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Monday Calls; 2013 Conferences


Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  This is April 1, 2013 and I just want you to know that weíve been picked up by CNN and they decided to put our conference call on the air all over the world! Howís that?


Thatís my April Foolís joke, okay? [Laughter]


Caller:  Alright! If you can pull off CNN like you pulled off Sunday? Wow!


Wynn:  As long as they donít mind me broadcasting from the back of Starbucks, everything is fine, but they have to pay me so I can rent places.


Iím back here in Starbucks in Pasadena, Ďretail parking only, unauthorized vehicles will be cited or towedí. So I have my Starbucks coffee in the windshield; so itís my authorization; if anyone looks, Iím in Starbucks.


Iím so delighted that weíre all here. I had the topic tonight ďCo-creationĒ, because I realize Iíve been talking about it a lot lately to different people. Itís not like its one thing; itís not like we can say, ďHereís how you do co-creation.Ē


Weíve just been doing co-creation; we just did it. Can you figure out what we did? You canít; itís not linear; itís not from your mind. But we showed up and we asked about the weather. We talked and we had fun with each other. Somehow at the end of it our spirits are lifted; we connected. Weíre still connecting; even when Iím talking the co-creation doesnít go away. Itís not me just talking. Iím feeling everybody; it comes out through my consciousness and back to you. If I keep paying attention to the energy, the energy keeps coming back to me. Weíre going back and forth and we stay in a high level of vibratory connection.


Then, we have been learning how to not just co-create with ourselves on this line but to co-create with these intelligent energies in other dimensions and not to just look at them in deference or prostration; they really like co-creation.


From my perspective, co-creation only comes spontaneously; it comes when you get out of the way when youíre in a state of neutral; when youíre not in a state of any kind of manipulation, of wanting something from somebody other than to create joy or interaction or connection, but no manipulation, because that stops co-creation.


Once you have co-creation, itís easy to share things with each other. People end up in peopleís living rooms; they donít have a place to live. Itís easy to do it; you donít get caught up in the lower levels of stuff.


Weíre going to have a talk about it and at the end, if Terry is up for it, we can have some comments from our Sources through Terry on what co-creation is from their point of view and anything they want to add; theyíre listening to us now as you well know. Terry is their repeater station.


First off, do you guys know what co-creation is? Is anyone confused what co-creation is? Does everyone know what co-creation is?


Caller: Ö making common space together, co-operatively, right? Is that right?


Gijs:  The mind is a big part of it, right?


Wynn:  Iím not sure itís the mind, Gijs. Creating a common space is closer. Anyone else have an idea what co-creation is?


Caller:  Itís using your intent focused with somebody elseís intent, intending to do something good.


Wynn:  Hopefully something good, okay? Itís not always, but hopefully; thatís a good look at it. Anyone else have an idea of what co-creation is?


Gijs:  I think you can say itís an energetic vibration that comes from you and creates your reality.


Caller:  Thatís good!


Joel: Öa conscious application of thought, word and deedÖ


Wynn:  Thatís creation, Gijs. What you put out creates your reality.


Caller:  The combined energetic vibrations?


Wynn:  ĎCoí implies thereís something else participating with you in the creation. Joel, what were you saying?


Joel:  I just said it would be more apropos to creation, as you said; is the conscious application of thought, word and deed.


Wynn:  Right, okay, anyone else?


Caller:  I think you have to use the word Ďcommoní, a common desire to create.


Caller:  Wynn, wasnít there a David Wilcock reading where the Elohim said, ďWe donít want to be worshipped; we want to be co-creators with you; we want to be creators with youĒ?


Wynn:  I donít recall it, but I wouldnít be surprised because it sounds like something they would say. Thank you.


Anyone else want to say what they think co-creation is? I want you to know, weíre co-creating just by doing this.


Caller:  Itís participating in producing what it is we want out of life.


Wynn:  Okay, who else has one? Who is that?


Dave:  Hey Wynn; this is Dave in Mesa. Itís a group intention; a group creation. Youíre doing it all together.


Wynn:  That could be co-creation; yes, it is. Is good sex co-creation? Count on me to throw a monkey-wrench in, right? What else is co-creation?


Caller:  Potluck dinner.


Caller:  If you create a baby, good sex would be co-creation.


Wynn:  If you create a baby? Hopefully, itís still creation. It could be a one-night stand and the guy is gone, but he still participated, right?


Caller:  Thatís right.


Caller:  The synergistic energy exchange.


Caller:  More than one person with the same intent.


Gijs:  Not necessarily a person, you can also think of the Source energy.


