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Carla and Wynn Consider the Experience
of the ‘Holy Spirit’

Personal and Planetary Healing Session
Sunday Morning Grid Healing With Carla Rueckert  3.24.13
Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Rick Vornbrock
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  Ok, this is March 24, 2013. We’re Wynn Free in Carlsbad, California, Terry Brown in Sedona, Arizona; Carla Rueckert in Anchorage, Kentucky and all of you everywhere, listening live and listening on the replay lines. Those of you who just got my email that went out late, welcome.

This is our Sunday Grid Healing and before I started the recorder I was mentioning that I am doing a one day expo in Carlsbad; it’s something called the New Earth Expo. I’m doing it all by myself. Well, I guess I’m really not by myself, but just my body is here. Usually Terry has come to these things with me, although when The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? came out, it was at this expo that I did my first talks and a very nice fellow by the name of Dean produces these expos all up and down California.

I recognize Dean as a very unusual expo promoter, because he has a big heart and he holds a very nice energy. In fact, he’s got a bunch of exhibiters upstairs and as I was coming down the stairs, they were all holding hands and doing his own protective ‘bringing in the energy’.

If some of you are in Carlsbad, this is a great day to come by. I was also mentioning it’s a little scary to sit here by myself. It was, but it’s not now that I’m here and I set it up. But, you know, I have to go through my own resistance to do something like this. It’s just me and the world and the truth of the matter is it’s all of us in the world.

There’s that song Alone Together; that learning how to be totally independent of everyone and doing something and in the same time being totally connected. It’s kind of like as I was driving here I spoke to Terry. I said, well, can you feel me there? She said she could.

When we feel each other, when we can feel each other long distance, we’re doing something that’s kind of amazing. Because it means that our energies are traveling through some holographic circuits so our presence can be felt somewhere else.

We have been talking for the past couple of weeks about this whole idea of creating group energy, which is what I believe we do on these calls. When we create group energy we are moving into the experience of The Law of One; what Ra calls The Law of One. It’s not just an intellectual idea that everything is one; it’s an experience, where we can feel these invisible energies surrounding us, coming through us.

Since they’re invisible, there are aspects of this that you need to do from some kind of imagination or conjecture; to say, “What is that? It’s not me; it’s really not me.” I feel it as well as you do. Just because I’m talking I’m facilitating it, I’m standing in the center of it, I’m getting neutral, but it’s another quality that occurs. It feels to me like energy is descending on me; it feels very good and very protective.

I felt that energy in the past in the presence of certain people. They would talk and I would feel that energy descend. When they were talking they would describe it as the Holy Spirit. What is the Holy Spirit? Maybe this is a new way of looking and understanding it; I don’t know, but it’s the same energy that they were calling the Holy Spirit. To me it’s when we create group energy that we create a nest for higher energies to join our group energy.

We become co-creators at that point, not only with each other but with these higher forces. It’s one of the reasons this seems to work. It’s not mental; it’s learning how to experience this in a passive way. I say passive because I’m the guy talking, but as you become comfortable with the experience, I see that many of you are going to end up having some leadership abilities and creating this in an active way for people, one way or another.

Carla and I have known each other for a number of years now and we didn’t have this experience when we first met. We had the experience of, “Tell me about you, I’ll tell you about me” and we shared all of that and I was reading her materials. I was integrating things, I was trying to believe it was real; it was hard to believe it was real.

I say that over and over again and if it was hard for me to believe it’s real, for many of you, as you look at the work we’re putting out and you look at these crazy stories about group souls, even when it all fits together, there’s a bit of unreality to it, because it’s so far removed from what we could call the consensus reality here.

Now Carla happens to have followed a Christian path and we never talked about this, but maybe I’ll give her a moment, because I’m just curious when you go to church, do you feel that pulling, what I’m calling the Holy Spirit, present? Or anything you want to say about that?

Carla: I do. I’m in the choir, so I’m in the middle of the music, too. It helps a lot, you know, your breath is so important to feeling. When your breath is free, then you can feel so much more intensely. When you’re singing, you’re singing words that you know; you can think about the words and you can also lean into the making of the music when you’re singing.

