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Wednesday Calls; 2013 Conferences

3.13. 13

Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is March 13, 2013; Wynn Free in Sedona, Terry Brown in Sedona, and Daphne in Half Moon Bay, California. This is our call where we get questions from you and we submit them to our Sources.


We are really honored to have Daphne on the line tonight; sheís going to help us answer the questions. Iím sure most of you know who Daphne is, but if anyone is listening for the first time, Daphne is the inadvertent founder of our group. There was this question that I asked, ďDoes anybody want to talk to me?Ē and she answered. Thatís what started everything on this fateful trip from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon.


One of the things that many of you are aware of in the history, if youíve read our materials, is this idea of negative attacks. I didnít understand negative attacks; I didnít understand any of this. I had a chance to observe Daphne for quite a bit of time, trying to figure out why she was having this experience and how it worked and asking questions about it. Itís something, particularly when Daphne is on the line, that we have to be careful about.


I have absolute certainty there is such a thing as the negative in other dimensions. They have their agendas and this kind of work in particular that weíre doing is not in their plans; itís disruptive. When weíre asking questions to our Sources and we ask about the negative, it has the potentialóeven by me talking about them right now; Iím just going to say this and then weíre going to clear the spaceóit has the potential to get their attention. Theyíre kind of psychic. Itís walking a fine line to ask about them especially in public on these calls. Some of you who have been a regular attendee and listening know, that thereís at least one time where we really put our foot in the mud. The energy of the call got really tacky and there was a whole explanation given by the Sources.


I know that thereís a lot of curiosity about that level. Itís understandable to have curiosity about it. I know a lot of the answers myself. Terry doesnít seem to fall into quite the quagmire that Daphne has the potential to do. Iíve asked a question in a session with Terry, I donít think it was a public session, about this particular topic. They said there was a certain amount that was important for people to understand so that theyíd have more discernment.


The problem with what weíre calling the negative is that itís tricky; it can misrepresent itself. It can tell you theyíre Jesus; it can tell you theyíre the Elohim; they can channel. When youíre trying to look for things doing Google searches, you very easily end up in a location that you may not want to end up in and you might have been tricked.


I certainly have been tricked in other lifetimes; Iím sure of it. I know particular instances where I thought something was Positive and it wasnít and I became supportive of it. It goes with the territory. There is probably enough information in our archives. I know youíre reading them; youíll find some of this out; thereís also information in the Ra Material about it.


Of course you know when Carla Rueckert did the Ra Material, how much she was negatively attacked; almost died. She got to understand that it was that important to get this stuff out into the world that she was willing to risk that and go through a lot of suffering to do it. Of course, she and I are working together.


I think part of the reason that we have such good affinity is that weíve both come to a place where weíve had not the same experiences, but complementary experiences, in terms of what the negative is about and how they work and how they attempt to screw things up down here.


Being that I said all that, Iíll say a couple of things here, just as general overview comments:


The Positive does not create fear. So, for example, if you historically go into the Bible and thereís a God thatís the God of fear, the God thatís supposed to make you tremble, the God that tells you to sacrifice your children, then you can rest assured that itís not a positive Source, even when everyone uses that name and thinks itís God; itís not the highest of highs.


The Positive does not take your decision-making power away; it supports it. It supports your discernment; it never encourages you to give up your power. It never tells you to follow it. It never says, ďI am the only wayĒ.


Another thing that Iíve observed: Iíve never asked this question, but I think this is a fairly good observation. Anything that tells you that deliverance is in the future has got something mixed in its polarity. For example, Ďthings are screwed up now but when spaceships land things are going to be okay; theyíre going to save usí, is very likely of the negative. If somebody says a certain person is going to return here and when he returns everything is going to be fine, chances are, thatís not positive or itís mixed.


If you notice, on our calls, many of you notice this, thereís an energy present which is totally positive, totally uplifting and comes into your system. You can feel depressions leave, you can feel things change and itís present, right now. You see, there is no future; there is only the now. In the now we carry our memories and our past life track. Itís all part of the giant illusion which we call life. Weíre in the illusion.


The goal is: How do we raise our position in the illusion so weíre above things rather than buried by them? The Sources weíre dealing with have the ability to come down from way high in the illusion and connect with us so we feel it. From my experience and everything Iíve heard from people, the feeling is never taking you over; itís never displacing you. Itís like part of you. In the Law of One thereís no separation; whatís above is part of whatís below.


