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Wednesday Calls; 2013 Conferences
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Dave Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn: This is May 8, 2013; Wynn and Terry in Sedona and all of you all over the place. This is our Wednesday call; really everything is turning into the same day, even Tuesdays and Thursdays! But this is the night we ask questions.


One of the things I’ve noticed is that we’re getting less questions and more people, or at least the same amount of people. I do understand it; I do understand it, because the mind is like the first portal to get through to get to your being. So when you’re asking questions it starts out with your mind. Those of you that keep coming on these calls (including me, I’m one of ‘us’) we’re learning; it’s a group experiment in consciousness because at a certain point, we go beyond our mind.


That in no way means that everything is ‘perfect’. In fact, oftentimes when you penetrate a new level of yourself, things get worse before they get better. Suddenly, you start to see yourself; you start to see your patterns. I don’t think most humans ‘see themselves’; they can’t see themselves because (how can I say it?) they’re ‘in’ themselves; they don’t have any distance on it. In order to see yourself you have to get a slight amount of distance.


So, there’s this aspect of these calls that sometimes people think they’re going to ‘get fixed’; everything is going to be ‘perfect’; once you’re connected to these group souls, magic happens. The fact of the matter is: you start to get some ‘perspective’ on yourself; you start to see yourself from a distance, even a little distance. Before that, you were so ‘in yourself’ that you couldn’t see it; you have to be a little bit above it. That’s one of the things that I think I’m learning as I watch this and I watch people. It’s not like people suddenly wake up and their life is totally different. Maybe for some people it works that way, because everyone is a total individual; there’s never ‘one-size-fits-all’. But I think this idea of getting a ‘vantage point’ and looking at yourself is true for everyone, no matter where you are at. You start to see yourself from a vantage point instead of being stuck ‘in the middle of it’.


Then, you start to realize that you can have impact on people. It’s interesting: you don’t have to ‘have the impact’ because you tell someone to come on the line; that happens to be a really difficult thing. But, your vibes start to change and something starts to shift. You keep checking it out: “Is that because I was on these calls? What’s going on?”  Of course you have to come to your own conclusion.


One of the big questions tonight is about ‘discernment’. Never- ever has discernment been more critical than at this period of time. That may not be so obvious to you yet, but I think when we discuss it you will see what I mean. Let me just double-check; no more last minute questions. There are a couple people that are on the call, including Donna, and some people that are not on the call. I think it’s not a bad idea to take a minute at the beginning of the call and send some Light to some people.


When we’re ‘sending Light’, that’s like a quick catch-all terminology. What are we doing? We’re connecting. There’s this idea that there’s a field of energy that connects us all. David Wilcock’s last book was called The Source Field; that’s what he was talking about. Some people call it the ‘unity field’ some people call it ‘God’. Whatever it is, I believe that when we’re on this call we have established a connection in that field; it comes in. When I talk about it, it comes in more, at least it feels that way.


We have, in that field, not just all of us, but we have these ‘voices’ that talk to us that say they’re these two group souls in that field. Right now, I want you to let that field move through you, move through your body. What I notice is my energy starts to get amplified, I can feel it. We don’t have to have a channeling to do that. Each of us has the power to bring that in; we just need a little practice.


Now let us take all our energies, let us focus that field and surround Donna with it for healing. Donna, just let yourself receive; let it go through you. Move the energy into your body wherever you need it; in your chest, in your throat… where your infection is.


I happen to have a dear friend, who is in the hospital now with a really serious heart attack. His name is Conrad Cassirer; he lives in Flagstaff. He was the minister at the Unity Church. When I lived in Flagstaff he really helped me quite a bit, and ended up writing a testimonial on the back of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? I‘d like to focus this energy to Conrad in the hospital in Flagstaff, Arizona.


Since I’m doing this for Donna and for Konrad, and any of you that have anything big personally (not for someone else because I don’t want to turn this into a whole ‘calling in the Light for people’ call; that’s our Sunday call, but if someone has a serious thing for themselves) that they want to put out in this energy. Truthfully, you don’t have to say it; you can just think it and hold it in your body and ask for a shift. If anyone wants to say it, I’ll un-mute everybody for just a moment. Anyone else have something?


Marilyn:  Dave and his leg, Wynn.


Wynn:  Dave and his leg. Dave?


Dave:  Yes.


Wynn:  Not that it’s easy for you to receive, but to practice, okay? What’s going on with your leg?


Dave:  It’s phlebitis of some kind, maybe from a problem with my teeth I’ve had for three years.


Wynn:  Is it serious?


Dave:  Not that I know of, but like the teeth, that’s been going on for three years and it continues to go on. It may be affecting the blood vessels everywhere; I don’t know.