I know that the person sitting next to me and the person on the other side of me is genuinely worshipping. I mean, we’ve had our talks; we’ve had our moments through the years in this community of worshippers, especially in this little group in the choir. I know I’m not alone; I am worshipping and they are worshipping and there’s something that descends. It can be called the Holy Spirit, but I’m also not only a Christian but I’m also a fan of the Ra material.

Ra always tried to find the most neutral word, the most neutral way to say something, because he didn’t want to leave anybody out just simply because of the way you say something; if you say “Holy Spirit”, then the people that either don’t buy Christianity or have had a bad experience with Christianity or think that that’s nonsense or for whatever reason, that triggers something negative, something that’s negative.

So I would say I feel that energy of the Creator that is personal and at the same time it is an overarching connection with Spirit. Spirit, not ‘Holy Spirit’ Spirit, but Spirit, simply that part of All There Is that we cannot see, but that we can feel.

I feel that descending upon me as I enter into—as a matter of fact long ago, I guess about ten years ago at church, I was asked by the choir mistress and minister of music if I would do a ‘shush intro’ because we have a very happy group. The congregation is so glad to see each other and they’re talking and they’re catching up and you know it’s hard to get them to quiet down so that we can begin the service.

So I would sing; I would sing something very short. Then after I sang I would simply say, “And so it is that we prepare to meet the Christ in silence and in contemplation”. By that time everybody was stock-still, because you hear a person singing and you just go, “Who is that? What? What?” and it quiets everybody down.

I was actively involved in helping other people get to the place where you know it’s a distraction; you distract yourself from feeling this sometimes. One great thing about this call is that there’s nothing distracting us from coming together and beginning to allow this feeling to overtake us and knowing that we are a part of it and that it is a part of us.

There’s this wonderful energy, this group energy that we’re talking about. You can call it the Holy Spirit; I certainly call it the Holy Spirit, but whatever you want to call it, however you want to phrase it, there is a feeling there that is beyond words, beyond all the attempts to typify it or nail it down by language.

Well, there it is. We enter the call on one level and when we hang up from the call we’re at another level. That’s why we call in. That is the experience and I think that is the typical experience of most people that go to a church service unless, you know, they’re one of these churches where there’s no reason to be there except that it’s politically or socially correct. I hate congregations like that; I was in one once and left it as soon as I could.

I think that most people, when they get together, do want to worship. It’s wonderful to be a part of a worshipping group and to feel that energy that is in the silence, that’s still; you know, what T.S. Elliot said: ‘the still point where the dance is’. Then you begin to feel that dance at that rhythm, that energy and here we go.

So yes and that’s the way I experience church.

Wynn:  You know, as you look at it, what it takes is a group of people coming together with a high intent to connect and somebody who is at the pulpit who doesn’t ruin it and holds the space and realizes that they’re not really special; they’re just another cog in the wheel that’s standing in front of the room.

If you can create that circumstance it could be you and your wife; it could be you and your friends. Most people don’t do it if they don’t like to upset the apple cart or they’re afraid somebody’s going to judge them—and they just might do that; they just might judge you. If anyone wants to try this, I strongly recommend for you to learn that you can do this.

You know, for a very long time I was doing these calls and I said this is an experiment, okay? It was an experiment. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know. You see until this experience happens and gets anchored, you can’t create it in your conscious mind. That’s the illusion; the illusion is that you’re creating it and you’re in control of it; you’re not.

You can look at the circumstances that bring these energies together; you can look at them and take them apart and if someone else does the same circumstances, they’ll bring in the same energy. Because all humans are similar in this respect that they have the ability to make this kind of connection, but they just haven’t done it, many of them.

What is it that causes this connection to occur?—a high intent, somebody that will hold space for it and take some leadership; something to do while you’re holding the high intent. Now the fact of the matter is, you don’t need to do, we’re just talking off the top of our heads, but you know I am a firm believer that we could just shut up for an hour and that the fact that we’re holding this energy, most of you will feel it.

Now for some people there’s wisdom in the talking; there’s understanding in it and it also occupies your mind. Because among the things that keeps people from coming together is their chattering minds. So if your mind is chattering it will keep you from connecting with the energy.

Carla was mentioning not using the word ‘Holy Spirit’ and how Ra picks their vocabulary very carefully. Probably you have noticed that I attempt to do the same thing. I don’t like to use the word ‘prayer’; I don’t like to use the word ‘worship’ and I don’t even like to use the words ‘God’ and ‘Christ’, not because those are not real things, but because people have a preconception of what they are and their preconception will block them from having the experience.

