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Wednesday Call 05.29.2013
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
Audio Link -
Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown and David Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn: This is May 29, 2013; Wynn and Terry in Sedona; Gijs, our producer, is in Magalia; Willow, our announcer-in-training/greeter-in-training, is near Riverside. Welcome to our call.


As you guys know, we do a call three times a week. This has been going on for quite some time. We have, what we say, is a group energy here. When you come in early, what happens to that group energy is that everyone is kind of expressing their human side, their fun side; they’re greeting each other.


As many of you are Wanderers or inter-dimensional beings from other dimensions that have come into bodies, it’s not easy to find comrades in this realm; most people don’t understand. The people that keep coming into these calls end up connecting with each other, but not in the normal way. The normal way is that you sit down and you try to make a personality connection; “Hi, what do you do?” and “What do you do?”


When you’re coming in a spiritual way, in truth, we have already made the connection before we said a word to each other. Those of you who are on the calls regularly know that particularly on our Sunday call we actually say it: we say that we affiliate our energies together and create a group energy.


What does that mean? It’s not being in your mind when you say it; the energy shifts. When the energy shifts you feel something. You’re kind of learning. I’m learning. We’re learning how it feels to participate in a group energy. It’s not like a personality connection, which is what most of us are used to. We’re used to being with somebody and trying to reach them through our personality and vice-versa.


In this sense, on these calls, you have to come in a while to ‘get it’. Everybody ‘gets it’ in their own way. I know there are people that are listening to this call that are very private, that would not enjoy talking to everybody at the beginning of the call, but they can feel the group energy and they help hold the group energy. I know you’re there, and I honor you and thank you for being there. It’s a very rather pure role to hold the space and never be known. Maybe you don’t need to be known, and that’s okay. Other people really do need to be felt as humans.


They come in early on the call, and that’s a really great experience. They release all that alienation and feeling separated and they come into a group. But, it works mostly when you’ve been listening to the calls for a while. It’s not like somebody new will come in, click in at the beginning of the call and ‘get it’ because that person has not felt the group energy yet, so they’re going to want personality-type interaction.


If you’ve watched the cycles of the call and things that have been obstacles in the past when people are in for the first time, or early on, and they’re demanding a personality interaction and you try to give it to them, it usually goes south; it doesn’t work out. It works out when people have been listening to the calls for a while and felt the energy and felt the group energy.


Then they come in and they’re coming into the place where they’re already together, potentially. I’m not saying this works for everybody, but that’s the idea. They hit the ground running and they start giggling and having fun. So, there are aspects of this whole thing that’s amazing; that we can do this over a telephone with a bunch of people that haven’t met each other in the physical. Yet, some of us get to know each other and have affiliations that might be significantly deeper than those people you know in the physical.


We have a lot of tools; like there’s something called ‘Team Shift’, where people make a phone call everyday and call in the Light, invoke group energy and get a reference-point of energy of connection. This is a free will exploration. Most of what we do we don’t charge for, and if we do charge we don’t charge much. Occasionally, we sell something like the pendants which help, or a work shop, which not only are great products but they support all the things we do for free. Then, some people are giving donations. Giving donations is a really pure thing to do.


There’s a guy and his wife that I know here in Sedona, and they do Ouija boards. They’re really cute, but I’m always concerned that the way they do it they might ‘mix polarities’ in their Ouija-board stuff, so I haven’t really invited them to be ‘guesting’ on the line. I like them a lot; they’re actually sweet people and they have a website up, which is…  – I’m trying to make it sound like they’re a big television show – and they have this product; if anyone is interested, send me an email. His name is Ray and he has been raving to me every time we’ve met (we meet once a month on the street somewhere) about this product that saved his wife’s bones. She had this terrible osteoporosis, and he actually wrote up something and was selling it for $20 to tell people about the product.


Now, he sits in the supermarket once a week, or twice a week, and tests people’s bones and gives them a reading about whether they need this product for osteoporosis or not. If anyone is interested, email me and I’ll tell you what it is, if anyone is having bone problems. It’s available on the Internet.


