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Sunday Calls, 2013 Conferences


  • Planetary Grid Healing
  • Discussion of pre-call protocols
  • The expansion process occurring during the call
  • Preparedness for death and uncertainty
  • Elohim on viewing sickness in the body

Audio Link:
Hosted by: Wynn Free

Channeled by: Terry Brown

Transcribed by: Susan Rush

Edited by: Terry Brown and Dave Masty

Formatted and sent by: Aharon ben Or

Wynn: Alright everybody, it is 10:01 a.m. It is April 28, 2013; Wynn Free in Sedona, Gijs in Paradise, Terry … are you there? I see you, hello Terry?

Terry: Hi, good morning.

Wynn: Good morning. I’m going to un-mute everybody for a moment and we can hear everybody. Listen, one of the reasons we didn’t do the greetings this morning as we always do, is because the purpose of the greetings is to have a place where people can say hello and new people can introduce themselves.

And what’s been happening is it’s becoming kind of a ‘chat room’ and people are talking while new people are dinging [arriving on the conference line]. The feeling is that it starts to defeat the purpose of it. [New callers aren’t able to announce themselves with all the chatter.]

Although I hope that we’ll continue it in the future, and that some of you who may not understand this can respect the fact that the real intent of this call is to create a ‘sacred space’. The secondary intent is to create community, and if you have a community without a sacred space, you’re just back to ‘the same old stuff’. It’s really important, even at the beginning of the calls, that it’s not a time for telling dirty jokes or ‘making fun’ or being overly familiar because it destroys the ambience.

Now we do raise up the ambience; we manage to go through that, but for someone new, in particular, coming in to the call who’s hearing that, it’s going to create the wrong impression. It’s really important that this feels like a ‘safe space’ when someone else comes in. But in any case, this morning since we did this, I thought I’d just un-mute people for a moment and see if anyone wants to give their own opinion. By the way, it’s like I have to figure out myself what’s right for this, so it’s not a democracy; it’s not like if somebody wants to do it this way, I should do it. I take everything into consideration but I thought I’d just get you guys’ feedback on that. Does that make sense to you?

Everyone’s un-muted, anyone want to share anything about that?

Everybody: “Your space, your rules. I agree with you Wynn. I agree too, I thought it was a little out of control last … on Carla’s healing. Yes, but I like a little bit of the people just saying hi to each other, creating the energy.”

Wynn: Does anyone else want to give an opinion?

Frances: Wynn, Frances in Concord. Yes, you are always evolving and making things a little bit better step-by-step and this is part of the process and I consider this my ‘sacred time’, as if I were going to church at 10 o’clock every Sunday; since what, six years now?

Wynn: Yes, great. Thank you.

Lucie: This is Lucie from Florida.

Wynn: Hi Lucie, we hear you.

Lucie: Hi, how you doing? Anyway, I think you’re right, it’s your show and you’re the one who knows. So I respect your choice and whatever you want to do. Thank you.

Gijs: Except over here, Wynn doesn’t know it either.

Wynn: Well, believe me, don’t think I know, Lucie. I walk on tightropes, I make it up as I go along.

Lucy: Believe me, we know. [Laughter] Well, like I said, you’re the one who runs the show, you know, you’re the boss, we respect your opinion, your choice. Thank you.

Wynn: Okay, thank you.

Carolyn: Hi, this is Carolyn. I’m from Uganda and I’m not sure I understand what we’re giving feedback for but, like everybody has said Wynn, it’s your show and you get to do what you want with it.

I personally miss the grid healing part, where people contribute when they call from all over. So what I do to balance that out is, before the program, it’s now grown to six pages [Carolyn’s list], so I go on just before it starts and I read all my stuff asking Ra and the Elohim. I have a copy of your invocation and I read that and then I read everything, six pages worth, of what I’ve found that I felt needed Love Light.