It’s as if I were talking to somebody and I wanted to have this experience with them and all those words would create a blocking of it, thinking that they knew what it was and didn’t want to get involved. I would say something, “Hey, I want to do an experiment with you, I mean this guy did this really cool thing and the energy shifted.” See if they’ll go along and then say, “Just go along with me and shut your eyes and see if you feel anything. I’m going to send love to you and you send love to me silently.”

Let’s try that with each other, let’s all just send love to me, to Carla and to each other. And ‘each other’ are all the people that we don’t see, we can’t see their bodies. There’s this idea that, hey, we’re meeting outside of our bodies; we’re meeting in another dimension. If we send love to each other, we can feel it. Try it.


I think many of you could feel the connection. Now suppose we send love with an addendum that says, “I’m sending love and I want you to have what you want in your life for the highest good and honoring free will.” I put that request to the Universe, whether it’s health, whether it’s abundance and why don’t we send that in the silence to each other.


The theory is that when we do that we’re in another dimension; we’re in another timeline and we can’t see it but we can feel a shift. That timeline is a precursor to the physical realm. The physical realm exists as a bunch of timelines and frequencies stacked up on top of it and we’re at the bottom of them all and our senses can only see this realm.

That doesn’t mean that all that stuff that’s stacked up isn’t there, it is. As you can access the space above the physical where things are fairly frozen, then intentions placed in those spots become very powerful in downloading and causing things in the physical to shift and change that would normally be impossible to change. If we’re working with these Sources and they are who they say they are, they do say this, they say they’re in these timelines and they’re very, very high up in the timelines.

So if they want to contribute to our realm, which I believe they do, they need people down here to reach and tap into their frequency or they’ll meet half way. If you go up to a certain point, they’ll come down to meet you and suddenly they’re part of your hologram.

Remember The Law of One. The Law of One sounds simple, but it’s profound. It means they are you, in the highest truth. That means that you’re me and I’m you but we’re not bound together. It means that we can experience that oneness at the same time being totally who we are.

Oftentimes people, when they’re exposed to these ideas, are afraid of them; afraid that they’re going to lose themselves; something is going to be lost; there’s going to be this big glom and they’ll never come back. That’s not true; it’s not the way it works, at least not with positive Sources, not with service-to-others.

If you look at people who have been the most influential people on our planet, the most positive ones, you’ll see that every one of them has the ability to do this. The more you have the ability to do it, the more individual you look the more special your expression is.

You look at Martin Luther King and his ability to be in front of a crowd and make people feel together and make people feel loved and the power of his life which changed the way that black people were perceived in our society. One man did it, but he was responding to the needs of many and he could create group energy, or he could facilitate it and everything changed as a result.

Who’s another one, Carla, who’s another person who is very famous?

Carla:  Oh well, how about, I’m thinking of a friend, I was trying to think of her name, she works in India and she’s Mother Theresa, I think her name was, right?

Wynn:  Mother Theresa?

Carla:  Mother Theresa, yes. She always was humble her whole life and she worked in the streets of the huge cities of India, I think Calcutta, I could be wrong. She would take people in off the streets when they were going to die, because people lived on the streets. She didn’t take them off the streets to go someplace else, they lived on the streets.

But if they were so sick that they needed to have care or hospice, she would take them in. She would wipe the bugs off of the faces and she would wipe the puss off of the wound and she would do these horrible, you know, take care of these horrible looking things.

Somebody was looking at her and doing their best not to throw up and saying, “How can you do this? How can you do this day after day and year after year?” She said, “Oh” she said, “I could never do this; this is the Christ. I’m taking care of the Christ.” She said, “This is not what it seems.”

She was trying to explain that this was her way of holding that space of expressing a love that was so great that she had no place to put it. She couldn’t live a regular life; she couldn’t just go to work. She had to become a sister; she had to become one who spent all of her time working with all of these people, because she felt that call. She was so inspiring that she became famous all over the world.

She always shook her head at that and couldn’t believe that it was so, because she was just this little—she said; “Look at me; I’m just a little wrinkled brown woman, not doing anything special. Many others are doing the same thing.” But she was one who did it in such a beautiful way that she inspired people all over the world.

