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Sunday Call-06.09.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free
Audio Link:
Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Rick Vornbrock
Edited by: Terry Brown and Susan Rush
Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee


Wynn: Good morning, it is June 9, 2013 and this is Wynn Free in Sedona, Arizona. Just coming back from Phoenix and Terry, are you on the line?


Terry: Iím here.


Wynn: Thatís Terry Brown. Her bodyís in Sedona. [Laughter] Do you feel like youíre in Sedona?


Terry: Well, Iím kind of a universally all-over-the-place person. But localized in Sedona.


Wynn: And then we have Carla Rueckert who is in Anchorage, Tennessee. Are you there, Carla?


Carla: Kentucky.


Wynn: Anchorage, Kentucky. You see, I was still back on Chris - heís in Tennessee, okay? You know, Carla, how are you doing today? Everyone wants to know how youíre feeling.


Carla: Thanks, hon. Iím doing splendidly, hanging right in there - lying on my Clinitron bed, getting better by the day.


Wynn: Now Iíll bet you feel youíre in your body, right?


Carla: [Laughter] Well, I understand a lot of people on this bed donít. Itís one of those therapy beds where you get air rushing against your body all the time so itís sort of like a spa experience of floating. Now, Iíve never had that experience, Iím perfectly grounded. Whew! But a lot of people sort of lose contact and drift off. I havenít had that experience here yet. Iím still definitely planet Earth, third density, yah, yah that checks.


Wynn: Okay and we have all of you everywhere all over the world in your bedrooms. Of course, this is our Sunday morning planetary grid healing and Iím going to spend more time today on the planetary and personal healing part of the call. But just to start off, I want to welcome the people that are here for the first time.


This call, this work weíre doing has to do with making a connection, a bridge with Sources that say theyíre in other dimensions. The first thing, if anyoneís checking this out, is to do enough study of both my work and Carlaís work to say, ďHmm, maybe theyíre doing what they say theyíre doing.Ē Youíre not supposed to believe it because I say it and we have enough free material that if you donít expose yourself to it and you think coming into these calls is enough, it probably isnít. Because weíre doing something that so is out-of-the-box that your mind cannot possibly validate it.


You canít believe me because I say itís true. So therefore, you have to do your own work and validate it. You have to make it real for yourself and if you donít do that, you are missing a very important step because otherwise, you fall into the category of being a blind believer and say ďWell, if Wynn says it, it must be true.Ē And I donít want that and I donít want you to look at me that way. I want you to due diligence. I had to do lots of due diligence, probably three yearsí worth to just begin to think it was true. And why should you skip that step? You donít have to do three years because now itís all organized and you could spend a month and say, ďOh my God, wow, how does this happen?Ē


Because, you see, unlike a lot of other spiritual groups [things] and they can all be valid but one of the things that distinguish this work weíre doing is this vast body of evidence, even if itís anecdotal evidence. Do you know what ďanecdotalĒ means? It means - you couldnít take it to a scientist and say, ďHere this is true,Ē but it means that there are so many circumstances pointing in that direction that you would have to say, ďHow could all of this be true and that not be true?Ē And you could say that but itís unlikely because there are so many facts and figures, you know? From people who look like people in past life times to little miracles, to a consistent point of view of the Universe and how it works over many, many years.


Whatís pretty interesting is I started studying Carla Rueckertís Ra material, oh probably twelve years ago when I was first exposed to it through David Wilcockís work, and at that time my mind was spinning and Iím saying, ďCan this be true? Can this be true?Ē I mean itís pretty wild. I mean if you read Carlaís Ra material, for the first time, first of all itís hard to understand but when you start to understand it, the premises of whom this Ra Group is and how they interface with us, is like science fiction.


I mean, you know, for example: here is this group soul thatís made up of graduates from this realm that moves souls from one planet to another so they can continue their evolution. How in the world can you believe that? I mean, you could say, ďMaybe itís true,Ē but how do you know? Then of course I started with Daphne, you know, she started bringing through messages and I started asking all these questions about the Ra material and she had never studied it when I started asking those questions.


