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Wednesday Call 05.22.2013
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Edited by Terry Brown and David Masty
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn: This is May 22, 2013. This is our Wednesday night call.


What’s happening is that our calls are actually starting a half an hour early. We have this group of people that have been coming on the calls that are getting to know each other, and they like to come in early and ‘giggle’ because they were being ‘infected by spirit’. They were enjoying each other; they were giggling until they got mad at each other, then they’d have fights and then they’d giggle again.


Anyone that feels anonymous, that’s listening, can call in early. You may enjoy that. You feel more… – how can I say it? When you think about connecting with higher dimensions (and even myself, even when I’m studying metaphysical things), you kind of think that you’re going ‘somewhere else’. Ultimately, you’re there and you’re here; it’s a continuum.


When people start giggling and having fun they’re accessing the continuum; they’re actually helping to ground it. Some people don’t like that; they want to just come into the ‘sacred part’ of the energy; then they can come in at 6:00. If you like the idea of coming in early and saying hello to people and letting people get to know you, then that’s available. You can try it; if it doesn’t work for you then just come back at 6:00.


So, if you got the mailing today, this evening we talk a lot about how, when you start accessing higher dimensions, higher frequencies in the Positive… – because ‘higher’ does not necessarily mean ‘better’ or ‘Positive’, because there are also higher frequencies in the negative. We are working with higher frequencies of the Positive in our group on this call. When you start accessing that as an experience, your matrix starts to expand.


What’s a matrix? That’s your energy field. It’s a subtle experience because it’s not like you’re accessing somewhere and you can suddenly send a periscope up from a submarine and you can see the territory, because you can’t; I can’t; most people can’t. Terry seems to have the ability to do that, but for most of us, we have to settle for this very ‘expanded feeling’, this ‘uplifted feeling’, this ‘sense of joy’ that can come in.


One of the great bonuses is this ability to have reality shift, because you have expanded beyond 3D. So, there is a subtle reciprocation of energies that happen that in 3D look like miracles, but in the higher realms is common-place; in the higher realms, 3D is very sluggish; the higher realms are not, they’re not sluggish, things move around easily, things shift and change.


One of the ways that miracles happen in 3D is when you start to access those higher frequencies that are actually the precursor to physical reality. We’re all learning; those of you on these calls regularly, in particular, are starting to become comfortable with that feeling of that expansion.


Many of you are having some kind of experience in your 3D life that has validated that something is going on that shouldn’t happen. I get emails from people all the time; oftentimes people that I never talk to, I never say hello to them on the conference line. They’re listening on the Internet and yet they feel the energies; they’ve had shifts in their life.


I don’t know if you guys can appreciate how miraculous it is that we have created a template. We have a few hundred people; I’m including the people that are on the live call, the people that are listening on the Internet and the people that are listening to the replays on the spirit channel where the energy is also present.


We have a few hundred people and at times there is someone we don’t even know. Then, a year or year and a half down the line they send me an email and tell me about all the things that have happened to them as a result of listening to these calls.


To me, this is a phenomenal accomplishment to be able to impact a group of people and make a contribution where they can change their lives. This call has a few hundred people, but what if it had a few million? How do we get a few million people listening to us? If we did that, we could probably shift this planet.


There are a lot of people out there that are accessing higher dimensions and that are bringing in this kind of energy; we are not the only ones. But the manner in which we’re doing it, in such a public way and for free, is very unique. It allows people to come in, check us out and they don’t have to go to a weekend workshop. They don’t have to believe anything, they can just ride with it until the experience ‘hits home’ and then they shift.


So I don’t know if you all have thought about that, or can see that; you’re coming in and you’re having your own experience. As we do this, part of the goal of this is:

  1. to have other people have this experience and
  2. if we could, to shift the planet.


I don’t know if we can do that; I don’t know if we can get that many people, but it’s certainly a great vision. I look forward to the next time I’m on George Noory because I think that the energy has been incubating, incubating, incubating. I’ll bet you a whole slew of new people start to check us out. We’re working on getting on some other shows.


This is where synchronicities start to happen. Everyone starts to think “Wynn is going to get out there”, but it’s not just me; we create a group energy that creates momentum. It’s not just me being out there being famous; it’s that each person that’s in the chain of making something happen is part of holding the energy for that to happen.


