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Sunday Planetary Grid Healing Session
Happy Mother’s Day 

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Sunday Call  05.12.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free
Audio link:
Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown and Dave Masty
Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee

Wynn:  Welcome everybody, this day is May 12, 2013. This is our Sunday morning grid healing. My name is Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona. This is Mother’s Day, and believe it or not, when I sent my email out this morning I forgot to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to everybody, so ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ now.


Let me just see here, I’m going to un-mute everybody for a second. How many of you on the line are mothers?


Voices:  [Cacophony of] “I am.”


Wynn:  How many women there never had children?


Voices:  [Cacophony of] “Me” [and one male voice, Jim in Sedona, who said] “I never had children, no.” [Boisterous laughter]


Wynn:  You’ve got a very deep voice for a woman. [Laughter] In case you don’t know it, that’s Jim Follows. Right, isn’t that your name?


Marilyn:  He started out as woman and he changed to a man.


Wynn:  That’s Jim Leeds and ah … --Jim, are you there?


Jim:  Ah yeah, but I’m leaving for an operation very soon, forgive me. [Laughter]


Wynn:  I want you to know that we are honored to have Jim, such a distinguished fellow, here on our calls. Because …


Jim:  --Next week I’ll be ‘Gina’ Leeds. Next week, yes. [Laughter]


Terry:  And your girlfriend might not like it. [Laughter]


Wynn:  Jim has a claim to fame; he’s done at least one thing that none of us have ever done, at least one thing, but I’ll tell you what it is. Let’s see if anyone can guess what Jim’s unique ability is.


Lucie:  He has a sexy voice.


Wynn:  He has a sexy voice … yes, and Jim has done crossword puzzles for the New York Times.


Voices:  Holy. Wow. You mean he makes them up?


Wynn:  He makes them up.


Voice:  Wow. Oh my goodness …


Wynn:  Which means he has a really good vocabulary.


Voices:  Yes. Wow … and mind, and memory.


Wynn:  Jim, what is the most challenging thing about making crossword puzzles?


Jim:  You know that’s a very good question. I’m awful at solving them, but I love constructing them; a different mindset I’m sure. The most difficult thing is to get a theme that runs consistent – continuity - and that the editors will enjoy. It has to be creative, it has to be clever, it has to be funny, especially funny and it’s very difficult.


Marilyn:  And do you come up with the questions for the puzzle as well?


Jim:  Well yes, they’re the clues, yes. We have to have the theme, the theme entries, and then you have to clue the whole puzzle so you’re talking about an awful lot of work, especially if it’s a larger puzzle; a 21 x 21which is usually a Sunday puzzle. The grid, I’m saying. You could have as many as 300 some odd clues and it does take time. And of course there’s no guarantee it’ll be accepted and you’re never paid upon acceptance, only paid upon publication.


Wynn:  Jim, how long does it take to make a crossword puzzle?


Jim:  That all depends on how quickly you think of the theme. The constructing is not as difficult as putting together a clever, witty theme.


Wynn:  So does it take 20 hours, 30 hours?


Jim:  Oh, it could take much longer than that. It could take a couple of weeks.


Wynn:  And how much do they pay you for a good crossword?


Jim:  Every newspaper pays differently. Every editor pays differently. The New York Times, far and away, pays the most. The closest competitor to that… – the New York Times pays a thousand dollars for the Sunday puzzle, the closest to that is the L.A. Times which pays two fifty. So there’s a huge differentiation – difference - between the two. Every puzzle is different, but The Times pays the most and of course they’re the most persnickety.


Wynn:  Now if you put something in the New York Times, can it also go in the L.A. Times?


Jim:  No, because we already give our social security numbers and we sign a paper for copyright. The worst of it is, not only can it not go elsewhere, but if your puzzle is chosen by the editors of the paper to go into an anthology of puzzles, you get a copy of the book; you know, there’s no extra money. You only get paid for that one shot.


Voice:  Oh my God …


Wynn:  So it’s hard to get rich making crossword puzzles.


Jim:  It’s impossible. Some people do better than others but it certainly isn’t a living. Almost everyone does it as either in retirement or they do it as a second or tertiary job.


Wynn:  Tertiary, you see that? There goes his vocabulary. [Laughter]


Jim:  I’m sorry. [Laughter]


Lucie:  Don’t be sorry.


Wynn:  Jim, you’ve got to remember, we’re a bunch of plebeians here.                               


Jim:  No, no, no. Wynn, go off and do ‘Wynn things’ now and I’ll be listening. [Laughter]


Wynn:  Thanks Jim for sharing.


Marilyn:  ‘that he could slow his mind down enough to be with us, isn’t that amazing?


Lucie:  I know, thank you.


Jim:  Ridiculous, ridiculous. It’s my pleasure.


Female voice:  It’s ‘all one mind’, isn’t it?


Wynn:  While we’re talking about Jim, I want to tell you he also plays piano like Liberace.


Marilyn:  Wow, so he not only cooks for you guys but he entertains you as well. What a deal! [Laughter]


Jim:  One last thing, I’m grossly underpaid. [Laughter]


Wynn:  And not only that, he complains about anyone who leaves dishes in the sink, which is mostly me. [Laughter]


Marilyn:  Of course.


