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Monday Calls; 2013 Conferences

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is April 29, 2013. Wynn Free in Sedona,Terry Brown in Sedona, and  Daphne Karandanis is in Half Moon Bay. This is our Monday night call. We pick topics.


And somebody sent me an email a couple of days ago, they asked me: “What do you mean by ‘catalyzation’?”  I use that word somewhat often; I do have a process about what it means; I think it’s important. I thought it might be helpful for all of you to understand what I mean by ‘catalyzation’.


Before I go into that, I thought I’d open the lines. We are un-muted. Does anyone want to put their foot in their mouth, or share something with us?


Ron:  What was the root word again?


Wynn:  The word is ‘catalyzation’; ‘catalyst’.


Don:  I think it would mean something that either instigates or enables change.


Wynn:  Is that Don? Okay Don, thank you. Anyone else? Terry, are you there?


Terry:  I’m here; I’m here.


Wynn:  What does the word ‘catalyzation’ mean to you?


Terry:  It means you upset the other person, and hopefully they will get an idea how they can grow from it.


Wynn:  What was the first thing you said? I missed the word – you do what to the other person?


Terry:  You upset the other person.


Wynn:  You upset the other person, okay.


Caller:  It’s magically changing a horse into a cow…


Wynn:  Changing a horse into a cow? I have an idea about that.


Caller:  Let’s change a lump of coal to a diamond instead.


Wynn:  Okay; who is that? Daphne, are you there? You can tell me not to call on you, if you want, but I thought it would be good to have you express your idea for the word ‘catalyzation’.


Daphne:  Are we speaking about what the word means, are we speaking about the contextual context?


Catalyzation has to do with a dissonance of frequency; catalyzation has to do with a dissonance of frequencies. There’s a saying about ‘grist for the mill’; karmic grist for the mill. It has to do with the introduction of elements into the realm of experience which…


Wynn:  …introduction of what into the realm of experience? I missed a word.


Daphne:  The introduction of forces into the realm of experience which makes things move; they make things move either one way or another way. You’ve heard of the term ‘catalytic convertor’; they’re used in cars, or they used to be used in cars a long time ago, but catalyzing one’s experience means introducing elements, circumstances, vibrational arenas, which are dissonant; which are at un-harmony with the place that a person is experiencing or used to experiencing; thereby it is forcing change.


Change is not necessarily growth; the person can be negatively catalyzed. Not all catalyzation is positive; not all catalyzation is growthful. In fact, Yogananda always said that environment is stronger than willpower. One must choose one’s environment very carefully. You want to keep as clear a vibrational space around yourself as possible at all times, because human nature being what it will, people will tend to resonate at the lower common denominator.


So, yes.


Wynn:  Okay, thank you. I’m going to un-mute everybody again. Does anyone else want to say something?


Here’s a good question to those of you who have been coming into these calls over a period of time, have you felt that the word ‘catalyzation’ would relate to an experience you’ve had while coming into these calls, or provoked by the calls? Let’s see if anyone wants to answer that.


Marilyn:  Can I say something? The word ‘catalyzation’ to me is very harsh; I would not say that anything that I’ve experienced with this group or through Wynn has been harsh. It’s all been an easy flow.


Wynn:  Okay. I don’t think catalyzation necessarily has to be harsh, but what’s the word/idea when you talk about language that is representative: semantics? People relate that-[harsh]-to the word[catalyzation].


Does anyone else want to make a comment on that comment that I made about catalyzation on the call or in your life as a result of the call?


Gijs:  It’s kind of hard to answer that question not really knowing what catalyzation means.


Joel:  I think for myself reading The Creator Gods of the Universe was one of those things that was the catalyst which helped draw things in and make it more understandable with regards from a process of already going through The Law of One (books one through five) and then reading that. It was a catalyst in order to drive the energy in a positive direction in this realm.


Wynn:  Thank you Joel. You’re kind of fading out but I think we got what you said.


Let me go into talking about my idea of that word and how it applies, then maybe open it up for discussion again  and then see what  you all think; if it looks different.


Every one of us thinks that who we are right now is who we are. It feels like how it feels to be you; you’re inside your body. You have the experience of your emotions. You have your experience of your friends if you have any. You have the experience of your neighborhood. Each of us is in a reality system. Yet, every one of us has a different reality system. In spite of the fact that we’re all on these calls, we’re all listening to these words, we all have different reality systems.


Sometimes those of us that are on this call start to talk to each other and you think “Wow!  I’m really going to get understanding.” You suddenly find that person doesn’t understand you at all, or you don’t understand them at all. That’s not always the case, but it can very likely be the case, because even though we’re on this call, every one of us has a different reality system.


