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Monday Call 04.22.2013
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
Audio Link -
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown and Dave Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is April 22, 2013. This is Wynn Free in Sedona. Is Terry on the line?


Terry:  I’m here, yes. I’m here.


Wynn: I know the mikes are still open; I’d like to leave them open. One of the things which is always sort of a dilemma…-- I actually don’t find it a dilemma; I kind of walk on the edge of it, but some other people do find it a dilemma, or they find there’s an ‘aspect’ at the beginnings of the calls where we’re funny; we’re laughing; we get to say hello to each other.


Then there’s an ‘aspect’ on the calls where things get ‘sacred’. It doesn’t get ‘sacred’ because we’re religious; it gets sacred because there’s a special energy that so many people feel. It’s been my experience that it’s the ‘letting off steam’ at the beginning that helps lubricate and loosen up the energies.


So, it’s kind of like ‘walking between worlds’; it’s walking between the ‘ordinary’ and the ‘sacred and being able to bridge them. For whatever reason, I guess I got to do this job and at one point they said I was highly qualified. I couldn’t understand why, because I was not feeling very confident; I was not feeling very worthy. I was feeling: “How do I do this? Why don’t they pick somebody that was successful or had a lot of money and start talking to them?” I kind of realize it now, but I didn’t understand it then.


I think that because I could see in myself, that in my whole life, that I was always trying to bridge the ‘ordinary’ and the ‘sacred’, even when I didn’t know I was doing that, even when I was writing music. I could feel the energy of people and I could feel what they were going through. In my music, in my songs… – someday we’re going to have enough extra money and I am going to record a really good album of my songs and put them up. That’s one of my goals.


Some of you would laugh if you heard the songs that I wrote, because here I was, travelling around the country playing music in little coffee shops and having girlfriends in all these different cities. I was a young guy, this was loads of fun.


Then I would go on to the next city. Some of you heard this story, which I’ve told, about a past life where I was a troubadour. This didn’t come from Daphne or Terry; it came about thirty years ago from someone else that did a reading on me. I knew it was right, because they did this detailed reading of me being a troubadour. I had written a song about the same lifetime, six or seven years before they did the reading. I thought the song was from my imagination, except it matched the reading precisely. So, I was pretty sure the reading was true.


What they explained was this: I used to travel from town to town and I would carry the news from one town to another. I’m not going to tell the whole story. In any case, I had friends and girlfriends in all these towns. I’m not writing songs now, so this is not an advertisement for me, but apparently one of the things I would write songs about was the women I would meet. I would celebrate their femininity.


I was playing music in bars, discotheques, and coffee shops. Occasionally I had a really good audience and I really made a good connection. Oftentimes, I had kind of worldly audiences. I started writing songs that would connect with those people. I always had the goal of playing a song that would make a connection and then move the energy up to another level, where I could reach people on a deeper level. Sometimes I did that, so I had songs like Clean up the Bedroom, Do It ‘til You’re Sick of it.


They were very funny, but they were looking at the human condition as I was experiencing it. Then I had songs like Everything You Touch Becomes Part of You (some of you have heard this one) or Dig the Spaces, which was kind of a cross-over between the funky part and the more evolved part of me.


I see that when we do these calls, sometimes I go back into that part. It’s like getting energies together.


So, in any case, yes, when we do these calls, if I really am on what we’re going to talk about, I can hit the ground ‘sacred’; but, the thing is that we’re all multidimensional, and if you just reach for the sacred and deny the human it doesn’t work. If you just operate on the human and deny the sacred, it’s limited. We have to somehow integrate the sacred and the human and figure out how to do that.


When we use the word ‘sacred’ here, another way of interpreting my use of the word ‘sacred’ is: that moment when our consciousnesses expand and we experience ourselves ‘in this moment’ as more than we usually experience ourselves. Now, this is just my theory, but when we’re in this Law of One experience, we are connected in oneness to these very high Sources at the high end of the matrix: the Elohim group and the Ra group.