Wynn:  So, you know what? We just decided we were going to start today and prove that we were really human. [Laughter]


Jim:  Everybody excuse me please, I have to go wash the dishes. [Laughter]


Wynn:  As soon as I said “we were really human” Jim had to excuse himself. [Laughter] Alright, on that note, I’m going to do my ‘ultimate power trip’ here and mute everybody. [Laughter]


I have some really amazing things to talk about today, believe it or not… um, this is one of the smallest Sunday calls we’ve done in a long time.


Terry:  I think it’s because it’s Mother’s Day.


Wynn:  Yes, well it’s either because it’s Mother’s Day or because we’re not good enough. It’s probably because it’s Mother’s Day. Or we are ‘too good’. Hang on a second.


Gijs:  Affirmative, you’re too good.


Wynn:  Thank you, thank you. So I’m just looking here on all the people who’ve put in healing requests and you know, the first time I was on George Noory - I don’t know if it was the first or the second time - and we did a Sunday call and I swear that we had 200 people on the call, that they heard the story of my sister and they were wanting instant healing.


We’d never had that many people on the call. We’d never had that many people asking for anything. So of you may have listened to that call and I was sitting there twiddling my thumbs saying ‘how am I going to do this?’ I kind of blew it. I went through it but I said, well, maybe they’ll just heal everybody. How’s that going to work?


People were fighting for front stage so they could say what was wrong with them, and I realized that it’s not really good to emphasize the fact that people get healings too much. See, now I’m emphasizing it by talking about it, but I’m also saying that we’re not emphasizing it so I’m kind of getting in between the cracks. What happens is that people start coming to these calls with this great expectation of a healing of some sort. What I see is that the expectation actually gets in the way of having that happen, because from a human side it looks like magic, it looks like there’s this force up there which at their kind of whim, they can decide ‘okay we’re going to heal you’ and everything gets better.


It seemed that way with my sister, except there was one big thing which I’ll say again, that after my sister went to a rehabilitation center from the hospital with her operation, I would call her everyday and tell her jokes.


I made her tell the jokes to the nurse and I called it the ‘Cheer-Up Committee’, which is what I’m now calling my special mailings that have uplifting things in them. But they said if I didn’t do the ‘Cheer-Up Committee’, they couldn’t have done the healing; that allowed them to do the healing. So what does that tell you? What does that tell me? It says there needs to be a ‘path’. There needs to be a path from ‘there’ to ‘here’ and if there’s no path the energy doesn’t come in.


 It’s not just their whim of “I like you, we’ll heal you.” Or, “He’s good he goes to church every Sunday, let’s heal him.” No, there’s a path, and how do you create the path? The first thing is you have to get over the sadness, the sorrow, the fear, the loneliness. Or you at least have to go in those directions so the energy can flow, because all of those things stand in the way of energy flow.


So now you’re caught in this dilemma where one side of you is saying ‘woe is me, I want a healing’ and the other side is saying ‘okay Wynn said I’ve got to be like this to get a healing’. How do you go from ‘woe is me,’ feeling sorry for yourself? Or even feeling pain in your body from whatever is wrong, to the point where the energy can flow. And of course each person has to figure that out for oneself, but on some level you have to figure it out.


When we’re having fun at the beginning of the calls, as long as it doesn’t go over the edge and as long as it honors the new people coming in, it creates a ‘Cheer-Up Committee’. It creates an upliftment of energy, and if you start to participate in that energy, things start lifting on the human side. When they start lifting on the human side, the door opens to the cosmic side where energies can flow in from other dimensions.


But when your human side is all clogged up then the higher energies can’t come in. All of us, that’s our personal responsibility to do that; it’s like no one can do that for you, no one can make your human side clear; you have to do it, you have to figure out what you have to do to do it, no matter what your limitations are; it doesn’t matter if you’re stuck in bed; it doesn’t matter if you’ve got no money.


It doesn’t matter; somehow you’ve got to clear everything from your space at least for a period of time so that there’s room for something to come in, otherwise your space is filled with the human garbage side of yourself, the despair side, the helpless side, the lonely side, the sick side, and how can something get through that?


You can’t even have a conversation with somebody, because they feel all of that and they say “you’re depressing me.” So each of us has this challenge, and you have to do your part; you can’t just sit there and say “woe is me, come heal me.” When you do your part you open the door for the higher realms to do their part. I see that that’s how it works.


Now interestingly enough, we had Donna on the line on Wednesday, and she was really in bad shape. She was sick and she said she had a staph infection and her doctor said it’s very serious. She’ll have to go in the hospital the next day.


You know, I have this thing about being fair. On Wednesday she asked, and she’s one of the people that keep coming into our calls and we’ve gotten to know who she is; just like we’ve gotten to know many of you by being present on these calls. So, on the Wednesday call, we did a healing session.


What’s a healing session? We just put all our energies together and directed it for Donna’s healing and the next day I got an email from Dave in Mesa that Donna sent him an email, that she woke up the next day and all her symptoms were gone.


She felt great and she gave us credit for it, but you see, you never know. The way this works it’s not linear; you can’t really say we did that. There’s no proof, but it seems to me, we may have. I mean, in my sister’s case, it was an absolute miracle that her Lupus disappeared. So that was inexplicable, other than having some kind of intervention.


Some of you are learning how to feel those energies. That, for example, when you think of people you Love, can you feel them as a Light inside you. Or are you thinking of them intellectually or emotionally? You’ll know you’re really moving into spirit, that when you have people that you care about, that you can feel them inside you when you focus on it; and there’s no violation of free will here.


