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Sunday Planetary Grid Healing Session:

Wynn’s Discovered a New Resource of Ra Material
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Sunday Call: 05.05.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown and Dave Masty
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson


Wynn: This is our Sunday, May 5, 2013 Grid Healing. Wynn and Terry in Sedona, Daphne, you’re not on the line, are you?

Gijs: ‘has not checked in, no.

Wynn: She told me yesterday she was going to come in but we’ll see. Well, we are right now in the thick of all the things that we have been talking about for years. Now some of you that are listening are coming into our conference calls, are coming into our Sunday call, and as you know we usually develop a really good energy on this call. There are ‘magical things’ that happen that even I don’t understand.

I don’t know if anyone can understand how it works but there are these energies that flow down from somewhere, from the Universe, from the Cosmos. They don’t flow through the telephone line they flow through your body and for many people, into the top of their head. There’s this feeling where your energies get cleansed, that things lift, you come onto the call depressed and then your depression leaves and it’s an awesome experience; we just couldn’t be making it up, too many people feel it and it even works for me, it even works for Terry.

When we come onto the call, we have our own way that we have been at the beginning of the call and then something shifts during the call. Now I don’t believe this is the first time in history that anyone has been able to have this kind of experience, in fact I think it’s happened many, many times and yet most people on our planet have never had this experience.

If you tried to tell it to them or explain it to them, they wouldn’t believe you; they wouldn’t believe it’s possible. Now if you’re one of those on the call that hasn’t had that experience, hang in there and be patient because most people that reach for it get it.

This is not the power of suggestion, this is not hypnosis, this is something else. We’re having communications with ‘intelligences’ in other dimensions and one of those intelligences explains that it’s the Council of Elohim, and they take credit for the creation of the Universe; except they’re not ‘God’ in the way we would normally think of God.

They exist, they’re real and because they created the Universe, it doesn’t mean they’re sitting there ‘being God’. As they have explained to us, when they created the Universe it was bit by bit, and then they gave each part of the Universe free will to develop itself as it would choose.

So everything in the Universe is alive and every little subsection apparently has free will; this is what we understand. So that it develops the laws, the rules, the way things function underneath that subset. For example, if we just look at our solar system, apparently the Sun is the major ‘rule-maker’ for the Solar System. Then there is the Council which is a subset rule maker for the Solar System.

And then there’s each individual planet, which is a sub-subset or, in the Ra material, a sub-logoi. Of course the Earth would be a sub-logoi and the Earth is determining certain rules for itself and all of us who are living on Earth.  And then we are the sub-sub-logoi or sub-sub-sub-logoi. I don’t know how many ‘subs’ we need to put in there, and we’re determining the rules for our own life.

If we have children, as we know, for a period of time you, as a parent, will determine the rules that your children grow up with. But at a certain point, they are adults, and they may choose to either continue some of the rules that you embedded in them as they were growing up, or they may have a total change of heart. You may say “What are they doing that for?

I didn’t bring them up that way.” But nonetheless that’s what free will is; they need to exercise their free will. So what we have here is the Elohim, which could be looked at as a parent, and the entire Universe as the children, but the children were all growing up and they all made their own rules, and the Elohim didn’t interfere.

Except that some of the rules that were made up were – how shall we say it? -- ‘oppressive’; we could call it ‘service-to-self’? There were beings in this realm that wanted to be in charge of it, that wanted to run it and what we would find is that there’s a hierarchy of those beings that goes up quite high. Most of us, or many of us, are totally unaware that that exists, in spite of the fact that many of us have been under the control patterns of these beings.

You know, when I first started writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, there’s a chapter in the book on television and the media. And the Ra Group was saying ‘don’t watch television, don’t watch television, be careful;’ a great chapter and I didn’t quite understand it at the time because, at that time, when I was first studying all this, I was not aware of most of the things I’m now aware of.

This has been a number of years that I have been studying this and trying to validate it. As you know, I’m not an easy believer; just because a voice says something to me through Terry or Daphne, I have to integrate it. I usually do a lot of Internet searches because when something is new to me, I can’t quite believe that I’m the only guy that’s getting it.

So I want to find correlative things that back this up, and I remember early on, there was an amazing correlative thing I found connecting the Carla Rueckert Ra material to the Edgar Cayce material. Where I had studied the Edgar Cayce material pretty comprehensively, perhaps thirty years ago, and I found myself having a lot of questions.

