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Carla Rueckert Joins Discussion:

The Definition of Star Seeds & Wanderers

(Note: time ran short, no healing portion; but still really good)

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Hosted by: Wynn Free
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown

Formatted and sent by: Aharon ben Or

Wynn: Now all of you who are listening on the Internet and listening on the replay lines, you’ve been missing out on – well, those of you on the Internet, have been sharing our little repartee’ that goes on before we officially start the call. We felt you but didn’t hear you, you heard us.

This is Wynn Free. This is May 26, 2013, Sunday and this is our – what do we call it? We call it a planetary healing session, grid healing session. It’s a time when we get together and share in the experience of what group energy really feels like.

Not just group energy on a human-level, but we could call it cosmic group energy. Group energy where we all affiliate our energies; I won’t say all, but those of you that have desire to do so, that have learned how to do it just by showing up on these calls. That’s a huge accomplishment in this realm, learning to feel group energy. Especially with a bunch of people who you can’t see their bodies; I guess that’s really the accomplishment. It’s like we all feel group, I won’t say all, but most of us feel group energies in our lives at one time or another.

Whether it’s attending a concert or sitting in a coffee shop and feeling the ambience, it’s all group energy. But cosmic group energy is fairly uncommon, where people come together and they not only feel each other but we have these invisible Sources. This is something you have to draw your own conclusions about but I believe we have these invisible Sources that join us in the group energy.

What’s unusual on this call is that not only do we have those invisible Sources joining us but at some point in the call they’ll say “hello,” through Terry. Now it’s all kind of crazy except it happens every Sunday and there’s a lot of magic that happens on this call. A lot of people go through growing into the experience that they want to have in their life. What do we want to have? We want to feel great. We want to get up in the morning and feel like “Wow, I’m expanded.” I feel good inside. That can be a challenge, especially for what we call Wanderers! You know why it’s such a challenge for a Wanderer? Of course, I would be willing to bet that most of you on this call fit into that category. And, I believe that the word “Wanderer” was first used by the Ra Group when they spoke through Carla Rueckert.

Is that true Carla, am I right on that?

Carla: I believe that there was a fellow back in the 30s and wrote a book called The Wanderers. I read it in the Library of Congress, doing research on that very thing. I don’t remember his name, sorry, but he was talking about literally, wanderers. He was talking about people that can’t find a place to land in this world, and he never got beyond this Earth.

But it’s the first time that we have heard it coming through the Confederation channels like the Ra Group and the Latwii Group. They talked about Wanderers first I think, before anybody else picked up the term. George Hunt Williams had called them Apples because the phrase that he got from using radio telegraphy was ‘to the apples we salt, we shall return.’ And I had to look that up but ‘salting’ is a way of preserving fruit, used in the Middle Ages and by people that don’t have electricity and so forth, everywhere.

It had meant that they had seeded the Earth with us; we have a job to do and they shall return to help us with it. So we’re Wanderers, we’re Apples, not only …

Wynn: Do you know the difference between a Wanderer and a Star Seed?

Carla: I don’t, do you?

Wynn: Yes.

Carla: Tell me.

Wynn: Well, you know there are all kinds of interdimensional beings that come in and take bodies in this realm, okay? Millions of them from the Ra Group, multimillions, and the Ra Group calls them Wanderers. Wanderers are beings that are old souls that have had many, many lifetimes that have graduated this realm and that have chosen to come back here and be of service. Invariably when they get born, they choose a parent and they get born, they don’t remember that they chose to come back here to be of service. They just say, “Duh, where am I?”

And as they’re going through their life, as they’re getting older, they tend to feel very estranged because they don’t fit. Things don’t intrigue them. Because they graduated this realm, they’ve been there and done that. They came to be of service but usually - now in some cases they really might have picked some extraordinary parents and that might have helped them get aligned - but usually, they end up being estranged and alienated because things don’t fit for them.

According to Carla’s Ra material, 90% of all those beings that come in from higher realms and take bodies here get lost again and then they get caught up in reincarnation and Karma because it’s so easy to do that here. You feel alienated and then you compromise yourself. You don’t even know you’re compromising yourself but you end up sleeping with the wrong person, so-to-speak. Or, you’re desperate and you do something dishonest, etc., etc. and before you know it, you’re caught.

You’re caught in the energies of this realm and now you can even get disabled from the potential of doing your highest purpose because you get all involved in the Karma of what you get caught up in. That’s a Wanderer. Do you go along with that Carla, since she’s just about made up the word?

Carla: I do.

Wynn: I said that right. You know, many of you fit into that category and you’re very sensitive to the energies of the higher dimensions. You feel them on the line or you intuit the connection. We say something and it resonates and you’re going ‘that’s me - that’s me.’ Suddenly you’ve finally found a place to call home or to resonate with, to wake up that sleeping seedling that was your original birthright that got lost.

You might wonder why do beings that graduate this realm – why in the world would they ever choose to come back here, because I would assume that when you’re up there, and you’re not here, you probably know the risks involved in coming here and that there’s a good chance you’ll get lost again. The reason you do it and the reason you made that choice is because if this didn’t happen and if even the few people that wake up or the small percentage that wake up never came here, this realm would be owned by the negative. Everyone would be enslaved. That’s what would happen so it was kind of an act of great sacrifice to come here and get lost.

You know, I remember someone who was a teacher of mine years ago, he said something really profound that I’ve thought about for a long time. I really understand it now, but I didn’t understand it when he said it. What he said was that he had all these people, in a spiritual group, it was a rather sophisticated group and there were very prosperous people in it. There were some actors, famous people in it, and what he said was that ‘there are guys on skid-row that were more evolved than some of the people in the room’ and I understand it.

Because Wanderers need freedom and sometimes the only way they can find the freedom they need is to be homeless. There can be a lot of freedom in being homeless. I remember when I was younger I used to hitchhike around the country. That’s when I first discovered my birthright and when I first felt free inside of myself. I had never ever felt free, I felt constrained, contracted, trapped. Jobs were all boring. Everything I did was boring and it didn’t intrigue me and then when I was hitchhiking, I let go of the traps of this realm.

Suddenly everyday was like a miracle. Miracles of synchronicity, and I remember when I first stepped into that, I couldn’t believe it! I said, ‘this can’t be real, how can this be working?’ And you know, what happened would be, I wanted to go back and tell people and every time I did that I would lose it because suddenly I wasn’t in a flow. I was wanting recognition and so then, I’d just have to disappear and start hitchhiking again.