It is free will, and it’s like sometimes they come and go, and then sometimes you find someone that’s just always there. Now it’s not like you’re walking around and you say ‘oop, I got Gijs in my heart, what is that? Gijs, what are you doing there?’ It’s not like that. It’s like you can think of Gijs at any moment and suddenly there’s a loving energy that comes in that fills you. Or you can think of Terry, she’s easy. You think of Terry and there’s a loving energy that comes in. You want to create friends that are like that – associates.


You want to create people that when you think of them, suddenly there’s this loving energy and then you can lay there and do a meditation, or sit and do a meditation, and have all those people just coming up inside you. You’re building this loving energy and they don’t even know you’re doing it.


Next time they talk to you, they’re just really friendly. You see, you’re starting to learn how to impact other dimensions and develop a group energy of people that are in their hearts. We’re doing that on these calls. Some of you are having that experience that never say hello, they are listening on the Internet, they are listening to the replays and yet every time you listen you get this feeling.


I know you’re having that experience because, every so often, I get an email from somebody that is telling me how much they’ve connected with this, and I don’t even know who they are. I mean, they’ve just been in the background and they’re listening and what I see is, if you keep listening, if you keep coming back, in most cases you are going to have a transformation in yourself. It doesn’t happen the first time.


I shouldn’t say that, nothing is absolute, It might happen the first time, but for most people there’s a process involved and you have to keep doing it because, in fact, you’re re-educating yourself. You’re re-educating your energies. You’re coming in here with habits that have been established over many lifetimes, not just this lifetime.


Then there’s this new energy here which is above your habits. Your habits aren’t going to go away when you hang up. You may experience at first this ‘upliftment’, but you’re going to most likely go back to your old patterns. So you need a lot of reinforcement of this energy to allow your old patterns to shift and let them replace themselves with something higher.


This is why it’s so hard to do this all by yourself. Some people think they can, and if they can, they can. Perhaps somebody has come from a series of lifetimes where they have done this work in other lifetimes, and so they don’t need a reference point; they’re able to tap into it. But almost everyone comes from a long track record of habits that they’ve learned, hang-ups they’ve learned, attitudes that they’ve learned. You know, like lack of self worth; things like that.


It is like embedded in everyone’s consciousness. They come into something like this and they’re not going to change overnight. They may get a good feeling, they may feel uplifted, but those habits are deep and it takes a lot of repetitive stuff to lift them.


This is a realization I’ve made that I believe is true, but I don’t think I’ve shared it: there’s a lot of people that are spending a lot of their time and money looking for ways to break these habits. So they go to therapists, they go to weekend seminars, they go to webinars, they go to lectures, and they go to psychics, God knows what they go to, and really, on some level, most of these people them just want ‘magic’.


They say ‘help me find my man’ or ‘help me find my woman’ or whatever; but people who are honest seekers, they want to get above their habits; they want to get above this side of themselves that keeps them contracted, that keeps them separated. They’re all stuck and we’re all stuck, because you keep bouncing off your same walls.


You go to some kind of weekend seminar and you get some sense of shift or relief You may even get a permanent change, but most people, they get that lift, they feel that connection, then they go back home and they’re back in their old pattern a week or two later. It’s almost like, “duh, nothing happened”, okay? So one of the things about doing these calls, the way we’re doing them, is that when you experience this lifting of energy, you’re doing it right in your house.


You’re not doing it at a weekend seminar. You’re not doing it at a lecture. You haven’t left your home, so when your energy lifts, you’re lifting the vibration where you live and it can stick. Plus, we do these things so many times, and you know we come together now – and this has been a long time building – but we come together and we hit the ground running.


I find that no matter how I’m feeling beforehand, even if I feel like “Aw, I’m not ready to do that call, I’m not going to do it, I’m feeling ‘off’ today” – every time I’m on I can feel it, like starting 15 minutes before the calls. And that’s because our energies – as soon as we start thinking about these calls – we start making the energy in other dimensions and it starts to occur before the call. Then we hit the ground running.


Now, a few years ago, the energy didn’t come in until about a half hour or an hour into the call; it wouldn’t come in fast because people were not holding the energy. People were coming and they needed a lot of ‘release’ and so the call had to hold the space until a certain point when enough people released; that this group energy would come in.


You know, I sent out a couple of good quotes today, I thought exceptionally good. One of them was sent to me by Carolyn Castro in Anchorage, Alaska. She got a book by Ann Rae Colton called The Soul and the Ethic. Actually I had told her and I’ll tell you guys – you’ll probably enjoy this – there’s a book that’s out called My Son Ikhnaton, which was a channeled book, probably about 30, 40, 50 years ago which told the life of Akhnaton and Nefertiti from the point of view of Akhnaton’s mother, who was the source for the information.


It was written by Ann Rae Colton, My Son Ikhnaton. ‘Ikhnaton’ is spelled Ikhnaton. You’ll probably find it interesting if you have a connection with Egypt.

Akhnaton, according to Carla Rueckert, was one of those few people in history that was talking to the Ra Group. So she (Carolyn) was looking for that book and she found this book and she sent it to me because it so describes, almost exactly, what we do on these calls.


The quote is, “When two or three are met in the name of the Lord Jesus to blend and mingle their soul’s Light, there is a dedicated expectancy to which the angels respond. From united meditation, unusual results occur. Lives are transformed. The spiritual life, when agreed upon by more than one person, activates a transforming grace into the lives of those who unite their faith through prayer and meditation will come far better things in life, in peace, in content. This contentment is gained gradually. It is not achieved overnight.”


