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Monday Calls; 2013 Conferences

Host: Wynn Free
Audio Link -
Channeled by Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  Hi everybody. This is Monday, 7:03p.m on March 4, 2013.


There is this conversation Iíve been having people over the last couple of days. Some of you are figuring this out by yourself, or starting to.


We talk about other dimensions; we talk about other timelines. We talk about shifting ourselves. Iím trying to pin-point the exact things one does that cause one to shift. People are saying, ďI want to graduate this realm; I want to shift. How do I do that? Iím feeling stuck.Ē Trying to nail these very specific things to do, weíre hitting some of them.


I wanted to share some more tonight, things that everyone can do. Itís not like sitting there waiting for something to happen; this is where you can take an active participative role in speeding up your evolution.


Itís actually simpler than it might seem. I know myself, since we started doing these calls and since I have had a pretty unusual life. Iím older and I can look back at all the things Iíve done and how they worked and how things occurred for me and I can look at all the things that didnít occur that I thought would occur. Hopefully, I can hit on some of the high points so that you can apply some of those things to your life. Iím just curious.


Iím going to unmute everybody for a moment. How many of you have noticed this aspect of time speeding up, like the days seem to go really fast?


Caller:  I hear people in the store talking about it too. They canít figure it out.


Wynn:  Strangers are wondering why thatís happening, right?


We were talking about this, years ago, but I didnít understand it when we were talking about it. Now I do. Anyone want to confess theyíre not noticing the time speeding up? We donít know who you are; you can say it.


Okay. So everyone is noticing time speeding up. How about you, Daphne?


Daphne:  Oh, definitely, to the point of ridiculousness; to the point of where Iím getting dressed and doing things and itís time to go to bed again. Itís bizarre; itís like Alice in Wonderland and going down the rabbit hole, definitely.


Wynn:  There is this idea that thereís more energy influx into the Earth and as that energy influx comes in, time starts to speed up. Thereís a definite connection between densities, dimensions and our experience of time. I had the realization a while ago that when you talk about other dimensions, in this material our Sources talk about dimensions where time is so fast that itís actually faster than the speed of light.


Yet according to our physical world science, the speed of light is as fast as you can go. I think that just goes for this density. Then thereís the theory of relativity; Einstein, who had speculated that if someone was on a spaceship and they started to approach the speed of light or even if they just traveled fast, time would pass differently for them, than someone that was on the ground.


Theoretically, if someone was on a spaceship that was going fast enough they could spend a short while in space, get off the ship and suddenly 50 years would have gone by on the planet. Of course no one to my knowledge has ever tested that; no one has ever tested it and talked about it. No one in this realm on this planet, as far as I know, has ever gotten on a spaceship and was going that fast.


So there is a whole mechanism of the way time moves, your relationship to the way time moves and your ability to create circumstances so that time moves faster. The theory is that the faster your experience of time moving, the higher dimension or density youíre tapping into. Do you think thatís true, Daphne?


Daphne:  Yes, I do think thatís true.


Wynn:  How about you, Terry? Do you think thatís true; the faster your experience of time is moving, the higher the dimension?


Terry:  Yes, because particularly at the start, when we were bringing through the Elohim, the Elohim had to learn patience. It seemed like we were just so slow here. It was really amazing.


Wynn:  Do you think we speeded up so they have to be less patient? Or do they think weíre still slow compared to them?


Terry:  I think weíre still slow compared to them.


Wynn:  Yeah? We speeded up anyway.


Terry:  Yes, we speeded up. I found myself like listening to the tapes. If I can listen to them at 40% faster I really like it.


Wynn:  Do you think thatís a way to speed up time, listen to the tapes 40% faster?


Terry:  Well, it gives me more time left over, butÖ


Wynn:  It gives you more time afterwards.


In any case, one of the things that I started to experience when we started doing these calls is that during the course of the call time would really speed up. It gets faster and faster.


When I say time speeds up itís kind of a hard concept for me to even put into words correctly. Time speeds up, but on the other hand thereís an aspect that feels like Iím in the middle of no-time. So time is moving around me but Iím in the middle of no-time. I just position myself.