It’s just so much everywhere that needs Love-Light. Whether it’s Korea or Boston, or the earthquake in China, or Congress getting decent gun laws passed or… So I just keep doing it, so even though it’s not actually on the grid healing anymore I still kind of get it as close as I can. But I love the show. I can’t hear it very well when I’m in Uganda and I leave in ten days.

I can hear it a lot better when I’m in the states. So I go to the BBS [] and I can hear it much better, but I haven’t been able to get an email for three months now so I never know what’s going on. It’s a little weird for me since I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve got you now. Thank you very much.

Wynn: Well just keep in mind that we have a calendar up. If you go to or there’s a little button on the left that says ‘Events’ that lists every conference call and all the links to BBS and all the phone numbers. So if for some reason you don’t get an email, please check that; just notice where it is.

Carolyn: Thank you very much.

Several voices speaking simultaneously: “I’ve got a question.” “This is Zoe in Sacramento.” “Go ahead.” “This is Roger in Austin.”

Wynn: Wait a sec. Let’s go for Zoe and then Roger, okay?

Zoe: Thank you Wynn.

Male voice: Wynn, the image that came to my mind when I heard all this was that you were like a head ringmaster in a circus [Laughter] and you were wearing your top hat and you’ve got your little whip and you’re keeping everything moving and it’s really not what people say is a circus but [garbled …] I think. But anyhow, I just wanted to share that.

Wynn: If it was the circus, does that mean everybody would be animals, right? [Laughter]

Zoe: This is Zoe in Sacramento, and I’d just like to say I’ve been coming on for a number of years now and it’s really important to me to hear each other’s physical voices. For me, that is the beginning of the ‘weaving of the community’. Especially since we don’t hear aloud people’s things that they’re putting in the Light so much now; they are mostly on the computer. I think it’s important for us to at least say our names and where we’re calling from.

Wynn: Alright, I agree with you.

Female voice: I agree with Zoe as well.

Wynn: Yes, I don’t really want to change that. I just wanted to make a statement because it’s gotten out of hand, and if people don’t respect the idea then we would have to hold it this way. But I like it when everybody says hello and their city and everything.

It’s just that if people want to have group conversations, if people email me and say we want to get on early and tell jokes, I’ll give everyone another phone number to call.[Laughter] They can do that, then when they’re finished they can come on this call, okay? So I don’t have to necessarily take it away, it’s just that I’m trying to figure out how to ‘have your cake and eat it too’; right?

Zoe: So that’d be great; it means a lot to me to hear people’s voices and to hear where they’re calling from because I get a ‘global sense’ from that, and that’s very powerful for me and bringing me into our whole time together.

Gina: Plus it helps us ground the energies in the areas where we live, for the planetary healing part.

Gijs: Hi Gina.

Gina: This is Gina from Oahu, Hawaii. Aloha everyone. I just wanted to add that I do think that when we say the locations we’re in out loud; it does help to weave and ground those energies in places.

Wynn: I absolutely agree with you. If things start going out of line, somebody should correct it and say “Let’s be quiet, this is not the time for this.” That way it’s self-correcting, okay? That’s all. But this is my way of making a statement this morning, so I’ve made my statement.

Zoe: Okay, thank you for sharing.

Female voice: Hi Wynn, I missed your statement.

Male voice: Could anyone share how Carla’s doing?

Nimueh: Hi Wynn, this is Nimueh from Phoenix.

Wynn: Nimueh, hi Nimueh.

Nimueh: Hi everyone. You know, I just get to be on very, very occasionally but I like to when I can. I don’t even know exactly what it is we’re talking about because I picked up a few minutes late but I’m here.

Wynn: Nimueh, it’s nice to hear you. I don’t think I’ve ever heard your voice before, have I?

Nimueh: I’m not sure. Actually, I did ask a question but maybe I emailed it in once on a call.

Wynn: I’ll tell you, I always thought you were a man.

Nimueh: Oh [Laughter] no. [Laughter]

Wynn: It’s just that your name doesn’t give it away. But you’re in Phoenix, right?

Nimueh: Right, yeah and actually Nimueh, that name, is the female partner of Merlin.

