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Hosted by: Wynn Free
Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brow
n and David Masty
Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee

Wynn:  Today is April 21, 2013. This is Wynn Free in Sedona, Arizona, Terry Brown also in Sedona, Carla Rueckert in Kentucky, and all of you everywhere around the world. You’re going to have to bear with me; this is a very low-energy day, of course Carla kept me on my toes yesterday on our early call. We had some really great …


Carla:  --Is that what it was? Wynn ‘was on’ yesterday, he truly was. Wynn was … ----Wynn got one…-- I’m not sure he even got a question… --I think before the lady that was interviewing us, even asked the first question, Wynn said, “Could I just say something first?” Ten minutes later, I mentioned something… and then Wynn took off again, and at some point, I said to the lady that was interviewing us…        – she was a very intelligent doctor that does holistic medicine, Dr. Susan Kolb. You can pick that up on audio (Mp3), it's a BBS Radio thing that we did yesterday.


Anyway, she says, “Well… “ --and Wynn says, “Well now before you do that …” and that was it! There were no questions asked! She said, “Well really, actually you’re doing pretty well and I’m enjoying listening to you.” [Laughter] Yeah Wynn, I had to get you going yesterday, that’s right. [Laughter]


Wynn:  You know what? You really anchor the energy in such a big way. It may look like I’m doing something, but when you’re present, it’s like there are pylons going down into the Earth. So, whether you know it or not …


Carla:  --Well that’s cool, isn’t it?


Wynn:  --you make me look better. I probably make you look better. You know?


Carla:  Yes, absolutely.


Wynn:  It’s like an invisible unconscious-level support system. People feel it. So thank you, Carla.


Carla:  And thank you ‘unseen friends’.


Wynn:  Yes. Dean on the line here: “A couple of people have said, ‘Wynn, you and Carla did fantastic on that Internet radio show yesterday’. I am going to listen to today’s Grid Healing on the live conference line, and not necessarily be a ‘submarine ring’ “. All right, Dean, *6; come out from under the water. He’s in Texas. Hello Dean, are you there? [Press] *6. I know he’s there.


Dean:  It’s Dean.


Wynn:  Hi Dean. Listen, I’m not violating your free will by making you come up from underwater, am I?


Dean:  No, absolutely not.


Wynn:  All right. Well, I wanted to take this opportunity, since you said it, to just have you address the group. I’m going to turn over the responsibilities for the rest of the call to you. Is that okay Carla?


Carla:  To me? [Laughter] Okay?


Wynn:  No, to Dean… I’m kidding.


Carla:  Is that okay for Dean? Go Dean. [Laughter]


Dean:  I don’t think I can steer a ship that big. [Laughter]


Wynn:  What did you like about Carla and me yesterday? I do this because there are people listening and when you say what you like…-- because I know you’re passionate. When I send the audio out, other people will listen and it helps build the energy.


Dean:  You know, I’ve been there … --I’m kind of new to coming on the live calls because I’ve been so buried into listening to both your and Carla’s archives that I feel that I know a lot of folks just by listening to that, but it’s probably kind of weird for y’all all because y’all don’t know me yet. It’s kind of a weird … --I’m sure it’s weird for y’all that way, but for me it’s like I know you because I’m listening to literally so many dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of archives.


Wynn:  Dean, Dean, I can tell right off the bat, you’re from Texas. [Laughter]


Dean:  Yes I am. I sure am.


Wynn:  Y’all from Texas [laughter], right?


Dean:  [Laughter] I’ve spent most of my life in Texas. I’m in Oklahoma City right now because I transplanted, but yeah, I’ve spent most of my life in Texas.


Wynn:  I re-wrote that famous song you know about Texas. You know there was that song, All My Ex’s Live in Texas?


Dean:  [Laughter] Yes.


Wynn:  I live in Sedona, so my new song is All My Ex’s Live in Vortex’s. [Laughter] But it hasn’t gotten famous yet.


Carla:  Wynn’s been unwed all this time, so it’s safe to say. [Laughter]


Dean:  I think the interview went great yesterday. You know, y’all didn’t really say anything new yesterday that I hadn’t heard on the archives. I just enjoy hearing it again because it paints a little bit different picture each time, you know? So I get a whole lot out of it.


Carla:  Yes it does.


Wynn:  You know, when you do something for a public audience, it’s different. The energy’s different. In other words, on some level or another you’re always doing a group energy, always. So when we come on the Sunday call, it’s almost like we're a family and the energy is really high. You don’t have to really do much. This is because it’s built up this way; you don’t have to do much. When you go on a public radio show, you don’t have that to draw on; although Carla and I draw on it from each other, that’s why we’re good together, because we talk about all this stuff. We talk about love, we talk about Oneness, but the two of us are able to demonstrate it in our relationship, not just talk about it, which makes a public talk all the more powerful, because most people don’t do that; most people say, ‘I want to get my moment of glory. What do I want to share it with Carla for?”, or vice versa. And so they act like a ‘lone ranger’. But because of our connection, we have built such a good connection that when we do something publicly, I think it’s stronger.


Dean:  There’s a definite synergy there.


Wynn:  Yeah …


Carla: Total joy… [Laughter] is what that is.


Wynn:  And Carla helps balance out my rough edges … I think.


Dean:  It’s weird listening to so many of the archives, there’s apparently enough non-linearity to it from the metaphysical side and whenever I’m listening to it, all the way back from the past, I try to join in energetically.  I think that looping it through the metaphysical side, probably it really does work that way. At least I kind of intend it that way. It’s been so great … really awesome.


