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Monday Calls; 2013 Conferences

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled and edited by Terry Brown and Dave Masty

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is Wynn Free and this is Monday, May 6, 2013.


For those of you that are listening for the first time: this is not a rehearsed show. In fact, it’s ‘by the seat of the pants’; the ‘seat of the cosmic pants’. That’s a good name, isn’t it?: the “Seat of the Cosmic Pants”. You could call it a broadband approach, ‘broadband’ meaning a wide-spectrum to reality. There are a lot of things we talk about here that are not available in other places. Some of the things are available, but it’s hard to figure out what to trust. In general, there is the aspect of wisdom that comes through these calls which speaks for itself. You’ve all learned at some level to recognize wisdom; you don’t have to believe anything to know when something is ‘good counsel’.


Then, there’s the element of understanding how the Universe works. That’s something we can’t validate ourselves, so we have to be kind of ‘cosmic scientists’ to see if ‘it all fits together’. I think that’s one of the roles that I’ve play; kind of a scientific perspective, to see if the information fits together, if it holds. We’re talking to Sources form other dimensions and we don’t know they are who they say they are, although I think they are. We don’t know that every time we talk to them that we’re getting the same Source, although I think we’re in the ball park.


The third thing here is that there’s an energy that comes in on this line that people can feel. We’re talking to Sources (the Elohim, particularly) who explain that they exist at the beginning of time, the beginning of space, that all of time and space formed around them and that they were the creators of it. They have the ability to flow through time/space to come into a place right here, where we can feel them.


If you’re new on the call, you may not feel this the first time. It’s a subtle feeling, it’s a feeling of expansion; they say that’s them. That feeling does come in on this call and many people feel it. For most people it feels really good, and oftentimes it feels like patterns that are oppressive get lifted; depressions get lifted. So that’s one of the things that happens on these calls.


Another thing is that there’s a look at the history of humanity, not from the history book standpoint, but from a whole alternative standpoint. In some ways, that’s not ‘provable’. Some of us have had lifetimes in these epochs, and when we hear it, it goes ‘click-click-click-click’; it resonates and it fits in. In my case, I believe I’ve had lifetimes and it all resonated; but in addition to that I do a lot of research, I look for cross-references on the Internet, I look for things that can help me not only believe myself on these things, but that I can share with you so that your minds can wrap around it and say “You know what? There are a lot of indications that may be true.”


We do have this story of these two group souls that exist in other dimensions. One is the Ra group, which is made up graduates of this realm. The other is the Elohim group, which is made up of the creators of this realm. Theoretically, by and large, the Elohim have not taken bodies. What we have learned is there are some Elohim that have taken bodies. The ones that have taken bodies oftentimes come here to help, and once they’re here they end up not remembering why they came. They end up being the negative; they have a lot of power and so they can control other people or beings in this realm.


So, there is a track through history that I’ve uncovered through correlating the material of Carla Rueckert. If you’re not aware of who Carla Rueckert is, she’s a regular on our show. We have a series of workshops we’ve been doing called The Law of One Made Simple.  Carla Rueckert channeled a voice that said it was the Ra group, from 1981 through 1983. She has five books out. David Wilcock, who is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, was channeling a voice that said it was the Ra group. He said it was the same Ra group that Carla Rueckert [channeled].


So, one of the things that was compelling to me was all these correlations that were coming up as I cross-referenced things, that started connecting a lot of dots. The indications of something being true started to increase for me as I started to see dots connected throughout history, not just because a voice was talking to me through Daphne or Terry. That’s a very important part of my expression here, because I’ve connected the dots for me, then I can help connect the dots for some of you.


This stuff is wild; it’s out there. By any of the regular laws of the Universe, it’s impossible; the physical universe, I should say; not the general Universe. It wouldn’t be possible for all these things to happen, yet they’re happening. This is going to be a call where we connect some dots; some dots that I’ve connected up. Track it carefully, because if your mind happens to be a skeptic (which it should be unless you’ve been listening to the calls for a while) this is the kind of call that can make you think that there’s actually something really relevant and true in this work. You are not supposed to believe it blindly; you’re not supposed to lie down and say: “Because the voice we’re talking to says it’s the Elohim, and because ‘Elohim’ was the name for God in the Bible, we’re actually talking to God, or the same source as the Bible” (even though they said they were part of that).


