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Wednesday Calls; 2013 Conferences


  • If we ask for something, such as a healing, and it doesn't manifest, what does that mean?
  • Should I continue to look for a job in my field, or look somewhere else?
  • Were Adam and Eve human? What happened in the Garden of Eden?
  • How can I remember my past lives?

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Dave Masty
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: Hey everybody on BBS, and everyone checking in, and everyone on the replays! This is Wynn Free on our Wednesday night call: “You Got Questions, We Got Answers.” I hope so. This is a crazy world we’re in. Sometimes people don’t really want to know all the answers; I know more than I wish I knew. The problem is that it gets too responsible to know all these things.

I had my first experience of spirituality in Atlantic City and I’ll never forget it. We used to go there. When I was a kid I was pretty innocent and I had a lot of fun. Atlantic City was the most fun and I remember how I had a bunch of kids and we were all playing in the sand; we were having such joy. When we had to leave I just cried and cried because I was so happy in Atlantic City. That’s what I remember about Atlantic City.

We have about six people that checked in that didn’t say hello. Does anyone else want to say their name and their city? Is anyone checking in tonight for the first time?

Sharon: Yes. Sharon from Ohio.

Wynn: Welcome to Sharon. Anyone else checking in for the first time?

Mary Angela: I was. Mary Angela.

Wynn: Mary Angela. Right.

If you’re just new to the group, new to paying attention, I have to explain that there is this amazing phenomenon that happens around this work. I say it so you’ll pay attention because it’s subtle. I’m sure if you’ve gotten as far as listening to a call you’ve watched my little video, where I told the story of how I met Daphne, what happened, and this voice that was talking to me that said they were the Elohim.

I’m your average, every day skeptic. Just because somebody tells me there’s something doesn’t mean that I believe them, but the Elohim never asked me to do anything; they just said to ask them questions. This evolved for quite some time and I was getting very interesting answers. I was starting to lean in the direction that they really might be who they said they were, just by the way they answer questions; the way they looked at everything. And they were so loving. But there were a number of ‘closers’ that said “Okay, uncle! They really are who they say they are and they’re trustworthy. There’s nothing demonic in this.” I was running all those questions. I think if anyone is checking us out, especially if they come from any religious background, they’re predisposed to almost dismiss everything because it might be ‘demonic’.

In certain ways, there is a wisdom to that, because there are so many things where people bring messages through or people are doing phenomena that are not positive even though they look positive. And even when there can be phenomena attached or psychic awareness attached, and even when they talk about love it may not be positive; it’s tricky to figure it out.

One of the many things that was a big milestone in my figuring it out was when I had that question about Terry. They said “Look up Saint Catherine of Sienna.” When I looked up the story of Saint Catherine of Sienna, I found the story of this young woman who would go down to the local church. They would write down everything she said because they thought God was speaking to them through her. I found out that Saint Catherine’s Dialogues with God were still in print; still available on Amazon.

What was St. Catherine doing? By and large, the voice coming through her was trying to break down the corruption in the church, because the church had gotten corrupted as all churches do; as everything does in this realm. It’s very hard to keep things from getting corrupted.

The amazing thing about it is, of course, how much Terry looked like Saint Catherine. I had learned that people look like their past lifetimes; I learned that when I was writing the book about David Wilcock, because of his astounding resemblance to Edgar Cayce. It makes sense, because if you have a soul and the soul travels between lifetimes, it’s not beyond consideration that the soul carries the imprint of the DNA; it’s kind of programmed into it.

When the soul comes into the new body there’s all that DNA that’s waiting to be programmed. It’s like a computer carrying a program and it programs the DNA, and suddenly you look like who you were. In most cases, unless you knew you were somebody famous, you never figure it out; so it’s not that relevant. But, in my case they said “Look up Saint Catherine” and, of course, David Wilcock/Edgar Cayce.

Then, there were other incidents like this, quite a few, so that it just pushed the edge of doubt out of my mind. Then there was a phenomenon that took a few years for me to identify. The phenomenon was that they would be present in things that I was doing, in a way that other people could feel them. That was a number of years ago.

These calls are culminations of all those experiences. Not only have we gotten some of the most amazing information about how the Universe runs and how we evolve, but there’s a presence on these calls, which you may not feel the first time or you may. They say that they are beaming into the call. I use the word ‘beaming’; they have another way of saying it: they have their frequencies on these calls in a manner which you can tune into and feel.

