’t ask for money without projecting low self worth, then accept that.


Don’t fight it; don’t curse yourself; realize that that’s in your field and work with it; accept it. At that moment, you’re in that space and maybe you have to ask cheaper. Then do such a good job that either you can get another job or ask for more money. I’ve often said that when you’re working and when you’re dealing with money, it’s often times not easy to tap into Grace. Because money is the means of exchange in this realm and exchange is not Grace. Exchange is, “I do this for you, and you do this for me. Exchange is obligation.


You come in at nine o’clock; you leave at five o’clock and you make this much money. We make those agreements all the time. You rent an apartment that’s seven hundred dollars a month and you have an obligation to your landlord to pay him that much money and he has an obligation to you to give you your abode. You’re in a state of exchange. To go into Grace, to instigate the energy of Grace, you have to go above the level of exchange; you can’t avoid it. There is no way to be in this realm and avoid exchange and obligation.


On some level you have to be involved in that. Maybe there is one exception. Let’s say you’re going to be in a religious convent. They’re going to take care of you and let you do God’s work and you don’t have to worry about shelter or food, because it’s going to be provided for you. You’ve agreed to do God’s work and maybe in that case it transcends the exchange. In almost every other case, you can’t go through this realm without some kind of exchange.


So how do you bring Grace into that? Once you have a relationship of exchange, Grace comes into it when you look for the opportunities to do little things extra. Whenever you give outside of the level of exchange; that starts building a new energy with whomever you have the obligatory relationship. Let’s suppose you rent an apartment in an apartment building and one day the landlord comes in and he plants new flowers.


You might send him a little note and say, “Thanks for planting those flowers, the building looks so much better”. That little note you send is magic. That little note is what is starting to move your relationship with your landlord out of obligation into Grace and things start to happen.


What’s another good example of something like that? You’re married. Your marriage can be a relationship of obligation where people agree to do things: “I’ll bring home the money, you bring up the kids. We’ll have sex. I’ll do this and you do that.” If your relationship gets to that place it gets really boring and you can feel trapped and this is your relationship. So what do you do? Well, that’s why they have flowers. Unexpectedly bringing home a bouquet of flowers, as every guy knows, changes a relationship that has gotten humdrum into another octave.  


Of course, I’m probably talking about old time relationships, where men work and women are home and that’s probably in many cases not even the form of many relationships today. But regardless, it’s in the things you do that are extra, that you didn’t have to do, that you did from your heart that start shifting the energies. So when you want to shift energies, when you want things to shift, you need to start changing your own energy levels. One of the easiest ways to do that is random acts of kindness, where you do things that you didn’t have to do, of your free will, that contribute to someone else.


You keep up a steady diet of doing these things. If you do that, things will change; things will shift and you’ll be creating the pathways for miraculous phenomena to flow into your life. You add that to having the connections that we’re helping create on these calls and in our work and your life will change. No matter where you are, even if things are working for you now as you apply these principals, it will get better; that goes for me as well as for you.


It is something that you can pay constant attention to. I told this story last week, I think, on one of the calls. Maybe you heard it, but I’m going to tell it again. It is an amazing demonstration of what I am talking about.


It was my fiend Gillian, whose mortgage had gone up on her house. She had some kind of balloon payment; her mortgage was higher and she was running out of money. She had a fixed amount of money in the bank and she was going to lose her house. She had been going to experts for about four years saying, “Help me re-finance my mortgage”.


Finally, she went to some state agency, some HUD agency. She kept going to the woman and kept telling her that she had looked at every possibility and that there was no way that a bank was going to refinance her house at a lower monthly payment. Apparently this woman was extremely nice and after spending months visiting her Gillian sent her a card and wrote, “Thank you for all your help.”


Gillian is artistic, so she probably put some little stars and little drawings on the card. The woman put the card on her desk and her boss came in, picked up the card and said, “What’s this?” The woman said, “Oh, it’s this woman that I was trying to help get refinancing and she was just stuck and she’s going to lose her house.”


Her boss said, “Let me see what I can do” and boom, the next day it was a done deal; they refinanced her house. That is an example of this principle and the key to it is Gillian, when she sent that card, was not trying to create Grace. I mean, she had absolutely no expectation and it was above and beyond the call of duty. Basically, the woman was doing her job and she wasn’t succeeding. But the woman was very nice; she was doing her job, but with a little positive edge to it. Just by acknowledging this, just by sending that card, something shifted.


Imagine if you went on an interview. Then you left and you went home and you sent the guy a little note that says, “I really like your company, I hope you decide to work with me”. Then just sign it. Imagine the power that that little note could have in getting the job, but it has to be from your heart; you can’t do it manipulatively or it won’t fly. You may not be able to do it every interview, but you pick those interviews where you felt the energy of this would really be a nice company to work for. That little card can get you the job; it’s going to make you stand head and shoulders above everyone else that was looking for that job.