So I met Ray’s other half, Linda, today, and it just so happens that last week Terry was in Bosch’s, the supermarket, and walked past Linda and got a bone test, and then bought some of this stuff. Linda was telling me today – now remember, Linda and Ray are psychics – and Linda was saying “I don’t know what to make of Terry. I mean she is so amazing…” and she was raving about Terry. Then she said something like “You know what? It’s like she’s not there.”


In a certain sense, Terry only responds to loving energy, unless she goes into her stuff about her mother when she was growing up. Otherwise, you can’t get to her unless there’s love; nothing happens. When Linda said that Terry wasn’t there, I said “You know I’ve known Terry for thirty years. I always thought there was nothing until I found out what was really there.” It’s kind of amazing, because it’s like part of her is not in the physical. So much of her is somewhere else that no one… – even when I knew her; even when we sold sunglasses together, who could have imagined what could come through Terry?


I’ve promised not to talk too long; it’s 6:13. We have some really good questions today. Over the past week I’ve shared the emails that everyone sent me, some of you have seen the emails. There was this question “Wynn, are you being egotistical?” Gary asked the question “What is ego?” last week.


I wanted to share something about that. I’m not going to say that I may not ever cross a line. We work really hard for years at making something happen, then suddenly we’re scratching the surface and its happening. You know what? There is a sense of accomplishment in that, there really is. For the longest time it looked like “No one cares; this is never going to happen.” If that sense of accomplishment looks like ego, I apologize; it balances out.


Another thing is that I remember when I was young and I listened to Muhammad Ali. He would always say “I’m the greatest; I’m the greatest.” I used to think “What a big ego that guy has!” Then years later, I realized he was putting out an affirmation for the Black people of this country. His “I am the greatest” really was “We are the greatest.” He did what he had to do to get attention.


I realize that sometimes I have to do what needs to be done to get attention. For example, I made the comment a week or two ago, and I said “When I show up, they show up.” There’s no ego attached to that; that was an experience that I have observed over and over again. That when there’s a group and I show up, as long as I’m not screwing up in a big way, the energy of these higher intelligences show up. That’s not an ego trip; it’s just what happens.


If I said it on a radio show, for example, I’m not saying it to say “Look at me, aren’t I great?” I’m saying it because I hope someone will be curious to see, saying “Geez, I wonder if that really happens like that.” If I don’t make people curious, nobody shows up. All of you are here because at some point you got curious. That’s what caused you to reach and discover the rest. So, curiosity is the biggest incentive to make people look at what we’re doing.


If I was outrageous and said something outrageous, I know somebody is going to think “That guys’ got a big ego.” The truth of my motivation is to make someone curious. There’s a huge amount of benefits  as I’ve observed for people that start paying attention to this work that are ready for it. You guys email me and you tell me all the time the amazing things that are occurring for you. Very rarely do I even send those emails out to the group; occasionally I’ll do it.


What I’ve found is that when strangers read emails like that they think that this guy is just – how can I say it? – they think I’ve got a bunch of ‘followers’ so to speak. I don’t consider you ‘followers’. I consider us people that show up and together we’re learning this incredible experience of learning how to meld our energies with the higher dimensions in a way we can feel it. It’s important that I take a ‘center’ position in this, because what I’ve learned is that they don’t want me giving up my power to them; I have to hold the other side of the string so the string stays taut. When you start giving up your power to a channeled source, you open yourself up to the possibility (and maybe even the probability) that you’ll get a negative source.


So, I have to observe and you have to observe. I don’t think we’re getting negative sources through this work. The only thing we ever get is a little bleed – I’m not even sure this is bleed-through – bleed-through from Terry when she recommends her favorite, Dr. Marshall to everybody. Actually, I think it’s a very good thing because we really can’t give health advice without running the risk of getting busted. He’s legitimate to do that.


On that note, let’s see, it’s 6:19. I’m going to take two to three minutes. When we come together I’m going to move into a space of sacredness and connection and hold a small planetary intention for healing. That is so important now that all of us that are listening, all of us around the world, we take a moment and we connect through our expanded energy fields. We move into the space of Oneness, of touching each other and the energy comes in. In this space we want to create group intentions of healing for ourselves.


