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Monday Calls; 2013 Conferences

Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  This is Wynn Free. It is Monday, March 11, 2013. You guys that are listening on the replay and are not on the line are missing out on all this fun and giggles people are having before the call.


The reason people are coming on this line giggly is—they didn’t do that for a long time; people were very serious—they’re coming on giggly. Why are you guys coming on giggly? Is somebody telling good jokes?


Caller:  Because Mercury is retrograde.


Wynn:  Mercury is retrograde; does that make people giggle?


Caller:  I don’t know but it’s backwards and serious.


Caller:  Makes you turn inward.


Wynn:  It makes you turn inward? I think personally what we’re doing on these calls is above Mercury being retrograde and that the hologram of these calls is higher than that. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you, because it certainly can. Terry, do you know what we’re talking about tonight?


Terry:  No, I have no idea.


Wynn:  I want to give you an opportunity Terry. Are you ready?


Terry:  Okay.


Wynn:  I want you to make fun of me.


Terry:  Is that what we’re doing tonight? Making fun of you?


Callers: (Laughter).


Wynn:  That’s not really what this call is about, but people think I’m always razzing you about going to Un-mute University and that you space out and I wanted to give you the chance to razz me. But don’t make it too embarrassing.


Terry:  Mmmm, aside from being totally amazing…


Wynn:  Totally amazing? Oh! When do you get to the good part? That’s the razzing part?


Uh-oh, I’ve got her tongue-tied. I do good under pressure, right?


Terry:  Yes, but it’s like sometimes you change really fast, like in the middle of a sentence you change and walk away with another idea. That’s a little hard to follow.


Wynn:  That’s a pretty difficult quality, right, changing in the middle of a sentence.


Terry:  Right; you’re overtaken by another inspiration and then you just drop the old one and walk away.


Wynn:  I see; I guess it’s because I can think of multiple things simultaneously. Suddenly, something takes precedence over something else, right, anything else?


Terry:  You lose your glasses every other day.


Wynn:  I have to go to ‘Lost Glasses University’, right?


Terry:  Right.


Wynn:  You have permission, at the beginning of any call that I can’t find my glasses, to say, “When are you going to Lost Glasses University?”


Terry:  That’s a good one!


Wynn:  When I say, “When are you going to Un-mute University?” you can send me to Lost Glasses University, right?


Terry:  Yes, like today.


Wynn:  I do lose my glasses and I always find them in some really simple spot but it’s a different spot than I did before. What else, anything else?


Terry:  You have other qualities that make up for those things.


Wynn:  Well, you do too! You do too.


Terry:  I see. Well, that’s good; that makes me feel better.


Wynn:  Absolutely! We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for your good qualities.


Terry:  Yeah. Well you know, there was time that I played the trick on the doctor. When the doctor came in to take my blood pressure and he put the thing on me. I thought I’d play a trick on him because I have the ability to stop my heart. I thought I’d just stop my heart and I’d see how the test came out, my blood pressure test with my heart stopped.


First of all he turned white, then he started jiggling all the wires. There he was, jiggling the wires over and over and looking at the reading. Jiggling the wires more, so I said, “Is something wrong?” He didn’t answer.


I said, “It’s okay, you can tell me. You can tell me.” So he said, “According to this, you should be dead.” So then I said, “Just a minute, just a minute.” I started my heart and I said “It’ll be okay now, do it again. Take my blood pressure again.” He did and it was okay. But that was a trick.


Wynn:  I see. You’re not even a Yogi are you in this life? Yogis are supposed to be able to do that, right? Change their heart.


Terry:  Oh, they can?


Wynn:  Supposedly, yes, go look up ‘yoga stopping your heart’.


Terry:  Okay.


Wynn:  I’m really afraid one day I’m going to walk into the living room and I’m going to see you floating above your bed.


Terry:  I dream about that; I dream you know, like I love these dreams where I’m walking down the sidewalk. There’s a puddle; it’s raining. I just launch myself up into the air and I decide, I’ll just go about four feet above the sidewalk here because there are puddles. I’ll float down the sidewalk. It’s really fun; I really enjoy that dream.


Wynn:  I think you would scare Jim if he found you floating above your bed.