Itís like in that song, ďLook out for Mr. In-BetweenĒ because thatís where the negative exists. Do you know this song? ďLook out for Mr. In-BetweenÖĒ I always wondered why I liked that song; it was an old George Gershwin song. When youíre coming from a low place, which could be called a human place, then youíre accessing the energy of a high place, some of the intermediary places are kind of not energetically complete. Thereís not a complete flow from the low to the high. If there was, there wouldnít be a problem because there would be no negative getting through. Itís in the intermediary places that there are chinks in the armor where negative energies, negative entities in other dimensions, can have access.


Thatís why this kind of work is not to be messed with casually; because if you want to access the highest realms, you have to be prepared to clear or cope with the middle realms where negative attacks can occur.


Some people, some of you, even, get stuck in that area and it gets hard to get out of, because youíve let something through. You have to be careful; see if you can understand why I am so cautious on these calls and why I say to be so careful about channeling.


Channeling is exactly the way the negative gains its influence in this realm. When a voice is talking to you through someone else, how do you know itís not negative? How do you know youíre not being misled? How do you know theyíre not trying to turn you into their patsy? Thatís why youíve got to be really careful; thatís why itís really good not to start making a living doing this.


If you start making a living being a perpetrator of channeled information you now get very attached, you canít help it. Weíre all attached to making money and making a living. By making a living on channeled information, thereís a huge potential for the negative to come in and take it over, because now youíre dependent on your living. If you start being a voice for something negative, you canít stop. You canít stop because you wonít pay your rent.


Itís one reason that I can stop this at anytime. Itís one of the reasons our little pendant business helps to support this. Itís not depending on what we do as an output to make money. That means that I donít have to worry about paying the bills and if a negative source comes through I better let them talk. That doesnít mean a negative source wonít ever come through on these calls; itís possible. One has to always keep your guard up, keep your discernment up; always learn to feel the energies of the positive. As you feel those energies, itís kind of a second validation that youíve got the right Sources.


Carla Rueckert or, it might have been Don Elkins, her channeling partner, made the comment when she started on the Ra Material, that the way to protect yourself from the negative is to never ask a question thatís not an eternal truth. In other words, the same answer would hold 10,000 years from now as now, which means itís a truth of life. When you ask questions that are of the moment of time, you very much open yourself up to the possibility of a negative source.


Daphne and Terry are both in the middle of this; Iíll maybe let them make a comment on this; itís an area that if I didnít live through it I could never understand it. Itís not anything I could understand by reading about it or thinking about it. In other lifetimes, I know I was fooled and tricked. When youíre going around and looking on the Internet and doing searches: Ď2012í, ĎDNA evolutioní, you will most definitely find, in my opinion, people putting out messages that are negative.


If a source says theyíre Jesus, youíd better read it really carefully before you think itís really Jesus. In many cases, using the name of somebody thatís famous and respected, like Jesus, is a temptation to ask people to give up their power and look for anything like that in terms of giving up your power.


If you happen to be a Christian, see if you feel the same resonance as a resonance to Jesusí words in the New Testament; see if you feel a resonance with that or not, okay?; because it is tricky, tricky, tricky, tricky. If youíve ever been duped by a good salesperson, you know how easy it is for someone to look good, get into your space and then lead you down the wrong direction.


In fact, one of the problems Iíve had with Daphne is that I am a good salesperson and she kept worrying, ďIs Wynn selling me something, or is this real?Ē Daphne, do you want to say anything about all this?


Am I putting you on the spot?


Daphne:  No, no; I think itís actually kind of funny. Yes, you are a salesperson and you definitely are someone who can come off as, ďWhat is this man selling?  What is he hawking? Do I dare trust him?Ē It took me a very long time to think, ďWhat is this personís angle?Ē You were so different than other individuals I had been accustomed to dealing with. You completely caught me off-guard; itís been a very, very intensive education or re-education in assessing the value of lots of things.


Itís been very interesting.


Wynn:  If you can imagine Daphne walking through a swap meet (which is hard to imagine to begin with); hereís this guy standing on top of a car, waving sunglasses in his hand saying, ďTry Ďem out right now!Ē If you saw that guy, can you imagine that youíd have a connection with him?


Daphne:  In that role, no, not normally; but again: itís been an education. Like Shakespeare said, ďWeíre all players on the stage, and weíve all just donned theseÖĒ whatever in our life weíve donned. Weíve had experiences and certain things that we think are us and certain things that we think arenít us. But actually, itís all us.


