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Monday Call 05.13.2013
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled and edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn: This is Wynn Free. This is May 13th, 2013 – I was about to say ‘1913’; May 13th, 2013. I’m in Sedona with Terry Brown. We’re doing our Monday night conference call. We do have a few people that are on for the first time.


I never know how much you people who are on for the first time know about the work we’re doing; whether you’ve read my free book that I give away. Keeping it really simple, I would say that we’ve been doing these calls for quite a few years now. I used to introduce it as an experiment, and it still is an experiment. It is not me entertaining you; it is not even these beings from other realms entertaining you. Over the period of time that we’ve been doing it, it’s been a learning experience.


We’ve been learning how to create a group energy with a bunch of strangers on a phone line. This is something that comes gradually, particularly on Sundays. If you’re on for the first time it’ll be a new experience. When and if you have it, you’ll say “Wow, this is amazing.”  That’s what I had to say.


Somebody said “What kind of people come into this?”  I would say the people that are open to it are people that are fairly free in their life; fairly free may not mean ‘in a good place’. It might mean that you’ve come to a place where things aren’t working for you or where you’re backed up against a wall.


You’re seeking and you haven’t found what you’re looking for. You have an idea that there’s a God, or there’s something up there, but you can’t prove to yourself that’s true. Yet, you’d like to. Some people have tried coming from religions. They found that the religion stopped working for them or it worked for them a little bit but there were limitations in it.


I’ve been having conversations with these voices that say they created this realm. They don’t say they’re God, but they say they created the physical universe. If you haven’t read my books (particularly the one I give away for free) I urge you to do it because you have to read the story of what happened to me. You have to read how they explain that it works, because if they are who they say they are and we’re doing these calls this way – and you’re listening – then there’s a chance to educate yourself: #1: about how things in this dimension work; and #2: learn to access energies beyond the veil; you learn to meet and greet and feel the part of you that is part of All That Is.


Everyone here is part of All That Is; that means the Universe is One Being and we are tiny little cells in that Being. You could call God that Being, or you could say it’s All That Is. Then there are non-physical beings that are in the Universe and there are beings in other dimensions; there are negative beings; it’s a very complex scenario, but the simplicity of it is that you are part of All That Is and you didn’t know it.


The reason I come to these calls three times a week is because people are learning to have that experience as a result of participating on these calls. I know that’s a very important experience and I know that since you and I are both part of all that is, we’re both part of the same Being. Then, part of you is me; and part of me is you, and part of everyone listening is part of each other. On our Sunday call we focus on feeling those energies. It’s a very unique experience, and it happens right here on the phone, right in your own bedroom, right in your own living room. But you have to let go and be open and in order to do that, sometimes you have to read enough to say “I’m comfortable letting go” which is actually a good thing.


You shouldn’t trust anything in this realm until you scrutinize it, and you shouldn’t be open to things until you’re sure it’s okay to be open; otherwise you can go down a path that’s hard to come back from.


Usually I don’t have callers. Really, usually the call goes best when I get on a flow and we bring in energies. But, I’m going to give the people who are listening on the Internet a chance to call in and see how this works. I thank you for calling, but I may say “I don’t want to answer that question” and move on; so forgive me if I don’t meet your expectations, but we’ll try.


Do we have a caller Doug?


Doug: The caller is on line two.


Wynn: Hello. Who is on the line? Is someone on line two that called in to talk and wanted to share something?


Doug, everything coming in from BBS has got a digital break-up to it; you sound like a computer voice. So, let’s just forget trying to do that today, maybe some other day.


In any case, normally on these calls I don’t have guests. There’s a gentleman who has been coming into our calls now for quite some time. His name is Michael and I believe I had a conversation with him on the phone some time ago; he told me about some incredible things that happened to him where certain people got healed as a result of certain things he did. I thought he sounded like he was telling the truth, and I didn’t do anything. He keeps coming in on our calls.