You know, there’s at least one person on this line, if she’s listening, hi Arielle; [Laughter] she’s a very high being in her own way and she reminds me, very much, of how I was when I was hitchhiking and I don’t recommend anyone doing this, this was my experience and it’s not going to work for everybody, probably wouldn’t work for most people but for Arielle, for a period of her life, she would be in truck-stops and just go where the next trucker took her and she would keep them company while they were driving. Then, the keeping of the trucker company, was her way of fulfilling her Wanderer destiny because it tapped into the higher aspects of her-self.

Then they’d drop her off and she’d get another trucker picking her up and she’d spend months doing this and she was having synchronicities. And probably loads of truck drivers loving her and it was nothing exalted, very simple, but I could feel how it worked for her. Most people would have thought she was totally insane. She listens to our calls all the time; I know it helps her keep it together.

So, I said I was going to say what a Star Seed was. Star Seeds - at least in the way that I’m using this word, and other people may use it differently – are entities that come into this realm from the Elohim level and they have a very different dispensation than beings that come in from the Ra level. And for one thing, the beings that come in from the Elohim level have much more potential to go negative in this realm. That doesn’t mean they do, but they have the potential, because they have the inherent ability to rearrange the reality around them and they don’t even know they’re doing it.

They just know they have power, and if they play their power card and they start making themselves comfortable by rearranging reality, they can then see other people as their potential slaves, or manipulations and so biblically they were the fallen angels. That doesn’t mean they all do that. They can do that. An Elohim Star Seed – and I’d asked some questions about this a long time ago, and it was very fascinating – [for] an Elohim Star Seed, it’s much more important for them to a home and a family, than it is for a Ra Wanderer. The reason is they are coming from such a high celestial place that they need those things to be grounded.

It’s one of the things, if some of you remember, that early on, if you read the Creator God book, I was asked to go to Mesa, Arizona when I was first with Daphne because I would find a group there that had affinity for the work I was doing. When I got to Mesa, I didn’t go with Daphne, I went with Terry and they ended up sending me to a Mormon church, by street name. We were only there for a weekend and I was looking in the phone book, in the Yellow-pages, for – how am I going to find someone in Mesa, Arizona that has affinity with my work – and of course, I was thinking in terms of New Age.

I was thinking in terms of channeling, I was looking for metaphysical bookstores, and then I opened the Yellow-pages and I was looking for woo-woo churches, church of the liquid, light and love and I found out that Mesa happened to be a Mormon town and it was one of the early outposts in the 1800s, of the Mormons, when they moved to Salt Lake City. There I was with Terry looking at all these Mormon Church’s and in a previous session when they said the word Elohim, I Googled the word Elohim, and it said it was one of the words for God that the Mormons used.

So I remembered that and I saw all these Mormon Churches and I asked them, “You don’t mean for me to introduce myself to the Mormons” and they said, “Not the entire church, there’s a group here that will connect with you.” And so I ended up, I asked them I said “There are 60 churches and I’m only here for one more day, can you give a recommendation?” They said go to the church on blankety, blank street and I went into the Yellow-pages and I remember thinking, ‘I’ll bet there’s no church on that street.’

This was only – it was only - like a year into having these conversations and I was trying to make it real for myself. It just seemed so Sci-Fi but sure enough there was a church on blankety-blank-street. It was Sunday morning and I went there, introduced myself to the Bishop after the service and he invited me into his office. I told him - actually I think he thought he had a convert - I told him that I came all the way from L.A. to be here, do you have time to talk to me?

He took me into his office and listened to me for two hours and finally he said, “Wynn, I’m not going to say there’s anything wrong in what you’re saying to me, Mormons believe that anyone can be a prophet.” And then he said, “Would you be willing to tell your story to some of my church members?” And I said, “Sure.” And so Terry was still back at Motel 6; I called her up and said ‘you think you can take off from work tomorrow?’ and we went to somebody’s house and I sat there with a few people and Terry now came with me and I told the story again.

In the middle of telling the story, Terry interrupted. Now, at that time, Terry was not a very--how would I say it?--some of you remember this who were listening. When Terry would channel she would say, “Wait a moment. Wait a moment,” and then we’d have to wait three minutes [Laughter] she’d come back and have something to say. [Laughter] And then she’d say wait a moment again … so I brought Terry with me and in no way was I expecting to do a channeling. I thought it would be improper to do it. I mean, I thought this was just the idea that I was talking to the same Elohim that their scriptures referred to – I thought they’d never believe it or they wouldn’t accept it but here I was talking to a group of Mormons. So in the middle of me talking, Terry interrupted and she said ‘There’s something they want me to say.’ Everyone hushed up and I remember thinking, ‘What did I bring her for? What in the world are they going to say?’ [Laughter]

Terry, all she said was one sentence. She said, ‘They wanted you to know that they’re hearing your prayers.’ There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! Everyone started tearing and I left that session and as I was driving off I remember thinking, and it was kind of an epiphany--not an epiphany-- but it was … I just remember thinking ‘Oh my God, maybe they are who they say they are.’ Because I could not believe that I have two women in a row tapping me on the shoulder saying those guys want to talk to you and I’m talking to this group soul that created the Universe that was the name for God in the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Of course, I had studied the Ra material and the Ra material always says, be careful; the negative can say they’re anybody. Be careful of channeling and so I was thinking to myself, ‘How do I know they are who they say they are?’ I mean, I remember at the time, Carla and I had been in phone connection--this was in a period of 2002 to 2003--and I was very insecure about it.

I would send her these sessions but I didn’t know what she thought when I sent them to her. She’s on the line so she may say, but in any case, I was trying to have some kind of confidence that I didn’t have a negative source. So going to Mesa was kind of my detective work to say, let’s see what happens here. It was a big deal. We were living in L.A.; it’s 500 miles to Mesa. Terry was working so we left after work on Friday. We had to be back on Sunday night. We ended up stretching it ‘til Monday and we spent three days in Mesa. I’m thinking, “Maybe, they are who they say they are.”

So after that, ‘I’m wondering why did they send me there, what did they expect would happen?’ I started asking lots of questions about Mormons. It turns out, at least from the answers I got, the general idea was, that the Elohim’s idea in the formation of that religion was to create a venue where Elohim souls could incarnate into this realm and they’d have a religion or a doctrine or a dogma that would help them not get lost. That they wouldn’t become negative. Because they didn’t come into the realm thinking they’re going to be negative when they got here. It’s just that once you’re here you don’t remember anything and you have power over people. And if you play the power card you can make your life more comfortable, but now you’re negative, okay?