How do we learn what facilitates this connection and how do we have more of it? We all go back and forth. If you’re coming into these calls we have the connection, and then we go back to being human. I won’t say ‘everybody’ but many of us, we feel our human sense of alienation, then we go back to feeling connected.


I’m trying to figure out what it is that helps us stay connected. I don’t think you ever lose your humanness. I don’t think that your human side disappears. If it did, you’d probably disappear. You probably exist because you have a human side.


The advantage of having a human side and a sacred side is that you start to learn how to be a bridge into this realm, from the sacred into the human. That way, you don’t get ‘holier-than-thou’. You never take your human side for granted. The key to the human side is that you have to take care of yourself as a human, as everyone probably has figured out. You need to eat, you need a roof over your head, for some people in varying degrees you need companionship, you need intimacy, and you need to connect with the higher realms.


In terms of graduating this realm, I think it’s the connection with the higher realms that establishes your location in the hologram. When you leave this realm that place exists for you. It doesn’t mean you’re supposed to sacrifice being human. In fact, if you can figure out how to do it, then it’s the best of all worlds. But, it’s not easy to figure out, because the human side has so many areas of temptation in it.


The question I broached in the mailing today was “How do we ‘Ask’?”  There’s this recurring theme that from the higher Sources, I guess I’ll call them ‘higher’, higher is okay, it means being higher in the matrix. From these higher Sources there is the recurring theme that they can help us, but we have to ask.


I’ve watched how all of us have asked, and some of us have had amazing things happen. Some of us seem stuck and then say “Why aren’t they answering?”  We’ve broached this at various times, about how that works. I’d like to kind of nail it. We’ll finish this session with a conversation with Them and see what They have to offer for us.


In the meantime, for those of you that are open to it, I’ll open the mikes, or you can send me an email and ask me a question or share an experience on this topic:


“Have you had some experiences of ‘asking’? “


I know I get emails from people all the time that have had amazing phenomena, miracles, synchronicities that they attribute to this work we’re doing.


Then, this really breaks my heart because I have people that are having health problems, they’re having financial problems, and sometimes they think that I can ‘make things happen’. Sometimes, I think I should be able to ‘make things happen’ and I don’t seem able to. Then I say “What am I doing wrong?”  I know I’m not doing anything wrong. I know that what we’re doing is having tremendous value to many of you, but nonetheless, that thought goes through my mind.


You don’t have to come and give me support and tell me “Wynn, you’re doing great”, because ‘to whom much is given much is expected’. And, I am still a novice at learning how to do this, although in the past few years I think I’ve gotten better. But, I’m still learning. I’m still learning all the time.


I’m going to un-mute people. Or, if you want to send me an email: . Maybe nobody will say anything. If you’re shy about talking, send me an email: and I’ll be reading my emails. I have email here from Jim Cooper:  “Hey, Jim!”


 I’m not coming through BBS and the call-in number is busy. I’m sorry; he’s not going to hear me. I’m going to send him an email:


“They are having technical problems. We should be on soon.”


Let me un-mute everybody.  Would anyone like to share something that happened to them, in relationship to ‘asking’?


One thing I noticed about all of this is that I am talking to you all more; I am enjoying hearing from you. It’s like we’re having a ‘rapport’. We’ve evolved to where it’s not just me lecturing you; it is us talking to each other. There’s One Energy and then there’s an ‘us’. I’m just curious here: is Willow on the line? Willow, are you on the line? …Okay, Willow is not there. I was going to invite her…


Some of you who were on the call yesterday know Willow and I had a run-in where I cut her off. That was an area where I had to make a judgment call. Our Sunday call, in particular, is directed towards the sacred. If something possibly comes in which might even remotely jeopardize that energy, I will not let it on. Something happened and I did send Willow an email and invite her to talk about it, but she’s not here. That’s okay. Let me un-mute people and see if anyone wants to say anything.


Alright. Does anyone want to contribute where they asked for something and it happened, and where they asked for something and they were mad because it didn’t happen, or they were just disappointed?