When somebody keeps coming in on the calls it creates a certain energy of ‘comfort-ability’. Sometimes people come on the calls, but they just want to tell everybody what they do and then they’re gone. They either want to sell something, or they want followers, or they want to channel. That’s not really what this call is about; it’s particularly about the work that we do in communicating with other dimensions and bringing in these Sources that I believe have been group souls that throughout the history of mankind were creating spiritual movements when they talked to people. They’re present; they’re present on this line right now.


Here’s what they say: they say they’re paying attention to you right now, not later, right now. If you start feeling energies, don’t be scared. They won’t intrude on you; they’ll go away if you don’t like it. Usually it’s a very loving feeling. We have so many emails from people who come into our calls and experience their depression going away; sometimes a healing. I don’t like to do healings publicly or talk about health issues because for me some people get healings and some people don’t. I don’t have to talk about it; the energy is on the call. You have the opportunity to access healing energy on this call.


Sometimes something is not meant to go away; it’s not for the highest good. I don’t understand all the ramifications, except that there have been enough incidents where it’s happened that I know there is something phenomenological going on here that doesn’t follow the normal laws of the physical universe. It’s something for you to discover, not for me to tell you to believe. I can tell you what my experience is, but each person is in their own process of discovery, of ‘self-unfoldment’.


In discovery and ‘self-unfoldment’ it doesn’t have to do with what you believe; in my opinion that is a mistake that many people make in this realm. They think “If I believe in Jesus I’ll be saved” or “If I believe in Allah” or “I better read the Bible because the Bible says this” or “I better read this yoga journal because it says this”. We adopt beliefs in our mind, and we believe if we believe certain things that our lives will get better and we will have God’s favor; that’s what we think.


That’s not the way that I’m getting that it works. I tell people that are coming into this call: “No matter what I say, don’t believe me; test me out; read our materials, go through our archives.”  We have hundreds of calls in our archives, and these calls have energy on them. If you didn’t experience it, then go to the archive and listen until you do and if you do, and if you don’t, then you can look for something else to work with you. We’re not the only people bringing spiritual enlightenment or spiritual ‘unfoldment’ to the forefront on this planet. We’re probably one of the few people that have developed this way of doing it live on the Internet and on telephone calls without charging any money.


Oftentimes, we create what is a ‘sacred space’. In the past history epoch of humans, sacred spaces were created in private; sacred and secret, that’s the combination of the two words. People would gather and bring in energies where they could feel the energies in private situations where other people couldn’t make fun of them; where they could feel free and open. These energies would come in and they would experience it.


Luckily for us, if there are people that want to make fun of us we just push *6 [mute] and they go away, even though we’re doing this publicly. I say “make fun of us,” but it’s been very rare that people have made fun of us. Sometimes people just go away; they think it’s not for them. I’m very respectful of everyone’s personal experience and everyone at their own level of discovery. This is just here to see if it’s something you can use.


Now I’ll introduce Terry Brown. Terry Brown is my dear associate, friend forever. Terry, somewhere along the road a voice started speaking to her that said it was the Council of Elohim. The Council of Elohim were an intelligence that started saying they created the physical universe, and started saying that it was the name for God in the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon. On many of these calls we have conversations with them; they talk to us. They talk to us more like they’re our friends than they’re something to worship.


I just thought I’d introduce Terry. Terry, are you there?


Terry: I’m here, yes.


Wynn: Anything you’d like to say? Terry used to be very shy.


Terry: I’m still very shy. I’d just like to welcome everybody out there. It’s really been a feeling of community with all the people coming on the line. The people that come into this line, they have very good vibration . They’re generally more interested in the people around them and their communities and that things both in their communities and society go right.


Wynn: Thank you. We’ll see if Michael is on the line now that I’ve built him up. Michael, can you hear? *6[un-mute] – hello, Michael.


Michael: Hello. It’s Michael.