The words come out, but theyíre coming out of no-time. Before you know it, the call is over. I used to think, ďOh my, Iím going to be on for an hour!Ē Then we do the grid healings and I think, ďWhat am I going to do for two hours?Ē I started to go into the calls and said, ďboom, boomĒ; the call starts; the call is over and what happened?


Iíve come to the conclusion that what weíre doing on these calls is creating a reference point for time moving at a different speed. We are doing it; all of you are doing it. The more of you that have tuned into the energy of the call the easier it is for that experience to occur.


Those of you who have been attending calls for a long time know that a few years ago I had to talk at the beginning of the call on and on before the energy would come in. If there was anybody new on the call I would tell my story again. I would tell the story of the drive to Portland and ďDoes anybody want to talk to me?Ē


At that time I didnít think that people could begin to believe that we were doing what weíre doing. The only thing that I have found as a way of introducing this to someone who is just discovering us is to tell my story, even though Daphne doesnít like it that much. The story is real; it really happened. Anyone can check.


You canít argue with the story; I couldnít make it up. If the story is real then somebody is talking to us. Are they who they say they are? Thatís another question. Could it be negative? It could be; thatís another question. But the story is real; the story at least makes people look and consider and reach further.


So how do you apply this to your life? The key is: If youíve discovered our calls and if youíve learned that while youíre on this call time moves faster and you just keep coming back to the calls because you like the feeling of the energy of the call, at a certain point youíre going to get stuck. You have to learn to create volitional action in your own life, where you create events that require time to move faster. How do you do that? Thatís a good question.


Thatís what I want to explore and thatís what I want to talk about to our Sources, if Daphne will come forward. I thought I would focus on Daphne tonight, because Terryís done so much. There are certain aspects of certain kinds of information that it seems easier to get through Daphne than through Terry or thereís a different slant on it.


You guys are all watching this; weíre transparent here. Itís very unusual to create this kind of phenomena in a public way and be so transparent. I donít think we could do it if we werenít transparent.


We do these things and we give a lot of stuff away for free. One of the reasons is because when you start making moneyóeveryone likes to make money, everyone. Money buys you freedom in this. It buys survival to begin with; it buys freedom and ability to do things. It gives you the ability to eat, to have a roof over your head, to go out and have a vacation sometimes. Itís not that any of us donít need money; we do.


The thing about it is: if you start charging for this kind of material, your lower nature then starts to count the money every time you do something. Even when we do something we say, ďOh, we did this; oh we brought in this much money.Ē Then you start subconsciously orientating yourself towards maximizing the money instead of maximizing the service.


Thatís why Carla Rueckert gives so much stuff away for free; because she understands this. Then, if you want to tap into the higher dimension of the planetary evolution, which we want to do, then you have to be above the concerns of the physical. Thatís why itís so important to give a great deal of this away for free.


This information and these calls and this connection are going to cause people to graduate this realm; Iím sure of it. Because it does that, how can you charge somebody or deny anybody because they donít have enough money? How can you tell somebody, ďYou can graduate this realm but itís going to cost this $300 weekend workshop?Ē I couldnít do it; I would doubt the veracity of what I was doing if I even asked that.


Thatís why, when you see a donation button and you can afford it, give a little back; it helps us do this. All three of us at the center of this have been really struggling to make ends meet and to make it all work. We havenít ever compromised the money aspect of it. But thatís not what I was going to talk about.


I was going to talk about timelines and creating events in your life. Not just passive, where youíre coming to our calls and listening, but creating active events where the event you choose to create will access a timeline. As soon as you create it, it will start changing the way time moves. Now it could change it to move faster, it could change it to move slower. What you have to do is start looking at the things that you create that cause things to move fast.


For example, if there is someone you go out to dinner with who you really connect with, whenever youíre with them the time moves fast. That is an event you can create. You create a second person like that, the time moves fast. I tell people sometimes, ďGo down and volunteer at the old age homes or the rehabilitation homes. Help people write letters to their friends.Ē Because the need for service to those people is so high that when you move into that, you create a situation where time moves fast.