Even the negative is us; itís interesting, this whole aspect of duality integration. Ultimately, itís all one; light and dark ultimately are one, if that makes any sense. It doesnít to this dualistic mind, but if you can get beyond duality, thereís just the beingness of All That Is; thereís creation. In the creation is the field of the Love Light; the consciousness field. Then, I guess youíd say the negative would be the lack of that.


It seems that itís possible to create within the Love Light field and make creations wherein there are spaces or gaps, where there are holes; where there are holes in the hologram, where there are holes in the design. Itís those holes that can be corrupted. The holes form hooks; the holes form snags; the holes form snares; the holes form places that your frequency can be compromised.


There are, actually, conceivably possible perfect creations where the Love Light field is contiguous, where there are no holes; where there is a completeness of the spectrum from the very lowest point to the very highest point. Thatís not a value judgment; itís just a frequency, a broadband frequency spectrum.


Itís interesting to think about it in terms of architecture. And then, of course, weíre all living it out. From what I understand, this is a grand experiment. No one quite knows how itís going to turn out. People have their theories, but itís really unknown to a huge swath of the population while in their physical, biological bodies, their sea-shells. I call them sea-shells; like a Hermit Crab has a sea-shell. He loses it; then it gets too big; then he takes his sea-shell off and goes and gets another sea-shell.




Wynn:  Terry, do you have any comment on all this?


Terry:  Yes; I think itís all a matter of frequency. So, when you look into a negative thing, there are certain frequencies involved with it. When you move into that frequency you connect with everybody else thatís on that frequency. If itís negative, then youíre connecting with a lot of negativity and that connection can draw negativity into you.


Sometimes it can be sub-conscious; like, if someone has been negative in a past life and itís kind of hanging there unresolved, but they donít even remember it. Then it can attract frequencies that are the same frequency as that. If itís negative, it can have negative consequences.


I think one of the things if somebody is into something negative, they can look at changing their frequency to take them out of the negative frequency. When theyíre in the negative frequency, they can be impulsed by it and other influences in that frequency.


Wynn:  I think that when a person first starts a spiritual path they decide, ďHey, thereís somewhere to go; I donít want to be where I am.Ē  They oftentimes have to go into seclusion or a monastery or a very intense discipline for quite a period of time, maybe even lifetimes, to insulate themselves completely from negative things. Otherwise, they have a harder time moving through it.


Maybe once the person masters their discipline, they can now interface with the negative and not get pulled into it. I think thatís when a person becomes a better teacher or a better influencer in this realm.


Daphne:  I think thatís why Terry has achieved sainthood; I think she has mastered this. I think thatís why she can walk with equal ease in light and dark. I think thatís true.


Wynn:  Yes.


Terry:  Right. I can see it there and itís just like a fact of life. But I donít have to duplicate that frequency; I can see it; I can even experience it. But it doesnít have anything in me to attract it.


Wynn:  Iíd like to just make a little side-note here. Terry does not consider herself a saint. In fact, when I asked her a question about the life of Saint Catherine, she didnít know she was going to become a saint. She was just showing up at the church and they were writing down what she said. If I can look at that and I know a few of Terryís lifetimes, I can see that this quality of inter-dimensional connection is with her as an unexpressed talent. Until the exact right circumstance presents itself, that talent cannot express in the world.


If you look at the Elohim group and the Ra group, theyíre not dummies. They donít just need to talk through somebody; they need to talk in a situation where something can actually happen. They have to evaluate; is this a situation, if we communicate through this person, will it make an impact on the world? Or is it just going to be like a little curiosity factor? Theyíre not going to bother if itís going to be a curiosity factor. They want to make an impact.


Even though I knew Terry for many years, I never knew she could do this. If I knew it, I wouldnít have known what to do with it. It took me meeting Daphne. Then, suddenly that woke up Terryís frequency of this connection and everything happened from there.


I would suspect that if we went back to the life of Saint Catherine, then Catherine would show up in that church and for some reason there was one person or more than one person in the church who could hold the grounding energy so that they could speak through her. What did they try to do through Saint Catherine? If you read it, a good portion of the dialogues with Saint Catherine were attempting to reform the Church. It sounds very much like the Ra group.


If youíre looking at our work, thereís a pretty good track; footprints through history that no one else has ever uncovered that I know of. I donít think anyone has.