Wynn:  They say that the energy’s on the audio. When you play the audio it brings it in. So it doesn’t matter whether you listen live or you listen on the archives. some people listening live have extra bonuses, because there’s that spontaneity. There’s ‘what’s going to happen next?’ I might call on you, like I did with you and you’re suddenly out in front of everybody. Carla, I think I forwarded you his email, Dean is the person that said he’d been going through all the archives …


Carla:  --Oh my God, you’ve been working for a long time to sort of swallow what we have to offer, haven’t you? Hundreds of hours, it has to be.


Dean:  I’ll agree, yeah, it’s been a lot. You know, it’s somewhere in the Bible, I think it might have been Jesus that said, “if you are thirsty, I will give you living waters.” That’s been my reality for months now since discovering this material. I don’t feel I’ve had an orientation before, kind of going through life slowly, lost … I guess I wouldn’t make it that melodramatic, but I didn’t have an orientation and now that I’ve found this, I feel I’m a hundred percent oriented. It’s just been a thrill. You know, everything seems alive now, you know? So it’s been …


Carla:  That really lifts me up, I’m so happy. Thank you, thank you.


Dean:  Oh no, thank y’all. I really, really am happy about it.


Wynn:  Dean, how did you find us Dean?


Dean:  Originally, I was listening to George Noory’s Coast-to-Coast AM and I heard you for the first time on there, Wynn. That’s when I came to check out the website and I listened to some of the archived stuff there. Through that I heard Carla’s The Law of One material mentioned and I immediately went and looked at that. I still go through that, I’ve gone through that multiple times now and I still find new stuff in that; it’s just amazing. I refer back to that a lot of times too. That stuff’s deep and it may be that I go through that a dozen times or more and I still find new stuff in that.


Wynn:  So do Carla and I. Have you been participating in that little workshop series we do, Carla and I?


Dean:  Yes I do, I sure have.


Wynn:  Okay, because I thought that was really good, that we were really effective in that; in making it simple.


Dean:  Yes, it helped me for sure.


Wynn:  Good, well thank you Dean. Thanks for coming up. You know, now that we’ve got people talking, does anyone else have something they’d like to share? Carla, one time I did this and some lady came on and she started calling it demonic or whatever. You know people that respond that way.


Carla:  Uh oh, I understand: “Gijs, cut!” [Laughter]


Wynn:  So I’m sitting there with the conference call, but that didn’t happen for a long time. I’m willing to risk it, so if anyone wants to come up and say something, you can *6 me and we’re on. [Silence]


Well good. I can see you guys are really shy today, right?


Female voice:  I’d like to say something. Wynn you don’t have to answer today, but I had sent an email. This is Marilyn. I’m very interested to know what answers from the Source would be regarding our new DNA and our current bodies and Western medicine; how it reacts to most Western medicine. I personally have a terrible, terrible problem. Any medications or any kind of Western medicine procedures…  --most of the doctors think that I’m crazy. I’m just wondering if there’s anybody else that has this issue. Maybe for another day; I don’t want to get off the track here.


Wynn:  Let me just say one thing. Everyone has issues with Western medicine and we really can’t give medical advice if we want to keep in business. It’s too dangerous to do that, but I can recommend that you (whatever’s wrong with you) do a Google search. Put ‘alternative testimonials' and look for people on Google that have found some way around that particular problem in a natural way; they’re almost always there. Look for the sincerity. Look for a reason to believe what the person’s saying as opposed to them just trying to sell something.


And of course, Terry has her favorite doctor that she’s always recommending, and we do get constant emails from people who’ve gone to Dr. Marshall saying that they love him; that he finds supplements. Terry, do you want to say anything on Dr. Marshall?


Terry:  Yes. When a person sees him, he has an uncanny way of finding out what is going on with the person. For instance, he took a look at me and he found a tooth that was infected that the dentist didn’t pick up; it was infected. And so the dentist looked at it and it was really infected. He has a track record of doing stuff like that, but he does a lot of research. And he works with people, he worked with 250 people that had had spinal fusions so …


Wynn:  Don’t tell this to Carla, okay. [Laughter]


Terry:  So he knows a lot about different areas. In fact, he is a Master Nutritionist with his own company, but he lectures sometimes. He lectured in Las Vegas to 400 doctors, and oftentimes, when the doctors that know him have a terminal patient, they’ll call him up and say, ‘what do I do?’ He’s gone all over the world and researched things to find out answers. So I’m pretty amazed by him and somebody could go to his website, They can listen to some of his radio broadcasts where people are calling in and a person can call in to his radio broadcast and he’ll answer questions right there on the air. So a person can go onto his website, and find out more about him and see how he handles certain things and what topics he covers.


Wynn:  He’s fairly expensive, isn’t he?


Terry:  Yes, he charges about $250.00 an hour, if you see him personally. But then he has staff working for him so that a person can go in and can see somebody for less. And then he has a call-in team where somebody can call-in and ask questions of people he’s trained, then get recommendations of programs, supplements that they could take to help alleviate their condition.


Wynn:  He also answers questions on his radio show, right?


Terry:  Yes, definitely. I used to listen to his radio show and it was beautiful. People would call-in and ask amazing questions. He would ask a few questions about them like their weight or height and from that he'd ask a few things about their symptoms and what’s going on with them and he can zero right in on stuff because he’s got so much experience working with person after person. When a person goes in to see him personally, he generally has about 2 or 3 other doctors in the room he’s training.


