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Sunday Grid Healing

Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien and Rick Vornbrock
Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is March 17, 2013; Wynn in Los Angeles, Terry in Sedona, Arizona and all of you all over the world. This is our Sunday grid healing; thank you all so much for showing up and being part of this work weíre doing.

I do mean we; itís a ďwe-workĒ. The more I go, the more I understand how that is and how special all of you are for choosing; you have to choose to be here. I just had an interesting situation; I did a live event in L.A. yesterday and I did it myself. Iím here and Terry is in Sedona and Daphne is in Half Moon Bay. I did the event by myself; I drove all night.

Iím doing an event tomorrow and on next Sunday in San Diego, at a place where I kind of cut my teeth in learning how to talk about this material. There was something called Holistic Living Expos. When The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? first came out, I called up the producer of that Expo; his name is Dean Price. He invited me to come to San Diego and talk on the book. It was all fairly Ďlast minuteí and Terry and I drove down.

I believe it might have been my first public talk on The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?. This is the event I refer to so often, where, when I was talking there was all this energy in the room. People were leaving the room to go buy the book and saying they could see auras. I kept saying to myself, ďWhat is that?Ē Thatís when I asked them and they said they were helping me when I showed up.

So we did a couple more events at this guyís Expos; they were all over California; Northern California, Southern California. I would drive to the Expos, sometimes sleep in my car. Usually we didnít sell enough books to make it pay for itself, or to make a profit or even to make it pay for itself and break even. At a certain point, I did a talk in Pasadena at  Roy Gibbons, who was doing a weekly dinner in the Pasadena area and I was going to talk about the book. This had to be in 2004 when the book first came out. I was going to talk about The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?. I was talking to Roy on the phone and I was telling him about what had happened to me personally. Roy said, ďYouíve got to talk about that! Youíve got to tell your story.Ē I said, ďNo, I canít really talk about that, no. I mean, I want to talk about the book.Ē

Finally he convinced me and I went and told the story for the first time publicly of what had happened with me with Daphne and Terry. It was okay; no one threw tomatoes; no one hated me. I continued to go around and do talks. Itís very interesting, because at that particular time, it seemed like the only way to get this out into the world was to do public talks. How else do you reach people?

So that was my focus: to go out and talk. Every time that energy would be in the room. Some of you are here today perhaps, because you went to one of those talks.

So I learned to talk about this material doing those Expos. I had no idea initially how to talk about it and how people were going to respond. It was all kind of scary. ďWhat are people going to say? Are they going to think Iím anti-Christian?Ē But I did it. Then I didnít do any of Deanís Expos for a very long time. I decided to do it; he was doing an Expo in Carlsbad in San Diego. We did Deanís Expo and itís today, which means Iíve got to drive down to San Diego after I check out of this motel.

Then I added on a talk in Los Angeles at the last minute. Thereís a community spiritual center here in L.A. called ĎGatewayí. The fellow that has it has been suggesting that I talk there for quite some time. So I called him and I said, ďDo you have a space for me?Ē

In any case, it was very interesting to do a live talk. One of the things that Iíve learned from the time that I first did talks and I thought that was the way to get things out there, was the difference between being entertaining and making a profound contribution to someone. Part of me knows how to be entertaining. Being entertaining is fairly easy because as long as you keep people smiling and making them laugh, you feel safe.

When you stop being entertaining and you go into this area where thereís sacredness, where thereís a lot of personal vulnerability, itís more scary. Youíre not getting feedback; when youíre getting feedback you know people love you. When youíre not getting feedback, in other words, theyíre not laughing; theyíre not smiling. When youíre not getting that kind of feedback and you go into that area, itís like: ďWhat are they thinking of me?Ē

But itís in that area where thereís no feedback, visually or any way, that you make the biggest difference. I was very tired yesterday and I didnít think I did a good job; I looked at it and I said, ďI think I was too relying on being entertaining.Ē You know you can tell; I can tell if I did a good job, because if I did a really good job there will be people coming into the calls.

To me the purpose of doing a public talk is not to be entertaining, perhaps to be enlightening; there are certain things I can share which are enlightening, that are things people never heard before. But most of all, I want to give people an opportunity. As many of you have learned, the work weíre doing is a phenomenal opportunity to switch your energy, to feel connected and to have a fellowship with people.

So many people need that, but they donít know they need that. I think particularly in Los Angeles, if anyone is listening now who was at the L.A. meeting, Iím probably not talking about you personally, but just in general; in many places, people are just striving all the time, particularly in L.A.