That’s the way that I see it. All of you who are holding energy, that are holding that space, are part of grounding this new energy into the planet. It’s easy to start taking it for granted, just because we’re here all the time. We get so familiar with it, and you don’t realize how special it is that this is happening in this realm. You don’t realize or you forget how powerful it is.


The way this transmits is through the consciousness of those of you who have been touched and who have shifted your life. One easy way is, if you notice, I started to put up the hard copy of The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You. Some of you have been purchasing them; they’re $15.00. Of course, we give it away for free as a download.


Once you have a hard copy, or two hard copies, or three of them (maybe at some point we’ll even make a discount for five of them) you can have them and you can pass them around and let other people read it. Don’t have any attachment; just say “This is really far-out; this really moved me” and loan it to somebody. That person may end up being another person whose life changes because they read that book. That was the first introduction to this work for all you.


Do you realize that if you give that book to somebody and their life changes, you are in the line of energy that is creating that life-change? And, because you are in that line of energy it changes you just as all of you, who have been coming into these calls, and who have been expanding and learning, and learning to live this, you have changed me. If you notice, as I come into these calls now, I sound more confident, Terry sounds more confident. It’s not because we’re more confident; it’s because you’ve changed us, because we’ve touched you, and we have a connection.


If I sit and meditate and go into myself, but I’m not alone; I feel all the energy that’s on these calls. Many of you can do the same thing; you feel the energy of the Elohim. So, it is like we have taken something which is impossible (almost) in this realm and we have grounded it, you and I and everyone who has volunteered; everyone is part of it; everyone is part of the energy of that being grounded into this realm.


I tell you, I didn’t know how this would work. The very first time I put the ‘Creator God’ book out for free, I’m thinking “What’s going to happen? How are people going to respond?” I know that what we’re putting out is very challenging for people’s reality systems, and yet when you move into it, if you’re open to it, your reality system changes.


The Elohim often say “Just call on us; we’re there. We can help.” I know some of you have said “Why aren’t they helping me? Why is my life tough?”  In fact, I actually got three emails yesterday from people who are telling me how something happened in their life that was phenomenal because they called on our Sources and something shifted. I thought it would be inspiring to have them share what happened.


The first person: Vaughn. Let me see if you’re there, Vaughn, do a *6, would you please? Hello, Vaughn? *6 Vaughn. Calling Vaughn.


Vaughn: Now I know how Terry feels.


Wynn: Terry, would you give Vaughn a call and teach him how to un-mute his phone?


Vaughn: I could use that.


Wynn: Terry’s still muted; she’s saying “Wait a minute!  He’s calling on me – wait until I un-mute the phone.”


Vaughn, let me just ask you a couple questions.


How did you hear about us? How did you learn about this work?


Vaughn: I went to the ‘Conscious Life Expo’ last October in LAX Hilton. I was walking down the aisles and the Scientologists were there and the people with the metal pyramids on their heads were there. I was sort of bemused, but I had this feeling that I was ‘supposed to meet somebody’ there. Then, I started talking to Terry and I realized that you and Terry were the ones that I was intended to speak to. And it resonated immediately. So I went to your workshop.


Wynn: I remember that time because you were hanging out at the end of the show. Vaughn was helping me carry all of our stuff into the car. Right?


Vaughn: That’s right.


Wynn: Then he came to my workshop. Then a couple of months later, for some reason, we connected in another way and I can’t remember what it was. You’ve been attending the calls for how long?


Vaughn: About from October on… of last year.


Wynn: October of last year.


You sent me an email yesterday. Essentially, in the email you were in this place where you were backed against the wall; there was something that you were having great problems with, that was a point of concern mostly around money for a number of months. Then, you said “Let me try calling on the Elohim.” Why don’t you share the story of what happened?


Vaughn: Actually, I heard something that really I didn’t think about it at the time. It was on your call; it was a lady, I don’t remember her name but I’m really grateful. She says that every morning she wakes up and speaks to the Elohim and thanks them and praises their work and is grateful. Do you know the name of the woman who was…


Wynn: --I don’t remember who that was.


Vaughn: If she’s up there, I’m really happy that she called in and she shared.


The money issue was only symbolic, really. The last two years, I’ve putting my younger son through private high school. I’ve been divorced and separated and estranged from my children. There’s a lot of ‘upset’ energy around it, and around money. Money was the issue for the divorce.


I wanted to come through for my son and put him into private school, the same way we had together for his older brother; he graduated four years from a Catholic school. I wanted that for my younger boy, Wyatt, also.


