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Sunday Grid Healing


Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is March 31, 2013 and this is Wynn in North Hollywood; Terry in Sedona, Carla in Anchorage [Kentucky] and all of you, everywhere.


This is so phenomenal to come together every Sunday and have such a high vibration, which we are all creating together. This is one of those days when I’m not hitting the ground running, but that’s okay because it starts this way.


This is Easter Sunday and it represents the day that Jesus was resurrected. For the opening part of this session, we have a couple of things directly related to Jesus. When I was initially researching all of this material I was studying the David Wilcock channelings, the Carla Rueckert channelings, the Edgar Cayce channelings and the Bible and I had come to a conclusion that there was a strong connection with Jesus and the Sources that we are connected to.


I don’t know if Carla ever addressed that directly. Carla, did you ever address that in your work? Did you ever address that, a connection with Jesus? Jesus definitely came up in the Ra Material; right?


Carla:  The connection of Jesus with Ra; no, I never did. I never figured that they had any connection, except that they were both focused on the same thing and offering the same message, although Jesus offered it in an extraordinary, personal way; whereas in the Ra contact it was a very impersonal contact and offered the message in a very impersonal way.


Wynn:  In my studying all the materials at that time, I was coming to the conclusion—and you don’t have to agree with this, I’m just sharing the indications—that Ra was actually very much involved in the bringing forth of Jesus into this realm. I’ll tell you some of the indications that I was getting in cross-referencing material.


First of all, there was a connection with Akhenaton. As I was reading stuff about Akhenaton, Akhenaton was seemingly, in a number of historical things and channeled things, responsible for the Essenes. As I was intuiting it, the Essenes were a group of high spiritual beings that were around in the time of Jesus and that Jesus hung out with them.


Carla:  He did, yes.


Wynn:  Yes. And it was necessary for Jesus—this is my take on this—when He was growing up, to be around people who were channeling, who had high connections, in order for him to figure out his own mission. It felt to me like the Essenes were part of the creation of that on a really long term plan, when Akhenaton was sending enlightened beings out from his city into the caves. That was one connection.


I kept contemplating it and contemplating it. Finally I did a session with Daphne. I believe we did this session in 2003, perhaps when we were in Kentucky. I was going to read a little bit of that session and then Carla was going to read a Q’uo session that occurred. What was the date? I sent it to Carla this morning.


Carla:  It occurred on April 16th of ‘95 which was Easter Sunday that year.


Wynn:  Okay; and it was relating to the resurrection. Then I did ask some questions, both to Daphne and Terry, at different times over the past years about my premise that Jesus was connected with these groups. There were really some interesting things that came up in those answers. Like any channeled material, it’s not to say that it’s true. It’s putting together little pieces of the puzzle to see how they fit and if they fit.


For example, when I asked about the Holy Spirit in one session, it said the Holy Spirit was a construction of the Ra group, energetically. You’ve got to remember through Carla’s material the Ra group had identified itself as an energetic complex that was able to move souls from one planet to another. In particular they were moving souls from Maldek and Mars to Earth, because Maldek blew itself up and Mars became uninhabitable.


The way that it was described in the Ra Material is that the souls were in a tangled web, because when you go through a death experience, particularly in a nuclear situation, souls become tangled; they become glommed together and they need to be untangled to continue their evolutionary path.


In the Ra material, Ra took the responsibility of helping these souls get untangled so they could continue their individual growth. That apparently was a big job; it wasn’t easy. The souls were brought to Earth and they inhabited the bodies of, was that Neanderthal man, Carla?


Carla:  In the Maldek experience there was a knot of fear; that’s what you were talking about, that was extreme enough that they couldn’t immediately come into third density bodies. They had to hang out while their souls healed to the point where they realized they were people. At that point, then they could reincarnate into third density bodies. They are all recovered at this point into third density bodies.


But yes, they came in through great ape bodies. Of course, we have great ape bodies too, but we just don’t have the hair.


