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Sunday Call 03.10.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free and Carla Rueckert (briefly)
Audio Link:
Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee

Wynn: Good morning everybody or good afternoon or good evening - if you happen to be listening on the replay, at anytime. This is Wynn Free and this is our Sunday conference call or our Sunday grid healing, we call it. As you can tell the time has changed and weíre up an hour earlier actually. Unlike the rest of the United States, Arizona doesnít celebrate daylight savings time. So for us the Sunday call has been at 11 oíclock Arizona time and now it is 10 oíclock.


So we have to get up earlier. [Laughter] As you can tell, Iím still getting up. Terry, are you there? Hello Terry?


Terry: Iím here.


Wynn: You know what?


Terry: What?


Wynn: Youíre getting good, you un-muted pretty quickly.


Terry: Ah, yeah, I hit the right button that time. [Laughter]


Wynn: Youíre going to have to get a diploma. [Laughter]


Terry: Yeah, I just canít let my phone get locked because when it gets locked, then itís more steps.


Wynn: I see Ö okay. Well you know what - I thought we would do something slightly different this morning. And you know we have people signing into this call and that are listening and listening and we donít know who they are and thatís on all our calls. Until two years later I get an email from somebody and they say, ĎWow, Iíve been listening to your call and my life is changed and all these things happened.Ē Of course, there are people that are shy - there are people that are self-conscious Ö


Terry, if you were listening to this call and you werenít part of it, would you be talking a lot at the beginning or would you be listening?


Terry: No, Iíd just come in, I wouldnít say anything.


Wynn: You wouldnít say anything.


Terry: No. Iíd be like Joe.


Wynn: Right. [Laughter] Now we had one guy that was Ö how long was Joe coming in, two years? Finally, I donít think he ever said anything even after he talked to me. But it is okay, you donít have to say anything if youíre one of those people. But I thought I would take a moment and if you would like to, I would like any of those people that feel like theyíre not known, that no one knows who they are and they keep coming into our calls and they keep getting benefit Ö


Give an opportunity to introduce yourself and just say a little bit about yourself and how the calls have been impacting you and how your life is going and if you had any synchronicities. Anything, what you do, etc., etc. Is there anybody like that, thatís willing to do that? Do a star *6 Ö now you see this is where Iíll get myself in trouble. Thereís nobody like that on the call.


Gijs: Itís kind of hard when you ask the shy person to step up Ö a good chance youíre not successful. [Laughter]


Wynn: [Laughter] Right, well Ö Gijs was never in that category, I have to tell you.


Callers: (female and male speaking together): Hello, Wynn?


Wynn: Yeah.


Michael: This is Michael from Watervliet (NY). Iím really happy with the program. I usually just click in and listen [and in] that quietness and I just enjoy the program. But with the Plutonian influence and the Neptunian influence in my 12th now Iím finding Iím seeing these things. Iím experiencing two other dimensions and them takes me to a level, dimensions, Iím quite interested in, but Iím not afraid of it. I have no fears of it and when I see these spirits or such, they look like you and I, they donít look that different. The comings and goings of them is not interfering so I donít mind the thought of them being around, chilling or anything like that. And I always look forward to the moments when Terry and Daphne bring the Elohim through because I find it informative and it changes a lot of things in my life very subtly. It not only helps to get an awareness that I might have been missing at some point. So Iím looking forward to that Ė even doing medium-ship work as it comes more easily.


Wynn: Now Michael, what city are you in?


Michael: Iím in Watervliet, New York.


Wynn: Now are you the Michael that emails me quite a bit?


Michael: Yes, I am.


Wynn: Alright. Okay, Michael is one of those people that holds space in other dimensions, right?


Michael: Yes.


Wynn: And is aware of things. Sometimes you pick up kind of negative things because of that, right?


Michael: Thatís true.


Wynn: Yeah. Okay and you are the Michael that just got a job, right?


Michael: Yes, correct.


Wynn: See that guys, I do read my emails. [Laughter] Well, Iím so glad you decided to speak up and you know in the morning, particularly on the Sunday call, for some of you, it doesnít work for everybody but if you come in early everyone kind of gets to know each other and is building a little community. So now that youíve spoken up, feel free to say hello to everybody and say, ďHey, this is Michael


You know just feeling connected actually (for some people) doing that makes a difference, it makes their energy come up and it helps in the connection process. So thank you so much Michael for coming forth.


Michael: Thank you.


Wynn: Letís see if thereís anyone else. You donít have to be shy to do this.


Caller: This is Nancy from Orlando.


Wynn: Hi Nancy.


Nancy: Do you remember me?


Wynn: I do.


Nancy: Iíve been coming into the calls for several years now.


Wynn: I do remember you.


Nancy: I came at the beginning.


Wynn: I do remember you.


Nancy: I get so carried away with the energies that most of the time I donít really hear anything when I get on the call and itís amazing how that works. I truly appreciate the calls and everybodyís efforts to bring together all these people in community. Itís great to feel a part of it and I love my Team shift members who are always there and you know supporting me. We call in, I donít know, 4 to 5 times a week and that too is amazing, to be able to talk to people of like mind and you know get a feel for where other people are and itís awesome and I thank you and I thank Terry and Daphne and Carla and everybody thatís, you know, putting forth the effort to keep these calls going. I just love being a part of it.


Wynn: Thank you so much. What do you do in your life? Do you have a job, a family?


Nancy: I do have a fulltime job; I work Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 as an Administrative Assistant. Iím also am a Reiki Master Ö I have a whole bunch of healing modalities that I donít actually function in because I have an 8 to 5 job that makes it difficult to make a living and do the other stuff. But Iím certified as a crystal healer, Iím certified as a sound--I can use tuning forks to heal people but just all kinds of things like that.


And I had stage 3 breast cancer that I was diagnosed in July of 2008 and now Iím coming up on my 5 years and when I go see me oncologist, because of all the other things that I do besides the real what they call chemotherapy and radiation and all of that stuff, my doctor says to me, ĎI canít find anything wrong with you. Would you like to have this test, you know just to see what happens?í And itís really cool.


Wynn: Did you take any alternative supplements or anything like that to get rid of it?


Nancy: Absolutely, totally, yeah.


Wynn: What did you take, tell people?


Nancy: Oh my God, I have a list. [Laughter] I have a list thatís a mile long. Everything from Essiac tea to vitamin C, vitamin D, supplements Ö I went to a complementary and alternative care oncologist and got my program tweaked and I did all kinds of things, chelation stuff and glutathione and Iím a member of the Life Extension Foundation so I have a lot of stuff, materials that I can study.


Wynn: Does Life Extension recommend selenium for cancer?


Nancy: I do not know that they Ö That was not one of the things I think that I took, I mean I have a list thatís like about two and a half pages long so Ö


Wynn: You did good work, okay?


