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Personal and Planetary Healing Session

Sunday Morning Grid Healing



Host: Wynn Free

Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Rick Vornbrock

Edited by Terry Brown and and Dave Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  Good morning everybody. Sunday Morning, April 7, 2013. This is Wynn Free in North Hollywood, California (North Hollywood is a suburb or a part of Los Angeles); Terry Brown in Sedona, Arizona; Carla Rueckert in Anchorage, Kentucky and all of you everywhere. We have people in all kinds of different states and even different countries. Do we have Bogdan on line? Bogdan usually comes in from Sweden and he can attend our Sunday calls because it’s a good time for him.

Yesterday morning Carla and I did our fourth session of The Law of One Made Simple series and I highly recommend it.

Gijs, you were on our session yesterday . . .

Gijs:  Yes. It was awesome, Wynn and Carla; it was a beautiful session.

Carla:  Thank you.

Wynn:  So what struck you on that session?

Gijs:  You know, one thing that really has stayed with me is when Carla was explaining about the reference between different dimensions and the music notes. Just the energy was very high on the call too. I really have to listen to it again because the whole call was awesome to me, it was just awesome from the very beginning till the end. I need to listen to it, I didn’t make any notes, I should have made some notes.

Wynn:  You didn’t expect I’d be calling you on the table, right?

Carla: We covered a lot of ground.

Wynn: How about you Carla? Even though Carla brought this stuff through, she was talking yesterday about how it was only after the twenty seventh session of the Ra channelings that she was allowed to listen to them. She was in trance and Don Elkins was afraid that if she heard them as they were going along, her conscious mind might intrude.

So I would say even Carla is not necessarily an expert on the material just because she brought it through. Well, she is an expert, but she certainly has to go through her own assimilation and interpretation of it. I know she said that as she’s doing these calls, as we’re doing them, she was learning herself; reminding herself or seeing the things in a different perspective. It’s like a poem, how you can hear it one day and then listen to it a few years later and it gets deeper. The Ra material is like that.

Carla:  There you are.

Wynn:  Yes. Anything jump out with you on the call yesterday?

Carla:  Well, nothing in particular. Although I remember running into some aspect of them talking about what happened with the asteroid belt people and coming here, and thinking how cunning all these details were that I had pretty much forgotten; how it all fits together and how the drama of the human saga on this planet isn’t connected only to this planet.

It reaches back into, I had completely forgotten about Deneb for instance; the people from Deneb that just came in. Was it Lemuria that they were connected with? Many of the Asiatic or Eastern people are Denebians, and I’d forgotten that. There’s this feeling that the history of Earth is really the history of sixteen different planets that, for one reason or another, were not able to complete their experience in third density. They had to repeat. When it came to graduation, or before it got to graduation, something happened to their respective planet; they were not able to go on to fourth density.

And so here we all are, muddling through this together in ‘the experiment’. It hit me how crucial it was that it was in this experiment that free will was so firmly set as a number one precedence and need, that the illusion became so completely thick that it’s like a veil of forgetting. So we come here and we do not remember that we’ve been other places; we don’t remember how things really are.

We have to be struck by something, I say ‘struck’ because we have to resonate to something. We have to resonate to astrology or to…-- say, Gosh! Every time I think about Mars, I just have this feeling that maybe I was part of that before Mars dried up. That’s very possible because we have tons of people here that used to be from Mars.

And then we have all the people here from Venus, the Ra people; people that came in here to try to help at the end of this density here on Earth. So we have this ‘ship of souls’ that the Earth is. This fragile island home as the poet said. We’re sailing along and trying really hard to honor each other and honor ourselves and try to figure out what’s going on.

When I get into the reading of it, the way you do, we read some and then we talk about it. As we go along, there’s always something or other that I have forgotten, some detail. Remember those old cartoons of Scrooge McDuck? He’d be sitting there in his treasure house, he’d be throwing the money in the air, “Wee, I love my money!” I sort of feel like that.

You’re absolutely right; I don’t take any credit at all, personally, for the Law of One material because the channel is an instrument; you’re playing somebody else’s tune. The only thing that you can hope to do is play it well or get it right.

And so that’s all I can hope for, and I think maybe I came close on that. I think it’s such a blessing that I did, but I relate to it much more as a fan than I do as an ‘original’; ‘I did this’; I don’t relate to it like that. I really find that it has helped so much in my life. So many dreams have come into reality because of the principles of the Law of One. I know far more about myself because of working with that information than any other information.

