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Wednesday Call; Question & Answer

Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is Wednesday, March 27, 2013, Wynn Free in Carlsbad, California Terry Brown in Sedona, Arizona and all of you everywhere.


One of the great things about connecting with these Sources is, as some of you are noticing, people come into these calls starry-eyed and suddenly they’re in the middle of it. In case you haven’t noticed, what happens is that your karma comes up; you can no longer run away; well, you can, but it’s not so easy to run away from your karma.


What is your karma? Your track, your template, all these things you’ve been carrying, the habits of past lifetimes, the hang-ups of your parents. I know for myself, for many years of my life all those things felt like who I was. In other words, you come into this realm. You come in with a certain set of—I’m calling it a template; you could call it a personality; you could call it hang-ups; you could call it karma and you don’t know you have karma; you don’t know that that’s not you. You get up every day and there it is! And you think that’s you.


I guess it is you, in terms of attaching itself to you; it is not the real you, the deepest you, but it feels like you. At some point in your life, anyone on a spiritual path has to confront, look at, observe, deal with the parts of themselves that they took for granted were really them and realize they’re not them and then face going through them and getting over them.


How do you get over all those things? That is why we do these calls. That is why we ask questions. I would assume every one of you who keeps coming to these calls is in some state of confrontation with yourself, including me, including Terry, including Daphne. There’s a provocation to confront yourself.


One of the things I discovered is that there’s no arriving; it’s always, ‘what’s next?’  Suddenly you’re driving this body through a physical Universe, but the part of you that’s driving isn’t in this realm; it’s in the Universe, but it’s not in this realm. It’s learning how to maneuver yourself from a higher vantage point and maneuvering yourself around all those boulders that have been there from the past, from all your lifetimes, from this lifetime.


I really thank all of you for showing up; I really do. Those of you that show up regularly are really my teachers. I learn so much from doing these calls. One of the things I learn is, I can talk and I usually don’t put my foot in my mouth, just potato chips! But it’s amazing that I can do this and start talking and it seems to come out in such a cogent way. On some level, it’s not me talking, it’s us talking; it’s kind of like I’m channeling us and it’s coming through my mouth. I feel you all; I feel you when we’re on these calls. I so want to deliver to you the things that are important for you to understand to operate in this realm better.


It’s not easy and especially in this period of time, when there is such transition, so much unpredictability about everything. I’d like to be able to tell you; I would like to say, “Hey, there’s nothing to worry about; we’re talking to the Elohim. Everything’s going to be fine.” But they don’t say that; they say we’re creating the future.


I say to myself, “Gee, we’ve come a long way from a few years ago in terms of making connection with a lot more people”, but it just seems like we’ve scratched the surface. Every day I’m waking up and saying, “How do we reach more people? How do we do that?”


I’ll tell you what I did today. I’m in Carlsbad. Don’t ask me, “How’s it going?” Don’t ask me if anything happens. What I’ve learned is most of the time nothing ever happens, but you keep doing them and something happens. But if you don’t do anything nothing happens. I have to follow the same advice that I tell everyone else; if they’re looking for a job, they’ve got to keep looking and they can’t look for the outcome.


I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of Hay House Publishing, but they publish Wayne Dyer and they publish that couple that channel: Abraham Hicks and Esther. I think they publish quite a few people. They happen to have their office in Carlsbad. So what I did today was I made five little packages of information with all these testimonials from people. On the cover I pasted this thing; I should read it. It’s something from Amazon that somebody put up, which I really love. Let me see if I can find it; I probably can’t.


I have pictures of Terry channeling—here it is; here is that quote from Amazon. I think this is one of my favorite quotes, although we get amazing emails: “This presentation by Wynn Free just feels so right. It’s either a Divine revelation or a preposterous though entertaining product of a wild and daring imagination.” So I put that on the cover.


I’m following the one rule of thumb that I’ve learned thus far; I can’t tell people what this is; I can’t say, “This is this” because no one will believe it just to hear it. They’ll think I’m arrogant. So I have to make them curious; I have to do anything to make them curious so they’ll reach further and say, “I wonder what could be in your testimonial like that one.” That was it, ‘a preposterous…’ Well, in any case you heard it.


We’re going to go into our questions for tonight and again, I really am grateful for all of you. You guys give the motivation for us to do this. If no one cares, why would you do it? We’re not different than you except that we have these conversations with the other side. Maybe we’re all different from each other, but nonetheless, somebody has to appreciate it to make it worthwhile doing.


Somebody asked a question about death today. One of the things I realize; I realized this for a while. The thing that makes you stay alive is, when someone else values what you’re doing. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. It can be your children; it can be your husband; it can be your aunt; it can be your neighbor.