Nancy: But I had Ö one time I thought I was having a heart attack and I was taken to the hospital and they went through all of my stuff, I did all kinds of tests and it was just a side-effect of the chemotherapy and there was nothing wrong with my heart. But I provided them my two and half page list of supplements and when I left the hospital they gave me back my list and said whatever youíre doing keep on doing it cause youíre doing well.


So Iím just thankful. Iím thankful to be a part of this, Iím thankful that my health is in the condition that itís in. I wish I could share more of it with people but most people are in denial about the whole medical system and pharmaceuticals and what they are doing to us.


Wynn: Thank you so much for sharing and for some of you that have cancer or it youíre worried about it or someone you know, you definitely should Google ďcancer alternative remedies,Ē because thereís a lot of indication that cancer has already been cured, in a number of different ways. But the problem is that usually the things to cure cancer canít be patented and so the drug companies donít want it to go out there.


Nancy: Well and they suppress a lot of it, yes.


Wynn: Yeah, the suppress it, I mean Terry has something called a Rife machine. Do you know what a Rife machine is?


Nancy: I do not.


Wynn: There was a guy named Royal Rife in San Diego, I think in the 1930s and he developed this microscope that apparently no one else has been able to figure out how he did it, but where he could actually see pathogens, submicroscopic things and he would put these pathogens on a slide and then beam frequencies to it. Itís like the Memorex commercial where when the lady hits a certain frequency the glass would shatter. When he hit the right frequency of a pathogen, it would disappear, it would decompose and so he did that with cancer and he started having the hospitals send him their hopeless cases and he was curing them. There was a big article in the San Diego Tribune about how this guy was curing cancer and all these doctors were raving about it. Shortly thereafter his laboratory burned down and he ended up a broken man.


So this is the way it works. People still sell those machines, theyíre called Rife machines and they go from anywhere between $500 to $2500 dollars. Youíll find loads of testimonials on the Internet from people that have used these for not just cancer but for many, many, many, many, many things so Ö


Nancy: There is a machine that I have used and itís called a body enhancer and itís based on Nikola Tesla, something he created, and it actually helps to clear out all kinds of disease by running a low voltage or a-high amperage through a low voltage or a low voltage through high amperage, through your body and itís awesome. I have a girlfriend that says that she had little capillaries, spider veins?


Wynn: Yeah.


Nancy: And after she used it for awhile, even those things went away.


Wynn: Well Ö


Willow: Wynn?


Wynn: Yes.


Willow: I would like to interject that Edgar Cayce said Ö


Wynn: Who is that?


Willow: This is Willow.


Wynn: I thought that was you.


Willow: [Laughter] Edgar Cayce said if you eat three raw almonds a day you will never get cancer. And one of the cures they have for cancer is Laetrile which is an ingredient in raw almonds. The only thing is, right now all of our almonds are pasteurized so in order to find legitimate raw almonds youíve got to do some work. But Iíve eaten seven raw almonds a day for the last 40 years because of what Edgar Cayce said.


Wynn: So you could kill your cancer twice, right?


Willow: [Laughter] I could kill mine and the other ladyís too.


Wynn: [Laughter] Okay, well Willow is quite an expert on alternative health stuff. Willow weíre working on an idea of putting up a page, a webpage, of all the alternative things that are good for things and so some of you that are wondering thereís Ö of course, if youíre doing the Internet, you always wonder do I trust this or are they just trying to make money? And there is so much stuff that people have had experience with and so weíre going to put a page up, sooner or later.


Willow: If anybody on line is good at web design and would like to be the webmaster that would really facilitate things and take us forward because I donít know anything about the web design. I know the herbs, I know the wild plants and medicinal values and the toxic properties but I do not know about web design so we need somebody to be a webmaster.


Wynn: Well, you know what Willow? I can do that as long as I donít have to keep updating it. I donít mind doing it one time and putting up a page so if I get all the information in a Word document, I can just put it up and itíll go from there.


Willow: Oh, really?!


Wynn: Yeah, I mean I had to learn how to do web design to make my websites because I couldnít figure out how to do them otherwise.


Willow: Okay, but what you described to me was a title, for instance, ďdiabetesĒ and then one, two, three - a list of links underneath that. I donít have that info Ö Iím not that linear, Wynn. I have little things called Ďartichokesí and then I talk about all the benefits of artichokes. So I donít have the Ö you know Iíve been wracking my brain since we talked and I donít have the information in the format in which you describe to me. I just donít think that way.


Wynn: Okay.


Willow: I go first to the plant and its properties and then I go backwards on it.


Wynn: Okay, well letís not talk about it now. Weíll talk about it some other time. Letís see if thereís any other person, which of course Willow, you donít qualify as a shy person.


Willow: No, go ahead and mute me Gijs.


Wynn: [Laughter] Do we have anybody else that would like to just let themselves Ö say anything about themselves?


Joel: Hey Wynn, this is Joel.


Wynn: Hi Joel - Joel in Chicago.


Joel: Yes I am. Hey, a couple things that I just want to point out real quick that I think thatís going to help the average person look into it a little bit more because here in America itís a little difficult for people to think about cancer and go oh my gosh is there really a cure; could there possibly be a cure? And you would look at - everyone is familiar with Dr. David Atkins, you know the Atkins diet.


Heís gone now but he was one of the people who said you know thereís not one but there are multiple cures for cancer but theyíre systematically suppressed by a group, you know that sells these multimillion dollar machines. A lot of people donít realize in the United States itís illegal for a doctor to say the word ďcureĒ referred to cancer. They can call them spontaneous remissions--they can call them a plethora of things. But thatís something you want to look at.


Now, what they were talking about the Rife machine as well, just to regress on that so people can look at that from a bigger picture as well. Also I would look at, when it comes to cancer, Johanna Budwig was her name. Johanna Budwig was nominated for the Nobel Prize in cancer seven times. They never reviewed her material. How many of your peers have to go out there and evaluate your information and put you up for a Nobel Prize? She was, for curing cancer, put up for the Nobel Prize seven times.


Why did she never get it? There are multiple people that are out there and they put that on the shelf, they put it off to the side. Do you realize that there are over 3200 free energy devices in the United States? But in the United States, congress and the senate has written a rule that says anything that creates over 70% efficiency comes under the umbrella of national security and itís put on the shelf. We use oil, we use coal Ö think about that. I mean these are the things we need to look at and I think itís important that we speak to that.


But on the frequency stuff, if you go back to the work of Dr. Royal Rife and you can also look up Dr. Bob Beck who cured HIV and what this is in a sense that it creates various vibrations and through electricity itís called electrical attenuation whereas you take the cell and you oscillate it in its opposite. In the sense that the higher vibration takes it and then it attenuates or turns the cell inside out and then there isnít the ability for it to self replicate. And then what it does afterwards when it comes to the viruses and that so what they were talking about, I just wanted to point that out.