Wynn:  I thought for me I was going through the section where they were talking about how souls got moved, and tangled knots of souls, and how long it took on Earth time to untangle them.

Carla:  Over a hundred thousand years.

Wynn:  Yes. And the patience, we would think it would take incredible patience. From their point of view, of course, they’re outside of time. So a hundred thousand years probably doesn’t seem like a long time in the experience of time/space. But there were, just to intrigue you all, there were these two planets in our solar system where all life was extinguished; Mars and Maldek. In the case of Mars, the planet remained intact, but something happened and  . . .

Carla:  --I imagine that the bombs were such that, when they went off altogether, it scooped the oxygen layer off the planet; there was no oxygen.

Wynn:  That’s on Mars?

Carla:  Yes, that’s my guess.

Wynn:  Yes. In any case, people wonder, when you go from a religious point of view you think it’s all magic and God can do everything; things just happen and a magic wand gets waved. Here you see all the logistics of this group soul on the other side and the patience of working with entities that had totally ‘lost it’.

When I say ‘lost it’, it means they didn’t know they existed. They were stuck together and they didn’t know they existed. And the love and care to take the attention and time to bring these entities back into a state of awareness where they knew they existed.

They were taken to Earth and they had to reside in ape bodies. That’s all there was temporarily, until the planet could evolve to where those souls could continue from where they had left off, which took a very long time. The thing about it is that those souls, in many cases, were us; that was us; we were in a tangled knot, many of us. It was the Ra group that untangled it; they didn’t untangle it, but they created the circumstances.

When I read that originally, I was starting to put the Ra group in connection with Jesus. I was thinking that if a group soul can do something like that, if they had that much love for the evolution of beings, then how could they not be involved somehow in the epic of Jesus being on this planet.

In any case, I will probably be sending out the audios sometime later today, after I edit them for those of you who were on the call or registered and didn’t get them. You can still register and get the audios. We have a system where it’s $5, $25; essentially, name your own price because I don’t want anyone to be excluded from this.

One of my funniest things with the Ra group happened some years ago when somebody sent me an email with a channeling in the email. I can’t remember why they sent it. They sent it in the middle of the night, and in the middle of the night my printer went off and printed it. And so I said okay, they’re making a sign here. Do you ever have anything like that happen, Carla?

Carla:  Well, I’ve heard of them. Mostly people report that the book, The Law of One, fell on their head. This happened like a dozen times all over the world; it falls on their head from an upper shelf in a bookstore, or a used bookstore somewhere. They think, “Well, I guess I’d better buy the book.” I had that happen many times. Or, several times it happened that it sits there by where they’re checking out. They pick up the book and they go, “This is interesting, can I buy it?” And the guy who’s running the checkout says, “Well, we don’t carry this book. I can’t sell it to you but I guess you can have it.” It just shows up.

Wynn:  Carla, I remember one guy who was telling authors that how to sell their books was to go into a bookstore and take their books and put them around on different tables. Don’t tell the bookstore. Customers will just come up to buy the book and they can’t find it in their computer. And they’ll buy it, then the store will order it after that.

Carla: Well, it works.

Wynn: Terry, are you there?

Terry:  I’m here, yes.

Wynn:  What stood out on the call yesterday for you?

Terry:  Well, it was a validation of all the work that I’ve been doing about working through the knot of tangled souls that I ran into and became a part of. And it’s a real big aha moment because, personally, I ran into it and I’ve been having to work through it, and there the Ra group comes through and talks about it. So it’s like some kind of a relief that this information is known.

Wynn:  We had a section in the Elohim book where I asked them about nuclear explosions. Apparently, if you’re a nuclear explosion, there’s a tendency to end up in a tangled mass of souls. A bunch of those are floating around somewhere.

Carla:  If you have ever been really, really terrified by something, you could imagine how that would happen, because you just clutch; you can’t think; you just go ‘oof’ and you clutch. If it’s scary enough that you lose your life suddenly and in the process of it, especially if you can see it coming. The way they show the bomb, the effect of it moving, you can see it moving across the desert in pictures of the test.

And boy, if that isn’t scary! So I can imagine how that would happen where you just clutch. You’d clutch on such a basic level that all of you together, who were dying at the same time, would clutch together. Then you would forget that you were conscious; that’s what they said. They said that they had to work for over 100,000 years until the people started to remember that they were conscious beings.