I would say that all reality systems are not equal; that reality systems tap into this greater hologram. So, each of us is expanded into the hologram of the Universe at a different level of expansion. So we can’t see that, but when you start talking to someone if you’re at a higher level of expansion into the Universe… – higher doesn’t mean ‘better’, it doesn’t mean controlling; it just means maybe you’ve had more lifetimes in this realm; it means maybe you came from an angelic place. If you’re at a higher place of expansion into the Universe and if you’re talking to somebody at a more contracted level of expansion, then they’re not going to understand you. They can’t understand you at their level of contraction.


Either one of the following has to happen: you have to contract so you can match them so that communication is possible, or they have to expand so that they can match you so that communication is possible. Now, the first one it’s always possible to do; it’s always possible for a person at a higher level of expansion to contract to a person at a more contracted space. It’s not always possible for a person who’s more contracted to expand into the space of a higher expansion, because they don’t know how to do that.


The way I’m looking at it the person at the higher expansion has been there and done that; they have experienced the other person’s way of being in another lifetime or a past lifetime or this lifetime. Nonetheless, it’s part of their experience. But the person at the smaller level of contraction may not have experienced the person at the larger contraction. They actually may have experienced it in another lifetime and then they’ve contracted again.


If that’s the case (if they had an experience) then it’s fairly easy for the person at the larger expansion to trigger the other person into a large expansion, because the person already has it: the cellular memory. But if they haven’t experienced it, it’s very difficult. That is when this principle of ‘catalyzation’ comes in, and can actually come in in both situations.


There is actually the third possibility: it’s impossible to connect, and people walk away and they say “This isn’t gonna work”, because the guy at the higher level of expansion – the person – when he contracts to the other person, he can do it, but he feels like he’s not being authentic and it gets boring very quickly. The person at the contracted space tries to expand and they can’t do it and they feel misunderstood. So, the people decide to walk away.


How does that relate to this work? In this work, I have this idea that we are learning to connect with these energies of Source, of Elohim, of Ra that are extremely expanded in the Universe. And, almost none of us are really ready for that level of expansion. What happens is: when it’s presented to you (or to someone) there’s immediately a similar kind of dance that goes on just as when a person at a larger level of expansion starts to communicate with a person at a smaller level of expansion.


We’re the guys with the smaller level of expansion and they’re the ones with the larger expansion. In order for communication to occur on some level they have to come to our level, but they can’t stay here because it gets boring. And they’re not interested in doing this; we have to go to their level; in which case we can’t stay there or we’d leave the body.


So, we have a series of meetings and coming and going, where slowly but surely, with the reinforcement of it, we learn to expand into a larger frame of reality. That’s my idea of it. So, on these calls, in the reiteration of calls, there is that opportunity to expand. Not everybody wants to expand; not everybody knows that expansion is possible. They’ll come into the call and keep trying to fit the call and what happens here into a contracted matrix. It doesn’t seem to fit; and they can get upset.


In order to expand into a higher matrix, we have to let something go. If we don’t let it go, we can’t expand. What do we have to let go? For everybody it’s something different. The process of letting go of something, it can be painful; it can be hurtful. I would call that ‘catalyzation’; that’s one kind of catalyzation: catalyzation of letting go of something you’re attached to that has been part of your reality system for many years and perhaps many lifetimes.


All of this doesn’t happen at a conscious level; in other words, you can’t consciously say to yourself “I’m going to let go of this” because that doesn’t work. It happens below the level of consciousness, and it happens or it doesn’t happen.


Years ago, I read a book which I can’t remember the name of. The fellow that wrote the book (whom I also can’t remember) was talking about ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’. He was talking about the Christ-consciousness. From his point of view, he was saying “No one will go through the catalyzation required to get to the Christ-consciousness unless their back is against a wall”. Because to move through where you are to the Christ consciousness…-- we could say:  experientially, the Law of One could be the Christ-consciousness; experientially, being able to see everyone as part of yourself; experientially experiencing you are your brother’s keeper and that you are not just your body.


Those are ideas, but how do you experience that? How do you move into the experience of that? Moving into the experience of that is letting go of the things that are in the way; letting go of the contraction. Mystical Catholicism has a word for that letting go (at least this is how I interpret it) and calls it “The Dark Night of the Soul”; going through the dark night of the soul. When things start to catalyze, they come up in you as feelings that are uncomfortable; it comes up as pain. When you read people who talk about this, they would say that the pain comes up and you have to experience that pain in order to release it.


