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Sunday Call  06.02.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee 

Wynn: This is June 2, 2013, Wynn in Flagstaff, Arizona, Terry in Flagstaff. So we’re somewhere different than normal. Flagstaff is about 30 miles from Sedona and we had to come up here yesterday to take something to be shipped by Greyhound and we decided to have a vacation. [Laughter]


We needed one and we are still on vacation. We had to interrupt our vacation to do this call but now it’s becoming part of the vacation, of course. Terry, when’s the last time we took a vacation? [Laughter]


Terry: I can’t remember.


Wynn: Yes. So in any case, that’s why the email went out late this morning and that’s why we sound slightly tired because we are catching up for about a year’s worth of lost sleep. Carla, are you there?


Carla: Yes.


Wynn: Good morning to you.


Carla: Good morning sire.


Wynn: Carla Rueckert in Anchorage, Kentucky. Of course, she’s our sometimes co-host on Sundays. Carla, I have strict instructions that we’re not supposed to make this sound like a church.


Carla: Very good. I’ll take that under advisement.


Wynn: What is a church?


Carla: There goes all those Hosanna’s I had practiced.


Wynn: But what is a church? What is a church and, what does it mean. What’s the idea of a church? I’m just thinking out loud, since I said that. Why does every religion have a church? Good question. There must be something intrinsic in the idea of a church that resonates at a very deep level for a human. It’s probably our human need to feel a sense of camaraderie with other people. It is part of the way it works, this idea that Jesus said but that we’ve talked about many times: ‘When two or more are gathered,’ we create an energy field.


We create a coherence of energies that start to project ourselves into higher dimensions and into those dimensions where God or group souls or however you want to call them exist. Or maybe we go far enough--we don’t go into those dimensions--but we go far enough] where they can come down and meet us.


Carla: I think that’s true, Wynn. What happens is people get together enough and they love it enough and it’s very innocent. They think ‘you know it’d be great if instead of gathering in the field or in somebody’s house, we could have a building, you know, and then we’d have a place to meet.’


What they don’t realize is the worm of Satan creeps-in and that you have to pay for the building which means you’ve got to ask the membership for money and oh my heavens, you have church.


Wynn: There we go. So there we have the positive and the negative, right? Because as soon as there’s an organization in the physical, there’s maintenance, there’s rent, [there’s] mortgages, there’s electric bills and there’s fear. Because somebody is there thinking, “What if I can’t pay the bills?” That starts the process of fear. Then fear starts out the beginning--Carla said the word Satan--of course now that turns us into a church to use the word Satan. But what do we really mean by Satan, Carla? What do you mean? I mean …


Carla: I think most people mean evil but what I mean by it, in particular, is fear.


Wynn: Fear, okay. I would say, as soon as your energy starts to predominate in a fear zone--now it doesn’t have to--as soon as your energy starts to predominate in the fear zone, you now are projecting an energy outwards into the Universe that starts to attract, instead of the really high stuff out there, it starts to attract lower stuff. Service-to-self stuff, because the service-to-self beings can attach them-selves to the fear energy and it’s an entrée for them into this realm. What do you think of that?


Carla: I think that’s exact.


Wynn: Exact, okay. So now you can start monitoring yourself and you can see--see, one of the things is, is--fear is something which when it comes upon you, it doesn’t mean you can just tell it to go away, because it’s not very cooperative. [Laughter] It stays there and it’s not a reason to judge yourself because you can’t help it. One of the worst things you can do if you’re in fear, is to judge yourself. You need to figure out a way to move yourself from that space of fear.


And I’m just throwing this in. That’s one of the reasons we have our Team Shift program where people meet every day. If you find when you listen to these calls that your fear lifts, then we have a huge archive and listen to them until you can reprogram yourself and get out of that space of fear. Because the more you go into fear, the more you will pull-in a negative source. Or, a negative source from another dimension. A negative source will help spiral the fear, so you’re in fear all the time. That’s a worse-case scenario.


So let’s get back to churches. People came together because this coming together creates a thrust of energy that penetrates into the higher realms, that allows the higher Sources to come down and meet us and make a connection. When they’ve said they’ve looked at the Earth, to them--in my conversations--the Earth looks like one being. Of course, it’s not one being, it’s all of us, but we’re making up that one being. That is how we look from the higher levels. To get to be able to see us better, we have to thrust through that one being that Earth looks like. We become visible.


I remember when I was first talking about this to Daphne, I asked that question. I said, “How do you see us when there are so many billions of people here?” And they said, ‘When someone thrusts through the veil, or a group thrusts through the veil, we can see them--and I’m trying to remember exactly how they said it. We can see they are Light, their energy. They look like a shining star to us.’ So that’s how this is working; that when we come together here, as a group we become shining stars piercing through the veil, moving above this mass of one being that looks like the one being of planet Earth of everyone’s consciousness put together.