Wynn:  Right, it took a long time for them to recover, yes?


Carla:  It took a long time, hundreds of thousands of years.


With Mars they lost their oxygen layer because, I suppose, of nuclear activity. They didn’t talk about the Mars people going into a knot of fear. They simply said that another group, some of the guardians, got this idea and ran it past the Council of Nine for improving the genetics, dealing with the genetics and DNA to make them smarter and stronger and so forth so that they were more able to get hold of The Law of One and to study it and to live it. That turned out quite badly.


That was the reason for the quarantine getting started 75,000 years ago here, because it turned out so badly.


Wynn: When I was reading the Ra Material originally, I said to myself, “If this Ra group was moving souls from one planet to another; that was not small potatoes; that was big. I said, “If a Source was moving souls and taking that level of responsibility for the evolution of the beings, then how could they not be involved with Jesus?”


Finally I did this session with Daphne that was quite extraordinary. This was August 22, 2003; it was in Spring Hurst, Kentucky. Daphne had been staying at her aunt’s house. I picked her up and we were going to go back to California, which we did. We were in a motel and we had visited Carla at the time. I was pursuing this question about the connection between Ra and the Christ. I’m just going to read a little bit of that session.


Editor’s note: for clarity, people speaking from the 2003 session are in bold italics.


Daphne [channeling]: “Are we proceeding to the Divine conscious access mechanism, the latent rarified structures of DNA, molecular wiring of sub-logoi; sub-logos slowed beneath threshold of speed of light? This results in materialization of form; the trick, the challenge, to remain open to the highest frequencies of love while incarnate in a sub-stellar, sub-light speed vehicle of materialization. Proceed with questions, please…”


That’s the way they opened the session. Whoa! Did you guys follow that?


Carla:  Did you follow that; that’s the question.


Wynn:  I followed it; did you follow it? Did you follow it, Carla?


Carla: Yeah, I think so. I’m not sure I could answer that question, though.


Wynn:  “…to the Divine conscious access mechanism” – that’s us, okay? They’re calling us ‘the Divine conscious access mechanism’, or they are calling Daphne that? “….the latent rarified structures of DNA molecular wiring of sub-logoi.”


Again, we’re sub-logoi. In the Ra Material there was the Logos which was, I believe the Elohim or The One Infinite Creator and that all steps down. Then there’s sub-logoi, sub-sub-logoi and into our bodies. So, we’re sub-sub-sub-logoi.


Carla:  No, we’re just sub-sub. Sub-logoi are suns, and then we are sons of suns.


Wynn:  Okay. They’re talking about Solar Logos, which would be the Sun slowed down beneath the threshold of the speed of light, i.e. there is a lot of stuff moving in the Universe faster than the speed of light. When things move faster than the speed of light, they’re in other dimensions.


Now, it’s slowing down beneath the threshold of the speed of light which results in the materialization of form. “The trick, the challenge, is to remain open to the highest frequencies of love while incarnate in a sub-stellar—which I guess could also be sub-sub-logoi—sub-light speed vehicle of materialization.”


So, we are the ‘sub-light speed vehicle of materialization’. The challenge is to connect with the frequencies of love while in these bodies.


Carla:  Quite a challenge!


Wynn:  Quite a challenge, right.


Wynn: “Who is speaking to us right now?”


Remember, this was 2003. These sessions were kind of blowing my mind; they were so articulate and so high-vocabulary…


Ninth Vibration of the Solar Council:  “Yes, we have regarded this contact closely. We identify ourselves; we are the ninth vibration of your Solar Council of the local Elohim under the direct tutelage of Ra and in association with the council of Ahn and the council of Benath.”


Wynn:  Now the Council of Ahn and the Council of Benath were identified previously as sub-councils of the Elohim. The way that I was learning how this working is that these group souls were organized; they had bureaucracy. I don’t think they’d call it bureaucracy, but they had structure. They had structure, and the different parts of them did different things.