Wasn’t that beautiful? That’s in this morning’s email blast and you can go back and read that. You can read it a couple of times because it validates what we’re doing. It’s exactly, exactly what we’re doing and it’s exactly what I just said. This happens gradually and it’s not instant. But it also happens based on your application, based on your intent, based on your volition.


If you’re sitting there passive and saying ‘just make it all better for me’ it’s not going to work. You have to reach back. One of the ways of reaching back, if you’re feeling this energy, if you’re feeling this when you come on these calls – and many of you have discovered this – we have this archive of all our calls called the spirit channel [].


There are hundreds of these calls on there, many of them with channeling sessions on them. Listen to them as much as you can take the time to do it. Download them put them in an Mp3 player. I’m going to put out an Mp3 player, that’s one of my projects that has like a hundred hours of calls so that you can play them in the background.


Because when these calls are played, these higher frequencies come in and that, if you’re one of those who is committed to reaching the higher part of yourself, then you need to keep putting input in; input, input, input until you release those old habits.


Because otherwise they’ll keep coming back, they’ll take over and you’ll lose it. So it takes a lot of commitment. I want to say I got an email from Sijot Hill in England. Hi Sijot, I got your email, thank you for being here. And, let’s see … Debbie asks me, “Counting the number of people on the call, are you able to count those listening to you on BBS?” No, I can’t. I’m just counting the number on the call.


But I figure that the number on BBS is somewhat, probably, correlative if it goes down here, it goes down on BBS. But that’s okay. The only problem with this work is that it seems like I’m the only guy that can bring in new people; you know, solicit radio shows. Maybe some of you don’t realize how challenging it is for me to figure all this stuff out.


Because we don’t charge for this, and some of you may not know this, but we pay almost $500.00 dollars a month to be on BBS. We decided it was that important and we had to figure out how to make it work. So that’s how the pendant business got started a couple of years ago.


When it first got started, for probably at least a year, I never even talked about the pendants on these calls or in my mailings. I wanted to keep them totally separate because I didn’t want to corrupt the energy by turning it into a place just to sell things. Of course, a good portion of my life, I’ve sold things.


You’ve probably heard me talk. I used to sell things at little festivals on the street, and fairs and I got really good at it. I didn’t want to use those abilities on these calls because I know how quickly people are to judge you, no matter what you do. So if you sell something, you’re just trying to make money.


I was just having a dialogue with somebody on Amazon who was … most people love The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? -and it is a really great uplifting book, half of it being the messages of the Ra Group, etc. But some woman was taking it all apart and said ‘how come you called this The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?? You should’ve called it Dimensional Shift and the Ra Group,’ or whatever. Well, you know what [exhale …] you can go on Amazon and read our dialogue.


She tried to take it apart and find every little thing wrong with it. I could’ve just ignored it, but I decided to jump in, and as usual it seems like it was probably a waste of time. People are so fixed, and they want to be right, and they want to make you wrong, and that little bit of ‘aren’t I smart’. How they could miss all the Love in the book, all the wise guidance, and realize how important that is.


Sometimes I’ll start talking to somebody and I’ll make a difference, but most of the time I say, “What did I do that for? What a waste of time.” But in any case, I was talking about healing and we’re talking about Donna in Montana. Then we have a friend, of course, we’ve been doing this with Carla Rueckert and many of you have participated, we’ve been sending her energy. Carla is really easy to send energy to, have you noticed?


Terry is really easy to send energy to. When we think of Carla, automatically that space of loving comes in, because she has fixed herself in the hologram above her body where it’s just radiant Love.


When we tune into it, at least when I do, I can feel that energy. So when it comes to sending healing to Carla it is easy because she’s open. She is really open. So many of you have listened to her over and over again on our shows, and we have created this on-going dialogue that never dies. We could be talking for hours on end and we’d never run out because of the loving energy that’s created between Carla and myself and Terry.


So her operation went really well, she’s home. I didn’t send this out yet but her husband Jim sent me an email this morning. Jim says, “Hi Wynn, Carla continues to improve and is strong in spirits and determination. She thanks everyone for their healing love and good vibrations’, Jim”. Carla has had terrible success or un-success with these spinal operations and hopefully, hopefully this will be different, hopefully.


Because she has wounds that don’t heal and messing with the spine is – putting metal in your spine – is not a very good thing to do to begin with, and in fact, it’s a very difficult operation that a lot of people don’t actually get better afterwards. Carla has not been walking as you know. She’s in a wheelchair, so hopefully this operation is going to go better than her others.


Now right now, we have a friend, I have a friend, named Konrad Kaserer. Konrad was the Unity Minister of Unity Church in Flagstaff. There was a period when I was living in Flagstaff and I was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? there, and I had the opportunity to meet Konrad. In fact, he read that book and he gave me an endorsement on the back of it which, if you have it, you can read it.


Steve Woolard, who some of you are familiar with, he comes on our calls, probably on right now… – Steve met me back when I would attend Konrad’s church occasionally in Flagstaff. I would play music there and Konrad had a really bad heart attack in the last week. He’s in the hospital in Flagstaff. So Terry and I we’re taking the time to do some little healing meditations on Konrad.


 Somebody keeps updating us on Konrad’s condition and it seemed like it was fairly hopeless. Let me see, I’ll give you some of the emails.