I appreciated the wisdom in it, I appreciated many of the things in it, but there were some huge holes in my comprehension. For example, they would talk about a ‘solar cycle.’ This was in the Edgar Cayce readings, and it was not a big thing but it was there somewhere. I said, okay, this guy is credible, his readings are credible; he’s done all this stuff that you can validate. What is a ‘solar cycle?’

And I remember looking up ‘solar cycle.’ There wasn’t the Internet then but I couldn’t find anything that related to a ‘solar cycle.’ It wasn’t until I uncovered David Wilcock and started reading about the shift the planet was in and that there were these 25,000 year cycles and there were 75,000 year cycles and that we were in the midst of a 75,000 year cycle, right now, that I suddenly said, ‘that’s what a solar cycle is.’ It started to make sense.

Then another thing that came up in my original studying had to do with this correlation between the Edgar Cayce readings and the Carla Rueckert readings. When I discovered this, I kind of fell off my chair, because what I was realizing? You know, the first time I heard about the Ra Group, I said ‘can this be real?’

Can there really be a group of souls that is made up of individual souls that graduated this realm? Could that be true? They’re wise, I was reading them, I was studying them. But then in terms of the Carla Rueckert material, there was this huge correlation to the Edgar Cayce material. I was being kind of like a sleuth, a cosmic sleuth trying to look for things to tie it all together. In the Edgar Cayce materials, Edgar Cayce talked about Ra-Ta, who was an Egyptian priest in 10,000 B.C. who was there at the time Atlantis was falling, and he was welcoming many of the Atlantians into Egypt.

According to the Edgar Cayce readings, he did many healings and he built the pyramids by levitation. And I thought that was really far out, of course I could validate Edgar Cayce’s health readings, but building the pyramids by levitation? Well, now I’m studying the Carla Rueckert readings and anyone can back me and walk in my footsteps here and find this. In her Ra material, in Book One of her Ra material, (I believe we’ve already covered this on our The Law of One Made Simple series), but in the Ra material, Ra had said, ‘we found an Egyptian high priest (10,000 B.C.) and we built the pyramids by levitation.’

Then they added that the priesthood of the time, they took their [Ra] material, which was meant to lift the template of humanity (the energy of it), they took it and distorted it and used it to control people instead of for the original intention which Ra had. So they played a part in bringing the negative into this realm through that work.

 Well, obviously, the Carla Rueckert material had to be talking about Edgar Cayce, although they never mentioned Edgar Cayce. And the Edgar Cayce material had to be talking about a group soul, although the Cayce material never talked about a group soul.

I came to the conclusion that the Cayce material couldn’t talk about a group soul because of Cayce’s fundamental Christianity. He would have, perhaps, discarded his whole project if he had to think of God in the concept of being a group soul, so they never broached that subject. But they did talk about many, many things about the Cosmos. So this was my first huge discovery.

This was before I met Daphne, before many other things that were to happen. But the fact was that it seemed like the Ra Group had left this footprint, a huge footprint, and the fact that the Rueckert material and the Cayce material talked about the same Egyptian high priest, the same period of time, and building the pyramids by levitation.

It’s what led me to meet Carla Rueckert. She was giving a talk, I think in 2002 or maybe 2001, in Laughlin, Nevada and I drove there because I felt this was such a big thing that I had discovered, and I wanted to see if she knew in her conscious mind that Edgar Cayce talked about his past life, where he built the pyramids, and she didn’t and of course I believed her.

She had read Edgar Cayce. She read about his health cures but never read about his past life in Egypt. So I think it was that one thing, that one incident that made me write the book. I’m always scanning the Internet looking for correlations, looking for things to put together because if there’s a Ra Group and if they are working to lift the vibration of this planet, then I would think that they would be showing up in other places, as does the Elohim Group show up in other places.

But of course, as I’ve learned, you can’t just look for the word Elohim and assume because something comes up on Google that what you’re reading is actually ‘the’ Elohim. You have to look at it and see if it has the resonant frequency.

The other thing is, and I’m just cautioning people, as you do your own research, to realize that because you find the word Elohim and because somebody is channeling and it perhaps sounds like our Elohim, doesn’t mean that two months from now that that channeling might not get distorted. And suddenly it is not the Elohim, but it’s some voice saying it’s the Elohim and it’s from the negative. That is very common and the Rueckert material even talks about that. They say the negative will come in on positively disposed channelings.

