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Will our Ascension be a quick and instant occurrence?
Is any soul in the universe allowed to incarnate on Earth?
And is there a maximum amount of souls that can be on Earth?

*What about humans developing silicon based bodies?

*And what about the nature and role of Archangels?


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Wednesday Call 05.15.2013
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown and Dave Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn: This is May 15th, 2013. Welcome everybody; everybody on the replays, everybody on the Internet, and everybody listening in.


I’ve started the policy of keeping my emails open. So on some calls, if you’re sending an email and you’re in another country and you’re listening on the Internet, and you would like to say something or just send your greetings to everybody, you’re welcome to do that; make you feel more included.


Gijs: Is there a particular email address that you want people to use?




If you’re one of those people that’s listening on the Internet (particularly if you’re far-away in another country) just send an email. If you’re far-away in another country, as long as your email is nice, I’ll read it. I don’t think we have room for any more questions and I think we can start. And, we’re “NeverReady”.


– Before I officially start and call in the Light I should say:


In truth, answers to questions usually don’t matter. On these calls there is something that happens in the ‘spaces’ of the call; there’s a blending, there’s a connection. And even though we can’t see you, and you can’t see us, there is something that happens that is beyond the rational mind, because we feel things on this call; we feel connections on this call. Many people have transformations of their energies on these calls; they come in depressed and they leave uplifted.


There’s something that some people call “the unity field”, which is what David Wilcock is calling the ‘source-field’. There’s a field that ties the entire Universe together, and it’s a field of energy. I don’t know if we can really understand it, because it’s not in ‘physics-type’ energy. You start going to the basic building block of the Universe and you start accessing that energy.


When we start accessing it, it starts flowing through all of us in a way that you can feel something, you can feel something in your body. If you’re new on the call, just monitor that because it’s not trivial. You may or may not feel it on the first call; you have to ‘get your mind out of the way’. Part of getting your mind out of the way is asking questions; it keeps you distracted for a bit so the energies can work.


What’s the idea of ‘feeling these energies’? It becomes a reference-point that you can carry into your life; it means that you start living your life from the perspective of this field rather than the physical universe or the physical world or the Earth. For all those things that seem like obstacles, hurts, pains, rejections, challenges; everything can be transmuted in this field, this is also a creational field. In other words, you can create from this field. When you start creating from this field, you’re creating from the top down, then you can have synchronicities, miracles and ‘everything else’. It’s kind of a cool thing to become familiar with: this ‘field energy’.


Wynn: Terry, why don’t you call in on Ooma and I’ll come in and I’ll bring you headset that you can plug into Ooma. Although you should have one; but, hurry up and do it because we’re running out of time.


Gijs, why don’t you tell a joke for about one minute and I’ll be right back – okay?


Gijs: Alright; well instead of telling a joke:


The email that came out tonight regarding tonight’s call – You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers – and one of the questions is: “Will our ascension be an event as a quick and instant occurrence?” That’s a neat question.


Another one: “Is any soul in the Universe allowed to incarnate on Earth? And, is there a maximum amount of souls that can be on Earth?” I’m interested to hear those answers.


Further, and also, all those people who had sent a card to Carla. To Carla my love, and to all of you and your well-being.


It’s great that she got so much attention; that will please her a lot. Thanks for that. I thank you all for being here and I want to thank those who joined over the Internet.


My thoughts are also with Julia; I’m thinking of you Julia. My love goes out to you  and that’s all I want to share with you right now. Thank you for being here.


As we get our communications straightened out… --alright, I hear Terry in the background.


Dave: Gijs, do we have any idea when Carla might be joining the calls again?


Gijs: No, I have not heard about that; no, I don’t.


Terry: Is this better, Gijs?


Gijs: It sounds kind of hollow but yes; I think at least we are rid of that noise. It sounds a lot better now.


Terry, how are you?


Terry: I’m good; thank you.


Gijs: Thank you so much for being here; it’s a blessing.


Terry: Thank you for being here, Gijs; thank you.


Gijs: Thank you for thanking me; I appreciate it.


Terry: It’s good to hear your voice.


Gijs: We are all one, and the thing that I think is, ultimately is:  service-to-others is the perfect ‘service-to-self’.


Wynn: Okay, here we go:


Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here, and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and anchored into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


Are our Sources here and ready to greet us?