First of all, there was this entrťe of the Ra group in this early life of David Wilcock in Egypt in 10,000 B.C. Then there was the taking over of that work by the negative. Then there was this attempt to use Akhenaton to fix Egypt that didnít succeed. But one of the things that did succeed was the creation of the Essenes, because, if I am putting the pieces together right, the Ra group was already, in 1300 B.C., preparing for Jesus. They needed Jesus to have a group to affiliate with, so he could figure out what he was supposed to do.


That group was the Essenes, which was a group of Hebrews who lived in the caves and kept separate from other people. They were very advanced; there was a mystery historically, about where they came from. I found a number of references thinking that it was Akhenaton who sent people out to the desert to be the Essenes.


Then you have Jesus coming in and the church later gets corrupt; people are not operating in the Christed frequency. Itís like 1400 A.D. now and Catherine, who happens to have this talent of bringing through messages from these high Sources, ends up walking into a local church. For some reason, the energy was correct to hold the space so she could bring through messages.


Somebody realized this was real; this was coming from somewhere. Then there was the trying to fix the church that started around Jesus; all this stuff about the corruption of the church, which became Saint Catherineís Dialogues with God. You can see that even though somebody channels, they still have to kind of stumble into the right situation so that something can happen. Otherwise, it just never goes anywhere.


This whole circumstance that weíre doing is just so unusual because we have two people who have such extraordinary abilities to bring messages in from other dimensions from what seems to be positive Sources and to cross-reference the information so that we can double-check. And we have Carla Rueckert working with us more closely; sheís going to be on our grid healing this Sunday.


We have you guys, who have been smart enough to keep coming back, to realize that this is a really epic thing that weíre doing. You are participating in it. The fact that youíre here is part of whatís making it work. Itís that thing if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there, is there really any sound? Not really; you guys are creating the sound, the grounding of this, so that it has the potential to move into the world.


Some of you actually understood all of what I just said and said, ďWow! I can see that!Ē So thank you for the group effort. You guys, by showing up, are holding the space so that it can manifest. And those people that are doing transcripts and volunteering; so many people that are making all this work.


Letís go to the questions; Iím talking too long; itís 6:42. We didnít get a lot of questions tonight so itís okay to talk about that. If I have some questions tonight that I think are kind of arbitrary, hanging between negative and positive, I may do a very quick answer to them. Iím not going to ask a channeling on them and I may not ask them at all; particularly because of Daphne and the protection of her space.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect everyone here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection of all of you present who would free-willingly choose to participate in that connection and we maintain the sovereign integrity of our souls. That means: weíre becoming a group energy and weíre also maintaining our individual energies. We invite those Sources that are Positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We have some questions for this evening. For our first question we are going to ask this to our Sources through Daphne. This is from Gary in Redondo Beach:


ďIf life is a series of successive moments of now, doesnít that imply time? If there is no time, so that everything is happening at once, how does a free will choice ever have a chance of being made? I hope theyíll answer. Thanks, GaryĒ.


Gary, Iím not sure I understood that question completely.


ďIf life is a series of successive moments of now, doesnít that imply time?Ē Yes, well of course. Is there time? Yes. Is there time? No. This is the duality of everything. It depends where you position yourself on the matrix. If youíre up at the high level of the matrix, thereís no time. If youíre down here on Earth, thereís time; there is time as we experience time.


Itís like: even if the truth is that time is an illusion, when youíre in the experience of it, it doesnít matter, because youíre in the illusion, so itís real; within the framework of your experience itís real. The challenge is: how do you move your own focus so that you can move above that place where youíre trapped in time? Itís like the Joni Mitchell song: The Circles of Time.


If there is no time, so that everything is happening at once, everything is happening at once. That means at the higher levels, past lives-present lives are altogether. The future is not; the future is being created in the propulsion of the moment. Itís not fated; itís changing, because the present moment is always changing. The fact that you came to this call, the fact that you are listening to me, changes something. What you do tomorrow is changing something. If enough people are holding a high enough space the entire Universe changes.


If youíre making a free will choice, you have to operate within the place where you can do free will and not abridge someone elseís free will. If they were making a different choice and youíre making a choice, your choices collide and it may not be possible for both of them to exist.


In any case, I donít know if I clarified anything; letís just give it to our Sources and see what they do with it. Thank you.