So how do you figure it all out? The bottom line is you’re not supposed to be a follower. You’re supposed to be taking this stuff and integrating it into your life and testing it all the time. The information helps to trigger a lot of stuff, but the frequencies that are on these calls are more important than the information, in my opinion.

But without the information, without the understanding, your discernment is going to be weak. You could be going along and suddenly giving up your power to a negative source, and not realize that you’re doing it because you think it’s the Elohim or Ra or Jesus.

So I’m talking about all this because in the past week, in one of my Internet searches, I found a whole series of things on a website that I started to think ‘this sounds like the Ra Group.’ Now they didn’t call themselves the Ra Group, but I said it sounded like the Ra Group

Then I found, a couple of areas where it was so precisely connected, identified, with not only my work, but Carla Rueckert’s work as well; different things that normally don’t show up in New Age channelings, normally they don’t but they were showing up in this Source. Then I found out that they were talking about Ra-Ta, which was that lifetime of Edgar Cayce’s in Egypt. They were explaining it almost exactly as I had come to understand it.

And of course even Edgar Cayce people don’t know about Ra-Ta, that’s one of those obscure things that’s in the readings. Then they were talking about the ‘separation of souls’ and how there was going to be a lower vibration Earth and a higher vibration Earth.

Some people were going to go to the lower and some were going to go to the higher, and they went into great detail telling about that. That very much matched a lot of the information that was coming through Terry at the beginning of this work, when I was asking all those questions about ascension, et cetera, etc.

So this is one of the most correlative Sources I have ever run into and it didn’t feel like there was much negative to it. Another thing that came up with is that they started talking about The Book of Revelations. Now independently, on one of our Monday calls, I did a whole talk on The Book of Revelations. It was not from anything I read, nothing that was channeled.

It was my own take on it; that The Book of Revelations came from a negative source; it was not connected to the high work of Jesus. If you’re familiar with the beginning of Christianity, you’ll know that. I believe Jesus was dead and somebody had revelations that they had a voice talking to them, and that the voice identified itself as the same voice that talked to Jesus.

Or the author assumed that, and suddenly there was The Book of Revelations which was filled with things that create fear. Well, in looking at The Book of Revelations and how it’s used, it creates fear; if you don’t believe in Jesus you’re going to ‘this and this’, you’re not going to ascend. You can go look at it. And I said, that does not sound like our Sources. I had never heard them say anything that creates fear.

Let me see if I see a good quote here on Revelations. Now there are aspects of Revelations that were true, there were. The fact that there is a division of souls taking place, and when we look at that we can think of that as being ‘scary’, that you want to graduate, but understand that essentially, for most of us, we have been on the low side of evolution on this planet for thousands and thousands of years.

So your life now is representative of what it’s like to go through a series of lifetimes, with no memory from one lifetime to the other. Each lifetime being its own ‘painting’ and there’s a reason for that. In the stuff I was reading from this Source they were saying that, I’ve heard this before many times, that one of the reasons beings come and take bodies on Earth is because when you’re in a body on this planet, you have the opportunity for the fastest evolution possible of your soul.

I think our Sources have validated it as well; when you’re in-between realms, even if you’re in a blissful good state, you’re just kind of stuck there; it’s hard to move, and so if you want to evolve, you take a body because this is the fastest place to evolve.

But oftentimes you don’t realize how hard it is down here when you’re on the other side. Oftentimes when you get here, you have the intent to evolve in this realm, but unless you do certain things, you’re stuck!

And of course, because of the way that this realm is so programmed by the negative, once you’re here, even though you came to evolve, you get trapped in all the stuff; the newspapers, the thought forms, and you’re spinning around and it gets worse instead of better because you get caught up in Karma in this realm. You could have been graduated from this realm and you came back, and you came back to be of service and you end up getting caught in Karma.

In fact, according to the Ra Group, through Carla Rueckert, 90% of the Ra Group, 90% who chooses to come back into this realm as Wanderers, get caught up in the realm again, and in a series of ‘reincarnational traps’. So I would say that those of you that have discovered us (discovered our material and are studying it) have a huge advantage, if you take it, in learning how to accelerate your growth in this realm.