The whole expression of it, now, is totally different than it was 2,000 years ago when the Bible was written. The way people understand things is more sophisticated. When they come from higher Sources, things have always been expressed in order to match the consciousness of a particular period. The truth is not necessarily in the words, but it was ‘the truth in that time’, and the same truth would be expressed differently now, because people are more sophisticated. There are indications that it’s the same truth, because it’s the same end results: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’, ‘You are part of All That Is’, ‘The Father and Son are One’, ‘We are part of each other’. The same truths, it’s just a far more sophisticated approach and no hierarchy.


If you’re a Christian and you look at things, even using Jesus’ criterion you cannot escape your own discernment. What did Jesus say? Jesus said “People will use my name, but they don’t necessarily come in my name”. So because somebody uses the word ‘Christ’ or ‘Christian’ doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in the same energy that Jesus was projecting.


So how do you know? Believe nothing; learn to feel the energy in your heart; test everything. The one thing Jesus did say, he said “By your fruits ye shall be known.”  You look at how things impact people. Are people being more loving? Are their lives changing in a positive way? Are they interfacing with each other and getting along? What is it that is an indication that there’s a fruit? Fruits are the indication of being connected to very high, positive Sources.


Negative sources don’t necessarily have truths; you’re just left following. We do all these calls; I know many of you keep coming back and you’re getting a lot out of it. I want to tell you, you’re not my ‘follower’; I’m with you. We are all in these bodies together. I have certain things and I try to share them in such a way that each of you test it and apply it and consider it from your own level of scrutiny. We are very lucky to have Terry, and sometimes Daphne, on board to actually bring through verbal messages from what we think are these higher Sources.


One of the things that was in the free book that we give away (The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe want to Talk to You) had to do with what they called ‘gross, repeating cycles’. If you can imagine the Elohim: the Elohim don’t exist in time; that means they watch things, but it’s all the same moment. It’s hard to understand how that might feel, although you might think of a time when you were having a great time and the time passed really fast. Your experience of time, even though the clock always moves at the same speed, is always changing.


We have the Elohim observing this Universe that they created and that is going through all its ups and down; planetary wars, planets exploding, etc. and then there’s a group of beings that evolved and graduated this realm. How do you graduate this realm? We’ve talked about that a lot. Supposedly, it takes a long time; many, many lifetimes, maybe 1,000, maybe more. Most of you listening are probably ‘old souls’. How do you graduate this realm?


We’ve had loads of keys: you need to have your heart open slightly more than half; you need to be detached from the things of this realm, people and ambitions. It doesn’t mean you don’t love people; it doesn’t mean you don’t strive for things while you’re here. You need to be detached from all those things because if you’re attached, it pulls you back into the realm. This is the only realm you can work these things out.


Some of you came here to be of service and you need to figure out how to be of service, but eventually we gradate this realm. According to the Ra group, you don’t just join the Ra group at that point; there are all these other stages of evolution you go through; there are heaven realms, there’s whatever. Then, there’s the Ra group, and the Ra group is a group of graduates, maybe billions of them.


When I was asking Daphne questions about the Ra group, they said the Ra group was like they were spread through space; according to Carla Rueckert, they said “We radiate through 90% of the known Universe.”  So, the Ra group has been evolving. When we try to think of it, it’s hard to imagine it because they’re huge. They’re warriors, and they’re closer-in than the Elohim group. They have worked more directly with our planet, they have made plans. They’re also outside of time, so they can have a plan that executes itself over a long time.


So, I talked earlier about footprints and the footprints of history. There are more footprints through history of the Ra group that I could find than the Elohim group. There were three indications of the Elohim group: one was their name in the Bible. Oftentimes, it’s “The sons of God mated with the daughters of man.”  It might have been the Elohim group that took bodies that was mentioned in the Bible, I don’t know. Then, they were mentioned in the Book of Mormon.


Then there was a guy who wrote The Keys of Enoch; I can’t remember his name. He was channeling from the Elohim. Is Allah the Elohim? We never asked that; it’s possible. Was Buddha talking to the Elohim? We didn’t ask that, either. Most people that talk to something high in the other realms seem to be talking to the Ra group and not the Elohim.