Here it is a couple of weeks before graduation and I still owe like $9,000, and it just seemed insurmountable. I thought I fell into like, I thought that I was about to fall into despair. I also saw that if I were to do that, I truly would not succeed, I would be defeated.


Wynn: In other words, the situation was that the school needed to be paid $9,000 so that your son could graduate. Otherwise he wouldn’t graduate, right?


Vaughn: He would not graduate with his class; he wouldn’t be able to walk up the aisle. It was a big thing.


I remembered about thanking the Elohim in the morning, and I think that’s really a wonderful way to connect with the energies. It’s quite positive: gratitude and praise. I felt the connection immediately. I went on about my day, called the high school to give them the bad news, that I had come up with some money but not enough. They gave me this price that was twenty-five cents on the dollar, just out of the blue, that day and said “You come up with this over the weekend and your son is good”, which I did.


That was miraculous to me. Like you were saying earlier, well maybe that’s a coincidence, but I’ve been working on this for two years. The day that I really called in the Light and connected I felt the connection with the Elohim and then this transpired. To me, that is more than synchronous; that is the answer to my prayer.


Wynn: Didn’t something else happen the same day?


Vaughn: Yes, people started calling me that owed me money. I still had to come up with some thousands of dollars over the weekend. Out of the blue people would call up and say “You know that $500 that I owe you? I want to come by tomorrow and pay you that.” Work started coming in. It was this wave of prosperity. It was more than adequate to fit my needs and the people around me. The next question, of course is “Why not live your life that way every day?”  That is the challenge there: to live every day like anything is possible.


Wynn: I’d like to point out: this is not a situation where you call on the Elohim and they do things, and they say “Vaughn is a nice guy; we’re going to do this.”  What happens, as I see it, as I try to interpret this, is they’re a consciousness in a very high dimension. By calling on them, you integrate yourself into a higher dimension. Suddenly, the energy is flowing in other realms. People start getting signals, like “You know, Vaughn is a nice guy. Why don’t we pay him?” It just pops into their mind; there’s no control mechanism, no manipulation.


It’s not like you’re doing black magic and say “I want so-and-so to pay me.” It’s like you’re putting it out to the Universe, and suddenly you are a broadcasting station and they can add their energy. It’s like that bicycle-thing, where the energy transfers through the gears to the rear wheel and suddenly it’s a ‘co-creation of Oneness’, where something happens that shouldn’t have happened. You’ll be scratching your head and say “Was that coincidence? Was that coincidence?” and it doesn’t’ seem like it was.


That is how they work; they may comment on it if we have time for Terry to come in, they may say “Yes, we helped.” Sometimes they say that. They do not want you to give up your power; they want you to be in your power. In other words, you’ve got a bicycle; you’ve got to pedal it. If you don’t pedal it, there’s no transference of energy. It’s kind of like your bicycle suddenly has more power, you have more power and you can move around faster.


That is the experience of the connection. It’s co-creative, which means you’re doing it and they’re helping it. Truly, there is no you and them; it’s all One. But, the illusion is, because we’re in this veil here and we can’t see it, it looks like they’re helping. If you just move into a sacred moment in the morning and say “Okay, I am open.”


Vaughn: I noticed one thing, Wynn. When my matrix expanded, many of the people around me also seemed to benefit from that. They expanded energetically as well. But, not everybody, some people contracted in a very dramatic way.


I’m wondering about that.


Wynn: Everyone has free will. Some people are rigidly holding on to a contracted space; they’re attached to it. They’re not going to expand because you expand. Most people will, because most people want to feel better. When you’re around an expanded energy, most people will want to participate and feel that energy. But, it’s not at a conscious level, just like, you walk into the room and everybody says “I feel so much better that you’re in the room.” It happens on a very subtle level. But there are other people that are very attached, either they’re attached or they have karmic patterns that are overwhelming that keep them contracted.


There are some of the people on this call that are listening that have really intense karmic patterns. It takes a lot of work, a lot of commitment, for you to keep your attention, your focus, not to be brought down by the circumstances of the world until you can release those patterns.


One of the things that helps release the patterns is being of service. Every time you do something for someone else out of your heart, genuinely out of your heart, not because you’re trying to release your patterns, but out of your heart, then you kind of start building ‘light-units’ in other realms. Before you know it, the patterns go away because you’re doing things above the patterns. Coming into the calls helps.