Wynn: Okay.

Female voice: Wow, how cool.

Wynn: But you’re always recommending the right place to give a talk in Phoenix.

Nimueh: Yes.

Wynn: That’s the right Nimueh, okay. Well thanks for sharing.

Nimueh: Sure, sure.

Wynn: For those of you that are getting on late (let me mute everybody) and don’t understand what we’re talking about, at the beginning of all these calls we always have Gijs or Dave or Marilyn or someone greeting everybody by saying “Can we have your name and your city?”

And what’s happened is that over the past couple of months it’s kind of gotten a little bit too casual; like, “could I have your name please? Hi, this is Wynn - [louder voice] hi Gijs, how you doing? Let me tell you a good joke today!” [Laughter] “Oh, there’s Joe (I’m making up somebody’s name).”

I know that people actually are genuinely enthused about connecting with each other, and some of us feel isolated and this is like a real community. The problem is that when it starts like that, but then everyone keeps/starts talking and engaging and it keeps “dinging” and new people are coming on and no one’s even stopping talking to let Gijs greet the new person. And the purpose of it is for everyone to say their name and their city and just put their energy in the pool.

So it got to the point where this morning I told Gijs, “Let’s just play music for the introduction” and then I just wanted to talk about it so people would understand; that we’ll try not playing music and going back to the old format and hope that you’ll respect the idea of it and the sacredness of it. To set-up the energy in the right way and not [Wynn chuckles] … --poor Daphne was coming on saying, “Wynn it sounds like a bunch of people at a bar!”

And she was right actually. There’s a fine line where we engage with each other in a way of sharing energy and we get too … too, what’s the word? What’s the word Gijs? Too what? Too familiar? Too boisterous? Too casual?

Then instead of creating a group energy, we create a different kind of group energy and then it’s harder to move things into the sacred. So in any case, thank you all for understanding and participating and especially thank you all for being here and participating, because we’re only doing this because you’re here; and because it’s making a difference; and because… -- how would I say it?: many reasons. It’s a venue for our Sources to make their voice heard in this realm, which is extremely rare phenomena, according to them. And of course, I don’t know anyone else that’s doing it in this way.

There are other people that bring through channelings of the Elohim, and some of them I believe are legitimate. Usually, it’s in a very formal way; oftentimes people have to pay for it. It’s tricky to create this kind of ‘vulnerable energy’ in a public way. The only reason we can do it is because of you; because so many of you have learned how to move into a sacred space which creates protection.

It creates protection. I’m not just coming on to every call and trying to prove myself or say this is real. Those of you that have integrated it know that it’s real and hold the energetic space inside of yourself. So we’re creating this space as a team.

One of the things I was thinking about earlier this morning, when I decided to do this, is that I was thinking about the word “authority” and “authority figure.” I know that when I was younger I was probably the most ‘resistant’ person you might ever meet, with regards to authority. I think often times people who are spiritual, people who are expanded, have real challenge with authority in this realm.

And the reason is that part of you knows you’re part of All That Is (whether you’ve put it in those words or not) and that each of you is a ‘law unto yourself’. Each of you is a creation; do you realize you’re a creation? And you’re also a creator.

You are creating your life and one of the things about this world, and I don’t know if what I’m going to say holds true for everyone, but it certainly holds for me, probably some of you will relate to it: as a creator and being in a world with a lot of creators, every single person is a creator at their own level. We’re all creating on each other but some levels of creation are ‘low-levels’ of creation and some of them are ‘high-levels’ and some of them are ‘divine God-levels’.

When you have that dispensation (whether you’ve grown into it or you’ve been born with it) to be a divine creator, even when you have that potential to do that, even when you’re not doing it but there’s that potential to do it, then other people are always creating around you (usually at lower levels more compressed into this reality). You feel you don’t belong; if you’re at the beginning stages of your own realization, you’ll feel alienated, you’ll feel separated, you’ll feel like you don’t belong in this world.