L.A. is built to make people strive; they have to become successful. They have to be something, someone. If you donít fit into that mold, then you feel like a failure; you feel out of it.

We had an L.A. audience last minute and I was too funny I guess. I mean I told the story; I did everything. Also, I tried something new. We had a full-production show with me sitting there. Carla came and said hello to everybody; Daphne did; Terry did; we did a session. Maybe it was really good; maybe I was just too tired to know that it was good. As it got close to the end of the four hours, I started falling asleep while I was looking at people and thatís not a good sign for doing a good event.

Weíll see how I do today. The work that I do over the phone has evolved so much from doing the events years ago, which I thought was the way to go. In fact, Francis, who is on the line, actually went to one of Deanís Expos in Concord where she lives. I donít think heís doing the one in Concord anymore. I see in todayís world how when you start doing things in the public and thinking of the public it can become such a distraction.

Years ago, when I first met David Wilcock, I had a reading from David. At that time, he was not representing himself anything like he is now and he was doing readings. I was testing him out. I wanted to see if I really wanted to write this book.

There were a couple of things in the reading that came up that were really quite amazing and perceptive. I knew that it wasnít David giving me that information. One of the things that came up was they talked about me being on a stage and that when the show was over the show wasnít really over. Up to that point, I always thought of myself as entertaining: going up playing music, going up giving a lecture, whatever. When you were finished, you were onto the next thing. They were saying that was not really the way it worked for me. I knew what they were suggesting.

It was like when youíre operating in The Law of One, nothing is ever over, okay? How do we say this? When we talk to you, when we open our hearts to each other, you never go away. Youíre always there. I donít even know you, some of you. Yet, youíre inside me energetically and Iím inside you energetically, not by any force, just on a free will connection because love, if itís real love, it stays.

If you note, oftentimes the Elohim will end a call saying, ďWe leave but we do not leaveĒ. ďWe leave, but we do not leave.Ē What a profound statement. Which means, once you love somebody in a spiritual way, once you love somebody in The Law of One, once that occurs, if itís happening like that; they never go away; theyíre always part of you. I donít know if you could make a choice about it. Unless, of course, they betray the love or you betray the love and that separates the energies.

It becomes something you can feel inside you. Itís a very sacred thing to occur, very sacred, to allow someone to live inside you and you to live in them as a loving energy and on some level, itís something we all long for; we feel lonely. We look for things out in the world.

Of course, we look for someone out in the world. Most of us have the experience of being in a very loving, romantic relationship. When the relationship ends, you never talk to the person again; theyíre history. That was not the Law of One; that was human love, as if you could possess someone. When theyíre gone, theyíre gone. Itís not like having someone live inside you as a loving energy.

Now the good news is that itís a wonderful experience. The bad news is, if you have patterns that are working on older levels, itís very hard to go back to those patterns once you have that experience of loving someone in the context of The Law of One, where they never go away. This is like itís not easy to model; I donít know if Iím saying this in the clearest way.

Let me go a little step further and say that when I say they never go away, it doesnít mean that youíre haunted by them. It doesnít mean that theyíre preoccupying your mind. It means that their frequency and your frequency are available to each other. Let me see if I can get this right; Iím speculating here, I never thought about this beforeí

I never said it in these words, so I might get it wrong, but let me see: itís as if on the other side level, that when people make a Law of One affiliation their frequencies cross, so suddenly you both have new frequencies added to your reservoir. As you love people, thereís new frequencies added. The Elohim and the Ra group have frequencies added to your reservoir.

Whatís a reservoir? Itís a holding-tank for water. Now there are these frequencies that are being held in your tank out of free will. What happens is, the reservoir, as it gets strong, gets to be shared by more than one person. In fact, those of you on this line and I and Terry and Daphne, we are actually building a reservoir thatís holding energies in it. Each of us is contributing our frequencies to those energies so the reservoir becomes a stable point that you can access for your own nourishment and fulfillment. Weíre creating it as a team.

As long as thereís a certain amount of people holding that space, if you happen to get weak, you can go back to that reservoir and tap into it and it pulls you out of it. It becomes a stable creation that didnít exist except for the fact that weíre creating it. This is what the Ra group meant when they gave me that reading through David Wilcock, that when youíre off the stage youíre not really off the stage. They didnít use these words, but thereís still the reservoir and the reservoir stays, regardless of whether people are paying attention to you.