Terry:  He’d get used to it.


Wynn:  He’d say, “How is she doing that? What’s the trick?”


In any case, when we do this little section in the beginning, we’re not waiting to start; we’ve started. Part of all this is on the duality. On the one hand this is very serious stuff. But if you take it seriously, you don’t do it right. That’s the duality of it; it’s serious. We’re talking about our future. Our topic tonight was, “Where Is It All Going?”


We are all on this cosmic roller-coaster, this ride. We are moving into the future. There are different future possibilities and some of them are really good and some of them are not. Apparently different people are going to have different futures, not just our planet’s future.


This is the reoccurring theme right from the get-go when I started studying David Wilcock. There was this idea that there were going to be certain people that graduate this realm and other people that are going to be what they call cycle-repeaters. 


Apparently, we are all cycle-repeaters and we’re here now. We’re here because we’re in this realm and we’ve probably gone through a lot of lifetimes. It wasn’t so bad; you’re always just here. But we are giving a lot of the clues and the keys of how not to be a cycle-repeater if you choose not to be.


Part of it is having an open heart. When we do all that fun at the beginning of the call, when people are kibitzing with each other and telling jokes and making fun, it starts to lighten everything up. As soon as it lightens up, you start opening up. When you start opening up you are doing exactly what you need to graduate this realm, which is open up, care, love. I know for some of you life has been a struggle; it’s been tough.


The key to all of this is that we’re learning how to change future trajectories. Do you know what a trajectory is? It’s like if you’re on a path and you walk that path and you start at A and you go to B and you’re following the path, the path is a trajectory. If your consciousness is totally locked in, totally rigid then your future is a path; there is no flexibility because your consciousness is not flexible. It’s set up a whole structure that you’re going to have to walk on.


What we’re learning is that you can change your trajectory and end up at a different place. We’re learning how to change our trajectory. Of course, this is an area where there is a little bit of faith involved because you can’t really get to the future until it comes. So, I can’t really sit here and say, “I guarantee this works”, but I’m pretty sure it works.


All of us come from a past, and we got here because of a trajectory that we had previously in this lifetime, another lifetime, maybe ten lifetimes ago; you set a trajectory. As you live your life, what changes the difference in the trajectory? I would say there are a couple of things that do.


One of them that we’re learning, that I’m learning and I think you’re learning, is that you are not your body; you only are occupying your body. You are an energy, a soul, that can expand. Notice when I’m saying that how suddenly the energy shifts? Some of you felt tingling; I felt tingling. At that moment we’re expanding.


As you expand and move into that expanded space, even though you can’t see it you can feel it; you know you’re there. Now when you are in an expanded space and you create a vision of what’s possible, then you have that expanded space to help your vision; to help move you into this new vision. If you’re going to come into a new vision you actually have to be able to visualize yourself being there. So the first step is pretending you have that vision. Keep pretending until it becomes real.


For example, at some point way back when these guys started talking to me, I said, “I think this is going to be important to somebody.” I had the idea it was going to be important, but I didn’t know how it was going to be important and I didn’t know if I was right. But I kept doing it; I kept doing this and that and the other thing; doing talks and conference calls and I kept honing that vision. Suddenly we have hundreds or maybe thousands of people who are being impacted by these energies.


The truth is; you’re not my followers; you’re not the Elohim’s followers; we are getting on an energy train when we come to these calls. Suddenly, we are experiencing that expanded energy. You keep experiencing it and then you take it back to your life. You can start making your life go differently; you can start changing your trajectory from what it was previously. That’s what I think is happening; we’re learning. I’m learning.


The next thing we’re learning is that when a group of us come together and we hold an expanded space, we can change the trajectory of things in the physical realm. This one is trickier, because you can change your own trajectory, and it’s you and you; you know you have free will. As long as you’re not violating someone else’s free will and things are for the highest good, you can use this expanded space to change your trajectory.


When we’re a group, we can use the expanded space of the group to not only help us change our own trajectories but to potentially change the trajectories of things on this planet. Except, since we can’t violate free will this becomes somewhat of a problem or a challenge, because there are a lot of beings on this planet that have what you might call their trajectories. Their trajectories are different than yours. There’s a war of trajectories going on the planet; whose trajectory will be strongest? 