One of the first clues that I uncovered was this correlation between Edgar Cayce and the Carla Rueckert material. They talked about the Egyptian High Priest, Ra-Ta, who was an early incarnation of Edgar Cayce and built the pyramids by levitation. Carla Rueckert said the same thing in her material, although she never mentioned Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce never mentioned the ‘group soul’. They were both referencing 10,000 B.C. in Egypt; that the pyramids were built by levitation. That was the Ra group.


Then it was indicated that the Egyptian priesthood took over the work of the Ra group and turned it negative and started using it to control people. So then there was Amun-Ra; Egypt, the entire country under the auspices, under the influence of the negative. They were doing sacrifices and they were doing control. Then there was a book I read that mummies were made to trap souls so they couldn’t reincarnate; I don’t know if that’s true, but it made sense.


There was an effort by the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton, who Carla Rueckert said was communicating with Ra; one of the few people in history. Then, when Daphne was channeling before I knew any of this, I asked how to connect with the other side. They said “Write your dreams down.”  In the morning, I looked at my dreams and I got verbal messages, they’re saying things like: “You have to look tall and thin. You’re supposed to be the front man.”


When it first happened, I thought I was crazy; I thought I was making it up. Except that in my study of David Wilcock, it was exactly the way things started for him: little sentence fragments. Then I went back and I said “Who is talking to me?” And they said “Akhenaton.”  There was a whole story then that unfolded; it seemed like I was connected to Akhenaton and Daphne was connected to Nefertiti.


If this whole subject fascinates you, and if you have an attraction to Egypt, I do have a workshop. It’s called The Egyptian Connection; I think it’s like a four-hour workshop. I’ll never do it again; it was really emotional. I put together a lot of pieces of this whole ‘Ra-Ta/Akhenaton/Jesus/Edgar Cayce thing’ in one workshop, drawing on a lot of material that I had been researching at the time to try to convince myself that I was on to something.


If you’re interested in that workshop, it’s: I think it costs $19.00, but if you can’t afford that, email me and I’ll give you a discount code so you can get it cheaper. It was an extraordinary workshop. It went through how the negative was in control of Egypt and how Akhenaton made an attempt. Some aspects of his attempt were a total failure because they destroyed his city. They took all of his teachings and eliminated them. For thousands of years no one even knew there was an Akhenaton, until about 150 years ago when they unearthed that famous statue of Nefertiti (that happens to look like Daphne).


All of these are missing pieces of the puzzle of Ra-Ta, Akhenaton and the connection to Jesus. My take is that this was part of a co-creation plan between the entities that were Jesus and the Ra group. I cover that in that workshop. Akhenaton played a part in it. I don’t want to go through all that now, because I asked “What’s happening now?”  I am bringing it up because there are age-old divisions of energy that have been carried through the hologram that exist right now. The thing about it is that the negative aspect of it is so concealed it’s hard to see it.


In doing this talk tonight I had to think really hard about what I was going to say and how I was going to say it, because our group is succeeding at something that is very unusual in this realm; that is: we are creating a group energy with these Sources. I believe it’s real; I believe it’s anchoring; I believe many of you have felt it. We are learning to work with them. They don’t tell us what to do; it’s a co-creative effort; it’s something that can exist beyond our lives.


Do you know, historically, there were times when things like this happened and people put them in libraries. There was the Alexandria Library in Egypt where there were ‘the Secret Teachings’; these things have been in secret and passed down so they wouldn’t get destroyed. We don’t have them in secret; most everything we do is on the Internet; it’s just transparent. In other times, it was secret. It was secret because it’s controversial; it kind of rattles people’s cages, it rattles reality systems. So, it’s an area of study. If you have not gone to our archive site, I highly recommend it. It’s the Spirit Channel [].


We could start with Atlantis. Just to give you an idea of how long the track goes that we know about, I’m sure it goes back farther than Cayce. I’m sure it goes to Maldek; to other planets. Edgar Cayce said that in Atlantis there were two groups: One was the ‘Children of the Law of One’ (the Law of One is moniker of the Ra group, although Edgar Cayce never said ‘the Ra group’ as soon as I heard the Law of One I said ‘the Ra group’) and the other was the ‘Sons of Belial’ (maybe you’ve heard the word ‘Baal’; the devil, the negative).