Wynn:  Let’s just hold that; let’s see this field energy moving through Dave’s body. If any healing is possible, Terry will probably comment on it if she wants to. And we’ll put Dave in the light and see him perfect health; envision that.


Anyone else? I’m going to un-mute again.


Yvonne:  Yvonne from Florida.


Wynn:  Hi Yvonne, go ahead.


Yvonne:  I’m having problems with my kidneys; I have bad kidney stones. I’ve been trying to do a lot of things, but they’re really not in a good state right now.


Wynn:  Did you say ‘kidney stones’?


Yvonne:  Right, my kidneys, right.


Wynn:  Your kidneys. Okay, let’s put Yvonne’s total health in the Light, and her kidneys. Let’s just see this energy. Of course, we’re asking for our Sources to be present as we do this. They’re in the field; they are the field.


If any of you aren’t saying it; you’re too shy or I didn’t get around to it…


Let’s put David in Mesa’s job application tomorrow in the Light and that whatever any of you… – issues for yourself or the people you care about, let’s hold it in the field for positive outcomes; for healing and for synchronicities and for success. I know there are people on the Internet and they’re saying “God, I wish I had called.” We know you’re there, okay? Let this energy move right through your computer. It’s actually not through your computer; it’s through your consciousness; obviously you’re listening to my voice on the computer. Let’s just open ourselves up, see ourselves surrounded in the most beautiful energy coming in from afar, coming in from inside and clearing our energy fields. Every one of you is loved. Feel that love and love yourself.


We’re going to start with our questions for this evening. I will just check to see if Terry is un-muted; are you un-muted, Terry?


Terry:  Can you hear me?


Wynn:  I hear you. Stay un-muted.


Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of our Light to surround and protect Terry, myself and each person here, and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energies of Planet Earth, right through the top of our heads, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now we invoke/ask for a group energy connection for all those that would wish to participate in that while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


I should say “…must leave NOW!  I’ll turn it over to our Sources to address those people that are going through healing issues.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is the 8th of May, 2013. We are delighted to be with you, and we address those issues which we have seen.


We see that when you are asking for healing concerning a virus – to ask that the virus may vacate; that the virus dissolve; that the virus leave; that the virus be no more. And, that you then take over the space that has been there that the virus has been trying to come in.


We see that concerning issues of the teeth, that the teeth are on meridians in connection with the body. An infection in the teeth travels to the area of the body that is attempting to move the toxins away and accumulate in areas like the leg or the feet) down the meridian of the tooth that is causing the problem. Things such as infections can be created in the teeth when there are things such as a root canal and the little channels in the tooth then have bacteria and this bacteria can become toxic. The main channel of the tooth may be replaced, but those little tubules that are throughout the teeth then begin to have toxic bacteria build up there. There are such things as zirconium replacement, implant replacement, that can make the area much more healthy. There are tests that a dentist, who knows of these issues, can do to determine areas of infection in the mouth.


We see the job that Dave is putting in the application for, and we send support that he may connect up with the people that can utilize his services. We picture Carla Rueckert with Love-Light around her and healing rapidly.


All those on the call who have put something personally in the Light for healing we also send them healing. And we see that when there are areas of infection that the body needs to increase electrical potential to get the upper hand over the infection or over the virus. So do not be afraid to picture the virus dying and being no more in your system.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Actually, we have a couple of really good questions from Dave in Grove City, Pennsylvania. As I recall, Dave has a music repair business and I think he’s a musician as well. I think he plays rock-and-roll. He sent me a bunch of questions and a couple of them are kind of interesting. I’m not going to go through all your questions Dave, but thank you. One of them is: “How harmful are GMO foods?”


Ra’An:  Thank you.


The body systems of humans are set up according to the food systems that have been developed on the planet. The GMOs, by introducing… – depending upon the gene that is introduced can introduce a, in some cases, a pesticide gene into the crop, which then can kill off the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract of people everywhere and create a hard job for the body to digest it’s food. This can disturb the whole biological system, and can prevent food from being digested.


If the codes were broken on the… – say, the Round-Up that is used on the crops and moved genetically into a beneficial substance, then there could be progress made, in spite of the GMO crop.


The GMO food, from a number of standpoints, makes it difficult for the future of farming in that the crops then are pesticide-ready and they move into production depending upon pesticides, so that the weeds learn, by the elimination of the weaker weeds, to be strong against pesticides, so eventually more pesticides are needed. So there is not an answer.


Also, the bees, which are responsible for pollination, are weakened by the pesticides when they take the sustenance from the flower. And their system then becomes more open to fungus and their GPS system of travel can become disrupted as the pesticides disorient them.


Wynn:  Thank you. A question about GMOs: are GMOs non-perennial? In other words, the farmers have to keep buying more seeds? Is that correct?