It’s very uplifting. If you’ve never listened to it, our Sunday call is particularly the one that focuses on feeling those frequencies. If you’re on this call and you’re new, pay attention; it’s hard to put this into words because sometimes people have never experienced this before until they came onto our call; it’s not a normal experience, but there’s a feeling perhaps of tingling; there’s a feeling of expansion. It’s in the silence; I’m not doing it. If I stop talking, take a moment and feel the energy... Some people notice that their mind stops chattering and they’re in a more quiet peaceful place.

So for me, the greatest contribution that we’re making for you is to be a reference point for those energies. If you keep coming onto the calls you start to expand to where those energies are now part of your life. You’ve expanded and you’ve become ‘energetic friends’ with these Sources. Not everybody can talk to them; most people can’t.

For most people, unless it comes naturally, I wouldn’t recommend looking for it because it opens you up to things that, if you don’t know how to handle it, could be scary; or, it could be negative. It’s like: “How do you know who is talking to you? How do you know they are who they say they are?” I had that problem.

This really uplifted feeling of expansion is experiential; it’s not a belief. I get so many emails from people that are doing this. I hope you new people will keep coming back and opening up to this experience, because what happens is: once you start making this connection, suddenly things happen in your life. We’ve seen people with healings, we’ve seen people that suddenly sold their house, and we’ve seen people with synchronicities.

You start operating more multi-dimensionally. Most people don’t operate multi-dimensionally; they operate from a framework of being compressed into what some people call 3D, or this reality system. Of course you can move a little bit within it, but it’s a trap; you don’t even know you’re trapped, you don’t know it because you haven’t experienced how it feels to be beyond it.

It’s like a man who was born blind doesn’t know that he’s blind because he never experienced what it’s like to see; it’s similar to that. We’re all born into this realm and we’re compressed. When there’s an expanded frequency coming in it can feel scary sometimes. It’s not scary, but some people feel invaded.

First of all, they honor free will and they don’t come into your space unless you’re open to it or would like it. It’s a really pleasant feeling in the highest sense of the word. When we start to talk about what they call the Law of One, and that the whole Universe is just one being and we’re little subsets of it, then what happens is: part of the Oneness that’s trapped in this realm is meeting another part of the Oneness that’s not trapped in this realm. We start working with each other and everything evolves. I promise not to talk any more than that.

Let me just see if we have any last minute questions. Now, this is a good question; just registering this question from Sharon and I won’t use her last name. Hi, Sharon, thanks for asking.

Just remember that when we ask a question, if you’re looking for a linear answer, like for them to tell you to do something, then they usually won’t do that. Usually, they’ll trigger you into some kind of contemplation where you can address your own question.

This is about personal responsibility. It’s not about giving up your power and thinking they know better than you. The goal, as I see it from them, is that we can learn how to function in this realm from an expanded space. We can start to figure out our own answers.

With that, we have this little thing called ‘Calling in of the Light’. Are you there Terry?

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: Great.

So we have the energy present. One of the great things is that there are so many of you who have been coming to the calls regularly and you’re helping to anchor the energies. For some of you who have been on the calls and remember two or three or even four years ago, it was a different experience. Now we show up and we hit the ground running; the energy is present early on.

Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this call and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

We’ll let our Sources identify themselves through Terry.

Ra’An: We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An and this is the 1st of May 2013.

And we make connections with each and every person on the line that wishes to have connection made to them. And we do not come over the telephone lines; we do not come through the radio; we come directly to you.

It is our joy to be with you tonight. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes, thank you. We have a question here from Gary B.

If we ask for something such as a healing and what we ask for does not manifest, is it correct to assume that it was not for the highest good of the one asking, for one reason or another?”

Ra’An: This is a complex question and we are mindful of your question.

We see that when you ask and when it is not granted, it does not mean, necessarily, that it would not be for the highest good for you to achieve the result. But, a question is: the highest good in what manner, and the highest good of all concerned, and the future. All things are taken into consideration. There is a consideration of all factors: whether or not the body is on a path that can sustain the healing; are there factors in the environment; are there factors in the diet; are there factors in the society? All of these are considered in the healing. And if there is one thing that isn’t in alignment with the healing, then the healing may not be able to go forward.

