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Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Dave Masty

Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: This is May 27, 2013. Wynn and Terry in Sedona, and all of you who are on the phone line (we talked to as you were coming in), and all of you who are listening on the Internet.

This is a rather unusual call; the people that have been attending it for a while kind of understand why that is. It’s because we have a theory that we have these group soul energies in other dimensions that are here on the call with us that are actually paying attention to this call and the people on it.

I call it a theory because we can’t prove it, but there are a lot of unusual happenings that occur on this call. In fact, I’ve been in the middle of a lot of unusual happenings for the last ten years, ever since we were taking that drive (Daphne and I) and we did a prayer of protection. I did that famous “Does anybody want to talk to me?” and Daphne answered.

I’m a person that’s a “What is this? Who is this talking to me? Can I trust this?”  So, it took me about two or three years and that’s why I have all this material. It’s important to read the material; it’s important because the logical mind, including mine, wouldn’t believe that this possible; except, we’re doing it and it keeps happening. Not only do we feel energies on the line, not only do people have amazing experiences that are checking in, but they talk to us through Terry; or a voice talks through Terry and says it’s them. Every person has to go through their own individual scrutiny, analysis, etc.

Sometimes people come on these calls and they’re really going through tough times; I understand that, I certainly have had my tough times. The tough time could be a physical problem, it could be a financial problem, it could be an alienation problem, an emotional problem, or a sadness problem; you name it. When you show up here with those problems, many people do get a ‘fix’. It usually doesn’t happen right away. If you come here with a problem, an intense personal problem, and you expect an immediate ‘something’ to happen, that usually isn’t the case, although sometimes it’s the case.

I’m not the person that is the dispenser of these solutions; I’m just a guy that’s showing up and is constantly learning how to be in the middle of this interaction between this physical Earth and these voices in other dimensions. I’m learning how to be a liaison, how to be able to do my best job so that you get the best out of it, but I don’t ‘fix’ people; sometimes people fix themselves around this work. It’s not like you can ask me “Wynn, do me a favor and do this” because I don’t seem to be able to do it that way. But, I do show up.

The interesting thing is, when I show up, they show up. When I say ‘they’, how do you know they’re there? How do you know they’re showing up? Many of you have had the experience; when they show up, there’s a change in the vibration around you, and different people experience that change differently. Some people don’t experience it when they first come into the calls, but if you keep coming in people are getting it, people realize it.

We have an archive set up at, where we have hundreds of our old calls. Every call is different. I invite you to take this challenge: how do you escape this contraction that you feel by being stuck in a body? And, how can you get beyond that and feel outside of your body the great intelligence, awareness and love of the Universe?

That’s what seems to be happening on these calls; people are having that experience. The great thing about having that experience is that once you have it, it becomes a reference point, even if you have it for just a moment or for five minutes. It means that you are on your way, if you choose to follow that. What does following that mean? It means that “I felt that, I got it – I felt a little a thing or a big thing or a tingle.”  Or, “I felt goose bumps.”  When you feel that, the first goal is to feel what it’s like to expand and then to feel it more, and then to integrate it into your life so that you can sense that all the time.

Being in a body on Earth, we have what they call a ‘veil’ of forgetfulness; an energy veil that keeps you from experiencing things in this realm. It contains you; it’s like putting a bubble around you that you can’t get out of. It’s not true that you can’t get out of it though, you can. But, you can’t do it with your mind; you can’t think your way out of it. You can use your mind to process information, but when you have the experience of moving beyond that contraction, when you say “That’s it; that’s what Wynn is talking about” it’s not something you can control. It’s something that happens, and you said “I remember it; that’s what he said it would be like.”  Because it happens one time, the next day you can’t say “Okay, give me that experience” because you can’t control it. Really, you can learn to get out of the way so that energy can come in.

It’s kind of a joke with Terry and I because we start out these calls and we say “Are you ready?” “No!” --Am I ready? – No. What we’re really saying is: It’s true; we’re not ready; we don’t prepare these very much, they’re spontaneous. But, we both learned how to get out of the way; how to be neutral; how to let things flow and trust that it’s going to come out right without worrying about what people think, or how we’re going to look, or trying to create a good impression, or impressing you. It’s being neutral; moving into a neutral place and letting it happen.