Wynn:  Okay. So thank you all for volunteering and youíre actually all right. If I was going to try to find an over-arching commonality amongst this idea of co-creation, it has to do with energies combining in other dimensions; then with two or more people, downloading into some kind of physical interaction. Energies combining in other dimensions, in other words, weíre all holographic.


We all expand out. We can tie our energies together with someone else. I say we can, but itís not so easy because it has to happen spontaneously.


The question is:  What can you do with your conscious mind to cause something to happen spontaneously? When we can figure that out, then weíll know how to do that. Why do we want to co-create? Why do we want to do that?


First of all, itís a way of having a lot more fun. When youíre just by yourself and you keep recycling your own energy, itís not fun. It gets lonely. Even the higher Sources, even The One Infinite Creator, as the story goes, created more duplications of itself because it was lonely; it didnít want to be the only thing.


So other beings allow us to bounce off of each other and know we exist. How we create that bouncing is everyoneís unique challenge. To create it with free will and create it so it has positive outcome is the challenge of co-creation. When thereís co-creation, thereís a new energy that comes in thatís different from each individual energy.


Thereís something about this that is a duplication of the way the Elohim created the Universe on some level; when I said that thereís a new energy that comes in thatís different from each personís energy.


If you recalled on some of the earlier sessions, where we were talking about how the Elohim created the Universe, they talked about how there were two or more of them that were shooting energies; I donít understand this and youíre not going to understand this, but I remember kind of what they said. They were shooting energies and where the energies crossed it created nodes and the nodes created something new. When youíre co-creating, youíre creating something bigger than each person individually even with just two people.


Letís just say everything is a frequency. Every time you think something, every time you intend something you are generating a frequency. If another person is generating a frequency and then the two of you merge frequencies, where the frequencies join thereís something new that sticks.


Caller:  So, if its frequencies, Wynn, then there also would be either fidelity or a lack of fidelity in that the frequencies are either in harmony and fidelity with each other or not.


Wynn:  Yes; now Iím using the word Ďfrequencyí and Iím not sure thatís the best word to use. The idea is that the Elohim and the Ra group say that theyíre frequencies and we pick up on their frequencies. If itís a frequency, having come from a science background I would say, ďWhatís the frequency? How many cycles per second?Ē


I donít know if we could say that: How many cycles per second?


Itís like if we are creating an intention, group energy and a co-creation, it doesnít have to be an extremely big deal. I think two people could take a walk and they could co-create, just because theyíre walking and in otherís fields and each otherís rhythms. Then it could be a big deal; the big deal is where you want something to happen at a big level and we need to call in the higher Sources to co-create with us.


Learning what happens geometrically, what are the geometries of that? They talk about geometries. From our conversations with these Sources, they look down through the Universe as a bunch of geometries. In fact, some people talk about sacred geometry; thatís a whole science, which is based on the ways that different dimensions interrelate with each other.


Iím not well-versed on sacred geometry, but I do get the general idea; there are geometrical proportions and symmetries about the way that things create. Each of us, as we walk around and we think and we do things, are constantly in the process of creating geometries and frequencies in other dimensions, either close-in or high up. Weíre doing it all the time; every time we think, every time we donít think, we are all holographically connected to larger holograms.


Some of us are really large holograms; some of us are compressed holograms. But, itís all geometries moving around. This is my take on it; theyíre going to have to explain it, because Iíve never heard them say it exactly like this. This is my reverse engineering.


I would suggest when two people are getting co-creative, their geometries are interfacing. Theyíre creating nodes and theyíre creating spaces for new things to happen. If theyíre putting intentions on it, the new things happen that look like miracles, but theyíre generated from geometries in other dimensions.


Terry, does that sound right to you?


Terry:  Yes.


Like in the creation of the bodyĖmind complex and astral body and connection to the higher realms you have all connecting geometries. So thatís a synergy thatís taking place. And, everything needs to work in harmony and everything is there for co-creation.


Wynn:  Right. So weíre walking geometry-creators. Of course, I donít see the geometries. Somebody like Daphne can see geometries.


Gijs:  You know what just came to mind? That co-creation is the harmonization of an energetic vibration from two or more sources. Youíre talking about the frequenciesÖ


Wynn:  I think that sounds pretty good.


So if right now we think, letís send geometries out,  I donít know if this works. Iím pretty sure Iím in the right ball-park when I talk about geometries, at least from the Elohim standpoint. The Ra group doesnít emphasize this as much as far as I know. But the Elohim group are always talking about interlocking geometries and how the geometries get stuck and how they spray WD-40 on them and how they help loosen them up.


