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Wednesday Call 06.05.2013

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
Audio Link -
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Edited by Terry Brown and Dave Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn: This is Wednesday, 6:05 p.m. Wynn Free in Sedona, Arizona; Terry Brown in Sedona, Arizona and Gijs our producer/engineer and greeter in Magalia. Sometimes I don’t remember to say “Thank you, Gijs” but he does an incredible job of keeping the energy together.


I would like to thank Dwayne in Snohomish, Washington, because he keeps Gijs on his toes. I probably got a laugh then but I didn’t un-mute it. If you guys are listening on replays and you never come in early, Dwayne is like the class trouble-maker; he’s got a really good heart but he’s always starting things up. You have to come in early.


One thing that’s really important about what we’re doing is that even though we come in early and it’s this camaraderie and fun, this is really serious – really serious – our planet is not in good shape. There are a lot of mitigating forces that would like to bring things down. I don’t often talk about that, because it can be scary. But it’s true; I know it’s true.


Probably one of the most important remedies for the negative on this planet is bringing in the energies of the higher realms, bringing them in a way that is above the negative, those energies are above the negative and we’ve seen them. Those of you who are on the calls regularly have seen how it works. It’s hard to explain because there’s an aspect that you can put off and say “That’s a miracle” or “That shouldn’t have happened” etc., but enough things have happened.


It all started off with my sister’s lupus and talking to an energy or an intelligence that can project energy into this realm. Suddenly, my sister’s lupus goes away. Then I asked them “Could you stop a nuclear weapon from going off?”  And they said they could. It was really hard to assume the responsibility for that; it was hard to believe it.


I ‘put it on the back burner’ and just said “Well, what else could happen that could help me validate that this is possible?”  Things did keep happening. Some of you have seen them.


Here we are, having a direct line to those Sources. Here we are, right on these calls and they’re explaining to us how it works and how they help. In the higher realms, when I call them ‘they’, they’re not really ‘they’; they are ‘us’, an extension of us. We are an ‘interface’.


First of all, I’m not loaded with questions today but we do have some. Let’s take a moment and put our little group together energetically as we do on Sundays and just hold the space, hold the bridge, hold the energy that goes from that realm into this realm…


Let’s surround our planet with this energy; let’s surround every person on this planet that’s reaching for higher Sources, that’s lost or that’s found and that wants to know there’s something up there, the Wanderers. Let’s surround them all with loving energy…


Let’s bring this energy into your own space and expand it in to your room and through your walls and into your neighborhood…


Let’s hold this energy for all those people listening right now that need some kind of shift in their life; they need a job; they need a healing; they need something for someone they care about. Let’s hold the space for the highest good for those things to happen…


Let’s hold the grid space between our realm – this realm – and the higher realms, the highest realm… and we ask for all interventions and possible help for opportunities to awaken this planet…


 …and the empowerment for each of us who is hearing these words to be all that we can be…


Now, I said I was going to do something unusual today; I guess that’s nothing new; the unusual is becoming usual. There was a workshop I did a few years ago over the phone; the workshop was called the I am Ra workshop. It was very unusual and very successful that we’re holding this sacred space right now.


I had two volunteers that said they’d be willing to do this. I’m trying to look here at all the people – Mike Diaz would be a good person; Mike Diaz in Los Angeles. Let me start with Theresa and Joel; I think we may only have time for two because I want to do our questions for this evening. Here’s the idea:


I’ll start with Theresa. Theresa, can you *6 yourself? That will un-mute you and say something so I’ll hear you. *6.


Theresa:  Can you hear me?


Wynn:  I hear you – Theresa?


Theresa:  Yes, I’m here.


Wynn:  Okay. Here’s what we’re going to do: we’re going to hold this sacred space. You’re going to imagine your High Self; you’re going to talk to us and we’re going to talk to you. It’s going to give counsel to you as to what you really need to know.


You can start it by saying “I am Ra” or “I am Elohim”, and then don’t monitor what you’re saying. Don’t worry about sounding stupid; don’t worry about what other people are thinking; don’t worry or be self-conscious. Let words come out of your mouth faster than you can think or form them. Is that an okay thing to participate in?


Theresa:  Yes, it is.


Wynn:  Okay. You can say “I am Ra” or “I am spirit” and then let the words come through with no monitoring and no thought; no self-consciousness. We can start anytime you’re ready.


If you go for longer for three minutes I’m going to stop you and say “We’re coming to an end” but I’ll just count down. You can shut your eyes and let yourself go into the zone: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…


What is your High Self want to tell you?