Daphne:  Thank you, Wynn. One moment please. We need to do an attunement: Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum


RaíAn-RaíEl:  We greet you in the Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is RaíAn; we have also present RaíEl; there is a dualistic interchange of energies which we find requisite for the focusing of the polarity spectrum.


You are asking a question about positioning within the matrix; you are asking a question about the dimensional construct. You, from our vantage point above duality, you see time as a construct of the fourth dimension.


Think: in the third dimension, the third dimensionality has the construct, from our perspective, of choice. The fourth dimensional aspect is the dimensional aspect which you would term the astral aspect or the emotional aspect.


The emotional aspect, when brought into a confluence, when brought in to the now moment of non-judgment, when brought into the now moment of the compassion of the heart, ceases to have cause-and-effect.


When cause-and-effect cease operating, the propulsion of time in the old-style of the architected time-space causality function, this ceases to exist; this ceases to become a construct of your reality system.


You are then creating from the eternal now, from a grace-infused moment. When one can stop the judgment, one stops cause-and-effect. One no longer binds oneself to karma. Karma is a causation; karma is cause and effect, action and reaction, push and pull, Yin and Yang, male and female.


We would even say that once you move beyond duality, the mating-dance, the relationship architectures, marriage, all of this ceases to exist in the way you have experienced it in 3D. The completion of self is no longer required outside of self or self finds completion within the octave of self. Each is male, each is female, each has the abilities and capabilities of the Divine infused within the Divine matrix.


This is not say that there will not be loving relationships, that there will not be marriages. It is to say that the need changes to fulfillment. This is to say that the karmic patterning of having to work things out is fulfilled; there is no more having to complete. There is no more having to bring it into balance; there is no more a vacuous feeling of a circuit not being run completely with energy.


When one reaches the still center point of integration, the karmic consequences come to a balance-point; time ceases to flow and the function of self becomes suffused with grace.


We hope this has answered your question, Auuuuuuuuuum.


Wynn:  Iím going to answer this question quickly and then Iím going to do a question for Terry. Thanks for letting us talk so much earlier; it helps to balance the energy, particularly Daphne, who as you know, sometimes comes on and then sheís not here and she canít handle it. So weíll try to create an integrative energy, so she wants to show up more often. The question here is:


ďWhat can you tell me about alien ships that are outside of our atmosphere pressuring our government to tell the world population the truth?


Iím going to answer that:


Those alien ships that are talking to the government are negative. All those people that are saying, ďAliens are coming to save usĒ are wrong. Itís misleading. If alien ships land, run the other direction. I donít want to explain that in any more detail than that, but if you have respect for our work that is what we have come up with. All this stuff about the aliens landing and disclosure, I would be very wary about it. If you want to look on the Internet youíll find that for a long time our government has been in collusion with negative aliens.


And thatís it. Donít ask more questions about that; just do Internet research. That was probably more than I should say.


Terry, are you there?


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  Okay. Iím going to ask an easy question here, and the question is:


ďWhat is the inside, the center of the Earth, really like?Ē


Let me just look at our time here; we have about two and a half minutes, so letís see if we can get some answer in two and a half minutes and weíll adjourn.


RaíAn:  Thank you. We look at various portions of the inside of the Earth and we see that it is dissimilar place to place, particularly in the layers moving from the top of the Earth down. When you get to a certain level, you see oil as it is a lubrication. And, it is created from the various conditions that are available in the rocks. It is the lubrication for the Earth and helps the Earth in its movements.


As we move further down into the center of the Earth, we see a constriction; and, we see an immense pressure as it is brought to bear upon the center by the various forces moving down upon that center. The very center is a dense matter, which it also has heat there based upon the action of the pressure upon the matter at the center.


It is also a very thick viscous, we would not say liquid, but a viscous material. Terry does not understand the meaning of the word viscous. So it is a very thick material that is under pressure. It is not a thin liquid; it is a very thick matter that has some properties of, we donít wish to say liquid, because it is not a liquid; we wish to say viscous.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you very much. We have to get off.


Thereís one quick question I was going to ask about the crop circles; we do have a whole report on that. According to our work the Ra group has created the crop circles.


Iím going to be in San Diego doing a talk this Sunday and Carlsbad the following Sunday at the New Earth Expo. We also have a calendar up, where weíll be putting events up if you look at todayís email:


We will see you all next time. Thank you for participating and thank you for your questions tonight.


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