You donít have to spend a lot of time; this reservoir creates itself as a natural outcome of the work weíre doing. Iíve never put it into these words before, but I never thought about in these terms exactly. But Iím sharing it because I did a public event yesterday. On some level, it felt like I failed. It felt like I was going back to an old pattern of entertaining. Well, you do have to entertain people at a live event.

You people are coming, hitting the ground running, many of you. Youíre already building the reservoir, even though you never thought about it in those terms before, you get it when I say it and it makes sense. You go to a new crowd, particularly in a New Age crowd and they want an experience right away. They expect that. I canít just avoid that expectation, because I have to get peopleís attention and interest before I can move on. I have to make myself credible; itís good if they like me and I seem like a pleasant guy and then go on from there.

I suppose because I was tired yesterday, I stayed too much in the entertainment mode and didnít move into the next step strong enough. I did the best I could. But, it was just interesting to observe it; to observe the process.

I am sure I am like a model of everyone; what I go through is just another thing that you go through in a different way, of course. Youíre not giving public talks, but you do have relationships. Can you identify your relationships in such a way that you can see the ones that live inside you and the ones that are entertainment? Iím sure if you think about it youíll see not everyone is lucky enough to have people that live inside them that have that kind of loving energy with another person.

Donít judge yourself if you donít have that; create it as a model or a vision. If youíre on this line and you keep coming into this line, youíre having it with us, even if we donít know you. You donít have to know somebody to have them live inside you. It just has to be unconditional love, total free will, The Law of One. Right now, as Iím talking, thereís an energy moving that you can feel. Many of you can feel it and that is us; weíre living inside each other.

When you get this idea of the Law of One and living inside another beingóI donít know if Iím using the right terminology, saying Ďliving insideí, because somebody might think thatís an attachment or an invasion. ďI donít want anything inside me.Ē As long thereís still free will thereís no invasion. Everybody likes company; everybody likes fellowship, camaraderie; most people do. This is like Ďcompanyí to the next level; finding that when you love somebody and youíre in the experience of The Law of One, it just never goes away; it stays. You start building a reservoir.

Itís a good thing I donít prepare this conversation; I donít know where Iím going to go. Iím always totally amazed. If you look at some of Jesusí words, weíre talking about the kind of stuff Jesus talked about, but he said it in the language of the time: ĎThe Father and I are oneí. What does it mean to be one? It means ĎTo live inside you.í ďWhen two or more are gathered.Ē

I donít know if that implies this idea, Iíd have to go through it, but I am sure there are many statements from the Bible which talk about this. It seems to me that we are developing it as a group right here. We are learning it; I am learning it; Terryís learning it; we are learning how to have unconditional love, love that never goes away.

Once you start building these reservoirs with love, you are totally changing the Universe. Everything is changing, because it never goes away; itís permanent. I donít think it ever goes away. I think it lasts until you die and then it probably still goes on. Itís probably what says, ďHey guys, weíre a team now. Letís go build a solar system. Letís go do this.Ē

Iíll throw this idea out there; this idea has occurred to me in the past. If you take the way the Elohim has described the way creation started, they talked about a number of Elohim souls, all focusing on something. That created the beginning of the physical Universe. Here we are, in the physical Universe, all focusing on something. Iím suggesting that combination of energy comes and starts to create a permanent change in the Universe. Many of you are noticing these things that we call the negative, which are real, are not on top of you. Youíre not as impacted.

Daphne said something that was profound in a conversation a couple of weeks ago:  ďYou either have to create or be created upon.Ē In other words, if youíre kind of passive and inert and you expect something to change, it doesnít. There are lots of energies all around you that have intentions and many of them are negative. If youíre in an inert, kind of neutral, passive state those energies will work on you; they will impact you and youíll feel at the effect of them. Youíll feel that youíre being controlled by the negative. The next step is to get rebellious and say, ďGet out of here!Ē Then youíre stuck, because you have to create your way out of it. How do you do that? You have to figure it out.

Creation comes from volitional action; Iíve made many suggestions in the course of these calls, everything from going to old age homes to calling your aunts and uncles up who are dying, God knows what. There are many things to do to create your way out of the situation. As you create, you bring in new energies and new possibilities of volitional action.

As you are passive, you allow things to work on you. Oftentimes, youíll end up where you wish you werenít, or with people that you wished you werenít with, because theyíre creating their thing on you and youíre just flexible.