We become intermediaries then, to pick-up energies from the higher realms and flow them through our own lives so it starts to shift and change the dispensation on this planet.


[Now let’s go] back to the idea of churches, because we’ve never talked about it. So when Jesus started out on his--I use the word--ministry, he lucked out because there was this guy that gave him all this money, so he could do what he did, and who was that Carla?


Carla: Well nobody actually gave him money. People would give everything they had to the community and join a community. I idea of the community was that everybody was in it together and what was needed would be given. To those with needs would come that which was needed and those who had more than they needed would give of their abundance.


So every time Peter--who was always worried about money--would say, “What are we going to do today for food?” Somebody would come in and donate a bunch of money so that they could join the community and you know, get on the way with this wonderful thing that they’d been experiencing. So it just fed on itself and as long as people were totally naïve and loving and caring and giving it worked perfectly.


Wynn: Now who was Joseph of Arimathea? I thought he was the son …


Carla: Joseph of Arimathea was a fairly wealth guy. He was the guy that decided that he was going to offer the followers of Jesus a place in his garden that was a cave so that Jesus would have a place to lay his head when he died. So after Jesus was taken off of the cross, he was taken by his followers to the garden of Joseph of Arimathea and put in the cave there.


And because of the fact that it was such a politically inflammatory situation with everybody saying, you know, “He is magical, he can rise from the dead” – well, Pontius Pilate and all of the army from Rome said, “Oh, we’re going to see about that.” So they sent soldiers to guard against anybody messing with the rock in front of the tomb. The weird thing was when they rolled away the stone from the tomb, there was a huge white light, according to the story, that burst and the rock rolled away by itself.


And the three Mary’s, you know, Mary the Mother of God, Mary Magdalene, and there was another Mary that was the sister or cousin--it was in the family--and they looked in it and they said well, but he’s not there, and this was impossible; and everybody was like, “What do you mean, he’s not there?” Well, he wasn’t there, that’s all. There was a robe and they’re always talking about well, is the robe of Turin his robe? Did they say that? We don’t know. But there was a robe lying there and there was no body; take it as you will. That’s the story.


Wynn: Now there was an interesting thing in--not the Ra material but it’s in the Qu’o material and I don’t know if you remember this Carla. I’m actually looking it up. If you studied the Ra material, you will know that the Ra Group showed up 10,000 B.C. in Egypt. They actually made appearances that people could see them.


They didn’t have physical bodies but they were able to construct what looked like a physical body. Of course, supposedly there was a priest there that they had an affinity with which was allegedly an early life of Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock. They built Light bodies that people could see and of course that was extremely endearing to people to believe in the magical events taking place.


Thereafter, in the history of Egypt, there was this idea of Ra, the Sun God that people had seen. Actually, that title was given to the High Priest that was named Ra-Ta. According to the Edgar Cayce readings, Ra-Ta was Ra, the Sun God. Remember, the Edgar Cayce readings never talked about a group soul. They never talked about that in this discussion and the Carla Rueckert readings never talked about Edgar Cayce.


When they said they found a high priest they had an affinity with they never talked about Edgar Cayce and it was my discovery of this correlation that I believe caused me to write The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? because it was too far-out to be coincidence. It was that little thing that made me want to meet Carla and see if I trusted her. That was way back in 2003?


Carla: 2003 I think or maybe 2002.


Wynn: I think it was 2002 or 2003. So it was that one little thing and that was not a little thing. That was a huge thing. I mean, these two different sources talking about the same event. But the thing I’m bringing up here is that the Ra Group could project a body that could be seen, at least they said that in the Ra material with Carla. Those of you who have been on our calls for quite some time will remember that on one of our Monday calls, I asked some question. It might have been a Wednesday call, I don’t remember.


But I asked a question about this and Terry was channeling and suddenly the Elohim Source said, “We have one of those beings from the Ra Group that showed up in that period of time and they’re willing to talk to you.” Did I send you that Carla?  You ever hear that one?


Carla: You did, yes.


Wynn: Now remember, I don’t trust anything so I’m saying, “Is this really true, are they really that?” But they certainly answered the questions as if they were and they were very apprehensive about appearing.


The reason they were apprehensive is because in this period 10,000 years ago there was, according to the Ra material, the circumstance where the priesthood of Egypt took the knowledge and the esoteric magical powers that were being taught by the Ra Group through these beings that projected bodies into realm -- they took it and instead of giving it to the masses in general they took it and used it for themselves and for their own self-empowerment and control of people.