Electrical attenuation and itís a matter of vibration or electrical oscillation in order to destroy the cell. And what Rife did, as Wynn mentioned, he created this scope through a whole bunch of magnification would literally be able to watch the cell. Most of the cells that we test now are dead. He was actually able to look at them in a live state and then oscillate the various frequencies toward it, the cell, and then found the one that killed it and destroy it. Because in essence we live in a world of polarization, there is this equal and the opposite and one will take out the other.


Wynn: Joel, listen, some Monday weíre going to do a whole Monday show on alternative healings and have all of these people that are in our group that know things, share things on that call.


Joel: And I have a Rife machine as well.


Wynn: You do?


Joel: Absolutely.


Wynn: Do you have a plasma machine or the other kind?


Joel: I have a Ö you know, to be honest with you I bought it right from Rife.


Wynn: You bought it from Rife?


Joel: I didnít mean Ö I bought it from the one thatís making the Royal Rife machine.


Wynn: I mean, is it Ö


Joel: Itís the biggest Ö


Wynn: Does it have a tube? Or does it have electrodes?


Joel: it has electrodes.


Wynn: Okay, thatís not an original Royal Rife machine then, okay? The original machine by Royal Rife (and people say itís better) has a plasma tube. It  looks like all science fiction where itís got all these colors. Look it up. Look up ďRife machine plasma,Ē okay? But theyíre more expensive. [Laughter]


I actually built a Rife machine out of my computer. It was very easy and very cheap. And you can actually make one of the kinds of Rife machines that Joel was talking about with a computer program and then plug in an amplifier and plug in electrodes. Itís on the Internet and it costs about $25 dollars.


So anyone else Ö listen, everyone wants to know who this guy is that sounds like James Earl, whatís his name? James Earl Jones? No. Gijs, whatís that fellows name with the deep voice?


Gijs: I donít know.


Wynn: Yes, you know. Whoís the actor that has this Ö


Zoe: James Earl Ray.


Wynn: Whatís his name?


Zoe: nameís James Earl Ray?


Wynn: James Earl Ray, wasnít that guy that put those people in the Ö what was it called? [Sweat lodge] in Sedona Ö I donít think it is James Earl Ray. Thereís this guy with this deep voice that keeps coming into our calls and he doesnít usually tell anything about himself. If heíd like to, Iíll give him a stage to do that.


Gijs: Youíre not talking about Jim?


Wynn: Now I wasnít going to say his name, okay, jeez!


Gijs: [Laughter]


Wynn: Donít say Jim, okay?! [Laughter]


Gijs: [Laughter]


Wynn: Is he there?


Terry: He got a telephone call.


Wynn: Oh, he did?


Terry: Yes, just got a telephone call so heís talking on that call.


Wynn: Alright, that explains it Ö anyone else?


Jim: Wynn, Iím here.


Wynn: Oh yes. Did you hear what I said?


Jim: Yes I did, I just got off the call. Yes.


Wynn: Okay, so is there anything youíd like to share about yourself? I donít want to put you on the spot now, okay? I know youíre kind of shy. [Laughter]


Jim: [Laughter] Well, Iím sitting here in awe and enjoying everything youíre saying and lapping it up and at this time I would prefer just to listen and learn rather than to spew.


Wynn: Okay, alright, good.


Gijs: May I just request you sing a little song for us?


Jim: But I donít Ö I really do not sing as I said before; if Brillo sing - it could sound like me.


Wynn: But Jim does have some great talents - heís a great piano player. People say, he sounds like Liberace.


Terry: He does. I very much enjoy his playing.


Gijs: Thatís awesome.


Wynn: And he was playing at some of the rehabilitation homes in Sedona, you know, the old age homes. Anyone else want to say hello?


Zoe: Wynn, this is Zoe in Sacramento, and I have to take shameless advantage of this opportunity with a suggestion thatís been chewing on me for awhile which is to have perhaps some Team shift groups of people who are in the ďArtsĒ who want to help promote the [arts]; to send Love Light to the arts of various kinds. In particular, projects to help get more of the energy of the Arts out into the general public.


Wynn: Well, you know what? I have been thinking for awhile to have a group meet of people who are artists - poets, writers - to just share their works with each other.


Zoe: Well, that would be great, too. Or there might be a place on your ah Ė


Wynn: Website?


Zoe: Website, right, for that. That would be wonderful.


Wynn: Yes.


Zoe: But you know I think the vibration from the Arts is one of the highest vibrations there is and we have a lot of people on the line who are connected to the arts. And Iíve been on a Team shift now I think for over two years and have found it extremely helpful and this idea came to me to have people who are in the Arts come to know each other and send out Love Light for the particular Arts that theyíre concerned with and all Arts in general, on a regular basis would be helpful.


Wynn: Well you know what, keep bugging me on that. Iíll tell you, if you send me an email with an idea and I donít respond, unless I say no, I donít want to do it, keep bringing it up, alright?


Zoe: Okay.


Wynn: Because you probably donít understand this from my point of view but sometimes things can start and they just flow and theyíre easy and other times something new starts and even though it sounds like a good idea, everyoneís calling me all the time to try to fix something and thatís hard for me because Iím too busy. 


Zoe: Well thatís not what I had in mind.


Wynn: Maybe just try something. You know the way to do it is to try something one time, not to make a big deal about it and see how the energy flows, okay?


Zoe: [Agreement]


Wynn: And I appreciate it. So, okay anyone else?


Colleen: Wynn?


Wynn: Yes.


Colleen: Colleen in Vancouver here. Hi, I just wanted to give a quick plug for - itís not an advertisement but I got one of your wellness pendants quite awhile ago, the one for grounding, and Iíve noticed thereís such a difference in my health since wearing it.


Like I canít believe it, itís sort of like your energy level stays like at one level all day. Itís not like you go have very big dips in it where you get like really tired  and Ö Itís just like your energy stays the same all day and I think itís got to be doing something really great for me.


Wynn: Well thatís awesome, thank you. Listen, anyone that wants to plug our products, they can do it. [Laughter]


Colleen: I just think itís invaluable so I wanted to put it out there.


Wynn: Listen, whoever transcribes this - be sure to take this out and email it to me. [Laughter] So I can send it out on the next email blast. [Laughter]


Colleen: Okay. [Laughter]


Wynn: But you know, Iíll tell you when we started with that product I didnít know how good it was going to be. We were just experimenting and then I put it in the local health food store here, after I did enough experimenting to at least say I think it does something. I put it in the local health food store and it sold about 80 in two months and you know I went in and they said everyoneís muscle-testing it, everyoneís doing .. This is Sedona so everyoneís an expert.

And then we put it in another store and all the psychics loved it. You know our pendant is selling better than any other pendant out there that I have come across, even oneís that are selling for a hundred to two hundred dollars, even oneís that look exactly like ours! [Laughter] And I could only figure out one reason why it does so good.


Colleen: Because they are blessed before?