I want to say something about Martin Luther King because I don’t know if people ever realized what he was doing the day that he was shot. But he was supporting the garbage workers somewhere in Tennessee, was it Memphis? He was supporting a union of garbage workers that had impossible hours and very low pay. They were simply asking for a living wage and hours that they could get home to their family. He never got so big that he couldn’t respond to the call of a union of garbage workers in Memphis, Tennessee.

I think the key to being able to hold that space is; knowing who you are to the point where you don’t let somebody tell you you’re famous, you don’t let somebody tell you you’re a big person now and you need to speak for the masses. You need to do the work for all humankind and let this little stuff go. No, no. You stay right there. You stay right there, working one person at a time, one cause at a time, one human need at a time, with all your heart and all your soul and all your strength.

It’s a matter of having that realization that others are the Christ; others are the Creator; others are precious, precious like your little baby is precious. We’re all each other’s little babies. That’s the thing; that’s the thing. We get so dull. The reason words go bad is that we over use them and we make them dull and they no longer are swords, they become battering rams.

“Love” used to be a far more creative and lively word. ‘Darling’: now there’s a good example of a word that was totally destroyed. ‘Darling’ used to have the meaning in the early days of the English language of ‘Christ’s own’: ‘Christ’s darling’. You read The Pearl, Christian writing of the 15th century and you see ‘Christ’s darling’ again and again.

Now we just say, “Darling, you look marvelous!” and you know, it has no meaning whatsoever, it’s lost it. ‘Love’ has lost it. I remember in a Woody Allen film, he was trying to say “I love you” and he said, “No, no I lerve you, I lerve you, that’s it. I can’t just love you; that’s not enough; “I lerve you.” I think he did actually, at the time, ‘lerve’ the woman that he was playing the role opposite of; poor Woody.

Anyway, we need to just let things stay precious. Here’s another one, Wynn. ‘Peace Pilgrim’. That’s one that has inspired me forever. Peace Pilgrim decided, she was a government worker, I believe, she was working in Washington doing good things and it was calling her, and calling her, and finally she decided she was going to walk for peace. She had one pair of shoes; she had a couple of pairs of socks and a couple of pairs of pants and shirts. That was all.

She carried them; she had a little pack on her waist and she had a pencil and paper so she could write things down. That’s about all she had, she carried no money and she started walking. She would walk until she got tired and then she would crawl into the corn row at the edge of the road, whatever and go to sleep. People became realized. “Oh, Peace Pilgrim’s coming your way.”

A network formed around her; people would ride ahead. “Why don’t you get her to speak at your church? Why don’t you get her to talk on your radio station?” And so she became a little bit more famous and a little bit more famous. Finally, she was able to embroider a little thing that she wore over her shirt that said “50,000 Miles Walk for Peace”.

She was walking and walking and eventually this energy built up to the point where that they wouldn’t let her walk anymore because they wanted her to speak in this place and that place. She couldn’t walk there fast enough, and they paid for her to take a bus or to take a plane and get in time to do the speeches. She said, “But I want to walk”. They said, “No, you need to speak and inspire more people.”

All of her life she was simply Peace Pilgrim, she gave up her name. She gave up everything because she wanted to talk about peace. Peace became her precious thing. I think she held a wonderful space for many, many people.

It’s not that any of those people considered themselves great or intended to be great or had that in mind at any point. But it was just that they got noticed because they kept doing what they were doing and what they were doing was so beautiful that people began to notice.

Wynn:  I was thinking about two musicians, like Woody Guthrie.

Carla:  Right. Woody Guthrie walked the streets of this country, wrote so many songs. I’m afraid we’ve lost about half of them, at least half.

Wynn:  That’s Arlo Guthrie’s father. He wrote songs like This land is your land, this land is my land from New York Island to the…” And he would go in the dust bowl when people were having really hard times and there was no money and he would go and cheer them up with his music. He became a legend. I don’t think he ever got rich, but he became a legend and now his name, everybody knows his name and his son, I guess, was more commercial but still followed in his footsteps. His son was Arlo Guthrie who did that song Alice’s Restaurant.