I think some of the people who have been volunteering have noticed that when they volunteer, even if theyíre doing transcripts, if theyíre in the right space and theyíre the right person, time moves fast; it doesnít move slowly. So, you have to create events in your life where time moves fast, where you have a good time.


As soon as you cause time to move fast, you are expanding into dimensions and you donít see it. You know, you only have your little human body experiencing it but part of you is moving into other dimensions that you donít see and shifting those other dimensions that are around you.


Daphne, I think you have something to say about this, donít you?


Daphne:  Keep saying what youíre saying and weíll dovetail, howís that?


Wynn:  Weíll dovetail? Does that mean your mind went blank just that moment?


Daphne:  No, no, it was just I was following your train of thought. Go ahead.


Wynn:  Thereís the part of us thatís visible and thereís the part of us thatís invisible. The invisible part, we have to theorize that it exists, because we canít physically validate it. Of course, thereís a huge amount of data that that invisible part exists; within that invisible part that we donít see there are group souls, there are souls waiting to reincarnate, there are battles of heaven going on with negative beings trying to control our realm.


Weíre here and even though we donít see those invisible realms, I have the premise and I think weíve demonstrated that over and over again that those invisible realms do exist. Not only do they exist, but we can project into them and we donít see what weíre projecting into. Itís tricky; youíre projecting yourself into an unknown area of dimensions and you canít see where you are.


I believe that happens particularly on Sunday on our grid healings. People on the lineóand I get so many emails from peopleóexperience that expansion. They experience like, ďIíve never had this feeling before; this is new to me; Iíve read about thisĒ, et cetera. We have voices talking to us that say theyíre in these invisible realms. We have people that look like people from other lifetimes and where were they in between lifetimes, if not these invisible realms?


Weíre reverse engineering how it all works and learning that if we want to consciously evolve at a faster rate, the whole game is: how do you move into these invisible realms so time moves faster in this realm? How do you do that? You can come to our calls and have that experience, but at some point youíre going to keep going back to your old patterns. You need to start to have some kind of volitional action that you initiate that connects you to those realms; to that experience.


Of course every person has got the laboratory of their own life. Thereís no way to say ďOne size fits allĒ or ďIf everyone does this, this will work.Ē Each of you has the challenge of figuring it out yourself. Itís pretty easy to figure out. You can tell when youíre having a good time and you can tell when youíre not.


When youíre having a good time time moves very fast. When youíre not having a good time; time moves slowly. When youíre around somebody that you have to entertain, but youíre really not into it, itís like ďWhoa!Ē When are you going to move to the next thing? When are you going to get out of that job of entertaining somebody?


What we want to do is: we want to tap into the flow of energy with other people thatís above our conscious self. When youíre suddenly with somebody, itís usually your conscious self against their conscious self: ďHi, how are you doing? Wow, this happened or that happened and this happened and that happened.Ē Itís kind of like you move into a place where time moves really slowly because youíre not moving into other dimensions with that person.


Daphne:  This is a good place to kind of jump in here. Itís interesting, what youíre saying. When youíre talking about these lower dimensions and about time moving slowly or youíre feeling at the effects of your circumstances or youíre feeling like youíre being held hostage in a situationónot a real hostage, but like a proverbial hostageóyouíre doing something you basically donít like. Youíre doing something or not doing something youíd rather not be doing or youíd rather not be there. Youíre doing something because thereís an obligation.


Basically it seems from my own experience and that of lots of other people Iíve read and spoken with, that when we operate out of obligation, when we operate out of contractual or agreed-upon kinds of situations or demands or contracts, for   example: just doing work that you donít like because you feel that you need the income to keep the roof over your head or keep the bills paid...


There are a lot of people in the alternative community, myself included to some extent, that are really feeling that there is an opportunity at this point now to literally walk into grace. When I say, ĎWalk into graceí I mean ĎRadical trustí, Radical trust with a capital ĎRí.