Caroline:  I have something. It’s Caroline in Okotoks [Alberta, Canada]. I’ll make a long story short:


Last year I was working and I was swelling up (puffing up) then I got a rash. I went to see the doctor. It was on my lower legs. They gave me a bunch of antibiotics intravenously and that rash went away. Then I got laid off from my job. All of sudden I got another rash, so I tried some health food stuff and it started going away. All of a sudden, I got blisters on the palms of my hand that were about a quarter inch tall (from nothing), and I had a hard time swallowing food.


I went to see the doctor and he said “What we’re going to do is check your blood for everything; it’s probably nothing.”  Then he called me in, and he says “This is very serious; you have myeloproliferative disorder; it’s a bone-marrow disorder. If your white blood cell count goes up much more, you’ll be in the first stages of leukemia. So I said “That’s not very good.”  He made an appointment with a specialist for November (this was in August) to give me take a series of tests. He gave me some stuff, but that’s it. I’m like “Wow! What am I going to do?”


I remembered a friend of mine who worked in ‘natural health’ so I got hold of him. I hadn’t talked to him in twenty years. I went to see him. He checked me over, gave me a treatment and gave me a bunch of vitamins. I said “Well, all these vitamins are probably about $1,000” and I said “I don’t have any money.”  He said “Take them and pay me back when you go back to work.”  I said “Okay.”


I went back. I had to take all these vitamins and do these cleansings. I prayed; I kept coming into the calls every day on the week on the radio. It just kept my spirits up and I kept thinking “I’m fine; I’m getting better.”  One part of me was saying it was like a test, to see if I could have adversity. In the meantime my whole family is looking at me like I should be making out my will. That was harder to deal with than anything else.


I kept taking these pills and doing these cleanses and taking vitamins and staying away from people; I couldn’t be around chemicals. I couldn’t even dye my hair. Then, my blood count went up. I thought “Maybe I shouldn’t be taking all this stuff; what good is that?”  Then, the little voice in my head said “Well, what if you don’t take them?”  I said “Okay” so I kept taking these things.


I went to the doctor in October and he said “I don’t understand why, but all your blood counts are back to normal.”  I’m like “What?”  He said “Yes, all your blood counts are back to normal.”  I’m like “Wow! So, what does that mean?”  He said “That means I think you cured yourself!”  --Oh yes, I also went on the White Light Express and put a prayer request up from them and a bunch of people prayed for me. And, on Facebook some friends of mine put out a prayer list for me as well.


My blood went back to normal, but I was so tired. It took me a while to recover. Finally, I’m like “I need to get a job but I can’t be working ten-hour shifts for ten days in a row.”  So I got this really nice job; it’s eight hours a day five days a week until June; by then I’ll be able to go back up North.


So, everything worked out. I think it helped because I was coming in on the calls and very positive; any time I started thinking negative “Woe is me” I’d just think of all the good things that I have going. My family loves me; people love me. Now, everything is good.


Wynn:  Wow. Tell me something: How long were you asking, how many months, before that happened?


Caroline:  This happened in August, then October: two months. Two months and my blood went clear.


Wynn:  Alright; that’s an inspiration. Thank you so much.


Now, did the doctors think it was a miracle? Did they think they didn’t understand how it happened?

Caroline:  Yes, my doctor thought it was because of the vitamins and the prayers. He was really surprised, because when I told him I was taking that stuff he told me he couldn’t recommend it. There were herbs in it, and he’s not educated in herbs so he can’t condone it; but, he thought it was miraculous.


I did go see the specialist in November, and he said “Why are you here? You don’t even have the myeloproliferative protein in your blood.”  I said I wanted to know how come this happened. He said “I’ll see you in three weeks; I want you to do some more blood tests.”  I said “What do you think it was?”  He goes “Oh, I think you had an allergic reaction.”


Wynn:  An allergic reaction that cured you, right?


Caroline:  The thing is, if it tells you in your heart “Look for something else” that’s what you should do, and listen to yourself. Just realize that the Universe is abundant and as you think, so you are; that’s all.


Wynn:  Alright, thank you so much for sharing. Does anyone else have something?