If you’re feeling that energy, or even if you’re not, let it move through your body; ask it to move through your body. We’ll see our planet – we’re doing this fast – we’ll see our planet surrounded with this energy that we are creating in cooperation with our Sources. We’re just a few hundred people and they’re multi-millions. We are inviting them in and they come and they work with us as a team. Yes, they’re more powerful than we are. Many of you once were them and volunteered to come into this realm to do this work. That would make you a hero. They know that; they know you’re one of them.


It’s not just about your life ending and you going back somewhere else. As you’re learning to hold this energy, you are really valuable in this realm. It is so hard to get this to occur in this way. I believe we’re doing it.


Surround the planet in this energy. We can have the Elohim’s pink glow around the planet. We can have it moving into all those areas of earthquake potentials,  and balancing the potentials for small quakes away from populations. Small volcanoes, small tornados, small tsunamis – if at all – and let the Earth ask to release this tension gradually. We send love to the Earth right now. We feel the Earth’s energy coming back to us.


We ask for interventions. We ask for no nuclear weapons going off. We ask for counter-frequencies to things that are negative like chemtrails or HAARP, and even GMO if you accidentally eat it, that your body can transmute it. We fill ourselves up with this energy. When you feel that, you know that’s the energy that I believe was identified as the ‘Holy Spirit’ in Christianity. When you feel it, you know it’s real; it’s not something to believe in. Hold that space for a moment.


Now we’re going to go to the questions for the night. Are you there, Terry?


Terry: Okay.


Wynn: Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line. And any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our Sources present?


Ra’An: We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is the 29th of May 2013 and we are delighted to be in the presence of each and every person who wishes us to be present with them. Do you have questions?


Wynn: We do.


The question of the day, let me see here, comes from Gary; that’s Gary Brownlee. He had a question about ego and is it always negative? Is it sometimes positive? Could you explain ego and its relationship to us as something to avoid or to embrace? And, Melina in Venice asked “How can you tell the difference between confidence and ego?”


Ra’An: Thank you.


That is a very good question and leads in many different directions. It is very important – and this depends upon your definition of ego – it is very important for a person to have self-esteem and to believe in themselves and to love themselves and to consider themselves as equal to another. If one does not do this, then they begin to get into trouble. If they don’t have enough self-esteem then they begin to take on jealousies because they do not feel as worthwhile as someone else but yet feel that – in their heart of hearts – they really are equal to another.


If one has an over-exaggerated sense of self-esteem or importance that puts them way above someone else in their own mind and leaving out other people in their actions and considerations, then this would be negative and would not work well for them as well as for the people around them.


So, it depends upon your definition of ‘ego’; ‘self-esteem’ and ‘self-worth’ is important as one goes out into the world and interacts with others. And in one’s own survival, it is important that one have confidence in one’s own self and not put oneself down, because then that cuts their reach out to other people. When they feel that they have self-esteem and are valuable, then they can reach out to others with confidence because they feel that there is something to offer and something that they can also receive. It is grounding for someone, very important grounding, for someone as long as they do not let it run out of control into an over-an over-exaggerated sense of their own worth.


Wynn: It seems to me a good reference point would be: if you tend to be feeling superior to other people; if you tend to be condescending to other people; if you tend to be jealous of other people. Those would be signs of a negative expression of ego. But, if you’re feeling confident in yourself; if you’re expressing the truth of who you are in an authentic way, then that is a good use of ego in the positive sense. Do I have that right, do you think?


Ra’An: That is correct. That will get you along very well with your fellow man, because when they feel that you’re valuing them, then they will want to give-and-take with you. If someone is overbearing, then it will destroy relationships. The others will feel not valued. Condescending and over-exaggeration of self-importance around another tend to put the people around them off. It is not good for a healthy relationship.


Wynn: Thank you. Next question is from Jet Shoot; I think she’s somewhere over in Scandinavia. She asks a question about her sister with whom she’s had a very difficult relationship in her youth until a couple of years ago. She wonders if her sister – this is the way she describes this – “could be part of her soul”:


“Not a twin soul, but that we are really one soul divided into two fragments in order to learn more effectively. Is this, in general possible? If it is, is this the case with the two of us? Thank you.”