Each of us is, in fact, the center of our Universe and is generating geometries around us by our thoughts. When weíre with somebody, weíre generating geometries being with people. Do you notice how when I talk about this, how the energy is shifting as I start to talk about geometries? Itís like by talking about it, I am invoking it.


From my human side I donít know what Iím doing. I learned way back that if I started talking about the Elohim I could feel the energy shift just by talking about them. Iím not doing it; as soon as I would talk about them it just changes. Suddenly, thereís this very refined energy that comes in. Other people seem to feel it.


So there is a connection between the words we say and invoking the frequencies and the energies and in co-creations; there are a lot of levels of co-creation. Two people could sit at a table and discuss philosophy and thereís an element of co-creation there. What does that mean? Itís a co-mingling of their energies. They may not even agree; they may be arguing all the time.


Terryís friend John would co-create by arguing. That was his way of interfacing with people and he was good at it. Would you say that, Terry?


Terry:  He was very good at it. I donít know what the Socratic Method was, but I think he was using the Socratic Method.


Wynn:  Terry thinks he was Socrates; she thinks she was Socratesí wife.


The story of Socrates if youíre not familiar with it; he never wrote anything. He lived with his wife, but he never brought home any money. He would just go hang out in the town square, sit at the table and talk to young people and bring in all this wisdom. But, he would always provoke them. That was his way, provoke them and ask them questions. He never just sat there and said, ďIím here to teach you; here are my teachingsĒ. No, he was provocative.


If it wasnít for PlatoóPlato was one of the students who sat around Socrates. Plato would write down what he said and then he turned it into books later, after Socrates was dead.


The thing I was most fond about in the stories of Socrates is how he would come home to his wife. His wife would be mad at him because he would always sleep in the same clothes, which is what John did and he would stay out all night. John didnít stay out all night, but he used to go to the Health Food Stores; it was an adventure with him. But my favorite moment in Socratesí life was this famous picture of his wife pouring water on his head because he was out all night.


Terry seems too nice to have done that, but he probably drove her to the wall. He didnít assume any responsibility for his life, but he would sit there and he would co-create all day; his style of co-creation was getting people into arguments. Iíll give you another little bit of how would we say it? gossip.


Monday, Terry and I were driving through Palm Springs. We have a friend in Palm Springs; his name is Jean Claude. I met Jean Claude through Carla Rueckert years ago, because he had written a book called Going Deeper.  He was trying to convert the Ra teachings into something simple that people could understand. His book never really caught fire, but he is a brilliant guy and always respected the work we were doing.


One day, we were talking to Jean Claude and we happened to mention John Sanborn. For some reason, Jean Claude said, ďI want to meet that guy.Ē He was really attracted to come to Sedona and meet John. He never did; John died before he came.


The way that heíd said itóI said, ďI wonderÖĒ I went and looked up statues of Plato and lo and behold, John Claude looked like Plato. When you think about it; he was doing something similar with the Ra teachings of Carla Rueckert: he wrote a book trying to make them simple for people. It was the same role as when he was around Socrates, trying to make it available for people.


Iíve noticed this; when people have a past life of a certain dispensation, they seem to be doing something similar in this life. Itís interesting to observe. I donít know if John Claude was Plato and Iíve never asked it in a channeling. Nor would they tell me, because it would be a violation, an infringement of his privacy, unless he asked it. And they might not even tell him, because oftentimes people screw up with knowledge of past lifetimes, because they get egotistical about it and they start dwelling on it. Thatís not a good use of that knowledge.


When I was first with Daphne, I asked, ďCan you tell me about my past lives?Ē They said, ďWell, youíve been an orphan many times; you died youngĒ. Iíd known Daphne because I was a merchant and she was my helper hundreds of years ago. Of course at that time, thatís what we were doing: I was a merchant and she was trying to help me.


In any case, I think the first thing about co-creation is to visualize it. Another thing is to be able to contemplate; this is not so different from visualization. With almost everyone you know, you have a certain rigidity in the way you relate to each other. You relate to each other based on some commonality and you get habitual ways of relating that just stick; you keep doing them over and over again. If you try to break that, usually people get mad at you or vice-versa, because itís down to a routine.


Some of the people in your life, you have a habitual relationship with, but you also have learned to feel them at a deeper level, although theyíre not sharing it. I think one way of co-creating, or setting the stage for co-creation, is to do a meditation where you feel somebody at that level where youíre already combined. Feel the space; you have to feel it. Itís not an intellectual level.