When we do that it moves you (or most of you or many of you) into that space with us; as we move into that space together we create a moment of ‘co-creation’; suddenly, it’s not just me talking, it’s ‘we’ talking; my energy is part of your energy, and yours is mine. When I move into that space, you can feel it; you can feel it like inside of yourself. Some of you read the emails I sent out.

Yesterday was kind of a controversial day because every Sunday we have had a fairly rigid format that we’ve done for a couple of years. Yesterday we broke the format. I didn’t go into the call expecting to break the format. Then I got emails, so then I apologized for breaking the format. Then, I got a lot of other emails that people were saying how much they enjoyed the call and it was okay. I sent a bunch of those emails out today; I thought it would be fun for everybody to read them.

It’s the fine line between form and formless; there’s a form: we have a call; we have a time we show up for; we have a greeting; we have a way of calling in the energy. Inside that form there’s formlessness, which is what we have to tap into to bring energy into the form. Otherwise, the form is stuck; it just is there without energy coming into it, it’s empty.

I used to play music, and I know that when I would be playing a song in front of an audience, there were times when I would play the song and it was boring. I could say the lyric, but when I looked out into the crowd they didn’t feel the lyric; they didn’t feel what I was saying. So, I couldn’t put feeling into it, because I needed them to feel it to make it real for myself. Now, when I’m on these calls… --Let me just go back to the other thing; when I was playing music and people did feel it and they did believe the lyric, it was as if I was playing that song for the very first time and everyone was experiencing it for the first time. So, I was sharing their experience.

I learned to really become somewhat masterful with that with an audience; to feel how people could feel what I was saying or what I was singing in a lyric. I see that I’ve carried that ability to these calls where when I say something, I automatically can feel the energy response, which leads to the next thing I say, and to the next thing, which is part of how the group energy is created. I’m being very, very sensitive to you and your energies.

Then, when a group energy is created between us all, we feel each other. Believe it or not, you’re feeling each other and not just me. That’s why the people get on the call early; we just named it the “Happy Hour” today because they have a common point of reference, they actually did feel each other’s energy before they even talked to the person, and certainly before they ever saw somebody’s body.

This is what we’re learning; we’re learning to have a group energy. We’re learning to feel each other; we’re learning to co-create together as a group; we’re learning when we have a group energy and we open ourselves up to the energies of the higher dimensions, how they will flow into our group energy.  I believe this is the experience that Jesus referred to when he said “When two or more are gathered I am also present.”

It’s a learning curve; it’s a learning curve for me; how to do this, how to reach you. Sometimes I’ll make mistakes (it’s not even a mistake, really) but I’ll deviate. Sometimes when I deviate it goes really well; occasionally I’ll deviate and it doesn’t go well or it goes less than well.

One of the things about these calls and one of the reasons people keep coming back, in my opinion, is because they are experiencing that they’re part of the energy of the call. They’re also moving into that moment of spontaneity, of creation where we don’t know what’s going to happen next. There have been times when extraordinary things have happened on these calls, but never, ever did we know it was going to happen beforehand. But, they are up in the archives. I’m getting to the place where I’m going to go through the archives and try to select some of the really epic calls that we’ve done, so that it’s easy for people to find them and not miss them, because we have so many calls up there; there’s hundreds.

What I was going to do today is, do what I didn’t do yesterday. On Sunday, we create a group energy. How do we create a group energy? The only thing I know to do is to go to that place of ‘nothingness’; ‘center point’. It exists right here, it exists in between my words. Can you feel that energy that rushes in? That’s it. Within that energy, we have these Sources, these group souls.

And there are two group souls that have identified themselves. If you’re new to the call, you have to read the books because it will make it real for you; the Creator God book which is a free download and The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?. Each book presents a different group soul energy.

What is a group soul? A group soul is a bunch of individual entities in other dimensions that have teamed up to be of service to the dimensions below it. One group soul is made up of graduates of this realm and the other group soul is made up of the creators of this realm; a group energy that hasn’t taken bodies, or the ones that are still there haven’t taken bodies. Once they take bodies, they usually get stuck here for many, many lifetimes. We have a group soul that’s up there and those that have taken bodies.