Ra’An: Thank you. Give us a moment.


We see that there is very common heritage here with a genetic background that is very similar, which gives you a very distinct feeling of being, in a sense, the same… Give us a moment…


There is a learning here that has been very good; a learning in how to stand up for your own self for each of you, and to be your own person and to still co-create. Give us a moment…


We are mindful of the question you have asked, and we see that each of you are doing your own creation of your own life. The creation of your own life is bringing in impulses and sensory information from a slightly different point of view from each of you and you are building your own track.


So, the question is: at one point, were you sharing track? And we leave this as something for you to ponder and to investigate, as there are shades of meaning at all different realms involved. We all are – and, we include us in this --are the same ‘being’ – and we all share the same abilities to build energies and to move into a life as we choose. So, at some very deep sense, we are all one.


Then, there is the question if, later on, after the moving into a separate life, if you again shared a life very closely. And we leave this for you to ponder and receive your own resonances and your own look at this. We see at this time there is a common bond that is very strong. However, you are building independent relationships also.


Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you. A question here from Matt Sevino, I think in New Fairfield, Connecticut. Matt, let me say that on your question about how the Universe was created – the holographic Universe theory – we have about five or six audios in our archive section on how the Elohim created the Universe. It is really fascinating and there is a lot of information in there that I don’t think has ever been brought out into the public like this, and maybe not even in the private.


It’s a big question; there’s a little search bar in – it’s called – just put in ‘how the Elohim created the universe’ and something will come up; listen to those.


But here is the question here; our question goes like this:


“A professor by the name of James Gates, who is a leading scientist on super symmetry theory, has found self-correcting code in the fabric of the equations that we use to understand the Universe. He’s been quoted as saying “In all my professional career, never would have I have imagined that I would have stumbled upon a discovery that would give the impression that we live in a reality that takes leads from the movie The Matrix.” Now this is Matt talking:


“The reason why I’m conflicted is I keep wondering how the Elohim co-created this realm in reconciliation with the holographic Universe theory were they computer engineers. Did they create the actual Universe while we live in a simulated version of that reality? Is an advanced race keeping us in simulated incubation while we evolve to the point of understanding our soul-level immortality to be able to meet them at a level where we can co-create with them? Are we in a video game?”


“Please ask; I’ve been tearing my hair out on this one. Matt”


Thank you.


Ra’An: Thank you. What a delightful question and line of reasoning. We see that all is creation and is created in the Now, together, and is the resultant of all of the impulses, all of the spinningnesses, all of the creation-matrices; they are entered.


We see that there are focusing mechanisms through the entry-way of the spinningnesses. These…--when there is a spinningness it begins to focus the consciousness; begins to focus the intelligence into one uniform idea one uniform look, one uniform ability to – from that center – to create a hologram of its own, and interactions with other housings that house intelligences that is distilled from the Intelligent Creator, the Being of All That Is; the Being that is ever-present.


And, this is the over-riding, underlying fabric before it was ever fabric of All That Is, a being upon which creation writes All That Is… Give us a moment…


The underlying principles are set in motion by the nature of the Being of All That Is, which is a precursor, really, to All That Is. In this – one of the main tenets of this – is Love, and a love of the creation that is woven from the fabric of created spinningnesses and motions and vibrations within the All That Is.


We hope this is giving you some clue.


Wynn: I would highly recommend going and doing that review on how the Elohim created the universe. They talk about how they worked it – as much as I understood it – they worked as a group of projecting frequencies that would create nodes. Remember, there was no space, there was time; it had to start from nothing to become something. Yes, they did say they were mathematicians in that; they said they were using lots of mathematical formulations to put things together so they would flow.


As life got developed, it came down to the creation of DNA. And, DNA was a microcosm of the Universe, like a mirror that the whole Universe (the whole macrocosm) would reflect into in each of us; that’s why astrology works, because DNA holds the imprint of all the astrological cycles.