Wynn: Michael we hear you. Thank you for agreeing to come in and talk to us today. Michael has no idea what I’m going to ask and neither do I, so we’re even. Let me start out by saying: When did you discover us?


Michael, what city are you in, first of all?


Michael: I’m in Watersvliet, New York.


Wynn: Is that in New York City, or is that in Catskills; is that in northern New York?


Michael: It’s by Albany, across the river from Troy and six miles from Albany.


Wynn: Alright; and how long have you lived there?


Michael: I was asked to come here and live with a friend of mine who had gotten married and was in her first pregnancy. That was about fifteen or sixteen years ago. She needed someone because they had purchased a house and she knew she could trust me from prior experience, so that would help her with the children.


Wynn: When you started coming into the calls, what did you feel when you first started?


Michael: I was happy because a lot of what you all were discussing were things that I had hoped would be there, especially with what Edgar Cayce brought in. I had experienced, in the beginning, waking up inadvertently some time during the week over and over, for up to when I was twelve or such. I would be on a flying saucer; I was a female. I wore a kind of golden scaly outfit that was skin-tight but was not my skin. It was kind of like what they created for that movie about that spider-like creature. One person is all it takes to fly it.


I was seeing these worlds hurling at each other, and then they crashed. Then, there was only darkness. I just recall that experience because I felt a daze like many people felt when the Towers crashed or were blown apart or whatever. It’s kind of like I set my goal to Earth; walked to the back where these coffin-like things that you get into and they close up and you set your course there and then you go on to sleep.


When I woke up, I was on Earth. It came from within that I knew certain things that would get me to what I required. I realized that I had volunteered for something in that I was now here. In time, I would know what I volunteered for. That was where I thought I’d better not volunteer any more, I’d write it down. It’s like when you come in – it’s not like you were going around looking at things that you were going to experience when you’re being born – I came through and I felt pain and such and brightness of light was there. All I could think of was “I’m in the wrong womb. This isn’t what it’s supposed to be.”


I’ve been searching for love throughout that time.


Wynn: How long ago was that?


Michael: When I was born, just short of 68 by one month.


Wynn: Not when you were born; when you had that experience in the UFO.


Michael: I’ve had it since I was born, up until I was twelve.


Wynn: You said you had a scaly suit, do you think you were in a reptilian UFO?


For those of you that aren’t aware of this idea of reptilians, according to the Carla Rueckert material there is a certain group of aliens from the Orion system. The majority of them are service-to-self; but, there is a group that is not service-to-self. I haven’t extensively talked to Michael, so I hope he doesn’t mind me asking him:


When you found yourself in a scaly suit, did the other beings there have scales?


Michael: No; there was only me.


Wynn: Only you.


Michael: Think: I in on a female: oval-shaped face. My hair was raised up and kind of twisted into looking like a water fountain. My skin was kind of golden-yellow, kind of. So I know that the outfit I was wearing was not my skin. It was tight; much like you would say a girl’s outfit today; a lot of them are full-length and tight. They fill your form very nice and hold you in place, and that was what it was, basically. I didn’t feel like a reptile or nothing. There was no one else though in the craft. I was human, like an Oriental, and slender.


Wynn: Alright. At some point, you had some incredible experiences where people you were associated with had absolutely miraculous healings. Is that correct?


Michael: Yes, correct.


Wynn: When was the first time you had that experience?


Michael: Here in this physical plane, the first time was with my grandmother who was a member of the – what do you call that? – it was like being a Templar, but they have another word; one of those outfits that does all those magical-type things. They pray and do things like that. There was a section of it that was kind of gifted and apart, kind of like a Jesuit. It was Catholic-like; they had St. Francis of Assisi and things like that – Father Peal and such.


They would teach us in our sleep or in our waking time; we didn’t have any problem with that. Nobody ever said you’re not supposed to see these things. In our belief, as we are descended from the Hopi as well as the Piipaash. We experienced these things and we didn’t have any fears. My aunt, who had passed on, I could see her in her pink outfit sitting down on the window-sill; that always pleased me to see her.