Meaning that you make an affirmation from a place of Now, from a place of knowing, where you know that you will be provided for; that your high self, that your God-self will provide whatever it is you need when you make a commitment to live a life from a place of service, from a place of grace, from a place of care. What this demands you do, is literally every iota of fear, every iota of darkness, every miasma in your cellular structure, everything that has not been dealt with in your patterning, gets thrown up for purification.


Iíve been forced by virtue of my choices and my karmic path and my destiny, probably since 1988. This kind of idea has been with me more and more, itís been closer and closer to the center of my being, to the point of at this moment, my life is almost entirely grace-infused; meaning that I live day-to-day; I do not know where my money is coming from; I donít know where my house is coming from; I donít know where my car is coming from, my clothing or anything. I literally live moment-to-moment.


I know that the ego goes crazy when you start thinking about that; you go, ďWell, how you can plan? How can you this? How can you that?Ē Itís a learning experience. But I can also say: Iím in touch with other people; people in Australia, in California, people in New York that are also living more or less like this; living in a place of radical trust.


What happens with that is, itís no longer time going fast or time going slow; youíre living in the Now moment. The Now moment means that youíre connected with everyone and everything. You start becoming the cause of your experience, rather than at the effect of someone elseís causation field. The old adage is: eat or be eaten. Maybe thatís a third dimensional kind of a thing.


I think the new construct is: create or be created. Create something, be the creation or you will end up at the effect of someone elseís creation. Where you put your energy, where you put your focus, where you put your alignment, literally it informs your experience. It not only forms your experience; it forms the experience of everyone and everything around you.


This idea of doing things out of a sense of obligation versus doing things out of a sense of grace shifts the dimensional attunement tremendously. Obligation is still operating from third chakra; itís still operating from power, power is dominion over others.


We are moving into a time of self-sovereignty. SelfĖsovereignty doesnít mean you canít connect with other people; far from it. It means that your connections are no longer informed by obligation. It means that our connections are informed by the wisdom, by genius.


This is where real genius is; itís the genius of the heart; itís the genius of creative inspiration; itís the genius of love, real love, not love because you want to get something, or love because you want to impress someone, or love because you want to buy something, love because that is who you are; that is your God-self; that is your Divine right; that is your creational responsibility to yourself and to the world.


It seems that we are in a time and a place where itís beginning to be possible to actually live this. Itís been referred to for ten, twenty years; Greg Braden talks about it: the zero point dynamic. I believe Iím experiencing it very profoundly and others are as well. I guess Iíll leave it at that.


Wynn:  You know itís not always necessarily the most pleasant of experiences to be doing this.


Daphne:  Absolutely! Thatís right, Wynn, absolutely not.


Wynn:  I think it probably can become more pleasantÖ


Daphne:  Yes, absolutely right.


Wynn: Öand I think it will become more pleasant, but as youíre assimilating new energies and new timelines, your physical body doesnít necessarily catch up immediately. It starts to exhibit various symptomatic things that make you think somethingís wrong with you. In a sense, you are assimilating these new energies. Your body hasnít caught up yet. It is going through its processing.


Daphne:  Yes, processing also I think, even more than processing. There are profound DNA transmutations going on for at least a certain sector of the population.


In fact, I came across a site last night. Lisa Renee has posted it on her website. Itís exhaustive; itís several pages. It talks about what actually is transpiring on the level of the mitochondria, on the level of the DNA, on the level of the genome, on the level of the codons; what this feels like. Itís crucial to be drinking water; I have to force myself to exercise, force. I used to be quite athletic; I was a runner and hiker and I have to force myself out for like a two-mile walk to get the energies moving. There is so much density that has to be transmuted now.


This is certainly a great resource; Iíll give it to Wynn. I donít know how many people in our group or the people who are reading website, Iím not sure how many people are experiencing these kinds of physical changes. I think, depending on your track and what you have incarnated to do, Iím getting information about there are certain people that have incarnated to do major light-anchoring here. Everyoneís experience is going to be different.