Terry:  Right. If you take a group of people, they’ve got their own thoughts, their own specific thoughts (and each one has their own specific thoughts) and all of a sudden this atomic bomb goes off, and it refocuses everybody in the field at the same time to the same thing.

They’re all looking at the same thing and it captures everybody’s attention, totally. There they are, reset to the same moment in time, and the same thought. It just dissolves their light body, their own matrix, their own structure.

Carla:  I think that’s where the Confederation entities come in. In that they want to make sure nobody’s ‘person’ disappears; you know, the essence, the soul that could disintegrate. So they’re interfering at that point to keep the souls from disintegrating.

Terry:  Yes. Each individual is still their own person and their own soul, however they got reset to a group thing and they don’t have any structure for operation to rely on and it becomes like a group structure and sort of a ‘hive mentality’.

Carla:  Yeah. Thank God that, many years ago, those of us who were in that made it through. And here we are working to graduate third density again. We’ve gotten  ‘reset’ from a ‘reset’.

Gijs:  But we still have a huge mass of entangled souls right now that are clung together, right? We talked about it last year or the year before. Right, Wynn?

Wynn:  Well, it seems to me that there are probably always groups of tangled souls out there. I mean, from nuclear explosions, all kinds of stuff. But this was an exceptionally large group of tangled souls because it was an entire planet. Imagine the complexity of billions of souls in a tangled mass. That’s why it seems different.

Terry has said, even when people die in an explosion, apparently it doesn’t have to be just atomic, if they’re in a close proximity to each other in some kind of explosion, and maybe even a car accident, they can tend to glom together because of the…--I’m not even going to try to say, because.  It’s beyond me. Is that not true, Terry? Does that come up for you?

Terry:  It’s because of the reset. I would work with souls and one time I came across three souls from Yugoslavia. I didn’t know where they were from, but all I saw was smoke. I mean, it was three people that got glommed together and they didn’t know what to do, they were just in trouble. They were reaching out and I happened to see them. I started working with them, asking, “What happened to you?”

They were in the Yugoslavian war. They were in a room and the room exploded. There were three of them, and they were all wearing a particular type of uniform. I had never seen that uniform before. Just talking them through it, they said, “Oh, that’s what happened.” And they all went off into their three individual beings and they were able to continue and go off and not get confused with each other. I was watching the TV later and there were individuals with that same uniform and it was a Yugoslavian uniform.

That’s an example of what can happen, even with three people in a room when somebody sets off an explosion. Exploding the room can really end up being confusing for the beings involved.

Carla:  We had a question during a session years ago; not too many years ago, but it was about 9-11. People wanted to know what about some of the ‘selves’ that had not yet been found. And the Ra group tells this beautiful story about the Indians of Manhattan. Of course the Manahatta Indians are a tribe, right? They sold the island for a couple of beads and you never hear about the Indians anymore.

But at any rate, in the Spirit World they’re still there. They went around and collected some of the people that were so dazed; it happened so quickly they didn’t know why they were dead, or even that they were dead. They were just: “What’s happening, where am I?” They told this story of collecting them on the thirty-fifth floor, having a campfire, and telling stories around the campfire until they began to come back to themselves.

So apparently the Spirit World has a great interest in helping souls. They helped several thousand re-orient themselves.

Terry:  Yes, there was another individual who has a group of people. After 9-11 they went ‘spirit-wise’ into the area, and they were helping individuals that couldn’t figure out what to do. There was one fellow who was still sitting at his desk; although his desk no longer existed, he was still sitting . . .

Carla:  --In spirit world, he had that construct in his head.

Terry:  Right. And he was still sitting there and he kept thinking over and over, “I’m supposed to go home at six o’clock, but I can’t quite figure out what to do about that.” So the person worked with him to get him to the point that he knew what happened and he could go on.

Wynn:  One thing I wanted to mention was that at one point I asked a question to Terry. I don’t know if this is true or not (I’m not going to depend on it being true) but I said, “What would happen if I was in a nuclear blast?”  And the answer was that the Ra group would pull me out of my body before my soul fragmented. There’s this idea that if you can get them paying attention to you, or if you can get an energetic connection with them…--which is why we’re doing all these calls; I mean truthfully, there’s a lot of great information and there’s a lot of wisdom and of course we bring their messages in right on the call, but the real goal here is that each of you, on some level, can learn to feel the energy that can be broadcast into this realm and into you from Sources, positive Sources at higher dimensions.