It would be as if someone was doing something … there’s always a quick way to discern this. Because if people are telling you that you have to give something up to learn secrets--the secrets are all in secret meetings--there’s a very good chance---I won’t say 100% but there’s a good chance--that it’s of the negative. The negative likes to find things that it can hold over people’s heads. Of course, in that incident in Egypt, the people were flocking to this amazing circumstance that was going on with …


Put yourself there. Imagine you were there and here’s this priest walking around and he’s holding this connection with the Ra Group. They’re coming down and manifesting bodies and doing healing miracles with people. Because--that’s according to the Edgar Cayce stuff--there were all these healings that were taking place. There were a lot of genetic experiments where people were half-man and half-animal. Then there was the pyramids suddenly being built--what was apparently by levitation.


Now imagine being there and watching all that and saying, “All right whoever’s doing that has got to be as big as I can imagine, as a God form.” And then there’s the priesthood, the priests who were depending on the people deferring to them as Gods and they’re saying, “We’re losing control.”


So after this Ra-Ta fellow left the realm and after all these Ra Group people that came into this realm--I don’t know how many there were, I don’t know if it was one or ten or a hundred but there was I believe more than one. Wasn’t there more than one Carla, according to your stuff?


Carla: I’m not sure. It’s whatever it took to get the job done, I suppose. I want to say it’s in the plural.


Wynn: Yes.


Carla: As they said, ‘if one or more … if a bunch of people visualize things levitating like stones, it’ll happen.


Wynn: Right.


Carla: If only one person does it, it probably won’t happen.


Wynn: Right, right, okay. So in any case, after the physical bodies were gone and then what was left was the priesthood, they have all the masses of people saying “Ra, how wonderful.” Now they have got to jump on it because they’ve lost their power. No one cares about the priesthood. So what do they do? They say ‘we’re talking to Ra’ and they called it Amun-Ra but it was not the Ra Group. It was some negative source that would say it was Ra, I would imagine.


For thousands of years Egypt was under the influence--the control--of these negative sources. The entire country was under the influence. It would have been--my take on this--the same sources that would be in control of the negative groups today, who are probably the current heritage of the priesthood in Egypt which some people call the secret societies, the illuminati or whatever. It’s all a lineage of the negative going down through history. So there’s a huge amount to be learned in this period of Egypt.


Just to mention that I did a four hour workshop on this particular period. If any of this resonates with any of you, I highly recommend you listen to that workshop because it has the whole story in detail, quoting from the Ra material, quoting from the Bible. I’m talking about Egypt and of course in the information as I understand it there was that Egyptian Pharaoh whose name was Akhnaton whose wife was Nefertiti – that did something in the history of Egypt that had never been done before.


That was, as a Pharaoh he outlawed all the religions of Egypt. He outlawed them.  I’m talking about the priesthood religions that were the negative, who were doing sacrifices, who were doing all kinds of things, creating fear to control people and said there was one God. He was called the heretic Pharaoh and interestingly enough, in the Ra material there was one reference where Don Elkins had asked, “Who throughout history had been communicating with the Ra Group?” And they mentioned that Pharaoh as one of the people, one of the few, not very many.


I think he did his thing for about twenty years. He started his own city. He moved all his followers into the city. He was not a good Pharaoh. He wasn’t taking care of protecting the borders. When he died--no one knows how he died--but at some point his own army rushed the city and took it over and apparently killed a lot of his followers and no one knows what happens to him. But if you’d like to know you’ll have to listen to that workshop. It’s


If anyone can’t afford whatever we’re asking just send me an email and I’ll make sure you get it. It’s one of those things that if you happen to have had an Egyptian incarnation, then you would be very fascinated by that period. It’ll wake up cellular memories. But the reason I started talking about all of this, what triggered it, is going back to Jesus. Jesus in this resurrection event, and I started looking which I haven’t found yet, maybe Carla remembers.


See when you are doing these channelings and you’re bringing hundreds and thousands of things through everyone thinks you remember it all and you don’t. Even I don’t remember it and I’m not even officially channeling here. But there was a question: “How did Jesus do this resurrection?” Do you remember that question Carla, in the Q’uo stuff?


Carla: No, I don’t.


Wynn: No, you don’t, okay.


Carla: I have no idea; [Laughter] we could look it up using key words but it would take too long for this program.


Wynn: Yes, well actually that’s why I started talking about Egypt because I was looking it up but I was hoping to find it. I looked up “resurrection” in


Now you see with Jesus there was this idea that Jesus would be a ruler over others.


It’s interesting because the Ra Group made a comment: “The entity Judas felt if pushed into a corner, the entity you call Jesus would then be able to see the wisdom of using the power of intelligent infinity in order to rule others. The one you call Judas was mistaken in this estimation of the reaction of the entity Jesus whose teaching/learning was not oriented towards this distortion - that is, of ruling of others. This resulted in the destruction of the bodily complex of the one known as Jesus to you.”