These are ways to put all of this stuff into action and not just sit there and say, “Give me a job! Send me money! Win the lottery!” It’s okay to say that, but it’s these little extras that you do that are going to lubricate the engine, so that what you’re looking for comes in and people take note of you.


So on that note, we are going to now create group energy and align our holograms with those Sources and those places in the Universe that are the higher aspects of you. We start out with the principle that the entire Universe is one being. Just as your body is made up of billions and billions of cells, the Universe is made up of billions and billions of souls, and rocks, and planets. Everything in the Universe is alive and it’s all part of The One Infinite Creator, The One Whole-of-the-Universe.


We tend to lose touch with that; we tend to separate ourselves from that experience. That’s part of being in the veil on this planet; it is part of being contracted. Right now we are going to un-contract. We are going to say hello to the Earth. Every moment of every day, we are on the Earth. We are in the Earth’s energy; the Earth surrounds us with her energy in as much as we can allow ourselves to be surrounded.


The Earth is aware; it knows we’re here and right now we’re going to let that energy of the Earth come through our floor and through our legs and see if you notice a tingling. It’s good to put your feet flat on the ground for this or flat on your bed if you’re lying in bed. Just see the Earth radiating through the soles of your feet, through your legs, through your calves, through your solar plexus, through your chest, your neck and your head.


We can talk to the Earth. We can tell her we Love her; we can thank her for being our hostess for many lifetimes. The Earth can reach back and surround us and nurture us; that’s why she’s sometimes called Mother Earth. She is just delighted that someone acknowledges her, besides the Indians. Most people don’t tune in to this energy.


Now we are going to move our energy above our head, we can go one foot above our head. We’re still in our body, we’re still connected to the Earth, and we’re just expanding through the top of our head and up into the entire room. See the energy coming out of your head and making a fountain of energy like you see in those pictures, surrounding your entire room, engulfing your room in this energy. So we have the energy coming through your feet, up through your body, up through the top of your head and gushing out like a fountain surrounding your room in Light.


Now let’s bring the energy back to a point and go through our ceiling and through the roof and through the sky. This could be your imagination or it could be real; you have to decide. Is your energy really in the sky? Can you project into the sky from your body? When you feel expanded, does that mean you’re in the sky? You’ll just have to decide, but right now, you can make pretend you’re in the sky.


And then you don’t have to decide, you just use your imagination and go through the sky, through the clouds, through the veil. Through this energy field that locks us in. Just go poof right thought it. Keep going, going, going and we come to the place where we’re not just moving through space, we’re moving through time.


Once we start moving through time, we come to the place where you first individuated. You were not always here; you were always here as an energy, but you were not an individuated energy. You were part of a big energy that was not separated. There was some point where you individuated, where you became aware that there were you and All That Is.


As we move, we move to that point of individuation. That was before all your past lifetimes. For some, it might have been before the beginning of the Universe. Some of you are very old souls and were there as individuated energies before there was a physical Universe. You don’t have to remember any of this; just go to the place of individuation. If we are all moving to the place of individuation, we’re all moving to the same place. As we touch this place, as we’re on the edges of individuation, we can come together as a group in other realms.


Did you notice how when I said that, something shifted? Something got very quiet. We are moving into the experience of Oneness, this place that everyone talks about. We are All One and we have not lost our individuation one bit. We are not leaving here to go there. We are being here and there at the same time. We now invite our Sources, our Sources means those Intelligences that talk to us and that have been giving us understanding and guidance for a number of years now, to join with this Energy of Oneness.


We bring these energies back down, back through the timelines, back through the spaces and through the veil, through the clouds, through your roof, into the top of your head and down through your body. Now take a quick note how the quality of energy in your body has changed, the difference in how it feels, from when we were starting with the Earth going up and how we felt part of the Earth and now  we’ve tapped into the celestial realms, the high matrix, and we’re bringing it back down. This is like Heaven meeting Earth and you are in the middle; you are the connection point. Feel those energies. You can direct this energy. You can direct it anywhere in your body. If there’s a place where you’re blocked direct it to that place, surround it.


This energy is not just contained in your body. You can project it towards others, other places and other people. Later on, soon, we’ll be projecting energy to other places for healing our planet. Right now, if there’s anyone that you Love, care about, going through a hard time, imagine them surrounded with this energy. They may or may not receive it, but when you imagine it, it does project.


Ask for healing; ask for the highest good, that they can get what they need. While we’re holding this expanded sacred space, I’m going to go through some of the healing requests that came in today. And by the way, if you’re putting yourself on this list it’s okay to keep doing it every week; it helps to reiterate. Many of you, many of us, are working through ancient patterns that we’ve established over many lifetimes, so it’s okay to be persistent and consistent about approaching these things and releasing them.