Initially we were talking to the Council of Ahn for quite some time and still do. When I asked what the Council of Ahn’s role was, they said the Council of Ahn was the translator into the language of a local area from the language of the Elohim. That’s what they said.


Remember, I can’t validate any of this; this is just to consider, not to be believed. But, these are the ways the answers came forth.


Wynn: “Thank you. Could you explain the interaction of Ra and the Elohim in relationship to the one known as Jesus and the relationship to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost?”


Ninth Vibration of the Solar Council: “This is a complex interrelationship dynamic. As you have so-asked, let us proceed as follows:


‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’, it is written in your world religions of this Trinitarian consciousness; it is a key, the triune, the destiny of the heart, to link with the psychos, the psyche, and the spirit, to form a vortex energy spiraling out of the propensity for heaviness and Saturn boxed-in-ness of this local density.”


Wynn:  Let me just make sure you understand that. Basically, the Trinitarian consciousness is a bridge from this realm into higher realms and the bridge is a vortex energy that we connect with, where we can feel the energy of the higher realms while we’re in our sub-stellar bodies. I believe it’s what happens on this call when you’re feeling that. I don’t know if we’re using the Trinitarian consciousness; that was one way of going from here to the higher realms, but when we feel that energy coming in, that’s what they’re referring to.


Ninth Vibration of the Solar Council: …“It is a key, the triune, a destiny of the heart to link with the psychos.


“When the Father decided to manifest a Son, he gave a part of his life essence and essentially threw a spark into the denser realms, into the denser ethers, in order to, shall we say, ignite them in the passion of the higher densities of the love vibration? Do you understand this?”


Wynn: “I do—I don’t know if I was telling the truth when I said that, but I was trying—but I want to ask a question: was the Father The One Infinite Creator, who created the solar logoi, Ra and the Elohim? Who would have represented the Father in terms of the specific decision to put the Son into this density?”


 Ninth Vibration of the Solar Council: “As you would understand this question, the decision was made by the one known as Ra.”


Wynn:  “Thank you. Did the Elohim co-create and participate in the event?”


Ninth Vibration of the Solar Council:  “The Elohim were of a supportive nature, similarly as a mother and father are supportive in their roles to bringing up a child.”


Wynn: “Was this Holy Spirit energy, which I define as the vibratory energetic space around me, becoming aware that it is uplifted by the energetic force?”


Ninth Vibration of the Solar Council: “You speak in terms too intellectual; move into the field of the heart. It is there you will find the key to the Holy Spirit. It is, shall we say, the gift; the Paraousia. Look up this word; it is the descent of the Pentecostal dove into the heart.”


Wynn:  Carla, are you familiar with the word ‘Paraousia’?


Carla:  No.


Wynn:  No; geez, we got you huh?


Wynn:  “How did Jesus uncover His own mission while He was in the physical? What were the events that allowed Him to reveal to Himself what He was supposed to do?”


Ninth Vibration of the Solar Council:  “He did not, as you would say, ‘reveal to Himself.’ He was in constant and direct communication with the Father and knew from a very early age, about what you would say four or five years old, that He was here for a very specific purpose, that He was here for a very specific mission to enable humankind-civilization to emerge to the next step.”


Wynn:  “And so the Father would have been Ra and He was getting messages in His dream state and in His mind?”


Ninth Vibration of the Solar Council:  “This is affirmative, but not just in the dream state, also in a conscious waking state. He was incredibly intuitive; He saw God everywhere, in everything and in everyone. He was able to read the higher frequency vibrations emanating from the auric fields, not only of the rocks and the trees and the people, but every single sentient thing and non-sentient thing on the planet.


“They say in the end times when Christ is to come again and walk among you it is actually an awakening in the cellular matrix of every human on the planet who is free-willingly open to the receiving of these higher vibrations; that every rock and stone shall start to speak.


“Know you the true meaning of this? The rocks and the stones have always spoken but your frequencies have not been open enough for you to understand that they themselves are a part of all that is and therefore a part of you.”