For example, on these calls I think one of the things youíve noticed is that we can feel each other. All I have to do is think, ďI want to feel and love every person on this lineĒ; I just think that and Iíd like our Sources to use this voice and this presence right now to touch into the heart of each of you.


You know, sometimes in the morning I wake up and I say, ďOkay, Iím gonna just send love to all those people that are paying attention to our work.Ē I do a meditation. I know Terry does it. We donít do it together, usually, but we both do it. I tune into that space, so as weíre talking I can just move into it and itís there. There are probably people that you know that with just a little bit of visualization, you could do that.


Co-creation doesnít necessarily have to be overtly loving; it can be extremely co-operative. It can be creative; it can be where two people are writing something together or creating a sculpture together or taking a walk together. One says, ďLetís go this wayĒ, ďNo, letís go that wayĒ; and ďOkay, weíll go this way.Ē It can be very, very simple; it doesnít have to be complicated.


But when you have co-creation going, you suddenly start healing that feeling of loneliness that we have; that feeling of separation. Because, when you can relate to one person as part of all-that-is, when you truly develop that connection, youíre only a breath away from relating to all people as part of All That Is. Itís like when people are truly in love and theyíre together, other people start tuning into love because those people are generating that around them.


I donít know if Wendy is on the line; Wendy, are you on the line? Let me know. Hello, Wendy?. *6 if youíre there; maybe thatíll work. Are you there, Wendy?


Wendy:  Iím here.


Wynn:  So, you know one of the things about co-creation is that in your life you have all these people that youíve established relationships with that usually are not co-creative at a high level; they may be co-creative at a lower level. One of the things is to have other people that you can create co-creative connections with at a high level. Where can you find those people?


One place is right here, because we have a lot of people that listen to these calls that are in that kind of a dilemma. They feel the energies on the line. If you feel the energies on the line, youíre being co-creative, even if youíre not doing anything.


You have to be co-creating to receive those energies, but you go back into your life and you canít feel those energies with anyone in your life and if you try to do something to create them, you oftentimes canít do it; in fact, people get mad at you. Itís like youíre doing something thatís out of the game. They want you to be in a familiar pattern.


We started something a couple of years ago thatís been going on in the background. I donít always talk about it because I donít feel we have enough administration to do the best job on it. Itís called Team Shift.


I donít know if Edna is on the line today. Edna has been helping administrate it, putting together small groups of about five people. The goal is to learn how to co-create on the phone with each other. They call in the Light and then they put their intentions in the Light and they talk and they get to know each other.


Wendy happens to have a Team Shift group and she sent me an email about all the great things that happened to her in her life as a result of her participation in her group. I thought I would let her share it, because itís very inspiring.


Wendy:  Thank you.


Wendy:  About three years ago I started; the group has changed a little bit, but itís a core group of four women. I live in Nevada; another lady lives in Canada and one in Northern California and one in Southern California. The four of us have been praying together five days a week at 8:15 in the morning for the last three years.


Iíll tell you one story that I told Wynn; itís absolutely amazing what we have done for each other and what we have done for the Universe, because our prayers are heard. I can tell you with 100% confidence our prayers are heard. Hereís a story that sums up how powerful we are.


We were on the phone a couple of months ago, maybe October of 2012 and it was my turn. We get to talk in sequence. I started to pray for the homeless teenagers in Las Vegas and I said, ďWinter is coming on; I feel itís going to be a really cold winter. Iím very worried about the homeless teenagers here. Iíd like to put that into the Light.Ē As I was saying this, my telephone is ringing through; I had another call coming in. Of course, I did not take the call; Iím on my prayer call. I never take a call when Iím on my prayer call.


I hung up after the call and I retrieved the voice mail and the voice mail was from an insurance agent that I met at a business function. He left this message:  ďWendy, this is Marlon. I am on a drive to help the homeless teenagers in Las Vegas. I know they are going to be cold this winter and I wonder if you have any blankets and coats you could give me. I wonder if you know anybody that could help me round up some blankets and coats. Iíll come by your office and pick them up. Just give me a call.Ē


It was instantaneous.


Wynn:  Did you sell some houses at one point after putting it in the Light as a real estate agent?


Wendy:  Yes, my career exploded; my career exploded. I was really in financial hardship; just devastation, bankrupt, lost my home, struggling in business, the whole mess, everything that so many of us have been through.


And so we started putting my prayers into the Light; it wasnít just me. The other ladies on the call honestly, truly also wanted me to succeed and as a result of all of us really requesting that my career improve, my career exploded. Now, Iím a successful real estate broker; I own my own company in Las Vegas. That was definitely as a result of this.