Then as you start to get more advanced, on some level, you tune-in to the idea that you can create; you don’t have to be bound by the creations of others. You have to figure out how to create into this world at the highest level of your potential, and that could mean different things for different people. It will mean different things for different people. But as a general rule, if you don’t create at your highest potential, you’ll be ‘created upon’ and you’ll feel like you’re not there.

Each of us has the challenge of how to create at our highest level. Now that doesn’t have to mean you’re doing huge big things. It might mean just creating the ‘right’ conversation or the ‘right’ way to communicate with someone. It might mean creating some kind of opportunity where you can be of service to other people; I say: ‘going out to old-age homes.’

That’s an easy one; anyone can do it. It might mean creating the opportunity for a job that you really enjoy instead of feeling like a slave, and finding people that you enjoy to work with and creating that; because you see, you’re the creator. You’re always the creator.

Most of us don’t take responsibility for being the creator, a creator. I don’t mean The Creator, I don’t mean the God-creator, I mean ‘just’ ‘a’ creator. If you’re not figuring out how to create into your life, you end up being what? You end up being a victim, because you get created upon and other people pull you into their agendas and you’re saying, ‘why me?’ Maybe, “being a creator” means going to your job, which is boring and that you wished you were going somewhere else, and finding creative ways to change that, to lift the environment. You have to figure it out; creative ways of changing the space, changing the vibration.

It might be as simple as getting a box of cookies and putting them out and saying “I bought cookies in for everybody.” Doing something like that occasionally, that’s a creative act; it’s a ‘random act of kindness’; it’s above and beyond the call of duty. If you’re working for somebody and you have a karmic exchange where they give you this much money and you come in and work eight hours and do whatever they say, find a way, an authentic way, to do something extra ‘above and beyond the call of duty’.

That starts ‘grace going’, but you can’t do it to start grace going because it may not, because they may not respond. But nonetheless, do it with a pure heart and give where it’s unexpected. If you want to learn how to have grace in your life, give where it’s not expected of you in little ways, all the time. It doesn’t mean taking over your life, but it means everyday think of a way to give to someone in some way where it wasn’t expected, and you don’t have any control mechanism on it: i.e., you’re not giving to them to endear them, to make them feel obligated, you’re just giving freely. Learn how to give freely because as you learn how to give freely, you set the stage for learning how to receive freely.

This is where the synchronicities and the little miracles come in that give you the opportunities in your life that you wish were there. You’re each creating a balance with your life flow. And what is your flow? What is your balance? You’re in charge of it. What are you putting out? What are you taking in, everyday? As you start changing the patterns of give and take in that way, and you start giving in little ways, you are not sacrificing yourself. Just little ways of giving that are not anticipated, then you are starting to build the energies, the ‘stair-step’ to the higher realms.

One of the things people could… --what I would do, in general, one of the things is if you can’t figure out anything else to do, start knocking on your neighbors’ doors and start making some kind of interface with your neighbors. I don’t know what is right for you to do, but I’d like to know my neighbors in this period of time. We know that things are breaking down, I don’t want to even say that but it’s true, and from every which way you look at it, things are going to get worse in the physical realm.

Whether that means a financial collapse, whether it means another war, whether it means a terrorist attack, whether it means a “false flag” event… --if you don’t know what “false flag” is, please ‘Google’ it. You’ll learn something that maybe you didn’t want to learn, but Google “false flag” and study what comes up.

In any case, we live in a very catalytic world. We’ve had this illusion that ‘somebody’ is taking care of us, i.e. our parents, our government; who knows who? Those illusions are being stripped away right now because … --you know Michael Jackson recently, before he left this realm, wrote a song called “They Don’t Care About Us.” He was talking about the powers-that-be. Go look that up on Google. “They Don’t Care About Us.”

On some level, we are on our own and remember I said ‘create’. Create a knock on the door to your neighbors; find something to give them that creates affinity. Now if they happen to be drug dealers you might want to pass, but otherwise think of a way of interfacing so that if anything happens, that you have neighbors you could meet with or talk with and figure out what to do.