That it creates kind of an inner ‘invisible companion’, but it’s really there. You can feel the energy, you can feel it. We are learning together how to have that experience of holding that energy, because that energy isn’t dependent on the things you’re doing in the physical world.

It’s not dependent on what happens down here. As you learn to hold that energy then… --you know, when you talk about getting off the wheel of reincarnation, it seems to me that when you start to hold an energy that’s ‘off world’ instead of ‘on world’, eventually you’re graduated. Even while you’re here, you’re graduated; it’s learning all the things that make that happen.

One of the things is requesting it. One of the things is having the intention to have that occur. One of the things is spiritual discipline; do you meditate every day; do you create a space for prayer for other people; do you hold the energy to get out of the world and move into that sacred place inside you? There are many things to do on an ongoing basis. As you start to do it, as many of you have learned, as I have learned, there’s no turning back because it becomes the paramount focus in your life.

People come on these calls and they want miracles, they want something to happen. And yes, we’ve had loads of miraculous phenomenal things happen on this call. At one point, I was just thinking “How is this going to work? Am I just going to have miracles all around me? ” And I realized that miracles…-- I mean it’s is wonderful when something shifts for someone that shouldn’t have, and that their life is enhanced or their health is enhanced, etc., etc.

Often times when I introduce the work I talk about my sister’s healing and when that happened I was a little confused. I said, “Well, maybe all these healings are going to occur for people around me.” I watched it and observed it and I see that when people come and all of a sudden their mind says “Heal me”, essentially they are saying, “I’m giving up my power, heal me.”

If you’re giving up your power to an external source, particularly these two group souls (the Ra group and the Elohim group), if you’re giving up your power to them; that is not what they want; that is not what makes you grow; it’s cooperation that allows you to grow. From my perception, they work in a co-creative way. Last Monday’s conference call was about co-creation. They work where they become friends with you and you become friends with them.

You learn to identify their energy inside you and it becomes a friend. When you have a friend it’s easy for a friend to look after you. They want to look after you, they like you. You enhance their life as well as they enhance your life. That would be the idea, how do you create this kind of friendship?

It’s one of the reasons we do so many things; if you notice, we do a lot of calls. Those of you who have discovered us and keep coming into these calls are learning to identify those energies inside of you, and yes, the first time it’s amazing. The first time it’s like, “I never experienced this before.” And then invariably you will go back to your old way of being. I shouldn’t say invariably, I should say in most cases, because you are dealing with patterns hundreds of thousands of years in the making; patterns that have created who you are. We talked about Maldek. When did Maldek explode, Carla? Five hundred thousand years ago?

Carla:  Six hundred and some thousand years ago, but then it was over a hundred thousand years before they were able to get them conscious enough to come to Earth.

Wynn:  To separate.

Carla:  Yes. Five hundred thousand years ago they came here, and think about that.

Wynn:  Then we came in, being Neanderthal man, I think. Then we went through loads of lifetimes in this realm and different relationships and different traumas and different hurts. And here you are, here we are. Here we are coming to the table with this huge track. You come to one of these calls and you have a glimmer of experience, you feel something inside you, you feel an energy.

You say, “Is that Wynn is talking about? Is that it?” Then you go back to your life and you’re going to go back to your old patterns; it’s not going to stay in most cases. Then you come back to the call and there it is again. Then you go back and there it isn’t.

But you’re learning, I’m learning. You can get up in the morning, you can do a meditation and you can say, “I want to feel that energy that I felt on the call. Knock, knock, are you there?” Then shut your eyes and spend twenty minutes, or a half an hour, or two hours and see if you can make that energetic connection. See if you can bring that loving energy into you when it wasn’t there when you started. Discipline yourself and do it over and over again.

Now, some people talk about spiritual discipline. People go into Zen monasteries; they do all kinds of things. I think this work we’re doing is like all of it, but with the added factor that we have a direct verbal intelligent connection with the Sources that are administrating the whole process. And  you can’t believe that just because they say it. You have to kick the tires, you have to pay attention, you have observe it, you have to feel it and then you have to integrate it.