When you’re important to someone else and you feel the importance, it gives you reason to be alive. When you lose the will to live, it’s because you’re not creating value for someone. Please take that to heart. If you’re getting to that place where you wonder why you want to go on another day, find someone to create value for.


Of course now, once you create value, you have another mountain, which is responsibility, because once you let somebody value you, if you’re operating at a very high level of consciousness and awareness, then anything you let someone do, if you take it away and it creates hurt, if you take it away consciously, you get karmically involved with that situation.


For example, everyone knows this one. When a guy goes and has a relationship with a woman because he wants to go to bed with her. After he gets what he wants and he disappears and he thinks it doesn’t matter; it does, because he created hurt for that person. By creating hurt now he’s created accountability. Sometimes hurt happens as a circumstance of a person’s growth and that’s different. But men know this; they know if you let someone love and you suddenly cut them loose it creates hurt. You can’t do that.


One person that made a comment to me years ago, who I thought was wise said; “If you’re ever going to be involved with someone and it’s not going to be a lifelong relationship, make sure you leave them better than you found them.” I thought there was an incredible amount of wisdom in that; incredible because nobody can begrudge you if you left them better than they were.


Whether they’re better because they’re wiser or they’re richer, any way that ‘better’ can be interpreted. Then you’re kind of clear. But if you leave somebody bleeding and wanting—I’ve done that earlier in my life and I understand it now—it creates karma and it doesn’t just happen in love; it happens every which way.


It’s one of the reasons we keep doing these calls: because the down-side of creating value is the responsibility that we take on to hold the space for everyone that is using these calls as a way of centering themselves. Sooner or later this all gets internalized; for many of you it has to become internalized and the calls are not just a means to hold yourself together, but it’s your contribution just to show up and help hold other people together.


For those of you that are listening on the replays, you miss this, but there’s a whole little community that develops from people that all know each other that are there are the beginning of the call chatting, saying hello, telling jokes; it’s very uplifted energy. Those people have all learned to be there for each other in a real way.


If you’re missing that, start showing up early on the calls and get involved in that energy. It’s a good energy and it helps you bring you out. I’ve watched people that come in very shy and a month later they’re in there talking to everybody. Try it out and listen. Let me see. We are about to start. It’s 6:20. I’m not going to talk too much tonight.


We have Morgan; we have Vaughn. We’re getting all these emails in and Vaughn says, “If you’re hungry, after the conference call I’m buying”. Hi Vaughn, you’ll have to come to Carlsbad. Vaughn is the gentleman who is letting us use his empty apartment in Los Angeles.


Here is a message from Bill. Hi, Bill. Bill’s feeling out of it. Bill, you’re one of those people that have got to come in early on the calls; believe me; you will appreciate it. Where’s Bill? I don’t know where Bill is, but just saying, “Hello”.


These calls really are for you and me. I don’t have a reason to be here; I would have left this realm if it wasn’t for these calls. Certainly if it wasn’t for Terry I would have gone a long time ago. Don Herman wants to know what the best kind of water is. Terry knows that: alkaline water.


Terry:  I know that.


Wynn:  Terry’s more of an expert than me.


Carla Rueckert was on our Sunday call. She participated on it with me. She really got into it; she really enjoyed it. She said such a beautiful thing about Terry. Do you want to hear what she said? Let me see here if I can find it.


[As Wynn looks for the quote he interjects:] I have to clear this with Barry Morrow, but when we do this Saturday event, I think I’m going to try to have Carla on and Carla and I will be like Regis and Cathy Lee interviewing Barry Morrow. I think that Carla is very articulate and he’ll like her; plus she made a movie. For those of you that don’t know, she made a movie where she went topless years and years ago. Here’s what Carla said to Terry:


“I greatly enjoyed being with you and ‘himself’ last Sunday. What a lovely program that is! I know a lot of folks are very uplifted; it’s such a beautiful service. Your channeling was so good; I just mostly enjoyed sharing auras with you. It’s most sweet to be in your aura. I imagine you hear that a lot; it’s just true. I love you lots.” That’s from Carla to Terry and I thought that was wonderful.


Terry, aren’t you the one that’s felt worthless most of her life?


Terry:  I also thought I wasn’t good enough because I’d always made stupid mistakes and was awkward and stuff.


Wynn:  I used to do that. You didn’t know that part of you was in the other realms just waiting to bring all this stuff through, huh?


Terry:  I was there, so I kind of knew it, but they were my friends.