Terry:  Who was that who was speaking?


Wynn:  That was Caroline in Okotoks, Canada.


Terry:  Thank you; thank you Caroline.


Wynn:  Anyone else? Listen, I’m seeing all your names there. Some of you I know are frustrated, because you’re asking for things and they haven’t happened. I’m going to call you up after this call and say ‘How come you didn’t say anything?”


…I’m sorry. Who is that? Say your name again.


Dave:  David in Mesa. I sent you the email if you want to read it; I just sent it.


Wynn:  Dave in Mesa. Thank you Dave for sending it. Here’s what Dave said; I’ll just read his email:


“I just wanted to let you know that I have asked for help from Source, but I notice that it seems to work if you have multiple people praying for the same thing. I’ve asked for a job and financial abundance, but to no avail. I got a job briefly and my boss was a tyrant; I had to leave for my health and sanity. I think the situation would have been worse had I not been playing the calls at work and saying prayers of protection.


I think, personally, I have a lot of stuff to work out this lifetime; it’s been very challenging and my friends are limited. So, a ‘clearing’ from someone who is able is out of my budget at the moment. My spirits are up, though, and I continue to trudge along. Thank you for the great words and inspiration of caring.”


I’m just saying our Sources are listening right now, so, if we give them our permission to address anything towards Dave that you would...”


Anyone else?


Lucie:  This is Lucie. I have something to say. I want to tell everybody to ask for something and do not give up. Many times I asked for stuff that I thought I needed, and really the one that I needed very much, in prayer was answered – especially when I was asking with all my heart, my prayers were answered.


Finding you was an answer to my prayers, because I didn’t know where to go. I knew that there was something that I needed to find. I was looking toward churches and to different places, and I was praying and I was praying. Then, I heard you one night. I opened the radio and it was George Noory and I listened to it. I heard your voice and that was it. Then after I found you the next day, it was really an answer to my prayer.


I have some friends in Colorado that were in dire need; they are living in a camper in Colorado. They didn’t have enough food and they were cold and everything. Couldn’t find a job anywhere, couldn’t find a job. Now, they are warm and they have food, and he’s on his way to have a full-time job now. They’re expecting a little baby. So, I put them into the Light and asked for Light and Love for them; and it was really answered. It’s wonderful. They’re there for us and They love us.  I’m talking about the Source and our angels and everybody, they really want to help us.


Sometimes I listen to the little voice “What can I do to help myself, my health and stuff?”  I got an answer!  Do not give up; make sure you listen, because sometimes we say a prayer and we’re not listening. So, we have to listen. That’s how I learned to listen.


Anyway, I wish the best for everybody – but, really: do not give up, because it’s really happening. They really answer and they really love you and they want the best for you. Thank you.


Wynn:  Lucie, I am so glad you’re here. You are really powerful in supporting the energy of these calls. Your prayers are really strong. So, thank you; that’s from all of us.


Lucie:  Thank you; thank you.


Wynn:  Anyone else?


Carol:  This is Carol from Colorado. I’ve had vertigo for two years and I’ve been to doctors and psychics and everything, and I can’t… --- I need some help to resolve it. I have other problems too, but the vertigo is really tough.


Wynn:  Have you been praying for that?


Carol:  Yes, and meditating. One psychic said I should imagine light going through my body and that would be healing. But, it hasn’t helped.


Wynn:  I wonder what the ‘karmic thing’ about vertigo is. Occasionally I feel dizzy. I used to do it more, and I realized, for me, that I wasn’t grounded. I would get dizzy when I wasn’t grounded. I’m just throwing that out; that may be completely off for you.


Carol:  One psychic said I should sit on the dirt and ask Mother Gaia to absorb my energy; do the energy. It sort of helps, but it’s only temporary. Some days, it’s really bad. The doctor said I had a viral infection of the inner ear.


Wynn:  The one good thing about this realm, at least one ‘good’ thing I can tell everybody, is that it’s only temporary.


Carol:  I know I’ll die pretty soon, sometimes I wish I’d die sooner.