Maybe make a system of storing food, or buying some cheap food together and water, and everyone will store it, so that if something happens there’s food and water. Because one of the problems is: if you’re the only person with food and water, and things get difficult and people find out you have it, it may not be a safe position.

Don’t wait for things to happen and then run around like a chicken without your head. Realize that something is going to happen, it is going to happen. Whether it’s this week, this month, or this year; probably certainly within this year or the next year, but it could be sooner. Things are going to happen that are going to make life more difficult. Do I know how difficult? No. Do I know what’s going to happen? No.

When we talk about it to our Sources, they say there’s a fine line between having this knowledge and ‘going into fear’. Going into fear can cause things to happen. So by telling you this, please don’t go into fear. Go into preparedness. I sent a thing out from Suze Orman today which I thought was interesting; where she says don’t pay off your credit cards if you don’t have any emergency money. Put the money aside and make a fund, an emergency fund. You may not want to put it in the bank. You might want to put it under your pillow or under your mattress, or you may want to put it in gold or silver, even little bits of money.

It just starts to make you feel more secure, that you can handle anything. So as I share these things, again, please don’t go into fear about it. Go into preparation. This is one lifetime in a thousand and we’re all going to leave this realm, we’re all going to … --we’ve had a lot of calls about dying and the best way to die and what happens to you and it seems pretty authentic.

If you have never gone through our archives and looked up any of those calls, I recommend you do so. There’s a little search bar, look up “dying” and see if … --listen, there are at least two or three of our Monday night calls on ‘dying’ and that’s a good thing to know, because you become familiar with death and you understand and you believe our Sources and integrate it; that it’s only a transition, it’s not a finish, it’s a transition and that your awareness continues and you come back again and again, and again, and again until you finally graduate this realm.

And of course, in this particular period, the information we have is that there’s a graduation going on where you’ll graduate into fourth density or fifth density. The way you graduate… -- listen to this carefully, and there’s different ways of saying this. One way is Carla Rueckert’s way, who will say “Are you service-to-self or service-to-others?”

If you’re service-to-others you need a 51% service-to-others and you graduate; if you’re service-to-self you need 95% to graduate. Well I don’t usually say it that way, even though the Ra Group said it that way. Another way to think of graduating is asking if your heart energy open slightly more than half?

That’s one of reasons we do these calls, because there’s an energy that comes in on the call that tends to help people open their hearts and open their other chakras. As we’re on this call there are energies flowing in, that to your ability to receive them, it helps to anchor those chakras inside of yourself (actually, re-program your DNA, which then holds the heart chakra or the other chakras open). And then another way to look at it, in terms of graduation, is that we all exist as multidimensional beings.

Even though we don’t realize it, every moment we are projecting an energy which is our energy field or our soul or whatever you want to call it; we’re projecting that into other dimensions. Now in most people it doesn’t go very far, it’s stuck by the veil, so their whole field is a small umbrella.

As we’re on these calls, many of you are experiencing this expanded feeling on the call and so it becomes a big umbrella. In that expanded feeling, there’s this idea that your energy is moving into other dimensions and it’s establishing itself, slowly but surely, in a comfort zone, where you start to live in a more expanded space.

Now one of the things that I believe (it may be true, I think this is true; I’ve asked it and they’ve seemed to indicate it is true), is that when you start expanding yourself into a higher expansion, higher field, higher dimension and you die, you’re creating ‘anchor points of potentials’ for where you’re going to go when you die. It’s like while you’re alive you’re creating routes; you’re creating energy threads from here to another physical location. So if you ever have to get to that physical location …

I’ve noticed this all the time: the first time I drive anywhere, I can get lost, I can get confused, I’m spaced out, etc., etc. and then after you drive it a couple of times, it starts to get automatic. Something in you knows the route. It’s much more relaxed. But the first time you tend to make wrong turns, you overshoot the freeway exit.