Why do we have whatís called the sheeple? Why are the great masses of people so ignorant of whatís going on? There are so many negative agendas going on and most people are clueless, because theyíre being created upon. Theyíre watching television; theyíre reading the newspapers. The people around them are all laying trips on them and theyíre just like sticky-paper; everything sticks and they canít move it through it.

You have to create your way out of that if youíre feeling those kinds of things; if youíre feeling that you have no freedom, you canít do anything and everything is affecting you, then you have to find the point of volitional action that you can take to throw yourself through that. Itís going to be different for everyone, so you canít say, ďWhat should I do?Ē Do anything, experiment. Experimenting is a great way to move through things.

Every time you do an experiment you donít know how itís going to turn out. Donít risk more than you can lose, but take the risks and be willing to lose something. I came to L.A. and it was a risk. I look at it: first of all, I didnít have many people come to the workshop; we probably had about fourteen. That was not enough to cover the expenses, at least up till now; who knows whatíll happen in San Diego, but weíll see. Weíll see when we get there; Iím willing to have nobody show up, because I havenít been focusing on a public presence for quite some time.

Although I was on George Noory; that was a big public presence. Many of you heard me. There is a value in the right public presence, to having new people exposed. It gives them a chance to explore all this work weíre doing and make a connection with it.

The risk was; we came here and spent money, spent gas. Iím in a motel and not enough people came to pay the expenses. But we could afford that, not largely, but barely. At other times if we had an event like this and we lost money we wouldnít be eating for a week, or it would affect survival. So we could afford it; it was a risk.

You never know how itís going to happen. Maybe Iíll show up in San Diego today and thereíll be a hundred people or fifty people or thirty people, maybe enough to cover the expenses and then cover the expenses of this trip. If thereís not, then weíre still surviving; we didnít risk more than we could lose.

You have to take risks sometimes when youíre doing volitional action to see where it goes. There was a fellow who wrote a motivational book in the Ď70ís; his name was Robert Ringer. He had something in one of his books that really impacted me; it was a long time ago.

Let me see if I can remember it now; I know the idea of it. The path of acquisition has to do with the formation of a negative postulate. Iíll explain what that means; you probably didnít get it the first time; I didnít get it the first time so donít feel bad.

If you want something, thatís acquisition. Mostly he was talking about motivation and making money. If you want to make money, especially if youíre in sales, letís suppose you need a job. Letís suppose youíre one of those people who need a job. In normal motivational thinking youíd say, ďIím going for an interview today. Iím going to get the job; this is going to be my job.Ē

You pump yourself up and youíre going to make a good impression and you go out and you donít get the job. Now you have to go lick your wounds and recover from all that energy that was so sure it was going to get this job.

What this guy Robert Ringer said is, most things donít happen; thatís just the way it goes. The chances are youíre not going to get the job. But statistically, if you go for a hundred interviews you will get a job. The problem is you pumped yourself up so much for this interview that you have to recoup because you feel rejected now; you took it personally. You have recoup for a period of time until you go to the next interview.

If you had told yourself, ďIím probably not going to get this job, but this is one step closer to getting a job because Iím going to go to a hundred interviews. By the time I do a hundred interviews Iíll probably have a jobĒ. Then you could have done a hundred interviews and not blown so much energy by getting your anticipation up and convincing yourself this was going to be the job.

In a sense, if Iím going out and doing public talks and I keep doing them, thereís always some success in a public talk. Thereís always somebody thatís going to be reached one way or another. When I was on my way driving here I stopped at a truck stop, and I ended up having the waitress sit next to me and the trucker next to me.

I reached those people; we had a phenomenal conversation, unexpected people that I would connect with. The waitress came from a Catholic background and I showed her the picture of Terry and she was quite amazed. Theyíll probably both be on our calls sooner or later; you never know.

Nonetheless, even willing not to worry about whether I made money, but if I did a hundred talks it would have to be successful. It would build the energy. I would end up meeting people in the audience that wanted to give some kind of support to this work that would find it important. But I have to be able to afford to not make money.

At one point The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? came out; I would go give talks. Thereís a nuts & bolts mechanics to all of this thatís not so obvious. I was doing talks and I would go to a bookstore and Iíd do Ö

Gijs:  Youíre cutting out Wynn.

Terry:  Heís cut out now. My phone cut out a minute ago.