Judy:  Hello, this is Judy. I just heard her say something about an infection in her inner ear, because I was thinking inner ear about the dizziness. I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name, the woman…


Carol:  --Carol in Colorado.


Judy:  Caroline, hi. Have you heard of colloidal silver?


Caroline:  Yes, I’ve used that too.


Judy:  Oh, you have? And it hasn’t been helping for the ear infection?


Carol:  No, it has to do with my sinuses. The psychic was an ‘Edgar Cayce-type’ psychic, and he said it was an imbalance of the pituitary. When it first started, it was so bad in my forehead and it would hurt clear over to my ear; and it’s still there. It’s in my right ear. It’s been so miserable.


Wynn:  One day I’m going to do a conference call. We have a lot of people on our line that share things about alternative health. Sometimes, that’s the worldly way to fix something, and sometimes you just have to go that route. They have a lot of information. Terry and myself, we both were always into alternative health stuff. We should do a call where people share what they know and what they’ve had experience with, etc., for everybody’s benefit. So, stand by for that.


The only thing I have to be careful about, I always have to be careful to do the right kind of disclaimers for a call like that. I don’t want to be ‘busted’ for medical advice and have everything else shut down because we do that.


Judy:  --But colloidal silver is natural, and it’s really good. It’s amazing how much it helps with so many things that we didn’t know about.


Wynn:  Why don’t we spell that? C-o-l-l-o-i-d-a-l: colloidal silver. There is a lot of stuff on the Internet about it. Do your own research; it’s particularly good for infections of all kinds, correct?


Judy:  Yes, correct; and also so many other things, that I only recently found out about. It’s worth looking into. The ten parts per million is the best one that’s recommended.


Wynn:  Judy, you’ve used it for yourself and it’s been beneficial, and you’ve had experience with it working, right? I want to do a call for people that have used different things where they can share their experiences.


Marilyn:  There’s a super-natural silver also.


Wynn:  It’s super-natural? Does that mean it’s better? Okay, we only have ten minutes left. I want to mute everybody now because I want to give our Sources a chance to address this. We got on late on BBS.


Terry:  Could I say something briefly about Carol? Carol might want to try something. She could call Lindsay at Dr. Marshall’s office at 800-370-3447 and ask Lindsay what she has as a protocol for this. Also go to on your computer to find more information about Dr. Marshall. He has a radio program where you can call in and tell your symptoms, and he can give you whatever information he has.


Wynn:  Just for everybody’s information: we make no money from Dr. Marshall. The first time Terry mentioned him, I said “She’s bleeding through” because she’s loved Dr. Marshall for years. Then I started getting emails from people that said “Thanks for recommending Dr. Marshall.”


Terry:  Yes, “It’s changed my life” one lady said.


Wynn:  I’m just telling you; I’m not promising anything. We don’t make money; he doesn’t even make donations to us. He doesn’t even know what we do!


In any case, let’s go right into this Terry, and do a little session before we run out of any more time.


Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect every person on this line, and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies, coming in from the top of our heads and grounded into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the Positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We invite our Sources into the space to address this question of “How Do We Ask?”  Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with you and connect with each and every one of you. And we are available non-linearly and we do hear your prayers. You appear to us as a light; a light with radiating… –uh, ‘spikes’, you might call it – radiating out from you. And these radiations of light are your asking. And upon that light is information; it’s the information you are putting there in your asking. And we hear it; we sense it. We can then connect you up and add to your synchronicities that bring you within range to find the information you need.


When one lives in the third density, there are… – someone should write a hand book of the things that the body needs. Like there is a handbook on “How to Tune a Car”; there should be a handbook on what the body needs. There’s some very basic things that the body needs. And when one keeps asking, then they can use these – you might call them – these ‘little light reaches’ to connect with people that can bring them information that will help them to heal.


Give us a moment…


We ourselves are able to do some healing. We are reminded of when Terry broke her hip, and she was asking “Please heal my hip; please heal my hip.”  And the doctors gave her the diagnosis that it was dead, and it was going to fall apart and disintegrate within five years, and she would have to have an implant.