It is your job to make the choices to do that. It’s not your job to come here and say, “Fix me. Do this. Do that. Do this. I need help.” It’s your job to integrate it and learn how to work co-creatively with these Sources, not to just say, “Okay, fix me.”

And you know what? This a little different than standard religion, because . . .

Carla:  --It’s way better, as far as we’re concerned. If you say “I’m so skeptical. I really think this all just nonsense,” and we’re going “Great! This is perfect. Okay, so now, why are you still here? What made you curious?” Keep looking, please keep looking. Don’t just believe us. Check it out for yourself. And you know, if you just keep checking it out, what happens is you start having experiences.

And then you go “What’s that experience about? Ok, why did that happen? I was thinking about this and synchronistically, the Universe gave me that just what I was thinking. You know, it came on the radio in a song or I passed the very words on a billboard. ” That’s the kind of thing that will happen to you, where you are skeptical and you’re not buying it and then things begin happening to you because you’re opening yourself to this energy. The church would say, “Forget everything and just believe.” It’s all different.

Wynn:  Right, right. Have faith. I don’t tell people to have faith. You know what? I think there is an aspect of faith, and the faith is: “Okay, these guys sound legitimate; they don’t sound like they’re’ BS-ing ‘me; they don’t sound like they’re trying to get anything from me.” I mean we’re doing so much of our stuff for free. “What’s their angle?”

You know, I remember when I was young and I read Autobiography of a Yogi. Did you ever read that, Carla?

Carla:  It was riveting in my life. That was the first I read.

Wynn:  I recommend any of you who want to be inspired to get that book Autobiography of a Yogi; it’s even online, you can find PDF versions of it for free. It’s a story of this young man from India who had a guru and his guru told him his mission was to come to America and bring yoga to America.

Well, he didn’t just bring yoga, he brought God-consciousness. He probably became one of the more successful or famous people who ever did that. He’s got a big center in southern California, in Los Angeles. In fact he wrote a book called Autobiography of a Yogi. He told about all of his experiences in India and all these miracles he had with different gurus as he was passing around.

I remember when I read that book, I was in my nerdy skeptical space and I kept reading it. I remember having my father’s voice in my head saying, “Alright, what’s his angle? What’s his angle?” I couldn’t find an angle. Plus, if you look at his picture, his picture is just incredibly innocent. I said, “How can that guy have an angle, he doesn’t look like he has an angle.”

I think at the time I read it, I said these experiences couldn’t have happened to someone. Then a few years later when I was playing music and traveling around the country, I was having those kinds of experiences every day. I was prepared for them because I had read that book. I do strongly suggest it. I don’t think Terry ever read that book. You never read that did you, Terry?

Terry:  Well, no. I have it. I have the book, but I haven’t read it.

Wynn:  Okay. It was a big influence on Daphne’s life. It was a big influence on a lot of people’s lives because it made plausible…-- what would normally be impossible, was possible.

Carla:  It’s the kind of thing where you’re not doing it out of duty. You want to read it because it’s fun; that person can really write!

Wynn:  Just go look up on the internet Autobiography of a Yogi. If you don’t buy it, look up a PDF version of it and download it, you read it and you won’t be sorry.

There’s this whole Idea of making connection. The amazing thing (and this has been a work in progress) is that on these Sunday calls that we’re doing, we are making ‘connection’, at least, that’s my take on it. Either that or we are like the best illusionists on the planet, because here we have people all over the world that feel this energy on the call, and here we have this voice that comes through Terry and says, “Hi. That’s us.”

Think about it, isn’t that amazing? Do you realize there are a lot of spiritual groups that can bring that energy in? I used to go to them, I used to feel the energy. They would say it’s God or love. I never went to anyone, ever, where you could feel the energy and then a voice came in and says, “Hi. That’s us, can you feel us?”

How does that work? I’m looking at it from a skeptic’s point of view, which I think is healthy. I happen to be a good salesperson, so sometimes people don’t trust me immediately. They think, “Here’s a good salesperson, he could be doing this to sell something. But Terry is the worst salesperson in the world; actually, she’s not the worst salesperson. Some of you don’t know this, but I used to sell sunglasses, and this is years ago and Terry was going out and selling for me.

She would never sell using ‘good technique’. She would sell because people would come up and they loved talking to her, and they felt so loved talking to her that they’d end up buying something before they left. That’s still how she is, you know. Even on the line Terry doesn’t even have the potential for guile or for manipulation. How did I get her to do this? How did I get her to bring these voices through?