As I see it, it’s very important that we, you and I, want to change this planet; we want to. I believe everyone that comes to these calls has a personal goal of changing themselves and contributing to the people around them, but a goal of changing the planet as well.


In order to change the planet, we need to get more people on these calls. How do you get more people on the call? You can’t tell them, “Hey, come on this call; we’re trying to change the planet”. You have to look at how you got attracted to this call.


Many of you got attracted because I was lucky enough to get on George Noory and you got intrigued by what I was saying. You got curious. You read my book and you resonated with it; then you said, “I’ll check out these guys’ calls.” One thing led to another and before you know it you’re here and you’re happier.


You’re feeling more centered in yourself and maybe more detached from the day-to-day issues of your life. Even when you’re in bed suffering, you’re detached; you’re not really suffering. Your body is suffering; it’s a lower-level thing because you can move into this higher space above the suffering.


We have watched ourselves change trajectories of planetary things; in fact, that’s one of the ideas of our Sunday call, to change trajectories. One of the things that I learned is that you can move your energy into a certain trajectory and when you stop doing that if what we call the negative has a lot of energy on that particular trajectory then they’ll take it back over and it becomes theirs again. So you can change trajectories where the negative does not have a lot of control in a particular area. Where they do, it’s probably pretty difficult to change a trajectory.


We are operating with a huge team, because we’re not just operating with those of us who show up on these line; we’re operating with these two huge group souls who are aiding us, increasing our, what’s the word, increasing our power? Increasing our energies that are present? So we create a strong, new trajectory.


It starts with an intention, by the way; intention is what starts the beginning of a new trajectory. When we do that and we have the criteria of ‘for the highest good of all concerned’—which sometimes we don’t know what that is, so things don’t happen—and honoring free will, we have all this extra support.


Is it enough to change the whole planet? Probably not yet, the reason being that people have to realize how this works. This is not about being nice or saving people from suffering; it might be but that’s not the essence of it. Have you ever seen somebody that was really suffering then things got better and they went right back to all their old patterns and did everything they did before they were suffering? Maybe they’ll go for a while then they’ll get back into their suffering again?


There are lessons to learn here. Part of it, the lesson is, “How do you get out of that suffering part? What is causing it? In Zen, or in some philosophies, there’s this idea that when things are going good you stay neutral. And when things are going bad you stay neutral. When I was younger I used to watch how I was ambitious and had certain things happen. Things would start to come in that could make those things happen and I would get all excited. I would blow my energy out, because I got so excited. When I got excited, I was no longer creating it to happen; I was no longer creating the trajectory. I was no longer in the experience that I was doing it; I thought I was lucky, it was coming to me. Part of the key to this is knowing that it’s all you; it’s all your experience. Other people come in and fulfill things as a result of what you’re putting out. You’re me; we’re doing this together.


I’m talking, but I have no attachment at this point to having a bunch of people looking at me. I don’t care if it’s a thousand, or a hundred, or a million. In order to do this, I have to stay in the center of the game. I can’t move off-center because as soon as I move off-center I change the trajectory to a different trajectory.


My vision is that this work we’re doing can change the planet. Now, it may not; we’re just a few hundred people showing up. But, look at the spirit channel; look at the people coming and listening to those old calls over and over again, almost 20,000 people in a rather short time. It doesn’t take my personal energy.


I’ve already paid and done the personal energy by doing these calls for years. Now, they’re all going up on the Spirit Channel which actually frees me tremendously when I do a call. I used to think, “If we put it all up, no one is going to come to the calls anymore”. But what happens is, the calls move to a different level. We don’t have to come to the call to just hear, “What are the Elohim going to say tonight?” although they may say something.


If you notice, I don’t usually say whether we’re going to talk to them or not. The bottom line is that if you just come to the listen to the channelings, it’s very easy to give up your power. It’s very easy to say, “Tell me what to do.” At a certain point in this game I realized that they couldn’t tell me what to do because if they did they wouldn’t be who they were; they wouldn’t be honoring my free will.