Carla: And it did not do Judas any good either.


Wynn: No, it didn’t do Judas any good.


Carla: But that was actual history. When the Jews were in that area which is now Israel--there was no Israel then--they were just tribes and they were scattered and none of them had much power. Well the Romans just rolled right through and so they put their government in charge.


The people that were Philistines and Sagicies, the guys in power, the interest that some of them had in Jesus – and this was a complete underground movement – this wasn’t official, was that perhaps they could get the nation to unify using Jesus as a figurehead. That would enable them to overthrow the Romans. So Judas was trying his best, for his life, to nudge Jesus over the line in to going ahead and saying, “Yeah, I’ll be your King and I will do this for you.”


Of course Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world” and would have nothing to do with it which totally blasted their hopes right out of the ground. But it’s totally in history. This is the way it happened, as far as historically.


Wynn: Here’s an interesting tidbit here. You know there’s a lot of stuff in the Ra material on the life of Jesus. The thing that’s fascinating about the Ra material is that it’s probably the most accurate perception of Jesus out there. Because you are looking at a group that was there, that watched it all, was very connected to it.


There was the question of Jesus accumulated 12 disciples; “What was this purpose of having these disciples with him?” And Ra answers, “What is the purpose of teach/learning if there be no learned teachers? Those drawn to this entity were accepted by this entity without regard for any outcome.” Now that is a big one there: “without regard for any outcome.”


In other words, Jesus wasn’t looking at them as the smartest people, or the most articulate people. They were drawn to him and they were accepted without regard for any outcome which means they would be worthy. They didn’t have to be something to be worthy. How many people think they have to be something to be worthy? They need to have money, or they need a degree, or they need a husband or a wife and then they’ll be worthy.


“This entity accepted the honor/duty placed upon it by its nature and then sensed that to speak was its mission. I’m not going to find this thing about resurrection. But basically what I recall reading in the Q’uo material was that the resurrection of Jesus was actually similar to the way the Ra Group created bodies thousands of years previously. That would have been about 8,000 years previously. The way the Ra Group could manifest Light bodies that looked like real bodies but were Light; composed of Light.


There was a thing where they talked about Jesus doing that. They said exactly that he was a very advanced soul, that it was his choice to create an appearance of a body in this realm to fulfill the resurrection aspect of his work. You don’t remember that at all though, do you Carla?


Carla: I don’t. The interesting thing I remember about it from the Ra material was--and this to me has always struck deep--that when Jesus was a little boy he got mad at somebody, and just playing, you know the way kids will … “I am not, you too, I am not.”  And he blasted him by mistake; the little boy died. Needless to say, this caused a furor at the time. Jesus never forgot this.


When he was on the cross he turned to the thief that turned to him and said “Is there room for me in your kingdom? I’m a thief, I’m a murderer, Is there room for me?” Jesus said, “This day you will be with me in paradise.” As he forgave that thief he forgave himself and was able to rise. He learned his last lesson on the cross.


Wynn: Wow.


Carla: So forgiveness is everything. It is the key to so much.


Wynn: I can see how that works. I can see exactly how it works. Can you guys understand this idea – forgiveness? It’s easier said than done, alright? Because it’s kind of like you can say, “Okay I forgive myself,” but do you really forgive yourself? Have you let go of it? Is your energy free, because the areas of unforgiveness create those areas of where your energy is in this realm? You know if you don’t forgive something, it’s like an energy string directly to what you don’t forgive.


So it’s a string that binds you here and the forgiveness is what cuts the string. You know, I remember myself at different times in my life when I have been furious with someone and something in me, in my mind, thought that if I was mad at them that I was punishing them in some way. Often times they had no idea that I was doing this and it was only affecting me. It was holding me into a-certain bondage by thinking being angry at them was punishing them.


So, you know I say the first step in any of this is to be so true to your own observation of yourself. Don’t kid yourself, to look at things and see them as they are. Because if it’s a judgment, if it’s an area of unforgiving, then identify it that way because then you can start to work with it. Because until you identify it, you’re stuck in it and you don’t even know what’s going on.


This is a good first part of the show where we weren’t going to be a church [Laughter] … we talk about Jesus. One of the great things about technology right now and this is what I have uncovered and I’ve proven to myself that it can work this way, is that we can do this without a building. Without a hierarchy, without a manager and the amount of money it takes to reach potentially millions of people to be almost nominal.


Because this call that we do over this conference line is free. The e-mailings that we do--compared to how many people we reach--the cost of the service is nominal. We’re doing so many things where we can gather, we can have camaraderie. We have conference calls which I call Team Shift, where people can connect with each other individually. We can have this without the need to pay rent or significant amounts of money.


