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How the Universe was Created

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Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or
Edited by Terry Brown and Dave Masty

Wynn: This is June 3, 2013. This is our Monday night conference call. We are going to continue tonight with one of the most interesting topics that we’ve had on these calls, which is “How the Universe was Created.” This is Wynn and Terry in Sedona and all of you everywhere; all of you on the Internet; all of you listening to the replays. We give you a special warm greeting and we thank you for being here.

I’m doing this from memory; I thought I would just do a quick review of what we’ve come up with thus far. It is really fascinating, because I think it’s quite rare to be talking to the Elohim in a public way, and having a carte-blanche to ask these kinds of questions, and getting answers from the Source that says they created the Universe. Of course, it’s not exactly like “Let there be light” and “Let there be…” – how does it say it in the Bible? Terry, how does the Bible say it was all created? I think the Bible just talks about Earth, not necessarily the entire Universe.

There are aspects of this that even I don’t quite understand. I get a little hit of intuition on it, but I can’t get it all the way. I don’t know, maybe a physicist (or a quantum physicist) might get it.

The way it all started was: there was Chaos, and Chaos got to be aware of itself. That is a mystery right there that no one has been able to explain in any questions: how did Chaos become aware? But, it did, and once it was aware, it didn’t think of itself as God; it didn’t think of itself as the One Infinite Creator. It was a Consciousness that was aware that it existed. It was lonely; there were no other consciousnesses there.

In another mystery, this First Awareness developed the ability to divide itself, or to clone itself, or to become like an amoeba; creating two where there was one. The Original Two had awareness and they also knew they were part of the First Awareness. This process kept going to where there were millions of Awarenesses.

It’s hard to imagine what it felt like, because they didn’t have bodies. They were just energies that were aware. Some way or another, they would evolve and interact with each other, but they were all aware – not only were they aware, but they were aware – that they were all holding the same energy, subdivided. There was no persistence; everything existed in the moment. As soon as an Awareness would drop something, it would just go away. It would just disappear; nothing would exist for long periods of time.

Of course one element here is: with Awareness – to be aware, there had to be the beginning of time – because ‘awareness’ means that there is a before and an after and you can see the flow from before to after. So there was the beginning of some kind of time in these First Awarenesses.

These Awarenesses could vibrate, and could generate frequencies. Again, it’s beyond my understanding to know how that worked, but that’s how it was explained. What is a frequency? It was something that moves – back and forth, back and forth – when you hear a tone ‘ahhhhhhhhh’ that’s a frequency. A radio signal is a frequency. Different frequencies have different characteristics; even Light is a frequency.

So, these Original Awarenesses could create frequencies and they could project frequencies. They were experimenting; they were learning. When there were – I think I’ve got this right; they’ll correct me – when there were a few of them projecting frequencies in the same place there is something called ‘nodes’ that would be created.

If you know about physics, you know about the Doppler Effect, which means: when you put two frequencies together you get new frequencies generated that are different than the two frequencies. You get the summation of them and the subtraction of them.

For example, if you had five cycles per second and two cycles per second, then you would get seven cycles per second and three cycles per second as well as the original ones. Those are called ‘harmonics’. When the frequencies would come together, it would create a point in time/space that didn’t previously exist. Of course, there’s a generation of time that’s happening, that’s connected with the putting together of these frequencies. That was essentially the first instance of physicality.

If we have it right, all of these original sub-divisions of the Original Awareness are the Elohim. They were having fun with this new idea of creating frequencies and creating physical reality and spinning out galaxies and planets. When they were explaining it, the way it felt was as if they were creating this and it was all “Wow! Look at that!” It was almost like somewhat of a ‘fish-tank’; that they were observing the creation. I think that part of them had to be held in the frequencies that were created.

This kept evolving, then there were planets, there were stars. Each part of the Universe, each aspect of it, was given free will; it had an energy-field around it, and it could create its own rules and laws. Basically, I could see the Elohim didn’t want to supervise this; they didn’t want to be the boss; they wanted it to all evolve, and it did.