Carla:  I saw him and Pete Seeger sing one time in Atlanta. Arlo was still trying to emulate his father, except that his view of things was more sophisticated. So the songs that he sang we’re not for everybody; it wasn’t the simplicity of his dad, it was more for the urban person than for the country person. Yet he still spoke a truth; he still had that space. He was still trying to be true. He would give a concert for nothing, as was Peter Seeger, in order to support the highland charities that help so many people do consciousness work, active work.

Wynn:  And another guy was Bob Marley. You know Bob Marley?

Carla:  Yeah, right.

Wynn:  Right. I mean Bob Marley; his followers today are almost like a religion. He had that song, One Love. He wrote a lot of commercial songs, but there was something about his intent that was simple and pure and he didn’t really want to become world famous, as far as I can tell, he maintained that.

The point I’m trying to make is that as you learn to work with this quality of group energy, as you learn it, as you learn to master it and implement it, because you’re not supposed to just come to these calls and think this is it. This is like a demonstration, a training, an example of group energy which you can learn to implement and implement it in your own life and you don’t have to call it religious; you don’t have to call it spiritual. You don’t have to call it anything. You just have to figure out your unique way of invoking it. It may be as simple as having dinner with your family and doing a prayer.

And don’t call it a prayer if someone has that problem. Call it something else; just say, “We are grateful for the love we have for each other.” You see, every family could hopefully say that; “We are grateful for the love we have for each other; let’s shut our eyes and give thanks for that.” And boom, you have group energy present.

See, you don’t have to convert someone. You don’t have to tell them anything. You could sit down with your friend and say, “Let’s be grateful for the love we have together. Can we sit in that?” And before you know it the energy will shift. Make some experiments in your life. Find someone to experiment with and see if you can make that energy happen.

Find the right words to introduce it to them so they don’t get scared that you’re trying to convert them into something. You’ll learn something, because it does happen every time. Now it doesn’t happen only if the other person is violently opposed to it and is holding on …

Carla:  That makes it a little harder; not impossible, mind you.

Wynn:  They may be very resistant; they may be afraid they’re losing [themselves]. The fear is that people are afraid they’re going to lose themselves.

Carla:  Here’s my experience: you know, we have meditations weekly and in the meditation we go around the circle. If somebody new comes to the circle and they’re all tight and they’re like, “Oh, I don’t know anybody and nobody knows me and nobody’s going to like me” and it’s very tight and we’re going around the circle and the people that are there are relaxed and sharing and laughing and we get to that person and well, “I’m so and so and I like this material and I wanted to come and share and have meditation with you all”.

“Oh, great! So glad you’re here.” By the end of the meditation, after spending some time silent or channeled, you know, in the silence and I would do the channeling, that person has become part of the circle. Now that person is holding space. If there’s no conversion involved, it’s like giving that person an opportunity to share in that wonderful feeling of being part of.

You can actually do this. All of our stuff is free so you can take a reading, take it and put some signs around and say “We’re going to have the reading of some nice material and that will be at 4:00 at my house” and go around the circle and introduce everybody and then sit and somebody read that session.

Of course, with the words, there’s a lot of energy that comes with the words. By the time you’re finished with the session and you talk about it a little bit and you have something to eat, everything’s shifted. It’s a wonderful way, an easy way to do it, by using somebody else’s material like that, you know, if you happen to like our material.

Wynn:  We did that. That’s one of the things that I noticed early on: that when you read this material out loud to somebody, the energy shifted. But for some people, they may think you’re trying to convert them just by reading something, if they’re not aware of it. But you know what? Each of you is unique and each of you has a unique way of doing this for yourself.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and because it’s a universal law, it works every time, if you create a high intent, you create a coming together, you create the intention to have a group energy and usually if you’re picking the right person to do it with, you can somehow tell even before you do it.

I think where it’s hard—and again, even though it’s hard everything evolves—it’s where you have a very solidified way of relating to somebody and they’re used to that way and you try to create a shift they might resist, then say “Okay.”

But a lot of it has to do with your tone of voice. You know when you bring something up to somebody that’s new, oftentimes you get all uptight. You think you’re going to get rejected and they’re not going to understand and of course…

Carla:  You got to keep it light; there has to be humor there. I think that one of the best ways to loosen people up is just to tell jokes back and forth. It’s a great way to turn the group; every joke, every time you laugh together, you laugh a little harder and you laugh a little easier and things shift just because you’re laughing together. There’s something sacred about laughter.