My mother passed away and she came back in 1996 to tell me not to take Golden Seal and Echinacea together because they don’t go well. She was wearing one of those French nun outfits, like the flying nun, wing-spread like. I was surprised because she was standing three feet above the floor, floating. Wherever she looked, her body turned. She looked at my little room and she was pleased. Then when I put everything back in the bottle and she had chosen the Goldenseal rather than the Echinacea, she just smiled and disappeared.


It’s kind of those type of things, you know.


Wynn: Go back to your grandmother; what happened with your grandmother?


Michael: We used to walk every night; and every night, as I lived with her as my mother had cancer and she would be away at the doctors for a long time. So, my grandmother raised my sister and myself. She would walk with me and tell me about life in general when I asked questions.


I got to see the first three moons of Saturn and also the rings and that silver cylinder that was in the circles and I could see it wherever I was. It looked very huge, like larger than a full moon but like the August moon; it’s huge and it dwarfs everything. It makes it like the reverse: like you’re on the moon and the Saturn is the Earth as relating. I would ask her questions about “What’s that little silver moon-like thing?” and she would tell me.


Wynn: Wait a second, I just want to clarify. Your grandmother was in a body, correct?


Michael: Yes.


Wynn: And you were seeing things around her that were phenomenal; and she was seeing the same things, correct?


Michael: Correct.


Wynn: What was wrong with her? What was her physical disability?


Michael: My grandmother? She worked; in fact, although she worked and did the cooking and such for everyone, she had some sort of condition because, I could tell, she would be doing herbs and herbals; she would describe them to me and say “This one is good for this and this one is good for that.” And like my mother, she would go over and eat the honey beet or eat the pomegranate and things like that.


Her view of it was good; the garlic was totally good for the same exact reason the other two were; it had to do with the cancer. Inevitably, my mother succumbed to it, but not without teaching me sufficient to help me to have an interest in it.


Wynn: Your mother was into herbs and alternative healing, correct?


Michael: Yes.


Wynn: I want you to go back: did your grandmother have cancer?


Michael: No; she had some other problem from time to time.


Wynn: You don’t know what the problem was, but she had a problem?


Michael: It had to be a dietary problem; certain things would cause her pains in the abdominal region. She would know what herb or what tea to give you. Certain other things would cause a problem, in say migraines and such, and she would give you some other type of herb and so on. I was always ordering pills or leaves from Mexico because they have them there and we don’t have them over here.


Wynn: Listen I want to talk to you, not about herbs right now, although I know there is a lot about herbs and alternative things. What did you do to cause a shift in your grandmother?


Michael: I had a natural healing ability, like they would say “Put your hand here, it’d make me feel more comfortable.”  They would be on a chair sitting next to me.


Wynn: When you say ‘they’ do you mean spirit-forms were next to you?


Michael: There were spirit-forms that come through. They have physical bodies like yourself. The way I see them…


Wynn: --Did the other person see them or was it just you?


Michael: In my grandmother’s case she could see them. Some other people couldn’t see them, anything; they might feel something you know.


Wynn: So you would put your hands on your grandmother and something shifted for her and something released, right?


Michael: Yes.


Wynn: By the way is this the first time you’ve ever talked about this publicly?


Michael: In a way, yes. I tried to talk with others, but most people just pushed it away because they weren’t ready for it. It made life kind of lonely.


Wynn: Let me ask you, I recall that you had some really extraordinary person that you worked with that had an absolute miracle. I remember you emailed me about that but I don’t remember the circumstances right now. Can you remind me or can you let people hear?


Michael: There were actually several dozen or more people that had experiences around me, some results for example:


My adopted daughter and my ex-wife were pushed away from the curb; they got the smell of apple blossoms which was my mother’s perfume. A car turning the corner would have hit them and run over both of them but it didn’t because they were pushed back. The only thing my ex-wife could say was there was a very strong apple blossom perfume in the air.