Ra’An: We greet you in the one… – in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. We are here this 15th day of May, 2013. We are delighted to make contact with each and every person who wishes contact made with them. It is like the completion of a circuit so that individuals who have become totally disconnected and feel that they are separated and are alone, have lost the connection, the completion – the wholeness – the completion of the circuit.


And we are service-to-others and we are a free will agency. So we do not interfere and we do not contact you unless you have a desire to be contacted. You need to ask if you want assistance.


People in your realm who have taken on the atmosphere of isolation sometimes forget about asking; that the abundance is there for people who ask and who can receive and can have the concept that they can receive love; that they can receive abundance.


Do you have questions?


Wynn: Do you know what? You guys must be reading my first question; this is from Sri in Buffalo Grove, Illinois:


“When I get in the car to get to work every morning, I say this out loud: ‘Dear Ra, Dear Elohim, make this day a peaceful day for me, my family, Wynn, Terry, Daphne, Carla and each person in the group. Help us help ourselves make today go by smooth. Nobody deserves a tough day. Thank you for being with us.’”


And Sri says:


I’ve been doing this for the past few months now, and I must say it has made a noticeable difference in my work life for better since then. It would be wonderful to know that they have anything to do with it and that they can hear me when I say these words at the beginning of the day. Thank you!  Love to all! – Sri


Ra’An: Thank you, Sri. Yes, we hear you, we hear you. We are with you and we are available to you. And it does our 'energy-heart’ good to be in contact with you.


There is much abundance available to everyone. If you ask, if you bring it up, then we can help you and give you assistance and you yourself, by putting it out there (since All is One), are making the connection with that which you wish.


Wynn: Thank you.


David W. asks some questions. I think he was commenting on some things I said when I said at some other event on discernment, when I was talking about sometimes channels are untrustworthy; they come from negative sources; they come from bleed-through. I said “We say this over and over again: Don’t believe even our channelings. Take what resonates, take what you can make practical, take what you can use to uplift yourself. You know that’s real because you used it. Things that are information you can keep out there and say “This is possible.” But, if you can’t personally validate it then it’s better not to believe it or repeat it until it’s ‘validatable’”.


In that talk on discernment, I talked about a lot of things that I can’t personally validate, but which I have asked questions about and some of which I’ve cross-referenced with Carla Rueckert, and which I came to some conclusions about. One is that many people are talking about ‘discernment’ and they’re thinking that everything is going to go ‘hunky-dory’ when there’s discernment… -not ‘discernment’… --‘disclosure’… – disclosure is the word for the government acknowledging that there are E.T.s. The problem with that is: I don’t think that’s going to happen; never will it happen honestly, because there is too much collusion about that within our politics for them to ever want that to publicly come out.


Many people think E.T.s are going to save us, and that’s not my information; this is one of those things that I’m telling you what I’m going to do. I’m not saying it’s true, I hope E.T.s do save us, but the point is that what I’ve come to is that if there were a spaceship landing out there, there’s no way I’m going to go on it. If one happens to land, check in on our call and hear what our Sources say.


One of the plans is to bring people to their knees financially and economically then land spaceships and have them get aboard. Or have negative E.T.s be in charge of our planet. If that happens, there’s not much you can do about it but don’t think it’s positive, because I don’t believe it’s going to be positive. Everything I’ve studied has indicated it would not be positive.


When it comes to ‘ascension’, even our work when we first started was talking about ‘ascension’ and ‘rapture’; mostly from Daphne. I’m not sure that was positive; I’m not so sure that ‘ascension’ and ‘rapture’ aren’t things from Revelations in the Bible, which I did a whole talk on. You can do a search on The ‘Spirit Channel dot net’;; look up Revelations and you’ll come up with the talk I did on Revelations where I didn’t think Revelations was positive. It didn’t come from Jesus. It came so many years, three hundred years or something, after Jesus through someone who heard a voice in his head. Revelations is scary; it creates all this scary stuff happening.


The way that the negative works, they can make very long-range plans. So, they’ll do something like Revelations and then that will get into the consciousness of everybody and it’ll create fear. It also gives them an excuse to actually make events happen that would make people think it was Revelations.


For example, in the Edgar Cayce material through David Wilcock it was said that both Cayce and Wilcock had negative sources. Cayce’s most famous channeling is what I call his ‘devastation prophecy’ where everything is going disappear; California is going down in the blink of an eye, New York is going down in the blink of an eye. And Tokyo is going down. And watch for this… Then they said that was from a negative source. When I studied Cayce’s-thing I found out that it wasn’t Cayce’s normal voice that was talking to him.