Wynn: Well, you know what? Our Sources have the ability to project energy through things, okay? I didnít ask them; I donít want to ask them [Laughter] but I have the strong feeling theyíre helping. You know, it gives them an excuse to put some Love into this realm, in a kind of sneaky way. [Laughter]


Not that theyíre sneaky - thatís just a hypothesis; I can only say this on the Sunday morning grid healing, I wouldnít say it on any of our other calls. [Laughter] But in any case, thank you so much for sharing.


Colleen: Oh, youíre welcome. Thank you.


Wynn: And anyone else? I had asked if Michael was on the line because heís in San Diego. Heís in, whatís the name of that city? I canít remember, but in any case I just wanted to mention - next Sunday and the Sunday after that Iím going to go to San Diego and Iím giving talks at the New Earth Expo. The 17th in San Diego and the 24th in Carlsbad.


The location in Carlsbad is The Windmill Inn where Iíve been before and the location in San Diego is some resort off of Hotel Circle. But Iíll announce it. My talk will be between 5 and 6 and then Iím doing a workshop from like 6 to 10, or longer. So if youíre in that area put it on your calendar. Anyone else want to share anything?


Donna: Wynn, can you hear me?


Wynn: I can, whoís that?


Donna: Itís Donna in Great Falls, Montana.


Wynn: Hi Donna.


Donna: Hi.


Wynn: Thank you for saying hello.


Donna: Oh, youíre welcome. I just wanted to say I bought the other pendant, the energy pendant and I am filled with energy every day. I just keep going and going and going and going and everything is very smooth. I really like it; I think itís a very good product.


Wynn: I thank you so much for sharing that. I think one Monday weíre going to have to do a pendant infomercial, okay? [Laughter] Hello everybody Ö


Female voice: Wynn, can I ask you--do you have to wear it or can you keep it in your pocket or in your purse?


Donna: I keep it on me most of the day take it off at night and I still have energy.


Wynn: Well I think you can keep it in your pocket or your purse but I would say it has special effectiveness if itís hanging right on your chest. Because your chest is the center of your energy, you know for your heart.


Female voice: Uhm.


Wynn: Youíll probably get more impact from it if itís on your chest than if itís not, okay?


Judy: Because a lot of times it just doesnít go with what Iím wearing.


Wynn: Well, just put it underneath so they canít see it.


Judy: Oh, really?


Wynn: Put it underneath your shirt or your blouse.


Judy: It doesnít always work out.


Wynn: Oh, you work out. Well, listen ah Ö who is that talking to me, by the way?


Judy: Judy.


Wynn: Judy! Now where are you Judy?


Judy: Los Angeles. [Laughter]


Wynn: Which part of L.A.?


Judy: The west side of L.A.


Wynn: Which part, I didnít get that?


Judy: West side, west side of L.A.


Wynn: Oh, west side. Do you know Sam?


Judy: No. Where does he live?


Wynn: He lives on the west side. Do you know the Gateway Center?


Judy: No.


Wynn: Thatís on Barrington and Olympic I think?


Judy: Did you say on Barrington?


Wynn: Yeah.


Judy: and Olympic?


Wynn: Yeah.


Judy: No. What is that, I would love to know. [Laughter]


Wynn: Well they do a lot of New Age events there.


Judy: Really?


Wynn: And the person in charge of it wants me to do a workshop or something there so keep your ears open, I might end up scheduling something for, not this week but the following week.


Judy: Oh, I would love that. Oh, I was Ö


Wynn: Ö when Iím in L.A.


Judy: Because when you announced that youíll be in San Diego I quickly wrote it down because I wanted to tell my friend. I know sheíll be interested and I thought I wonder if heís ever going to come to Los Angeles.


Wynn: Well, if I had my way Iíd just be driving around doing things everywhere.


Judy: Yes Ö


Wynn: One of the ideas of the pendant business was so there could be a stable income so Terry could pay her bills Ö


Judy: Oh wow, that would be great, yeah.


Wynn: She could run that business and I could go do little talks and workshops everywhere.


Judy: Uhm, uhm.


Wynn: So weíre getting close to that.


Judy: Is there any way I can, you know, be instrumental and have you come out and talk and ah Ö


Wynn: Oh yeah, just send lots of money.


Judy: Oh [Laughter] that would be nice.


Wynn: But you know what, if you hear that Iím going to be there just invite people.


Judy: Oh definitely, yes.


Wynn: You know, Iíll probably do a little free talk or very cheap and then Iíll do a workshop and the thing about doing these things is that I really like to do them. I really enjoy them and I know they would build if I kept doing it.


Judy: Yes.


Wynn: Except that theyíre usually Ė it loses money and we havenít been in a place where we can afford to lose money. Now that doesnít mean it will always lose money but it starts out losing money because not enough people show up, you know?


Judy: Oh yeah.


Wynn: I donít like to charge lots of money, you know?


Judy: Yeah.


Wynn: And some people do these events and they charge $300 dollars for a weekend. Now Iím not saying I would never do that but in general, letís suppose we had a lot of well-to-do people that were into my work and they wanted to do that and have a weekend in Sedona, well, I would do it. Why not?


Judy: Um-hum.


Wynn: But I like when Iím going into a place like L.A. - I donít like anyone to not be able to come because itís expensive Ö


Judy: Right, right.


Wynn: And most people Ö you know, the fact of the matter is, you know money does not make somebody more spiritual. Some of the people who are - I said this earlier in different ways - some of the people that donít have money are actually very spiritual because theyíve avoided responsibilities so they didnít get hooked into the matrix.


Judy: Hmm.


Wynn: And they came in as Wanderers and you know, how you make money hooks you in on some level to some kind of structure down here that will contain you to some extent or another. So sometimes people just avoid itÖ I was one of those people so I know the whole syndrome. They avoid that whole thing Ö


Judy: Um-hum.


Wynn: Ďbecause they donít want to get hooked into the matrix. They find our work and you know, once you kind of get plugged into your own mission itís much easier to be in the matrix because you donít feel thatís all there is, okay?


Judy: Yeah, yeah.


Wynn: You know, itís like if you have a job and you think thatís all there is and you come home and youíre lonely and you think now you need the love of your life and then you get the wrong person so you have the wrong job and the wrong person and youíre all screwed up. [Laughter]


Judy: [Laughter]


Wynn: So, thatís why a group like ours helps unplug people from all that; they donít actually have to leave anything. They donít have to leave their person or their job. They find a place where they can actually be who they really are or feel who they really are, outside of the matrix, okay?


But when I was younger I could never find anything that could reflect back to me who I was, or very little you know. So, in any case, anyone else have anything theyíd like to share?


Judy: Oh, I was going to suggest that if you maybe send a flyer or something that maybe I could post it in certain - like at Whole Foods in the area or Mystic Book Store you know so to publicize - you know your talk when youíre planning on coming. That might help, too and Iím sure it will help.