Now if you have GPS you probably don’t do that. This is for people without GPS because GPS handles this. But nonetheless, the idea is that after you’ve gone there a few times, you’ve got a track to that location and it’s almost like you get in your car and your car’s on automatic pilot. It knows where to turn, it knows when to put the brake on, and you can kind of space out a little bit while you’re driving; whereas for a new place, where you’re finding a really difficult location, it’s crazy.

So here’s the theory: while we’re expanding ourselves on these calls and feeling that expansion, it’s like we’re setting up routes in the field, from here to somewhere else. We’re getting comfortable with a route and so when we die, that route is established and you just say ‘oh, I remember this’ and you jump on it and you’re at the end point, which is outside of this dimension. That’s the idea, outside of the lower realms, and now you’ve graduated. If you’re going to do that, you have to be willing to let go of all the things in this realm.

When do you start letting go? Right now! When do you stop worrying about everything? Right now! When do you stop being concerned whether your children are going to make it or your husband’s going to make it, or your friend is going to make it? Right now! Your concern is not going to help them make it. In fact, the more centered you are, the more happy you are, the more joyful you are, the more you connect to your inner self, the more radiant you are, then the more you become a beacon to everyone around you.

They have to reach for your beacon; they have to flow towards it. You can’t help them by getting into their life-raft with them, unless that’s where you want to be when you die. You have to be able to attract them into your life-raft, so-to-speak, or else you’re going to end up ‘recycling’ with them. This is hard for a lot of people, and I understand how hard it is, because you love people and you care about them and you don’t want them to suffer.

Just keep in mind that every person is their own creator. They’re creating their own reality and until they‘re-create’ themselves, that’s where they’re going to be. You cannot change that for another person, you can’t do it. You can only do it for yourself and you can only inspire other people. Let me say that again, you can only inspire another person.

I remember some time ago, there was a father that was asking about his son. How could his son earn a living, and it was a channeled question, and the answer was for the father to set an example and to earn a living. His son would learn from the example because the father wasn’t doing that great at the time, but he was concerned about the son.

Each of us is meant to be an ‘example-setter’ at our best. Start practicing now. Ask yourself, “What do I need to do to set an example?” “How do I set an example, for my kids?” And one thing that doesn’t work is ‘worry’. ‘Worry’ does not set a good example, it sets a ‘wrong’ example. If you think worry is going to change anybody, it won’t.

Care’ will change somebody. Being a good listener will potentially help somebody change. Unconditional Love doesn’t mean being a sucker, unconditional Love means that you radiate Love and whoever is there to feel it, will feel it. Somebody once said unconditional Love is like the Sun, it doesn’t decide who it’s going to shine on.

It just shines on everybody and if you don’t cover yourself, if you don’t hide under the blankets, the Sun is going to shine on you. And so unconditional Love is like that; it radiates, it shines and the people that feel it will gravitate towards you and it inspires other people; it lifts their vibration, without trying to lift it, you don’t even have to say anything and it comes in.

On today’s call, we’ll do our little meditation. I want to, in particular, start to focus on all the people that need healing, and Carla Rueckert in particular. I’ll send out a complete update that I got from her husband yesterday, but in general, the operation was successful. She was in great pain but she was feeling the energy of people who are caring; she’s very sensitive. So we can just put Carla in our hearts right now and send energy and love to her because she gets it.

The other thing I want to do is some really ‘drawn-out meditation’ or healing meditation on the city of Los Angeles and North Korea. In our sessions, they say ‘keep putting L.A. in the Light.’ So we’re going to continue doing that. Terry, is there anything else we should be doing that I’m forgetting?

Terry: People on our healing list, the peace in the Mid-East and other cities like Washington and New York … Hawaii. Thank you.

Wynn: Alright, thank you. I just got an email now from Carla’s assistant who says the doctors are still very pleased with the surgery; the wound is doing well but she’s experiencing ‘intolerable’ pain. So let us just keep Love going in her direction.

Later I’ll tell you more and I’ll send another email out about it. All of you who have sent me emails about Carla, and any of you who do today, I’m forwarding them to her assistant who will read them. In the email I just got she requests, “please do continue sending healing energies Light and prayer;” that’s from Melissa.