Wynn:  Then I asked a question. This was a new Source that was speaking to me. If you recall, at the beginning they said they’re the Divine conscious access mechanism.


Wynn: “Who is speaking to us?”


Ninth Vibration of the Solar Council: “We are the ninth vibration of your Solar Council of the local Elohim, and in association with the Council of Ahn and the Council of Benath.”


Wynn:  This was something new; ‘the Ninth Vibration of your Solar Council of the local Elohim’. Every time something new would come in, I’d be a little nervous because I was already very well aware that a negative source could take over a channeling. I’d have to go through:  What is this? Can I trust this? Although it sounded good, I asked a question:


Wynn:  “When we have someone new who speaks through Daphne, over a period of time I test the Source, I get comfortable with it and I start to recognize its positive matrix”.


Ninth Vibration of the Solar Council: “Prudence; yes, prudence and discernment. We caution you only, not to delay too much. Be not an ostrich with your head in the sand. Feel the vibratory nature of what is coming to you internally; you know what is right. This is not to say you should not subject transmissions such as these to your own personal litmus test.


“However, do not get caught up in what we would term overly semantic and often unreliable empirical methods, which have boxed you in your orthodox ways of trying to understand the Universe. It is too cut off from the heart frequency to fully incorporate and understand that which emanates from the realm of the heart chakra and not the realm of logic.”


Carla:  I think that’s why the challenging that I used which was to ask them, “Can you say Jesus is Lord?” because it was totally hooked in or totally a part of my Christianity and my heart that it worked so well for me and always has worked well for me and will continue working well for me.


Because when I challenge them, I am standing on my Christianity and saying “This I believe; this I would die for and this, I’m living for.” My heart is totally involved; I got to challenge Ra; I challenged the heck out of Ra, because I definitely did not want to talk to somebody named Ra.


Ra was fine with that challenge. I think it really was a short-cut for me that I had that challenging; I didn’t have to figure it out. It was either, “Yes, Jesus is Lord” or “Goodbye”. It was instantaneous.


Go ahead; I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt.


Wynn:  Yes you did.


Carla:  That was too good.


Wynn:  One of the other indications I was getting was, as I was studying the Edgar Cayce sessions, I had come to the conclusion that it was Ra, or part of Ra, that was speaking through Edgar Cayce. Cayce kept saying it was the Christ speaking through him.


I remember when I read Cayce, years ago, I said, “What is the Christ? How is the Christ speaking through him?” When I put the idea that Cayce was connecting with the Ra group and the Ra group was connected to Jesus, it made complete sense for Cayce to say it was the Christ.


Cayce could not know it was the Ra group, because he was a fundamentalist Christian and he would have dumped the whole thing, because the idea of a group soul was not in his concept of God. So they couldn’t say that.


My take is, when you started doing the Ra group—you don’t have to even agree this is true what I just read—but the religious part of you might not have accepted the idea that Ra could have been the Source that Jesus called “Father”.


Would you say that’s true?


Carla:  I’m glad that I wasn’t faced with having to decide that.


Wynn:  It would have been too much, right?


Carla:  I don’t know if it would have been too much or not, but it would have been the kind of stretch that would have gotten me stuck for a while, as I dealt with it. The Ra group did not get me stuck anywhere. They always spoke in very neutral terms: God was the Creator and so forth.


Wynn:  All this stuff I’m saying; I could be wrong. I’m not for saying for everyone to believe that, but this is the way that it came up. In my mind, it all fit together.


Carla:  It’s fascinating listening to how you put it together.


Wynn:  Yeah.


Then of course there are some people that are on for the first time today. I had this wonderful meeting last night with these two young ladies who were so representative of Indigo-Crystal children energy. We were meeting at a restaurant and there were Taren and Tania. I know Tania is on the line tonight; I don’t know if Taren is on the line.