One of the things is the negative ions available for healing within the body, which is dictated by the state of the body. Is there an infection that is overloading the body that is hidden and is not allowing healing? To override all of these factors and provide healing could cause the recurrence of the condition.

Also, if there is a predisposition for the illness in the outlook of the individual, some desire to move to a different arena; this is also considered. We consider paramount the persons’ free will.

We have given you some clues in what we have said here.

Wynn: You know something I would like to address: sometimes people are sick or they have conditions. I know this for a fact: they think they’re not being healed because they’re being punished and they’re bad. Could you address this please?

Ra’An: This is not the case.

When someone is not being healed, there may be something in their past history that is orienting them to be pre-disposed toward the illness. It could be the… – we are not saying that in the case of Gary this is the truth for him, but in some cases it could be that the adrenals are being overtaxed. And the stress in the environment is continually overtaxing them which doesn’t allow the body to move into the healing mode. They are not being punished; however, there are some factors present that may be hidden that are creating an environment within the body that it does not bring about the healing.

It can be even an infected area within the teeth that can, along the meridians of the body, put stress upon the body where along that meridian the body cannot move into the arena of healing.

Wynn: Thank you. A question from Sharon; she says:

Should I continue to look for a job in my field or for something entirely different?”

I’m going to make a comment from my own experience:

When people start having a certain spiritual awarenesses, they have a job where that energy is compressed and they can’t express it. It’s not even what they say; it’s not the communicative ability to talk about it. If you have a job where there’s team work, even in a constricted government job, there could be a boss that understands this principle in the line and you’re under that boss. He understands team work and feeling the ability to inspire the people that are under him or her.

So one of the things can be: are you in a job where you’re constricted or are you in a place where you feel expanded? [Do] you have to spend eight hours a day in a constricted situation where you feel you have an authority figure on top of you that never allows you to be who you really are, not on a personality level, but on a ‘being’ level?

Sometimes if you’re in that situation, it’s probably in your best interest to see if there is some kind of job where your attributes of ‘self’ can flow in a team work environment, so you feel a sense of love. But jobs are not that easy to come by these days for many people. You shouldn’t quit your job until you find something else.

And then of course, some people have an innate talent that, if they were expressing that talent, they would be far more fulfilled than in a job where they’re not expressing it. So if you have a special talent that you’d feel better expressing, then that’s another reason to look for a job.

But let’s just ask this question on Sharon’s behalf:

Should I continue to look for a job in my field or for something entirely different?”

Thank you.

Ra’An: Thank you. We look at the situation and we see that there is another area which in a past life you were very, very good at. You have worked in this field in this life. And there are influences coming in from a past life where you did very well in a different type of job. And sometimes when you go to sleep, you may picture yourself in that type of job; we would say ‘new job’ except that, in a way, it would be a continuation of a past life job wherein you did very well. And we see that you were a very big success in that.

We suggest that you review both areas when you look for a job. And with the second type of job, you have a natural talent and a natural knowing of what to do. And so, we suggest that you look into both areas of availability of jobs and see if a synchronicity can bring in the type of job that you sometimes dream of, and that your talents in your field in this life could even help you in the talents of the other life’s job.

Wynn: Thank you. We have an interesting question from Rick in Iowa City. I think I’m going to answer this question and see if there is anything our Sources want to add to it. You might want to get a pencil and paper, because I’m going to make some comments on things you might want to look up on the Internet and do your own research.

Again, when you’re looking things up on the Internet, never ever just believe one website; look for patterns, repetitions, resonance, because when it comes to things in history and ancient history, they’re not things that are obvious and that you can validate for yourself.

In this particular question this was something I did ask some questions about and I’ll tell you how they were answered.

It has to do with Adam and Eve: were these two actual humans, or is this whole story from the Bible just an allegory? What happened in the Garden of Eden? Some think it was the fall of man and some think it was sexual.

I did a lot of research on this. The answer is really wild. If you’re a ‘Bible person’, don’t listen to this because this is not a ‘Bible answer’ to that question.

As we’ve asked questions, the answers are that there is a group of intelligences at the center of time or the center of the Universe that has been talking to us, called the Elohim. When I say that, I say “You don’t want to believe this because they say it; you have to consider amongst everything else they say.” Because the way they’ve answered the questions is that they haven’t had bodies; they have lived as pure energy or pure spirit and outside of time.