So the idea was the first born of all the Mormons were Elohim souls, if I have it right. The idea was to create a liaison between the cosmic Elohim, the celestial Elohim, and the Elohim that were coming into this realm. To kind of do something similar to what we’re doing now; creating that kind of liaison, co-creation, cooperation – to do that, in that church. As I learned, over time, like almost all churches, the connection got corrupted. The Elohim souls here were not getting anyone to create the connection or verbal messages from the celestial Elohim.

But if you look at the Mormons, because I kind of ran this through my logical mind because I’m still very skeptical, I was skeptical and it was all so far-out that I couldn’t believe it just ‘cause they said it. Well then I started looking at Mormons and I said ‘what do you have here?’ You have a group of people that take care of each other better than any other religion on the planet. They were a group soul. They were really tight in the other realms. So they reiterated that tightness by taking care of each other—I mean Mormons.

I have a friend that’s a Mormon and if she ran out of money, as long as she was in good standing with the church, they would pay her rent. That’s how far they go in taking care of somebody. So they take care of each other. If you look at Mormons you’ll find they’re very attractive people because they’re new souls in this realm.

I always say look at Donny and Marie Osmond, a very good example I think, of Elohim souls in this realm. They have that exuberance and that love that just pours out of them. Now let’s just say, when they were younger. I mean, they both have gone through all kinds of stuff; divorces, children being Gay, I think one of them had a child that did suicide, I can’t remember. You see how they get caught up in this realm but when they were younger and you looked at their beautiful angelic radiance and their great singing and the joy they would create. You can see how the Elohim energy would manifest through two people in this realm.

The other thing about Mormons is they are extremely good at making a plan and sticking to it, i.e. they become very successful in business--probably more so than Ra/Wanderers who are restless--and they’re focused, they radiate outwards. You see the Elohim is at the center and they radiate out. By the way, when I asked the questions further they said 30% of Mormons, at this point, were Elohim souls. Because a lot of people converted who were not.

The last thing about Mormons, if you happen to know any, and if they fit the profile that I’m creating, they have no wisdom or very little wisdom of this realm, whereas the Elohim have tremendous wisdom from observing this realm for trillions of years. Even though they never took bodies, they have vicarious wisdom. Apparently that wisdom gets lost if they come in here and take a body. Unlike the wisdom of the Ra Group which was earned through the school of hard knocks over lots and lots of lifetimes, where the wisdom gets embedded in the soul.

So an Elohim soul in this realm doesn’t have the wisdom of the realm. It’s one of the reasons that, not only can they become negative but they can be easily taken over by the negative because they don’t have the discernment to figure it out. It’s a very interesting realization. It’s why Mormons have, almost always, big homes, they have families; they are tight with each other and the Ra Group/Wanderers tend to be loners, alienated … and having to recreate it in this realm. It’s a fascinating look at the difference between Star Seeds and Wanderers.

When you look at people and you’re trying to figure out the difference – you know, even when I was younger I was trying to figure this out because there were certain people that just seemed angelic and radiant. I said how come I’m not, I’ll never be angelic and radiant like that and you don’t have to be a Mormon to be an Elohim soul in this realm. Since the Universe operates on free will, I’m sure there are many, many instances of Elohim souls in this realm but not as much as the Ra Group. There are many more instances of the Ra Group.

So Elohim souls in this realm, by the definition the Elohim used in our earlier conversations would be called Star Seeds. Therefore they can come in here and they have the potential to radiate out from their center and create things from radiating out. Whereas a Ra Group person has to co-create … let me see. I’m not saying they won’t have that ability but they – like I used Donny and Marie Osmond as an example of Elohim/Star Seeds – which many of you remember them and can tune into them…

But if we want to look at a Ra/Wanderer, I would say you could pick Bob Dylan as a Ra/Wanderer. If you look at his early songs, not his later songs, because I think even Bob Dylan got caught up in the fame and the glamour and the girlfriends and the money. But in his early songs, they were like channelings. They were like so exquisitely put-together. I remember he was one of my big inspirations. I would be growing up and I would listen to Bob Dylan and it was like talking right through inside of me.

Look at Bob Dylan’s persona, you know, he would travel all the time. Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, all those old folk singers. I would put them in the category of Ra/Wanderers. Leonard Cohen and myself! I would certainly be a Ra/Wanderer because part of me has the intrinsic wisdom of this realm. Because I’ve had all these lifetimes, and even in spite of having all these lifetimes, and in spite of having that potential wisdom, it took me years to figure it out. I was totally screwed up. [Laughter]

For many years all I wanted to do was say ‘what am I doing this job for?’ ‘Why can’t I go out and hitchhike’ because eventually I said, after spending about four or five years traveling around the country, I had this thing that I’m supposed to get my life together. I’m supposed to get married, I’m supposed to have a job, you know and I went through that and now that I’m doing this work. Even when I was writing music, there was part of me that said I don’t want to be [famous] … part of me was - I was [a] really good songwriter – but I remember there was part of me that said I don’t want to get caught up getting famous. What am I going to do?

It’s not ‘til I really started doing what I’m doing now that I can be centered in one place and feel like I don’t have to go looking for something. In fact, what we’re doing is creating an anchoring center-point and other people are having the synchronicities. [Laughter] I don’t need to go out and have [the synchronicities] I mean I’m not against synchronicities, I’m happy to sit next to a guy in the lobby of a hotel who makes movies and get [support for the movie project], maybe that’ll happen--that’s a synchronicity. But it’s more important to stay in the center of this so that you can have synchronicities; that you can be out there making things happen because the level of contribution to the planet is so much greater as all of you get more centered, more into your realization of your own divine nature and learn how to express it. What we’re doing now has developed and is still developing and it will always develop. It can’t not develop because we’re a part of each other and we’re in motion, we’re in flow so all the time new possibilities come in.

New people come in. There’s going to be a point and it may be the next time I’m on George Noory [or] it may be some other way where suddenly 20,000 people are coming in. You are going to have to help hold the energy for those people. I mean, you don’t have to but your service will be so much greater because you’ve learned how to anchor it and the next step is facing outwards. We can’t just face each other. At a certain point we have to turn around and we support each other’s backs but we have to face outward and each of you is going to be doing your own manifestation. Some of you are doing it anyway. You don’t have to do it within this group but you’re just changing and your Universe is recreating and there are new possibilities and new potentials for you – new things flowing towards you that weren’t flowing towards you before. Part of this is just visualizing it and keeping your energy up high enough so that it’s above the miasmas of this realm and then boom, you’re there.

