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Wednesday Call 04.17.2013
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
Audio Link -
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee

Wynn: Okay, guys; this is April 11th, 2013.


Terry: It’s April 17th, isn’t it?


Wynn: Oh – April 17th, 2017; I’m getting all my numbers wrong today. [This is] Wynn is Sedona, sitting in a parking lot looking at the beautiful red rocks across from a café. Terry [is] in Sedona, sitting in her room…


Terry: …overlooking the mountains.


Wynn: Underlooking the mountains, isn’t it?


Terry: …from under; looking up at the mountains.


Wynn: From under, looking up at the mountains right?


Terry: …from the window.


Wynn: This is our Wednesday call. We have some really good

questions tonight. Actually, we have some really important things

to share.


Between Terry and Daphne, we are in a pivotal point right now. What’s going to happen in the future, no one knows for sure. The general consensus is that it’s going to be tough. We have a question about that tonight and we’re going to go into it. Let me see if there are any more questions that came in the last minute… It looks like ‘no’; wait a second. Here’s one from Larry –what did he say? “America will not be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed ourselves. Abraham Lincoln” Unfortunately, that is true. That’s not a question, that’s something somebody sent me. Before we start I just want to say “This is serious business.” We have fun here; we joke – it helps relax the energies. But, we are in a serious time. Each of us has this serious challenge to rise to the occasion. Sometimes it takes great intensity of purpose, of intention, of focus to connect with these energies. It’s not a passive – at least [in] my experience – and, this may not be obvious: but, for me it is not a passive thing. It’s like there’s a receptive aspect to it where you receive energies from higher dimensions. Many of us have been involved in that experience. But, to hold that energy – to integrate it – it’s not passive. Sometimes, it takes anger – not anger at someone else – but anger to be a motivational force inside you that says “I’m going to do this; I’m not going to fall. I’m going to do this.” That anger can be the drive that moves you and motivates you. So, we’re all being called to push ourselves beyond our limits. There’s a saying that goes something like “When a man’s reach exceeds his grasp, only then will he find heaven.’ On some level, each of us has to reach; it’s going to be different for each of us. Our reach is going to be different. It’s like: how we reach is going to be different. But, we have to reach; we have to create the thrust to reach; the thrust to reach. Sometimes, anger can be a thrust; sometimes fear can be a thrust. But, don’t be afraid to find that thrust that’s going to push you through. Don’t keep telling yourself “I’m no good and I’m never going to do it.” Sometimes you can’t help that, but push anyway because it’s not true; that’s just part of the overlay that happens. Let’s get into the questions for tonight. And, thank you Terry for being here.


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here. Any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Terry, let’s have our sources just let us know they’re there and we’ll go through tonight’s questions.


Ra’An: We greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator. This is the 17th of April, 2013. This is Ra’An coming through; we are a combination of part of the Ra group and part of the Elohim group. We are delighted to be here to be of assistance in any way possible and to answer your questions. Do you have questions?


Wynn: First question – this is from Anna in Burbank and this is a good question: “It has been said that in order to open our hearts we must have compassion and see ourselves in everything and everyone. This seems disturbing to me that I’m having a hard time understanding it. How can I relate to a very violent criminal who has committed some very evil actions against another person? How can I have compassion for someone who feels pleasure in torturing raping or murdering another being? If this is what it takes to go to a better realm, I’m afraid I’ll never be able to, since I can’t even imagine seeing myself as a sadistic murderer. I really need to understand this. Could you explain this for me, please? Anna.” Thank you.


Ra’An: Thank you. This is one of the questions and one of the obstacles that people in the third density go through. These are –we look for the words – these distortions and behavior can upset and shock even the person who is committing them. Sometimes it is them that has been taken over by a negative possession or a consensus in that the person is on location; that the consensus is very sensitive to and picks up – and we say ‘he’ merely because in the English language there is no word to indicate he/she – [and] it is an individual thing. It is one of the things that masters of this realm deal with, as being that we all are one, some/these criminal thoughts, if they get into the consensus, can waft through us or can resonate with some dark part of us even though that is nothing to do with us and is merely copied by default from another entity. We do not suggest taking on that posture. If you hear it on the TV or on the radio, your body copies the words much like if you put ‘love’ on a bottle then the molecules of the water copy that. They reorganize their structure in relation to that. So, your body also does. It does not mean that you become that or you have to like that or you have to even accept that behavior. But, it is merely like something out there that – like a rock, it exists. And, one can – if it wafts through one’s space – say, “Oh. I don’t have to deal with it; I don’t have to go to their frequency. I don’t have to accept that.” But, one can be at a different frequency and if it comes into one’s space one can then let it go through them and pass on to it’s owner, because you don’t own that. It is not yours. And, as an individual you can assign correct ownership to the thought; assign that for it to the criminal. You do not need to take it on in your own space and time. You can merely assign it to the owner, the correct owner, of the thought. So, it is not being said that to open your heart you have to experience or love go along with something.