Do we have a script beforehand to prepare it? You guys know that’s not true, but I’m saying I know how people are who are skeptics. Occasionally somebody will say something about Terry negatively, but usually more about me than Terry, but occasionally they say something; but very rarely. Even I say, “Here she is talking about Dr. Marshall again.” Do you know who Dr. Marshall is, Carla?

Carla:  I don’t, but I can tell you how I started channeling. It was simply for love of Don Elkins. He persuaded me to do it. I didn’t want to do it at all; it wasn’t anything on my radar whatsoever. I’m still to this day reluctant to do it because it’s hard work. But he said, “Look, I need you to do this” and I couldn’t say “No”. You suppose Terry might have felt something like that?

Terry:  Well, what happened with me was I got really interested in channeling by going once a week to hear Cherryl Taylor channel. It was the most amazing thing; she was bringing through The Council of Light. The most amazing things were happening. She had a channeling class and I studied in her channeling class how to channel. And then the first time I channeled in her class, there was so much love coming through that I just started crying and I could barely say anything.

I kept trying to get Wynn interested. He would take me there. He’d drive me there and I’d say “I’m going to start right now! Right now! We’re going to walk in the door and it’s going to start. Come with me.” He’d say, “No, no, no.” and he would never come.

I had this love of talking to ‘the fellows on the other side’. They seemed so pure and had such miraculous information, so it was easy to get me to do it. I wanted to.

Wynn:  But when you were going to those sessions, didn’t one time she put you in front of everybody and you started channeling?

Terry:  Yes. Yes, that’s the time when it’s like so much love came through when they came through. So much love came through, I just started crying. It was beautiful.

Carla:  That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced about it, and it used to blow me; the energy of the love was like the feeling of being high. I never used hard drugs, but what people described was that when it hits you like that it takes you away. It would blow me, it would blow me away. I actually couldn’t get words. It took me a couple of months before I could get through that energy just to form words, because the love that this is carried on, the energy of it is love, and it’s just amazing.

So I feel like even if you read the things that Terry or I have channeled, and you just read them to yourself, you’re feeling the love. It’s that strong that it comes through even if you read it the second time, you know, second generation, that love is still between the words.

Terry:  Yes.

Wynn:  I think that it’s a very interesting thing. When you start reading channelings, in some channelings, that love comes through; but in a lot of channelings (and this is a very subtle thing) it almost sounds like the same thing (and you think it’s the same thing) but the love doesn’t come through.

It talks about love; it tells you, that you should be feeling love, but the love is not present in the session. If you really look at those things you’ll see what I mean. I don’t want to read one because I don’t want to take anyone else’s apart. Do you know what I’m talking about, Carla?

Carla:  I do, I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s part of how you use discernment. You use discernment to see “Is that real or is it somebody trying to put me on, in order to manipulate me?” That’s one way you can tell, for starts.

Wynn:  The person may not even be putting you on, it may be the source speaking through them. They know all the buzz words, they know the buzz words. “Oh you beautiful children of the Love and Light, we’re so happy to have you here today.” We don’t ever do that; I can’t do that.

But first of all, all you guys are evolving spirits, and just to come in and say, “Oh you beautiful children of Love and Light,” I’m thinking some of you are maybe touching into that; some of you are working it and some of you are dancing in duality when you say, “Oh you beautiful children of Love and Light, everything’s so wonderful, we’re going into the new world” --it’s like there’s no energy.

I don’t know if you can see this. It’s an expression of one side of a duality and it never takes into account the other side of your nature; it doesn’t include it; it’s a one sided point of view. But I don’t know if it’s a negative source or if it’s just a source that’s on one side of duality, it’s not bad. The bottom line… [loss of sound]

Wynn:  Hello, can you hear me?

My cell phone just knocked out.

Terry:  Yes. Mine dropped out too a little bit ago.

Wynn:  You know what? You see the timing of it? I started talking about the ones…-- I don’t even want to repeat it. No, that’s what I said…

Terry:  --Words take you right there.

Wynn:  Now that’s what I said in the moment it dropped out, ok? I mean they told us, we’ve talked about it. You know some of you ask me questions about the negative and it’s like maybe they’ve told me if I answer those questions in a channeling session…-- you see, even now, even though we’re not channeling we have a group matrix energy present. And if you notice…-- I’ll tell you how you can tell there’s a group matrix energy.