Wynn:  Yes. Well you know what? I think that I released a lot of karma by eating potato chips on a call one night. One of the best things I did on this Sunday call, when we had a bunch new people coming in from the George Noory show that I did some months ago, I really felt intimidated, because there were all these people on the line and of course they all heard about my sister’s healing. Many of them wanted an instant miracle and I felt like a huge need to fulfill their expectations. Of course, if I tried to do that, if I tried to fulfill their expectations, I would have failed.

There were a couple of calls like this back then. They were really, really funny. There were some, I don’t know if we captured the whole thing in the archives or not, probably not. I probably started the recording after we did this. If I’m on George Noory again or I do something and we suddenly have a thousand new people on the call, I’ll do one of these things again.

But what I did was; I said I have this new technique for getting rid of negativity. I said, “I want you all to go into the bathroom and we’re going to do a ‘group flush’. As you watch that water swirl in that toilet, just feel your negative energy going down with it.” I can’t tell you how amazing it was because people all did it. We heard the flush on the phone and people were just cracking up. It just made everyone relax and not take it seriously. You’re welcome to try that sometime, Carla.

Carla:  What a good idea.

Wynn:  Another thing we did at that point was I played a Stevie Wonder song and we all sang it together. It was, I Just Called to Say I Love You. Everyone was singing it and again, of course, that’s really what we’re doing on these calls. But we’re saying it silently and quietly and learning about that part of ourselves that’s silent and quiet. That’s the part of you that is eternal that goes on forever; that when your body drops, you continue. When you access that, I’m pretty sure your experience of leaving this realm is a lot better; it’s like a smooth flow rather than fear.

Why would anyone be afraid to leave this realm? Probably because they think their body is who they are. It’s a natural illusion, because it’s so pervasive and you feel like your body, your body is taking everything in and that when your body is gone you’re going to stop existing. That’s the illusion. So you have to cling on to life; you have to be afraid of dying.

Once you can actually know at a cellular level that this is just a temporary suit that you’re wearing and when it goes you continue life becomes a lot easier, a lot less stress. Then you say, “Well, while I’m here, what can I do to make things better? What can I do to make the people around me happier?” You realize this is the real nature of a Wanderer.

What the Ra group calls Wanderers are those of us who came in from higher dimensions and get caught up in thinking they’re their body once they’re here. They don’t remember they’re from higher dimensions, they just know they don’t fit and they’re kind of like ‘antsy’ about this realm. In fact, that’s why they get ADD, why they are restless, because they have too much energy moving through their system.

I’m amazed actually about how many young people I run into that don’t know all of this cosmology but they are so radiant. They intuitively know it. I sit and talk with them and I say, “You know, I think you’re from another dimension.” Some part of them recognizes that immediately and acknowledges it.

Then I start talking to them. You know my work; the work I’m doing, is not mine, it’s Terry’s and Daphne’s. But I’m probably the only one who’s going to walk up to someone and say, “Did you know you’re from another dimension?”

Carla:  That could be.

Wynn: Could be. You never did that, did you Carla?

Carla:  I never walked up to a soul in my life. I approach people indirectly. I’m sitting there and grinning and then people want to know why the heck am I grinning. You know, like that.

Wynn:  Right, right. You know, I’m very bad with waitresses. I love to do this to waitresses and Daphne hated it because she thought I was flirting. But I really wasn’t. I was giving them an excuse to go to my website and check things out. What I learned was that when I’m around somebody, I’ve got one shot to reach them, a stranger, you know? And if I don’t reach them, that’s it. So I might as well just go for it and have them look at me and I say whatever I say, to make them curious, provoke them. They think I’m weird.  [Wynn’s connection failed at this point.]

Carla:  It is true. I don’t think that I have ever done that in my life. But I think anyone that’s a performer--I was a performer in my younger days when I was a singer--is doing the same thing; but is doing it more directly through the singing. You’re not meeting somebody personally one on one, but through the song you’re saying who you are and you’re putting yourself out there.

Then the person knows you’re naked in your song and you’re naked in the singing and you can share totally that way, the way Wynn shares. I mean Wynn just has a special calling to be able to do that person-to-person to person-to-person. He’s got this tremendous energy. I mean, it’s a physicality.