Wynn:  Hey listen, getting off that subject, we have an old friend on the line that we haven’t talked to for a long time. I’m going to open up her mic to see if she’ll say hello. Boy, am I bad. Anna, if you don’t want to say hello, you don’t have to.  Anna Couchman in Berkley is this little lady… -- how do I describe Anna? Anna, you’re un-muted, can you hear me? Hello Anna.


Anna:  Oh, hello, hello, are you talking to me?


Wynn:  Yeah.


Anna:  Oh, I’m so happy to hear you again, your voice.


Wynn:  I just saw you were on the line. Years ago, I was sleeping in Anna’s living room; she has a little house that’s like a Zen garden. How tall are you Anna?


Anna:  Well, I hope I’m not shrinking. I’m probably five feet.


Wynn:  You’re five feet?


Anna:  Probably, about that.


Wynn:  Are you still a bundle of energy?


Anna:  Yes, I have lots of energy. I do.


Wynn:  She does. You know, I’m not going to tell people how old you are, but you have a lot of energy for someone your age.


Anna:  Oh thank you. I feel totally grateful for still being here.


Wynn:  Yes, so we haven’t talked for about four years, right?


Anna:  Something like that, yes it’s amazing.


Wynn:  All right, well ...


Anna:  I connected with Frances again.          


Wynn:  Oh good, and Frances is on the line, I think. Okay, I’m going to mute you. I just wanted to say ‘hello’ and thanks for being here, okay? Over and out.


Terry:  I’d like to say, “Frances, thank you very much for your beautiful card and gifts and everything and we got it. We’ll be in touch.”


Wynn:  Let me see, who else is on the line?


Female voice:  Wynn?


Wynn:  Yes?


Female voice:  Can you hear me?


Wynn:  I hear you.


Female voice:  This is Willow. I have a question that I would like you, or Terry, or the Elohim, --somebody to answer. We met and went thru the transition back in December and we’re four months into it now. It has been the most horrendous, heartbreaking four months I have ever experienced. I would really like to ask the question of “where are we? and what’s going on?”


Carla:  You know, I’d like to say a word about that. This is Carla.


Willow:  Hi Carla.


Wynn:  I was hoping you would, Carla. [Laughter]


Carla:  A lot of people have asked me that. Some of the people really feel cheated because people were talking so much about “Oh, the winter solstice of 2012 and then the Shift will come” and then people were promising ‘heaven on Earth’, or maybe ‘heaven in a UFO’! Goodness, people were all over the place and I kept saying “You know, it’s not a shift for the people; it’s a shift for the planet. It’s a shift for the physical that we live in. It’s a change in the area of space we are in.


We’ve rotated into a new area of space/time where things are more-dense [more dense with light] because it’s 4th density and although we are 3rd density, we are being interpenetrated with a great many 4th density Light beings. These Light beings contain a good deal more truth, along with a good deal more Love, and a good deal more understanding. A person with 4th density consciousness finds even the most appalling things ‘only catalysts’, ‘only grist for the mill’. They’re looking for the reason for every lesson learned. They’re looking for ‘where is the Love in this’? They have an attitude that all things are good, all things are intended. The reason they have this attitude is that, outside of this illusion, everybody can see why things are happening. They can see everybody’s thoughts, including the thoughts of the Creator and they grasp the balancing that’s going on. So it’s just a matter of dealing with these things that occur in order to learn the most about Love.

Now we can take those, as a 4th density person, to the best of our ability and think ‘this is really useful information,’ or we can do what we all do as 3rd density people and become overwhelmed.


That is why I wrote a book about ‘graduation’ in which I encouraged everybody to go ahead and take the leap into faith and choose the manner of action. How do we want to live our lives? Do we want to live it for ourselves and everybody else is just ‘what could you do for me?’ Or do we want to live it trying to help other people? If we want to help other people, that’s service-to-others; that’s one way of gaining polarity, one way of graduating as positive polarity.


If we want to just use people and make ourselves better and better, and stronger and stronger, that’s service-to-self; that’s negative polarity. We can also graduate in negative polarity although it’s much harder. Well, when we haven’t chosen yet, that’s like the ‘great-unwashed’ or the ‘great sinkhole of indifference’ (as the Ra Group put it at one point). And the great sinkhole is between thinking about others at least half-the-time (is thinking about others included in your mental process at any one moment over half the time?)


And the other polarity that is ’graduate-able’ is: are you thinking of yourself 95% of the time? In-between 5% service-to-others and 51% service-to-others is where we mostly sort of wobble and we don’t gain power in either way of thinking. It is definitely a Shift now in how much information Light carries to our planet, how much we are receiving. We’re being bombarded by far more truth, far more information. How do we use it? If we can possibly hold onto ourselves, not get overwhelmed, and simply ask ourselves ‘”How can we use this information to become more Loving?”, then we will soon find that the Universe is our friend. If we become overwhelmed and we are concerned so much that we lose track of whether or not we’re disciplining our thoughts, whether or not we are thinking of other people, then things are going to continue to happen in a difficult way. So that’s my best thought to you. It really is only a way to cope, it’s not a way to be victorious and have nothing bad happen ever again.


Wynn:  Yes, you know I want to say something about this.


Carla:  Okay because I’m done, so go ahead.