The group soul that is the Creator of this Universe is not ‘God’; they don’t ask themselves to be called ‘God’. Historically, at different times, they have been identified as God. They’re more like our cosmic, stellar ‘friends’. They have the ability to radiate energy from where they are into this realm. I say “they have” because it’s happened so many times, even when I’ve given a live talk or a talk on a conference call. They have been working with me and with Terry. We have been learning how to work this; I guess that’s the best way to say it. It’s a co-creation; we’re here, they’re there; we create an energy link between here and there. They can send energy through that energy link, then we have an energy link with you out there, when that occurs, you guys can feel the energy.

What is the purpose of feeling the energy? When you feel that energy, you started the process of expanding yourself outside of the veil; you started the process of reconnecting with that Intelligence that is part of you, but in a higher dimension – in other words, it’s all One. That’s the focus of our Sunday call: to make that connection. I know as I’m talking, I know that the energy is here now and we’re making that connection now. But, we have a little formal meditation that we do that is very powerful in helping people to feel those connections; that’s what I left out yesterday. We have a planetary part of that where we send energy to our entire planet. It’s a very beautiful experience that we share together.

We’re going to do that tonight since we didn’t do it last night. Normally our Monday call is more informational’; we pick topics and we explore topics, many times topics which have never been explored in the history of mankind. We pose questions to Terry and they speak through her; oftentimes, they answer questions live, right here on the line; but this Monday call is different.

We’re going to start with this personal meditation. It’s based on the idea that the entire Universe is all One Energy, and we, being part of the Universe, are part of that energy. Most often, we’re in contraction and we don’t experience ourselves being part of that energy; we feel separated and alone and stuck in our bodies. So, the goal of this particular part here is to make the connection with the energy that’s greater than you, starting with the Earth and going all the way up to Source.

What is the benefit of doing this? One benefit is that it feels really uplifting; that’s #1. The second benefit is that it starts to heal aspects of you that have been damaged. Everyone who has a body has had many lifetimes, and they’ve gone through some rough times here on Earth: trauma, hurt, terrible deaths, rape, you name it. It internalizes into our energy system;  either it’s been done to us or we’ve done it to other people. The goal is to forgive yourself, because if you’re carrying those things they block you, or they attract the same experiences over and over again, even in this lifetime. Once you start expanding, you start expanding above the area where all those things exist; it’s the first step in freeing yourself from your karmic past.

Put your feet flat on the ground or the bed or the floor:

We see the Earth and we see the aliveness of the Earth and we see the energy of the Earth; the Earth is alive and she’s aware of us. We’re usually not aware of her, but she’s very aware of us. Throughout history, there’s many ways where the Earth has been disregarded, or even deeply wounded by the people on the surface of the Earth. As an energy, the Earth can project, the Earth can make decisions; the Earth can choose to have an earthquake, the Earth can choose to limit an earthquake. I don’t know all the parameters, but I do know the Earth has will and can choose things.

When you make a connection with the Earth, when you start honoring the Earth, then it automatically gives you a certain degree of protection; if the Earth is choosing where to have an earthquake, she might look at Wynn and say “Let’s not do this under Wynn’s house; we’re going to do it somewhere else.” Many of you have read about people that have had fires and it destroyed homes, but didn’t destroy theirs because they were inside praying. Your thoughts impact the Earth; your energy impacts the Earth.

We’re going to have the Earth come up through our floor and into our feet. For many people, that creates a tingling in your feet. We can say “Earth, I love you” as the tingling increases. We’re going to take this energy of the Earth and move it through our body; we’re going to move it through our legs, our calves, our groin, our solar plexus, our chest, our neck and up to the top of our head. We can hang there for a minute.

If you’re visualizing, visualize this finger of energy coming from the Earth underneath you through your feet and up through your body. Now, we’re going to move through the top of our head; we’re going to move one foot above your head. Just imagine: you’re still in your body, you’re still connected to the Earth, you’re just extending yourself from your own center point through the top of your head and into your room. You can almost visualize the energy of the Earth coming up through your body, moving through your body leaving the top of your head.

Suddenly, it’s like a fountain from the top of your head moving into the room around you. If you’re in a position to, take your arms and bring them together at the top of your head, not on your head, just above your head (3 feet), and move them slowly down, slowly up. See if you can feel that energy in the room.