I’ve learned to identify certain energies and I was seeing Taren as an Elohim soul. She was one of those beings, that as she was sitting in this chair, she was reading our Elohim book and it was totally resonating. She was sitting there and her energy couldn’t be contained in her body; it was like her smile was going from ear-to-ear and the total joy of what she was feeling—she didn’t know any of this material and she was young.


Her friend Tania was there. We’re going to do a session for a bunch of young people here in L.A. on Tuesday at Tania’s house. I was thinking of new people and I knew Tania was on the line.


I want to make sure I give a good introduction to Carla; Carla was channeling the Ra group from 1981 to 1984. She was getting very negatively attacked. At a certain point, her partner, who was helping to hold the energy, the frequency of this contact, died.


She did not go back to directly channeling Ra. It seemed to me that on the other side they put together an energetic construct so the Ra energy could go through two lower forms because Ra, in and of itself, was too “up there.”


Carla:  It was too narrow-band; that’s exactly what they said, Wynn. They said that the Q’uo group was made of the Ra group, which was 6th density narrow band, and the Latwii group, which was the fifth density or the wisdom density which was wider band. I had been channeling the Latwii group; it was my favorite group before Ra. The Hatonn group, which was the first group I ever channeled; that’s fourth density, the love vibration, and they were basically just channeling love and not contributing to the intellectual part of it, but you could feel the love in-between the words. When I read this, you just see if you can feel it.


It was those three; they put them together because every time I tuned, I tuned the same way: I would start out with my intention and I would say, “Lord, it is my intention to serve you today by channeling the highest and best contact I can carry in a conscious and stable manner of the vibration of Jesus the Christ, Unconditional Love.”


So they got that together, the three of them, which was as close as they could come to fulfilling my request every time I set my intention to channel. They were stepping it down: first into the fifth density, then into the fourth density and then coming through, so that I would translate them into the third density.


So yeah; that’s exactly right.


Wynn:  I believe that prior to that formation of the Q’uo, Don Elkins was able to hold the frequency that Q’uo held; the Hatonn and Latwii held after he passed. He could hold that frequency on the Earth plane and that’s why the Ra contact could come through, yes?


When they put together this other structure, when you read her stuff you can definitely feel the difference in energy from these raw Ra channelings to the Q’uo channelings; the Q’uo channelings were much more loving, much more, how would you say it?


Carla:  More inspirational, less dense.


Wynn:  Yes, less dense.


So, you didn’t experience those attacks when you were channeling Q’uo, did you?


Carla:  No.


Wynn:  Carla was having extreme attacks. One of the things is: let’s suppose this premise is right and that Don was creating the stair-step bridge. If Don wasn’t in your field it would suddenly create a hole and create an opening to attacks. But, since Q’uo was an internal bridge, maybe they could hold that bridge in place so the attacks didn’t occur?


Carla:  Yes, that’s right. I think so, yes.


Wynn:  I’m just speculating here.


Carla has hundreds if not thousands of Q’uo sessions posted on her website: There’s a wealth of detailed understandings about everything and you can do searches about anything; just put it in and you’ll get a bunch of sessions. She was doing them live at her home every Sunday for quite a few years and open to anyone that showed up.


Carla:  About thirty, yes. Thirty years.


Wynn:  Thirty years.


Carla:  It would still be going on except in 2010 I started to have back problems.  While you’re taking pain medication I just think it lays you open to so many mistakes; you’re just not yourself. As far as being able to hold a zone, you can hold it for a short period of time, but holding it when you’re really deep and really focused, you just have a tendency to either go to sleep or lose the tuning. So I wanted to wait until I got back off pain medication, so that my channeling would be dependable. I just have that pride of wanting to do it well or not do it at all.


A lot of people disagree with that. They say, “You’ll be fine; you’ll just be fine.” I’m going “Uh-uh; I won’t do it.” Hopefully, I can get back to that as soon as I recover completely. I have the feeling I’ll recover very quickly from this third operation. It’s time for me to heal up.


Wynn:  We agree.


Carla:  Yes, it’s time. I can feel the energy of it; it feels so good.