Vaughn, thank you so much for sharing that with us and for the inspiration. I’m sure someone is going to change their life because they heard you share that and they start applying that. It’s a big thing to share these things. This is where ‘the tire meets the road’, where somebody applies this stuff and something changes.


Now we have Dean Turner. He’s in Oklahoma City. Dean, can we get a *6 from you? Hello, Dean?


Dean: I’m here.


Wynn: Alright, Dean. We don’t have to ‘sic’ Terry on you, to teach you how to un-mute, do we? I can hear you.


I received an email from Dean yesterday. Dean, how long have you been coming into our calls?


Dean: I started listening in on our calls during one of your appearances for Coast to Coast A.M., George Noory. Gosh, how many months ago was that? I can’t remember how many months ago that was.


Wynn: Probably about eight months ago.


Dean: It could be; I think that might be right.


Wynn: I think you’ve been listening to the calls, but for a long time I don’t think you identified yourself. Is that true?


Dean: That’s correct. I’ve listened to probably hundreds of hours of audio in the archives, so I’ve listened to a lot of your calls; I’ve gone all the way back that direction. So I do know some of the back history.


Wynn: I want to point out to you that you made a huge commitment – to his own self; he felt the energy; it grabbed him, and he started listening to our archives which are just hundreds of things up there for free:


In the email Dean sent me, he was in Oklahoma City; he was directly in the path of the tornado that was coming down and something happened. Why don’t you share: where were you? Were you home? You weren’t home, were you?


Dean: No, I was at work at the time; I work at Tinker Air Force Base. So I was actually at work at the time.


Wynn: You were on the Air Force Base, right?


Dean: Yes, that’s correct.


Wynn: And the tornado was headed right towards the Air Force Base, right?


Dean: That’s correct; the original trajectory of the thing was headed straight that direction.


So, my house was actually between where I was at and where the thing was going to; so it was in the direct line as well. They had released us a little bit early, when they knew that thing was forming up, and released us to go if we lived close enough for us to go toward our house to check on our families. By the time they had done that, the hail core, which usually travels to the north of those rotations, was a pretty large hail core.


It had already started forming where my house was, so I was kind of cut off for time. I had to really pretty much shelter in place. At that time, the warning klaxons on base started going off. Once that happens, they pretty much lock the base down and everybody has to run for cover.


Wynn: Dean, what is a hail core?


Dean: I’m sorry; a hail core occurs when you have strong super-cell storms like that. Typically, because they’re at such high altitude, the whole storm is a very high altitude storm even though a lot of the destruction happens down at the surface. It raises so far up into the sky that part of that, it takes what normally would be rain; it lifts it up and down multiple times. I’m not sure exactly how many tens of thousands of feet it is, but it’s multiple tens of thousands of feet.


The wind will keep blowing it up in the air, then it’ll fall down as an ice pellet. Then it’ll blow it back up into the air again and it’ll come back down bigger because water freezes on it when it gets up to a certain height. It does this multiple times. That’s how big a hailstone…


Wynn: --Do you have a background as a meteorologist? It’s like you really understand these things.


Dean: No, but it’s funny because if you live in Oklahoma long enough, the meteorologists for our television stations around here are such experts at violent storms and violent weather, that they kind of go through miniature weather classes every time storms happen. So they teach you a lot on the air as things are happening.


I got to know quite a bit about the meteorology of these violent storms by doing that.


Wynn: I got ya; so basically, you couldn’t leave the base. You got locked down on the base, right?


Dean: That’s correct, that’s correct.


Wynn: Then what happened?


Dean: Myself and probably a dozen or so of the people that I work with headed to the designated shelter area for us, which was one of the internal rooms of the building that we work in. We kind of hunkered down then, in that area. I’m not exactly sure of the exact time that it happened when we actually got in there, but I do remember at some point the power went out, which was either because the tornado had hit a power sub-station somewhere to the south that was powering the base or because lightening had struck. We weren’t really sure what happened, but either way we lost power.


A lot of the people that were hunkered down in the room there where I was at had their smart phones. They were tracking the Internet across their smart phones; they were tracking the radar signatures of that tornado and they were tracking where it was going and how long it would take before it got there.


I think a lot of people were starting to get really scared at that point because it was headed straight for us. I guess – sorry, I’m kind of nervous…


Wynn: You’re doing good, you’re doing good.