Know that youíre not alone; know that there are others who are experiencing profound changes. There isnít anything wrong with you; you are being re-fashioned. Youíre like a caterpillar going into a cocoon and going to emerge a butterfly at some point when itís time to dispense with the chrysalis.


Wynn:  If you feel, if you identify with what Daphne is talking about, if you identify, ďIíve been going through a lot of changes and I donít know anyone that I can talk to about it,Ē we have a program called Team Shift.


We have set up small groups of people. Edna has been helping to coordinate that. We have maybe five people or four people that meet every day on the phone for ten minutes. They call in the Light; then they put things in the Light. They talk with each other and they get to know each other. From the reports Iíve gotten, for many people who have participated in that, itís been a God-send, because it helps you not feel isolated.


In fact, talking about making timelines move faster and accessing higher dimensions, Team Shift is one way to do it, because every day you move into that zone. If itís a good group youíll move into that zone where time is moving faster and you donít feel alienated.


Even in spite of the fact that weíre in a shift, even in spite of that thereís that potential, because you may be depressed, you may feel estranged, you may feel heart-broken even, with all this other stuff going on, you may not feel those energies and you feel stuckóTeam Shift is a really good way to unstick yourself.


If you go to the website thereís a link there for Team Shift. Fill out the form and someone should get back to you pretty quickly and say, ďHereís a time and a group you can get into.Ē If you participate in Team Shift donít expect to shift the first day. Commit to it for a month, showing up, getting to know the people and letting it go through its own process. Many people have come to look forward to that ten-minute call every day. Having a ten-minute call today and tomorrow and the next day that can move you into another dimension is pretty amazing.


Terry, do you want to say anything about all this?


Terry:  Iíve been in trance the whole time and following everything youíve been saying, but when I came back to myself, itís like, ďHum, where were we?Ē Could you give me the last sentence?


Wynn: Well, I was in trance, too.  Do you think I remember? Weíve been talking about shifting timelines. You know sometimes I tease Terry about being forgetful and disoriented. I think part of the reason isóin fact, I know this is trueóthat she has really anchored herself in some other timelines and she misses things in the physical really easily. Itís kind of a blessing that sheís that way; itís a blessing that we have someone that is so anchored somewhere else. I donít think she knew she was anchored somewhere else for most of her life; I think she just thought, ďI must be crazy, or Iím weird, or somethingĒ.


Terry:  No, I think it was that I really tried to get out of this dimension because it was so unpleasant at home.


Wynn:  With your mother?


Terry:  With my mother, who seemed to think that I couldnít do anything right and told me that very often.


Wynn:  Okay. Go ahead.


Terry:  With timelines, I know that you can step into another timeline and you can make things go very much faster if youíre operating in another timeline. Like, itís a shift of frequency, is what it is. Two people could do it; like, theyíre going to have a meeting for a while. The one person moves into the higher frequency and they can move the other into the higher frequency, too. The whole hour can seem like 15 minutes.


Wynn:  If you live in a city and people do meditation, if theyíre really doing good meditationÖ Meditation: I donít like the word, because people have the idea itís like going inward. But itís like if you have a bunch of people in a room that are combining energies, youíre walking into another timeline. You donít have to say anything; you just sit there.


That is a way to start accessing timelines. In fact, thatís the whole idea of spiritual communities and ashrams: creating sets of group energies that people flow in and out of, that keep the energy high and above this realm.


I had threatened that Daphne was going to bring through a message on this. Daphne, would you like to?


Daphne:  Thatís possible, Wynn, yes.


Wynn:  Iíll call in the Light and see if anyone starts talking, okay?


Daphne:  Okay.


Wynn:  Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect Daphne, myself, Terry and every one of you on this line and listening on the internet, listening on the replays and reading the transcripts. And any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And, we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us as we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


We address our Sources through Daphne. We request RaíAn in particular; if someone else comes in, could they please tell us who they are. We ask the question: could you give us any more in-depth understanding of how timelines work and how an individual can lift themselves into the experience of a higher timeline? Thank you.


Daphne:  Thank you, Wynn. One moment please, an attunement here, Ommmmmmmmmm.