Atlantis was setting itself up on a path of self-destruction. Some people say it was because a pyramid exploded because they were abusing power. It wasn’t a destruction that happened naturally; it was something that was caused by the people’s consciousness. When Atlantis was destroyed (or destroyed itself) there were certain people that knew that was coming. They were mostly from the Law of One groups. They somehow got a message ‘to get out of Dodge’ and they left Atlantis before it went down. A good portion of those people arrived in Egypt; they were guided to arrive in Egypt.


I suggest in my own mind that there were meetings where people were channeling the Ra group and that these people, the group of people called the Law of One, were the ones that were going to those meetings. There was a trust that was developed, because to get somebody to leave their home and go to a strange environment (like to go from Atlantis to Egypt and somebody was going to say that) there had to be a lot of trust for people to do that; a lot of people did it. So my thinking is, it was the Ra group that was channeled in these meetings, and they went to Egypt. They were welcomed by Ra-Ta who was the high priest there. In fact, in the Edgar Cayce materials they talk how these Atlanteans would come in on little aircraft (single-person aircraft) which apparently was quite common at the time.


Now all we know is that the pyramids were built by levitation; there was a lot of healings that were done. The high priests tried to take it over. In fact, if you’ve heard the word ‘Amun-Ra’ ,that was not the Ra group, that was the high priest’s name for Ra that was a negative source. That went up to Akhenaton who tried to reverse it and failed and then the Ra group brought in Jesus. The idea was not to bring in a Savior for someone to give their power up to. I believe that was something that came after Jesus died, or left.


The idea was to bring in someone that could hold the energy of their heart open to help other people hold their heart energy open in order to evolve the DNA so that it would get carried down. Some of you know that when you’re on these calls sometimes there’s a whole shift of energy. When your energy shifts, you go out in the world and you’re carrying a new energy; you’re more lovable, people feel the love. You have transferred the energy to others. That’s an indication that you’re in the Christed energy when you can feel that energy and it just transfers to others without lecturing them or talking to them; that’s a sign that it’s not love from an emotional level; it’s a different kind of love; the love that just radiates through you.


Today, we have those same opposing forces that are involved in this world. Some people would say otherwise; some people would say the negative has been defeated; there is no more negative. I hope that’s true, but every day when I go out and see chemtrails, when I read about what seems like false-flag events… – whenever I say that, I hope you don’t…  --people, if you think that’s not real, please just ‘YouTube’ ‘events’ and put in ‘false flag’ behind them, see what comes up and study it yourself. Don’t let the newspapers guide you.


Why is all this going on? In some ways it makes no sense; it’s not logical. Why would those things occur? It’s because we have this same battle between ‘dark’ and ‘light’ going on today as happened in Atlantis, as happened in Egypt. In fact, Egypt was in the battle: the dark won, the dark ran the country, the dark ran Germany.


What provoked me to do this particular topic was the fact that I had discovered, kind of accidentally, an unlikely and surprising series of channelings where it seemed like the Ra group was coming through; but they were not using the name ‘Ra group’; they were identifying themselves in a more generic fashion. I’m still studying it; in fact I have to apologize, I said yesterday that I was going to turn everybody on to it, but we did a session yesterday with Terry. I asked about it, and there’s some idea that I should not do that, so I’m going to hold back. But I will tell you some of the things that were in there that made me think it was the Ra group.


In the introduction they said


“This is the force that expressed itself through Edgar Cayce, Christ, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as channels for the heavenly Father (or, Father/Mother God) and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the new age of spiritual consciousness and awareness.”


By the way, this was in 1977; this was four years before Carla Rueckert said ‘Ra’. I may be making a mistake here. I’m just sharing with you as it’s unfolding for me, because I don’t think I am.


So, this ‘Awareness’ came through carefully trained channels and deep-trance states.


“It is the universal vibrations and the movement of planets, the movements of the Sun in its sojourn through its orbit, through its orbit around Sirius and the Orion Constellation and the variation that it meets in its movement that determines the Earth ages from approximately 2,200 years. It is this movement that these new vibrations trigger certain frequency reactions among the planets of the Solar System so that the vibrations are altered on Earth and on other planets in such a manner that it changes the consciousness of individuals on Earth. It is this that is causing, or bringing about, what’s called ‘the new age’”.