Dean: Somewhere right about that time, I think, is whenever I had first had the idea in my head that I was going to try and meditate, but there was so much going on around me. It’s kind of hard to get into any type of deep meditation when you have that much stuff going on around you. There were people so close to me. I didn’t have a lot of feel for getting anything back from spirit. I kind of switched mode and went into old-school prayer, which is kind of putting your prayer up into the sky, which is what I did.


That’s when I reached that point; during that whole time I had been sending text messages back and forth to the family down in Texas. They were starting to pray, too. I’m sure there were prayers going up all over Moore and South Oklahoma City at that point; I’m sure there were thousands and thousands of prayers going up.  So I’m sure it made a metaphysical racket.


Somewhere around when all that was happening that thing was still barreling down straight toward us. The tornado actually started modifying the path to head basically pretty much straight due-east at one point. It kept a very strong east, or almost due-east, track and it was heading toward… --By that point, unfortunately, it had already done a lot of destruction in the populated areas of Moore so there was a still a whole lot of bad stuff that happened.


But, at the point where it started to turn, it was starting to turn toward more unpopulated areas. It was headed straight towards one of our local lakes that has a lot of wooded areas around it, I think it was the point where it actually broke down and dissipated, it was where there’s a bunch of pasture-land and fields and wooded areas.


Wynn: So, what happened is that the tornado changed trajectory in an unexpected way before it hit the base?


Dean: They can meander. They can go back and forth a lot, but based on the type of storm this was and the time of year it is, most tornados that track with all those types of conditions typically track in Oklahoma, it would track from southwest to northeast. They usually have a track that’s from southwest to northeast and they usually go in a more northeasterly direction.


Sometimes they can meander east/northeast or north/northeast; even rarely they can sometimes travel due north and sometimes due east. This was one of those times where it was travelling almost due-east at that point. It’s not impossible it could happen that way on its own, but it sure felt like if there was any intelligence that could steer that thing or if it could steer on its own away from populated area, it kind of felt like to me that might have been what happened; it had gotten steered towards a more unpopulated area toward the last part of its track.


Wynn: Then, it died down.


Dean: Yes, it did.


Wynn: It died down; it was expected to…


Dean:-- It went from F5 to 3; to virtually nothing, pretty much nothing. It broke down, went to nothing, like fast. That’s usually, it usually… – I guess when those things do, I guess they can die pretty quick. I have seen that before but a lot of times they’ll start de-escalating in force before it actually does that. This one here seemed like it just died so quick that it seemed like it was almost like an off-switch. That’s what it almost looked like to me.


Wynn: Right. And, that’s unusual.


Dean: It seemed unusual to me, yes.


Wynn: I got a question for you: when you were meditating or when you were praying, did you notice anything unusual inside yourself? Did you feel a shift, or was it just asking in your head “We need help.” How did you feel?


Dean: As far as immediately, I sort of almost felt like the energy was there already; it was already with me. I don’t know if that’s because – you know like oftentimes during my time of work, I’ll listen to the Internet audio of different calls, and whenever I’m doing that the energy is there whenever I’m listening to that. Sometimes it doesn’t dissipate right away.


And actually, at one point during, when I was getting really nervous during being sheltered there, I actually listened to a few minutes of a call. That helped calm me as well; that energy where you feel it, it really has a good calming effect to it. That’s why I sort of feel like the energy was already there; it wasn’t like I had to call it in. Whenever I was praying, I was actually stretching out to that too. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was there the whole time, and that it was with me the whole time, and it was with whoever needed comfort or whoever was asking for comfort, probably about the same thing.


I will tell you this, though. I didn’t tell you this in the email, but the last time an F5 tornado came through this same general area, I was in the path of that one, too, and that was in 1999. And, in 2003 there was another F4 tornado that was in this same area and I was in the path of that, too. I’m probably one of the few people in the world that can say that they’ve been in the direct path of two F5 and one F4 tornado. I can tell you, I really would like to trade that, the notice of being in that for something a lot more fun and less stressful.


If I was a more paranoid guy, I’d think that those things were trying to come for me. These things are just… – they’re monsters. They are just so big… --Basically, the original point I was trying to make was that during the 1999 one especially… -- that thing came forty yards of where my wife and I were staying in an apartment. And you know, I could have pounded a football into Ground Zero where that thing was; it was forty yards away from where we were. I remember being so terrified during that one. This one here… – especially since I kind of had, I felt a lot more calm. I don’t know if it’s because I view death differently now than I did back then because of all the stuff that I was re-oriented to and learned. I didn’t feel as terrified this time as I did during the other ones.