I know you’re listening and saying “but I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. I want to accelerate my growth but what should I do? Should I quit my job? Should I leave my husband?” Well, we constantly give little tips on what to do. Oftentimes it seems stupid, mundane: how could that make a difference? Like, how could smiling at the lady at the gas station make a difference to your evolution? How could going to an old-age home make a difference? How could volunteering to do transcripts make a difference?

But the thing is, it’s the choices you make every day, the opportunities you take every day, that start this process of evolution. It’s ‘how do you weave your energies into a loving space with the people around you?’ Because that’s what it’s about, particularly when you wake up and you don’t feel loving. You don’t feel connected. You feel disassociated, alienated. Where do you start? Well, every time you have to start where you are, just as I have to start these calls where we all are. As you notice when we’re on this call, the call has a flow to it and bit-by-bit-by-bit the energies start to change.

We start noticing the subtle energies around us. It’s always a surprise to me when it starts to come in. Part of the talking is not only to bring good information, things to think about, wisdom you can apply to your life, but it moves through the energies so that you’ll let go of your mind and I’ll let go of my mind and these subtle energies start to flow. Because, what I’ve learned, and of course I say I’ve learned this, I think it’s true, because it’s just as invisible to me as it is to you, that we have these group souls that are ‘waiting in the wings’.

They’re waiting to flow into this realm so that you can feel their Love. It’s The Law of One, they are you. They are a ‘higher aspect’ of you and you are a ‘lower aspect’ of them. They don’t come in out of being a stranger they come in as being part of you. If you try to think of how this works, then you would look at the Elohim and think that they created this realm and they understand all of the energies, all of the energetic constructions in the realm, and that they can move from where they are through all these constructions to where we are.

Now, do you think I understand that? No. It just keeps happening and I say I feel it. Now are they moving through the Universe? Are they moving from inside you? Maybe they’ll address that. I’m not sure, it’s like I don’t know if there is any ‘inside our Universe’ because maybe they’re all ‘the same place’ and everything is an illusion. Once you’re out of the space of believing the illusion then you can be anywhere in the illusion just by thinking about it.

In fact, that’s the way this 4D reality is described by David Wilcock and Carla Rueckert. And I believe our materials; where you can think of something and ‘boom’, you’re there. How can that be? How did you get there? How do they feel you? I know I can think of somebody and I can kind of do a prayer or hold them in my space and they call me occasionally and they said, “I could feel you.”

This only works with free will, never an intrusion. You know, I don’t spy on people. I don’t think of what everyone’s doing, it doesn’t matter, it’s just that when there’s a person that’s open to feeling loving energy, then I move into that quiet space, even doing this for an entire group, holding the space I can feel the energy of the group and I send it Love.

How much time do you spend every day doing that? I would suggest, if you are one of those people that is reaching for evolution in this realm, try doing that every single day. Get into a quiet place and think of the people you care about and send them loving energy and think of our planet and send it loving energy. Because you are a child of All That Is.

You have the same power I have, that Jesus had. Jesus said it, ‘these things I do you can do and much more.’ I’m not saying that from a religious standpoint, I’m saying that everyone in a human body has the same potential but so many of us never reach our potentials. Why is that?

Because this realm is designed to be an obstacle course! It’s designed by the negative to be that way, and why does the negative want it that way?

So there are layers of negative, and you know the first layer might be those people that are in bodies that are controlling this realm.

Some people call them the “Illuminati,” the “bankers,” but behind it all there is a cult phenomenon being used to control everything; symbols, black magic, blah, blah, blah. It’s very real. Then you go above that and you start getting ET’s that are negative, ET’s that have various agendas concerning our planet.

Then you go above that and you get very high holographic energies, not as high as the Elohim, but high. High enough to manipulate things below it, and that these high entities make long range plans in controlling this realm. Long range plans over hundreds, maybe even thousands of years and we don’t see those plans because we’re only caught in our little segment of time, and yet they’re very real.

For some of you, it would absolutely blow your mind to realize the extent of those plans and how they are manipulated or – not ‘manipulated’ – how they are ‘brought to bear’ in our world, and that we are living at the impact affect of all those plans. The media and the newspapers are part of those plans.

Now this may not have been true thirty years ago, forty years ago, but in general today, the media is under the auspices of the negative, and that things you see on the news are probably, across the board, not as they are being presented.

There’s a huge amount of distortion on it, and yet millions of people are watching that news and forming their decisions, deciding who to hate, who the enemy is, and it’s not the way it’s being presented. So how are you going to figure this out? Who are you going to trust? You know, occasionally I make a comment on these calls about something that somebody interprets as not patriotic, and then I get a bunch of emails about it.