The point is, any time there is a channeling it can be negative. If it’s going to be negative the chances are it will create fear; it will create belief in something in the future and it won’t bring you into the energy of the present moment. If you’re waiting for something in the future to happen to save you, you’re probably following something negative. If you’re waiting for Jesus to come, if you’re waiting for spaceships to land or anything like that, it’s probably negative.


The Positive Sources have the goal of helping you to be ‘in the moment’ and experience ‘the field’, and experience yourself as a ‘creational being’; not a ‘passive being’, but a ‘creational being’ who learns how to access the frequencies of your own consciousness to be able to create your life from a higher place than the contraction on this planet.


David’s question was:


“Will our ascension be an event such as a quick and instant occurrence, or will it take five years, a hundred years? Or will those not ready for it just drift out of our lives and be a memory as the planet slowly gets more harmonious and peaceful over time? Please tell me that because I’m dying to know.”


Thank you, David. This is one of those things that you can’t validate; I have asked questions about it; I have researched other people. From the most recent question to our Sources, most people are not going to ascend in a ‘rapture-type’ way; they’re going to die. If they meet the requisite requirements (the ‘open heart’) they’ll have an ‘astral ascension’. In order to have a ‘physical body ascension’, all your chakras have to be open slightly more than half and most people don’t have that.


I adopted the policy (my policy) that if you want to be ready, then the deal is: If you can say “I can die in this moment and I’m complete with everything”, you’re ready. If there is something you’re incomplete with, if there’s an experience you need to have, if you need to forgive yourself or someone, then hurry up and do it. If you need to be comfortable and make money so you’re not in fear then do it. Do what it takes so that you’re ‘in the moment’ and you don’t have fear and then you can accept whatever happens. You are going to die, whether you go to another dimension or not, you can be ready for it. And learn how to be in an ‘expansive space’, which is part of what we’re doing on these calls. If you’re in an ‘expanded space’ and you die, my thinking is: you’re in good shape, because you’ve created the anchor-points to move into other dimensions.


That may not be correct. In fact, I’m going to turn it over to Terry and I’m going to give them the opportunity to correct me, to say it from their point of view and any clarification on these questions. Thank you.


Ra’An: Thank you.


As we look at this whole area that your question has brought up, we see that there are various agendas and that (aside from any of the agendas that any of the groups have) there is the long-established route for an individual who is transitioning. In this route, when they are centered (the individual who is transitioning is centered) and is positively oriented toward the Light and can handle in their life the acceptance of the Light, the shining of the Light.


See, each and every person is/has a Light. And as you resonate in a ‘service-to-other’ way, your Light gets stronger. As you resonate with being able to receive, your Light gets stronger. You are able to maintain your Light-body easier; you are able to maintain your health. And you are able to maintain your centering no matter what happens when you transition.


The transitioning connects you up with Light which… -- the Light can shine upon your own self and can then merge and connect with your own Light and bring you into resonance with the area that you wish to be at, with the resonances you wish to be at, with the resonances you need to work through the next thing that you are…  – in your growth, in your path – that you are ready to take on. Sometimes things are not…  – although they have been introduced to one as karma, the individual is not ready to take them on, so then they set them aside and they do not take them on until they are ready.


There has been the idea of ‘ascension’ where everyone leaves at once, and we do not see that, except as at some point and we do not project this. But if the skin of the Earth moves at one time (crustal displacement), it could make for a lot of people leaving at one time.


We see that there are set places (realms) which people can go and as they transition, it depends… -- where they go depends upon their ability to handle the Light. We are aware of the channelings that say that there is a parallel Earth and people will go to the parallel Earth while Earth then will stay in a holding pattern until Earth is ready to resume. And this could be somewhere down the line, but we do not see it in the near future.


There is time, and an individual, regardless of the Earth changes, has the control over their own future to be able to build their Light-body so that they can choose. And it is not necessarily choosing to come back to the reconstructed, ideal Earth. The individual can move into the heavenly realm; can get debriefed; can work with angelic beings; can then work with what their future track, their best future track for their own growth, is for that individual.