Those Elohim souls that existed started and watched the Universe expand and grow. They allowed free will for all the beings in it. Then some of the Elohim came into this realm. They chose to take bodies, and ended up, at some point when they came in, forgetting who they were and where they came from. They got caught up in the karma of this realm. One of the ways they got caught up in this realm was that initially they could come in and they could leave; they could occupy a body that was here and leave, they’d go back and forth.

Apparently, it was in occupying or sharing space in a body that through sex they started to get stuck; their energies got pulled into this realm and they couldn’t get out and they got stuck here. They got stuck in reincarnation.

They had superior powers to the other beings in the realm, so they started wanting to have a nice life here. To have a nice life they could have slaves; they would be like gods to the beings that had evolved within the realm. There were groups of these descended Elohim, at least some of these descended Elohim might be what the Bible calls “fallen angels.” But this is how it actually worked:

They had spaceships and they would travel. They probably occupied planets and became the population of a planet. And on Earth, there is a story that goes back to Sumeria which much of the Bible apparently was based on. In the Sumerian tablets they talked about two of these descended Elohim souls, who were the leaders of spaceships that had come to Earth to do gold mining.

Their bodies were not that fit for mining gold or doing manual labor, but they were genetic geniuses, genetic scientists and they decided to create a hybrid between their genes and I believe it was the genes of Neanderthal man. So they would create a being that was smart and that was strong. Those beings would do their gold-mining.

Initially, they were not going to allow those beings to procreate because they had, as in Star Trek, a ‘law of non-interference’ regarding changing things on a planet. It was supposed to evolve on its own accord. So these original hybrids were not supposed to procreate. They were being gestated in the women of these Elohim. They’re called Annunaki if you want to look them up; Annunaki is in a lot of texts; I believe the Bible might call them Nephilim. In the Bible it says “The sons of God mated with the daughters of man.” That was not referring to the Elohim we talk to, as we understand it, but to these fallen Elohim that could be considered ‘sons of God’.

So, there were two brothers; you might want to write these down: Enki and Enlil. They had opposing points of view about what to do with these hybrids. One of them said “We just can’t let them reproduce” and the other one wanted them to reproduce. So they ended up reproducing and the two brothers became arch enemies. One of them wanted to kill all these hybrids and the other wanted to nurture them into ‘God-realization’. Enki was the one who wanted to nurture, and Enlil wanted to kill them or do away with them or eliminate them.

This rivalry between these two brothers became much of the substance of the Old Testament. For example, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, where a whole town exploded; it was because the brother that wanted to do away with humans nuked the town. The story of Noah was where the other brother was trying to save these beings. Of course, these beings were the beginning of humans; the beginnings of us. The humans started to get rebellious and the Annunaki would try to control them by saying they were gods and they would try to control them by fear.

There is a lot on the Internet about this. It’s a fascinating look at things. One time I asked a question in a session. I got much confirmation from our Sources that it was all true. It’s a very interesting look at the dynamics of how we got here. If you look on the Internet you’ll see that in the Old Testament there were different names for God; ‘Elohim’ was one of them. Another one was ‘Yahweh’; Yahweh was a God of sacrificing people; it was a god of fear. That particular one represented the brother that wanted to eliminate everybody or control them out of fear.

It’s a very interesting answer to the question. It takes it quite beyond the Bible and into what sounds a little bit like science fiction. Of course you can believe what you want. There is a lot on the Internet. There was a scholar by the name of Zechariah Sitchen, who was translating Sumerian tablets. Remember the Sumerians were the oldest culture on the planet, I believe. In those tablets he found the story of Enki and Enlil, then he wrote books about it. That’s, I think, who initially started that idea of where we came from.

On that note, I’m going to turn it over to our Sources and they add or subtract whatever they want from what I just shared. Thank you.

Ra’An: Thank you. In the memories of history, the unwritten history of planet Earth, there are beings that inhabited the Earth before the written history, before the remembered history. And these beings were very much like the human beings that inhabit the Earth at this time. There was trade that went on between other star systems and the Solar System. And there were stop-off places for flying saucers to stop and drop off vacationers. Then, things changed and war broke out that was brought to the planet from outside of your Solar System.