Doing it in our group is easier because we’ve created - it may not be easier, it depends who the person is. Some people need to do things totally from their own creation and being part of anything in a group contracts them. They need to do bigger than that and [for] other people the group is supportive. So it’s very hard to get this kind of support in this realm.

Carla: You know, Wynn?

Wynn: Yes.

Carla: Listening to that, I wanted to affirm what you’re saying. I was looking back at how we managed to pull-in the Ra contact in ’81. I had been channeling since ’74. I started channeling pretty well by ’75. I went through a really intense learning period, figuring out the things that I could manage to have control of. I created an understanding and a protocol for my own preparation for a channeling session. It is all important that the person that’s channeling be tuned.

We are not normally tuned that way. We’re normally tuned more for the world. When you are tuned for channeling, we have to be tuned for our highest and best in terms of our spirituality. So I had learned that, and I had learned how to keep fear from ruining the session by refusing to take questions about the future or by refusing to take questions that were steeped in fear. Questions of ‘will it happen,’ that kind of thing.

But, I went on for years, and really producing good material, if you read the early stuff, it’s very uplifting, it’s very helpful. But when Jim came and joined Don and me – now you have to look at this triangle here – I was so close to Don that Don was almost channeling with me. He was asking questions, but there was an energy drain that we could not fix.

When Jim came to the group, he was very powerful and he’s just basically a good Boy Scout. Never wavered from it, never broke promises. Jim’s a kind of saint on Earth and it goes unseen but he is. And that power, that spiritual power that he has and had from the beginning and he never knew it, translated into our being able to boost our signal. That’s how the Ra Group found us. They were able to find that signal and I was beaming onto their level. So I was compatible with them and they were able to come through.

They spoke a couple different times about how rare it was and how unique we were because we didn’t have any negativity between the three of us at any time. But always since, I’ve noted how important it is to have batteries in the group. Christian people don’t talk much about batteries but the people that have séance’s, the Spiritualists, talk about having batteries and it just ups the signal so that you can penetrate the mists of [Laughter] miasma that are all along our Earth and penetrate through to the higher spheres and find a channeling Source that is a really good match for you, as a channel. So I am ever thankful to my beautiful husband--I call him Mick, Jim “Mick” Carty--and as I said batteries go unseen and unappreciated for the most part.

They sit in the circle, they go ‘wasn’t that a wonderful session’ and they don’t realize how much help they’ve been because there are other people in the group and they don’t feel that anything’s been taken from them. They’re getting so much back and they’ll go away happy but without the batteries, the channel is unlikely to be able to work nearly as effectively as when there are batteries.

I think, Wynn, for you that translates into--as more people come into this ministry of yours - we won’t call it an unlikely ministry, not a Christian ministry and not any kind of religious ministry, but a ministry nonetheless--to the people that want to wake up and want to find a place to do that. They are learning how to be batteries and as you said, if Wynn goes on George Noory, everybody tune in and beam him your Light because that battery power will work even though you’re not in the same place.

Wynn: That’s right. Did my explanation of Star Seeds and Wanderers make sense to you?

Carla: Oh yeah, it’s the difference between angels and men. The Elohim are an angelic breed whereas the Wanderers are simply those that have learned their lessons here, gone on to serve in the positive sense and then noticed the cry of sorrow of the people of Earth and heeded that call. They sometimes call themselves The Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow.

Wynn: Like Jim probably has some qualities of a Star Seed, you know, more angelic.

Carla: He may have and he’s a good looking man, all those things.

Wynn: He’s good looking, he’s angelic.

Carla: But he’s never connected with Earth. I mean, after he got through his master’s degree, he thought ‘I don’t want to do any of this stuff that I’m qualified for’ and he went and bought land in Kentucky with money he saved up doing hired labor, putting concrete in silos and stuff, welding and bought his land and built a log cabin on it and lived on beans and jipatti’s and wood for heat. The simplest, no electricity, he didn’t even have an outhouse. For years he used a slit trench and he was in deep country, nobody could see him. [Laughter]

But he has more of the characteristics of a Wanderer but he would qualify as Star Seed from the outer description of one. Good looking, easy going, spreads joy wherever he is, makes people feel good.

Wynn: He’s also able to hold a plan and stay focused,

Carla: Boy, does he, yeah.

Wynn: Just as you described how he worked hard labor. See Wanderer.

I had so many little things I did to make money. [Laughter] I mean, I’m qualified … you know, even when I was in high school I got a commercial radio license. I was a ham radio operator; I was building transmitters in my bedroom from scratch.

Carla: Da dit da dit, [(which stands for C)]

Da da dit da [ (which stands for Q)]

[CQ means, “calling anybody” in radio talk.]

Carla: I think that’s calling anybody.

Wynn: Right, Morse Code, da dit da (which stands for K)… [Laughter]

That’s good, I mean, I would come home from school and it was so exciting because I would be talking to people in Russia and in Israel and all over the world. I mean, I started a radio club; was president of a radio club when I was in high school. In my high school yearbook it said ‘Wynn could be seen walking through the aisles of the high school carrying large capacitors and batteries with him.’ [Laughter]

They also said--this is very funny--there was a history class and I would have trouble staying awake in classes. It was so boring and there was this one high school teacher I had, his name was Irving Cohan, history teacher, and at least once a week he’d throw an eraser at me [Laughter] to wake me up, and they put that in my yearbook. [Laughter]

So, I mean, I was trying to figure out what am I doing here? I thought, “Well, I have all this aptitude to build things and understand electricity and electronics” [so I thought] I would be an electrical engineer. Then I upgraded to be a physic’s major. Then I was so restless, I couldn’t [do it]. A Star Seed would just pull all those things off and become the top in his field but I was so restless because there was something that was in me that, I didn’t know what it was but everything was boring. I mean, I would master it and it would be boring.

It wasn’t ‘til I started writing songs and hitchhiking around the country that I snapped. I said, ‘Why do I want to do this, when I’m qualified [for electronics, etc.] My family thought I was absolutely crazy. I was very smart and I came from a Jewish family.

Carla: ‘Wynn, the conference holder. [Laughter]

Wynn: Well, I remember on my first trip around the country was actually - I did it with my girlfriend - there was this woman I met on the Berkeley campus. We kept having synchronistic meetings and she ended up being my first real girlfriend. At the time, I was just starting to write lyrics and songs and when I met her I played some of my stuff for her but I couldn’t sing at all. I mean, I was closed up, my chakras were closed up.