Wynn: Well that would be great. Thank you and remind me if I announce it and I donít send you a flyer, send me an email, say Wynn send me that flyer.


Judy: Oh, okay. Do you read every email Ö more or less?


Wynn: I do read most of my emails, believe it or not.


Judy: Oh, because I was going to send it to you because Iím having a lot of trouble ever since I bought my iPad I canít get you online anymore and you know Iím struggling to hear you on the phone and itís such a pain [Laughter] and I donít know why this has happened. Do you need a special App for the iPad because I never used to have problems?


Wynn: Do you know what? I donít know the answer to that. [Laughter]


Judy: Hmm.


Wynn: Send me that question and maybe someone else can answer it. Iíll put it out:  does anyone else have an iPhone? And Ö


Gijs: Judy, just join a Team shift group so you can put it in the Light. [Laughter]


Judy: Oh, I would love to know about a Team shift group; I donít know how to contact any one. [Laughter]


Wynn: Oh yeah, well you have to do fire walks to be part of Team shift.


Judy: Oh. [Laughter] Did you say fire walk?


Wynn: Iím kidding, Iím kidding. Actually, go to our website Ö


Judy: Uhm.


Wynn: Ďand I think it might be under but there is a thing on our website that says ďTeam shiftĒÖ


Judy: Oh.


Wynn: If you canít find it, send me an email and Iíll send you the link, okay?


Judy: Okay, great. Thank you.


Wynn: And a couple of people have talked about Team shift and Team shift is a Ö We put together groups of five people that meet every day or often and they call in the Light and they get to know each other so theyíre like a little support group. And itís very important to have community once you make a connection with these energies you feel really isolated from other people. Itís hard to talk about it because people think youíre crazy.


So Team shift is a small group, kind of like what weíre doing right now. This is kind of like a Team shift meeting where they call in the Light every day and then they chat as long as they want to and you can hang up and you donít have to do it Ö Itís not restrictive, you donít have to do it every day. You can do it 5 times a week, 3 times a week - each group creates their own rules.


Judy: Hmm.


Wynn: So any of you that are interested, just go to our website - look for the little link at the top that says ďTeam shiftĒ and just fill out whatever it says. Edna is coordinating that and so she works with people and assigns them to groups and itís a very valuable thing. You know, one of the things is that it helps create Ö


You know one of the underlying themes of our work is graduating this realm and graduating the realm has to do with keeping your heart open and things like Team shift help people to do that with each other, okay?


Judy: Hmm.


Wynn: So thank you - anyone else?


Donna: Wynn?


Wynn: Yeah.


Donna: I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do. People donít realize how much you sacrifice to try [Laughter] to do the best you can with everything.


Wynn: Thank you so much. Who is that?


Lori: Hi.


Wynn: Hi, who said hi?


Lori: Lori from Santa Fe.


Wynn: Hi Lori.


Lori: Hi Wynn, how are you?


Wynn: Fine.


Lori: Was the other lady done?

Wynn: I donít know, she was saying good things about us. We could let her go on and on. [Laughter]


Lori: Ah, well I wanted to share something.


Wynn: Oh wait, wait a second ... she has something else to say. Go ahead.


Donna: I said I am done. It was okay that you interrupted me.


Wynn: Alright.


Lori: Iím sorry. Anyway, I love our Team shift group. Theyíre just wonderful - I just love my group so much - theyíre like family. But anyway, Iím doing a project with some of them tomorrow and I thought I might share it with you. Itís a vision board and Iím sure youíve heard of vision boards from The Secret.


Wynn: Um hum.


Lori: And what happened is I moved to Santa Fe recently and Iíd had my stuff in storage for many, many months (8 months) and I opened the box from my vision board and I didnít realize it until then but almost everything on my vision board came true that I did in 2010.


Wynn: Wow.


Lori: And so tomorrowís the first day of the New Moon and thatís a good day to start new projects and so some of the people in my Team shift group and I are doing a vision board tomorrow and so Iíll just tell you for example, what came true for me. I swam with dolphins, I swam with the sea turtles, Iím debt free and I wasnít and I had never done any of these things and Iím closer to God Ö I just had a whole lot of things on my board, not everything came true but most everything did.


Wynn: Hey, I want to give you a suggestion.


Lori: Um hum.


Wynn: And I donít know if Ednaís on the line but write that up in an email to me and Iím going to Ö


Lori: I have an email that I sent to the whole group that I already did. You want me to forward it to you? And it even has links to The Secret and different things and a whole Ö I went to a workshop many years ago and I put the work from there in the email.


Wynn: Well Ö


Lori: So I could forward that to you.


Wynn: Well, what I was thinking was that you could do a talk, to all the Team shift groups and tell them what youíre doing and how to do it and they could implement it.


Lori: Um hum, okay.


Wynn: Wouldnít that be Ö you like that idea?


Lori: I would love to do that. It really works - it really, really works when you do the things that go along with it. And at the very least, if someone didnít believe it, it gets you to get your goals together and thinking in a positive way.


Wynn: Super.


Lori: Okay, alright. Well thatís what I wanted to share and Iíll forward you that email and then you let me know what to do.

Wynn: Will do, okay.


Lori: Alright, thank you and many blessings to you and Terry and Daphne and to all.


Wynn: I thank you for sharing, okay?


Lori: Youíre welcome, bye bye.


Wynn: Okay, letís see what time is it? God, weíre going for an hour.


Gary: Wynn, can you hear me?


Wynn: Yeah, whoís this?


Gary: Gary, Iíd like to add some information.


Wynn: Gary - are you, shy?


Gary: No. [Laughter] Do I have to be?


Wynn: No, well [Laughter] go ahead.


Gary: I wanted to share Ö Iím reading - well there are just some people on the line - know Iím dealing with liver cancer and Iím reading a book called - written by Suzanne Somers who had breast cancer and has written several books but anyway this is called Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who are Curing Cancer and if anybody is looking for some alternatives, I suggest they get this book and read it because these guys are doing stuff with nutrition, with enzymes and stuff that is just really going gangbusters.


And another thing I wanted to mention is that one of the procedures they may use with me is whatís called radio frequency ablation which means they just burn it with radio frequencies. And in doing some research, I found out that this is actually a result of some of Dr. Royal Rifeís research and stuff on using radio frequencies. Itís kind of an outgrowth of his Rife machine, so I thought that was quite interesting. Thatís all.


Wynn: Thank you, thank you for sharing it, okay? And anyone else? Okay, you know what?


Marilyn: This is Marilyn Ö Iíve purchased three pendants. I wear two all the time - I donít know if Iím supposed to be wearing both of them but I do. I have been wearing them for slightly over a month and I canít say exactly (I canít exactly put into words) what it is doing but I do notice you know positivity and a change in vibration at times and I guess itíll take a little while until I can give you some more results but I love the feel of them and I never take them off.