Last night I stayed up all night doing transcripts; I really got into a zone. I edited about five or six transcripts. I was just amazed by some of the material in the transcripts. Itís really important material; weíre getting them up on

I think itís going to be a good channeling on the call today. Iím getting stuff; they often play off the things that Wynn was talking about. Some of the stuff is pretty interesting, about connecting up with the Sources and then building an energy reservoir and then it can stay with one. Just to know that theyíre there and just to know that youíre really connected. The frequencies are there whether you dip into them or not; the frequencies are loving; the energy-beings are loving.

I wanted to ask a question, Gijs. Iíve noticed that Iím doing all these transcripts and when I do them, the border of my computer is turning light pink. Light pink is the color of the Sources when they come in. I wondered if youíve ever had that happen.

Gijs:  No, I have not noticed.

Wynn:  Iím back! How long was I gone?

Gijs:  About five minutes.

Wynn:  Five minutes and I was just getting to the good part of everything and I forgot it all. I kept talking away; Iím back on Skype. Iím stuck between Skype, my computer power that goes off and my cell phone that doesnít have good reception in downtown Los Angeles. We will just continue; Iím staying very still so my computer stays on.

I share this because those of you who are listening, when we do this and it works it looks so smooth; we look slick. It looks like we have it down and we donít. This is like a mom and pop corner store and behind the scenes thereís all this scurrying about to make it work.

Also, because we have discovered that we can live inside of each other and suddenly, thereís a responsibility. As soon as you let someone live inside you, as soon as you let yourself love someone in that way, you have a certain responsibility for them. Thereís a limit to how responsible you can be for another person, no matter how much you like them.

One of the problems is: you let people live inside you and then theyíre having problems, like they canít pay their bills, their house has been foreclosed. I mean, I start feeling, ďI want to get them out of that problem; I can feel their painĒ. Iím helpless; I donít know how to do it. I have to let that go; I have to let it go so that I donít block my greater work by being worried about them. It just has to go; itís just their body. Itís just this life; theyíre going to be back again and again. But the loving of living inside people doesnít end with life; that goes on and on and on. Thatís The Law of One; itís eternal.

Gijs, I was explaining that thing about the formation of the negative postulate to get a positive outcome. Do you remember?

Gijs:  Yes.

Wynn:  Did I complete that?

Gijs: Yes.

Wynn: I did, okay. I just wanted to not leave that hanging.

The idea is, if you want something to happen, donít pump your energy up on each little opportunity and say, ďThis is going to be the oneĒ. Be wise and say to yourself that most things donít happen and keep going. If you do enough things youíll get it; thatís the idea.

For us to figure out how to connect with people and do what weíre doing now it took, letís see. 2002, I started writing the book and having the experience with Daphne. It probably took from 2002 to 2009 of trying different things. Also learning all this stuff, so we could actually do what weíre doing now and say, ďThis is workingĒ; but it took a lot of trial and error.

Wynn:  In any case, let me go to our healing list. This talk today may be an explanation of how some of this stuff, when you first hear about healing and Elohim, seems like magic. Itís not magic; itís just a higher way of the rules of the Universe.

As we start to affiliate energies, I was using the terminology today of using the term Ďreservoirí for group energy; maybe you were tuning in and grasping that in a different way. Itís different ways of saying the same thing.  Maybe more intuitively we can see that idea of love, living inside each other and that weíre doing that. As we do that, we build a reservoir and that reservoir is not limited; it allows other people to tap into it as long as theyíre coming in love. Love is the key that gets you into tapping into the energy of the reservoir.

When we have a healing list, in the highest sense, that list is connected to the reservoir. Of course, we donít only have each otherís love living inside us; we have the love of these Sources that are working with us living inside us and us living inside them. Thereís an enormous amount of power in that.

I am opening up our healing list. Thatís why this can work. It started as an experiment. As you see, the stuff Iím sharing with you right now I could only share with you if I learned it; none of this stuff can you find in books; this working knowledge of it can only come experientially.

If I read this in a book I donít think I would have understood how to implement it. You know, being on these calls working with you, you working with these energies I think you understand it. It kind of makes sense. Weíre learning this together. This is not metaphysical knowledge; this is not esoteric knowledge. This is actually working knowledge of doing something; learning how to do something and practically seeing how it worksÖ

Wynn: Iím going to call in the Light and weíll have a message come in through Terry.

Wynn: Terry, are you there?

Terry: Yes.