And we ask the Universe, we ask our Sources to work with us on all those things that we would like to see transformed in our life and the people we care about transformed for the highest good of all concerned. On that note, are you there Terry?


Terry: I’m here. I just had to un-mute.


Wynn: That’s alright. That’s part of our act. Let’s call in the Light and we’re going to have a message from our Sources.


Father, Mother, God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here, that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, though the galaxies, through the Milky Way, though the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are Positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us [as] we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


And we turn it over to our Sources as they communicate to us through Terry.


Ra’An: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with you and we express our profound appreciation for each and every one of you. Each one of you is treasured and we are connecting with those of you that wish to be connected with. It fulfills something within us and if you allow yourself, within you. For we bring the manifestations of Home. We use the word manifestations, however manifestations are much lighter in frequency in the higher realms and we exist in the higher realms at the very same moment and time in that we enter into the Earth realm.


We express all of those energies from the higher to your realm. We bring them all in and bring them to you so you are able to expand into essentially an area that you already are and you are coming from. However, your focus is shifted in this lifetime to the Earth realm. So we have brought also the frequencies of the Ra Group in, so that we can have an expanded range of frequencies. You are bringing in the Earth frequencies and the astral frequencies are also within you and the focus of the Ra Group is more into those energies and we are expressing the higher frequencies to complete the circuit, so to say. So that you in your own self can fill in missing gaps and frequencies so that you can operate more fully.


You can have availability of more tools for healing, and more tools for flow and more tools to eliminate obstacles. Obstacles start within, wherein you have an opposition to something that has appeared in your field; in your life. You have something that you get frustrated with, because it doesn’t seem like you’re able to get through the barrier, through the obstacle. When you can remove the obstacle within your own field, within your own thoughts, then the obstacle in the physical realm will have less resonance to attach to.


If you do not resist the obstacle in the physical world and let it go on by and then flow and move into a new look, a new orientation, then it makes it easier if you eliminate those obstacles within your mind, which could be called problems, because there is a force and then there is a resistance. If you remove that, then you can flow into the greater look around you.


You can see what it is that you want to do, how you can re-orient your life so that you could build again the life that you wish. The horses, the farm, the job, are out there. They need, perhaps, re-orientation, to move around, flow around the obstacles and put it there again in your mind and let the image flow and surf the resistance. Let the resistance go on by; do not let it target you.


This is an exercise in survivability; an exercise in knowing who you really are; an exercise in becoming stronger. Begin to know that you are whole; you are loved; you are worthwhile and you are worthy. We give this a moment. You are worthy and you have this image-creating ability, which when you can set the obstacles aside and see how it is on the outside of the obstacle, there are other opportunities.


They don’t, perhaps for the moment, seem like the old opportunity that was there before. But when you can move into the new space, you can develop; you can set up; you can move into something that can be even better, even more fulfilling, taking the energies of Home into the Earth realm. We lend our Love Light and support to you that you can re-orient and move into greater fulfillment. We are honored and delighted and appreciate so much each and every one of you. And we love you more than you can imagine. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you. You know if you are picking up the frequencies of this call, keep in mind that our calls are posted on The Spirit and you might try opening up the Sunday call and just listening to the meditation that I did, my guided visualization and the message through Terry in the morning, just that part of it. It’s about fifteen or twenty minutes and it’ll help open your energies up. As you go through your day, if you hold these energies, it will communicate through your voice and people will feel it. You might try it.


Also, you’ll note on The Spirit Channel where we have all our archives at, some of them are not completely up-to-date, but there are alternative archive sites. The BBS archive site is always up-to-date, so if you want to get a recent call and it’s not posted, remember that we have volunteers and sometimes they can’t keep up; they get busy and it doesn’t get posted. BBS is posted, so you can always look for the place on alternative archives sites and it has ‘BBS Sunday, BBS Monday, BBS Wednesday’ and those audios are usually up on BBS within 24 hours or sooner after any particular call.


So on that note, let’s move into our planetary healing.


Oh, let me just say that you’ve probably noted we’ve been doing a series of Saturday workshops, approximately once per month with Carla. We are going through the Ra material and for certain people this material triggers cellular resonances and “Aha” experiences, explanations about how the Universe works, about who the negative are, who ETs are, and how the Ra Group interfaces with us. We sent emails out on that, it’s in your email.


The suggested price is $20.00 - $25.00 for the workshop and as soon as you get it, you get the audio links to the previous workshops. It’s basically nine hours of audios of Carla and me going through the Ra material, interpreting it, explaining it and discussing it, because many people can’t understand the Ra material the first time they look at it. It’s very, very deep. It’s called, “The Law of One Made Simple” series. Not only is it a great deal at $20 to $25, but there are discount codes, so you can get it for as low as five dollars and there’s no excuse not to allow yourself to have this amazing resource available.