Alright here we go, alright just to give you an idea. This was six days ago, “Konrad is being readied for flight to ‘Good Samaritan in Phoenix’. He began having problems around 7 a.m. requiring the defibrillator multiple times. His left ventricle is pretty non-functional. The external pump is not giving him sufficient blood flow.


So they will give him a stronger one and is available only in Phoenix. Please keep prayers coming.” Okay, now I will go to the next one here, “Konrad is now recovering from surgery. He was barely alive when he reached the hospital in Phoenix.


They took him to surgery to hook up an external pump. He is in an induced coma and on life support. They will keep him on life support 7-10 days. They’ll allow him to come out of the induced coma in about eight hours to check him. Thank you for your prayers,” and this is from Tara who was a secretary at Konrad’s church.


Terry and I have gone up to Flagstaff, we’ve actually stayed at … [Choked up]            --Okay, we stayed at Konrad’s house and so the last few days we have been working with Konrad. I know Steve Woolard and a lot of people are working with Konrad and he’s an easy person to send loving energy to. He’s open and so yesterday Terry was … are you there Terry, can you do a star *6?


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  So yesterday Terry was telling me that she was communicating with our Sources about Konrad. They were looking at Konrad’s heart and I thought it was really fascinating as to how it was working; how she was explaining it to me, and even for her, she had never experienced this before. So why don’t you share what you saw?


Terry:  Yes, so first of all, we called in the Light. We were working with Konrad and we were – we called in the Elohim - and the Ra Group, Ra’An, and there was…- - the first thing I saw was that there were hands. Different energy hands working with Konrad’s heart. And the next thing I saw was that there was a part of his heart that was like not working. It was just non-functional and I didn’t even know at the time what had been said about it, only that he had a heart attack and part of his heart was non-functional.


And then, they kept working with him, with the hands, kept working with his heart. And the report for the time that we were doing that was – the report came in – there was more activity in his heart. And then after that phase, then they put a vision of a totally perfect heart over his heart which was non-functional.


And they put this shining, beautiful vision of a perfectly working heart over his heart that would be an example for the cells of his heart to follow the example of how to re-form, re-make the cells to heal.


Then they said something that was such a difference between his heart, his actual heart, and the vision of the heart. It was so different I just couldn’t understand how his heart could make the jump to heal. Then we started getting reports that he was improving. Then I told Wynn, I said I’m not going to tell you what they said until we see what happens here and whatever it is I’ll say.


It just seemed so impossible that based upon what I was looking at … because I was like an invisible party in the background, just invisible keeping out of the way and watching everything. And it seemed impossible that he would heal based upon the current situation, but then there was the strong vision of an example of a perfect heart. A perfectly working heart for his heart to follow the example to heal with and then he started improving, which is what they actually said that he would do.


Wynn:  So here’s the message on May 10th, “The doctors have continued …” I mean it wasn’t just his heart all his organs were screwing up. Everything was going downhill.


Terry:  His body was shutting down.


Wynn:  His body was shutting down. And, “The doctors have continued to wean Konrad off the sedation and he is now completely free of it. It can take another 48 hours for the drugs to leave his system and for the doctors to be able to assess his brain functions. His eyes are not opening but he’s showing purposeful movement when asked to move. The cardiologist has told the family he is hopeful and asked them not to give up hope.


He assured them they would not be putting the tremendous resources into his healing if there was not hope. His other organs have not worsened. The kidneys are what can take the longest to heal. They will assist his brain function after 48 hours and wait until Wednesday to assess the overall healing”, and then they invite us to send a card. We should send him a card, you know that Terry?


Terry:  Yeah.


Wynn:  So then today, no yesterday, May 11th, “Konrad is continuing to improve. His lungs are doing better. They are now talking about weaning him from the heart/lung machine in two or three days. He had to be sedated again because the discomfort of being hooked up to all the equipment was causing him to move too much. The doctors have been very encouraging to the family since yesterday” and then she says, “Thanks to all of you for creating a prayerful and healing environment.”


Now Konrad is one of those people that a lot of people love. He was the minister at Unity and he was always accessible to people, always available to talk to people. Let’s just take a moment while we’re together here and send our own healing energy to Konrad. Maybe when we do a session later, they’ll address some of this stuff about Konrad and healing in general. [Brief silence]


This is the thing about coming into the calls regularly: we get to know you as a human, and as we get to know you as a human, it’s easier to send energy to you, in most cases. And so, we know Konrad and we know a lot of you who are coming into the calls regularly.


You’re all learning how to access this energy, and Carolyn who just came in from Uganda, was just diagnosed with pneumonia. Carolyn, would you want to un-mute for a moment so we can hear you, if you want to? Star*6. Hello Carolyn. Hello Carolyn. Okay, well let’s just send healing energy to Carolyn, I was hoping she would say something because it helps to make the connection.


Gijs:  I think she has dial phone so you cannot press star*6.


Wynn:  Oh you can’t. She has a dial …


Michael:  Wynn this is Michael. I’ve been opening up channels through the other side from my Source through you to whatever you ask and directing it to assist in the way that I know. And I’m glad the others have responded well.


Wynn:  Hey Michael.


Michael:  Yes.


Wynn:  Something I was thinking is - you have had some amazing experiences with healing people, right?


Michael:  Yes.


Wynn:  Tomorrow night, tomorrow night when we’re on BBS, if you’d like to – I was looking for you earlier – I was going to say, why don’t I have you share some of the things that have happened as a result of you’re working with people? Are you open to that?