They would be taking charge of my life. If they took change of my life we would not be co-creating; I would just be following. When you come to these calls, no one is taking charge of your life; there’s nothing you’re supposed to do. You have to do free will to decide how you’re going to relate to this.


A number of people have volunteered. In volunteering, that’s a free will choice. In the volunteering, I think and I hope that those people are saying, “If I do this, this work is going to reach more people”. In fact, if it wasn’t for the people volunteering, we wouldn’t have a Spirit Channel. Everything from the get-go: from Bogdan deciding even without talking to me, making that site and saying, “What do you think of this, Wynn?” Then suddenly, Valerie and Pauline and…


I decided I’m going to get to know the transcribers because this is such an important project. We have Susan, we have Dave, and we have other people. It’s a huge project, because it’s putting this energy on the Internet, putting it on the Internet. It’s not just words; it’s not just tapes. All those things have energy attached to them. If you’re one of those people that want to change your trajectory, if you want to change your future, one way to do it, I believe, is listen. Eat this stuff up! Listen to those tapes. Read the books.


We’re talking about moving out of a reality system, a timeline, that you’ve been in for many, many, many, many lifetimes and moving out of it in a year or six months or in a short time. It’s like you have to re-program your whole template; you have to bring in new mental ideas. Then, you get connection, feeling the vibes. It’s a big project for all of us. It was a big project for me.


I didn’t change immediately; I got confused. I said “What’s going on?” And then I said “If this is real I don’t want the responsibility of it. Can’t somebody else do it?”


I got that I have unique abilities to do it. It was hard to assume the responsibility, very hard, because you have this Source that says they created the Universe. The other Source (the Ra group) that’s responsible for so many of the spiritual movements on this planet. They’re talking to me, and they don’t know what to do. But, they’re telling me “Do something”.


It’s like, maybe I’m making a mistake. Maybe they’re not who they say they are. I don’t like responsibility. The thing is, once you assume the responsibility, once you take it as real, you can’t back-peddle; you have to move forward. That’s not only true for me, it’s true for you. It’s a path now. But, it’s not a path that’s already laid; other people have the paths and the trajectories that are fixed.


You’re creating a path as you go, or you’re learning to do that. That is what changes your future and that is what changes our planet’s future. We are in a process of change and shift. One of the cool things about this particular period, this period of shift, is that more than any other time in history, every time you make an intent, it’s amplified, far greater than it ever was before. Therefore, you can advance more quickly if you apply yourself, but you do have to apply yourself.


It doesn’t happen just because you say “Elohim fix this. Elohim, my toe hurts. Elohim, give this person a miracle.” They don’t do that; at least, not for me. One of the reasons they don’t do it is it just causes everyone to give up their power. They don’t want you to give up your power; they want you to be empowered.


They want you to be experiencing your God-self, your highest part, and enabling it and being part of the ‘ground crew’ in this realm. At least, that’s what I think they want; we’ll have them talk in just a moment. They can change that. We have about twelve minutes.


Terry, is it a good time to bring them in right now for you?


Terry:  It is a good time.


Wynn:  Okay, I’m just making sure. The whole topic is trajectories, changing trajectories, changing trajectories in our life, changing trajectories in our environment, changing trajectories on the planet.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the energy fields of the Solar System and the planets, through the outer energy field of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We await our Sources to identify.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An and the date is March 11, 2013. We are with you this Monday and connecting with each and every person that wishes to be connected with; we connect directly. We do not connect through the computer; we do not connect through the telephone line; that is where you hear the voice, but our connection is with you.


We see what you have said earlier in this call about changing things. And if individuals of Earth wish things to be changed or had an intention to be changed and knew how to bring about the change that they wished, then things would change. Things get stuck in a ‘push-pull’; one force against another force. Both forces to people behind the intentions think that they are entirely right and the other side has to change and they are totally right.


This is one of the things that individuals are here on Earth to learn. They are here to learn that they are not the only ones; that their way is not the only way, that their intention is not the only intention. And that all is one; so one needs to learn acceptance, for it is only through acceptance that change can come about as one works towards having a better life. They do not know; they need to learn how to bring about a better life.


And others are learning how to use power. Power is something that all individuals on the Earth are learning to work with, for they need to use some sort of movement in their life that is powered, through their intelligence through their movements, to bring about the sort of a life that they would wish.