That we’re not logical, this whole thing from start to the point of now is not in the mind. We’re just treading water and the three of us are just holding the space. We’re not doing it in our mind, we’re not choosing to do it. It just shows up. We hold the space and the energy flows and it becomes a portal for higher energies to come in, so even though we’re not channeling, we’re not doing meditations, the energy of the three of us creates a group energy that you can feel. And I love doing it this way because there’s absolutely no effort on my part when we do this.

Particularly Carla, because she holds a balancing, Terry and at some time I’d love Daphne to be part of this kind of a call, if she’s listening: “Hi, Daphne.” Maybe she can understand what I mean. Say for an example yesterday, when we were doing the Ra material stuff; that was for me…--, it felt like a lot of work. I mean the energy was there. I know people are getting the energy, but it was different because I had to be really focused and be extremely sharp, because just to talk about it and understand it was like an exercise.

It was like when I wrote The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?. That was really tough. That was a lot of work because I had to make sure all my footnotes worked, all of my references held together. I was used to writing poems and songs which I could just flow off the top of my head, write it down on a piece of paper, and come out with something; and I was coming out with really great things.

So this is a call that’s just a joy, because the three of us hold the energy automatically and effortlessly. You all are sharing it and you’re holding the energy and it’s that easy; it’s not hard. Except, I know some of you, when the call’s over, are going to go back and say, “Uh- oh, I’m back in my other stuff.” So this is where you have to be patient with yourself. You have to give yourself time to integrate everything. You have to not judge what looks like your weaknesses or going back to old patterns. Just observe them. We’re going to keep doing what we do, coming into these calls and holding an energetic reference point.


Wynn:  Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here. And any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves as the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

And right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. And anything not of that nature must leave now. And we turn it over for today’s message through Terry.

Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. We, within the space of each person who wishes it, come near and touch those that wish to be touched. We extend our Love and our support. And we are available for you. When you express your concerns we hear you, we sense you, we come directly to you.

We do not come over the telephone line and we do not come over the Internet radio. The voice is what comes over that. We are directly there. There is no space and time for us when we wish it. We come directly within your space. We see you as a light body. We see your light. We see what you are intending and asking for.

And we see that in relationship to the strength of one’s intention, their light of asking is brighter. We see each person on the call that wishes to be seen. We look further. We see churches wherein people are praying. We see the light within Rome of people praying. We see the light of others praying in the Mideast. And we similarly are there when they wish it. And we work toward the highest good, the highest good of each of you and taking into account the lessons that each of you are striving to learn, each of you are striving to work through, each of you are striving for harmony and love in your life.

Sometimes it gets reversed in that when one leaves somebody out, when a person feels that they are not loved and that they are totally left out, based upon their great desire for love and for acceptance and for communication and for being part of the things, then they get angry;  like a child who’s not been given dinner, who’s been ignored and who is having a tantrum to try to get through to the parents since the child does not have the language skills yet to try to get through to the parents, “Feed me, I’m here. Notice me. I’m here.” Until they get the language skills they have that tantrum to let the parents know that there’s something wrong; the safety pin is pricking them from the diaper and they’re letting you know.

So when someone is ignored and they’re kept out of things and is made to feel that they are not worthy or a part of things, then they can begin to have a tantrum. This can apply to countries, too. For instance a country such as North Korea where the individuals wish (and have forgotten even that they are wishing) for acceptance. This is a lesson that works for individuals and all the way up to countries; the importance of the Law of One, of knowing that we are all apart of each other.

We are all part of the same Being, and when one gets isolated and ignored they try to express themselves in whatever way they can. We see that one Being is learning about itself, our self, and we’re very thankful and appreciative of your participation, each and every one of you.

 It brings tears to our energy eyes to be able to connect and make the connection and have the communication. And you are all part of the same family, and we are all one. And no one in the long and short of it is really left out, and all are loved. Thank you.

Wynn:  Thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank all of you who are supporting this work. This is a group work that we are not only partaking in for ourselves (because feeling the energies, feeling the love is a part for us) it’s also coming together and holding a group energy with our Sources for our planet.

And we visualize Earth, and we visualize ourselves in that place of that group we connected with above our heads. That energy we could feel and we realize that we’re co-creators with that energy. That means our intentions are powerful; our intentions as a group.

[grid healing]



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