Then they say


“Don’t believe anything, but to question, explore, doubt and discover for yourself.”


As I was reading this stuff, in my recollection, there are only two times that I’ve heard the Ra group come up besides Edgar Cayce, David Wilcock, Carla Rueckert and myself. One was in a book called Voyagers II where they talked about the ‘Ra Confederation’; that Ra Confederation was the administrator of ascension or graduation from this realm. I read that at the time that I was first learning about the Ra group. I was thinking that was the way it worked. They didn’t say that outright; I saw it reiterated there. They used the word ‘Ra Confederation.’


In this series of channelings that I was discovering, I found them talking about Ra-Ta, Edgar Cayce, opening the floodgates. I’ll read:


“The “Awareness” indicates this action, which began some 60,000 years ago, reached its height of power about 25,000* (*the text says 25 years ago which has to be in error) years ago and began to lose its power approximately 10,000 years B.C. after Ra-Ta set about a counter-action, a counter force of greater power, to reverse the trend towards the previous accumulation of power. This occurred at the beginning of the Virgo age as the forces of anti-matter began to wane during the approaching dark cycle which has dominated the Earth for these past 12,000 years.”


Anyone who had read Edgar Cayce would have some awareness of Ra-Ta. The fact that they’re talking about Ra-Ta might be just because somebody knew about Edgar Cayce and had read that, and that it might not be. Let’s see more of what they say:


“The action of Ra-Ta and the builders of the pyramid and Sphinx in ancient Egypt were designed to offer a greater attraction, a greater power, than those of the Atlantean priests. Once the seekers of the power were caught up in the Egyptian power they were led along the path that brought them not only to power but that enlightenment and realization that power was not the answer to the cravings of the appetite. In this action, many followers of Baal (Lucifer) were brought into the Law of One.”


“It was indicated that Edgar Cayce, the reincarnate spirit of Ra-Ta, opened the doors for the flood of consciousness upon this plane to allow that force to begin moving from that fourth dimension into the present time. In this action, the Lucifer, the readings” (which I never heard of), “the personification of that first separateness was given an opportunity to tap into this ancient power that began in Egypt. In so doing, was drawn unwittingly into states of awareness that led back to the Law of One and this awareness.”


Are the energies of a planet still affecting us today?


“There is a strong link between the Ra-Ta period of ancient Egypt and these present times. There was a mummification project eons ago, and those entities called ‘Wanderers’ are again finding their way and awaken more even more into the new understanding and awareness.”


There is the word ‘Wanderers’. Again, this was before Carla Rueckert, as far as I know. She was the first person that I was aware to use the word ‘Wanderers’ but here it is again. These are like the ways that I start putting clues together.


“…and are again finding their way and awakening even more into the new understanding and awareness. Remember, there is only a small portion of the brain (the mind) that is being used. This is an area that is in change and is changing. Many entities are opening to the expanded awareness and consciousness (that knowledge and knowing) from their own aspects of being from an earlier age will start to use a higher percentage of the brain as the vibrational energies shift and expand. This too is part of the process of the unfolding that is taking place at this time.”


Then there was much more that was coming through that really related to many of the things that we’re doing. For example: some of you may have heard sometime… – it might have been a year ago – this is in The Spirit Channel if you go look for ‘Revelations’. I did a whole Monday night talk on ‘Revelations’. What is ‘Revelations’?


Revelations is one of the books of the New Testament, except it was written after Jesus died and it was written by some guy that heard a voice inside his head and was writing down what that voice said. When I read it, I decided that was not part of the Ra group or the Christed consciousness; and, Revelations is filled with a lot of negative prophecies: “This is going to be destroyed”, “There are going to be Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, “There is going to be an Apocalypse.”  What I had learned was that prophecies like that don’t come from Elohim and Ra. In fact, even Edgar Cayce’s most famous prophecy didn’t happen; what I called his ‘devastation prophecy’, where he said that L.A. was going to go into the ocean; New York was going to disappear in the blink of an eye, Tokyo was going down, Europe was going down. It sounded like the whole world was going to fall apart, and I believe the date for that was around 2000. Well, it didn’t happen.