So, if  you have things in your track, in your past lives, in this life that have crystallized certain kinds of painful traumas, fears, (relationships with women in a certain way), if it’s crystallized that, then on some level if you’re going to move from a more contracted space to a more expanded space and even hopefully into the Christed energies, then you have to travel through all those things that have created… – the word our sources use is ‘miasms’ or little ‘energy crunches’ where something is tied up in knots in you and you don’t even know it’s tied up in knots because you’ve lived with it all your life. So, it feels like that’s you.


I know when I was young, I had that very specific experience because I grew up with a father that was very oppressive. I had learned at one point that he had killed me in another life and that he was not that happy to see me this life. But because he killed me I had the option (it wasn’t his choice apparently) to take a life through this family because he had a karmic debt; that I could play the card and I would be born through this family. I had reasons to want to be born through this family.


I don’t think on the other side I understood how painful it was going to be for me. It was as if he was still killing me as I was growing up. He didn’t kill me physically, but he killed me psychically; he made me feel worthless. He made me feel like I had to defend myself. My shoulders got incredibly tight; my chest got incredibly tight. I didn’t know that was because of him. I thought that’s how it felt to be me.  I walked around feeling all those feelings for quite a few years.


When I had this reading where I learned that he had killed me (and I was sure the reading was right; there were other collaborating things) it made sense. It started to put me on this process of forgiving my father, forgiving everything, and also realizing that I had chosen to come in through this family even though it was going to be painful. For whatever reason, I wanted to be born in the location; something that this family could provide me.


But then because I made that choice (this is me reviewing it  and looking back on it) then I found out the reason for it, it still took me quite a bit of years, at least a few years, to release the energy inside of myself. I think I could do it a lot faster now because I’m wiser now; at that time I wasn’t. I had to surface this rejection over and over again inside myself. Every time it would come up I would have to look at it and say “That’s not me; that’s the pattern my father put into me.”  He didn’t even do it intentionally; this is all written in karmic energy-fields.


I think this is my take, some people might not look at it this way, it was like I chose to come through that family was going to cause me certain grief. If I chose a different family, that grief wouldn’t be there, but I had a reason to choose this particular family. So, this releasing of all of this hurt for me was a constant catalyzation for a couple of years.


That doesn’t mean you need to have that kind of catalyzation, but when uncomfortable things come up it’s a good thing to run it by your mind to say “Is this something that’s catalyzing me or is this something I should run away from?”  It’s not easy to tell the difference. Oftentimes when something is triggering an old pattern in you and your relationships are the best example of this. Whomever you’re in a relationship with is a master at triggering your patterns and vice-versa. When they trigger your patterns, it always looks like they’re doing it to you;   they’re causing that to happen.


I suspect many of you have had that experience, where somebody was doing something to you and maybe you had to get away and you left them. You brought another person in that did the same thing, and then you brought another person in that did the same thing. Of course, that’s a sign that it’s a pattern that’s trying to work through in you. So, if you’re in a relationship and that’s happening, can you turn it around and look at it and say “What’s the pattern that I’m supposed to work through with regards to this relationship?”


So, that is the value of understanding catalyzation: the value of facing situations that can be painful and that are part of processing that can release through you. I thought I’d give Terry and Daphne a chance to share their experiences with this. I know that Daphne talks about this a lot, she’ll use the word ‘processing’. To me, ‘processing’ means releasing stuff. It’s amazing how much it would seem as if you could just go *click*; okay – gone! Yet, it is gone for a moment; you have that moment of clarity, you have that moment of peace. And you say “Wow! This feels really good.”  Before you know it, the next day or the day after, it’s come back again.


Let me start out with Terry, if she wants to share anything on this idea of catalyzation that I just talked about.


Terry:  One of the things that I notice is when I’ll be right up against my limitations and I can’t see my way through it, then it gets really hard. Then, oftentimes I’ll make a break-through later and then things will get easier than they were before.


That’s my experience of it. It can be something that life throws up at you or me; or it can be somebody trying to get something across. Then my old patterns come up and I misunderstand what they’re saying. Like instead of realizing that they’re saying “Hey, communicate; you’re in the middle of something” I think that they’re saying “Work harder!  Work harder!  Get more done.” So I don’t say anything.


Wynn:  You’re not talking about me; are you talking about me when you say that? Should I talk to that person?


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  Okay, I’m just checking. Okay, go ahead.


Terry:  Yes, well that’s about it.


My parents, they brought me right up against my limitations. I had to kind of go outside of my limitations to be able to respond to life with them.


Wynn:  Right. If you notice, one of the great things about these calls is this quality of transparency, where we’re really not teaching anybody anything; we’re learning as we go. Everyone is just being who they are. It kind of sets an example that you can be who you are, because you can.