This is the long-tested, proven path of moving to a higher realm. And there are civilizations, beings (caring beings, angelic beings) there that are willing to work with individuals and equipped to work with individuals to debrief them and to welcome them to a realm that is full of love, where the person can expand and connect and can then express (have some time to express) the things that have happened in their human realm. And they can then see what the connections are. It depends upon the strength of the person’s Light body and their desire to work through their karma.


We say “Do you have further questions?”


Wynn: We have a question from Meryl W.; she’s been asking and I’ve been avoiding it. If I ask this question, if it’s going to cause any negative energies to come in, please just say, “Pass” and we’ll skip it. But, it has to do with those people that are talking about how things are moving into a silicone-based body as opposed to a carbon-based body. According to some of the things we’ve read, the silicone-based body has to do with the E.T.s that are creating new bodies for the ‘lower Earth’. And, that may exist for some people who would take that path, but I don’t if that’s true.


Can you just address this in a way which keeps the energy fairly clear?


Ra’An: Thank you.


We do not wish to address that subject at this time, as it branches out into areas that are not asked.


Wynn: Thank you. Okay. We’ll skip that. Meryl, if you really want to know, do Internet searches. It sounds like it’s not a good scenario to pay too much attention to. Thank you.


The next question here is from Skye in Boulder, Colorado – Skye C. He has a friend, Janice and J. (he just put down ‘J-period’) who passed years ago. And he believes that they have been accessible to communicate with and that they feel like ‘gatekeepers’ into other realms; in other words, in his physical existence right now, he feels a connection with these two people. He didn’t ask this, but I’ll ask it: Is that a real connection? And do they have a connection with the Elohim or – and I’ll add this to his question – or the angelic realm?


Ra’An: Thank you. Yes, there is a real connection between these two particularly with ‘J’. And they are opening portals and opening energies for you as a ‘service-to-other’ (we don’t wish to say ‘project’) ‘gift’ to you. And they have much love for you and your work with them is important and they realize it. And they send you their regards; and they are relieved to know that they are received and they are understood. And they are profoundly thankful for the connection with you. And the work is important or they wouldn’t do it; they are working with you.


They didn’t like our choice of words there. It is open to help you in and with your path. It is three people working together for the highest good here.


And there are gifts to be gotten that have not been yet realized from these connections.


Wynn: Thank you. Tony in San Clemente has a bunch of questions about archangels and I’ll just read it all through. I’m going to start off…  – he didn’t ask this, so this would be my beginning question:


“What is an ‘archangel’? In which densities do angels and archangels exist? Do archangels ever take bodies in 3D? Do souls from the lower realms ascend to the position of archangel, or is that a position that they are created for? How many archangels are there; how many can dance on the head of a pin?” (He’s kidding about that one.) He’s asking this because he’s been told he has two archangels in his presence.


If that’s true (that’s me asking this; I never assume anything is true) how do I receive information, or connect with them?


Ra’An: Thank you. You are connected with them, and they are working with you.


The archangels can be developed from an individual who aspires to becoming an archangel; it takes a great deal of work. And the archangels extend… – each archangel’s influence extends over a number of realms ‘coincidingly’. And therefore they have the ability depending upon which archangel it is, in that they can have the ability to bring gifts to the individual who is connecting in the protection or working with an archangel.


The archangels are on their own path of evolution, and have chosen that path to not only help other individuals and to be protectors and guardians with regarding certain aspects of existence and manifestation depending upon the archangels. Some of them have their own specialties, and they are also in a state of expansion and growth and get much growth from filling the position of being an archangel.


They can be very good allies, and we wish you all of the best for growth in these connections. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you.


Sri, who asked the question about “Who is asking to bring the energies in”, just sent me an email. He says:


“When they took my name and said “Sri, we hear you” it brought tears to my eyes. I felt so honored, my heart filled up with so much love for them, and all of you. Thank you, Wynn and Terry, for bringing them to us and making me part of this. Sri.”


Thank you, Sri, for sharing that.


Next, Carolyn in Anchorage, Alaska sent in a bunch of questions; maybe we can ask a couple of them.


“Is any soul in the Universe allowed to incarnate on Earth? Is there a maximum amount of souls that can be on Earth?”


Ra’An: Thank you. Any soul in the Universe is governed by the laws in how they relate to their surroundings, to their local surroundings, to their master surroundings. Since they are related in a way and an orientation when they are coming into the Universe, then this orients their direction in where they manifest.