So let’s just get our energies anchored to the Universe, and in truth every one of us is a child of the Universe in this little body on planet Earth, and most of us are Wanderers. We came here to be of service and invariably we got disconnected.

So the Universe is alive, the Universe is One Being; the Universe is The One Infinite Creator expanded into the multitude of All That Is. We are a point in the Universe, and each of us is a point in the Universe centered in the Universe, our Universe. We all expand outwards from our tiny point into All That Is.

So we start out with the Earth coming thru our floor, thru our feet and feeling the tingle of the Earth … [healing meditation continued as usual]

You know, with regards to my sister’s healing, where they said they projected a filter into her blood and they took her Lupus out, most of you know that story; but there’s another part of that story which I do tell but not that often. It had to do with the fact that when my sister was first released from the hospital she went to a nursing home, or a rehabilitation home. I was not really aware that any healing was taking place; I just knew that she came out of the hospital and it seemed to be a successful operation.

But she was at the nursing home and I started calling her every day and telling her jokes. I told her that she had to repeat the jokes to the nurses, which she started to do. She became really popular and all the nurses would come around and say, “what’s the joke for today?” I called it the ‘Cheer-Up Committee’. I did it every day for three weeks and then they did that thing with her where they said they projected a filter into her blood and took the Lupus out.

But the thing that I don’t always say, is that they said that if I hadn’t done the ‘Cheer-Up Committee’, they wouldn’t have been able to that. So you see how important it is to keep yourself in an uplifted state, because that starts expanding your energies so the higher energies can reach you. If you’re ‘woe is me,’ then it blocks the energies. My sister, I don’t think, ever felt as loved as she did when she was telling all those nurses these really bad jokes.

Let’s go thru our healing list today… ( … [continued as usual]


Wynn: Alright, Terry, are you there?

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: You’re not ready, are you?

Terry: No, I’m never ready. [Laughter] Because it’s not me that’s doing it you know, I just get out of the way.

Wynn: I know, well I’m just checking to make sure you’re un-muted.

Terry: Okay …

Wynn: That’s about as ready as you’re going to get, right?

Terry: That’s right. [chuckling].

Wynn: Father/mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry and myself [and everyone on this call] and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. And right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. And we turn it over to our sources for our message for this Sunday.

Terry/Ra’An: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 28th of April 2013, planet Earth. We are present and we greet each and every one of you, and we are so delighted to be available to each and every one of you that wishes to take advantage of the potential for connection.

We take a moment and we connect. This is Ra’An. We are a combination of entities that are available to you from the Elohim and from the Ra Group. We bring in with us entities from the Ra Group to increase the frequency of connection and make a broader base so that individuals can, from their frequency to our frequency, have a bigger range that they may perceive our frequencies.

We are aware of each and every thing that you have put into the Light, whether it has been read or not. We are profoundly thankful for your communications as it opens the opportunity for us to bring assistance.

We see all of the things that have been put in the Light as a panoply of … – we look at it as… – they aren’t exactly ‘bubbles of energy’ but they are differences in frequency and energy (based upon where the expression is coming from) of the illness or the disability. What we see is the need for Light to illuminate and to un-stick these areas of stuckness and concern and worry.

To bring Light in from the outside and to move through these areas bringing relief, bringing help, bringing connection; as disconnection within the body brings pain, as two areas within the body seek to reunite where they have been disconnected, or where they are disconnecting.

Bringing connection brings the cessation of pain as the areas become connected and can operate again. We are aware of the difficulty it is to negotiate, operate through areas in the physical, and we laud your journeys and your will, and your striving and your desires to become greater than these areas of disconnection, and to bring strength and to bring connection and to bring Love into your life and those around you, as Love is a basis for connection.