In each subset of the Universe, from the galaxies to the solar systems to the suns to the planets to the humans, there was a free will projection saying “You can create the rules around your existence.” Then, if there were a bunch of beings on a given planet, they would be within the context of the rules of that planet that that planet created. There was a lot of experimentation that was going on.

One of the things was the development of DNA. As I understood it, DNA was the part of life-forms that could hold an imprint of the entire Universe on a microcosmic scale that would hold the imprint of the Universe, but the DNA had to be programmed and as it was programmed, it would become individuated in a certain way. So, DNA had the potential to hold the Universe, but more than likely it was in a much more contracted space.

Then, there were different beings that were growing through all of this, and different planets with different beings. The Elohim had the goal of creating a process where the beings, at least the men-beings, the human-type beings (I say ‘human’, but I don’t mean ‘human beings’ here because it could mean other planetary populations as well) would grow into the experience of All That Is which is sometimes called ‘going to Godhead’ in this realm.

Part of the way this experience would be generated would be through the evolution of DNA. So, a being who was in a contracted DNA space could keep expanding through the Universe to be an expanded DNA space. This is all going on and it keeps getting more complicated and more complicated. There are a couple of things that happened that they learned by observation.

One of the things was that in the cases where there was a planet/solar system that created the rules around that solar system where everything was easy, the beings in that solar system would not evolve very quickly. In fact according to the Ra group, they just stayed there and enjoyed their existence; they just were having fun but never evolved. It would be like the child of a rich person who had a privileged life; they may have a lot of fun in their life, but they may never evolve into greater awareness or wisdom because they don’t have any challenges.

So, there was an idea to create more of a ‘pressure-cooker’ down here and bring in the element of duality, or negativity. It was coming about as a natural outgrowth. As you all know, what that meant is to be in an environment where there is positive and negative. It becomes a pressure-cooker; it becomes “Can you master that, or does it master you?” Of course, we’re in that pressure-cooker.

Another element that seemed to come about in this evolutionary process is that Elohim souls would then come into this realm. I don’t know if they built bodies for themselves, we never asked that in particular, but they could occupy bodies. They would have the experience of being in this realm. Then, they could go back and forth; they could occupy bodies and go back to their celestial space.

Apparently, they started getting stuck in bodies here. This is a summation, as I recall it, of those things. I recommend that you go into The Spirit Channel and do a search on ‘how the Elohim created the universe’ and listen to those five or six things.

There are a lot of cellular triggers in understanding all of this; it’s not just intellectual knowledge. We’re looking at how we got to where we are now. It’s pretty much of a mystery for most people. I missed aspects of the mystery in the way that I’m talking about this and I don’t think very many people have ever been exposed to this explanation.

The Elohim would start getting stuck in this realm and they would get caught up in reincarnation. Those of us who are saying we want to get out of this realm, there’s something here to be thought of; that is that it was indicated that it was through sex that they got stuck. Does that mean you have to give up sex to get out? I don’t think so; there’s more to it than that.

But, sex, the path in, can also be the path out. The key is the experience of the sexual experience; the personal experience and how you can experience the Law of One in the connection with another person, as opposed to using them and gratifying yourself. That’s probably what gets you stuck; it’s the experience of ‘oneness’ that gets you ‘unstuck’, one way to get unstuck.

So, the Elohim that got stuck in this realm and forgot that they were Elohim (some of them, maybe all of them – this is one I don’t have the complete answer to; we might ask this tonight: were they were just another being caught in the reincarnational cycles of whatever planet they were on).

Some of them, apparently, remembered and the ones that remembered were able to do DNA manipulation. They had very advanced understanding of how DNA worked. A lot of species in this realm got created not by the ‘celestial’ Elohim, but by the DNA manipulation of the ‘terrestrial’ Elohim.