Ra’An:  It is [the]nature of some of the hybrid seeds… – when a hybrid is made to make a crop that is larger or a cross between two kinds, but then the seed may be terminating after one year and cannot be reproduced. The GMO crops, there is an effort within Monsanto to have seeds that are only good for one year: a terminator seed. And then it cannot be replaced or replenished.


Wynn:  Thank you. On that note, I’ll mention that in countries that got ‘repressive’, one of the hardest things to control were the farmers because the farmers could grow their own food and they didn’t have to get dependent on anything to survive. So, the farmers always became a target of how to deal with this when there was an oppressive situation. I believe that happened in Russia and it happened in Germany. You can look up the history of that and draw your own conclusions.


Next question. Let’s see here.


Ra’An:  We would like to ask again the name of the girl in Florida with the…


Wynn:  That was Yvonne.


Ra’An:  Yvonne. We see that there is support needed for the adrenals and for the kidneys, and that stress needs to come down. The building up of the adrenals can further help and nutrition to target the kidneys can help to increase the electrical potential of these areas so that you can heal these areas. You might wish to take a look at on the computer and listen to some of the shows from Dr. Marshall and get acquainted with this as a source. He has some very good supportive products for the kidneys and the adrenals.


Wynn:  Thank you. Dave F. in Pennsylvania has a question about his sister Debbie. He put his sister in the Light a while back ago, he doesn’t say how long ago, and at the time she had a heart condition. He said that 10% was working; now she has 65%. You may not want to take credit for it ,if you did, but you can decide. He asked did we do that or was it something else?


Ra’An:  We give great credit to…  Dave is his name? Dave? Is that correct?


Wynn:  Yes, Dave.


Ra’An:  We give great credit to his desire to help his sister, and he has initiated help. We give great credit to the sister as being able to take advantage and pick up on the support that is given to her and her desire for healing.


Wynn:  So, the implication is that you guys participated in that whole flow, yes?


Ra’An:  We did participate, however without the sister’s and Dave’s help, and asking and desiring healing, and the other people that have given her help and support medically have helped, too.


Wynn:  Thank you. So we have this question about discernment, and that’s an important one because you can have a certain spiritual advancement in yourself. There are all these trains going by, and you can get a ride on this train, on that train, on the other train, and each train has its own set of energies attached to it; so discernment means knowing how to watch those trains and figure out which ones are worth getting on. The train could be a new relationship, it could be a friend, it could be anything like that; it could be somebody that’s channeling that you want to pay attention to or a local church or anything that you are going make a choice on.


First of all I would say to never buy a ticket to a really long destination; learn to have short destinations with things that are new and check them out slowly over time. That’s why a courtship is kind of a good thing in a relationship, because you can’t figure it out in most cases, I won’t say in all cases but in most cases it takes time for people to reveal themselves, and for you to reveal yourself, before you jump into a relationship, because relationships are ‘big’. As soon as you’re being intimate with someone everything in their energy field is going to connect with yours and yours with theirs; that’s one example of ‘checking it out slowly’. And contain your passion while you’re checking it out; if it doesn’t lead somewhere, then so be it.


Speaking of channelings: people who channel, people who are spiritual influencers, what I’ve noticed about them (and I say this over and over again) is that if they tend to believe their channelings (like their channelings are impeccable and ‘the final word’) and they never indicate for you any scrutiny or ‘warning to take what resonates’, then they may not be negative, but be sure and check it out for yourself. Don’t get caught in the loop of believing it just because you’re used to believing it. As the Ra material says, what the negative does on the other side is that they take someone who channels, and who is positively disposed, and then they will find a niche to break into a positive channeling and do something misleading.


For example, with Edgar Cayce they brought in that famous devastation prophecy where everything was going to go down. And later, through Wilcock they said that wasn’t them, that was some other source that was negative. When I checked it was true. That’s how it works: you get hooked and you listen, and before you know it there’s something taking control and power and leading you.


So when you’re listening to channelings, even when they sound positive and even when they used the words ‘Love-Light’, ‘DNA’ or whatever, if you take something out of it and you can bring it into your life and make your life change from it, then that can’t be bad. But if you’re listening to it and just repeating it like you’re becoming an expert on ‘ascension’ and you’re becoming an ‘expert’, well, sometimes people become experts so they can have something to share with other people; it makes them feel important to know things that other people don’t know. But that is a negative attitude in oneself, to think you’re special because you know something. The fact of the matter is that there are people out there that are more evolved than all of us, most likely that don’t even know what we’re talking about, because it hasn’t been triggered in them yet, but they hold the space of great evolution inside them and around them; and, you’ve probably seen them.