I mean I asked myself maybe she knew this already? In fact, I even took a trip to Laughlin, Nevada to ask Carla Rueckert (probably in 2002) if she was familiar with the work of Edgar Cayce. She was, but only his health work, not his past life stuff. And not his past lives which I was drawing certain inferences from her material. So, in any case, Daphne started giving me the same answers to this model of the Universe as the Rueckert material (the Ra material) and then Terry continued and Terry never heard of the Ra Group. We had three people, four people including Wilcock, giving this same model of the Universe, somewhat independently. How do you have four people giving this same extraordinary model of the Universe, independently?


Well, you could say thereís some negative force that just wants us to get down here and its programming four different people. But thatís not very likely. In fact, as we have learned, negative sources donít want this material to be out there and many people know that Carla was attacked and Daphne was attacked during these sessions and so something doesnít want it here and yet, here we have it.


So now we have this and we have this idea that there are real group energies in other dimensions that can interface with us. Now if thatís real, you want to know how do they, interface? Of course, everyone wants to personally know, how do I make my life better with this? How do I change my life? It has to come down (in a bottom line) to changing your life. You donít change your life by, even if itís true, believing or deferring to some huge external intelligence thatís wise, thatís powerful. Thatís not what changes your life. They can help you change your life. You can learn huge amounts of things from them. But you have to change your life.


You know, I was reading something in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce the other day and I sent it to someone and it was, let me just paraphrase it, I hope I get this right. They said, Ďone of the most major accomplishments that a being in 3D can make in their own evolution is to be aware of the patterns that are on an unconscious level that are impacting their life.í Did you follow that? To be aware of the patterns on an unconscious level that, are impacting your life.


That is profound! Because, you see, that is the way you begin your own self-mastery. Everyone here has patterns. Let me just say, I donít like to make sweeping statements. I suspect everyone here has patterns that fit into that category. Patterns on an unconscious level that are running you and you donít know theyíre running you. In fact, you think itís you.


So how do you find what these patterns are, since theyíre unconscious, how do you find them out? This is where, well, the one thing that I have found as a way of uncovering my patterns is to look at repetitive things that happen in the world; where the same kind of thing happens, and youíre not really intending for that to happen, but it happens anyway. Say for example, you constantly get rejected, and why are people rejecting me? Well, usually from a 3D level you start to think, ďThey must be rejecting me because Iím no good.Ē


And so now if youíre no good, youíre not worthy and if youíre not worthy you have no connection, you donít deserve to connect with God or higher sources, and so you go through lifetime after lifetime feeling worthless. And you still havenít come to the crux of the problem. ďWhy do I feel no good?Ē Well something on a lower level is doing that. Something is causing people to reject you and itís not because youíre no good.


Once you start getting into this spiritual evolution game, itís not really a game, but once you get committed to a path, you have to take the responsibility for everything in your life; [it] is part of your creation. If you have things in your life that you donít like, you have to solve the problem of how you are creating that. Of course, for every person the answer is going to be different. The solution is going to be different. Then, once you find out how youíre creating something in your life then the next challenge is, ďHow do I fix that?Ē


Now this is an arena where you can start getting help from other dimensions when you get to the place of ďHow do I fix that?Ē In fact, you might even get help say in a reading or when you hear one of these calls, we happen to describe one of your patterns and you might say, ďThatís me. Thatís me.Ē So this is a challenge weíre all facing, how we create our lives. Now you know Iíve noticed recently, like some things in my space where Iíve noticed how gossip actually works. Do you gossip? Do you go around telling other people somebody tells you something and then you tell someone else?


We could say, ďWhy do people gossip? Why do they do that?Ē They do that because thereís a moment of uplifted energy when you tell something that you shouldnít tell. Somebody gives you a lot of energy in that moment and it feels good. And itís very transitory but unfortunately it doesnít matter because youíre in that place where youíre desperate for energy and you say something and boom you have a little reward of energy coming. Somebodyís paying attention to you. Somebodyís interested in you.