They were still stuck in this realm and they were Elohim. But, because they were Elohim, they had a lot of power, they had a lot of ability and a lot of leadership. They found that they could get the other beings in this realm under their thumb and that it was (seemingly) more fun to be in this realm when you had slaves, when you had possessions, when you had land, when you had sex whenever you wanted it.

Thus began the development of the negative in this realm from a ‘seed-state’. We’re talking probably billions and billions of years that this was all evolving, billions of years of our time, but to the Elohim’s ‘time’ it was like a flash. They probably can look at it from the very beginning until now and they don’t experience billions of years. They experience time differently.

Now you have the beginning of the negative. Sometimes people call them the negative elite with the control patterns, the enslaving patterns that are evolving in this realm; it’s because there are very advanced souls that have the ability to control other people. Sometimes when you look at politicians and you hear them talk , regardless of what they’re saying, many of them have a composure that you and I may not have. That’s an indication that they come from this lineage.

There were attempts to break this realm out of all the slavery patterns that were developing. For example, Jesus would have been an attempt like that; to bring the evolution potential to an individual person regardless of their money as a new template that could be involved in the evolution of all the beings, the humans anyway, on this planet.

Of course, all of those other sources that were into controlling everybody (believe me, this is going on right now; this is not in the past) all those sources that were controlling people were not happy with having someone come in who could change the path. The people that would get out of their control pattern would then be free of that; you can’t be controlled unless you allow it.

I should mention that Biblically they talk about ‘the fallen angels’. What I’m describing is ‘the fallen angels’: the Elohim souls that came into this realm, and instead of uplifting it got into the pattern of controlling it. What happened is, these control patterns went up very, very high, not just on the physical human level, but even in energy levels at high places.

Carla Rueckert often phrases it: ‘service-to-self/service-to-others’. Sometimes (to my way of thinking) she makes it too simple. She says “You just have a choice being service-to-self/service-to-others.” I don’t think it’s as simple as having a choice.

You can start out with a choice, but there’s a lot more to it than your willpower can enforce. For example, the service-to-self beings, to a certain extent, didn’t have the freedom to suddenly change. What happened was that they were getting energy from things below them.

They lost the ability to get energy from things above them and they got stuck with this insatiable appetite for energy, and they didn’t know how to get out of it. When they stopped getting energy from what’s below them, they would feel empty.

They didn’t know how to go to Source and get energy; they had to get it from what’s below them and they had to work really hard to get. They could evolve through the dimensions just as well as service to-others, but according to the Ra group, they needed a 95% dedication to service-to-self. They had to manipulate everything around them so it would give them energy; from their family to whatever they did.

Many of them went into what sometimes is ‘Black Magic’ as a way of getting energy pointed towards them. If they could get 95% pointed towards them, they could evolve through the dimensions. They couldn’t evolve all the way; they’d have to switch at the top but they could get very high.

At the higher levels of dimensions there are very powerful service-to-self beings that are attempting (and perhaps succeeding) at programming all the levels underneath them, so that by the time it gets to this level it’s hard to figure out where it’s coming from.

Another interesting question that was answered in all of this was: where do souls come from; where did you come from; how did souls originate? I had that question for a long time, because there are times on this planet where there were a few hundred thousand people, and then we’d have six billion. How does that work? I think the way I asked the question was: is the Elohim creating souls for new bodies?

Do they have a ‘soul-creation machine’? The answer was “No.” The process was ‘automated’, so to speak. The way it worked was that in the way it was programmed, the DNA would attract energy out of the ‘Light pool of energy’. It would form the energy around the DNA. That forming of the energy around the DNA became an individuated soul.

Then when that physical body died, the individuated energy that was created around that DNA for the first time would continue; it didn’t die; it stayed and it had awareness and it would look for another body. Then, we’d have this ‘reincarnation aspect’ where it was trying to learn from going from one body to the next to the next.

This is a quick summary; I’m sure there’s more information in the archives.