If you’re taking a car drive, put it on a CD or copy it to an Mp3 and listen to it while you’re driving and it will help change your frequencies. I don’t have it on a website; we’ve only been announcing it on emails. So if you go back to the previous email, where we’ve talked about it and make a purchase for as low as five dollars, immediately you will get the audios of the first two sessions. The third session, which we just did on Saturday, you’ll get emailed to you as soon as I edit it. Just letting you know.


And now, we are going to use our abilities to be expanded, that we are tapping into on this call for planetary healing. We are the ground crew. We are the liaison, the bridge to the higher realms. Through the application of our group energy and the power of our group energy, we are going to move our energies around planet Earth. We can see our group energy, we can just imagine it as a cloud, a moving cloud of energy that we surround the entire planet with. And that it moves through all those pathways close to the surface of the Earth.


Just like we expanded the Light into our room, we are being very big now and expanding that Light to our planet. Of course, there’s a lot of conflicting influences on our planet, competing for dominion of space. Competing for dominion of energy and we’re going to honor the free will of all those competing energies, entities that we could call negative, service-to-self and we’re going to just flow around them. We’re going to find the pathways around them and we’re going to surround them as well, giving them options for re-creating their own projections.


We send this Light to all those people that we call Wanderers and Star Seeds; those people who have incarnated into this realm from higher realms. Many of you could be considered part of that group and are still reaching, trying to figure out why you’re here. Because you and they don’t know you did that. We’re going to ask the high selves, that their energies might join the energies of this call.


We’re going to send this energy right now to the land masses surrounding the Pacific Ocean, sometimes called the Ring of Fire, for the diminishing of earthquakes, particularly earthquakes near major cities. We ask that any releases happen gradually and away from population centers. We start out at the tip of South America, up the western coast of South America, up the western coast of Central America, Mexico and the United States, starting in Chula Vista, San Diego, Los Angeles and all the surrounding cities.


Up through Malibu and Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, all the areas in between, San Francisco and all the cities surrounding San Francisco, and as we do this we’re penetrating below the surface of the ground, into the Earth, into those places of earthquake faults. We go from San Francisco to Sausalito to Mill Valley up the western coast of California to Oregon, Washington, Vancouver, British Columbia, up the coast of Canada and across to the southern coast of Alaska. Sitka, Anchorage, Juno, anyplace in Alaska that has potential for earthquakes.


And across the Bering Straits down the western coast of Russia, Siberia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, any place I haven’t mentioned in between, Australia, New Zealand, Japan.


We cap the radiation from Fukushima in Japan. We ask for the reduction in radiation, the transmutation of it. Into the Pacific, into Hawaii and the Fiji Islands and other Pacific islands, moving right to the middle of the country, the New Madrid fault starting in St. Louis and all the way down to Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, that all these potential fault lines are not going to manifest; that we heal those tectonic plates under the ground.


We move to the East Coast and the Mid-Atlantic fault and the Canary Islands and we just surround our entire planet in this cloud of Light energy coming from Source and that anywhere that there’s a potential for an earthquake, we ask for mediation. We ask the Earth and we ask the higher Sources so things are released slowly and away from population centers.


We ask for the transmutation of all those harmful things in our environment such as the elements in Chemtrails which many people are saying have things in them that are not good for human health. If you don’t know what a Chemtrail is, look it up on the Internet. They’re white, look like jet streams except they don’t go away. And they are happening all over the world and they’ve happened for years. They’re dumping things that are reportedly toxic to humans.


We ask for any frequencies anywhere, through HAARP, through televisions, through our cell phones, be counteracted. We ask that no nuclear weapons be allowed to go off on our planet. We send the Light to all those souls that have had violent death, that are stuck in between realms. We send the Light to the Middle East, we send the Light to the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.


We send this energy to Washington, D.C., to surround all of those government buildings and ask for compassion from decision-makers and we do the same thing in London, and in Peking, and in Moscow. We now bring this Light back to ourselves, back to our own centers.


I’m going to do a countdown and you can bring yourself back to the center of your body. Let’s just do a countdown from ten to one and when we get to one, we each will be centered in our own body. Realize that we are the focal point for the anchoring of these energies in our communities, in our families: ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.


On that note, we will end this session. I thank you all for being here supporting this and supporting yourself, in this adventure in expansion into the new paradigm of planet Earth.


Of course, thanks to all our volunteers. Let me put out there that if someone is computer proficient, Internet proficient and technically oriented and wants to volunteer helping us keep our website, The Spirit, up-to-date, please email me, because we need your help. It’s been really successful, with almost 19,000 hits in thirty-seven different countries on it and it’s making a difference for a lot of people. I could use one or two people that can help keep it updated and in the meantime, just click through to the BBS site if you’re looking for something new that’s not on The Spirit Channel yet. We’ll see some of you tomorrow.






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