You can’t be who you are everywhere, because in the real world you have to look like something. You have to have an image that you project. Of course, people don’t ever want to see your pain or your suffering because if they did no one would like you. You have to hold that in and keep a good image going.


What happens is, that’s why people get stuck and they don’t grow. The way the world works is: you can’t release things, you have to look good, or at least try to look good. The strange phenomenon about it is that almost everybody can see through everybody. But it’s not polite to notice. So, we’re busy looking good and other people can see through us.


I get emails from people and they say “Wynn, we could feel you were tired” or, “You were grumpy that day.”  You know, I can’t hide; I’m on these calls and whoever I am is here. There are days that I still endure; I think/I hope I do an okay job, but I am tired, or I resist coming into three calls a week. Yet I know how important this is; so, I do it.


Daphne, are you there?


Gijs:  No, she dropped out, Wynn.


Wynn:  She dropped out; alright. I was hoping she would be sharing for this because this is a good topic for her.


Let me open it up and see if anyone else wants to share some of their experience with this idea; if they relate to it, if they understand it, if they had an experience where they went through a lot of negative stuff inside themselves and they got to the other side of it. Or, do you have the experience of going through stuff and think you’re a victim of someone else? I’m just curious what you think; the lines are open.


Lisa:  Hi, it’s Lisa. I was wondering if the book you were talking about before is Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore. You were trying to remember the name of a book; you were talking about ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’. I remember reading Thomas Moore, and he talked about the dark night of the soul. The title of the book is Care of the Soul.


Wynn:  That’s not the book. It was actually a very good book; in the book the guy was actually talking as if he were Jesus looking at the world today. It was almost as if he was channeling or he was mocking it up. But it was full of wisdom. I can’t remember. It might come up because I do have it somewhere in my data bank; I’m not sure where it is, I can’t remember. In any case, it wasn’t the dark night of the soul. There are a lot of books out on the dark night of the soul.


I’ll give you an example:  When I first got into all of this – when I say ‘first’ I mean when I first discovered David Wilcock and when I first had a reading from David Wilcock, which I did. I wanted to check out how his sources resonated with me. I remembered they said to me there would be times I would – see, I’m going to admit this to you all – there would be times when I would look in the mirror and I would look like Frankenstein. I understood what they were saying because in order to do this I had to release so many things. I think one time with Daphne they said I was going through releasing the karma of twenty-seven lifetimes. I don’t know what they all are, but nonetheless I kind of understood it. It’s been a work in progress for me to be able to hold the energy of this. I could never in my wildest dreams imagine that I could do this.


But there were times when I looked like Frankenstein. Even today I tell some people sometimes I get up and there are things I’m working through my system, and I’d rather not go outside because I hope nobody sees me. Then there are other times when I look absolutely great. Some of you know those patterns. How do you cope with them? I cope; on days when I’m not looking good I just stay at home. The problem is: I’m doing three conference calls a week, so I can’t hide from you guys. We’re all in a processing together and it’s okay because it speeds up the process. It allows us to be who we are and release things.


Thank you, Lisa. Does anyone else want to share anything on this? Have any of you had the experience of understanding what I mean by ‘processing’?


Lisa:  Probably.


Wynn:  Probably? Who is that? Lisa. You’re the only one who is talkative tonight.


Lisa:  Let’s see. It has to do with my health situation. Because of my physical health situation I ended up going into a very deep depression when I didn’t know what depression was; I had no understanding that it was a medical condition. For seven years I just sort of walked around thinking… – later on I thought of myself as having walked around having a dignified nervous breakdown because nobody on the outside of me ever saw anything strange. I had one moment with one friend. He said “Gee, you’re so cold, unusally cold and distant. ” I couldn’t help him; I couldn’t help myself in the moment. In fact, that was it. Inside the dark night of the soul is just something that I really came to understand.


So for seven years I walked around just thinking that I was failing at life and not telling anybody. It finally came out with a doctor he said “Do you think you’re depressed?”  I was still hearing the word ‘depressed’ in some layman’s terms. I said “How ridiculous. Of course I’m depressed.”  The horrors that I was going through in my mind I would have never guessed that I would go through. My plan was to be a very together person from the time I was growing up.


Finally I found out there was a medical cause. What it meant is that I was deficient in certain hormones and I needed just to replace them. I finally got on medication and on the right dose. It turned out I started normalizing and having the understanding that it was not me that was failing; there was something missing inside of my body. I would stay with the thousands of thoughts and racing thoughts and suddenly being afraid to be alone when before I always could be alone. All these things that I went through gave me so much insight to life, so much. I feel like I made a journey that I had to make where I lost faith in just about everything. I just totally lost faith only to finally build it back.