Theresa:  I am Ra; I am here. It is now. We are glad to be with you. The Light is here; you only have to reach out and touch it and ask for what you need. We love you; we are here to guide you. Do not be afraid. Take one step at a time; reach out with Love.  We are here for you. There is a pathway for you, a golden path. It comes from the Infinite Creator directly to you; there is no other path. There is only Love, Light, guidance and joy.


When you are on the path, you will feel it in your heart-of-hearts; you will know when the one spirit is guiding you and with you because there is no other way. The way is clear; put your trust in the Divine Source/Father God/Mother God/ Divine Source/Christ Consciousness is always with you. Reach out and touch it. It is visible to you if you open your heart, your mind, your soul, your spirit to it.


We are One. We have always been One. We will always be One. There is nothing to fear; you can grow in strength, in faith, in courage, in joy, in love, in friendship. We are here; we are your friends. We love you. We feel everything with you. You are never alone. There is only one way, it is the way to the Infinite Creator. It is all love, all giving, all joy.


Reach out and take our hands and we will guide you. We will be with you every moment of your life. You simply have to reach out and touch; reach out and feel; reach out and give in joy, in love, in friendship, in expansion, in knowledge. For you already know the truth; you already know who you are. You simply have to remember. We are here to help you remember. There is Love, there is Light, there is joy, always on the path.


One step at a time, one touch at a time, with a smile, a word, an action, a joy, a giving. All can be gathered, all can be given, all can be shown to all around you, for it is in your power to make a change, just as we are changing things now one moment to moment, one second to second, one invisible millisecond at a time.


There is such joy for you, such great love for you, such knowledge, such capable understanding. There is all for you. Do not be afraid: reach out and touch and we will be there. Ask, and we will give. Join and we will be with you. We are one; there is a golden path and you’re on it. We are giving in love.


Wynn: Thank you Theresa. Terry, are you there? Terry, can you un-mute?


Terry:  Yeah. That was great.


Wynn:  Terry, we can retire!


Terry:  Great! Right, we can go on vacation.


Wynn:  That was beautiful, Theresa. Theresa, you’re a hard act to follow; but, thank you so much. Let me ask you: did you ever do anything like that before?


Theresa:  I’ve been doing that in my meditation since I sent you those emails. I’ve been working on it about a week and a half.


Wynn:  Awesome. You brought the energy in; I could feel the energy all around me while you did that. Thank you.


Theresa:  You’re welcome.


Wynn:  Joel, are you there? Hello, Joel?


Joel:  Yes.


Wynn:  Joel, don’t compare yourself to Theresa because she was good. When we do this, just remember: it could be your higher self talking to you. It doesn’t have to be a message to the world. Just allow the highest that you can tap into and don’t monitor yourself.


Or, it could be a message to the world; it could be counseling yourself. You’ll be surprised at the wisdom you can give yourself when you do this. Again, you’re okay with doing it, right? Do you have any fear? Is it a little scary?


Joel:  I got a little pulse anyway going on, I’ll just try and relax.


Wynn:  Go into the space of oneness and you can start out saying “I am Ra” or “I am spirit” or “I am love.”  I’ll just countdown: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…


Joel:  I am Ra. The energetic endeavor in which you are engaged in is important. The energy of connectedness with the individuals, adding one onto the other, has significant value for all of us.


Fear is an issue that blocks many individuals, and fear is a construct of the mind that, once realized, has to be dismissed. Fear does not have value once it is realized; fear is a construct that binds. Fear is a construct that denies, fear is a construct that leaves you in lack. We have to walk away from fear, walk away from the victim consciousness and release ourselves from being victims that are in need of rescue.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Joel:  That was what I have.


Wynn:  That was awesome.


Joel: Thank you.


Wynn: That was awesome. I want to tell you guys that we did a workshop, and…


Joel: Parenthetically that was really strong by the way.


Wynn:  I know it. How did it feel? Do you want to make any comments?


Joel:  No. I’m really sensitive anyway, and it’s really kind of out-of-body. I think it’s the support of everybody around because it’s like ‘ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-‘ and I just sweat profusely real quick, the body. I mean, I’m pretty avid meditator, but I’ve never done that and certainly not publicly or anything. I’m a pretty reserved person.


Wynn:  Thank you for being… -- and taking the courage to do it.


What happens is, we have this energy on this call. When you step into it and you assume the responsibility for it you become so wise and usually you’re counseling yourself. You go back and listen to it; it’s your High Self. I don’t even want to explain it linearly because I don’t understand it, except I wanted to do that. We’ll do a workshop soon; I just wanted to see if it still worked.