There’s a physical energy that he’s got more physical energy than most of us do, I think. I remember when I was with him he was always asking the next question. Questioning …

Wynn:  I am back.

Carla:  Hey, just talking about you. Talking about how you always had more energy than most people. And if you weren’t rousting people, you were asking them questions. When I first met you, you always were asking me the next question. You never just relaxed into it and you always had another question and we related through questions and answers for a long time.

Wynn:  What was my best question?

Carla:  What was your best question? Golly, I don’t remember. No, I couldn’t produce that for you. But I just remembered you were indefatigable, you know, tireless. You were not to be stopped and oh, what a salesman.

We were at a convention and I was doing a little teaching and Wynn would take our book up off the table in the convention hall and he would buttonhole people. “You got to read this book! This is the best book; it really is.” He sold more books in one day than we sold the whole time that we were there. It was amazing.

Wynn:  You know our group on our list: the people who are the subscribers, the people who are listening now, for the longest time I never sold anything to the list. I said they’re not going to trust me if I try selling them something. I kind of bit my tongue with my salesmanship abilities and you know what? Once people really trusted me I could sell things and it was ok. I mean people would understand.

Carla:  It was really good.

Wynn:  It was good, yeah. And it’s a way of supporting back. In this group energy we’re talking about, there’s an aspect of it where we’re creating a group energy and I’m facilitating it and Terry and Daphne are helping and every time you spend time in this realm doing something, it’s costing you money. You’re paying for the food that you eat for that time.

You’re paying for the house that’s over your head. If you start spending a lot of time doing something, it’s like you got to figure out how to keep it all running and so then it becomes an exercise in ‘oneness’ where you want to support something, to make sure it stays there and keeps going because it’s supporting you.

That’s probably why churches started having the idea of tithing. We don’t call it tithing; we just call it donations. Carla is the same way. She is tireless in what she does. So when you get a chance and you feel like we’re reaching you, it’s a way of completing the circuit by making a donation back, a free will donation.

If you do something in the right energy you start to create grace. You know, money is spiritual; it isn’t ‘not spiritual’. The thing is; it’s one of those things that if you relate to it in a lower way, it becomes not spiritual; it becomes acquisitive; it becomes fear based. ‘I’m going broke’.

When you move into the flow of energy between yourself and everything else around you, somehow you get things to happen in that flow.

There’s a woman, Wendy is her name, in Las Vegas. She has been doing Team Shift. I highly recommend it. If you’re resonating with this call, you know I said how good it is to get someone else to invoke this energy with you. Well, a couple of years ago I created an idea where small groups of people get together and call in the energy and learn to co-create with each other and learn that they can bring the energy in; they didn’t have to be in on the call.

They could do it every day and then they could get to know each other and in ways that you can’t get to know each other each other on these calls because there’s too many of you. They could get to know each other and some of those groups have had miracles happen. I’m going to have one of our Monday calls have a discussion with some of the people who have found success with that.

If you look at what we’re doing, I know what’s needed and all you have to do is reach there. Some of you just want to be receivers and it’s okay if you are. But as you become active and you learn to bring in the energies you’re only getting it stronger for yourself.

I don’t know if Terry wants to make a contribution to this or if Daphne’s on the line.

Terry:  Oh, I’m here and I tried to say something before when you cut out, but I was on mute so I called back. But when Wynn and I go out to eat in a restaurant and he talks to the waitresses, I noticed something. Just by communication he would elicit more about that person in the first ten minutes of talking to them than I would have got from several months of knowing them.

It’s like he just gets so that he gets this free flowing communication going with them. When I first went out I would think oh, we shouldn’t be talking so much to waitresses, because they’ve got a lot to do.

Then I noticed that they really liked it a lot and at one of the restaurants we go a lot and he does that, all of a sudden they started putting us at the beginning of the line when there was a line for tables; they would usher us right in and they would start treating us differently. I think it’s because of the openness of the communication and the sharing of what we’re doing.

They talk about us in the kitchen; they said. If we just went in there and nobody said anything, they wouldn’t even know who we were or what we were doing. So communication and opening up with communication really is important to people. That’s what I have to say.

Wynn:  Well, thank you. You know, a part of me is pretty reserved and shy, but I have a part of myself that can I can access and it’s really Spirit working through me; where I’m always trying to create affinity and group energy.