There was also a question in the Navy when during the mid-day we were supposed to move this 500-pound motor that was a pump as well, that we used in the engine room. Two first-class petty officers and myself were trying to get it over to the edge of the flight deck and we had to wait for the crane to come back up from whatever it was doing down there. It released, and when it released, we weren’t expecting it, but it had to heavy, as we felt the ship’s tilt. When it tilted, that motor came flying over where I had just jumped down and there’s a cat-walk there.


So when it came over, my hand whipped out and caught it an inch away from the fuel pumps. The first class officer that was jumping down to help me out was amazed because I was holding it above the fuel pumps with one hand. The crane operator saw everything and he readily pulled up the crane cable three flights, swung it over and then down. Matamoros went ahead and jumped down beside me, grabbed it, put it in the hook device, and they lifted it off.


During that time I remember I was seeing through the seventh charka, a foot above my head, 360 degrees spherically and everything seemed so ultra-bright. I knew everyone was looking.


Wynn: By the way, how heavy was that motor?


Michael: 500 pounds.


Wynn: 500 pounds and you were able to hold it up with one hand and keep it from hitting the fuel lines, right?


Michael: Yes; to me it was not the weight of 500 pounds. It was like I was holding my hand out and just held it without thinking about anything, but being amazed at the brilliance of everything as I looked. One thought hit me; that I could see 360 degrees without thought.


Of course there have been other times. There was a time when I experienced I was down in the Caribbean aboard ship and I had been up in competition with another first-class petty officer as to which of us would cave under first; we were kept awake, both by the watch that we stood in the engine room and the working parties that we had to handle and all the time that we spent awake gave us only fifteen minutes at night just before watch, and fifteen minutes after watch in order to say “Well I got some sort of sleep but not really.”  I would take a shower, go lie down. No sooner did I hit the pillow and I would hear ‘reveille, reveille’ and I would be awake.


By Wednesday, the third day, he went into a coma. I, on the other hand, experienced an unusual event in which I was about to lay my head down on the pillow, and instead I was going in through space, beyond the spectrum of light through this deep, bluish-purple darkness where only an occasional sparkle of light energy would be, like let’s say if you touched two hot wires together for a second, you would see a little spark, but these were big sparks compared to what I was.


I could feel myself, not in physical form but in an energy form. I arrived in the center of Love where I was restored. At the same time I felt so good there that I didn’t want to come back. I was informed by a mental voice that permeated my being and said “This is okay for now, but you have to go back. You volunteered and you’re going to have to achieve what you volunteered for before you can stay.”


Wynn: Michael, I want to go back. We’re going to run out of time and I want you to share the story of this amazing healing that happened around you. You’re sharing some amazing stories but you haven’t gotten to that. Can you share that?


Michael: I’m trying to think of which one though, because there have been people that healed from cancer after doing a session over a meal; two minutes. I would do an informational request to the Source. After three sessions over the period of a week that person lost their cancer right down to the DNA; and has been alive well into fifteen years. At the time she was wanting to be alive for her children. There was one day every time I required her, she always was just Johnny-on-the-Spot without my having called her.


Then there’s a particular doctor that was a spinal surgeon. On the way to the airport I asked him to just visualize on a pink spiral of energy spinning, and I repainted that particular of his spine and I told him all the things that were wrong with it. I painted a layer over that as refined as I could and told him by tomorrow he would no longer have that problem.


Indeed, a month later he asked me all kind of questions then he said to me “I’m sorry I spent $72,000 and I wasted my money because I can’t do what you do.”  I didn’t tell him: I don’t really do it; it’s just I get this feel and this information floats in and I do what the information is because there are others on the other side that help with the request.


Wynn: Terry, are you on? Are you un-muted? Hello Terry? Calling Terry.


Terry sometimes describes experiences with people that somewhat are similar to what you’re describing. We never asked any questions about you Michael. I didn’t get any validation of who is working through you, if it’s our Sources.