Council of the Elohim-RaíEl:  We greet you in the Light of the One Infinite Creator. We are the Council of the Elohim; we are the RaíEl. We focus through this instrument; we attenuate this frequency. There are questions in this space.


We deal with the merger; we deal with the merger of intent, of focus, of desire, of design, of architecture, of precipitation and consciousness. There are intersections of forces, intersections of plane and scalar waves; intersections of pin-pricks of light, of that which you would see in a blanket. Imagine, if you would, a blanket, a fabric. This is universal consciousness; this is the ĎI Amí presence. This is the great All-That-Is.


The I Am presence is experiencing Itself. The I Am presence in order to experience Itself pinches the fabric. Imagine holding fabric in your hands, laying it flat on a table and then pinching the fabric, so that one part of the fabric touched another part between your thumb and your forefinger. This is the illusion of time and space; this is the illusion of physicality.


Were you to un-bunch the fabric of time and space, you go back into the I Am presence. This is what is happening in your world now; this is what is happening by Divine design, by Divine decree, the experience of moving from third density and into the over-arching, into the angelic realms of the fifth and the higher frequencies.


When you move from the third over the bridge gateway into the fifth, through the corridor of the crystal heart of the Christos of the Solar Logos, of the I Am presence, duality no longer exists. And the passage of time as a separate construct from self no longer exists. There is only the eternal Now; there is all time and no time. There is all age and no age. There is the I Am.


The consciousness unit, the human, experiences self as not apart from other selves but in a totality of the All and the seamless. To bring this back into a more day-to-day experience of ĎNowí, you will find, Beloveds, that you are understanding yourself as part of a great tapestry. You are not alone. Your thoughts, your feelings, your desires, they are uniquely yours and you are here to learn to love and to express in the most beautiful and beneficent ways that you can. You are learning to impact and to be impactful; you are learning to desire and to be desired and desirous. You are learning to create and to be creative. You are learning that when you abhor, that is separation of self; it is a cutting off of the self from the Divine.


You are of the Great Totality. To think that you are not, that you are unworthy, that you are not enough, is to say that God is not enough. You are an expression of God; every person is an expression of God, of the Divine design. We are all playing parts; we have all masqueraded as individuals. The limitations we experience are suits; they are as sea-shells. They are for the purpose of experiences. They are entrapments of the soul in a ďlesser-thanĒ vehicular motion through the denser ethers of experience. We are a game in the great I Am; we are the I Am experiencing Self. We are all One. Also Earth, she is One. She experiences us as One. There is no-thing that is separate from us.


That being said, to give your sovereignty to anything other than your I Am self is to give your sovereignty to a false god. You and your love are paramount. Do things from a place of love, of honoring self and honoring others. Strive always for equilibrium, for fairness, for balance and for harmony.


When there is harmonization, when there is equilibrium, when there is balance, then no-thing and no-one can pull on you, because all hooks, all places of darkness, have been neutralized. Strive for a place of balance and equanimity. This means letting go of judgments: judgments of self, judgments of other.


When you judge self, when you judge other, it creates a dynamic pull of forces and keeps you in situations that are difficult. When you move into the place of the silent observer, the silent witness, when you go into the place of true masterfulness, you learn to watch with the eyes of Divine design.


You are the harmonizer; you are the great equalizer. You can go to the still-point of consciousness, of the zero-point inflection. It is from here that new Universes are birthed; it is from here that new stars are born. You are becoming your own Solar Logos. You are becoming a star; you are birthing the Christed, Christed, Christed, Christed (they wanted me to say that four times) the Christed self, the Christed child, the Christed crystalline star, the ĎI Amí consciousness.


Thank you. Blessings. Peace be unto you, Ommmmmmmmmmm. ShantiÖ


Wynn:  Thank you very much. Itís time to end this show, so thanks to our Sources; thank you Daphne for that beautiful message. Thanks to all of you for showing up and holding the space and to everyone who is volunteering to make all this continue to happen.


We will unmute everybody. Weíll see you all next time. Thank you.


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