Another thing is that if people are saying to wait for something in the future, it’s probably negative; whether it’s the coming of Jesus, whether it’s the landing of spaceships. You know, there is a whole group of channels out there that are talking about spaceships landing and Jesus is one of the pilots, along with Saint Germaine and whomever else. It’s interesting because there are lots of people that are getting the same message because it’s being broadcast to lots of people to make it more credible.


According to my information (and I’ve run this by Carla Rueckert) that’s not the way it’s going to happen. The Positive Sources wouldn’t do that because it would create people giving up their power. Giving up your power is not what changes this realm; it’s taking your power and expanding into the higher realms of God-consciousness, where you become a co-creator with All That Is; a co-creator; you are a co-creator with All That Is, and as you do that your consciousness starts to change the reality level in this realm.


There are lots of plots by the negative. One plot that I’ve read about is to project holograms of Jesus in the sky. Another one is to get everybody so desperate and then UFOs land; they’re announced as coming to save us, but they’re not. They’re doing just the opposite, but people would be predisposed to accept them. That’s what I understand. If a spaceship happens to land, you can decide if you want to go on it for a ride or not, but I’d say “Be careful.”  I know people that have farms that are communicating through channelings and saying “Okay, my farm is a place for a spaceship to land; I’m going to help humanity that way.”


It’s a nightmare! How do you figure this stuff out? I’m telling you things I’ve learned and that I tend to think is true, but you can make your own decision. I could be wrong, but when I’ve asked our Sources about it they concur with exactly what I’m saying. Anything that is in the news, anything, hold it suspect. Check it out; Google it. Use the word ‘false flag’; use the word ‘NWO’ and put it with whatever that event is. See what comes up and see what makes sense. I don’t want to be the guy to ‘take these things apart’, but ‘there’s something wrong in Dodge’ in what’s on the news. The information is all available if you’ll look for it.


Sometimes when people say ‘discernment’ they say they ‘trust their gut’, they trust their heart; quite frankly, it’s not enough to trust your gut and to trust your heart in this particular thing. Let’s suppose a channel is positively predisposed. They’re a nice person; you can feel they’re a nice person and yet they’re inadvertently bringing through negative things. Your heart is going to feel them being a nice person and you’re going to get tricked because you won’t know that it’s negative, because they’re a nice person. You’ve got to be ‘super on-your-toes’ in this whole area.


Also, if someone is doing something and they’re making money from it… --not that it’s wrong to make money; everybody needs money and people who do this kind of work usually have a hard time making it all work; but if a negative source starts coming through you, you suddenly are making money doing it and you’re now hooked. You’ll never want to look at that; you’ll never want to consider that it’s a negative source, or there’s anything negative attached to it, because you’re paying your bills with it and you don’t want to know that.


Another thing, I asked this question today and I felt this was true, to get group souls to come in (if you’re getting group souls, which I think as far as I can tell, it’s as high as it can get), you need to create a group energy in this realm. So Carla Rueckert calls it ‘tuning’; she always had a couple of people around her, holding the frequency; holding the energy. The negative can’t come in on top of that group energy, as far as I know. There’s a wall of love and it blocks them. But, if someone is channeling and there’s no group energy and you don’t feel that group energy… – I know many of you feel it on these calls; you feel it when it comes in as a tingle or when it comes in as goose bumps; you can feel the expansion of yourself. When somebody is channeling it could be a lower entity (that doesn’t mean they’re negative, by the way) but they’re not a group soul. They could be highly intended; they could have wonderful information to share. But, it’s not like a group soul energy which can re-arrange matrices and which can do healings which can change the flow of the future; that is the flow of the future. When we access that, we become part of our God-creative self and our microcosm is activating the macrocosm.


We only have like two minutes, so let me turn it over to our Sources as they speak through Terry. If I said anything wrong would you please correct it? And, anything to add, please add to it. Then we’ll end this show. Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you. When one looks for answers, one can take answers in that are possibilities of being an answer and it may seem correct or it may be unknown whether it is correct. If it is unknown, if it is correct, then you can put it to the side and then seek further data. If you don’t have enough data to draw a conclusion about something then wait until you get the data in order to draw your conclusions. Bringing in data is always a process of sorting it out and determining if it is valid for you or if it needs to be further refined or further data brought in.


So, a good reality check with what is being said is important; increasing your own awareness of subtle things, as there are ranges of vibrations that are outside the perception of the individual. And as one can increase their perception they can begin to sense and feel things at ranges that may have before been invisible to them. This can provide more data for the individual in making up their mind and give the individual a further view of how things are and how things occur in the world, based upon the influences from higher realms and astral planes.


We see this is a good topic: discernment; and could speak more on it at some other time when there is more time.


We love you. Thank you.


Wynn: We better cut off quickly because they’re holding our show up on BBS, if they didn’t cut us off. Good night to everyone, thank you for being here. Thank you to, Don, if we’re still on BBS, and let’s get off so he can start his next show.


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