Wynn:  Good. Of course Carla and I come from our own experiences, so it doesn’t mean that just because I say it, she agrees, and vice versa; but in general, we’re on the same page. Something that has been blowing my mind for the last year or two is about how this realm is under the control of the negative. How easy it is to get fooled here, because the very thing you’re following and you think you can trust, ends up being mitigated or distorted. I started to see this pattern of these people that were channeling, who were talking about disclosure. They were talking about December 21st, (2012) , they were talking about UFOs saving us, and I’m sorry to say that a huge amount of that material was coming from negative sources.


The reason the negative sources will use stuff like that is because they can grab people’s attention through hope and they can hold you in position through hope. The biggest challenge to the negative in this realm is not a belief system, but people who evolve their DNA and learn to expand. I mean, learn to do what I think we do on these calls. When we’re on the call there’s an energy on the call. Many people experience that expansion and within the context of that expansion, because of the way the energy expands, it’s my take that that energy that you’re feeling is actually working on your DNA. It is opening up the DNA, which is giving you more options in terms of future lifetimes. That is the one threat to the negative. If enough people did that, they would re-arrange this realm out of their God-selves and not out of their beliefs. The realm would re-arrange! Because that’s how it works, we are the creators of this realm. We’re, to whatever extent are passive. We’re on a time line, we’re here, and to some extent we’re active and depending on our own ability to expand determines how much we can impact this realm, which is why we’re doing these calls every Sunday. What we do on these calls is that we expand. We make requests and sometimes we make a big impact, sometimes we may not. Unfortunately, we’re small and hardly anyone notices us, but I think this kind of call, this kind of energy expansion, is the hope for mankind.


In Carla’s work, in my work, in David Wilcock’s work, nowhere has it ever been said that all people are going to… – how would I say it? People say everyone is going to evolve into somebody new on this planet; everyone’s going to graduate. Nowhere in our work does it say that. In fact, in Carla’s material it says a small number will graduate. It could be more. I’d like to think that by doing these calls, by helping people tune into these frequencies, that some of you are going to graduate because of that. I hope so.


Carla:  I’m happy to tell you that I stopped channeling two years ago because I was taking pain medication and I did not feel it was fair to the people that had trusted my Source for so long that I would channel on pain medication. But in the later years, we were getting lots and lots of assurances that the negative no longer had a chance in this realm because  ‘all over the globe’ there was a grassroots movement of so many people waking up, ‘smelling the coffee’, and coming to Love. Just loving each other and really holding on to that with their whole character, that there was no chance anymore for the negative, and that the numbers basically had to be revised. Not that everybody was going to graduate, that was still far off, although possible. Sort of, they were talking like… - you ever heard of hundredth monkey effect?


Wynn:  Right, right.


Carla:  It’s like if enough of us ‘pay it forward’, give a smile to other people, do something for other people, and then they pay it forward, and those people pay it forward, and all of a sudden it is a runaway. They call it ‘going viral’. It’s going viral in the species. All of a sudden, it’s obvious; that’s the way to be. That’s kind of a dream that would be wonderful. The Ra Group said thirty years ago it could happen; in one fine strong moment it could happen. It hasn’t happened yet, but I do know, and I’m absolutely sure that it is so much better now than it was. It doesn’t look like it, and Wynn keeps saying that the negative have hold here. The negative doesn’t have hold of everything here. The negative have hold of things like whether we go to war, what our politics look like, and they have hold of the news, among other things. And the news is always making us afraid. If you’ll notice, the Homeland Security, the whole idea of these alerts, I’m sorry, I think is to make us be scared. I think it’s to make us have fear. Because you have this balance between Love and fear, it’s not Love and hate. That’s not accurate. The opposite of Love is actually fear.


You either expand and you Love, or you contract and you fear. You might express that fear as hatred, but the basic reason that you hate somebody is because you are scared of them. A lot of people hate women; they’re scared of them. You know, men in the Middle East, pushing their women down, keeping them cloistered, not letting them wear clothes that show any kind of, you know like short sleeves or even their faces have to be covered. Scared of the women …


Or, you look at wherever hatred goes. If you have white men hating people of color … scared of them. They’re afraid they’re not as good as those people. That’s what it is, you know? It’s always fear at the bottom of it, so as we become less and less fearful, as we flip our little fingers at the Homeland Security people and we say ‘no, I’m not going to live in fear,’ that maybe I won’t even turn the news on tonight guys, [Laughter] and maybe I’ll just go on my way and focus on being a Loving person. Thank you very much.


And we fly below the radar, there’s no news in it. There’s no news in somebody taking somebody in, or volunteering to cook a meal for people that – little kids -that don’t have much food at home. You can cook a meal for them after school. There’s lots of after school food programs like that which you can be involved in. There’re all kinds of ways you can ‘pay-it-forward’; one way or another, so many people are doing it. That this old world is in good hands, is in the hands of Love. I feel it to my bones.


Wynn:  Well I hope you’re right. I’m not quite as confident as you are, but what I do know, regardless, is: “What do you do?” Hope for the future is not the same as Love for today. Love for today always works and that’s what contributes the most towards hope for the future. So take every opportunity to express loving energy. Everyone, don’t miss a thing. Willow, is this helpful? Are you there? Hello Willow, star *6. Oh well, we’ve lost you. I’m glad Carla’s helping today because I woke up and …


Willow:  --Okay, he un-muted me … Wynn?


Wynn:  He un-muted … okay great.


Willow:  No, I mean I really appreciate your perspective, Carla, and I appreciate your perspective too, Wynn. I cannot but respect you. However, I believe a hundred percent, and wholeheartedly, in the Winter Solstice and the transition and oh, I do hope you’re right and it’s for the planet.