And when individuals are able to receive Love and to give Love, then they can achieve fulfillment of their long sought goals within the body, within the society, within the family, within their life and the connection to us in the higher realms; the connection to the higher places within their own souls and within their own hearts, bringing a sense of fulfillment, and thus joy, and even abundance into your life. We thank you for this opportunity to be with you as it is a sacred moment. We Love you more than you can imagine. We leave but we do not leave. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. Well, not only our Sources say, but economists say, political analysts say, that we are here at a place of planetary transition and we only have to read the newspapers (even though you can barely trust what’s in the newspaper. In fact, you can’t trust what’s in the newspaper, and if you think you can, you’re programming yourself to realities that are being projected on you because very little is actually as it’s reported).

So I urge you all to investigate everything that happens, everything. It’s on a global scale. Do searches, add words like “conspiracy” or things like to the search and see what comes up. Some of it’ll sound crazy, and some of it will be very intelligent, and look at what’s intelligent and see if it resonates.

Look and see if there’s an agenda, whoever’s saying it. In other words, some people will say things because it gets a lot of attention, gets them a lot of YouTube hits, and they’re attached to that. It doesn’t mean that if they’re getting a lot of hits they have to be attached, but be sensitive and if they’re attached, you might not make it as credible.

But if you get the idea they’re not attached and then you get a few people saying the same thing, with that same tone, and they’re analyzing different events in different ways, then consider that some of the ways you’ve looked at things may not be accurate, and that there are agendas on our planet that are not positive and that there’s intent to create disruption and it’s up to you to learn about this yourself. But do your own ‘due diligence’ so that, at least, you function with your eyes open.

One thing that our Sources tell us is that from the higher levels they look at our planet as if it is One Being and we all are part of that Being; each of us makes it up. And that the ability of them to move into this realm and help uplift and shift things depends on the predisposition of that One Being that we all create.

So one thing is, we need to get more people on our line and how do we do that? [chuckling] We’re still learning. [chuckle] It’s interesting: yesterday I was having dinner with a woman (she’s probably on the line tonight) and she wanted to introduce this work to her friends. I probably got all her friends mad at me and her, because just saying my normal story was so catalytic that they started walking out [chuckling] over dinner!

It’s like, that’s how strong people hold their reality systems, and it’s not to judge them. One thing I’m going to do is I’m going to start sending things out on our list which are just uplifting, like a song I sent out last week, a YouTube.

Things like that, with a little note to share this with people, a little note to say “go to this website and download Wynn Free’s book.” Let it be a soft gentle approach where people feel the positive intent of just getting an uplifted song every so often. Just share that with your friends and people you know. It’s kind of a safe way to do it and let people ‘reach back’. Let them feel the intent of why we’re sharing it because, why are we sharing it?

We’re sharing it because right now a lot of people are in a state of fear and panic. When you do something with a positive intent and a loving intent, it reaches them. Telling them all about this work might have a loving intent to it but it catalyzes them so they can’t hear it. So let them feel a positive intent from getting a good song or something uplifting and just let it flow. That way you are not putting yourself on the line of, how can I say it? - turning your friends against you because you’re ‘weird’.

So let’s move into our group energy. We have a group energy that we’ve established with ourselves and our Sources and the Earth. And that group energy is powerful; it hears our intentions; it feels our intentions; it’s got a life of its own. But we are, all of us, giving it the life. And we move that energy over to North Korea … [continued as usual]…

Finally, let’s send our Love-Light energy to Carla Rueckert in Kentucky, who has been our blessed participant so often on these calls. Let’s see a healing Light around her body. Let’s end this call with “Change My Heart” which is a musical piece by Gary Grant, who is one of our participants here. I don’t know if he’s on today, but he plays trumpet on this and we’ll come say goodbye after this is over…

[song plays]…

We’ll see you all next time. [cacophony of everyone saying thank you, bless you, goodbye, be well … marvelous from England … thank you … love you all … have a great week … great day, etc]

Daphne: Thank you Wynn, thank you Terry, God-bless you.

Everybody: Love yourself, give yourselves a hug … blessings to you all … thanks Wynn and Terry … thank you … take care, love you all.

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