She said, “Wow, you’re brilliant!” It was the first time I got acknowledgment from someone for being something other than a smart electronics guy. … She said, “I can sing. I used to sing in church choir.” She was this little lady from New Zealand and she started singing my songs. And so, she and I started [to sing]. Then the two of us ended up doing a rock ‘n roll band and then we ended up being a duo. We had this little Volkswagen bus and we would travel around the country in our little bus. She called it Busie. [Laughter]

She was the person that introduced me to Edgar Cayce, to metaphysics, [and] to astrology. I was still in a linear state-of-mind thinking that I could understand things in my mind.

Her name was Jillian; we’re still really good friends [Laughter] and she lives in Southern California and we talk at least once or twice a month. But when we started traveling around the country, it was at the time the “hippies” were just coming out in the news everywhere. I had long hair down the back of my neck and everyone was reading about hippies and we would arrive in the city and go into the local bar and sing in-between the bands.

They recognized us because we must’ve been those hippies, from San Francisco! [Laughter] So we got treated, royally! I mean, it was amazing and we probably did that for two or three years--traveled around the country. We had just the wildest adventures and finally we went back to Berkeley. I said to myself, “There’s something I’ve got to learn. I don’t understand life. I need to understand life.”

You see, this is the Wanderer restlessness, having to try to plug into something. They know there’s something there and they’re trying to plug into it. I needed to plug into it and that’s when I started hitchhiking. I remembered walking down to University Boulevard in Berkeley with a big backpack and I was scared. I said what am I opening myself up to?

I remember saying to myself, “Okay if there’s a god, I need you to show yourself.”

I need to know God; I don’t think I knew God, then. I didn’t know spirit. I was reading about metaphysics. I was learning that there was this Universe out there that I knew was working but I didn’t integrate it into myself. It wasn’t until I started hitchhiking that I had that experience.

This in another take on this: If you’re an advanced Wanderer, the world is your home. You can be anywhere and you can ground your energies because you’ve been everywhere. So, I don’t know if you guys realize it but every place you’ve ever lived, if you’re the least bit open to energies, you’re still there. You can go recreate that city or that town and your energy actually moves there.

So I was learning this experience, that I could travel and I would plant myself, I’d end up somewhere, I’d be on somebody’s couch and one of the things that I did-- one of the things that made this work--I wasn’t just a vagabond. I had my guitar with me and I had learned how to do astrology charts and so wherever I would go, I would be either playing music even in people’s living rooms, or I would be doing astrology charts. So I had a way to interface with my environment that made real energy.

So I wasn’t just a tourist. I would get into it and I was writing the most phenomenal songs while I was doing this because, I said to myself, there’s this alternative reality that nobody knows about and I’m in the middle of it. I’m sailing through it and I was sharing it with people in little bits and pieces. It’s that period of time that I wrote Dig the Spaces. Because I said I want to put this alternative reality into music and reach people with it. You know, that went on for a long time and then everything came to a huge halt for me.

It’s very interesting because when I went to Los Angeles thinking I was a good enough songwriter to become successful, to become famous, I lost my … I now was thinking in terms of a job and a career. I wasn’t thinking in terms of how do I give to people? That was my biggest mistake at that time because I look at some of the people that have inspired me--like Pete Seeger, and Woody Guthrie. You’re familiar with them, right?

Carla: Oh sure, when I was a kid I learned everything that Seeger had done, everything. I’ll bet you’re one of few people that I can say, “Don’t you just absolutely love Pete Seeger’s little album? That is just his banjo playing and his singing,” and he does da, da, da, da, da, da da da da… I can’t remember the name of that but it’s a small, long-playing album but I think it’s 8 or 9 inches instead of 12 or 13 or whatever they are. I was just totally, totally into that.

Seeger still remains to me an absolute icon, the way he lived his life and the way he gave. He still does but he’s lost his voice because of age. He can just sort of hush things out and then everybody knows the songs and they all join in. That’s how he does his concerts. But he spent his life going to places on his own dime a lot of the time, where Union people were trying to organize, and singing--raising money to help them. He was just an amazing giving person.

Peter, Paul and Mary sang a song that they saw was [in] Pete Seeger’s handwriting, it was his song, and they just had a copy of it somehow. It was one of the most … I think it was, gee, If I had a Hammer? You know that one? Well, they found out that it was Seeger’s so they gave all the royalties from that song to Seeger and he says that those royalties paid off his house. A Wanderer indeed; inadvertently he was able to establish a home through the generosity of others.

Wynn: We’re talking about Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie. They were two people that always gave of their art to the common man, always. It’s interesting because last night I happened to be on YouTube and I happened to end up on a couple of things of Pete Seeger’s. There was this thing on his 80th birthday or 90tieth birthday where he was giving a concert in Washington, D.C. in think at the Lincoln Memorial with this huge crowd there and I was getting tears as I was hearing some of his old songs. I might send a couple out in a mailing.

[I’m sure you remember the song that the Byrds did that made this song famous Turn, Turn, Turn. This was Pete Seeger’s song] where he took one of the Psalms in the bible: To everything turn, turn, turn, there is a season … just beautiful lyrics and beautiful melody. Another one of his songs, I believe was Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Carla: Yes, that was Seeger’s song.

Wynn: Yes, and one of Woody Guthrie’s songs, I think this is Woody Guthrie. Maybe it’s Pete Seeger, but I think its Woody Guthrie. And since we’re talking about Woody Guthrie, I’m sure you probably know who Arlo Guthrie is, his son who did Alice’s Restaurant. Well, Woody Guthrie would go down and play for people in the Dust Bowl. There was all of this … this big drought in somewhere in the southwest and …

Carla: All over, all over the plains.

Wynn: All over and people weren’t eating and were having trouble surviving and he would just travel around and supposedly he rode the railroads to get there. Probably, his most famous song was This Land is Your Land. Wasn’t that Woody Guthrie?

Carla: Yes it was.

Wynn: This land is your land - this land is my land …

Carla: ‘from California, to the New York islands

Wynn: They were singing that at this big gig, big with tens of thousands of people. Loads of people at his 80tieth birthday in Washington, [D.C.] and I think Bruce Springsteen was there backing him up and it was just touching. You could see this man who had given so much, to so many people - I think he was singing This Land is Your Land, which is a Woody Guthrie song. But in any case, what I saw was in retrospect that I went and thought of myself as ‘okay, I’m a good songwriter, I went back to my career. I’m going to have a career in this.’