Wynn:  Okay. Let’s just start with calling in the Light.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry and myself and everyone on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of the Solar System, through the energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us. We create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Let me see; our first question for tonight; this is Caroline in Alaska:


“Does consciousness come from the brain, the heart, the spirit or elsewhere?”


Ra’An: Thank you.


We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator; we are here tonight at this juncture of the full Moon and Earth and we are delighted to spend this time with you. We feel honored that you have joined our call and we are here with you, not over the telephone line and not over the radio; we are directly here with you for those that wish to connect with us and we are delighted with your questions. Give us a moment.


Would you repeat the question please?


Wynn:  The question is:


“Does consciousness come from the brain, the heart, the spirit or elsewhere?”


Ra’An: Thank you.


Consciousness is. Consciousness is a manifestation of various degrees of awareness, various degrees of life, various degrees of life-force; prana. Consciousness is in the heart.


In your body, you have cells and in their function and in their realm they are conscious. And they have specific duties that all work together to create the overall consciousness of the body and of the individual. So, the individual who is working through the body is in a state of co-creation with the consciousnesses in the body, the consciousnesses in the heart, the consciousnesses in the brain. Consciousness resides outside of the body and clear through to the higher realms. It is all of these elements that are acting together, co-creating, to produce a human life.


So, the answer is that consciousness is in all of these things. Which consciousness prevails is which consciousness has the focus, has the intention, has the joy, the leadership. They work together with all of the other consciousnesses involved in having a life: the consciousness within the body, the consciousness of the ground that one walks on, the consciousness of the food that goes into replenishing the energies of the body.


But the energies are also coming through the prana, coming in through the air one breathes and it all works together. When it is working together harmoniously, then you have a higher state of awareness.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Question here from Edna: it has to do with jumping in and out of dimensions. She talks about when she wakes up in the morning it feels usually, like a shock. While in her sleep-state, she finds herself in a place which is more comfortable and sometimes filled with so much love and harmony.


“The place makes me feel light inside myself and it feels like there is home. When I wake up my brain takes over, turns on and I always have a hard time to come back here in this physical body. I want to go back there, momentarily, to the beautiful place.


Sometimes I get upset and refuse to come back to my body in this third dimension. I try to go back there by forcing to sleep but it does not work. It is a heavy, uncomfortable sensation to adapt back to the moment here once I wake up. That is because that I know that the other place is better and that is where I want to be.


“So my question is: ‘Where do I go? What dimension do I go into? And, how do I get to stay there if I want to? And, how can I come back from there in this wonderful peaceful space while physically awake and while my brain is in operation?’ I’m trying to understand what is happening. Thank you.”


Ra’An:  Thank you. That is a lovely question.


We see that many people, as they go into the dream-state, are having counseling, getting back home to the state where they are homogeneous, where they are whole, where they know that they are loved and they give and take love. This is training; that other world is training for the third dimensional world. It is training for the stabilization of your soul as it goes through the lessons in the third density.


It is about a support for you that regenerates and refreshes you when you are sleeping and are on the other side. The dreams are very valuable and can give you the knowledge that you are loved and then give you strength to bring that feeling of equanimity of wholeness into your life in the third density.


So it is a bringing through of wholeness that yourself craves. And in your life situations you can, as you go through your day, see glimpses of what it would be to bring that wholeness into the third density with you and to create little areas that could spread to bigger areas of safeness and a feeling of being loved in this density.


Wynn:  Thank you. Suppose one had an ‘open heart’ in their sleep and a ‘closed heart’ in their waking. How does that help their points towards graduating this realm?


Ra’An:  It is part of the lessons that one is going through. Not all the experiences one goes through call for an open heart, as there are situations and there are people who do not understand the open heart. They are, say, stuck in a rage or fear. The response that they would understand is rage or fear, as the open heart and the love would not reach them.


However, one could get across; span the difference between the place where you are, in a place of love and the place where they are, in a place of fear and anger. You could span the difference, by moving into an emotional tone that was just a little bit higher than their emotional tone. But yet, use it as a training for the person who was at the lower tone, as training to bridge the gap little by little, bringing them to a higher tone, say, is leading them.


Sarcasm is one way to lead a person up, humor is another way to lead another person up, sarcasm and irony wherein the tone is similar to theirs, but yet has an element of truth in it that can shine a little bit of a glimpse on their true positioning and that there is a higher level for them to move into. This is where writers and plays and drama in your theatres can help lead a person or whole groups of people, to higher tones.


Wynn:  Thank you.


“When someone dies, did they manifest that outcome? Is karma always involved? When you hold a certain vibration of love and attract love and life, do you in turn avoid a premature death?” That’s from Abendbolah. I can’t remember if he’s in another country; obviously he’s from another county. Thank you.