Why don’t I ask them? For the last fifteen minutes I was kind of doing a review of all of those calls we did on how the Elohim created the Universe.

We can just move right to them and let them correct it, and ask some more questions about this process – the creation and the evolution of the Universe.

Terry: All right.

Wynn: Let me call in the Light and we’ll see how this goes. Maybe we’ll do another one and let some of you send in some questions. This is an incredible topic, if you realize that the foundation of almost every religion has this idea of how the Universe was created and there’s this ‘God-form’ that said “Let there be Light”, this might be the actual explanation for how it works.

Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.

We invite our Sources, our Elohim Source and Ra, if they have something to contribute and just make any comments to the review I just did, or corrections. Thank you.

Elohim: We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. We are joyful to be with you. This is the 3rd of June, 2013 and we love this topic as it is a topic that is dear to us.

Before the creation of the Universe, the tenets were set up whereby… – you might call them even rules where energies could follow and could form. And these are of the highest nature, as they set the guidelines for the creation and the Elohim (us) and other groups were of a lower nature and working with guidelines that had been set up of the nature of the All That Is.

One of the major things was that the All That Is started out as One Being, so that when it began to divide it began to have to learn lessons of Love, of sharing and how… – and the benefits of being aware and having ‘another’ to shine off of, then the two of them could know of their own existence.

So as things developed, individuals began on a long track: Awarenesses to start, and then to have experiences; to become aware of another so that Awareness has part of it, something to be aware of. If you don’t have anything to be aware of, then there is nothing; that when you have two, now you have something to be aware of and to be aware of you.

So, it has been a great expansion of the One Being getting to know itself. There were the guidelines, as we mentioned, set up on the division of entities; the mathematics that went into the development of focusing mechanisms, the mathematics that went into the creation of vibration.

In a sense it is a musical Universe, where everything has a frequency and a vibration. This is part of the development of ‘being’; to be put together according to different vibrational frequencies that then work together to form a life-form.

Do you have further questions?

Wynn: Were these vibrational frequencies? How did they know what the outcome was? Was it experimentation, or could they formulate in their mind ‘If we do this, this will happen’?”

Elohim: It was beyond mind, as mind was developed as time went along, it was instantaneous recognition of another awareness; instantaneous joy; instantaneous experimentation of what could be done to look another awareness straight-on and to see the different temperances, the different tones, the different make-ups.

And, to realize that different Awarenesses were beginning to have attributes made of different vibrations, and different identities developing as they had experiences.

It is an ‘experiential Universe’, and the learning of Love is one of the main things; that as an individual experiences, they come back to their own nature of All being One, and of compassion and loving.

Wynn: When the original subdivisions were taking place, were they all created with an identical template and then they evolved their template through their experiences with the others, or were they created so they had different templates?

Elohim: There were different templates, depending upon the Logos in which they found themselves, as they took on the characteristic frequencies of the major Logos that they were a part of it and gave them outcomes that were particularly brought about by the availability of the original template of that particular Logos.

Wynn: So, it sounds like even before there was a physical universe there was a non-physical Universe of divisions, subdivisions, subdivisions of pure energy forms. Is that accurate?

Elohim: Yes.

Wynn: That’s accurate?

Elohim: Yes.

Wynn: Another question is, in the early sessions we did on this, it was indicated there were five Universes. I believe that was correct. Is that still correct?

Elohim: Yes.

Wynn: Does that mean there five One Infinite Creators, or was there One Infinite Creator that subdivided into five and each one became the creator of their own Universe?

Elohim: Yes, there was one Being of which all are made; all of the Universes. And each Universe became a major subdivision and began its own journey.

Wynn: And, were all these Universes created simultaneously, or was one created and then went on to create another one?

Elohim: It was not exactly simultaneously; at first there was one, and then it began to coagulate the energies in a way that set it off from the others.

Wynn: Is there any interfacing between these Universes?