In the long run you may be doing betrayal; you may be taking confidences and telling someone else. The short run of upliftment you get, because somebodyís interested in what youíre saying and, you know, itís got that guilty pleasure to it. In the long run the betrayal can permanently damage relationships and you donít know youíre doing that. You think itís harmless, but itís not because then somebodyís told you something in confidence and you tell someone else and youíve damaged the confidence.


Believe it or not, and maybe youíve had the experience, you tell somebody something and say, ďDonít repeat thisĒ and I donít know the percentages, but so often they repeat it. Whatís happening is you are contracting yourself into this energy pattern that gets you stuck into this realm. Do you see how that works? Itís like, somebody is betrayed, somebody is giving Ö itís not spiritual. Itís like manipulating lower level energies.


I know, I watch really carefully how this works, and I watch very carefully who I share things with because humans are so desperate for energy that they will take something and then tell somebody because it makes somebody else pay attention. Jeez, there was somebody in our group that told someone else, ďWynn gave me his personal telephone number. He calls me all the time.Ē And that wasnít true, [it] didnít happen.


Why in the world would they say that? ďWell, Wynn thinks Iím special so you should think Iím special.Ē You see what a dark spiral that is creating, that is moving down. Then every time Iíll talk to that person--the person that said that--I may not even call them on it, but I will think about it. Say, ďWhy is this person doing that?Ē Carla, do you have anything you want to add to this?


Carla: Well yeah, I think the thing about why people do that--I think youíre right--it makes them feel powerful. But it doesnít last and then youíre hungry for it to last and so you try a little more of it, but it doesnít last either. Meanwhile you keep thinking ďWell, the joy is gone from this, why didnít this work for me?Ē You donít realize that for everything there is a corresponding reaction.


For every energy there is the same energy coming back to you. If you do something, it comes back. You breathe in, you breathe out. If you breathe out to somebody else they will breathe in back to you or back to somebody else because weíre All One. So when youíre betraying, when youíre gossiping you are offering yourself up to the world and saying, ďOkay, in my world itís ok to gossip so please gossip about me, hurt me, destroy me, I love it. This is great, keep on doing that.Ē Of course, you donít really mean that, but thatís the way energy works.


Itís just a matter of time for you to inevitably feel the thud of someone betraying you. You donít think of it as betrayal, you think of it as sharing with someone whom you trust. But thatís actually not so. When you give something out to somebody and say, ďDonít tell a soul,Ē what you mean is, ďPlease tell and tell them that I told you, so theyíll know what a powerful person I am, that I knew that.Ē


So once it starts, the only thing that will stop it is if you finally forgive yourself and start over. Thatís a really hard thing to do because by now youíve started the energy going that makes it inevitable, you know, seemingly inevitable that youíll keep on acting that way. So it takes a really big effort of will to stop doing that. You are capable of it but itís really hard. So the easiest it ever is to stop doing something is right now.


Wynn: When you do stop or you do intend to stop, you may find yourself in relationships with other people that are built upon this kind of interchange and youíll talk to them and theyíre going to say, ďWell, howís Barbara doing? And howís Joe doing?Ē And theyíre going to give you positive rewards for reporting on everybody and when you start to report youíre moving into betrayal. Youíre moving into, would that person want me to say this to this person?


I mean if youíre sure itís okay, then itís okay. But if in doubt, donít do it because all the trust and the confidence get lost. I mean, I can say I am honored to have a friend like Carla and like Terry because I would trust them with my life. I know they donít do this kind of thing and doing it is one of those subtle ways that you can sabotage your own spiritual growth. You know, maybe Terry wants to share something. Terry, are you there?