Michael: I call it the True Source.


Wynn: Is it okay with you if I ask some questions? Not here on the call, not publicly, but just to get some idea about it. If you have these abilities there are a lot of people that could probably avail themselves. I want to feel clear if I make a recommendation, I want to make sure there is no conflict with the energies that we’re working with.


Michael: Remember the other day you asked me if I would do it? I said “I don’t have to verbalize; I don’t even have to be there. I don’t even have to use a phone,” because as I set in motion the energies at the request of the True Source, the True Source responds through that. The energy that flows is pure Love; and in pure Love no illness or disease can exist.


Wynn: I agree with you; it’s amazing that you’re doing that.


Terry, are you back yet?


Terry: Yes, I’m here.


Wynn: Do you have any questions for Michael?


Terry: I liked when he said the other day when we were talking about the energy beings from the other side were working with him [Konrad] like working with hands in his heart and then putting a model over his heart, of a perfect-working heart for his heart to remodel itself after.


Wynn: You’re talking about Konrad now, right?


Terry: Yeah. Michael, you made some comment about that, right?


Michael: Yes.


Terry: Is that similar to something..-- that when you said you painted over the area on that gentleman, is that something similar to what you would do?


Michael: Yes; the other thing is that there are doctors and such who are ready to work on someone and help them to recover. A lot of times the patient would block it because we’d feel – it’s weird – at this point maybe they’d even refuse it any further, and then, don’t bring it up again.


I’ve seen their hands. I’ve even been shaken awake by it and not been off the road because of their watchfulness over me. They literally take over my vehicle for a period of time just to give me the rest from one exit to another.


Miracles are plentiful. I just – on Mothers’ Day – went through a period of walking a vigil at the church that’s being torn down. I took photos of it with my camera. Of course, I got out with the two angels in front of the archway. One of those particular angels was late; you could see one run over to the section where he was going to stand. The other one appeared on the next click of the shutter along with sitting on top of the crane much like we would sit on a horse.


You could see the halos around their head. I believe I sent them over to you.


Wynn: I saw those pictures, yes I did. Thank you.


Michael, you know what? We’re reaching the end of our time; it’s 6:56. We probably have one or two minutes. Let me bring back the call to the center of our call. This is a very unusual call for a Monday night. Michael has been attending our calls for a couple years now, is that right?


Michael: Yes, correct.


Wynn: I assume you’re attending because you feel the energies on the call, right?


Michael: Yes. I feel them; they’ll play with my head like a gust of wind like I would tussle a child on the head in a loving way.


Wynn: I’m going to be exploring this stuff with Michael a little more. Perhaps he will be someone that can help us work with some of you on the call but I want to explore a little more; I’m very protective of the energies on the call. I can feel Michael is very sincere and probably people don’t know that he has these gifts. I’m going to explore it to see if this is a good venue; we can maybe experiment on a couple of people and see what happens and if it’s comfortable for everybody. I’ll do a session with Terry to ask about it to see if we get an okay from our Sources.


What I’d like to do is just take a small moment and bring in the energies that we’ve become familiar with on this call. Shut your eyes and we bring the energy in from those positive Sources only that exist in the higher dimensions. We can’t see them, but when I do that some of you can feel an energy around the top of your head. Move this through your body. We’ll take this moment and use our group intention so that each of you might ask silently for the highest good of what you really need in your life right now and that the Universe – the synchronicities – might attract that to you. We ask that we have a planetary healing for our entire planet with our group intention.


On that note, I’m going to end this call. I thank Michael so much for sharing with us; I thank BBS for letting us run over. We’re not actually over; it’s 6:59 so we have one minute. We’re usually supposed to end at 6:55. I’m un-muting everybody; everyone is un-muted.


We’ll see you Wednesday. We’ll go back to our normal format.


‘Over and out’ – ‘nite everyone on BBS.

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