Obviously, I could write a book about it but I won’t take the rest of the time here. It was very meaningful to me.


Wynn:  Thank you so much for sharing.


One thing I would like to say about this idea of catalyzation is that if I have my understanding correctly, at no time in the history of mankind has there been the potential for working through things faster than right now. That is, you can move through the fear of letting things come up. If you can move through it, you’ll move through it faster now just because you create that intention. That’s because of this shift; it’s faster than any time in the history of all your lifetimes here, actually, if I understand it correctly.


The key is that it may not happen by itself without you making the serious commitment to work it through, and the serious commitment to start looking for the God, the Creator, in everyone, as Ra would say it. I think what I’d like to do is call in the light. Are you there, Terry?


Terry:  I’m here, yes. I’m here.


Wynn:  Could we bring in a little short message on this topic?


Terry:  Just a minute. Go ahead.


Wynn:  Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry, myself and each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


While we have this moment of together (communion) I just want to send this energy particularly to Los Angeles; surrounding Los Angeles in a protected shield of energy and loving energy coming to the surface of that city. I’d like to send the same thing to the entire planet, but focused on Los Angeles. I’d also like to send it to Carla Rueckert in the hospital right now, and all those people on our line who are having issues they’re working through, health issues or any kind of issue.


I’ll turn it over to our Sources to comment on the topic of tonight.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We look at this question. We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An and we are with you this day in April, the 29th of April, 2013.


And we look at the information you have posed. And we look at the derivation of the word ‘catalytic’ and we see that it is a ‘catalyst’: something that can quicken a reaction; can quicken a change. We see that life often acts as a catalyst towards change. If one is headed in the wrong direction, life quickly lets you know that you cannot go in that direction. There is a joke that the drivers on the road tend to be the ones that have learned the lessons of the road. And if they don’t learn the lessons of the road they get eliminated pretty quickly and are no longer in the driver’s pool.


That is a quick look at how life can teach you lessons. What is it that allows you to live harmoniously and to survive? It is a knowledge of how to harmoniously use the resources around you and to get along with other people so that your life, which is connected with all those around you, and they contribute and you contribute to them so that your life is a lesson in how to move forward and how to grow.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you.


By the way, if you’re listening to this and you didn’t listen to this Sunday’s grid healing, I highly recommend that you go to and download it and listen to it. It’s kind of a good one to keep on record. I got a number of emails saying that the energy was extremely good on that call. I think it was, but I don’t trust my own decision-making on that. When I get a bunch of people emailing me I think it’s probably true.


You know one of the ways to turbo-thrust through your lower energies is to absorb the energies of a call like Sunday, play it often. It does not mean it takes the place of living your life; you’re here to experience this life. You’re here to experience things; to experience people, to experience intimacy if that’s part of your path.


The lifting of vibration into the space of the Sunday calls (the Sunday calls in particular which are emphasizing that) are a really valuable tool, really valuable. Many times people put out meditation tapes and all kinds of stuff that don’t even begin to touch the frequency that we bring in on our Sunday call. Just as we give it away for free doesn’t mean it’s not valuable; it’s extremely valuable.


We give it away for free because this work is so important to people. They don’t know that it’s important; they kind of have to discover it by going inside of it. I’m not going to stop anyone from that discovery, not because we don’t ‘money’ because we do. Sooner or later we’ll run another blast on our pendants so you can remember Mother’s Day gifts and gifts for everybody, we’ll do it before Mother’s Day. When you do that it really helps us; think of somebody to give a present to. Some day I’m going to have ‘intelligent-infinity’ printed on the back of the pendants.


In any case, I thank you all so much for being here, for making this real, for letting us touch you. I thank Terry for being such a trouper and Daphne for being there at the beginning and starting everything. And all the people that are volunteering; and by the way, we need some more transcribers. If you are a transcriber send me an email. Let me know; we have a three-stage process. So you don’t have to be perfect because we do have a final editing process by somebody who is really good at English. But let me know if you happen to be really good at English. Let me know how many hours a week you have to spend. If you’re somebody that’s retired or happens to be bed-ridden this is a great way to create great value for people without having to leave your house.


As of this afternoon, we had 24,000 hits on, so people most definitely using it. It’s like a free university from the higher realms; we have hundreds of our calls on that due to the volunteer efforts of a number of people. So, I thank everybody who is volunteering; I thank Gary and Bogdan who are helping send the emails out. I thank all of you for paying attention and making it real.


It’s 6:57; I’ve got you un-muted. We’ll see you next time!



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