I was going to ask if itís okay to wear both of them because theyíre for two different Ö and I also purchased one for my daughter who Iím going to give her [Laughter] one this week. I think itís a wonderful thing Ö


Wynn: Thank you so much Ö


Marilyn: Iím very happy and I think theyíre so absolutely reasonable, itís ridiculous, I think everyone should get one because you know the cost is - for the benefits is just so reasonable.


Wynn: Thank you so much. Let me see, as far as wearing both of them, basically everyone has to figure it out themselves and if it feels good, do it. There are some people that weíve gotten the reports that they first put on the pendant and it brings through stuff and they start going through uncomfortable changes so those people should wear it maybe an hour a day until they assimilate it because itís starting to balance things in the body. So I donít think you can do anything wrong and if you wear two of them and it feels good, then itís fine.


And thank you for sharing that and Iíd better Ö if youíre listening and you donít have a pendant, Iíll put something on the email for tomorrow. So weíll run our special because I know some of you are thinking, jeez, I should have bought that. So thank you, thank you so much and thanks to all of you who were sharing and itís really nice to hear you. You know, when we do these calls and for the longest time it was like is anyone out there? [Laughter]


Itís like we have to hold the energy for it to get it established really strongly and now that energies being held and all of you who are speaking up and sharing itís so nice to hear your responses and your voice, even when I get emails. Thank you Michael for bringing your voice forward because I get emails from people and I do read them and I do try to answer them.


You know, there are little places of guilt because when I had my toothache, all these people were sending me emails and I never thanked them and I keep thinking I have to go back and thank all those people. Because some of them were sending me remedies and one of the remedies actually worked! I didnít actually Ö I was sure I was going to have to get my tooth pulled and I did what the person said who sent me an email and the infection went away. It all went back to normal.


Iíll tell you what it was in case you have a toothache. They said get some ginger and chew it where your bad tooth is because the ginger will fix the infection and it did. And there were other things that were like clove oil but I never got to the clove oil because the ginger was working so well. So thank you all, who did that and thank you all who spoke up today and shared and so many of you have great things to share.


Iím seeing, on our Monday calls occasionally, weíre going to do a sharing call where those of you who have things to share, that can help others, like whether itís on alternative health or whether itís on vision boards or whatever - can do that because this is putting this work into action. All of you know things that I donít know and just by the act of sharing it in Love makes you (be) more - how can I say this - it activates the whole group. Terry, you want to say anything about all that? Letís see Ö


Terry: Iím just really happy to hear everybody speaking. You guys are great and you have an awful lot to contribute. Thatís what I have to say.


Wynn: Thank you. Okay [Laughter] I got an email from Carla because Carla was going to come join us today.


ďWynn, weíve had an emergency at this end and Mick needs my help. Letís schedule this for next Sunday and call it off for today. Sorry to send confused messages. Sign me confused, Carla.Ē


Okay - alright Carla, next week. And let me see something here.


So letís just bring our energies together and letís go through our healing list. Thereís tremendous power in group energy. In fact, itís probably the most powerful way that a human can participate and make a difference on this planet. It is the reality of Ďwhen two or more are gathered [in my name], I am also present.í


Now I believe Jesus Ö you know we have a very interesting take on Jesus. Early on when I asked the question in 2003 to Daphne and I was trying to figure all this out - because I was reading the ďWilcock sessionsĒ and I felt this huge affinity with Jesus, from the Ra Group. And in one little thing of Wilcockís channelings they said, Ďwe came to you in Christianity but we donít often speak in those terms anymore because of the way religion screwed it up.í I donít think they said Ďscrewed it upí but thatís what they meant.


Thatís how my memory remembers the words and I saw that little statement and I said, what did they mean; they came to us in Christianity? They came to us in Christianity. Then, in 2003, Daphne and I were together and we were actually in, where were we? Actually, this actual session was in Kentucky. I had gone to Atlanta and pick-up Daphne and she wanted to come across the country again and we ended up moving into Flagstaff. But we were in Kentucky because we were visiting Carla Rueckert. This was the second time I ever met Carla and it was kind of on the way from Atlanta to the west coast to go to Kentucky.


We were doing these sessions and in one of the sessions, I asked a lot of questions about Jesus and I havenít put that session out, I donít think. I donít think I put that out, Iím always nervous about putting this stuff out because I donít want to get a lot of feedback from traditional Christians thinking weíre trying to co-opt Christianity. But when I asked them, I said when Jesus said ďFather, who answered the callĒ And the answer was, ĒAs you would know it, it was the Ra Group.Ē


Then in another question about the Ra Group they described the Ra Group as an energetic template spreading through the Universe. And there were many, many sub-groups underneath the Ra Group. You know we try to imagine who the Ra Group is and we think of Ö itís hard to visualize these guys in our human consciousness because we have no reference point to how it is to be them. But they said the Ra Group was an energetic template through the Universe.


Then in another session more recently, I think it was through Terry, when I asked about the trinity, what Christianity calls the trinity, the answer to that (let me see if I can get this right) - I should go read it again. They said ďIt was an energetic construct put together by the Ra Group.Ē And basically it was a bridge to the higher realms and you see Ö So we can see that the Ra Group plays a very, very active and volitional role in the upliftment of this realm.


Historically, what is the trinity? The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Now Iím not going to try to interpret what the Father, Son - well the Son is Ö okay, Iíll interpret it. [Laughter] I just got it. This is what I would say that that means:  The Father of course is Source and the Ra Group is the lens which the Source is moving through; the Son is obviously the human; and the Holy Ghost is the energetic field that connects the two.


Now that may not be right but thatís just what came to me at that moment. And that on these calls we connect with those energies, or I believe we connect with those same energies. We certainly have the same Sources working with us plus the Elohim. Now, how about the Elohim and Jesus? The Elohim may not have been actively participating, actively talking, but they said they were partners in it which meant they were doing their part (I would assume) of being able to transmit energies from the highest of high celestial realms, of alleviating karmic patterns.

Do you understand this idea of alleviating karmic patterns? In the lower levels everything is give and take. Everything has to be balanced. Itís the old Law of Moses Ďan eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.í If something happens, if you hurt somebody you have to make up that hurt. And you could come back lifetime after lifetime until that hurt is balanced. If you do something to somebody you might have to come back and experience what you did to them, for yourself so that you learn from firsthand experience not to do that again.


So it is very hard to graduate this realm, working through your karma because if youíre in this realm itís almost impossible not to be creating karma. Because every time you do something, every time you create something, every time you say something, you are creating energies in people around you. Every time you get mad at someone, every time somebody gets mad at you and so itís a never ending trying to balance it all. Of course it doesnít happen in a conscious level but it keeps you in this realm because you keep trying to work it out.


Part of you knows that you have to work it out, whether you know about karma, whether youíre spiritual, it doesnít matter. Itís the law of this realm. Itís the Law of Karma. The best way to deal with this is to rise above the place where karma exists because karma is not a rule of the Universe; itís a rule of this realm. When you can hold your consciousness above that, then that law or rule of this realm stops impacting you and you start working under grace. Grace is just a higher law of the Universe.