Now we’re going to collapse the fountain to a beam and we’re going to move that beam through our ceiling and through the roof. If there’s anyone between your ceiling and the roof, we’re just going to go right through their environment and keep going. Now move that energy above your roof and into the clouds. We’re going to keep moving; we’re going to move above the clouds and above that veil we were talking about – remember I said there’s this veil that keeps you contracted? We’re moving above the veil.

We keep going; we move past the energy field of Earth; we move past the Solar System.   We’re moving through time as well as space; that’s a little harder to visualize, but if we can imagine that there are all these dimensions of time surrounding you – you’ve heard of “other dimensions.”  Other dimensions are connected to the way time moves; time moves differently as you move up the dimensions, and when you get to the top, time stops. In many spiritual traditions, they talk about that place where time stops as the ‘eternal now’.

If you can visualize the entire Universe is all a huge hologram projected outwards from that point where time stops; it’s constantly being recreated as are you constantly being recreated. We’re moving up; we’re moving up from our little contracted time unit (body, mind spirit complex, as they call it) and we’re working with our energy field. We’re moving it to the place where we meet. Since there is only one energy, there’s got to be a place where all those energies converge. Since time is an illusion and we’re all moving through time and space, we’re touching into that place where we started, where we just individuated.

Did you ever wonder where you came from? At one point, you didn’t exist as a separate energy. You were part of All That Is. So, we are not going to disappear into All That Is, but we are going go to the fringes of where time just starts. Each of us is just being birthed from that place. We can feel each other when we’re there. Let’s just say a silent ‘hello’ to everyone that’s on this call, everyone that’s on the Internet, everyone that hears this in the future that we’re all meeting outside of time.

We have this conglomerate, this conglomerate group energy that we are creating. I’m saying the words and you’re going along with me. You’re tracking the energy and you’re creating it just as much as I am. We’re going to invite our Sources, these two group souls, to join with our energy.  Feel what that feels like; here’s this energy from the Earth through your body through all the time lines, through all the physical universe. We touch each other and we touch these Sources.

Now, we’re going to bring the energy back down; we’re not going to lose this connection. Like plugging in an electric cord, we’re going to unwind the electric cord through the Universe, through the outer energies of Earth, through the clouds, through your sky, through your roof, through your ceiling and back into the room. We started out sending our energies in a small unit, just the Earth and us. Now we have this energy that we pulled back down through the top of our heads. Let’s feel it as we move it down our body and to our feet. It’s like scanning everything in our body, surrounding those points of tension, of tightness and of hurt. While you’re in your heart, center your focus on your heart in the middle of your chest. I want you to think of those people that did you in and that you still have grudges against. Just surround them with this energy and let it go; no judgments, no grudges, no resentment.

In the future, when you feel those feelings inside of yourself, remember this moment. Call in this energy and forgive. Let’s move the energy back down through our solar plexus, our solar plexus is our seat of power. If you don’t feel your power, you’ve not mastered the energies in your solar plexus. Our genitals, of course, it’s the area of sexual expression and creativity. This is going to be different for every person; it’s an area where sometimes you have to experiment and figure out where your right balance is. Just be careful, when you’re experimenting, you don’t get sick or diseased and you don’t hurt other people. And, you honor free will of people; you don’t try to manipulate them and/or control them through sex.

Move the energy down through your legs, through your feet and back into the Earth. We’ve done it; we’ve created an energy link. Remember I said we were going to feel the Universe and experience that?

One idea that I have learned to be true, is the Universe is alive, all of it is alive. There is no part of it that’s not alive, and it all has awareness; everything from the group souls at the high end to the Earth to the Sun. You’ve opened yourself up to the Universe, and when we do this we must remember to ask for only positive Sources; we’re expanded. In this kind of opening, it’s not right for everyone to do this. If it ever feels uncomfortable, pull it back and don’t do it for a while, because when you open yourself up, you open yourself up to the possibility of having the wrong connection up there. You have to learn how to identify it.