Terry kept asking everywhere /everything/everybody she could think of how to ask. We heard her message. And so, in a channeling by Cheryl Taylor, Terry was asking Cheryl Taylor “Can the Council of Light”, who Cheryl was channeling at the time, which is connected with us (it is not us, but it is connected with us), so that we keep like one finger upon the Council of Light and we are connected with them, so Terry kept asking. The Council of Light said “Well, you’re a little overweight; you don’t exercise; you could eat better. And you still want us to heal your hip.”  And Terry said “Yes.”


Well, connections were made that Terry’s hip could heal and she didn’t need the implant. The hip was brought back to life. It didn’t come out perfect, it didn’t get its full shape back, but it is functional.


So, in asking you can ‘put out the Light’; it isn’t just verbal-to-verbal, sight-to-sight. There’s a whole range of frequencies beyond. And there’s another factor and that is: what you think tends to direct you into what happens. So, when you think something, it is similar to the person putting love, writing ‘love”, on the outside of a bottle of water. And then, the molecules in the bottle of water re-orient into a more organized place, so when you freeze the water it turns into beautiful crystals.


However, if you put ‘hate’ on the outside, or ‘war’, then there is a chaotic reorganization of the molecular structure. So, when you think a thought, like “I have diabetes and the doctor says it will never go away” your cells are listening. You’re writing that information on your cells; your cells are fitting into that slot.


When you think something about your body, you take yourselves to that place in their organization. And so prayer, that you’re praying that another person will get better, it’s like you’re helping to write on the winds of the manifest world that there’s a better way; that there’s a difference coming; there’s a change and there’s a reorganization that can happen, that the organization will come back to its optimum state.


For instance, a healer could see a burn and project that those molecules that are burned and starting to blister can come back in reverse into their regular form and the blister will go away. So, the stronger one gets at being able to project the optimum organization of structure, the easier it is to write on the structure that is damaged and to help it heal.


We hope that this has helped: a handbook, knowledge about how optimally the body gets by within the physical realm. If it’s an alkaline, if the body can become alkaline, then it has more electrons. And the more electrons that are available, then it can be available to repair the body. So there’s a whole body of knowledge that a person can run into that can help them.


The lady in Canada has stepped one foot in… --her foot into the healing of this.


We thank you so much for this opportunity to connect. And we leave, but we do not leave. And just ask, ask for assistance. We can assist; but, not only us, but he whole physical universe can hear, and you can write on the consciousness of the manifest realm and it can help you realign. Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you. Thank you so much. There’s a question from Ed Powers in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’ll just do a quick answer on that. He says:


“How do we express ‘thanksgiving’ for answering requests to those in the higher realm?”


My answer, this is not their answer, my answer is: “love your neighbor as yourself.”  Love your neighbor as yourself. Do something that lifts the consciousness of someone else. The whole challenge of the higher realms is how to lift this planet and the people in it out of the mire that it’s in. When you start playing a part in doing that, I don’t think that there’s a better way of expressing thanksgiving, and they’ll get it.


That’s my answer; that’s not their answer.


Terry:  I’d just like to say something really quick. I was behind a car today driving, and the car had a sign on it; it said: “Do a Random Act of Kindness.”  It just made me smile and just cheered me up the whole five minutes that I was behind that car.


Wynn:  This is Terry talking, right?


Terry:  This is Terry back again, yes.


Wynn:  Just making sure it was clear for everybody.


Wynn:  Do you feel like going back into trance and let me ask some questions?


Terry:  I could do that.


Wynn:  Okay, because I have more questions that I think would be helpful to people. Okay?


Terry: Alright.


Wynn: And by the way, let me remind you all that Friday Carla is going into the hospital, I believe, for her operation. We’re going to ask our Sources and all of you to hold the space for her. On Thursday night we’re going to do a healing session for her, and I’m going to include everyone else who wants a healing. I’m going to practice what they’re saying to see how much I can add to that. Let me call in the Light just really fast:


We ask for the Light and we ask for protection. We ask for each of us to connect to the vibrations of the higher Positive realms and we ask our Sources to be present and to continue with a couple more questions on this topic.