Now certainly, I’m not against significant amounts of money because one of the great uses of money is - #1) it creates, for me, a certain amount of freedom and for Terry a certain amount of freedom; and for Carla a certain amount of freedom, for anyone that has a connection and a message. I realize that I’m the best person to thrust this into other arenas, and freedom which I don’t have--which I haven’t had--but when I do take it, freedom allows me to pick up the phone, call people, not worry that we’re running out of money, not worry that Terry’s going to not be able to pay her house payment, all those things.


So, more money gives more freedom for me which allows me to spend my time using my talents, in the best way … to write another book, to help manage people. I mean Carla and I are very lucky in that there’s a number of people that have volunteered for both of us that have made it possible to do what we’re doing and get it thus far.


Carla: That is so true, Wynn. I want to witness to something here and it’s really strange but it’s really true. Every year, we discover that we have gotten bigger and that our bills are more. Because we have to buy more space on Servers to handle the load of people coming in to our free stuff.


Every year I write to the people and I say, “Folks, I have no idea how we’re going to be able to do this but here’s the situation. Here’s the money we need, here’s what we’re trying to do; how we can possibly raise this amount of money is unknown to me at this time. [Laughter] I have no idea. What do you think? Let’s try for it, and every year we get within a few pennies [Laughter] but we get what we need. And I swear this has happened year after year after year. It’s just an incredible thing. I can’t describe it or say it but it brings tears to my eyes to tell you. People are just incredible when they believe you.


They say absolutely, we need to send a dollar or ten dollars, I mean some people have sent thousands. They have it, they’ve got deep pockets. Okay great, thanks a whole bunch, it really helps.


Wynn: Well, you know what, for the person that’s sending the money, if they send it with the right attitude …. Because let’s look at this from the lower level of looking at something and, I know people look at me this way and I imagine they look at Carla this way but I know they look at me, they’ll look at me with a certain degree of jealousy. Wynn’s got all these followers; Wynn’s got all this stuff coming to him and they withdraw or they don’t even allow themselves to explore what’s really happening here. They only look at it at in a very flat way.


Then there’s people that look at it not in a flat way. This is not about my personal recognition or Carla’s recognition, or Terry’s recognition. That comes as a side-effect, to deal with but that is not the core of this. The core of this is we’re creating a public opportunity, for free, for anyone to change their path, potentially; to understand life in a way that they never understood it before. To understand the game that’s being played on planet Earth and how to change their trajectory.


Do you know what a trajectory is? A trajectory is, if you’re shooting something right now and you aim it in a certain way, it’s going to get to a certain location based on how it was shot and how it was aimed. So each of us has a trajectory in our lives that if we follow that trajectory then things are going to happen a certain way. That’s why Psychics get jobs because, if they’re a good Psychic, they’ll look at your trajectory and they’ll make a prediction of the future.


That’s how Prophets get jobs because they’ll look at all the things on Earth and all the mitigating forces and all those things create a trajectory to say if everything keeps happening the way it is set up right now, then in 30 years thus and thus is going to happen. Well, what we’re doing is a trajectory changer/shifter. It allows trajectories to shift and if enough trajectories shift, individually, then the trajectories on a planetary level shift. And I know that we’re doing this. I know. I’ve had so many emails from people who’ve paid attention to this work and have experienced a trajectory change.


Usually there is some kind of manifestation that they experience in their life that says, “My trajectory has changed.” Like they’ll have a synchronicity and something that shouldn’t have happened, happens. They’ll suddenly get along with somebody who’s been their long-term rival or enemy and something will shift. Their relationship with their husband or children will shift and their trajectory has changed. This work or their integration of this work into their life, and their integration of the energies that are here has caused their trajectory to change.


This is beyond will-power. You can’t will your trajectory to change. You have to change your relationship with the higher dimensions, with the aspects of yourself that you’re usually disconnected from; and when that starts to happen, the trajectory changes. Well, here’s the deal, when you start to change other people’s trajectory and you’re operating in The Law of One, you also change your own trajectory. You can’t change another person without changing yourself.


If you’ve been listening to these calls, you’ll notice that they’re evolving because all of the people whose trajectories have changed are allowing different kinds of information, different kinds of connection to come through on these calls. So when somebody donates money to this kind of work and they do it in the right way, they are going to cause new people to find this work which is going to change the trajectory of those people; some of those people. Thereby, it’s going to change the trajectory of whoever’s donating the money.


So when you are doing it in the right attitude inside of yourself, you’re doing exactly the same work that I’m doing. You’re magnifying it, because I’m only one person having these talents (as is Terry, as is Carla) and if it never reached anyone then it would just be stuck somewhere! It reaches somebody because of money.