I do hope that, but I also am absolutely a hundred percent secure within myself that the hundredth monkey has been reached, as Carla kind of said, among the human awareness and the human … --I mean my God, it’s only in the last 70 to 90 years that we have understood children as not being ‘little adults’ and we are curtailing child-abuse. We’re actually recognizing animal cruelty, in a legal way.


Humans have progressed so far that I believe they’ve left on the 21st of December from the 3rd dimension and entered the 5th dimension. I believe that has happened. Some of what Carla said does relate, in that… -- I don’t know, it’s kind of like being at the end of the pendulum and you’re starting back up the other direction, but you still are at that end of the pendulum and in fact, things are intensified. That, I understand.


I was hoping to hear from somebody, and I kind of thought it might come from Terry, something of a more positive nature. Oh, I just wish everything with our little planet … she needs … I pray for the planet … I talk to her ... I love her everyday … she needs us so much … but there are animal species living in absolute agony on a daily life… that animals and the plants and we humans … we all need a hand that comes out and grasps us and helps us get through what’s happening now to move us forward into the 5th dimension in the smoothest and most enlightened way possible. And I haven’t heard anything yet that addresses that.


Wynn:  Well you know what? They’re hearing you, so when Terry brings a message in, maybe they’ll say something about that, okay?


Willow:  Oh thank you. Yes, thank you.


Wynn:  I’m not going to stop them and they’re listening so …


Gijs:  You know what I want to share? That I happened to hear this morning from Bashar, thru Darryl Anka, it was also somebody – a questioner – asked about governmental issues, negativity and his response was …


Wynn:  --Gijs, Gijs, Gijs … let me just interrupt you a moment. Excuse me for interrupting but I just noticed that Bashar was giving a talk in Sedona and they were talking about hybrids landing at this ranch in Sedona. Then I looked up Bashar and they had various people calling him an Orion. That does not mean you can’t learn something from them, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to quote something that you haven’t personally validated at this point after seeing those two things. Okay? This is exactly the kind of stuff that I keep coming across where, how do you know who to trust, including myself? I mean, I look for …


Willow:  --But Wynn, trust us. Trust each individual that is involved with you and has the intelligence and the commit …


Wynn:  --No I’m talking about …


Willow:  --Trust us to be able to hear what Gijs has to say and discern for ourselves. Don’t cut him off.


Wynn:  Not on a Sunday call. Otherwise it becomes an open forum for anyone to say what they want and they’re going to bring in a lot of negative stuff so I don’t want to do it.


Willow:  I thought what you said was the most negative … it made my heart actually hurt, to say that …


Wynn:  --Willow, Willow, I am going to mute you …


Willow:  --I’m going to hang up.


Wynn:  Okay, bye.


Carla:  I think that you are absolutely right, sweetheart, and just explain a little bit about it because you have a responsibility. You don’t want to have somebody say ‘well you said.’. You need to kick the tires of anything that you hold out.

We’ve spent years kicking tires, so we want to… --It’s not that we don’t trust you all’s discernment, we really do. It’s just that there’s something about putting something out on radio and being responsible for it, that you want to just make really sure that the things that you say aren’t,’ what if’ or something. It’s something you’ve known about for years, kicked the tires of and can say something about and can say, “Go check it out for yourself, here’s where you check it out.” And you know, that degree of awareness means that you are not inadvertently goofing, pointing somebody the wrong way.


Wynn: I mean, if we had an open forum on this call for everyone to say anything they want and anything that influenced them, and then somebody starts talking about something that I happen to know is from a negative source, do I let that continue? And let somebody that’s listening be misled? Or do I stop it?


I have a responsibility for all of you, at least to do the best possible, to offer the best possible for what you need. I mean, you can go… – there’s a whole big world out there and if you are looking for information, never has it been so easy to find information on the Internet and you’re welcome to look up anything and decide your own point of view. But when we do these calls, I’ve come to the conclusion that our Sources are Positive. And that Carla’s are Positive, in general. Even in that case, I will continue the utmost of scrutiny. I always say don’t give up your power.


The bottom line is does it help you Love each other? Does it create community? Does it create an uplifted feeling inside of yourself? Those things have nothing to do with hope. They have to do with an experience you’re having in the moment. So I’m glad Willow brought that up and if Willow wants to hear what Gijs has to say, she can email him. Gijs might want to review what he has to say, to see if what I’m saying is right. Because I do a lot of cross-referencing, trying to have the best knowledge of what’s out there because people do ask me. That’s all, but Willow I hope you forgive me for… --if you’re listening. You’re probably not. I hope you’ll forgive me for offending you today. And that’s all. Anything you want to add, Carla?


Carla:  Just that it’s all for Love. She was wanting to expand Love, we’re wanting to expand Love and there are ‘hiccups’ anytime that you open the lines. Everybody’s doing their best, that’s all, there’s no judgment here.


Wynn:  Right, but it’s my job …


Carla:  --I shouldn’t say that, there’s plenty of judgment around what’s put on, but there’s no judgment to anybody that thinks that they’re ...


Wynn:  --It’s my job to make decisions and I might make the wrong decision and I might not but I still have to make decisions.


Carla:  That’s cool, let it go and go on.


Wynn:  It’s not a democracy.


Gijs:  Hey Wynn, I’m proud of you. We’re all ‘at your house’, this is your space and I totally agree that you need to … take care of your own.


Wynn:  But go do a search for the guy you named and Orion and see what comes up. Okay Gijs?