Michael:  I’m happy to. I’m also happy to reinforce some of the things you’ve been addressing. Because very true, we have to open up channels and the recipient might close off to them at any time; we cannot override that.


But for the most part, if they don’t know and they don’t close up the healing, we can bypass that area and we will get that effect of the other side, doctors there, working on that particular person, as you mentioned with the Unity minister.


Because I’ve seen it and also, I asked at times for that to occur because I know the channels and I said I will require some assistance on your part and on their behalf and it’s happened a lot of times and I’m happy for them. I came from Unity. I still go out there.


Wynn:  Okay, listen, I don’t want to do a whole talk now, but tomorrow we’ll talk about it. We’ll talk about how that works for you and maybe it will lead to some sessions we can do where you can use your abilities to tap into that, that’ll help people and thank you.


Michael:  You’re welcome.


Wynn:  Let me see here, so …


Carolyn:  This is Carolyn and I was listening on BBS because I was coughing so badly.


Wynn:  Okay.


Carolyn:  But then I heard you and by the time I called in I didn’t want to interrupt but yes, I’m here. And I was but I just couldn’t talk to you.


Wynn:  You’re here. Okay, so tell us about what’s happened with your pneumonia.


Carolyn:  I got sick a week ago Friday and I went to a doctor over there. They thought it was just a cold, gave me cough syrup. I went to a second doctor who gave me the mildest antibiotics possible and I think all that did was – as I was developing pneumonia – it just kind of made them stronger.


And I arrived on Thursday night, on Friday it was worse. On Saturday I went to the doctor, had chest x-rays and they were very clear that I have pneumonia. So they gave me really strong antibiotics as well as an inhaler, which I’d never had before and since yesterday, it’s already starting to get better but I still have a pretty awful cough.


Wynn:  Well, let’s just put your whole situation in the Light for healing, for total health and ask our Sources and all of us…– we’ll take a moment of silence and just… --you’re in Alameda, right?


Carolyn:  I’m in Sacramento.


Wynn:  You’re in Sacramento.


Carolyn:  Yes.


Wynn:  So let’s just see that energy coming in …


Carolyn:  Around my … every grid healing, my little apartment fills with Love Light and I don’t think I can see it but I recognize it and I feel it and it’s very powerful. And it lasts for several hours after the grid healing is over.


Wynn:  Alright. You know, we get that from a lot of people who are listening. Let’s move into the silence now and I just want you to receive. You’re a giver and you’re giving all the time, and right now open the channels to receive and let’s see those pathogens that are causing you to be sick just dispersing, breaking up. And we ask for all the help and support from our Sources in doing that.


Carolyn:  The palms of my hands are tingling. [Silence]


Wynn:  Okay, Thy will be done. Let’s see what time it is now. Oh my God, it is 11:15 and we have a bunch of people on our healing list here and those of you that are on this list, if you can, start coming into our calls early.


Get to know people, get to be present, feel the energy because I do believe that helps to open you up for what you want to happen. Do it on a regular basis.


We have here, Karen in Redding, and she asks for Divine guidance and protection for a young man being sent to prison, instead of a doctor’s request for him to obtain medical help for his drug dependency. This is her grandson, Randy. So let’s send Randy the Light for fairness and equity. [Continued …]




Wynn: That’s all of those we’re going to do right now, it is 11:25; we’re taking a long time. Let’s go… – instead of me doing our meditation, as we normally do it, let’s just do this in silence because we don’t have enough time and we just want to see ourselves surrounded in a blanket of Love Light.


We’re connected to the highest of realms and allow that energy to move into your personal space; ask for it and be in that place where you can feel the expansion of energy. You can feel the connection. You can experience that you are part of the Universe.


You are not separated. You have never been separated. It’s just that the illusion of this realm creates the feeling of separation. If you have things that you would like to change, in yourself, and if you have people that you love that you’d like to send healing energy to, right now, hold that space. Hold that intention. [Silence…]


Okay, we’re going to move into hearing a message from our Sources. If you’re new on this line, the voice that speaks thru Terry explains themself to be a conglomerate of two group souls; one of them that never had bodies that is at the center of the Universe, and one that’s had a bunch of bodies (the individuals in it) and graduated, and now act as a team to help planets at lower levels of evolution like us.


We’ve had the unusual experience of connecting with both of these energies and at some point, a couple of years ago they said why don’t we work together through this group? And so I’m not saying any of that’s true, that’s just what they said. Terry is the vehicle they speak through. Are you there Terry? Hello, Terry … Earth to Terry.


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  Okay, Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth, and right we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereignty integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the law of one, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to  and anything not of that nature must leave now and we invite our sources to address us through Terry Brown.




Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is May 12, 2013, Mother’s Day; and to mothers everywhere, to ‘the spark that unites the family’, we envelope each one that is willing to feel, to sense us, to put our energy there for them to feel. To bring up the quality of the experience of the day, to the rich frequencies that extend into the unseen realm of frequencies of Love Light from our realm and appearing to those that wish to experience it in your realm.


We see the heartfelt contact between the family and the mothers on this day and it brings tears to our energy eyes of the love and caring that has gone into the making of a family, a successful family.


We take a moment and we look at all of the people on the healing list and we see that many have asked for the others that they care about. This is helpful when one does this and envisions a better life for those people; a healing for those people. And those people are then able, if they choose to partake in that energy and if they are receptive to receive the Love and care that those wishes are sent with.