Wynn: I bet you’re less scared of death after you’re on our calls for a while. That’s one of the things that happens and you can just say “Well, if it’s my time, it’s my time.”


One thing you told me was how the townspeople in Moore, Oklahoma got very loving after this event occurred.


Dean: Oh gosh! Oh, yeah!


Wynn: One of the things that was in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayc e? from the Ra group was that when these things occur on your planet, although they may be tough and they’re not going to be very popular, it’s going to cause more people to graduate this realm because it’s going to force them, if they take the cue, it’s going to force them to open their hearts to each other and to help each other.


So in a sense, they’re saying as much as we don’t like these kinds of events, there’s a potential ‘positive’ for it, because an event like this may create lasting new relationships of a higher level between the people.  Now they’re going to graduate and they wouldn’t have otherwise.


And, you saw that, you saw that the people’s hearts opened up to each other, right?


Dean: Oh gosh!  That happened immediately after it was all clear and everyone was out. People started rushing towards the area and started helping and pulling people out from under the rubble and helping in every way they could. In this past couple of days it’s gone beyond people just opening their hearts to each other.


One of the things I heard this time that I didn’t hear last time, although maybe it happened and I just didn’t hear about it. I even heard today about a program someone had started called “Adopt-a-Family.”  There are people here in the area who are opening their homes to families whose houses got leveled. They’re opening their homes and letting another family come in to live with them for a few days until they can find some way to get back on their feet or get another place to live or temporary lodging. Families are letting people come right into their house and live with them for a few days. It’s that type of community that I’m talking about.


It’s just a very heart-warming thing…


Wynn: --I hope L.A. responds that way if there’s ever an event like that, or New York. Let’s pray for that.


Dean, thank you so much. You did really well; and, I’m telling you by sharing this, I know you touched people.


Dean: Can I say hi to Terry real quick this time? Last time I talked with you I didn’t get a chance to and I felt bad about that. I wanted to say hi to Terry this time. I was kind of too startled to do it the last time.


Wynn: Terry, are you on the line? Terry? Hello, Terry, un-mute.


Terry: I’ve got a question for Dean. That’s amazing. You had mentioned you listened to the call a little bit. Was our call going on at the time, or was it a replay or something?


Dean: It was definitely a replay. You know, they said that before, that their energies are always present on the transcripts and the calls. I can be a witness to that; that’s 100% true. I always feel the energies come in whenever I’m listening to a replay.


Yes, it was definitely a replay; it wasn’t a live call. It was a replay. Either way, the energies were still there.


Wynn: Terry, its 6:55. We’re supposed to be off right now. We didn’t have time to ask anyone’s question, so I apologize to all of you in the questions that I said we were going to ask. I didn’t know how long this would take.


Maybe we can bring them in for a minute or two and they might have some…       – Oh! One thing is that I really want to send the Light to Carla Rueckert. She’s going through some stuff. Let’s all take a moment and hold the space for Carla’s healing and her graft to heal. Let’s do that right now.


We have two minutes. Do you want to have a really short word, Terry, or do you think we should wait until Sunday?


Terry: Let’s have a really short word.


Wynn: Okay.


Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry, myself, everyone on this call. And, any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We have about two minutes. We invite our Sources to make any comments on this call.


Ra’An: We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. It is our joy to be with you today. And we impart our Love Light to Vaughn and to Dean and to all of the people who experienced a tornado in Oklahoma; and, all of the people who has any issue of concern that they are working with. We are available; we were available and we hear what you are asking.


We send our energy to all of those people who have lost things within that area. We see that there is consciousness to everything; to the rocks, to the tornado, to the physical things even, there is consciousness. When you align with Love, then that consciousness aligns easier with you.


You have heard us well, Dean and Vaughn and we count many others out there. We put Love Light around your areas. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you so much. Thank you, all of you who are showing up all the time on these calls and supporting us. For those of you that are waiting for an experience, don’t give up. It’s there to be had, be patient. Go to the ‘spirit channel’, we have hundreds of calls up there for free.


It really doesn’t matter which one you listen to; well, it may matter, some of them have information that may be more relevant, but all of them have this energy on it. By listening, you’re learning how to hold the energy for yourself.


On that note, I’m going to un-mute everybody. Thank you BBS, for not cutting us off. You’re all un-muted; we’ll see you next time.

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