Gijs:  Yes, no. [Laughter]


Wynn:  See what comes up, I mean Gijs is always looking at stuff, sometimes he doesn’t …


Carla:  --You just need to look, you know?


Wynn:  Yes, I mean that’s how I developed discernment, by looking at stuff and considering it all and being on these calls and feeling the energy. But let’s move on.


Female voice:  Good.


Wynn:  Who said ‘good?’


Marilyn:  Marilyn. You did the right thing, let’s move on.


Wynn: Thank you Marilyn.


Marilyn:  Yes, she had an agenda and it wasn’t …


Wynn:  --Let’s not judge her.


Gijs:  --No judgments. No judgment.


Marilyn:  Okay.


Wynn:  She’s very passionate and she’s trying to find her way and that’s all right. It’s just that I’m not going to judge her. But she probably won’t now take me out to dinner. But we’ll see …


Carla:  --God bless, Wynn, what have you done?


Wynn:  Maybe she’ll forgive me and we’ll go to Denny’s. So, on that note, let’s see, it’s 10:51 …


Terry:  I would like to say thank you to Marilyn for birthday greetings. I tried to email you back and your email failed, so I don’t know how to tell you otherwise.


Marilyn:  Okay, a check is on the way. [Laughter]


Terry: Really?! Thank you.


Marilyn:  I more than appreciate what you do. I can’t tell you how needed this is for me and everyone else, I’m sure. So it’s just wonderful and we appreciate it so much.


Terry:  Thank you.


Marilyn:  God bless you for being here.


Carla:  You too, right back at you.


Marilyn:  All of you.


Wynn:  Well, this morning I woke up feeling terrible and when I feel terrible, I’m scary. I look at myself and … [Laughter]


Wynn:  My eyes are dark. It looks like …


Carla:  --Pinwheels, right?


Wynn:  It looks like I crawled out of a sewer and I said how am I going to do this call today? And then I threw up. [Laughter]


Carla: --And the world was better. [Laughter]


Wynn:  Throwing up actually really helped and started to get me back …


Carla:  --get it out.


Wynn:  I don’t think it was food but I think it was cathartic ‘something’, you know.


Carla:  Not that you drink.


Wynn:  No, I don’t drink, but one of the things that I do… – some people may not understand this, but if I tell you, you’ll understand it. When we do these calls, we really do create an energy of Oneness. And everything we do, on some level or another, we’re creating that energy. And when we separate, we’re holding the bag because some of you are doing a lot of processing; sometimes you’re on this call, and it then moves through my… – this is the way I think it works, I may be wrong – it moves thru my auric field and gets released. But in the meantime, there’s a period of time where it’s moving through me and sometimes it can get me sick, it can get Terry sick, get Daphne sick. Do you ever experience that Carla? I never asked you that.


Carla:  Well, yes, continuously actually. [Laughter]


Wynn:  Continuously ... [Laughter]


Carla:  Yes, I try not to pay attention. [Laughter]


Wynn:  But I know … [Laughter]


Carla:  --Well let’s put that aside and move on to good stuff. [Laughter] That’s sort of the way I handle it.


Wynn:  I can say that since Carla’s been on the line, my job has been easier so I know she’s been moving a lot of stuff through her. She knows how to do it and so usually, I’m handling it okay. But yesterday, it seemed like I just went to minus ten (-10). Not being able to stay up, sleeping all day. Finally after sleeping all day, I said “Now I’m ready” and then I got up and I looked at myself and I looked like a criminal. And you know what? It’s very hard to live in Sedona and be somewhat of a public figure, a spiritual guy, and then look in the mirror and look like a criminal because you can’t go out: “What’s going on, you don’t look good today Wynn, everything okay?” [Laughter]


That’s my predisposition this morning, so this is one of those days I’m so glad that Carla’s helping me hold the space, Carla and Terry. But Carla’s more adept at the public aspect of holding the space than Terry is. Terry, you haven’t been saying much, do you want to share anything, about all the things we’re been talking about?


Terry:  I really appreciate Carla’s input on everything concerning whether the negative or the Positive has won, and that the Positive has the edge. I continually feel that the Positive has the edge because it takes Positive and it takes Love to make a human being, and to raise a human being, and for the plants to grow, and for all the connections to be made that happen in the physical. So the negative is fighting a losing battle, because it’s self-defeating and can’t really sustain itself. In the overall look at everything, the Positive goes on. Anyway, that’s my thought.


Wynn:  You know, one time I asked the question, I said, “what if we just kill all the negative?” [Laughter] “Why don’t you just do that?” [Laughter] And what they said was, well it wouldn’t solve the problem, just make a temporary band-aid because they’d come back in other worlds and do the same thing. [Laughter]


Carla:  And you’d be part of the negative. [Laughter]


Wynn:  And I’d be part of the negative, right. [Laughter]


Terry:  Right, right, right. [Laughter]


Carla:  That’s why I’m sitting here giggling. What a good idea … it just doesn’t work. [Laughter]


Wynn:  I wasn’t really serious. I mean, I really wasn’t thinking it. I asked them, what if we just eliminated the negative, what would happen? They said they’d just come back. Okay? So it’s a tricky situation. Because you see, you can’t violate free will. And the negative has free will and they’re actively promoting their agendas.


Then another thing through Terry, was this through Terry? … no, it was through Daphne. They said, if you learn to hold the spiritual consciousness and you’re connected to the Higher Sources, then if something happens, they can… -- I don’t know if this is for sure, to be guaranteed, but they said they can help. In other words, there was a woman who lived in the forest, there was a fire and all the other houses were burned down and hers house wasn’t, okay? So there is a dispensation for making spiritual connections.