There was a whole correction on that in the Wilcock channelings where they said that came from a negative source; it was not the Ra group. That negative source was attempting to create fear and to discredit Edgar Cayce. As I saw it the entry of Edgar Cayce was a master plan by the Ra group to get attention in this realm; to bring in Edgar Cayce and do all those phenomena and amazingly accurate readings. And then, years later, bring in David Wilcock and have David Wilcock fulfill the prophecies and make the connections with Edgar Cayce. So, in spite of the fact it’s controversial to many people, most everyone that studies the book, studies the material believes that the case is made.


That would give the Ra group this opportunity to use the credibility of Edgar Cayce and bring in the information for this shift that’s coming down on the planet. What they did about that one particular devastation prophecy is that they said that both Wilcock and Cayce were susceptible to negative sources, and that particular prophecy was a negative source, designed to create fear and designed to discredit Cayce when it didn’t happen.


You can see how tricky discernment is in this realm; it’s very tricky. I’ll just draw the conclusion that what I’ve learned is: almost nothing in this realm is as it seems. Particularly, if you’re watching the news, nothing is as it seems – and this is stuff that’s not my job to go into, you have to go into it. You can find it on the Internet;


The trick is that it is very hard to create discernment. I have learned a lot about a lot of stuff, and some of the stuff would scare you. This is where I say this work may not save our planet; and yet, it may. It may not, but it will if you follow it through. If all the information we have is correct, it will give you the guidelines for graduating this realm. It will give you the energies of connection to those points in higher realms that when you connect with them when you die, will exist as anchor points that can hold for you and cause you to move to a higher place.


This is not something that is just gifted; you have to work at it. Some people are blessed; they come in, they’ve worked out all their karmas, they don’t have to work for it, they come into our calls and they hit the ground running. But they were actually hitting the ground running before they came into our calls and this just put a lot of stuff together.


Many people come into our calls and they come in with patterns of the past; karmic patterns and issues that come up as they start to pay attention. When they come up, they’re kind of irritating and you have to hang in here long enough to figure out how to release them. Sometimes they call them ‘miasms.’  We’re not the only people that release those things; we don’t even release them, you release them. There are all kinds of healers and shamans that are working on helping people release things. If you can find one that’s authentic then you should go for it.


We’re doing it in a different way: we just set an energy standard that brings your stuff up. As you notice the way the calls are evolving, we’re talking about the things that are coming up for people. The important aspect of knowing about this good and bad service-to-self/service-to-others is to get sharp enough so you don’t fall for any service-to-self traps.


What’s a service-to-self trap? They’re all over the place. They don’t look negative; they can even look really positive. They can talk about ‘ascension’, they can talk about the same things we talk about, but hidden within them are negative things. This is the dilemma: to talk about this stuff can create fear, it can also create discernment. I have to walk the fine line of how to share this so you guys can process the fear and get into the discernment really fast.


We talked about all the aspects of the work we’re doing. One of the things we’re doing is that we’re creating this group energy. In that group energy, there is a lot of love and a loving feeling for each other, for the planet, for our Sources. That love is what redeems us; that group energy is holding a beacon, a light that we can keep following until we hold that space inside of ourselves until you overcome the fear of death, until you know that you’re going to continue, you don’t just believe it, you know that death is just a transition. But, none of us can remember that so there’s fear; there’s fear that when we leave this realm, we’re done. We’re finished.


It’s 6:55; I’m not sure I made all my points. I’d like to take at least two minutes now to just hold a quiet space, a group energy space, for ourselves and for the planet and for all of you that need healing; for Conrad Cassirer who is in the hospital in Phoenix with a heart attack. Take a moment and just let that energy come in through the top of your head until we feel the connection with each other and we feel the connection with the Earth. And, we feel the connection with spirit or our group souls or God, or however you want to call it. It’s all One Energy.


And we create the intent for upliftment and protection on this planet. We send this energy to Los Angeles and all those cities; we blanket the entire planet in Love-Light energy. We’re not doing it; we’re doing it in co-creation with each other and our Sources. We are doing it, because they need to be asked. Our intent is pure. So we’ll take a moment and hold that space.


We’re going to end this call. Thank you all for being here. Thank you for your support. I hope that made some sense and had meaning to you. We’ll see you Wednesday.



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