Are you ready?


Ra’An:  Yes, we are back. We were disappointed that the session ended so quickly, so we are delighted to be back. Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Okay. I would want to ask, everyone wants to know: how do they ask for help? This is from Ed P., one of the questions that somebody sent me that I just made an answer to, but I thought I’d get your answer:


“How do we express ‘thanksgiving’ for answering requests to those in the higher realm?”


Ra’An:  How do we express ‘thanksgiving’ for answering your requests?


Wynn:  I assume what he’s saying there is: how do we express our thanksgiving for a request that was answered in the higher realms?


Ra’An:  Appreciation. When you appreciate it, you not only thank us, but you anchor it into your own life to make it more permanent. We get it, when you appreciate it, we know.


Wynn:  Thank you. You know, we started off this call with a discussion of the idea of ‘sacredness’ and ‘humanness’. I think I have this idea that if we’re going to make a request, that if we can move into that sacred space inside of us of a connection, that we stand a lot more chance of having something granted, or worked with, or connected with. Is that correct? I could answer this, but let you answer this: How do we enter that sacred space?


Ra’An:  Thank you. The yearning, the passion, the desire with which you wish something to be granted has a lot to do with how well it can be granted. Another thing that makes a difference is how good is what you are yearning for all of the individuals connected with the subject? How well is it that it can benefit, not only you, but the higher good of you and the harmonious connection with others, although ‘the harmonious connection with others’ is lesser than ‘how well can it benefit your own higher good’.


For instance, if you wish something to happen, for instance, if you are in the process of nearly passing over to the other side and then one is clinging onto life. And then, is in the quandary of “Shall I leave? Shall I stay?” and they’re perhaps miserable because their body hasn’t been well-taken care of. So, they’re in the in-between land of “shall I stay, shall I leave?”


And sometimes, it is a fine line, that they may move into the transition and they may wish it; to move into a transition, although part of them wishes to stay and part of them wishes to leave. They may move into transition and they can get debriefed in the higher realm and they can move on into a better situation.


Sometimes it is just through not knowing how to care for the body, or it is through having digestion problems; not digesting their food. Because when a person gets older, they don’t have as many enzymes to digest cooked food. And then their body is lacking in nutrients, and so their body can’t repair itself and they get sick, and then, they don’t feel like being around.


So, if a person would read our ideological, unwritten handbook, they could find out how to have their life extended vitally, and be vitally alive by another third if they would just handle this enzyme thing, and get enough enzymes and be able to digest their food and have an alkaline body rather than an acidic body.


Could you say if there are other aspects of this question there?


Wynn:  I think many people have this question and they’re struggling. They walk around and they’re trying to get a job, they’re trying to make money. They get stonewalled and it seems like nothing’s coming towards them. They’re praying for something and nothing is coming. Is there anything you can say in particular about the person who asked the question that would help him? And, for people in general who have that, since this is a time when a lot of people are facing that issue.


Ra’An:  Yes, there is a job out there. There is a job that is a better job than what you may have had, and it is out there and the connection needs to be made. Don’t give up; keep asking and doing little shifts. It can shift in a very short time doing little shifts. Just getting your energy out of the house, getting the energy out of the stuckness of the bills, getting your energy open enough to find the time to just venture out and make connection. And ask everybody you know. And eventually, this connection can be made by doing that.


So, even a little shift in direction can take you on a slightly different path that can open up something we envision for you that – we take a moment and envision it – something where you could be part of it, and you could be a vital contributor and get remunerated very well.


Wynn:  Thank you. And I assume that true for everybody who is out there looking, in general?


Ra’An:  We were particularly speaking to that one person, but it would apply to everyone.


If someone is stuck, sometimes they can develop a little program for themself that they would move through, like one thing that needed to be done. But, then questioning people they know, like their mortgage company: Is there anything that can be done? Like, is there some kind of a facility that would know how to re-finance even though it’s under water?