Grace comes out of living your life from The Law of One. Now none of this can you do with your willpower. But if you understand it, it helps you visualize how to do it. Because what does it mean to live your life from The Law of One? Out of the principle of The Law of One? It means that you start perceiving everyone as part of yourself. When you do that, the give and take of karma starts to lose its impact on you because how can you create give and take with yourself? Itís only your-self. Youíre me. You, who are listening, are me. Iím you. We are each other.


Now of course in saying that, that doesnít mean that I owe you anything, or you owe me anything. It doesnít mean that Iím obligated to be your friend or vice versa. Because we can make choices to say I want to stay away from that part of myself. That part of me thatís in you is not healthy for me to connect with. But I love it anyway but I donít want to connect with it because it will pull me into something that this part of me doesnít want to get pulled into. So it doesnít mean to be sappy, it doesnít mean to wear your heart on your sleeve.


Itís an inner awareness that thereís one-energy that connects us all. And that I can experience that energy in you and you can experience it in me. As soon as we start moving into that experience then this quality of grace can come into your life because youíre rising above the law of cause and effect which is, in this realm, the predominant law that everything has to be balanced. You know, in older times you know people would meditate. They would have to clear their sins. Theyíd have to do atonement. Theyíd have to confess and the idea was trying to --- how would we say it?


Fix your defects, heal your karma in those ways and if it works it works. But the bottom line way is, first of all, to forgive your-self. Forgive yourself for all the things that are not perfect because you, as a human, will never be perfect. For whatever reason, we tend to make these ideals and visions of ourselves that we have to be perfect. That we have to not make mistakes and that is not a good vision. It doesnít work and the reason it doesnít work is because you will never be perfect. I will never be perfect.


I donít know if thereís any such thing as perfect in this realm. But you can learn how to flow around your imperfections so they donít become obstacles. The first thing is to forgive your-self. Accept yourself and forgive yourself. The third thing is donít act out your imperfections. In other words, if youíre suddenly feeling jealous of somebody and you know we all know jealousy is not a healthy quality and but youíre going to feel it sometimes. Youíre going to feel things that are not healthy qualities.


You might feel rage or you might feel hate and if youíre operating from a lower level Ö well the lowest level is youíll feel hate and then youíll act it out and say this is real. The next level is youíll feel hate and youíll feel oh I shouldnít feel that, I feel guilty and thatís not a good way to handle it either. The third way is to feel it and say oh thereís my lower self feeling hate and hi, it is okay weíll get through it.


Let the feeling pass through you - whether it is jealousy, whether it is hate, whether it is rage - let it pass through and in that way it dissipates in the fastest manner, okay? Thatís what I have learned. So you donít put yourself [up] and exalt yourself or try to be more than you are, holier-than-thou and you start doing the same process with other people. You notice their qualities and really theyíre the same as you, theyíre an expression of you, and you donít judge them for their lower qualities.


Sometimes you may not want to involve yourself with them personally because you canít involve yourself without getting trapped in some kind of field theyíre projecting and so you avoid them. But that doesnít mean you donít have loving energy for them, you just know that itís not a healthy thing to connect. But the key is not to judge them and to observe yourself very, very carefully so that you catch yourself if you are judging them and redirect that energy out of judgment.


In other words, how do you do that? You say, well there I am judging so and so and I forgive myself and Iíll put the Light around it and Iíll do my best to let it go. But in my conscious mind, Iím not going to make them wrong. Iím realizing this judgment is a projection of my lower self and itís just scenery passing, like youíre on a train and youíre just moving. Okay, thereís judgment - boop, itís gone you know?


But if you start holding on to the judgment, if you start making that person wrong in your mind and holding onto it, then it does not go away. It sticks and it holds you in the energy of the judgment. This is why Jesus said judge not, lest ye shall be judged. Itís basically--youíre judging yourself by judging them. Youíre locking yourself in to a lower level of reality and then it sticks and then it is karma. Then you have to go through lifetimes to clear it.


So all youíve got to do is observe it and say ah, thatís my lower self making a judgment or thatís my lower self going into jealousy. Donít act on it. Donít take any physical action on those negative feelings because as soon as you take a physical action, as soon as you do that, that creates karma. Now youíre changing the balance in the physical world. If itís just inside you and youíre processing it, then that doesnít create karma. Thatís just you processing yourself.


So, for example, if you hate somebody, taking a gun and shooting them would be taking physical action. Or talking about them and turning other people against them, thatís taking physical action. Thatís how you deal with those parts of yourself that you want to get over.


So we have people to put in the Light. We have our list and itís like Ö oh my God itís late! 11:26 (34 minutes remaining), let me put these people into the Light and then weíll bring Terry in for a message and then if thereís time weíll do a planetary session. And if not, weíll do just a fast one, just holding the energy for the planet.


So we have Pat in Clay, Alabama I think and - is sending the Light to her beautiful daughter Emily and sending healing to what Pat thinks is a dysfunctional relationship; and then we have


Heather in New Castle, Delaware Ö intestinal problems and I think Heather is not the person making the request, okay? So we send the Light to Heather for healing; and


Rosalie in Dallas Ö sending Light to a new job that satisfies her goals; and


Cindy in Chicago Ö sends the Light to her husbandís back pain; and


Michael in San Diego Ö freedom of speech, of dissent, of expression, of assembly and freedom of the Internet and Michael sends the Light to his ďSamĒ cat that seems to be losing weight suddenly, again. He thinks/is concerned that itís a repeat of the previous conditions that our Sources assisted in healing. Please help Sam get healthy; and then we have


Barbara in Twin Falls, Idaho Ö please bless my relationship and I wonít say the guyís name, but the person that she cares about, to bring joy and love to her relationship; and


Zoe in Sacramento ... upcoming eye surgeries; and


Jeannie in Placerville, California Ö sending the Light to her and her husband and also the Light to her horses and dogs; and


Sri in Chicago Ö is putting himself in the Light; support and praying for all positive results the coming week. Itís a crucial time for him and his family; and

Jean in Sioux Falls Ö is in danger of losing her home and she puts her home in the Light and her finances and her mortgage, etc. and thatís all weíll do now on the healing list.


Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone present. And any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth and right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Let me make sure Terryís un-muted before we start. Are you there?


Terry: Yes.


Wynn: Okay, we hear you and weíre ready.


RaíAn/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is RaíAn and this is the 10th of March 2013, planet Earth. We connect with each and every person on the line that wishes to be connected with. We do not come over the telephone line and we do not come over the radio. We come directly into your space and we are called by your intention, the intention to connect.


Therefore you need to ask for the connection. We are able to see your frequencies. We are able to see the Light, the Light of calling - the Light of asking us to connect with you. When you put out your intention for something - a generation of a frequency - of a Light frequency is made and we can connect easily with that.