When we did a workshop, every single person in that workshop was able to tap into the high realms, every single person. It’s a wonderful experience for you to have because once you learn it, you can sit down in the morning and say “Okay, I need some guidance today.”  Just write it down, don’t censor things, write it down on a piece of paper. You will be amazed at how profound you can be.


Thank you so much Joel.


Let’s go now to the questions tonight. Let me see if anyone threw one in here. No, we got them all. Terry, are you there?


Terry:  Yes, I’m here.


Wynn:  What did you think of that?


Terry:  That was very impressive; that was great.


Wynn:  Were you on that workshop that I did a long time ago? I don’t think you were on it.


Terry:  No, I wasn’t on it.


Wynn:  Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect everyone on this line, and that any negativity be dispersed and transmuted in the highest realms of Light. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.


Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us, and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


We invite our Sources to come in and talk to us through Terry Brown.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. Each of you is so beautiful and is so treasured and has the access-abilities one developed to access the higher realms and to hold the energy true, and to monitor it with your Higher Self to know that you are still on the right beam and the right track so that you are bringing through information that resonates – you within your own self have a guidance system that you are able to tell in your heart of hearts whether something resonates and whether it is true for you.


And if you find, in doing this, that you are beginning to move off the track then move back and reset; reset your energies. These energies connect around the crown chakra and they lock in, which provides stability and the connection. Then, you can begin to have two-way information packets going back and forth between you and the higher realms.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes. Our first question tonight is from Carl Estes Darmananda. Last Thursday evening he asked himself why he had such a hard time getting to sleep to before dawn. “And a voice said that I was the keeper of the light during the dark night hours. That is why I cannot fall asleep until the dawn. Is there any way that you and Terry can verify that this message came from them, or was it just my own thoughts? I really want to know. Thank you. Carl Estes”.


Ra’An: Give us a moment.


It is a connection between you and the time-form, the place in space and time where you first began to develop this pattern, and you have had reinforcement of this pattern over some other lifetimes. So your question is: is this from the high Sources or from your own self?


There are two ends to this communication: one within yourself and the other end ending and beginning in a way in the Akashic Records of memory, of All That Is. And the role that we have is of guidance and support. So, it is your own self connecting with your own past memories and your Higher Self guiding you to the information to understand for the Light you wish to maintain: the Light in the dark.


Wynn:  Thank you. This is from Gary in Redondo Beach. He kind of chewed me out because I thought I was asking this question last week but I didn’t ask it in the exact words. I probably didn’t ask it; I asked another question about ego. Gary’s question really is: Why do we have an ego?


Ra’An:  Thank you.


The ego has been developed as part and parcel of one’s history and one’s desire for existence and one’s desire for the confirmation of their existence; one’s desire to express one’s control and intellect over a situation – one’s desire to slant information to their own history, their own manner of development, their own view of how things work. This can slant the information and cause one to veer away from many sources of further information and growth, as one seeks to demand that things are their way and then they act upon those things.


This has been developed over many lifetimes. And if they have lifetimes wherein there has been trauma, then they may take that trauma as guidance towards what they should or should not do and sometimes that is the area of their greatest lesson – that when they can move through that and dispense with the trauma then it is like the breaking of the dawn.


They can look out and see all the other connections that have been available to them and that they did not know were there because of their singular focusing upon their orientation which has been garnered from lifetime to lifetime.


To break out of that and to become pure like a child – an innocent child – to begin to see all of the causes, all of the opportunities, all of the alternatives one needs to let go of this singular view and take into account that there may be other things out there where they could grow, and shedding some of their beliefs and concepts which have been keeping them within a certain narrow confine of experience.


Wynn:  Thank you. Dave in Grove City (he’s the rock-and-roll guy) he’s listening on BBS; hi, Dave. He asks “What percentage of us in the group tonight knew each other in previous lives?”


Ra’An:  There is a very long track here, and there’s a track-back into spirit-form and back to the One.


In some of your past lifetimes, we see this staggered: sometimes individuals knew each, but other individuals did not. Then, other lifetimes other individuals knew each other but the first individuals did not. So, this is a getting-together over a broad spectrum, a broad range, of lifetimes when some of us knew each other and others of us didn’t know each other in various time periods and did know each other in other time periods.