Well I happen to be very patriotic, but that does not mean that our rulers, our government is positive. In fact, they’re not.

There are so many agendas, behind the scenes, going on and you need an open mind. You don’t have to believe it, you shouldn’t believe it, but don’t immediately disbelieve it, because you’re probably operating on a programmed thing in your mind rather than finding the truth of the situation. This is an interesting thing in this source that I’ve discovered:

“The Awareness indicates that if it were possible for this Awareness to encourage entities to think for themselves without telling them or suggesting to them a line of thought, it would surely do so. But it appears that most entities want someone or something to direct their thinking, and thus the Awareness must make a suggestion from time to time regarding certain ideas and concepts so that entities are not afraid to turn their eyes in a different direction, to question something from a different view.

The Awareness indicates it would be much easier for entities to go along with the authorities on everything that is promoted. For then there is threat of resistance or counteraction. The Awareness indicates however entities who go along to get along, too often find themselves ensnared in the slaughter house in the dark room of enslavement, imprisonment, entrapment and thus has been so throughout the history of humanity.

This Awareness warns entities not to go along just to get along without being aware of the potential dangers involved in your action. For sometimes a stick in time can alter the outcome, and if you are bent on going along to get along, you may miss an opportunity to take that stick, to take that move, to give that action, that effort to alter the course of history. For there are moments when a little leverage here and a little leverage there can change the course of future history.

The Awareness indicates that if the energy isn’t given, if the leverage isn’t used, the movement is not altered and those making the plans to enslave you and your family and your children’s children may have missed their opportunity because you missed yours. The Awareness indicates that it only asks entities to become more aware of what is happening in their world. For in that awareness they will take right actions in accordance with their level of comprehension and awareness.

As you become aware, you act in accordance with your level of awareness and in making others aware, they too act in accordance with their levels of awareness, and the spreading of information at the right time can alter the entire direction of a movement, of an effort that may be for no good. And The Awareness suggests that, as previously indicated, this is a time wherein a war is occurring over the capture and the containment of the souls of humanity and the war is being fought with ideas and concepts and information. It could be at a future time, including weapons and the weapons may be used in the future to wipeout segments of society. If the ideas of today are not properly used in this battle for control of the minds of entities, for as entities seek to understand, they may turn to the wrong sources, if your voice isn’t present, if your information isn’t available.”

Did you hear that? Let me say it again: it’s like, “…if the ideas of today are not used properly in this battle for control of the minds of entities…” – there’s a battle for your mind, there’s a battle for your soul – “…for as entities seek to understand they may turn to the wrong sources.”

Hopefully we’re the right Source, hopefully. You have to decide that, but there’s going to be a lot of people trying to understand things, and there’s going to be a lot of things vying for their attention. It’s like you’re building your own credibility, means your little bit of counsel can change someone else’s direction.

“The Awareness suggests that as you spread the information, you spread opportunities for others to see a different side of the picture. For your information may be just what they need to understand the full scope of something they only suspected or wondered and at, which they’d otherwise ignored had it not been for the information you provide.

Think not that you have nothing to say. We suggest that all ideas are part of the collective consciousness of humanity and if your idea is not spread, then there’s a gap in collective consciousness resulting in a degree of ignorance.”

So each of you is caught in how to work this, how to contribute to other people. And I’m caught in thinking, how do we work as a team? Many of us, we have come to a really amazing place, and it’s kind of like we’re in a circle and we’ve learned to experience Love on these calls. Many of you have found friends in this work and connections in this work. Some of you have found husbands and wives and some of you have found jobs or synchronicities that brought you more abundance and some of you are thinking, “When do I get mine?” I don’t know the answer to that. I just say hang-in. My job is to keep finding the opportunities, the ways to make this all stronger and give you more tools to work with.

I know one of the things, right now, is that for many of us we don’t have local communities that are strong. We meet on the calls and we develop a strong energy, but we don’t have a local group of people to share that with. That’s missing, that’s important because if things break down it’s important to have a support system.

So I am working on that actually, how to develop local communities. Keep your eyes open and pay attention because we’ll be sending something out fairly soon that is a way to execute that idea. It’s a way that every one of you can be of service without having to ‘put your foot in your mouth’ or risk being ‘excommunicated’ by your community.