However, if you do understand the basis of all the complexities that made up that negativity, it would be easier to understand and dismiss and even – we could use the word ‘love’ – the part of the owner of that that has gotten all mangled up in his/her own light body structure and has taken on a reversal in their field. By ‘reversal’ we mean of emotions; let’s say that they truly wanted to be loved and accepted and they were abandoned and left out. Now, they’re all pissed off and they’re jealous of everybody that’s out there that’s accepted. So, they have gotten totally distorted; their cry – their negativity with some of these people – is like a baby calling for help and not knowing how to do it. Or, to express some communication that things are wrong and they don’t know how to deal with it and so they become destructive. Then, there are others that are going through a negative period in their life of how to control everything and they’re seeking to control everything around them and to get glorification within themselves by putting others down. In other words, there are/there is a track where each of these beings ended up where they are. But, you do not need to take anything on. If you have an open heart, it means being open to the things that resonate with you: your path, your way, your connection with other people. It does not mean taking on a negative way, but assigning that negative way – to the true originator, the creator, the one with that negative idea – assigning it back to them. You yourself can’t correct it; it’s the creator of that negativity that has to be the one that corrects it within themselves for that thought. Many people are open, are so open, then they see a negative thought wafting through and they assign it to themselves. And, it doesn’t go away because it’s not theirs. If you are creating it, you can dismiss it. We hope this has shed some light. It’s a very good topic. We hope this has shed some light on it and invite further questions if you have them.


Wynn: Thank you. I would like to just add my experience of that question: From a practical point of view, if you want to be effective and be a positive influence in this realm, you notice the negative stuff; you notice it. Probably in my case, I don’t know this for sure but probably, I’ve had lives in the past of service-to-self and being negative. So have many of us. We found ourselves in this situation; we didn’t understand it. We were desperate and we did things that we wouldn’t do now. At this point, I would die before I would do any of those things. When you see people expressing that – as horrible as it may be –it’s like learning to notice it, let your rage come up and release it quickly and get back to neutral quickly. Let it go. The time may come when you need to have leadership, and a lot of negative things are happening around you. If you can’t hold your inner self together around those negative things, then you will not be able to benefit the people you care about. You will all go into panic and be dysfunctional and be swept up in the negative. It’s like not polarizing with the negative: notice it, observe it, have that moment of rage which is going to naturally come up – and then, let it go. If you hold onto the rage, and the inequity and the horror of it you become dysfunctional. Sometimes the negativity is not with mass killers or terrorists or things like that; sometimes it’s just the people that are around you, the people like your children, your spouse your neighbors and learning how to be neutral. What happens is when somebody is negative they are sending an energy out that tries to hook you. That’s part of the gratification they get of being negative, because they can hook your energy with their outrage. When you can be neutral and they send that energy out to you, it mirrors right back to them. It’s like that’s a far better way of handling it than letting their energy hook and go into rage and outrage and fear and all the other things. Ultimately, this is one life in many. Many people are learning their lessons. If their lesson is one of doing that, then everyone keeps coming back and gets an infinity of chances to get through and learn in future lifetimes. When you really get to see that then the horror of death becomes a little more acceptable. – never great; never great, but at least a little more acceptable. Plus, you get over your own fear of death. You realize you are going to die. It’s like when you do, you do. According to our work, if you hold the higher space you just continue in higher levels of evolution. If you’ve gotten caught in polarizing with the negative, that may impact greatly your future evolution. It’s not easy to do this but you can at least have the mental idea and work with it when it comes up. Jesus said “Turn the other cheek” and he said “Resist not evil.” He said “Judge not lest ye shall be judged.” All those things are saying the same thing: don’t polarize with the negative. Flow around it. Find your way to keep making contributions without polarizing with the negative. If you look at people who have been great leaders, they have been able to stand up, motivate people in spite of great inequities, in spite of horrible things happening. They had to recover in order hold their position of leadership. We can look at Martin Luther King, perhaps, as an example of that; or, Mahatma Gandhi in India as an example of that. If we model that and we really want to be effective in the world you have to learn how to stand up to negativity and not let it push your buttons. If it does, you know there are great power structures in this realm that do things in particular so that you will be afraid. They understand the principle that through your fear they can harvest your energy. Don’t give them the reward of letting that happen. Another thing is a lot of things that look very negative are not exactly what they appear to be. It’s not a bad idea to take some of these events and do an internet search and put the word ‘conspiracy’ or something behind it and see if anything comes up that makes sense. A lot of them are more than they look like. In any case, we’ll go to the next question.  