It’s why it’s not good to go into a bar and get drunk; there are a lot of influences in a bar that can jump into your field when you’re open and you’re drunk. We have a lot of protection here; we have a whole stream of protection coming down from our Sources through all the dimensions, right to your physical location. We’ve learned that we can put things in the Light, which means take advantage of all this energy that we have accessed and get it to support us. We’re supporting it by bringing it in, anchoring it to ourselves and to the Earth. It will support us to create miracles, synchronicities, healings; honoring free will of everyone and honoring the highest good of all concerned.

Project the thought of how you would like the support of the Universe in your lifetime. That can come in as healing, it can come in synchronicities, it can come in as relationships changing; things that were tough, relationships suddenly get easier; it’s different for everybody. You could say this is the real nature of prayer; expanding yourself so you’re part of all that is and accessing those high parts that would support you back.

Terry, are you there?

Terry: I’m here, yes.

Wynn: I’m going to call in the Light.  We have about nine minutes. We can do the planetary meditation; we’re going to do that quickly if we have time. I’ll call in the Light and we’ll bring a message in for this moment.

I just repeat again, this is not our normal Monday night; it’s something that we didn’t do yesterday so I decided to repeat it today.

Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry, myself and each person on this line. And any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the Positive has access to; anything not of that nature must leave now.

Thank you.

Ra’An: We greet you in the Love-Light of the One Infinite Creator; this is the 27th of May, 2013. And we extend our energies into your energies if you so desire; it is like an energy handshake, and in the energy handshake we impart Love into your sphere, if you so desire. And we are available to you, not just on the calls but whenever you wish. We are there as your ‘still’ energy companion if you wish.

We take a moment and we look over Earth. And we see many lovely, beautiful individuals – Light Workers – who are working so hard to impart Love-Light and health and energy into their chosen areas. And it weaves together into a panoply where those of like-mind can come together even though they are not near each other, they vibrationally come together. And they create a network of health that is a consensus that makes Earth and life on Earth for humans viable.

And this energy is supportive of family life, it’s supportive of plant life – of both together – of schools. And we hesitate when we see diversities in energies, diversities in some of the upper governing levels, the disagreements on the best move forward. And even for all of these people we are available when asked.

And we shower our Love on them, that they may have an example to pick from when they are choosing how to govern; that if they choose, they may select the energy for the greatest good to emulate and to bring forth into the world.

We look forward to the planetary grid healing. And we are with you and we leave but we do not leave.

Thank you for this opportunity to share space and time with you.

Wynn: Thank you very much. We have a few minutes, and I’m going to make this a short but effective moving of energy for our planet.

As you might be noticing, we’re working as a team. We’re working as a group and we have partners in these group souls that join with us. As a team, we expand our energies exponentially. Right now let’s move into that space where we created a group energy. It’s a group energy that can move around. We can move it; we can move the whole energy. We’re going to move that energy just by our immediate intention to surround our planet with the most beautiful Love. We see the Earth and we see this energy around the Earth that is us, or part of our projection. With the help of our Sources, we see it descending and moving through those areas where there’s a path and where there’s not a path; where there’s dark energy it goes around it. We see it coming down on the tops of the heads of all those people who are reaching for connection.

We’re going to take a minute for one of the things we always do, we do the Ring of Fire which is an earthquake zone around the Pacific Ocean. We’re going to look at all the land masses around the Pacific Ocean from the tip of South America, up South America, up Central America, up Mexico, California up through Canada, down across Alaska down through the eastern coast of Russia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea (North and South), and Japan. We are moving/pushing this amazing energy coming from the center of the Universe, coming from our Sources, coming from ourselves. We’re moving it through the surface of the Earth. We’re moving it to the point of all of those tectonic plates that could, at any time, turn into an earthquake. We just ask to surround it in a gentle way to create slow releases of tension.

Thank you. It’s 6:58; let’s bring this energy back to our bodies. Hold the space. You can hold this as a quiet space in yourself. Learn to feel these energies. You don’t need to be on the call; this is meant to be a reference point.

Thank you BBS; thank you all who are here. Thank you, all the people, who are volunteering. Thank Terry and our Sources for participating with us tonight. We’ll see you all Wednesday when we go back to our normal format where you can ask questions. We will query our Sources live, on the air.

Thank you. And – Happy Memorial Day!

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