And for a time human beings did not exist on the Earth. Then, there was a time when the societies, the star societies, re-established the gold trade to stop and to put gold, to mine it, and to put it on to the flying saucers to be taken away

The flying saucers then encountered a world with primitive man. The stories of Adam and Eve were passed down from generation to generation and had to do with the re-establishment of man in the Earth plane, and the bringing of life, in human form, back into the Earth plane.

The stories are – we wish to use the word ‘allegories’; however, Terry does not know the meaning of allegories – the stories represent what has transpired in Earth’s past, and how the human was brought back into life in the Earth plane.

And that is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you. Next question is from a fellow by the name of Fonso. He asks:

How can I remember my past life?”

I’m just going to make another comment here. It’s something interesting about Terry and myself:

She has very clear memories of her past lives, as if it was one continuous life. I don’t have that, although I have learned about some of my past lives, one way or another, from’ looking like historical people’. When I study those people I have an incredible resonance. I realize that I could have been them, but I can almost re-enact inside myself how it felt to be them but I can’t remember the incidents.

I have a theory that Terry has had lifetimes where she stayed in the astral between lives. If you stay in the astral, I think you have more of a memory carried forth directly. I’m not saying this is true, I’m postulating that if you go back to the higher realms of light you have a clearing of your life. Each life becomes a new experience even though it’s attached to the energy-matrix of the previous life, the memory is not so easily accessible.

Maybe our Sources can clarify that and answer Fonso’s question about how he can remember his past life?

Ra’An: Thank you Fonso.

We take a look and we see that you have indeed had past lives in the Earth plane previously. We see that they were different past lives with different occupations. And that for instance, one was a sailor.

So we suggest that you pay attention to your thoughts, to your dreams, to the visions that you get when you close your eyes to go to sleep. What is it that you see? What is it that you dream? When you wake up in the morning, before you are fully awake, see if you can remember what your dream was.

And see if you have dreams of sailing; see if you have dreams of other things that you may have done. The memories are there; however, as you experience the new lifetimes you take on the manifestation Universe around you, and the past life visions tend to dissolve or to grow less; however, they are there.

And by paying attention to the little snippets of visions that you get here and there, often triggered by something in your environment, just take a look and move on with your day. But see if there is a pattern to them, something that you are drawn to, something that makes you more comfortable, or something even that may be scary that you would like to not remember and stay away from; just let it flow through. And catalog it in your mind and see if a pattern develops about what you may have done in your past.

Wynn: Thank you. I have another question from Rick in Iowa, but I am not going to ask his question. It was:

Were the Beatles part of the Divine Plan?”

I would not ask that; many people talk about ‘Divine Plan’ and “if it’s meant to be it will happen”. I personally, and also from some of the things I’ve learned, know that there is a lot of free will established in this realm. I would like to have a comment on the idea of ‘Divine Plan’ and “things are meant to be” from our Sources.

Thank you.

Ra’An: Thank you.

Each person is on a path, and that path provides them growth and provides them with challenges in their particular life that can bring them to the growth that they need to experience. This is the way that things work and weave together.

We do not call it a ‘Divine Plan’ because the individual is in charge of his growth process. However, the Universe does come together to provide him with what he needs for his next step in growth and learning.

Wynn: Thank you very much. I think we’ve reached the end of our questions tonight. I thank you so much. Would you like to have any closing comments in the next thirty seconds?

Ra’An: We are profoundly grateful for this opportunity to connect with each and every one of you, as we look at the third density realm sometimes as a separate area that leaves out the higher realms or does not notice them or know that they are there, and we are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to connect.

Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you so much for being here and providing your view on how all of this works. And thank Terry and thank all of you who are creating the platform, the stage, the energy, the love that allows this information and connection to happen. I hope we’ll see some of you on Sunday. Sunday is always our most popular call and it always has the highest energy on it, because we focus on bringing the energies of the higher realm in and not just getting information.

Thank all of you who sent messages to Carla. If any of you didn’t do that and want to, it will help cheer her up. She’s home right now. I think we’re three days after the operation, four days; it seems like it went well. She’s really appreciated all the messages that I have forwarded to her. Her assistant is reading them to her in person.

On that note I’m going to un-mute everybody… you’re all un-muted. We’ll see you next time.

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