Thank you, Abendbolah.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We take a moment and feel you and send an energy-handshake to you and we appreciate your presence and your being with us.


When an individual dies, it does not necessarily involve karma; it is very often the next step. For instance, we give you an example:


If the body has not had proper nutrition, and the body is in a difficult circumstance, then the individual who is within the body is not as connected to his life as the individual would be if they had a proper living environment and nutrition. And we see that you have looked at situations wherein this has happened to people and it seems so unfair. Like, how could these people have this happen to them? How could they have this happen to them? It is so unfair that they were born into circumstances where this could exist.


However, many of the people who were born into this circumstance are Wanderers, and they are hoping against hope to make things better. It is part of the thing that they have chosen to go through and to experience, so that they may know in the future how best to help, how best to grow strong and how best to provide for one’s fellows and bring love and nourishment and wholeness into the third density realm.


Some individuals moving into these circumstances are simply seeking knowledge of what is going on or how come there are circumstances like this and they have chosen to experience it so that they can help in the future, so they can figure out ways through the challenges. They, in the future, can help build a world that is stronger and more loving towards individuals and individual groups that are struggling.


We gear this answer somewhat for you and so other people on the line can, although they are not having the same experiences, relate it perhaps to their own situations where they are undergoing economic distress.


As far as death goes, death is a transition. It is an entrance to a new chapter in one’s life; it is an entrance to rejuvenation; a place where one can come home and rest and can take a look at their leisure at their life and see the things that they have done and how they have affected others and others have affected them and what is the outcome of their actions and what areas they need more work on.


So it is a part of re-establishing wholeness; the life in the third density has some areas where the body is vulnerable. It is part of the person’s dipping in to experience in the third density and then remaining within the major part their soul connected to the higher ground; the higher world.


As they are connected to the higher world, they can dip into the localized, the limited, the third density with the lower frequencies and learn to experience what it is and broaden and enrich their experience that allows them to be stronger, more knowledgeable.


It is a very brave thing to come into the third density. We love you dearly.


Wynn:  Thank you very much, and thank you for the question.


I know early on, when Daphne was first doing sessions and I asked about past lives, they didn’t really say very much. But they did say that I came into this realm many times; I died young; I was an orphan.


What I see is; when you’re in the other realm, it seems easy to come in here and do this, but when you get here it is not so easy, because you forget everything from the other realm. It takes a tremendous amount of conviction and passion to make anything like we’re doing happen. Even to prove it to myself that it’s real, it seems real. Oftentimes it’s the small things, the small values that you create for other people that make life worth living, that make it important to be here.


Question from Ron:


“My sister recently gave birth to a still-born baby boy named Carter. Their hopes and dreams were shattered. This is the second son they’ve lost within sixteen months. Both were unable to take a breath on Earth, and we buried Carter last Monday. Can you share anything about why Carter didn’t enter this world, where he is now and anything you can provide that I can share with the parents to make them feel better about it?”


Ra’An:  Thank you. We see that Carter had some hopes of being born into the world, but he could not get his electrical potential high enough to make the body breathe. He could not connect enough with this world in the third density from the world in which he was coming. He, within his own individual cocoon of existence, did not wish enough to leave where he was at.


He experienced something grand; a beginning attempt in coming into the third density; a beginning. But to be in the womb and to be that much connected was totally congruent with his existence and his desire for safety and protection and when he came out of the womb, he was unwilling to let that go. It is part of Carter’s growth and part of his dipping into the third density just a little bit, to dip into it a little bit and still be safe and feel loved.


And when he is able to reach out from his safety cocoon and to reach more into the third density he may be able to establish a life here. We send love and safety, which is what he is experiencing and what he experienced with your sister. He really is appreciative of that chance to be this near to life.


Wynn:  Thank you very much. Gijs asked the question:


“When we put things into the Love Light, is there a greater creative effect when only the desired results are being verbally and emotionally brought forth rather than asking for the unwanted situation to be changed?” Let me see if I understand that.


“…and the desired results being verbally and emotionally brought forth?” We’ve talked about this; sometimes Valerie says that. If somebody is sick, instead of putting their healing or change of their sickness into the Light, you would put them, seeing them as whole and well. The question is: is there a difference or advantage, a preference, of doing it one way or the other?


Ra’An:  Yes. If we say the other way first: when you consider the sickness and then changing the sickness, you are putting the barrier first. You are putting what needs to happen in a way that it is setting up the sickness as barrier to be overcome and to be worked through and to get across and to do away with.