I was really a man of the people and I lost it, in going to Hollywood. But maybe I lost it because years later I was supposed to do this and if I did that I would’ve probably never done this. One of my early dream messages was ‘you finally found a job you won’t get tired of.’ [Laughter] The other thing is I finally found a job that I can never retire from. [Laughter] So, you know, that’s the way it goes.

In any case, let’s get on with some of the things we do all the time on Sundays. We have a healing list and we have a-group energy and we want to put our energies together to do some planetary intentions. When we come together like this, we are doing something so extraordinary and I don’t like calling it a “ministry” because that word …

Carla: I knew you wouldn’t; I just knew that. [Laughter]

Wynn: ‘that word has all these old patterns attached to it and I don’t like to identify with a role. But I do know, in reality, not wearing a hat, we are affiliating ourselves with energies in other dimensions that have longed to make a difference in this realm; and have such a hard time doing it and have such a hard time even when it starts, to have it not get corrupted.

We’re doing this and it’s clean and that you guys are tapping into it. And you know, Carla was saying that you’re the batteries? Well, if you use the word “battery,” and you could use that word but it sounds like I’m using your energy, and in that respect, I don’t like the word battery. Although it has a certain meaning in this context.

Carla: Well, I think the thing about batteries is you are giving, you are being used. But once you’re in a group, the energy of the group spins around and connects with all the auras of all those people present; and since the energy of that is doubled every time you add a person, even in a small group, you have doubled that energy. Say, ten times or say [more] …

Wynn: Right, right.

Carla: ‘and it’s huge! So you’re getting so much back that the sum is that everyone goes away plus in energy, plus in inspiration.

Wynn: Right.

Carla: It’s a very accurate term in terms of how the battery plugs in to the circle and gives it energy. But then, once they get started you get so much back

Wynn: Right …

Carla: ‘that it doesn’t matter what it’s called.

Wynn: ‘it’s a rechargeable battery, okay? [Laughter]

Carla: I like that. [Laughter]

Wynn: Because what happens is – you know there’s an Indian word called Tantra Yoga and a lot of times people think of that as sexual and it’s one way of looking at it. Probably in the best kind of intimate exchange, people come together, and they come together because they feel empty inside. Not necessarily, but often times, and that this other person is holding the energy that they don’t have and vice versa.

So within intimacy, people give each other energy. There’s huge energies moving back and forth between people and if it’s done in the best way, what happens is maybe one person is feeling empty and the other person is giving them energy and then suddenly they don’t feel empty anymore. And then they say, “I’m going to give back to this person, in gratitude for what they gave to me.” Then they give back and the other person starts feeling full and then they have more to give and before you know it, they’re operating in one-energy; they’re not two energies anymore and they can hold one-energy between them in a very uplifted space. Now they’re still totally separate beings but it’s a very empowering relationship.

That idea of giving energy back and forth is what the Hindu’s call Tantra Yoga. But it really works on a much wider expanse than sex and intimacy. Because, to a certain extent, all of us - you can’t do your life without giving and receiving energy. The key is that where it becomes a problem, is where you give energy and give energy and the person you’re giving it to or the group you’re giving it to -doesn’t give it back to you.

After a while, you feel empty. In a negative relationship, let’s just say in-between a man and a woman, often the woman starts out as the nurturer and she’ll give it to the man and the man starts feeling fulfilled and suddenly he feels empowered. He feels fulfilled so he can go out and attract other things to him. So he’ll take the energy he’s getting from the woman and then start having affairs or other relationships and giving it because he can attract them. Because he’s fulfilled; and then the woman starts feeling empty and they lose it. They lose the ability to have that sacred Christed relationship, when the energy comes back and forth.

So, I know when I started doing these calls some years ago, I didn’t how it was going to flow or what was going to happen. Initially, I was giving energy to the group all the time and a lot of energy was not coming back. Or, if I go do a talk and there’s a bunch of new people in the room – let’s suppose I’m doing a talk at an Expo – it’s like I can be really--how can I say?--charismatic or compelling in front of a group; but when I walk off stage and I go home, I sleep for three days, because there wasn’t energy coming back.

What’s happening on these calls is that we are all having that relationship where we’re giving energy, you’re giving energy back, we’re giving energy, you’re giving energy back and we build the energy so now the call actually starts an hour before the call. People are coming in on the line - they’re having fun with each other. They’re having that energy and they’re meeting each other at a higher place than they normally do. So we’re each other’s batteries here and we’re recharging each other and then the group aura it’s helping to heal us all.

It’s 11:24 a.m. - this is what happens when Carla’s on, okay? Because we lose what we’re supposed to do but the point is [that] we don’t have anything we’re supposed to do. But I know that it makes a difference to do these things. I know we’re sharing this and I know that many of you are still going through struggles; you’re going through feeling alienated. You’re finding some support in this energy and it’s my wish that every one of you can learn to heal those parts of yourself and get the keys to move yourself up from that and attract the things in your life that fulfill you.

Attract the healings in your life. Attract the jobs. Attract the sense of purpose. Sometimes that happens –Teresa, are you on the line? Do star*6 if you’re here, Terese.

Gijs: Carla, I love you.

Carla: I love you right back Gijs.

Wynn: Teresa, are you there?

Teresa: I’m here Wynn.

Wynn: Now, I’m using Terese as an example. She sent me an email a couple days ago and she’s having all these amazing experiences. She’s been paying attention to us for about 8 or 9 months, when she heard us on George Noory. You know, I tell people, you have to hang in with this. It’s like we all come to the table with our patterns, our hurts, our fears, our pains, our Karma and that there’s an-energy here that can help you work those things out.

Terese just got triggered about a week ago. You want to share what happened, Terese? Now Michael I know helped trigger that but we built the groundwork. We built the groundwork for Michael. Michael’s the person I did a call on Monday who has been working with a few people; I’ve been testing this but Terese, why don’t you share what happened?

Teresa: Last Sunday, Michael and I got together and had a healing session which was very, very good and I felt very comfortable with him, I felt a lot of love. What’s interesting is during the healing session Michael heard a deep male voice very, very clearly say “She is a lovely woman.” He relayed that to me and my feeling at the time was ‘he’s here for a reason’ and Michael felt he was from the Ra Group. That’s the impression he got and I had felt that he had come to help with the healing. I also felt that we should ask him questions; I wanted to talk with him and ask him questions: “What is your name? Where are you from? Do you have anything to say to us?” On and on and on … that’s my nature.