Wynn:  What I did was, I went through Carla’s Q’uo sessions and I found one on Easter. I invited Carla to read it this morning. Are you prepared, Carla?


Carla:  I am; thank you for sending me the transcript. I have it right here.


Wynn:  With that introduction just start when you’re ready.


Carla:  Alright. I’ll read the question first since they refer to the question during the answer. This was on April 16, 1995:


Jim:  “This is Easter Sunday and it is also the time of spring, when the new flowers and new grasses and plants start poking their heads out of the ground. We are all feeling rather inspired and inspirited. We would like to have some information upon this general concept of resurrection or rebirth; the coming into being of a new self, the inspiration bringing a new being, a risen being, more inspired and full of light.


And we would like to have whatever information you could give us on how this process happens in our own lives, how it happens in the world around us; the interrelationship between the two and anything you could say on rebirth or resurrection.”


Carla:  And here is where I start channeling:


The Q’uo: “We are those of Q’uo and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is both a privilege and a blessing for us to be sharing in your vibration. We would thank each which has come to this circle, this day for the quality and depth of the preparation of desire, for considering new thoughts and looking for new truths. When the desire has been so purified that it becomes a fine instrument and then it is, that the call sent out becomes clearer and stronger and this aids us; for as the preparation is, so the energy is and as the energy of the circle is, so the communication is.”


“So those hours spent in thought, in prayer, in review, in contemplation, in meditation and as this instrument would say, “in the sacred practice of chilling out and taking it easy”, each of you has done good work and work that enables us to do our work better and we thank you for this most profoundly.


“As we view the thrust of your opening question this day we reflect upon how to lay the groundwork for that which we have to offer in the way of opinion. As always, we ask that each discriminate carefully and choose those things which we have to say that are useful, leaving the rest behind.


Perhaps we shall begin in the dark, where the preparation for light is all important to the appreciation and resonance with that light that comes at the end of a period of watching and waiting. How necessary it is that the concepts of Spirit first be nurtured and said within the Earth and grounded in being, that spiritual Self that within the mythological systems we call Christianity has its beginnings at the birth of Christ. The small child is deep within that darkness of winter, the beginning of spiritual seeking, or perhaps we should say ‘spiritual learning’, is always in darkness.


This is quite necessary, for much ground must be laid within that darkness. Much development of the Spirit takes place only within the shadows of that inner darkness which so fructifies and feeds the Spirit that it gains the energy which it then can then use to seek the light.


So as always, the beginning of the discussion of equality includes it’s dynamic opposite, those opposites that seem so different, one from the other, and yet are each other as two sides of the coin; in truth, one object. All opposites may be fruitfully be seen as unified; this practice is instructive.


When the light lengthens upon your planet, when the sun rises earlier and sets later, the effect upon your Earth-world is astounding. It is a food to green and growing things; that light which seems tangible and yet is literally food and drink to your companions of second density that reach their leaves to the light of the sun as it rains down in a golden shower. And in that plane of the Earth world, indeed, your entire planet is moving at this time, within a new and previously un-experienced portion of space-time.


As the inevitable cycles move, some cycles are very brief; others preponderously long. But at this particular time in your Earth history, this present moment is witness to unprecedented amounts of spiritual light and this shall continue to expand, as the cycles of time and space move relentlessly and benevolently to create ever-new opportunities for seeking, for learning, for the giving and receiving of unity by unity, love by love; any quality whatsoever, by its reflection, in all that is seen and felt.


In a Universe in which the Creator moves with such order and precision, it is not surprising that the rhythms of human beings move in sympathy with the rhythms of the planet and its seasons. Many of your planet’s people celebrate a resurrection of that which was dead and is now alive.


This choice of that religion that you call Christian, of the spring as the time in which to celebrate death and resurrection of the Christ, is peculiarly apt and very accurately placed, is that date that so coincides, not with rhythms of created mankind, but with those fey and restless rhythms of Moon and tide; of Earth and the dark heart of the womb. Now is the time when that which has been in the womb, whether it be seed or embryo or Spirit, has the opportunity to respond to the enlarging of the light.