Which is one of the problems, you talk about this to somebody and you try to explain it in so many words, and people think you’re nuts or they think you’ve gone off the deep end. So in any case, that’s part of my job to think of all those things. Part of your job is if you think of something, to let me know.

Also, there’re always volunteer opportunities and the main reason to volunteer is because you have tapped into the awareness of what we’re doing, and how it’s helping people and how it’s helped you, and that through the efforts of volunteers, you are going to cause more people to connect with this, more people to have the experience that you had. 

So if you value your experience, then you know that having more people have that experience is really positive, and then you are actually creating that.

You are actually the cause of other people having that experience, and that when you change something in this realm, when you intrinsically change something, you can’t help but change yourself. So for example, in all the ways that we have contributed to you, we have also intrinsically changed ourselves.

I can feel that change, and I can feel that connection and I think differently, I talk differently. I wake up every day feeling differently. It’s like figuring out how to make little changes lead to big shifts. Not big changes but little changes, but little changes lead to big changes.

It’s like I said earlier, we were like huddled around in a protected space in a circle. We’re coming to the place where we have to stay in the circle but turn around 180° so that we’re facing into the world to do our own service, however we do it, in bringing these energies of Love Light into this realm. It’s a big challenge and a big puzzle because there’s no ‘one size fits all’.

There’s nothing I can say – I can’t say “let’s do this” and it works; each of us is in our own experiment of how to increase the level of ‘interface’. Some of us aren’t ready for that yet. Some of us are still working out too much of our ‘stuff’ and that’s okay. It’s 10:58 a.m.

Gijs: Wynn.

Wynn: Yes.

Gijs: I would like to welcome Daphne to the call. Good morning Daphne. Let me un-mute her line.

Daphne: Oh, thank you Gijs and thank you Wynn. Thank you, Terry.

Wynn: Well, good morning Daphne. Nice to have you and thank you for ‘throwing the first pitch’ that allowed all this to happen, in spite of not even knowing what you were doing, alright?

Daphne: Well, I wouldn’t quite put it like that, but as you wish.

Wynn: Well, I don’t think any of us knew what was going to happen or where it was going to lead when it all started, but thank you for checking in and I’m going to do our little visualization, which connects us to the Universe and the Earth and each other. The Universe is One Being, that’s our recurring theme. Everything in the Universe is part of the same energy, The One Infinite Creator. All That Is is all that is and we are little micro-specks in this greater expansion of All That Is.

The unique aspect of a human is that although their body and their normal consciousness is a microscopic part of All That Is, the energy that occupies a human, that you could say is your soul, is not limited to the body. Probably one of the reasons that being in a body is such an extraordinarily potentially expansive experience is that you have the opportunity, through your choices, to interface with this energy that we call ‘soul’, and to develop a working relationship with it.

Learn how it can expand to be more than it is normally. It can expand beyond the contraction of this realm. In fact, when we do this visualization, I believe that’s exactly what happens; we get a chance to experience that expansion.

So put your feet flat on the ground and we see the energy of the Earth, which is alive, moving through from the center of the Earth, traveling from the center of the Earth, coming up through the floor of your home, no matter where you are on the planet. So if we were looking at this energetically, we would see these beams of energy coming from the center of the Earth, through the floor and that we’re all connecting at the center of the Earth.

Through the floor, through our feet, and some of you can feel a little buzzing in your feet. So we can conjecture that buzzing is the Earth and we can tell the Earth that we Love her. We keep moving through our feet, through our legs, through our calves and we have this finger of energy from the Earth moving up through our bodies … through our solar plexus, through our chest, through our neck and through our head. We are connected to the Earth and we are connected to each other through the Earth.

Feel the connection? It’s kind of a lower chakra connection, through the Earth to each other. Now we’re going to move through the top of our head and we’re going to go one foot above our head. We’re not leaving our body. We’re in our body and we’re projecting through our body, both down to the Earth and now we’re going to go up through the top of our head and into our room, projecting …

If we were going to visualize it, see this energy coming up through the top of your head, hitting the ceiling and like a fountain of water it struck something, it kind of spreads out into your entire room. The room is surrounded with this energy.

Now you can move through your ceiling and then through the roof and into the sky and up through the sky, through the clouds, through this veil that surrounds our Earth. We’re moving through time as well as through space and ‘boom’ we hit this place where – I shouldn’t say ‘boom’ – but we hit this place where we are connected. In truth, we’re always connected but in reality we feel separated.