Be that as it may [on Monday], and I am using the techniques Michael has taught me and the techniques you have taught me, Wynn – and I’ve been using them in my healing exercises two to three times every single day, faithfully. I meditate every single day faithfully, using the techniques you taught me. It has been absolutely … I can’t believe what has happened in the course of one week. When I meditate I go to the center of the Universe. I am with Father-God, Mother-God, Divine Source, Christ Consciousness.

On Monday, it was as if they took a paint brush and painted my body with a pink healing substance, up one side and down the other. And the thought came to me, ‘this is completing your healing’ and the feeling of peace and joy and love was so tremendous. I felt my chest would burst – I don’t have the words to express to you what I really felt.

On Tuesday, in my meditative state I went back to the center of the Universe and Father-God, Mother-God, Divine Source, Christ Consciousness placed a pearl-essence oval on the inside of my chest area. Then a seal was taken and placed over that area and my feeling was that this was done for my inner healing, my spiritual healing that this would heal the Karma and heal the spiritual wounds that I have experienced. Again, I felt so completely loved. I felt they were holding me in their arms and then I felt electricity being brought in from all around and encircled by angels. At no point was I afraid, it was complete total peace and love.

On Wednesday, I had some pain come back; and by the way, I have not taken any pain medication since Sunday, since my healing. Wednesday I had some pain come back and Michael and I talked again and had another session. When I did my meditation and went to the center of the Universe, in the area where I had the pain, a gauze was wrapped and it was filled with light. It was also sparkling and in the sparkles were like live essences, live little beings, and it was wrapped around the areas where my pain was and I felt that go into me. It was so much better after that.

Then on Thursday, during my healing session, I again went to the center of the Universe and there was a light so bright, it was spinning so very fast, I was in the center of the sphere. I was not moving but the sphere was turning, spinning so fast that I felt completely protected and safe. I felt that I was being told that this sphere, this wall of light, was being put around me and as it spun faster and faster and faster, it hardened. I was told that nothing could penetrate that sphere, that I would always be protected. On Friday, …

Wynn: Terese? Listen, I don’t want you to read through all of that because we’re running out of time to do the personal and planetary healing session. What I really wanted people to get – see the thing about it is – your experience is unique to you and you probably – you sound like you’re an Elohim/Star Seed. I mean, I’m just guessing that. It may not be true. But the kind of experiences you’re describing, going to the center of the Universe, feeling that, is like moving to a high celestial realm and many people won’t have that kind of experience. They’ll have a different experience. But whatever, each person’s going to have an experience unique to themselves, for their next step.

I remember when I was younger and I was like, me being a Ra/Wanderer, when I heard somebody saying what you’re saying, I would say, I probably said something in my head like ‘what a wacko.’ But I’m not saying that, you’re not a wacko. It’s very real but I just want people to know that it’s the difference between a Star Seed experience and a Wanderer experience.

Like a Wanderer experience is like having: “Aha, I see how this fits together” and putting together wisdoms and suddenly feeling centered in themselves whereas an Elohim goes really out there and has that experience of the Universe. But what is the most important aspect is that, for each of us, there’s a next step to be opened up to and that the calls that we’re doing, these calls have the energy attached to them that if you keep riding it can help trigger you to your next step, whatever it is.

Somebody might have the kind of experience you’re having, somebody might have the kind of experience that’s different than that and because we’re all unique and we’re at different places on this huge cosmic track, it’s going to be different for all of us. It’s just that it’s going to be the next step. I think the most important thing is that – I think you heard us probably ten months ago or something, right? Would you say that?

Teresa: Eight or nine months ago on George Noory. But Wynn, there’s something I need to say. I saw a drop of water fall in the ocean and I saw the ripples of the waves. The ocean changed to the Universe.

Every thought, word, every deed, every action that each and every one of us does ripples across the Universe and that applies to all of us. No matter where you’re at and what level you’re at and if you think about that, that’s how we can uplift all of us. When you think about that, that is so profound, it just gives me chills.

Wynn: Well, I think you’re absolutely right and it’s certainly something that I’ve come to understand; people think of success, often times, as a healer, I’m a this, I’m a that, or I’m another thing. But in fact, your greatest success often times will go totally unnoticed by the world; because you can be the liaison, another liaison from the higher realms into this realm, and hold that space and by doing so you will have a profound impact on the life around you.

And that learning who you are right now, and your experiences right now, and your circumstances right now are just temporary and that you have the ability to move through those and have things be better. Not only be better in your life but to realize the difference you can make and how powerful you can be in changing the Universe, or adding to it or contributing to this realm.

Even though no one notices, you’ll know and you have to start off with being content to knowing you are doing it. Not looking for the recognition aspect because that’s a hook that gets you drawn back-in to this realm.

Terese, thanks for coming forth and sharing that and I look forward to hearing about your future development because I think you are destined to be somebody that’s going to do some great things.

Teresa: May I say one other thing, Wynn?

Wynn: No, well … you’ve got – here take 20 seconds to say it.

Teresa: Oh, I’m sorry. I asked yesterday, why - because I know who I am now and I asked “What am I supposed to do?” And I was shown what my walk of life will be and it is through music, singing/songwriting, writing books and talking with people. That’s my course, that’s how I’m supposed to help people. That’s all.

Wynn: Okay, thank you for sharing.

You know, I got an email from Jean who was doing a reading and got a lightning bolt. I think Michael and I are going to have to end up doing a workshop because if I keep talking about him he is not going to be able to handle it. [Laughter]

We got an email from Ceeja in England, wants me to come over to England but Ceeja, nobody’s going to come to see me. That’s the problem, it’s kind of like I’m not famous enough and I don’t have enough money enough, to do it. Keep inviting people to our calls and buy some Creator God books and just loan them out to people and start developing the interest. Then when people are interested and there are enough people somebody will support me coming over.

But a lot of people say come here, come there and I do it and nothing happens because I’m just a normal person. In fact, I’m probably a difficult person to be around. [Laughter] A few years ago I said every time I go somewhere everybody drops out because the human side comes out and I’m human. Hang on a second now, we’ve got another question here … Carla had sent something that she asked me to read and I’ll read it:

We all Come from Love

We all come from love and unto Love we shall all return. We all come from love and unto love we shall return. Like a river flowing into the ocean, like a beam of light returning to the Sun.