And then, the bank may refer them to somebody like HUD or something that would have an agency that could help find a solution. If it’s like a special kind of a thing, a special kind of a mortgage, then there is easy help available. If it’s another kind of a mortgage – conventional mortgage – then maybe another agency like HUD can help.


It’s like: when you question, you can find some avenues. You know, you could go on the Internet and ask. “What have other people done that are in this situation that I am?”  If I’m a printer, you know, how can I research? Go on the Internet; find out what printing companies are around, and find out if there’s something available in the area; somebody may need somebody right then at a printing company. You might fit just right in.


Wynn:  I do something I call ‘scanning’ when I’m looking for something; I just ‘blitz’ everything with what I’m looking for. I’m not expecting any particular thing to respond; like taking a walk, knocking on doors, whatever and just keep blitzing it. Sooner or later, when you’re doing a blitz, you forget that you’re needy – that’s for me – if you’re looking for something you feel needy. The first thing that happens is you go out looking and you keep putting your neediness and it’s harder for your energy to get through your neediness.


So, if you just start walking around and knocking on doors and calling people and do it for hours and hours, your neediness goes away. The looking becomes a ‘mantra’ and the ‘finding’ becomes kind of answer to the mantra; it just pops up without putting out the neediness. I’m not saying you can’t find something through neediness, but it seems to me when you forget your neediness, it’s easier to find something.


So even though your circumstance makes you feel needy, in the moment, you have to push through your neediness in order to succeed. That’s at least one way of looking at that, and my experience. That’s not to say you can’t go out feeling needy and have some miracle happen, because it could happen anyway. It just seems that it’s easier if you can release your neediness in the moment.


I remember that when we used to sell things at swap meets and festivals, I would experience that all the time because there were weeks where we didn’t have any money and I had to go show up and sell things. I’ll give you a little trick that I used to do:


If I felt needy (which I did at the beginning of the day) I could watch people walk by and no one would stop. I started to realize that people were picking up on my neediness and I didn’t look like someone that they wanted to walk up to and buy from; I looked like I was pushing them away.


So, what I used to do was at the beginning of the day, if I was in that space, I would call somebody over and I would say “Hey, could you help me? Just look through this and look like you’re interested, because more people will walk up to my booth.”  So, invariably, people will do things more to help, than to try to give you money because you’re selling them something. So it was easy to get people to look through when they were helping me, and they really were helping me. Then, when they looked through and they liked it I’d say “Listen, those things sell for $12. But, I’ll sell you one for $5 just to get the energies going.”  They would always buy it for $5.


The thing that would happen is that when they spent money there was a real transaction of energy; something shifted. Something shifted that when they looked through it there was a transaction, something shifted. But, when they spent money there was a big transaction and it was a real legitimate transaction. I would do that; sometimes I’d just do it one time, sometimes I’d do it a couple of times, but it would always, without fail, shift the energy. Suddenly, our booth was packed with people that wanted to buy these things. I did that many, many times.


When you’re feeling needy, if you can only figure out a way to shift that energy somehow or another; it doesn’t matter how; ask somebody to give you something, tell them you need their help. Actually we started doing that. I told people “Just have us send you a dollar.”  But, we just got too busy. You know what? If we start making more money here, we’ll do more things like this. We have trouble holding all the administrative ends down, but we were just sending people dollars just to help them shift the energy, because I know that works.


Ask your friend to give you a dollar to make you feel better. And, give them a dollar when they need it. It’s not the amount; it’s the energy that transfers. Then, you start feeling good when you go out. However you do that, do it. Call somebody up that you’re looking for a job with and have the secretary say something nice about you. I know you have to be creative, but be creative and create your way through it. That’s at a small level and a big level.


Keep in mind Thursday night, probably at 6:00 p.m., we’re going to do a healing session. We’ll have Carla on, who is going in for an operation, and we’ll have all of you on who need help. We’ll have all you on who can hold healing energy, because some of you do that on these calls. We’ll see how much healing energy we can transmit to the group that’s on the line.


On that note, we’ll end our Monday night call.


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