But let me go on to the next question here. It is from Don Hermann. He asks about deep hypnosis as a useful tool for spiritual development. I would like to add the questions:


“We know that people use hypnosis to regress and to learn about past lives. Is it possible, and probable, that when a person opens up under hypnosis, they could also get an ‘attachment’, since their conscious control is not working when they’re under hypnosis? Thank you.”


Ra’An: Thank you. There are two different questions here.


Hypnosis can be used in its purest form to help a person to see what is there concerning their past track; however, it is better if they can do it under conscious control and can work with the little flashes of memory that come in sometimes to build the connection with other flashes of memory to put together their past.


However, under hypnosis an individual can begin to bring through recollections of stuff from the deep unconscious that in their own sense is still there; is always there still – that is brought to the surface by the hypnosis. And then, with a skillful hypnotherapist, can help the person open up.


However, one does (in regard to Wynn’s question) need to be…-- to choose this hypnotist wisely in that a hypnotist can, if they do not have proper ethics or if they have distortions that are unhealthy, can open a person up to suggestions which are not healthy for the individual.


And indeed, that is shown by some stage hypnotists who open up a person to do some act at a triggering signal. And that would not be advantageous to the person and the person would not remember. So it is better if one can find some one to work with that can bring them into the memory of their past without using hypnosis so that they are in their full faculties and are remembering – within their bringing unconscious to the conscious – with their own awareness present.


Wynn: Thank you. You know one more question on this topic is:


Oftentimes we have heard that a person cannot do something when they’re hypnotized that would be against their own integrity, or in violation of their own ethics. Then, there’s another point of view that a person could be hypnotized and be turned into an assassin. What’s the correct answer to this?


Ra’An: We would say that this depends entirely upon the person, as a person does have a higher self and a lower self. And if the higher self has much awareness and integrity, they can keep the person from doing some unethical act. However, the person… – the people do have lower selves, also. And the lower self may not have the judgment of the higher self. And if the lower self is very strong-minded, it can be induced to do things that the higher self might not wish, but yet not remember when the lower self (under hypnosis) was in control.


Wynn: Thank you. I think we have time for one more question tonight. I see Anna Medori in Burbank asked a question, but Anna, let’s leave that for next week.


By the way, we have a group of people in North Hollywood/Burbank area, a few people, that maybe it would be good to get together with: Vaughn and Aaron. They’re really nice people; I’m just mentioning that. It’s good to put people together in areas.


The question here is from Caroline Castro in Anchorage, Alaska. Actually, we have asked this question before and I’m just going to answer as I remember it. One of the things is about cremation: is that a good way to go? The answer previously was “yes”, because the soul will tend to hang out around the body, even after it’s dead and it doesn’t know that it’s dead. With cremation, it tends to release the soul into the higher realms.


The other question was about donating organs:


“Will donating your organs give you an attachment to the Earth plane and make it more difficult for one to move on to a higher realm? And, for a person that is receiving organs: what’s the impact on their system to have the DNA of a transplanted organ in their body? Thank you.”


Ra’An: Thank you.


Again, this depends upon the recipient and it depends upon the donor. If the donor is very attached to his life he may follow the donated organ – the heart, the lungs – he may follow it over to the other person and the other person, who is the recipient of the organ, may find themselves with suddenly having the likes of the person who was the donor; suddenly liking beer or suddenly liking a certain kind of music that they didn’t like before. And so it could be a difficult situation for the donor or for the receiver or for both.


If the donor is very centered and has the ability to move on, then it could work out very well. Or, if the recipient receives the ambience of the donor as well, then they may need to do some work to release the person who is the donor so that the donor does not become an attachment to the recipient.


Wynn: Thank you. So, I think we’ll bring the questions to an end tonight. Do we have any final comments?


Ra’An: It is a treasure to be with you and to make this connection. It is like a circuitry connection that makes a completion between the higher realms and the third dimension. We leave but we do not leave.


Wynn: Thank you so much; thank you for being here with us. Thank all of you who are here and helping to support the energy of this. I wish you the greatest of blessings until the next time we meet.


Let me see, I’ll open up the microphones. Okay, our mics are open.


For some reason, that was a really smooth call. Did you notice how packed the energy was in that? And an hour, how fast that went? Not all calls go exactly like that, but that one did; good example.


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