So at the same restaurant there was this fellow who is Hispanic. Somehow or another, one day we learned he could fold dollars up and make them into origami, little sculptures. I made him take a twenty dollar bill of mine and fold it up and I and I put it in my wallet. I didn’t spend it; I just left it in my wallet.

Months and months later I came back and I pulled this little thing that he folded and I showed it to our waitress and I said, “Did you know Jose was really talented?” I said “Look what he made.” She looked at it and she looked at Jose and she happened to be a very beautiful Caucasian woman. Jose was Hispanic.

Obviously, unconsciously, there was this social thing. Not that they didn’t get along, but it was just unstated. I told her, “You got to get Jose to make one of these for you”. She did. Jose was just beaming. It was like I probably kind of catalyzed a permanent shift in the energy of the restaurant, because of creating a shift in those two people.

It’s just looking for opportunities to do this every day. It’s like weaving. When you start to look at your life as a weaver and that you’re weaving energies all the time and looking at the opportunities that present themselves, it doesn’t matter if you’re poor or if you feel alienated. You start doing it and it shifts the energy and it brings opportunities. It’s the way that synchronicities come in.

[We put individual requests into the light.]

Wynn:  Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person present and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

And I turn it over to Terry.

Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 24th of March, 2013 and we experience great love and joy in the connection with each and every person on the line that wishes to be connected with. We do not connect unless you wish connection; however, we are available at any time when you send the message, think the message, desire connection.

We are there for you and with you and we are rooting for you. We realize that in your journeys in the third density you experience difficulties which are brought forth in your journey. These difficulties can bring an experience that gives you more data, gives you more understanding and gives you more realization of the importance of connection and of other people in your life and of sharing.

When you sign on for an experience in the third dimension there are certain lessons and purposes that you have. Perhaps you are a Wanderer and you are bringing forth great hope that you will bring upliftment and you will bring advancement to the third density and you realize that this is so fully and greatly needed in the third density.

Sometimes when individuals come into the third density they do not realize how dependent they are on others. When they first come in they do not have the abilities of walking and generally of talking and they are dependent upon their parents or the person that is raising them for food and to be changed and to have education in how to speak and how to walk. Sometimes individuals think that they are totally the only one, but their whole life is dependent upon others.

So to recognize that one is not the only one, but there are others that are contributing to one’s life, is important, to know that you have done something right to get where you are. You have somehow communicated to your parents that it is time to eat, that you need something and the person raising you has responded in some way.

We see that co-creation is very important, so that there was this idea put on the call that one is either created or they are creating. But the other choice is that they are co-creating. They are doing something in conjunction with someone else. The raising of a child is a co-creation.

It is important for the individual to have the sense that they are not always the effect, but they are the creator of their life and of their circumstances. But it is a co-creation, because it is also dependent upon the community, upon the schools that they go to, the interactions that they make, the communication.

So co-creation is very important, that the person not lose themselves in being created and their life created by another, but they have their own say and they know their own centering and they become themself, as an individual person who is very important and very loved and we love each and every one of you more than you can possibly imagine.

And it brings tears to energy eyes to be able to have this contact. We do not come over the radio except by the voice. We do not come over the telephone line except you hear the voice. We come directly to you and we envelope the ones that wish with love and it is freely given and nothing is required in return. We hope that there would be receptivity. Thank you.

Wynn:  Thank you. You know, my experience is that when you make this connection, it doesn’t feel like something else. It just feels like a bigger you. In fact it is a bigger you and you can learn to live within the experience of having a bigger you. That you are more than you ever thought you were. That is something some of you are experiencing and I thank you for going through that experience, because it’s proving to me that this work is actually working. It has to bring results. It’s not just about paying attention to us.

So we have now 11:36. Let me make an announcement that on April 8th, Carla and I are going to do another Law of One Made Simple session and we have hours now, probably nine hours; that will bring us to twelve hours of material.

It’s like going to school. It’s like if you want to have these kinds of expansions it’s great to listen to those materials, because it’s not just the information; it’s the energy; it’s the repetition of the energy and the depth of the understanding of this realm that a human could never have figured out by their own.

But the Source that has identified itself as the Ra group is able to look at us over many, many, many lifetimes, having played big parts in our evolutionary paths and directly, in current time, giving us their view and their guidance on how to work it as a human.


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