Terry: Hi. Yes, what I find is when somebody does that, like they share something personal and then they share it with a whole bunch of other people and they put their own spin on it, that makes them look good and me look bad and then I donít want to talk to them anymore. I just want to avoid talking to them. Because if I talk to them then I kind of have to monitor everything I say and make sure that itís nothing that they can then report-on to other people about how Terryís this way or Terryís that way which is their own spin and to me, itís not even true. Then other people report back to me, that this has been said and then I just donít want to even integrate with that person anymore, which can be detrimental to that person and that personís growth. Thatís all.


Wynn: I was just going to say another thing, in this same arena, not exactly, but close, you know, this need to talk to other people; and it is intrinsic. We want friends, we want camaraderie and you just have to be really careful about the whole deal. Because often times youíll pick people who you are confiding in who would be jealous of you, for whatever reason.


They could be jealous because you may have a good relationship with someone. They may be jealous because Ö their jealousy may be something thatís not overt and you donít see it and you confide in them and talk to them. Then you want to start something new, maybe a new relationship or a new business enterprise, something to make yourself be what you wanted in life and while youíre doing that, if youíre reporting to this person, who has this propensity for jealousy, whatís happening is--this happens a lot of times on an unconscious level--youíre not aware of it. But you feel their disapproving of you because youíre going to be more successful.


So you plant their disapproval in your mind and you can sabotage your own relationship or your own success. It would be kind of like you have a new possibility for a personal relationship and somebody that has this propensity and you start talking about that person and they say, ďOh yeah, heís a little fat,Ē or ďHe swears too much.Ē


At that point when something is a seedling and somebody says something like that you donít even realize theyíre saying it because of jealousy, you start sabotaging your building of this relationship. And I always say to myself, if something is a seedling, if something is just starting to grow, Iím very careful about who Iím going to talk about that with because itís a very vulnerable position at that moment. Even I can hear the slightest comment and somebody will say something negative and I have to either revise it [or] re-clear it from my space.


So these are very important things. For example, people that need to make money, you know, there are certain things that you could do that will make money. Perhaps theyíre not the kind of jobs that have high status appeal, but theyíll get you through the day. If youíre going to do these things and then you start talking about them to your friends about what youíre doing, because they donít have high status appeal, youíll resist doing them. Youíll think, ďI donít want anyone to know Iím doing this.Ē


I remember about a year ago I was in a restaurant in Sedona and I was talking to this guy and he built a business cleaning windows at stores. [Laughter] Actually, he was quite successful. But at one point he just got a window cleaner, he learned the best way to clean windows and he would walk up and down the block and ask these stores, ďDo you need your windows cleaned?Ē And he would get their business. Itís like I think he bought a home with it, he probably has more accounts than anything.


But somebody else could say, ďIím going to help clean houses. Iím going to find a way to make money.Ē And everyone needs houses cleaned. ďIím going to clean houses, and donít tell anybody about it.Ē You might get rejected for a week, but do it and make the money. Donít brag about what youíre going to do and then either fail or have your friends look at you as if youíre something lesser than because youíre just going to clean houses.


Jeez, previously, you were a computer high-tech person making a thousand dollars a week. Your friends are not going to pay your rent. Theyíre not going to buy your food and it doesnít matter what you do. I mean in my life, Iíve done so many different things and I learned that it didnít matter what people thought, but there was a point in my life when it did and I thought about the esteem in that. I know Carlaís husband - should we talk about Jim, Carla?


Carla: Absolutely. Iím proud of my baby.


Wynn: Yeah, at some point you know, Carla was doing The Law of One channelings and then she was doing the Quío channelings and her husband was very, very dedicated to the work. Carla has this propensity, as do I, to want to give this stuff out for free. Because, I mean, I understand why one does that. Because itís hard to sell something thatís so far out-of the-box that people are going to have a hard time believing that itís real. So they have to get into it and after they get into it and it touches them, many times people will give a donation or do something to support it.


But itís never enough. Well, I wonít say itís never enough. If you have a million people it can be enough. If you have ten million people it would be more than enough. But at the stages where you have ten thousand people, itís not enough, it helps though. It helps. And so I imagine at some point Carlaís husband Jim decided he was going to mow lawns [Laughter] to help pay the bills. And he started mowing lawns and now he has a business. Landscaping, right, Carla?