We see that in all cases, the place where one is sending, the area, the place within one, where one wishes to reach or wishes another to reach is/can be a model when one can see it clearly. Then, when one sees the goal clearly, then the other person, and indeed one’s self when one is asking for them self, can have an example whereby the cells of the body become flex(ible), systems of the body can look and have that as an example to emulate, to begin to improve, to begin to heal and enhance their vitality and increase their electrical potential, for it is with a higher electrical potential that there are more electrons available to repair the system, but the imaging of the goal, the clearer you can see it, the more that the body can emulate it and can bring the body into a state of repair.


When you are asking for another, if the other does not choose to pick-up on it, it still helps, even just the component of it, of the Love and the care, helps to let the other person know that they are cared for even though it is at a subliminal level. We are profoundly happy that…-- and ‘happy’ is not the right word. It brings us ‘joy’ to see the caring, particularly on this Mother’s Day, particularly of the children expressing thanks to their Mother’s on this day. 


And we send thanks to all the mothers and also to the fathers and they make the family unit complete. We wish each of you a beautiful experience this day and we appreciate profoundly the chance to connect with each and every one and of the people on the healing list we send special care and special energies. To us, it is not a miracle when someone heals.


As it is that they have found a way to open the flows, to open their heart to receive to begin to heal and repair according to the abundance and the image the things that are out there, the abundance, the love that is available to be experienced for those that are open.


We leave but we do not leave.


Wynn:  I am reading my emails while we do these calls and I’m getting emails from some of you that are listening on the Internet and I think that’s a good idea that I acknowledge that so that you can feel your energies are being felt and acknowledged.


I got an email from Jack and I don’t know where he is but I know I’ve gotten a number of emails. He’s very sensitive and supportive to our work and he was mentioning oil of oregano is the best natural antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal available. It’s available in health food stores; a few drops, 5-7 in a glass of water, taken every hour throughout the day, will quickly reverse infection.


Pneumonia is usually the result of subnormal functioning of the heart which allows fluid to collect in the tissues – [the] lining of the lungs, which is the perfect breeding ground for pathogens.” So, for all of you, it’s not a bad idea to have some oil of oregano around. I’m aware of that as well.


Then he says, “Terry’s description of the energy hands projecting a perfect holographical image of the heart over the physical one is a great confirmation of the etheric template which is mutable and easy to transform than working in the physical. This is the path of all real healing.”


And maybe for some of you it helps to visualize instead of focusing on the area of you that’s not working. Start building energy in the ethereal or the imagination level so that you can see something shift there and let it download. Thank you Jack for your email and then Roger Paul is tired of being without energy and finances; and Roger, same thing, start working on the etheric-level. See things coming in and don’t focus on the lack and see if you can switch the energy.


Keep in mind, that on some level you are responsible, not to feel guilty in terms of being responsible, but taking responsibility for the creation of who-you-are and learn how to recreate yourself, so that the things you want to happen can come in.


And then Debbie says, “I’m one of those listeners who’s been quietly participating in the background and I just had to let you know about the effect your call had on me today. I woke up feeling very sad and lonely this morning because I live alone; I don’t have friends and family. Just listening to everyone since the call began instantly lifted me out of my depression. It makes me feel like I’m part of the family. Thank you and thanks to everyone on the call.”


Thanks Debbie for sharing that. And let’s see, Gary was searching for My Son Ikhnaton and this book, Akhnaton is spelled in a weird way Gary. It’s spelled I k h n a t o n, I-k-h-n-a-t-o-n and I think it’s about twelve dollars and sometimes they have used copies for seven or eight dollars on Amazon. It’s by Ann Rae Colton and I believe Rae is spelled R-a-e.


And let’s see, we also have Janet Fogle who got a pendant and she says, “Thank you Wynn, it’s a beautiful pendant.” Thank you Janet and just letting you know that, on those gold pendants, we have an incredible bargain on them. We’re sold out, by the way!


We’ll have more in on Wednesday so if you order today, they’ll probably be shipped on Thursday so be patient. But we’re getting incredible, incredible responses for the pendants. And ah, hang on a second here. I got another great testimonial from someone. Here it is, from John Steinbauer:


“I will testify how heartily this amazing pendant is. The energy transmits purely with yours and raises yours to higher realms of your true complete Source. I use it whenever my energy is low, especially at night next to my bed stand. How amazing, my dreams are so vivid and astonishing, while helping me sleep completely thru the night.


I used to always toss and turn and had dreams that were difficult to remember. Dreams are important they help you with your life path. I own both pendants, thanks for creating such a dramatic product which is beautiful and helps you in so many ways, sincerely, John in New York.”


Thank you John and keep in mind, the pendants are selling for $25.00 dollars when you use the discount code “Mother” – and it’s over tonight at midnight – and if you order today you’ll probably have to wait ‘til about Thursday ‘til we ship them, but it won’t be that long.


Let’s now just quickly move into planetary healing and using our group energy, our group intention with all of us here on this line; all of you who are listening on the Internet all over the world and our Sources, our invisible friends in other dimensions, who are with us on these calls. We want to blanket our planet; we are powerful. Maybe there are only a couple hundred of us here on the line but there are millions or billions of Elohim/Ra souls and they respond to being asked, to our requests.