One of the things that individuals learn is that a lot of what is brought to them is brought to them through other people. And so they need to learn to direct this flow with the taking into account of the sources of what is being brought to them and the honoring of those sources.


In order to make a change, the one who is bringing about the detrimental condition really needs to have the idea that a change needs to come about. If one is trying to force another and the other is trying to force the first one, then you have a stalemate and you have perhaps communication by force. One can overcome the other, however in doing this then one may pick up karma and one may get totally side-tracked into a few lifetimes or more of working through that karma.


We tell you a story of change:


One of the things that we thought about on the call a few years ago was a clearing in one of the states of the United States where the Indians had lived and then the white people had come and had totally taken over the Indians, had killed Indians, had built houses where they’d had plains to roam and had totally destroyed the Indian way of life.


The Indian Leader whose name was Blue Feather was very determined that he would hold the line and he would place a curse on all settlers, all people that were living there. He rallied his people, what were left of them, as ghosts. They then began to place curses on the houses; they began to haunt the houses. They began to scare the people.


When it was asked that there be some kind of a change, of resolution, an easing of what was going on there, because people were starting to move away, the Elohim on the call, showed up with the instrument [Terry] exterior and saw the Indian Blue Feather, a tall Indian, strong, and very willful. The Indian Blue Feather saw the Elohim and the spirit of Terry and began to express vehement and vicious anger, indicating that all white people that came into the area would be scared and driven away and killed.


The Elohim told him that they didn’t want to change anything about him and that they understood his passion for protecting his people and that he had worked so hard and they totally got his position and the difficulty and stress that he had been under all of these hundreds of years working towards bringing his people back to the land. They again stressed that they did not want to change him; they didn’t want to turn him around in his resolve to kill all the white people there.


But what they did: they saw [how upset and stressed Bluefeather was and] they were very concerned about him and they told him that he needed a break; that they could see he was working so hard and was so stressed. He needed a break for his very own self to renew himself. Then they brought down a column of Light next to him and they asked him to step into the column of Light. He said, “No” he would not. They said that this column of Light would renew him and bring him some relief. And that it would not hurt him and it was not a bad thing for him to step into.


So he stuck one hand in it and then nothing bad happened. And so he stuck a foot into it and nothing bad happened. And then he stepped into it. And as the concentric rays of the tunnel of light began to de-stress him and give him some relief he began to smile and then he began to laugh. He began to feel some relief. He started to laugh and he said, “Oh, this is good.” And then, with the way he was feeling so much better, he allowed them to take him in the Tunnel of Light to the higher realms where he could get full healing. [The Indian ghosts sightings and scary occurrences have almost vanished since then in that area.]


So that is a story of change. It is with the participation of the person, with the person realizing that there is something that could be done better, that there was something that could be changed, that the person could get relief. And for the other person, that it was a better way not to force someone to change. That is our story. Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you so, so much; and it is 6:56. We got a couple of emails from people: Roger in Austin, Texas said:


“How can anyone giggle with a closed heart? I get the point; I love you all.”


Thank you, Roger. Do you see that giggling as important as everything else we do; it’s letting people loosen up, letting people not take everything so seriously, because some of you are doing it. Some of you are in pain and stress and how do you get out of the stress? They were making the point that here they brought this column of light next to this Indian and he didn’t want to take it. He took a little bit of coercing for him to try it.


I hope you all will keep coming back and if you’re in that place of learning to have more joy, to go out and emanate it and share it. And if you’re in that place when you’re struggling with issues to keep the vision and change the trajectory, because you can do it; it’s been done. It may not happen overnight; you’re carrying patterns that may be lifetimes long. It may take a while of holding the vision to get that pattern to lift from you.


Terry:  I would like to say something: that the Indian didn’t take coercing; the Indian took a little education.


Wynn:  Okay, education. Thank you. Education is better than coercing’. The words should have been encouragement and knowledge rather than coercing.


On that note, its 6:58; we’re supposed to be off by 6:55. Thank you all for being here. We’ll see you Wednesday when we answer your questions and a special thanks for Terry for bringing through that message.



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