Wynn:  Wendy, thank you so much for sharing this; thatís really inspiring. I want you to know; some of you feel really stuck. Team Shift like idiots that we are, we donít charge anything for it; someday weíll ask for donations. As some of you get wealthy or get good, please donate back, because itís going to help us reach other people.


Go to the website, Thereís a little link that says ĎTeam Shiftí and fill out the form. Sooner or later, Edna is going to get to you and sheíll schedule you and put you in a group. Use it as your own experiment in co-creation with the Universe, because Iíve gotten many, many emails from people.


It seems to work for selling houses. Another lady was selling her house and sheíd had it on the market for three years. She started putting it in the Light and the next week, the next week, she got three offers and she sold it for more than her asking price, which is really unusual in todayís market.


So thank you Wendy.


Wendy:  Let me just say one more thing. Our group varied quite a lot in the beginning. We had people come and we had people go; we had people that thought it sounded really good. But then they found that they didnít have the self-discipline to make the commitment. What we ended up with was four women who have the willingness to carve fifteen or twenty minutes out every day whenever itís physically possible. That is what makes it successful.


Itís not much to think that youíre going to make a call at the same time every day, but it turned out to be too hard for a lot of people. If I said to you, ďCould you do one thing every day at 6:00 pm and it would make a difference in your life?Ē most people would say ďYes.Ē


But when it comes right down to it, maybe itís actually too hard. Part of it is to just realize that you have to meet the Universe half-way; you have to be willing to take the time and put the focus into doing these calls and making the requests and talking to the Light at the same time every day with people who are as committed as you are. Thatís when magic starts to happen.


Wynn:  Thank you. When we say this, I know how a lot of people think, ďIf I ask the Elohim itíll happen.Ē Itís not my experience that it works that way; itís co-creative. Youíre carving your own space and developing your own energies with other people and learning how to do that. When you do it, itís something you can really count on.


Anything else you want to say before we close you off?


Wendy:  No, thatís it. Thanks.


Wynn:  Great. Thank you. Thanks for sharing your experience Wendy.


Wynn:  Hello, Terry, are you there?


Terry:  Yes, Iím here.


Wynn:  We have about six minutes; maybe weíll cap this off with a little message about co-creation and what weíve talked about and anything our Sources can add to that. Okay?


Our whole invocation to the Light is an invocation to co-creation; itís not just a prayer, itís not just words. It has to be said with intent and you can learn to say it with intent.


Father-Mother God, we ask just now for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of planet earth through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We await a communication from our Sources through Terry Brown; we have about five to six minutes, so see if you can time that. Thank you.


RaíAn:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator; this is the 1st of April, 2013. We bring Love with us in our essence and surround each and every person that wishes to be touched by Love Light. We, in this act, are co-creating with you, for we can bring our love-light to you; however, without the receptivity of receiving the Love-Light, there is not the co-creation and the whole original co-creation or creation of bringing the love-light to you, if it is not received, does not have an effect. We see that all life is dependent upon co-creation, for if you have one awareness but there is nothing to be aware of, then you have nothing.


So the illusion begins with the presence of more than one awareness. The bird flying through the air is co-creating with the air; the person walking down the street is co-creating with the sidewalk, co-creating with the air, is co-creating with all cells in the body. Life is a co-creation.


As Gijs has so aptly put it, it is harmonious relationship and working together and through it you can have goals; you can bring purpose. You can set about to have fulfillment. It is dependent upon the surroundings, the other life-forms, the consciousness all working together.


This is a very basic principle and when one feels that they are alone, it is that they are so focused upon their own individual outcomes and what is going on with them that they leave out, in their focus, all of the things that go to help in the co-creation of their life: the truck person that drives the truck that brings the food to the market that they then buy, the person at the market that rings up the sale; the telephone operator that helps when their phone goes dead or needs to be helped; the workman, the lineman that comes out and re-establishes connections.


It is a co-creative Universe; energies working together, geometries connecting together in such a way to produce a life-form. You have struck on a very important basic of life.


We love each and every one of you and we are so honored to have this moment together with you. It is a sacred moment. Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you; and thank you Terry. And, thank all of you who a shared and participated.


Again, Team Shift is one of the links on If you feel this might help you, please sign up; give it a try and see what happens.


Just reminding you, this Saturday we are going to have Session IV of ďThe Law of One Made SimpleĒ series that Carla and I have been doing. Thereís a very small donation; you get access to all the first three sessions. I hope some of you will show; we havenít officially announced it with a button or anything, but hopefully Iíll get that done tomorrow.


On that note, weíll say goodnight for today and see you next time.




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