Of course I do my best; I happen to be able to wear a lot of hats, so one of the hats I’m wearing is starting this business with the pendants which is actually been working. Because that gives a certain degree of freedom, as that succeeds, but it divides my time in a way that I wished I didn’t have to spend time on that. I wished I  could spend my time calling up radio shows, traveling somewhere, giving little talks, not worrying about if it’s financially successful or not. Because, I mean, I know I went to L.A. a couple of months ago and I stayed at Vaughn’s house and I know that when I was there people were weaving their energies together.


Those people now are friends and I know there’s a permanent shift in L.A., in a small way, because I went through. And I didn’t do anything to earn money there; I didn’t do any big workshops. I just stayed at Vaughn’s condo [Laughter] and interfaced with people. People were meeting each other and people in our group were meeting each other. Then we did some of those “flash meetings” at Mrs. Spielberg’s restaurant.


So it’s 11:01 a.m. and I’m not going to get carried away. I think I made the points that I didn’t even know I was going to make, at the beginning. Let me just give it over to Carla and see if she wants to make any comments in all the stuff we talked about.


Carla: Okay, let’s see. Spirit, what do you have to say? It’s not about religion, let that word go away. It’s begun to hold the kind of terror that only politics can carry. It doesn’t mean anything. Think “spirituality.” Think “truth” of the high kind that lifts you up. Think, people gathering together for one intention and sending that intention upward.


This is our intention in common, to Love and bless, to heal, to soften, to soothe, to ameliorate – people/places where natural storms and other terrible things happen ... physical/political wars, we focus those intentions. Don’t call them prayers. Get all those buzz words away.


One thing that the Ra Group never did was to use those words that make people runaway. Realize that you are people with power and when you and others like you band together, for the good, nothing and no one can stop us, ever. Let the lifespan be lived in such a way that the rules of Love apply, that we continue being people of power and that our intentions are for Love.


Now I think you can just throw all the language out because it doesn’t matter that I go to church and you all may not. We’re talking about the same thing when we talk about getting together for a higher purpose. To be part of it, to feel yourself become more powerful for the good, not just for yourself which is great but for all of these concerns that we have in this life, that we rub-up against on the news.


When we pray for those people in Oklahoma that are experiencing that devastation, there’s power there. It’s just as important as money, in terms of focusing the guys on the other side to come down and take notice and come and minister to, if you will, be with, those people who are praying, “Oh my God, what am I going to do, I’ve lost everything?”


They come in that energy, it may not be in words and because we were able to attract that energy to look down and see this problem, people are being touched. People are being comforted and soothed. These are very real things and it’s such a blessing to be a part of Wynn’s non-ministry. What would you call it, Wynn?


Wynn: [Laughter] I don’t know.


Carla: Getting together for the good.


Wynn: Showing up ... [Laughter] ‘the Showing-Up-Club.


Carla: Yeah. But I believe it with all my heart and I’ve seen it work for so long now. I now, I can tell absolute that it works. Here we are; we’re working man.


Wynn: Well thank you. You know, one of the things I always do is I always take a point of contention and turn it into something. It’s kind of like, I got two or three emails after last week mentioning how “Wynn, it’s starting to sound like a church, careful with Carla.” [Laughter]


So, you know Carla has gone to church and used the format of a church presentation where she is and even I tell people, if you’re feeling alienated and separated in your area, see if you can find a church that you can attend that resonates. It doesn’t mean you have to go along with all their rituals.


You can show up and do something and take what’s best out of it. And what’s always going to be best in a church environment is the coming together of people for a higher purpose. If people ask you what do you believe, you don’t have to answer them …


Carla: Say, “I’m working on that.” [Laughter]That’s what you say. “I really don’t know - I’m working on it.” They’ll leave you alone if you’re working on it.


Wynn: Yeah, oh, that’s what you say, “You’re working on it,” when people ask you so you don’t have to match all your beliefs with their beliefs. But just take the energy.


And then, I sat in churches and sat in the back and if you read my story [you] know that there was a connection with the Mormons. That they sent me to a Mormon church in Mesa in 2003 and that they told me that Mormons were Elohim souls that had decided to incarnate here but then they’d forget that they’d came from there so they tried to make a church that would remind them. Because every time souls came-in from higher realms they got lost.


So I would go sit in some Mormon services at that time [Laughter] and I remember when I would sit there people would say, “There’s a lot of holy spirit here today.” [Laughter] And I could look at the people and I could see their Elohim-ness. It was amazing. If you know Mormons … you know the majority of Mormons now are converts so it doesn’t work for the converts. But when I’ve asked the question, they said 30% at present time are Elohim souls.