Right at this moment, we’re moving into the truth of the connection. We are all part of each other. We are all extensions of All That Is. We can just imagine all of our energies way up there playing with each other, having fun, interfacing and we can silently say “I love you”; for all of you who are present, all of you who are listening to the replays, all of you on the Internet.

So we’re building a place in another dimension, in another realm that we can’t see but we can feel. We can feel the connection and we can invite our Sources to come in and share energy with us in this place we’ve built. So let’s do that. Some of you noticed the electricity went up as soon as I said that.

Many people have different reactions when we’re doing this visualization. Sometimes people get very tired and it’s a very ‘good’ tiredness because if you fall asleep you start to clear things in your dreams. Some people get very vibrant and they feel a lot of radiance, and some people it actually surfaces pain, painful feelings, because this energy is attempting on some level to move through you and have you let go of certain things. If you’re resisting things that you don’t know how to let go of, it can cause pain.

Well let’s bring the energy back down from the center of this place of Oneness. We’re going through all the levels, through the sky, through the roof, through the top of our head and now we’re going to make an attempt at moving this through our body and releasing all those things in your body that are holding, that are stiff, that are in pain, that are blocked.

So move it from the top of your head, slowly down through your head, through your neck, through your chest, through your solar plexus and through your genitals, through your legs and back into the center of the Earth. Take a moment and feel what we’ve created, this huge energy going from the top of your head up into the celestial realms, from the bottom of your feet down to the center of the Earth.

We’ve all connected with each other and our Sources. Take a moment of silence and feel that. Right now I would like you who have requests to the Universe for shifts and change to hold them in your thoughts, in your thinking, while we have this expanded energy present.

Our Sources say they’re telepathic and that they won’t violate your free will, but if you’re opening up to let them hear you, they can. So hold the space for this interaction. Let’s go through our healing list today. First off, I would like to send the Light to Konrad Kaserer, who was the Unity Minister in Flagstaff, who actually gave a testimonial on the back of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? Konrad had a heart attack a day or two ago and he’s in intensive care; and thank you Steve Woolard for letting me know.

We have Pat in Alabama, putting her daughter in the Light ...

 [continued as usual].

Let’s take a moment of silence and just hold that space for all those people, if they’re on this list or not on this list. Wherever you are right now, whenever you listen to this, put yourself into the Light and the things that are important for you.

Now let’s check Terry’s microphone. Are you there, Terry?

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: Father/Mother God, One Infinite Creator, we ask for the presence of the Love Light. We ask for the Love Light to surround, protect and to connect with each person who is here with us, at this moment or later. We ask for any negativity to be taken to the highest realms of Light and for it to be transmuted and dissolved for the highest good of all concerned.

We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through all the galaxies, through our galaxy, through the Solar System and through all the planets coming into the outer energy fields of Earth, then entering our bodies, flowing through us and radiating from our feet into the center of Mother Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present while we maintain the sovereign and integrity of our souls.

We ask for only Positive Sources, honoring the Law of One, free will and who operate for the highest good of all concerned. We ask these Sources to blend their energies with our energies and to create a protective space that only these Sources have access to. And anything not of that nature must leave now. We are all One and while being surrounded by the creative Christed Love Light, we await our Sources to speak to us through our dear friend, Terry Brown.

Terry/Ra’An: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is May 5, 2013, planet Earth. And as we look over planet Earth, we bring Love Light and we see that the Love Light then resonates with each and every person who is service-to-others and brings them nurturing and a sense of care, although they may not connect it with the Source.

This is Ra’An and we come to be of assistance in your realm. We see that many of your attentions are taken up with the stress of daily living, and the stress the media is placing and has placed upon each and every one who takes a notice of the things that are going on. The control, the bringing of people’s attention to the stressors in society, wraps up their attention and keeps it from more positive flow as the stressors tend to stop one in one’s tracks, as one figures out how  to deal with the situations.

It is a matter, partly of living in the third density and how to bring one’s level of survival above the minimum, and that then also is a means that is used for controlling the society. It has been brought in as a means of control to focus upon bad news, to focus upon instilling worry. It is a means of control that has been brought in in the ‘90s and the 2000’s. We bring Love Light and relief and relaxation from our realm into each and every one of you who is open to receive it and we extend over the whole planet a relaxation and a relief.