Ra’An: We have a comment, or a further comment.


We see that there are circumstances in the third density where if the ethics of the situation requires it where there is personal danger, that one individually analyze what needs to be done in that circumstance. If one has met up with a criminal situation that directly threatens say one’s family and there’s protection needed – in situations that require ethics to be put in on somebody that is violating desperately others’ free will. That response is not only acceptable but it is acceptable generally to the person that is violating ethics and can – at that point – learn a lesson by being stopped; and, that their behavior would not be tolerated--that particular behavior. We’re not saying that one should not stand up for themselves if under attack.


Wynn: Thank you; thank you for that clarification.

Next question – I didn’t write down who asked this question – I’ll answer part of it. The question has to do with: How does astrology work? Since I was an astrologer, it was one of the first things I did when I was younger that just blew me away. I was a physics major and then I was doing charts and I was seeing that it worked. I was having all kinds of astrological synchronicities, so I had that question myself even though I knew it worked. The way that I’ve come to the understanding that it works: If you study the Ra material and the Elohim material both, there was the idea that as everything was created in the universe, it was given the free will to create the laws around its existence. So, in a smaller way the Ra group calls that the logos, the sub-logos and the sub-logii and the sub-sub-logii. What that means in practicality is: We have galaxies that would have a consciousness. And, the galaxies would create some kind of rules in their consciousness – I believe for each – for being the whole truth for the entire galaxy. Then, you have solar systems and suns that would create rules for their lower level; then you have planets that create rules for their individual selves. Then, you have humans – or beings; it could be E.T. beings – but, they create their rules. So, each thing is under the auspices of a higher umbrella that makes their rules within the context of the higher umbrella that they’re under. I would extrapolate that to mean: Suddenly, we notice on our own human levels how we have a certain free reign to create certain rules of our own existence. If we have family, we create the rules for our family until our children graduate so to speak and become adults. Then, their on their own and they’re creating their rules. They may continue with the things that they learned from their parents or they may switch. But, nonetheless while they were growing up and under someone’s auspices they had the context of that family. Maybe they had the ethics or the non-ethics that they grew up with; maybe they had a religion or the non-religion that they grew up with. It was the parents had the authority to create those rules until the child graduated from their parentage. The planets all have rules; they all have qualities. They come together to create energies so that the beings on the planet are responsible to the energies; i.e. that all of us have a universe inside of us. It’s our DNA that holds the imprint of the universe. So, the planets hold certain energies; they influence each other. The galaxies hold certain energies, they influence the planets. It’s a very complicated interaction. Astrology tends to describe the rules of the interactions of all those higher sub-logii and sub-sub-logii above us. The way that I understand it works is that the energy that we always talk about –which is the building block of creation – that it’s a constant state of flow. Everything else is made of that energy [and] forms itself from that energy. At the same time, everything is being recreated moment-to-moment because the energy is flowing. The energy flows through all the planets and all the galaxies. At the moment of conception it goes into a body or a DNA and it programs the DNA with a snap-shot of the macrocosm of the universe. So, as we grow we hold that snapshot. In a sense, it doesn’t have to be a limitation, but it does create an energetic structure which the soul will work through. When two people come together, one person’s snapshot of the universe interfaces with the other person’s snapshot of the universe – the microcosm – and they exchange energies based on these snapshots. They have certain propensities for easy flows of energy. You could describe their interactions based on the snapshots. That’s why they would say: This sign gets along with this sign; these two people are in a difficult aspect. That does not mean you can’t make something work. One of the things that I decided when I was younger, that if people had what would be astrologically easy aspects between then it could be a very comfortable easy relationship. But, it didn’t propel the person towards the growth because they were comfortable. When people are comfortable, they’re not propelled towards growth. When people had a difficult aspect, the only way they would get along is if they found the energy higher than the astrology. And, it propels them to either find that location or to be imprisoned in their astrological configurations. I would say for those of you that are having difficult times right now, if you can look at those difficult times as maybe somebody who is doing weight-lifting came up and said – the weights get heavier – but, as you have heavier weights you build your muscles. The difficult times are part of creating the impetus inside of you to build your muscles to meet the challenge of the difficult time and overcome what would be the inherent obstacles that were a result of astrological configurations or things that your parents laid on you. It takes a tremendous intensity and tremendous focus. That’s why I said at the beginning of the call –even anger to say “I am going to overcome this” – and find a way through the intensity to overcome it. I remember when I was first with Daphne these messages were coming through; I was getting dream messages which were in the Creator God book. One of the dream messages – I felt like “What am I going to do with this? How is anyone going to listen? Do I stand on a corner and say ‘I’m talking to the Elohim?’” What do I do? I felt like this little guy, didn’t have much money, [and] didn’t have much influence. I remember one of my dream messages –and I say this because it’s going to work for some of you; it’s a very important message. It said – “It’s the insanity of passion that makes things happen in the real world.” It’s the insanity of passion that makes things happen in the real world. I can say that I’ve lived that, because the only reason we’re here right now is because I learned how to express my passion to all of you, and you get it. That works on small things whether it’s getting a job, getting a love of your life – it’s learning to tap into your passion, to say “I am going to get through this” and letting people feel that passion. And, they come to support you. That’s the meaning of that message to me: “It’s the insanity of passion that makes things happen in the real world” – that means 3D. While we’re doing all our spiritual work – if we have things to accomplish in 3D – passion is what draws people to you; it makes them support you. It makes them believe in you. Let me turn it over to Terry and our sources for anything they want to add to that. Thank you.