This is a precious time; a time to celebrate the self that is not yet unfurled; to celebrate that which is in bud, young, vulnerable and infinitely tender. The exercise of celebration is deeply helpful to the Spirit, as well as being most helpful to the body and to life of that body, for it is possible to experience the catalyst of the increasing light in such a way that there is no heightened awareness which results within the being. The preparation and the darkness is the key to the use of light. Why is that?


We feel that it has to do with the nature of evolution. In the seeking for truth, that which is new cannot come, cannot be realized, until that which is in its place has been released. Through the cycles that are within, each seeker has moved through periods deep in the mire of personal misery and pain and whether this has been accounted as suffering or as nothing, yet still the work has been done.


That which is dead has been released, making room for evolution. The pain of change feels like a death; the releasing of old opinion feels mortal and the wound of leaving behind old ways of thought is fell and fatal.


There is literal truth in death and resurrection in terms of Spirit. There must be the willingness to die to the old in order for that which is written already upon your heart to become visible; to become illuminated; to be in the light.


Even when that which is old is a rending and separating truth, even when the new is gentler and sweeter, the death of the old is very hard to bear and we do not wish to quibble with how hard it is to progress in relation to the letting go of that which is dead.


It is into this atmosphere that the one known as Jesus the Christ deliberately sets out to move into utter darkness, as this entity willingly and knowingly walks to His Jerusalem, to His Golgotha, to His own resurrection, which comes only after a death, a crucifixion of the entire mortal man; a going down into the darkness of the grave then, which no darkness could be blacker than, in human consciousness.


This is the fear that is beyond all fears human, that terror of the dark which does not end. It is into this infinite darkness that the one known as Jesus moves. When this entity again rejoins the creation of light, this entity simply expresses the normalcy, the every-day quality of the conquering of death.


It is not only that there is no longer within this mythological system any death to fear. Paradoxically, it is also that this entity moves completely into the human condition of mortality so completely, that it accepts and undergoes the death.


Now for all this entity could prove, for all that any entity can prove, this entity gave itself up to a death that had no end. Yet words of life were given by the one known as Jesus and it is well to heed them. The key to moving from darkness to light was giving by this entity when it said of those who crucified it, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”


The key to using the light is forgiveness-mercy-charity-love. One may walk into the light and yet not see light. If one has confusion and puzzlement upon the mind, one can move through an entire beautiful day and see no light. Just so within: one can walk into one’s own season of blossom and not yet blossom not nor see the Sun nor take food and drink from it. If one has closed one’s heart, the light cannot survive and will simply be reflected and used elsewhere.


Think of the darkness of winter and feel the contraction that occurs as the roots of being curled down into the Earth seeking water and nutriment; so are the roots of the self contracted and turned and curled inward, seeking and not finding nutriment. Then light comes and the decision is made to let go of all things save the reaching towards that light. There is expansion of self; there is the opening of the heart with these magic words, “I forgive”.


Each seeker has its own set seasons within, its own time of darkness and its own time of light. It is well to be most respectful towards and sensitive of these inner movements of the Spirit; these trustworthy and helpful times within. As you move through your days and nights, try to remain sensitive to those rhythms, those ripples in the pond of self; those changes of weather. For all seasons, from the coldest to the hottest, from the most contracted to the most expansive are equally useful, not equally comfortable, but equally useful.


However, as this instrument has said, it is possible to experience a lengthening of that inner season of light and this instrument, however, did not find the second key: to enjoy more and more light. This instrument had noted that the more one gives praise and thanksgiving for the good times, the longer they are likely to stay around.