We are aware of the things you have individually put on the healing list and each one is separate and one answer does not, even though it involves financial situation, one answer does not apply to all. Each one is an individual answer and it is guided by your intention. As one of the people has put up a board and put on the board what she wishes to accomplish and then is beginning to achieve everything on the board.


This is what will be your guidance and our guidance for how to help you and we are available and we see your intentions. We see what we can put ourselves behind because of the magnitude of your intention, your desire. You are setting your own path. You are walking your own path and we are in support of you when it is for the highest good. Sometimes things are hard in the third density and there are lessons to be learned.


There are not only individual lessons but there are group lessons. There are country lessons that need to be learned. So there are layers of intentions (layers) and these can have conflicting desires within those and they come out into a consensus reality. So countryís have lessons to learn. We look farther into countries and their desires. We look to North Korea and we see that North Korea really does not like to be isolated.


They would prefer to have a unified Korea. And so when you have issues coming up within a country, look to what that country is missing, what that country needs, what that country is asking for, what that country is yearning for.


We thank you for this opportunity to be with each and every one of you and we also point out where you can go and you can read transcripts or you can listen to audios of other calls where you can go in and you can see how we have addressed particular issues and can see more data about this.


We are multidimensional so that we do not have to think one thing at a time. We do not have to have unilateral response; we can have multi responses to many people as we are not a unilateral entity. We are [a] multidimensional entity and we can have many responses which can be lasered down to the individual for each and every one of you. You can sense our frequency. We have a color of light pink, sometimes you can sense the light pink, so ask.


Thank you for those that have put your prayers upon the board and each and every one of you, even though you havenít, can think/intend/desire what it is that you wish to change - to get better and this counts and we can hear what it is you are requesting. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you and thank you for being here and thank you for supporting our work. You know this is a co-creation in The Law of One where youíre us and weíre you, except we have a hard time experiencing being you and you have an easier time experiencing being us. So thank you for being here and supporting us.


Somebody had sent me an email about - whatís the correct spelling of that machine I was talking about? Rife, Royal Rife and it is 11:39 (20 minutes remaining). Letís combine our personal and planetary healing requests right now and weíre just going to do this really quickly.


Many of you have tuned in to these energies so strongly that you can feel them even when - I know I can feel it even before the call starts. It starts to happen the night before [Laughter] and the energies start coming together because we start thinking about being here. By thinking about it, we start to be here and we start to generate the affinities with each other and with our Sources. So we hit the ground running.


But we quickly feel those energies coming through our feet, coming through our body, moving through the top of our head, moving through the roof, through the sky, through the dimensions and we come to that place of blending. That place where we become part of each other, just because we intend to do that. You know, when youíre sitting by yourself, you can do this with your friends. Of course, they may not know youíre doing it and youíre not inflicting on them because itís all free will and itís all for the highest good.


But if youíre lucky enough to have people in your life that you share Light with - and it doesnít mean they understand the terminology, they donít need to - you can just take a meditation and instead of just sitting inside yourself, you can send your energy, you can expand your energy (maybe expand is a better word than send). Expand, so people are included in it and if they can feel it, fine and if they canít, fine. You can just send or feel the loving connection between you and those people in your life.


If itís not a loving connection, you can do it anyway and you can have a loving connection even if they donít know how to send it back. Send it to your daughters, the people you worry about. Donít worry about them. Tune in to this energy and surround them with it and then let it go. Donít have any attachment to the results. Just keep doing it and it can have [an] extreme contribution to their life over time. But you have to be detached. You canít make any pressure that they should change in any way that you would want them to.


Hold this space of the Oneness right now and if you have things [to] put in the Light, put it in silently. Know that particularly on these calls, when we create this group energy, that your requests are heard. Letís take a moment of silence. We bring this energy back down from the Oneness, through the clouds, through our roof and into our bodies. Weíre creating that energetic bridge back to Source.


We can move it through the top of our head. Some of you can feel the presence, the expansion and the energy in your body, as you have released yourself from the contractions of this realm and are learning how to experience your God-self Ö through your body, through your head, through your chest, through your solar plexus, through your legs, and back to the center of the Earth.


We move into that sacred space of union with All That Is. [Silence] As we do that we were expanding our energies to our people around us: our friends, our family, our neighborhood. Now weíre going to work as a team. Weíre going to work, all of us together; all of us on the line, all of us on the Internet, all of us on the replays.

Weíre going to surround this energy on our whole planet.


We can see all those pin-pricks of Light, of people who are reaching up and weíre going to reach down and touch them -- all those Wanderers, Starseeds, [and] people with spiritual intent, even people that understand The Law of One and compassion, without putting it in those words. Weíre going to surround them. Weíre going to find, as a team, those that are added to our energies.


We see all earthquakes on our planet mitigated in such a way that they happen in small releases instead of big ones. We send our Love to Mother Earth. We ask for her patience which she has demonstrated for millenniums now. And if there needs to be a big earthquake, a big release - we ask that it might be away from big population centers.


We ask for the molecular breakdown of harmful things in the air, in Chemtrails so theyíre not damaging to peopleís health. We ask for the overall goodness in people to be recognized by the higher realms. We ask for obstructions to those plots by the negative for the highest good; the disabling of those things that would violate the free will of the many for the selfish interests of the few. We ask for the disabling of nuclear weapons, that no nuclear weapon should be allowed to go off.


We send the Light to North Korea for the highest good and for the balancing of their threats to enter us into nuclear war and that that can be resolved in a way that works for everybody and we donít see them as an enemy. We send the Light to the Middle East, to Israel, [the] Palestinians and the old ancient hostilities in that area.


We send the Light to the Sun and the Earth Sun connection for the balancing of solar flares, etc. We surround the planet with Light and ask for rain in those areas where there are droughts. We ask for justice for the oppressed women of the world and the old paradigm of male superiority. We ask for the release of slavery, anywhere slavery exists on any level for the highest good.


We just come back to our own bodies and feel ourselves expanded and grounded at the same time and we know that this expanded space is available to us anytime we ask. And if youíre one of those that are working with persistent issues that keep throwing you down, they said to listen to these calls on The Spirit Channel ( and you know the calls have many, many keys to releasing things and energies attached to them and weíre giving it away just for your showing up - hundreds of calls and more coming.


[I] thank all those people that are volunteering and helping to keep everything working. You know, we have almost twenty thousand (20,000) hits to The Spirit Channel and every day, new hits; almost forty (40) countries checking into it.


Doug: Youíve got one minute.


Wynn: One minute Ö okay, so weíre just going to end this call where our time is up on BBS (Radio) and that was Doug. I thank you all for being here and Iíll un-mute and weíll see you tomorrow.


Everybody: Absolutely beautiful Wynn. Thank you everybody, marvelous. Thanks Terry, thanks Wynn, thanks Gijs. Love Light to everybody.

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