Elohim: There is some interfacing. There is an energy connection between them and there are some beings in those Universes that can get together and talk with beings in the other Universes and compare notes to how things are done and how that particular Universe is there.

Wynn: And, do beings ever leave one Universe and incarnate in another? Or appear in another?

Elohim: It is not likely that they would, although it has been done for an extreme Wanderer to isolate out from one Universe and find himself in another.

Wynn: Thank you. And, did all these Universes end up having the same problems as exist in our Universe? Or, did some turn out better?

Elohim: There are meetings concerning the differences in how they turned out and are turning out, since it is a ‘work-in-progress’. Some of them have different problems than others, but majorly they have a similar major problem that once an individual isolates out, then they still feel all of the need of Love and all of the Love of the One.

It is hard to reconcile the physicality with that manifestation – and the ‘unilateralness’ of the separation and they remember the Love of All and still expect that; however, they’re experiencing separation. It is a juggling act to learn how to love the other as oneself when one is so separated. They all have that similar problem as all of the individual parts are learning the importance and the truth of Love.

Wynn: Now, as I recall there are a number of places in our Universe where I’ve read that there was life to start with. There are the Andromeda galaxy, the Pleiadians, the Lyrians and perhaps more. In which area of our Universe did life first start?

Elohim: All is conscious. And as you become more attuned to that fact, you will begin to recognize that even the rocks, even the paper, any manifestation of objects has a consciousness. And as you become more aware, you can become open to communication from the consciousness of different material things. You are not simply alone; a life-form in an isolated world; All is conscious and inter-active.

Wynn: There is something different about the human template? When I say the human, I don’t mean just Earthlings; I mean beings with legs and arms that think and plan and expand themselves.

Elohim: Yes.

Wynn: Where was the first entry of that – I’m using ‘human’ but that’s not the right word because humans are usually considered Earthlings – but the beings that could hold higher awareness than say the rocks and the stones?

Elohim: It took a great deal of time for development. And the development started with the Elohim and the creativity and development of what they creatively considered would be a viable housing for an entity to manifest in a planet through a circumstance.

So, they developed these housings – energy beings developed these housings – in an energy format. They developed a template, a template that would then express the DNA and the DNA would then bring to it the genes, the instructions, for the writing of the human form.

It was a matter of taking the energy concept and template to… – the next step would be to bring it into a ‘gene format’ with each gene having parts to it: the chromosomes. And, it would be able to format the individual areas of what was in the original template.

And then to take the energy format and to, gently and carefully, using mathematical formulas, make the DNA. Then, within the DNA, to make miniscule sub-units of instructions that the energies around the model could begin to bring in and to begin to develop a thin ‘light-body’ form. The light-body was the first thing to be made and to be made in the template that had been devised as desirable. And many of these were re-worked to be more viable in a manifested sphere.

There were many mistakes, and it took many years – millennium – to devise something that would be workable and would achieve manifestation. And then without regard to size, to be formatted so that the energies could reproduce and a template could reproduce. It was a mathematical achievement to bring this through.

Wynn: Thank you. I think we’re reaching the end of this session; it’s about 6:57. BBS is coming to a close. We have maybe about one minute that you can say something and maybe we’ll do another one of these soon and go a little deeper and further.

Elohim: Thank you. And we thank each and every one of you. And, we make a connection with those that wish to have to have the connection made. And we extend our Love to each of you. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you, Terry. Thank you, all of you.

Just a mention: on Thursday I’m going to be doing a little…-- just networking get-together in the Phoenix area. I’ll send a notice out, but I’m telling you now. If you’re interested and you’re in that area, send me an email and I’ll make sure that you know about it.

On Saturday, I believe, Vaughn is doing a networking potluck in North Hollywood. If you’re in the L.A. area and you’re listening to this watch your emails or send me an email so if you’d like to participate you can.

On that note, we’re going to close this call. Wish everyone that’s listening on the Internet and replays a wonderful day. Thank you.

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