But there is another truth also here; perhaps we may say what we have to say another way and so allow this instrument the luxury of not having to know what the other part was. For the enjoyment of the good times has it’s basis laid in the enjoyment and positive possession of those times when all is dry and dark and without merit, seemingly. How precious it is, when entities can gaze upon their pain and suffering and enter into the darkness without fear, knowing that all is illusion, knowing that both dark and light are useful, knowing that there is no place that the light is not, knowing that there is no light in which there is not the darkness or some degree of illusion.


For we ourselves are illusions; we are developed and articulated and our experience is vast, for we have been since the beginning and we shall always be. And yet we are illusion; for all that can be spoken, all that can be self-realized is by definition illusion; fields of energy that come and go while the Creator is in the one momentary now that eternity and actuality is.


Yet, the journey made each time the Creator flings out his vast and infinite potentiality, those sparks of being that have become each of you, it receives in the end of that journey such a gift of whole and integrated consciousness that to the infinite riches of creation are added infinite richness more. The gift of that journey to The One Infinite Creator is a perfect gift, a gift of love; that which has been reflected from love reflects at last to love and becomes one again, in that sweetness of unity in which all sense is lost.


Wynn, that’s the end of that section; would you like me to continue?


Wynn:  No; I’m sorry; I was actually talking and I was muted.


I was saying how the energy built. If you notice within the construct of the words how it started out and how it ended and how it was like a song; a poem that built to this beautiful, refined—did you notice that Carla? I’m sure you did.


Carla:  I feel the energy, yeah; I did notice it building. I wouldn’t have put it that way, but that’s beautiful.


Wynn:  How would you put it?


Carla:  Being so close to it, I would have just felt that my heart was uplifted more and more.


Wynn:  Yeah. So, thank you so much. I’m looking here; we had an email from Wilbert. I think I sent that to you but I don’t know if you read it.


Carla:  Oh yes, that one that you sent me this morning. It was beautiful.


Wynn:  “I had an amazing experience directly related to viewing Carla on YouTube. Somehow I stumbled on the Home Planet Network interviews. Seeing Carla’s physical form for the first time triggered an instant distant recognition; I was directed to look at her hands and this clarified what I needed to know.


As I continued looking at the three parts of the interview, I became aware of a subtle rise of frequency in my body-mind-spirit complex. Even after I completed viewing the interviews, the frequency rise continued. Then I experienced a roving intense pain in my chest and diaphragm area. Inwardly I became aware that I was not having a heart attack and I realized that I was not my body; I was able to move myself out of the body and allowed it to go through whatever was happening.


The pains disappeared; I feel asleep. This morning I woke up in perfect health, no pains or discomfort and as I reflected on what took place, I realized exposure to Carla and the Ra Material triggered a frequency shift in my being. The frequency shift brought to the surface an undetected energy imbalance in my body which needed to be addressed. The mind-body-spirit complex balancing mechanisms kicked in and restored balance.


To me, the important point of this experience is that by choosing to be exposed to the Ra Material, I gave permission for the catalytic action inherently embedded in the material to do its work, bring to conscious awareness imbalances that need to be addressed. Once these imbalances are known we can take action that will rectify the imbalance.


The implication here is that if we are not exposed to the Ra Material, we can be carrying around a lot of energetic imbalances which will negatively impact our health and general well-being.”


That’s from Wilbert in Brooklyn.


And of course, this is something that I’ve observed many times. Some of you who are paying attention to our work know this is true; when you come into something that’s at such a high frequency as the Ra work that Carla does, the Q’uo work, the Elohim work, it’s at a high frequency. It’s higher than your normal way of functioning and although it may feel good the first time, you have aha! experiences; for most people it will surface other stuff.


Part of growing is to allow this other stuff to be surfaced and work it through consciously. However, some people do it in their dreams; some people do it by observation, but go with that process. Otherwise, you don’t get to the other side of it.


The goal here is to learn how to hold a higher frequency, a higher connection. Part of doing that is roto-rootering; cleaning up those areas inside you where there are distortions, where there are blocks. The way that works is having them surface and release.


Wilbert put that experience very well. I read it so that you all, if you go through that, you can cooperate with the process when it happens.



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