However, if you go straight to the results that you wanted, you are by-passing all of that hard work in getting over the sickness and you are setting the example for the body, for the cells of the body, of how they could be, how they could work together, how it would be without that sickness barrier; you are getting-jumping across that barrier just all in one fell swoop by putting there healing, the magic, the way, the result, the final point of not having that sickness there.


And you do not wish to on the other hand to figure that the sickness doesn’t exist. If you look at things exactly the way they are, but yet don’t put the barrier of the name of the disease there, you don’t put it in the way. You look at it and don’t give it a name. It’s like we can use the analogy of the bottle of water. You put the sign ‘love’ on it and the structure of the water gets the message and the structure of the water changes.


So, if you are working with a body condition and you put the label on it, immediately when you put the label on it, whether it is any of the deadly diseases, if you put the label on it, the cells get the message immediately and there they are. They are starting just at the sound of it to take on the essence of disorder; the essence of disruption that is there, that is creating the problem.


But when you put ‘love’ on the bottle, or you put the healthy condition, the cells get the message; they start just in the putting of the healed—but the word ‘healed’ contains the connotation that there is something to get over. But when you put the way that you wish the body to be, you wish it to have 20/20 vision and you put that there, the cells begin to get the idea. But you can’t also overlook the fact of where it is, because that has to change. But, you, within your own mind, need to get over that barrier, that it is something that the body is in trouble with. Once you in the mind can get over that, then the body can change.


This is a fine distinction here, but is very important. Perhaps we could give you a quick example of:


David Hawkins who had less than 20/20 vision; he could barely see. And he had big, thick glasses. So, he kept imagining, “I can see perfectly; I can see perfectly. I’ve got 20/20 vision, 20/20 vision.” But he couldn’t and the only time that he could was when he was in intense danger of going over a cliff or something.


Then all of a sudden, he could see 20/20, but then his vision would get bad again. And so he finally said to himself, “You know, I’m never going to be able to see; I just have to accept that fact”. Once he accepted the fact that there was that barrier there and he had been putting 20/20 there as a goal and once he totally looked at that he couldn’t see, then it was able to set change in motion and his vision went to 20/20 and stayed.


So, within that story is the answer to your question.


Wynn:  Thank you very much. That will be our last question tonight. We have about one minute left.


I just want to tell you a little bit about this Saturday call. Of course, I’m always a little nervous about saying anything in advance in case it doesn’t happen this way, but as of right now Barry Morrow, who wrote The Rain Man and won an Academy Award for it, is going to help us and do a fundraiser on Saturday morning. We’re just going to chat with him. Carla Rueckert has agreed to help me interview Barry.


Somewhere in the ethers there’s the possibility that Barry will end up doing a movie about our story and what happened. We already have had many meetings about it. In fact, I met Barry in 2002 on the very same day that I left that expo in Monterey and drove through Santa Barbara and had lunch with Barry and was pitching him on doing a movie. I never had met him; somebody introduced me and said I should call him. I was pitching him on doing a movie on The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?.


A few months later I was with Daphne and I called him up. He said, “That’s a much better story than The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?” and we’ve been talking about it ever since.


At that time we were not doing conference calls; my book was not published. Nothing was happening. I said to myself, “What a great way to get this out there, to do a movie”. Then I saw that even though Barry was willing to do it, he was not able to make a movie happen, because he had been out of the movie loop. He had found that Hollywood was not very responsive to sensitive movies, the kind of movies he wanted to make. I was the one that had to make it happen. I did try for a while and I couldn’t get it going in the right way.


It’s still out there; it still could happen. It’s not dead. If any one of you happens to know anyone. The problem is to make a movie in the right way; to get the Elohim energy into it. And not to turn it into a Hollywood thing, although probably anything is better than nothing, because it will focus attention on this work.


In any case, I haven’t sent the email out but I’ll send it out. It’s probably going to be a $7 suggested donation but you can do less. We’ll go for at least two hours from 10:00 Saturday morning. I hope you’ll participate.


One of the things about this is, I don’t think Barry quite understands the impact that this work is having. I think to him it looked like it was going to be a cult of some sort. So, having him come on and feel everybody and feel the energies and have questions, you’re playing a part in helping anchor the energies for something that could happen in the future.


On that note, watch your emails. I might get it out tonight; I’ll certainly get it out tomorrow. It’s kind of a small circle, because the Rain Man had Tom Cruise. If you’ve ever heard me say this, Tom Cruise, before he made his first movie, spent two years attending Carla Rueckert’s channelings and he was living in Louisville, Kentucky.


We will see what happens. On that note, I’ll open up the mics and we can all say goodbye. The mics are all opened.



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