So we ask them right now, to work with us. We want to surround our planet with Love Light and all those people on this planet. There are so many people who are good people with pure hearts that are reaching, that have come in from other dimensions. Some of you are those people. You’ve come here to be of service, to help this planet. We know there are a lot of dark influences on this planet and we can’t eradicate them.


You know, one time I asked the question, ‘why don’t we just do away with all the dark forces?’ And they said, ‘well, it would alleviate things for a moment but they’d just come back in some other future planet.’ So the only way is to love them out of their darkness; to shine light, to have no fear, to give them no power over us and that we act as a group team asking for this energy to be planted here on Earth.


And that all those people that are capable of opening, that have come here to be of higher service, that they find their way of doing that; and that all of you who are on these calls, just by being here you’re casting your vote for this energy and this positive influence to impact our planet. Your vote makes a huge difference. I know it’s hard to believe, but it does.


Jesus said, ‘with the faith of a mustard seed, you can move a mountain.’ This is how it works, because ‘faith’ is another word for --maybe not exactly the same, but ‘intent’. It’s like through our belief in seeing things transform, we access the higher dimensions. We access the power of the higher dimensions and all it takes for the positive to win on this realm is enough people asking.


We see this Light surrounding our planet. We always do the ‘ring of fire’ which is the land masses surrounding the Pacific Ocean and we’ll just do a quick move from the tip of South America to the coast of South America, to Central America to Mexico to California, the west coast of the United States. We see this huge energy moving through the Earth underground into those areas where there are tectonic plates which have the potential for creating earthquakes.


You know, we’ve asked for a lot of small earthquakes instead of one big one, and we know that Los Angeles has been having a lot of small earthquakes and I don’t know if that had to do with our requests or if it was just going to happen, it doesn’t matter, we’ll keep that request alive.


We go up the coast, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oregon, Washington, Vancouver, all the way across to the western coast of Canada, eastern coast of Russia, down through Indonesia, China, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. We ask for any radiation from Fukushima to be capped, that it be reduced.


We go down to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii. We’ll jump over to the middle of the country, the New Madrid fault which centers in St. Louis and the five surrounding states. We go underground and we see those tectonic plates surrounded by Love Light and ask that any disturbances be small and away from population centers.


We’ll just go around the whole country we’ll see our blanket of Love surrounding our planet and that every place where there is potential earthquake be mediated for the highest good. We see, while we’re around our whole planet, we see the drought – rain where’s there is drought, so there’s food.


We ask for any interventions, a public awareness, freedom of the Internet and in particular awareness of GMO foods (which are not healthy for you) and you can do a search on that and personally, you can learn what foods are most likely to be GMO. One of them is corn and it’s good to avoid it unless you know it’s not GMO. The problem with GMO foods is they do not have to be labeled as such. So you have to do your own research to figure out how to get around this.


We ask for Peace, we ask for those sources that would create havoc on our planet not to be able to get the energy of fear that allows them to do their havoc work, which they’re very good at, and we ask that any nuclear weapons be disabled, not be allowed to go off.


We ask that all the Star Seeds and Wanderers on this planet might find the ways to be activated. You know the Internet makes a free-for-all in terms of reaching people, and lots of people are hypnotized as to the things that are actually going on. But steady pressure, steady bringing in energy…-- we’re created a foundation here, right on this call and other people are doing the same in their own ways for planting the seeds of this new energy for the new Earth which is waiting in the wings.


Sometimes, in some little communities, it’s actually there, it’s on the etheric level; energetically it is here. All people have to do is respond to the energies. They say we are a pioneer group, one of the pioneer groups holding this space; this energy, this connection to the Love Light energies to the higher dimensions as a reference point for the planet.


You are doing that, and so I thank you all who are showing up and supporting this work and thank you all on the Internet that even though we don’t see you we’re going to start reading your emails in the future so that you feel more present and that you know we know you’re there. On that note, I thank everyone who’s volunteering, I thank Terry and we’ll bring this session to a close and I’m going to un-mute everybody and we’re all un-muted and we’ll …


Willow:  Wynn, I would like to get a message to Carolyn regarding pneumonia if you will allow me.


Female voice:  Love to you all, be well. See you tomorrow.


Wynn:  Let Willow share something to Carolyn, go ahead Willow.


Willow:  Thank you very much. Carolyn, I was dying of pneumonia last year. They had given up on all the antibiotics and everything and in desperation I bought a Sharper Image vaporizer, filled it with colloidal silver… – I bought a colloidal silver generator, filled the whole vaporizer, pointed it right at my head and every single night slept with that mist, breathing in the colloidal silver and it healed me. Within three days I could breathe again.


Wynn:  Great, thank you. Thank you, Willow for sharing that.


Willow:  Thank you Wynn.


Wynn:  Now, you can get colloidal silver at a health food store, right?


Willow:  Not enough to fill that, but I guess you could add drops to distilled water and that would be a quicker way to do it than trying to learn to make your own. The one detriment was it turned the walls and everything a dark gray. The silver collected on the walls and things but I lived. You know, now I’m having to repaint the room and stuff but it kept me alive.


Wynn:  Can you use any kind of vaporizer for that?


Willow:  No, I went through three vaporizers and the colloidal silver clogged them up and I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond online and found Sharper Image brand vaporizer and it’s about $59.00 dollars and I bought two of those and I cleaned one while I was using the other and every single night I slept under that mist.


Wynn:  Alright.


Joel:  A good place to get colloidal silver is