Carla: Right and you know it was so wonderful of him. I said I really need to work and get some money. Iím a librarian and I can get good money. He says no. He says, ďThe work that youíre doing is so much more important, not just to me but in general, to humankind as a whole. I want to support that and I am going to take care of you and you do the work.Ē Iíve always been lucky enough to have someone that would shelter me this way.


Because, as Wynn said, thereís no real money in spiritual writing unless youíre tremendously good at making stories up and stuff the way Shirley MacLaine did a long time ago. But in general, my feeling was, and from the very beginning our whole research groupís feeling was (Don, Jim and me as a whole) that this was something we wanted to give to people totally for free because it could make such a difference in their lives; and if the person had a serious interest we wanted it to be available.


We wanted it to be available, if possible, globally. We managed to have that happen through the years. But it took somebody sticking to it, keeping your nose to the grindstone (if spiritual work has a grindstone) and keeping it happening. To do that it takes your time, it takes your life. So I attended to the spiritual work, Jim attended to working.


I always thought of him as my white knight on a great charger, you know, but the charger was orange and it said the name of the mower company. You know, heíd be riding along on his mower and heíd be carrying a lance, he was my knight. He was taking care of not just me but of the work. And Iím so grateful and I know everybody that runs into the work and they find out, ďOMG, I donít have to do anything to get it, I just have to click on it. It is right there, itís on the web.Ē


Wynnís given his whole life to this and he scratches trying to make a living and if people had not helped him along the way, he would not be able to do the work. Heíd still be in his little RV going from town to town and [Laughter] being a hobo and having a wonderful life but a different life. So he had to settle down and stick to it which meant he had to commit his time. He could not make a living, he needed to do this. So that has meant that various people have said, ďLook, I want to give you a handĒ and if people didnít, we wouldnít be able to survive. Thatís all.


Wynn: You know, the point is (one important point is) I know that when people first discover this work and they discover this idea that there really is intelligence in other dimensions that can actually help us, actually add to our energy, add to the synchronicity factor (when people discover that) they move into the God/Man old format that they say, ďPlease help me, do this do that. I need this, I need that.Ē

Itís not the way it works, itís not magic.


The best explanation and this is the Elohim speaking through Terry of how they interact with us is that itís kind of like a bicycle. Where if youíre just on foot, you can get from A to B and it takes so long. But when you ride a bicycle, youíre turning the pedals and then thereís a chain and it amplifies the energy to the rear wheel and you can go much faster than walking.


Well, the higher Sources are like the chain and the gear that goes to the rear wheel. But, somebody still has to peddle [Laughter] and if thereís no peddling, thereís no transfer of energy. So the advantage of making these energetic connections with these higher, positive Sources is that you learn how to do things and theyíre amplified. Your own little human, little motion gets amplified potentially many, many times greater than you could possibly do by yourself. But in a sense, youíre still doing it by yourself.


If you understand that itís you taking advantage of a system thatís in place. The system is there and itís like all you have to do is engage in the system and suddenly you are far more effective at everything you do. And in The Law of One everything that helps you is part of you. Itís not separate from you - itís part of you. So the Ra Group is you. The Elohim Group is you. The Universe is you.

Now it doesnít mean that youíre going to see the Universe because your body complex is not designed to see the Universe. Itís not designed. Your eyes see 3D, your nose smells 3D. Everything is designed for 3D.


But you can and many of you have had this experience on our line, you can get this expansiveness, you can feel the expansiveness. Itís hard to explain in words. When you keep coming on these calls, thereís an-energy on the call that you can internalize. Some of you noticed (this has been my experience, just observation) when I said you can feel the expansiveness, as soon as I said that, something shifted.