That does not mean that they have good discernment in this realm. It does not mean that you’re supposed to give your power up to them because Elohim souls in this realm are the source of the negative basically because they have so much power, that they don’t know why they came here and they abuse their power, very often times. But it’s very fascinating to observe the energy of these people who I believe are Elohim souls in this realm and I always use Donny and Marie as an example; Donny and Marie Osmond, because everybody knows them.


Well, okay it is 11:09 a.m. and we’re going to do our personal healing session, our intention session for all those who are going through changes and need help, and then we are going to do our planetary session. I just want to thank each and every one of you for showing up, for being here and holding the space and that you are part of our learning. You’re not just an anonymous, faceless person in a mass of people, which is a small group by worldly standards that are paying attention.


If we have it correct, even if I don’t know who you are personally, they do and I’m only one person but they’re millions of individual entities. They can sub-divide, they can send a group here, a group there or if people volunteer they have affinity for you. So right now, just image that that’s true. Imagine that you have the hosts of heaven in your room with you. That you’ve made the connection and that you are, in truth, one with All That Is.


Let’s experience that. We do our little meditation which triggers this for many people.  We start out with the Earth and the Earth is alive. The Earth is aware. Do you realize that? Every moment you are walking around on a planet that is aware of you and aware of every being on it. She holds the space for your life to evolve. We see the energy of Earth, coming from her core, in her center, moving through the inner planes of Earth, moving through the ground underneath you, coming up in great waves of love to embrace you and connect you.

[Continued …]


So we have a list of people that are sending things in that they would like help on and I do believe it helps to write it down and send it in. It’s asking and asking is the first aspect of allowing something to happen in terms of free will.


And we have Colleen in Canada who sends healing and help for her grandchildren in Moore, Oklahoma who survived the tornadoes. Then we have Marc in Canada and he has a rare-form of Lymphoma that was diagnosed in late stages and is undergoing chemo-therapy. Please send him Love and courage to go through this.

[Continued …]


We’re going to now just close our eyes and each of us put our own issues in the energy field – things we’d like to shift/heal, etc. In this moment when we are above the veil, when we’ve created an energy above the veil, where they say they can see us and work with us, put your thoughts out. Remember this is all for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will, for those shifts we would like to see in our own life and the people around us. Terry, are you there?


Terry: I’m here.


Wynn: Okay, let’s call-in the Light and see if we have a message from those guys up in the sky. [Laughter] “The sky people,” John [Sanborn] used to call them.


Father Mother God: we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.


Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls


Terry: We’re ready.


Wynn: We’re ready, okay. [Laughter] We’re just going to turn it over to our Sources to speak through Terry. Thank you.


Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is June 2, 2013 and it is our delight and joy to be with each and every person here. We do not come through the telephone line. We do not come through the mechanism of the radio. We come directly to you and we are available to touch and be with in every person who wishes the connection.


And it is very hard sometimes for individuals in the 3rd density to ask for what they need--to put it up to the higher realms--to ask and to then envision that what they are seeking can be true, can come about for them. They can step-out from the box within which they are in and move out of that box and bring-in the energies that are needed to heal, are needed to correct their situation - are needed to bring them to the next level - are needed to find them the shift that they need to get that job, to do that healing, to get through the process of the chemo, to step to the other side and bring the shift of help into them.


They are always alright in their heart of hearts. It is their outer shell - it is the body that can get worn and they, within their light-body, are available, are in the center of their own life, of their own view.


We look at the importance of forgiveness and as one forgives they release part of the box, a part of the barrier that they have set-up of energy flowing between them and another person. When they forgive, then the energy can flow between the two people again and whatever it is that they haven’t forgiven can be dissolved and they can then bring the gifts of the closeness of the individual that they had felt before whatever had come between them.


And they can bring in the energies that can help them heal relationships between the two of them and get the gifts that they had before with that person. The gifts of communication, the gifts of friendship, the gifts of laughter and they can then move into healing between the two, healing of the relationship. It can release other blockages where in themselves they’ve shut down – to leave out the energies of the other person and this is not meant that one has to accept something that is objectionable.


One does not even need to speak to the other person to forgive, as they forgive within their own heart. This is a sacred moment and we are with you. Thank you.


Wynn: Thank you very much. Let us go right now to our planetary healing. And understand that we are representatives here on Earth of the higher realms. We are a team and we can affiliate our team with the teams of those disembodied teams. I don’t like the sound of the word disembodied, but those Sources that are also teams. They’re much bigger than we are. They’re much more powerful than us but on the other hand, they are us. It’s all one.


So we’re bridging the separation and we see that place where we are all connected. We’re not glommed together. We’re voluntarily creating a group affiliation and we’re doing it because there’s far more power in that than each of us being on our own. We access the power of that group affiliation. Through our intentions for transformation for the highest good of all concerned - Thy will be done.