So, let’s move on and let me see if I can get the energy of doing my meditation, and for some reason, I say “Wynn, I don’t think you’re going to do as good a job today,” but maybe I’m wrong.


Carla:  I think you’ll do a wonderful job.


Wynn:  We will, huh?


Terry:  Yes, I think so, too.


Wynn:  Well really, I don’t do this. You know, this is …


Carla: -- Just let it come through you. That’s right.


Wynn:  Yes, but I don’t do this, it’s just an experiment where I said, “Well if I say this what will happen?” And then of course, it happened.


So what we’re going to do is shut our eyes and take a moment and be centered. And we’re going to look at the energy of the Universe. One thing all of our Sources have in common is that they say there is One Energy in the Universe. The entire Universe is One Being, just as there’re billions of cells in your body and your body is one being.


So we’re going to approach a guided visualization where we can tap into that energy, that experience of the One Being that pervades the entire Universe. That means that Being is you, it’s me, it’s the Earth, it’s the Sun, it’s the galaxies, it’s the Ra Group, it’s the Elohim Group. It is One Being and everything is a subset of that Being. We’re going to take the Being of the Earth, Mother Earth … [continuation of visualization].


…Let us now look at our healing list. What we’re doing is we’ve created group energy; this is my take. It’s invisible, so you have to decide if this is right or not. But my take is that we have created a group energy by our intention. We have these group souls that operate on joining our group energy, and it creates a huge amount of power in that energy. So we’re going to put some of the things, both on a personal way and a planetary way that you would like to shift for yourself.  There are no guarantees, but I do get lots of emails from people who’ve had amazing results from this.


Some of you have put things out on our healing list which is at I’m going to read some of them and let’s all work as a team, holding the space for these transformations that people are asking for. Linda in Pittsburg … [continued]


Wynn:  All right, what we are going to do now is get a message from Terry. Are you there Terry?


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  You’re there, okay.


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn: Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. And anything not of that nature must leave now. And we wait for a message through Terry.


Terry/Ra’An(?):  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator and it is with delight that we are available to each and every person on the line, each and every person who is listening or would read a transcript at a later time or listens to a replay. We love our time of connection with you that wish to be connected with, and we take a look farther out at conditions. But first of all, we wish to welcome each and every one of you.


Our vibration is very high and we are learning to treasure the vibrations in the Earth realm, and the vibrations of each and every one of you who is on this call. We see you as Light-bodies. We see you expanding, and your Light growing stronger and as your Light grows stronger, you are able to hold your own position in spite of difficulties that are going on in your surroundings and on the Earth. And as you learn to hold the Light, this will carry you through, through to the next dimension.


The greater Light that you can hold, the greater will be the availability of the higher dimensions to you. And it brings tears to our energy eyes to think of you as coming nearer to home; where we are, where we reside in a world, a realm, that is very close to pure Love. It does not have as many distortions, yet can come into the life in the third density. We take a moment and we impart Love Light to each and every one of you on this call, and we thank Wynn and we thank Carla for bringing this information to you and making it available to you, and we thank Terry and we thank Daphne. We take a moment of sacred silence and re-affirm that the Light that you carry can increase and support you and hold you…


…We see that difficulties within the world sphere are brought about when individuals do not feel that they are a part of things. And as a baby is screaming for its supper, and doing the best way he knows how, to bring attention to the fact that something’s needed, we see individuals who are getting in trouble, do not know how to ask, or feel so put-down, even as a country, that they do not know how to ask and how to demand in a way which will bring them what they need.


And from this basis, this basic need that these people have, we send those people Love… This is a sacred moment in connection, and we honor everyone on this call. Because you are a part of it, you are very important toward the whole process which you are working toward; towards a better life; towards strength within your own sphere; towards the ability to hold the Light and to share the Light and bring others up into the area of knowing they are cared for and wanted. Thank you. Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you. Thank our Sources. Thank all of you who are here. We are going to move into a planetary healing in just a moment. But you know what, that incident that happened, I’m getting all these emails and Debbie wants to know Dr. Marshall’s website. Terry, if you’re in the body enough,, I think.


Terry:, and if you have trouble finding it you can email Wynn or myself and we’ll send you the link.


Wynn:  Okay, thank you; and Abe made the comment that I should let anyone say anything they want. Abe, I have to tell you, you can start a forum and have everyone say anything they want. I don’t usually open the mics, and I started saying that at the beginning. I said that when I open the mics sometimes things get screwy. It’s as if you’re in your house, you have a living room, and you invite people over. They want to do certain things in your living room that you’re not comfortable with, then you have a right to stop it; it’s your living room.


It’s possible I could do another call and make it an open forum, where people could say anything they want, but this particular Sunday call has a purpose. The purpose is creating spiritual affinity. What goes on this call should, in every which way, be in that direction, in my opinion. It’s up to me to decide that, and if it isn’t then it’s up to me to decide it’s not appropriate. I might be wrong. I might be excluding something that’s valuable. I might look at something and bring it back at another time, but once it goes out I can’t take it back. So it’s better, if I’m in any doubt about anything, to hold it back. That’s all, but thank you for writing.


And Roger Newcomb sent an email, it says, “Carla’s audio is much better today” and that, “She hit my buttons dead-on. My anger at the ‘state of our state’ has been almost overwhelming, especially since the bombing in Boston. When she explained that anger is one of the reactions to fear, it stunned me, wow! I always get something from the calls.” Thank you, Roger, for sharing.