Wynn:  Okay. Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect Terry, myself, every person of this line, every person on the Internet listening and everyone who listens to the replays or reads the transcripts. We see this energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the planets, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring The Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

We invite our Sources to give us the message of the day. And by the way, they are welcome to critique or change if they find my own human consciousness didnít express something accurately, then thatís fine with me; in fact I hope they will clarify it from their point of view, so that you guys have the best information possible for this transition. Thank you.

RaíAn:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. Today is the 17th of March 2013 and we are delighted, absolutely delighted, to be with you and make connection with everybody on the line or who reads a transcript or in any way comes in contact with this material. We are delighted to make connection with those who wish to have connection made. It is very rare that we, the Ra group, the Elohim group and that All That Is get to connect with individuals in the Earth realm.

This morning Wynn has touched on a few of the very important things. One of them is the energy and the importance of connecting two energies that resonate you into health, that resonate you into well-being, that resonate you into the knowledge that you are loved and that you are worthwhile, because when you know that you are worthwhile and you know that you that worthy of love and you know that you are loved more than you can possibly imagine even, then it gives you a new option, instead of the options of either being created or created upon or creating, then there is a new option.

That is the option of co-creating, the option of accepting what is going on with the other person without losing your sense of worth, without getting the feeling that you are being taken over, without being taken over by the other's energy; the option of holding your own space, your own values, your own integrity, without being taken into the energy of the other person and allowing yourself to be created upon, so you are holding your own values.

You know your own worth; you know you are loved. However, you are accepting and allowing the other person to go through whatever it is that they are going through. And you can take a look at it and you can hold value for them and love for them.

And so it isnít just a choice of being created upon or creating. There is co-creation modulated with acceptance and love for the other person. You can do that if you hold steadfast within yourself, within your own matrix structure knowing that you are loved, you are worthwhile and you are not just a rag doll that gets carried into every energy that comes along. However, you can observe, you can even co-create, you can feel what the other person is going through without being dragged into it totally, because you hold your own structure, you hold your own worth, you hold your own centering.

Above all, you can connect with the higher Sources and know that they are loving you. We are loving you. We are there for you, so that no matter what you are going through, if you can feel the energy of our love and get into that zone; this will help you hold your own centering, your own structure, your own worth.

Because we value you; we treasure you; you are very, very significant; you are leaders in your time. The connection brings tears to our energy eyes, for we are making connection and it is possible to hold an energy reservoir with this connection and to help it back you up, to know you are loved. Thank you.

Wynn:  Thank you. And I say again that weíre doing this together. A call like weíre doing tonight canít happen out of the blue. Itís as if I was talking to a public audience, how could I talk about this? Theyíre not part of this creation. They have to choose to start paying attention, coming to the calls and feeling the energy.

Otherwise, theyíre just the public. Theyíre coming to be acted upon and itís ok, because it starts that way. But notice the difference. This is a public call in a sense because itís not secret; itís not restricted; itís open to everyone.

But in another sense itís not a public call, because you folks are coming and coming and holding the energy for it and youíre co-creating the call. This is not an entertaining call. It may entertain you, but Iím not entertaining. This kind of blew me away when I realized it; I start talking and I can go on and on.

I can talk for a long time and I donít think people get bored; people are really engaged. Now one of the reasons I can do this is, because weíre talking to the One; itís only one energy. And Iím only talking to myself, the larger part of myself thatís in you.

You know, these are all different ways of saying the same thing, right? We talk about a reservoir; we talk about The Law of One. You can get it in your mind that weíre all moving and growing with that experience. And thereís a power there in it. Find an image to work with during the course of your day that you can actually work with, that actually works for you, like the reservoir, or that we live inside of each other; or anything that helps you tap into this energy, this energy thatís always there.

And right, now letís move into that energy which weíre already into and move into that group consciousness which weíve already created and apply it to the healing of our planet. Understanding how this really works, we are group energy creating intentions that are able to manifest. In fact, most things manifest through group energies and intentions.

What did Margaret Mead say? Itís a small group of people that can change the world and in fact, itís the only thing thatís ever done soóthatís usually ever done so. I donít know, she had the word usually, but sheís right; weíre a small group of people and weíre holding a pure intent and weíre working with positive Sources that are adding to our intent and weíre co-creating together.

Weíre building energies in other dimensions and we are learning how to do it, even though we canít see it, we know weíre doing it. And we take this group energy and we surround our planet with it. Kind of like, ďHeís got the whole world in His handsĒ, well, weíve got the whole world in our hands.


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