Ra’An: Thank you. As one moves through the third density in the astrological configuration in which they are born, their geometries are comfortable with where they have chosen to come in and having that star snapshot to help set and configure them into the area that they need to be in for the most growth. As they move through other configurations of the stars and the moon and the planets, they achieve different configurations of energy that are brought to bear upon the original configuration of energy that they came in with. This allows them movement and growth. To move out of their comfortable zone and to take on bigger challenges and to be able to move through and attempt – by different star configurations – to reconfigure what they were born with. It provides growth for the individual, although it can be uncomfortable as different configurations bring to bear different vibrations upon their light body; and attempt to move their light body. So, if one can learn to flow with the different configurations of the astral, the star-bodies, the astrological configurations, it provides a perfect atmosphere – or posture – for growth of the individual.


Wynn: Thank you. You know, there was another question tonight which was one of the questions that I emailed out, which is a rather important one. We don’t have time to get a channeled answer for it; we only have a couple minutes. The question was: What’s going to happen in 2013? Are the banks going to be taken over? Are the bad guys going to be put down? Has the positive taken over other dimensions? Are we going to have earthquakes; are we going to have nuclear weapons going off? Of course, our sources are not going to say things are going to happen because we’re creating it. In general, the answer to that is that there are an awfully lot of people that are not reaching for higher sources in this realm. There are an awfully lot of people that are not holding the space, which – from the level of our sources – means that we have to go through lessons. It’s indicated to me that a lot of the New Age people who are talking about everything shifting and humanity evolving to a new level are not accurate. There is the opportunity for that evolution now; for those who reach, there are energies present that allow a person to lift themselves to get out of this realm. But, it’s not going to happen for humanity. Too many people have vested interests in 3D; and, too many people are being manipulated by the media and sources. They are not holding the space for higher stuff to happen. So, the indications are to prepare yourselves; prepare yourself. Find people in your community that you can count on. We set up Team Shift – teamshift@intelligent-infinity dot com – we have people in the Team Shift that are having synchronicities; they’re holding the space of the higher realms. They’ve learned to do it; they’ve committed to do it. They come together every day for ten minutes, fifteen minutes – they get to know each other. You don’t need community; you can do it just between you and source, but community helps. It helps a lot. We are community on these calls; [and] to be able to create – in your own sphere –communities and support systems and prayer groups and whatever. Even if there’s a local church that you can connect with because, if you find the right place – if you’re on these calls you know how to read the frequencies now – you know how to read the frequencies of love. We gotta end this call because it’s 6:59; thank you all for asking your questions.


Ra’An: We would like to make a brief statement – very brief. An individual in third density may get visions of future things that may happen. These things are still changeable; however, they may be an indication of the path that if one continues that the thing is headed for or that the vision concerns. Until they happen, they are changeable. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you; thank you for clarifying that. And, they are changeable right now just because you guys are on the line. I wanted to do a prayer for North Korea, for the people in Boston – let me put that energy out. When we disconnect tonight, please hold that space; hold the group energy. We can do it – hold the group energy and send love light to those situations and the souls that were killed and the fear that was created; and, that will work. On that note, I thank you for being here. I’m unmuting everybody and we’ll see you this Sunday.

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