Thank you Carla, and then we have here Joshua in Austin said, “Have there ever been Elohim/Ra hybrids intentionally created?” You know, I don’t think at that level of expansion you can create a hybrid. But I do think that we on this line, who are experiencing the energies of the line, are hybridizing ourselves. But I don’t want to use the word “hybrid.” It’s not the best word.

That’s a genetic manipulation. It’s kind of like, it doesn’t matter what you create – as soon as it becomes, oh, I know what you’re … What happens is, when an Elohim and a Ra soul get into affiliation, for example, I have the feeling that Daphne has Elohim roots in her and I have Ra roots so that’s part of what stimulated this whole thing to happen; because I started to get the knowledge of how things worked and I was proving it to myself but she didn’t have the wisdom, at least at that time, to create something but I did and then I committed to it. I said this is important.

So I don’t think you can intentionally create hybrids although there are people who are very old souls that most definitely have energetic connections to both groups.

Now, I want to go through our healing list here. As we do this, I want all of you to focus your energy, focus our group energy - focus our Sources energy. We’re operating as a huge team and we’re going to send the Light to some of those people that are having challenges in their physical bodies. Let’s start out with Carla. Is that okay, Carla?

Carla: Absolutely.

Wynn: Yes, let’s start out with Carla who has a skin graft and spinal issues that she’s had for a long time, and where is the location of the skin graft Carla?

Carla: It starts at the very tip of one hip and goes all the way to the very tip of the other hip and I’m 5’3” and 150 lbs. so you could imagine that’s a meaty measurement and quite a big skin graft. And the reason I’m having difficulties now is--the original skin graft did great but--in order to lie so that air got to the source of the skin graft, the skin from which all the new skin was feeding, I had to lie completely on one hip and get the other hip – you know, give it air.

So, there are like two sutures and all of those sutures all the way around that didn’t make it because I would lie on them and the pressure was heavy. So now I’m having to go back and forth on a Clinitron bed giving one side the air and the other side the therapy of the bed and then reversing it and doing that all day. So God willing and I know that God does will it, I will be well but it’s just a matter of time.

And thank everybody who has lifted me up through this time. It’s been difficult at times [but] with the energy of your loving thoughts and prayers, it’s been wonderful. By the way, Wynn, I want you to read that again next week and we can end the show singing it. I think it would be a beautiful thing for all of us to sing at the end of every show.

If you’ll look at it, it’s sort of what we’re all about and it’s a simple little thing. It’s mesmerizing when you do it and you can really feel the group energy moving in that song. So think about it and if you like the idea maybe we can sing it next week and get started with everybody learning it.

Wynn: Okay, we’ll have to do a rehearsal.

Carla: Yes, that’s a good idea.

Wynn: Alright, and then I want to send healing to Lisa in San Francisco. Let’s wait just a moment, I’m going too fast. Let’s just work on Carla’s skin graft and just everybody focus on Carla’s lower back where this graft is having problems and see it working. See it coming together. Seeing it healing and seeing Carla healthy and totally functional.

And we put Lisa in San Francisco in the Light for healing of all her physical issues.

We’ll put Carolyn in Sacramento – let’s take a moment and see her body free of any pneumonia and any pathogens that are making her sick; and Maggie in Kansas City dealing with itching. Maggie, it sounds like … let’s see, what does it say here? “Healing for what’s making her itch.”

And for Marsha, in Panorama City – ‘to her Mom who’s moving to a senior citizen’s center and it’s hard for her.’ Invite your Mom to listen to our Sunday call; maybe she’ll feel part of it.

Kathy in Kansas - put in the Light, ‘selling her home and finding a good rental.’ Pat in Birmingham – ‘sending the Light to her daughter and her daughter’s relationship which is difficult.’ Barbara in Twin Falls, Idaho – ‘to be a shining light in the world and to love and bless all beings and to express gratitude for all her blessings; I am a powerful light-being extending unlimited love out to the Universe. Thank you for your service and inspiration.’ Thank you.

For everyone else who I didn’t read and for all of you that didn’t put anything into the healing list today, or have hopes and dreams or obstacles, we’re going to take a moment of silence and realize the Universe is telepathic. It can hear you and right now, I want you to put in your mind, the things you would like to shift and change for yourself and the hopes and prayers you have for other people, right in this moment and know you are being heard. This is always for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. [Silence]

Wynn: You know, we’ve been going for a long time and we have about 7 minutes left. Let’s right now, bring in a greeting through Terry. We ask right now, that this energy that we’re creating around our planet, right in this moment, prevail, proliferate and wake up all of those people that are waiting for it. And Terry, are you there?

Terry: I’m here, can you hear me?

Wynn: I hear you. Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy, radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth and right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. We invite our Sources to bring forth a message through Terry Brown. Thank you.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with each and every one of you. This is Sunday, May 26, 2013 and this is a sacred moment, when we all take a moment and can connect. And our Love and the Love of all can permeate and remind everyone how treasured they are, how treasured their existence and their experiences are. And it is through these moments which not only on the line or connecting during the calls but in your own sacred silence within your own moments. You can take a moment and reset to the Love. To the stillness, to a space which makes room for the changes that you are asking for. And by asking you are putting it out to the Universe, asking for those things that you wish to create to become possible and to make the space within your own life for those things you wish to change, to be reset and to grow anew into new potentials that you are asking for. By asking, you are making a space, you are putting it there. You are getting the help. Getting our help, you are making it known, what you wish to create. This is a sacred moment and we Love you each more than you can possibly imagine. We leave but we do not leave.

Wynn: Thank you very much and thank you Terry for being here and holding the space for all of this to happen … and Carla as well for holding the space. And it is 11:57 a.m. We started this call and we played one of my favorite John Lennon songs and I’m going to close this with one of my favorite Peter Pan songs. [Laughter]

Okay, if this comes out right. BBS can just fade us out whenever they want and we’ll continue playing it for those of you on the line and here we go.

[Peter Pan song plays]

Wynn: Alright, I’m trying to un-mute everyone, here we go. See you all next time. Thanks for being here.

Everyone: That was outstanding! Love Light to everybody. Thank you Carla; thank you Wynn, thank you Carla, thank you Terry, thank you everyone. Feel better Carla. Bye everybody, have a wonderful week; happy Memorial Day to all of you.

Dwayne: Hey Michael, if you can, give me a call.

Michael: Yeah, I can. Teresa, are you still on the line?

Teresa: Yes I am.

Michael: I’m going to see if … [The End]

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