So it is a bit scattered. However, the recognition of the energy is there. We would say that we look at different timelines, and if we were to narrow it down to say Egypt we would see that probably 10% of us knew each other. If we were to expand the timeline we see that many of us (and we include us in this also) are drawn by the experience and the vibration and the desire to connect. And then over a longer period of time we see 10%; and then, over a longer period of time we see 15%.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you and thank you, Dave for the question.


Let’s see here. We have a question here from Don Hermann, which I thought was a really good question:


The Sources say they won’t interfere with free will, but how much free will do most people really have? Don’t you really know what is going on to have free will? Obviously there’s a lot going on that most people aren’t aware of and that they’re easily fooled and their discernment is defective because they don’t know what’s happening. Thank you for your answer.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We see that individuals all are within the pattern of their belief systems, so their belief systems set what it is that they are going to experience and how much they believe that they could experience outside of that framework.


Besides, when one comes into the third density, they take on, if they believe it, the limitations of the third density area in which they are. They take on the effect of gravity; they take on the effect of the veil formed by the body system; they take on the training of their genes over past generations and all of these give them a closed loop within which they can operate and do operate.


When one begins to break out of their own chosen belief systems or those that they have unconsciously adopted then they can begin to experience phenomena outside of those belief systems and can begin to have more free choice.


For instance: the free choice to walk on hot coals if they believe that this is possible. If they don’t believe this is possible they have precluded it by their beliefs in the setting within their own framework of the responses that they are capable of experiencing.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question is from Anna Medor. She read in a book that dark thoughts and emotions come from what the author calls ‘the false self’; a lot of us suffer from spiritual mistaken identities because we identify with this temporary, false self instead of identifying with our Higher Selves. Lately, I’ve been getting intrusive negative thoughts and words while I’m meditating. These thoughts just pop up in my mind all of a sudden. I’ve also seen strange faces for a second too. All this does not happen often, but it happens and it’s unsettling.


My question is: who or what are these negative thoughts and faces that are coming up? And, what is this ‘false self’?


Ra’An:  Thank you.


You have a sense (a good sense) of who you are and you know when something is your own self, of your own self, and when it is from a false self. However, we would not call it a false self; we would call it ‘another self’ that is not you, that has its own choice, its own path and has been proven in time in connection with you.


So when this happens, just look at the face, observe the face, give it the thought of love. Send it love as if it is another face, another being, another being trapped in time that is trying so hard to show you who, how, that being looked at one time or another.


It is a ‘light-show’; it is a ‘reviewing’. Send that being love, let that being know that it/he/she is loved as when you see the faces you will be able to tell whether it is a female face or a male face, generally. And send them love. As we are talking we are sending them love. Some of the fear can dissolve because some of the fear is coming from them, they are so scared. They have been on vacation, in retirement, and they are welcomed back and they are moving to the point where they can resume their own track in love. Let them know, as we do now, each one of them is loved.


So when it happens just observe it, as each one, each face, is a being deserving of love. When you can, just simply observe it as a fact of what is happening. Then let them go, in love. They are scared and it is that they are making a shift; they’re moving into the shift. Let them … let them be themselves, but leave and then learn to each take their own power as their true self but not being a false self any longer.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you. Just for clarification, I think you were saying that what she was seeing was some actual beings that were attachments and that you were helping free them. Am I correct?


Ra’An:  Yes, they are the ones, they are the beings, that they have been waiting for. They are the ones that need to step away, need to then take their own power and their own trust, their own leap of faith. They can then be trustworthy, can then be loved, can then receive the things that will straighten them out.


And it is a tenuous, hard, scary path, but that one ‘leap of faith’ to leave and to become one’s own self in truth, will accomplish the miracle that each one has been wishing and waiting for.


Wynn:  Thank you. I have a question and maybe this will be the last question for this evening. The question is:


When Theresa and Joel were doing that little session, what percentage of what was coming through them was actually the Ra group or the Elohim group?


Ra’An:  We see aspects of the Ra group coming through and we see their beautiful connections and merging of their Higher Self with the aspects of love and aspects of the Elohim group too. It just brings tears to our energy eyes, their beautiful connection.


Wynn:  Thank you; thank you so much. Special thanks to Joel and Theresa. Watch for my workshop.


Next Saturday Carla and I are going to do Session V, at least as it stands right now; this is not the formal announcement, it’s informal, depending on how Carla feels. Session V of the Law of One Made Simple series.


So, on that note, it’s 6:54. I’m going to un-mute everybody; we’ll say goodbye and see you next time. Just a moment here…


I hope we’ll see some of you on Sunday. Thank you all for being here; over and out.



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