So we are in the place of energy, not in the place of manifest reality. We surround our planet with energy. We move into those areas before things are manifest and we create a blanket around planet Earth, a loving blanket. The Elohim says their color is pink. So perhaps we can see a pink blanket. We can remember that gospel song He’s got the whole world in his hands, and see maybe that’s actually true.


That we can surround the Earth and all of those beings on Earth who are reaching for connection, who are reaching for spirit, who are reaching for the opportunity for affiliation; the Indigo children; the Crystal children; the Light workers … We see them all surrounded in this blanket of loving energy.


We invite those whose high-selves would permit it, to let them join in our group in these next few minutes of planetary healing. We take this energy and it’s as if we can steer it with our thoughts and only ask again for the highest good of all concerned, honoring free will.


Let’s surround Washington, D.C., and surround all of those administrative and legislative buildings that are creating our future, at least in a law-level, and ask for compassion and empathy for those beings that are capable of accessing that and influencing the procedures that happened there; the laws that happened, surrounding the President. We do the same thing in England, in London and in Moscow.


But the truth is that the hope for the future of this planet probably does not exist within those political structures. The future for this planet exists, if there is a future, in those grassroots people who are creating systems above the system, who are creating interactions independent of everything. Self sustaining groups/communities, it’s happening all over our planet right now and I’d like to send our love and support and surround every one of these groups with this Light.


We send the Light to the animals of our planet; we used to do that all the time. The dolphins, the whales, the pets, the wild animals, and let’s embrace the children of our planet. The children are the future, the Crystal children, the Indigo children, the children that incarnated here to help with the vibrations of this planet and who don’t remember and if you have one of them you’ll probably know they’re wiser than you. They’re more together than you and you have the job of helping them understand their true nature and purpose.


And let’s work on the earthquakes. We know that we’ve been told that Earth has to release some energies in the form of geophysical expressions, i.e. earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and there is an area of - it could happen in a huge disaster or it could happen in small ways, really slowly. So we’re going to work with the idea that it could happen in small ways and the greatest area of earthquake activity is around the Pacific ocean, sometimes called the ring of fire.


So let us just start at the tip of South America and we’ll send a laser beam of Light through the surface of the Earth, down deep to where the tectonic plates are and just surround them with coherent energy and we’re moving up the western coast of South America. We can see that on the map, in our mind’s eye, this beam of Light that we are projecting, up to Central America.


We move up the coast of Central America to Mexico, up the coast of Mexico to Baja, California, up the coast of Baja, California to United States to California, Chula Vista (the first city), San Diego and all the environs. Orange County, Los Angeles, let’s see huge Light surrounding Los Angeles, surrounding all the media there; surrounding all the tectonic plate potential for earthquakes. Let’s just see L.A. in a protected place.


We move from L.A. to Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Mill Valley and Sausalito, Concord, Stinson Beach, the western coast of California up to San Francisco and again we expand out – in fact, I got my geography wrong - we should’ve hit San Francisco. We expand out in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, South Bay, up the coast – we’ll just keep going to Oregon, up the coast of Oregon to Washington, Seattle, Portland … any potential volcanoes on the way, Mt. Ranier, Mt. Hood, up through Canada, up through the western coast of Canada across to Alaska.


Down the eastern coast of the Soviet Union or Russia, down through Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, the Philippines, and New Zealand, and Australia. We go into the middle, Hawaii, the Fiji Islands and we now move to the center of the country.


We don’t have time so let’s blanket the entire planet and all earthquake activities anywhere on the planet we ask to be mitigated, to be moderated [to] come out as small earthquakes and away from population centers, if any at all. We ask for rain where there is drought. We ask for interventions on every level where there are potentials for nuclear weapons to go off, where there are negative attributes of man-made things like Chemtrails, HAARP … whatever, everything. We ask for the highest good of all concerned, that there can be interventions to shift the negative aspects of those things.


We ask for expansion of our group and all groups like ours, in to our planet and [for] more people finding these energies and manifest them. We ask that each of you can stay tuned-in for as much of your waking hours as possible, if that would be your desire, to hold these spaces, to hold against the negativity of other people who would pull you down. To find that center point of balance in health and empowerment inside yourself and that the things you need flow towards you in miraculous synchronistic ways.


And on that note, we’re going to almost bring this call to an end. Let me see, Carla is there anything you’d like to share before we close?


Carla: No, just what you said Wynn. Keeping ourselves tuned in every way that we can so that we can become more powerful for the good in Love and in Light to all those of like mind; may we serve together.


Wynn: Thank you and I’m going to un-mute everybody. I am just going to say goodbye to everybody and we’ll see you next time. Bless you all.



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