We see in China, they are adding to the joy in their celebrations of the holiday over the next few days. This has an overall uplifting of the planet. Each and every one of you, as you bring in joy, the energy of Love, the energy of caring, random acts of kindness, you uplift to some degree the whole level of the planet and particularly those within your own sphere of influence.

We are honored to be with you this 5th day of May and we are mindful of the things that you have put into the Light for yourself, and those of you who are service-to-others have put other people also in the Light and yourself in the Light.

As you put yourself into the Light, you raise the level of your own consciousness and your own awareness and your own ability to receive. For if you have learned, in your upbringing, patterns that are non-optimum that indicate to you that you are not worthwhile, that you are not deserving, then these will be your fate that you bring-in to yourself, for when you believe in yourself and when you know that you are worthwhile and you are a treasure within yourself, then you can believe that you are worth the acceptance and the Love of others, and it opens the gate for this to flow into you.

That brings tears of joy to our ‘energy eyes’ to be able to share with you today. We Love you more than you can possibly imagine, and we send the idea that you may also Love yourself to that degree. We leave but we do not leave. Adonai. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. Sometimes, you know, in the earlier part of the talk, I was talking about all the agendas of the negative, et cetera, et cetera. Occasionally I get into a conversation with somebody where they say “you shouldn’t be talking about that. You shouldn’t be paying attention to that. That you give energy to what you focus on” and to a certain extent that is true, but I have asked questions about this to our Sources and they say the answer is that without you having some awareness of how the negative operates and influences this realm, without that you are much more vulnerable to making bad decisions, or weak discernment, or following the wrong thing and everything has an energy attached to it.

So, for example, you could go to a church on Sunday and that church could have a negative energy attached to it; and, many churches do, in spite of the fact that everything they say sounds loving. Or the same thing is true with a channel. When I say ‘a negative energy’ it means a negative intent to hook you, to pull you in, to make you dependant, to hold your energy in-check. That’s how a soul gets trapped. But usually souls do not realize that’s taking place, although sometimes they’ll do it for money, and how money is used as a way of hooking you.

So all of you, for all of you, it’s very important to not believe me but to sharpen your own discernment, because you need to be able to figure out your future, the things you can trust, the people you want to associate with, the groups you may want to attend, where you get support in this realm, because if things get really tough, support is going to be really important.

And I can well guarantee you that the negative will use your need for support to control you, or to attempt to control you. So you need to be aware of how it’s being played. The only way is through discernment.

Right now we want to pull our energies together, move to that place where we are experiencing our group energy, the energy of our Sources, and operating as a team. We’re going to take these energies and realize that they can follow our intention. So we take our group energy, and remember that this is a big group energy, it’s not just the number of people listening to this call. We have our Sources that are tracking this that are adding their energy to this.

Let’s surround the Earth with this energy. We can see it like a pink blanket of Light and we see this energy moving through all the cracks. Interestingly enough, often times I say it’s like we’re doing ‘cosmic acupuncture’ and that same idea came up in that channeling that I was mentioning where they talked about doing ‘cosmic acupuncture’ to the Earth.

We move our cloud over the country of Korea. We send Love Light to that entire country. We surround all those decision-makers in that country, we ask that a way come forth where they can ‘save face’ and back down from their threats. For their highest good and for free will.

We send the Light to the city of Los Angeles. We’ve been asked to focus on L.A., that L.A. is in somewhat of a precarious situation with potential for earthquakes, with threats of nuclear weapons. It’s also the center of the media and that the potential for positive media to come from Los Angeles is always a hopeful vision. So let’s surround L.A. with this Light.

And all those creative people, and all those decision-makers, all those potentials that could wake up and turn Los Angeles into a ‘renaissance city of artistic expression’. We ask for protection for Los Angeles from any negative false flag, terrorist attacks on any level.

And let us do our little earthquake focus. We have the ring of fire which is all those land masses surrounding the Pacific Ocean and we start out on the tip of South America and we see this Light projected … [continued as usual].


I’m going to close today’s session with that same instrumental piece that we did last week which one of the members of our group, who’s a studio musician in Hollywood, he’s worked with all the famous people for years, plays trumpet on this and it’s quite inspiring. It’s Gary Grant. So I’d like to thank you all for being here, for supporting this and for holding the space for this transformation that is happening on our planet. [Music]

Listeners: Cacophony of thank you, goodbye and I love you.



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