The birth of an individual on Earth goes through the conjunction of the resonances the individual has in the desire for his growth experience. So an individual herself determines whether they are going to incarnate on Earth or not. It takes a certain ‘frequency of being’, a certain electrical potential, a certain ability to move with electrical currents, to express enough electrical potential to operate a body in the Earth’s atmosphere to be able to incarnate on Earth.


Some individuals are not capable of that, and therefore they would most likely not even attain to doing that. It takes everything coming together (all the resonances, the desires, the intentions) for an individual to incarnate on Earth. And even then, when they check out Earth, they can choose their parents to have the optimum opportunity to work through their own karma.


Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you.


I’ll add a question to that:


We know that in the Ra Material there have been instances where lots of souls have been moved to Earth from other planets to continue their evolution. In those cases, those souls were not able to make a choice; they were tangled up and it was a service of the Ra group to move them here so they could continue their evolution.


On our planet, if we were looking at percentages, what’s the percentage of souls that have been moved here from one situation to another? And, what are the percentages of souls that consciously chose to be here?


Ra’An: There was a great movement of souls here after the disaster, and the viability of where these individuals were was no longer available to them, so they were moved here. And things were very hard. There was a group of people that were totally tangled up by the… – and Light bodies become tangled in a disaster on Maldek.


And in an effort to help these individuals out, they were moved to Earth. And they were so intensely and profoundly affected by this tangling that they could not have enough energy available to immediately walk on their own. And they gradually, over time, began to right themselves and began to be able to operate in the Earth’s sphere.


So there was… -- at least there was movement of different races here in the hopes that they could get together and they could talk. It was, in a sense, an experiment to bring different races here from different planets, who had… --the planet of which had come into a problem.


And the success of this bringing everyone together was a limited success. And the individuals…


Wynn: I’d like to ask a question: aside from Maldek, were these other cases where souls were moved here… – who was doing the moving?


Ra’An: It was the Ra group.


Wynn: It was always the Ra group?


Ra’An: Yes.


Wynn: Yes, okay. Continue, I’m sorry to interrupt.


Terry: The individuals have been working through this entanglement; this dilution of their Light-body. And it is important for the development of the Light body for the individual to become his own creative center and to not robotically rely on others, although family-groups are important and training is important and meshing with the environment is important.


The individual needs to develop their own center, their own energies, their own self-perspective, their own Light-body to shine brightly, as they are Source and they are the source of their life. And by maintaining and increasing their own Light, they can be of service to others and themselves.


Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you. I want to make a comment about Meryl’s question, about silicone-based, and that is:


If you evaluate how we received that answer, I would say that any particular source that is talking about silicone-based bodies is to be scrutinized very carefully. Be sure that it’s Positive, because it didn’t seem like that was indicated as a positive thing even though it’s true.


Next question here is another one from Carolyn:


“Do the laws of physics apply outside of our solar system?”


Ra’An: Thank you.


This question makes us smile, and we realize that there are refined laws in your solar system and out of your solar system that apply uniformly. And it takes perception in the higher energies, the higher frequencies, to be able to follow what is available; the toolbox of vibrations, the toolbox of healings; the looking at things from a higher perspective.


There are a whole range of tools that are unknown and seem like miracles to you in your realm; not you particularly, but to the people in general in your realm, that can be available if one knows about them. And we can bring this to you based upon whether you can follow the energies and have faith enough to look and see whether this can be true or not.


Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you.


Okay it’s 6:55; do you have closing comments?


Ra’An: We are delighted to be with each and every one of you. It is a moment of profound sanctity and we thank you.


Wynn: And thank you for being here. I wanted to let you know that on the call we did on Monday with Michael where we talked to him about his healing experiences….


I did do a little session yesterday and I got a clear ‘go-ahead’ that it was okay to recommend him; that his Sources were positive and that it would be good for him and good for some of the people.


He’s operating on a donation basis. If anyone is interested and heard that call and if you want to try it and you get great results you can donate more. We’ll be reporting.  Please, if you do something let me know how it works out and we’ll keep kind of a track record of the successes here.


On that note; Carla Rueckert is still on the mend and doing well. Take a moment, let’s just connect with that field-energy and put the intention out for planetary healing, for personal healing…


I’ll un-mute you all. Everyone is un-muted and we’ll see you next time. Thank you for being here.


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