Let me see, there’s one other guy here, I just want to say that today’s his birthday. Thomas Young in… – Thomas, I don’t know where you are, but happy birthday to you. We got your call and I hope things are going well.


So let’s move into the planetary healing session. And of course, the way we understand this realm to work, is that we are made up of frequencies that come in from other dimensions and create holograms that start up high and download until we are in a physical body. Our physical bodies are connected to a huge hologram, or at least a medium hologram. On these calls, we are trying to make our holograms bigger.  What’s a hologram? Hologram is the extension of your energy field that goes outside of your body.


When we did that meditation earlier, we had the intention to combine our holograms, our energies, to make a group energy. We did that, I think we did that. That’s my experience of it. Then, on this part of the call, we’re going to access that group hologram again and make requests to shift things on this planet. And you know, it sounds a little bit like prayer, and you could use the word prayer and it certainly fits. But in my way of looking at things, I don’t like to use the word “prayer” because it sounds religious and this is not really based on religion.


This is a real experience with group souls that have done a huge amount to prove that they’re real, at least to me and to Carla. They have the ability to interface with us and often times they have come forth and answered when “God” was the call. That’s my take on that. So it doesn’t matter whether you use the word God or group soul or Universal Love or One Infinite Creator. It’s a matter of holding the space so you can access the energy. We do that best when starting out with a group energy because then, we are easier to see for them.


So we have a group energy and we have all of us and we invite all of those beings still on this planet whose High-Self cooperates, the Light-workers, etc. to join with us. We take this energy and we can move it around just by our intention. So we surround the Earth with this energy that we’re creating. We have become very powerful to create an energy that can surround the Earth. So let’s make pretend we can do that.


[Planetary healing continued] …


Carla’s having an operation next Friday, I believe, and I’d like to put her operation in the Light. And we’re going to do a special call on Thursday night. Anyone that wants a healing can be on that call and we’ll just bring in healing energies and see what we can do for all of you.


You know what, Jyoti sent in to include the horrible earthquake in China yesterday in the Light. I didn’t read about it, but if people were hurt we send them healing and balance any aftershocks. Let me see here… --Michael Baird said he liked the way I handled that this morning. Thank you, Michael.


What I’m going to do… --it is 11:46… --I’m just going to take a silent meditation for a bit and just let these energies come down upon you, move through you. Learn to work with them in the silence. Learn to direct them in your body. Learn to focus them towards somebody. Learn that I’m not in charge of these energies; you are. You’re just cooperating with this event and you can learn that they are there for you. We can do that in the silence, right now. We can experiment and then we’ll come back in a few minutes and end this call. Thank you all for being here.

 [Period of silence]…


…Bring that energy into your own body, into your own world, into your own home, into your own family and hold the space for your own life. You, each and every one of you, are a distinct part of All That Is. You are part of God. You are here in this dimension and many of you volunteered to be here to make this contribution in this period of shift. In making the contribution, one of the greatest things you can contribute is holding the energy of the higher realms in this realm. Nobody may notice. You may not get recognition, except they’ll notice you on the other side and you’ll know you’re doing your job. One of the things we’re doing here is teaching people by example how to tap into these energies and feel them. Many of you are succeeding.


So I thank you all. This is a noble experiment on Planet Earth. I thank Carla Rueckert. I thank Terry and Daphne and Gijs, and all the people that are volunteering. We have lots of our transcripts up on, if you haven’t checked that out. The energy on these calls is what’s tremendously important. By listening to them it helps you tune in to the energy and make it second nature.


So we have that Carla Rueckert has loads and loads of channeled messages up for thirty years on and it’s all available for free. So thank you for paying attention and thank you for contributing, and I hope my energy wasn’t too low tonight. I’m going to go to sleep after this call. I’m clearing some stuff. We’ll see you all next time. I’m un-muting everybody.


[Cacophony of ‘Happy Birthday, Terry’ and ‘good night’ and ‘I love you’]…


Carla:  Thank you for all the healing thoughts. I love you all, bye-bye.


Wynn:  There’s something I forgot to ask everybody. Did you guys listen to Michael Jackson? How many of you listened? Hang on …


Voices of callers:  I did. I did. I did. Happy birthday, Terry, we love you. I did.


Wynn:  Did you think it was Michael Jackson?


Male voice:  I think it could’ve been.


Wynn:  I know one person was saying, “Wynn, you’re doing a hoax on us. You and Terry must’ve made that up.” [Laughter] “But only one, okay?” [Laughter]


Don:  Well actually, Wynn? In the spirit of today’s call and with the Michael Jackson call, I was inspired awhile ago and I didn’t pipe up but today would be a good day to pipe up, and it’s a gift to gain more people utilizing my advertising background but I’ve got a catchy slogan that I think you need to incorporate, at least occasionally. “Intelligent-Infinity: We put the BS in BBS.” [Laughter]


Wynn:  We put the BS in …? Is Don there? Doug, are you there?


Female voice:  I don’t get it. [Laughter]


Wynn:  I don’t get it. I’m not sure I want to get it. [Uproarious laughter]


Donna:  This is Donna in Great Falls. I’d just like to say something. I’d like to ask Willow to come back, please.


Wynn:  Send her an email.


Donna:  I don’t have Internet to do that.


Wynn:  Well, I’ll send her an email.


Female voice:  I will too.


Donna:  Remember, Willow is our sister regardless of anything she says or does.


Wynn:  I know.




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