Now, Iíve observed this phenomenon enough to draw the conclusion for myself that these guys in other dimensions are watching us. This is a rare opportunity for them to impact beings in this realm. So when I say something like that, they kind of are in the background and said, ďOkay, letís blow some energy inĒ and some of you could feel a shift. Iím not doing that, in fact I even forget it and then Iíll say it and then say, ďOh, thereís the energy.Ē


So if you didnít feel it, you could think weíre all nuts, itís all hypnosis or suggestion but Iím not hypnotizing anybody. In fact, I donít even know what Iím saying and Iíll suddenly say that and I feel the shift. Of course, when we do our healing sessions, we actually focus on that energy and it comes in really strong. So let me see here Ö itís 10:48. Carla? Carla, are you there?


Carla: I am.


Wynn: Now Carla had this idea of having us all sing a song together and she wrote [it] as a round and I was going to send the lyrics out so that can work, we could try that. But she didnít email back this morning the lyrics, so I didnít do it. Maybe Iíll have her sing it and next week or the week after Iíll send the lyrics out and we can do it together. Itís just a little round; would you like to do that?


Carla: I would. I like this because it really is something that is true of us, whoever we are and what our circumstances are, itís true of us. And the words go:


We all come from God or rather we all come from Love, I changed that. [Laughter]
We all come from Love and unto Love we shall return
like a river flowing into the ocean
like a ray of light returning to the sun


[Carla sings it.]


Wynn: Do it again, I like that.

Carla: [Singing]


Wynn: Thank you. Some of you saw the email about the event in L.A. and this week we did something really interesting or different. Not interesting but different. For years now, Iíve talked and people have listened to me and Iím a good speaker and I have interesting things to say and I realize that itís not about me, Iím just like a catalyst, to catalyze things. So we had two things happen this week, one was in Phoenix and one was in Los Angeles.


In Phoenix, Eric Soffield suggested why donít we do this and I said why donít I come down? Thereís a little restaurant there that has a meeting room and instead of me lecturing or talking or doing that, there are a few people in Phoenix that have been coming into our calls regularly or listening to them, and letís just invite people to show up and meet each other and not make it like a Wynn event. Well, needless to say I did talk too much but it worked. We had a great energy and when people whoíve been coming in these calls regularly, get into a room together, you hit the ground running.


The energy is already there, theyíve already learned how to tune in to the energies. So thereís a good chance Ö See, sometimes people think Iím supposed to tell them what to do and Iím not. Iím creating opportunities and then people have to reach for the opportunity and then even create the opportunity themselves, around this. But what happened was, I suggested, I said if you guys like meeting like this then maybe somebody on a Sunday morning either once a week or once a month, invite everyone to their home.


You can switch homes and listen to these calls on a speaker phone and then have some kind of potluck breakfast or lunch, right? And start the building of community, the anchoring of energies. You know, thereís a lot of garbage in the world right now. Thereís a lot of negative stuff in the world as many of you know and a lot of negative agendas. You canít confront them directly but you can build positive connection in the trenches. You can build spiritual connection in the trenches, itís very important.


So then Vaughn in Los Angeles, he did a potluck dinner last night and I announced that to the group and probably about 12 people showed up and apparently they had a great time. I wasnít there and theyíre going to continue some kind of meeting format. So if some of you out there have, you know, a living room or you know of a cheap meeting room Ė the meeting room we used in Phoenix was free as long as people bought $50.00 dollars worth of food, they didnít charge for the meeting room.


So this is a very simple easy thing. Drop me an email and then I can check and see if there are other people in your area and then something could happen; so, just mentioning that. It is 10:55 and, Iíll tell you what, before I would go into the next part of this call, I just want to see if any of you have something you would like to share with the group. Now itís not going to be big long sharing, keep it short, I only want to do 5 minutes and then I want to go into our personal planetary healing session. Let me just see here Ė last time I did this, somebody tried to sell something [Laughter] Let us see Ö okay, we hear you, the lines are open. Anyone want to say anything?


Teresa: Yes, I do. Itís Teresa.


Wynn: Hi Teresa.


Teresa: Hey. The beautiful experience we had last Wednesday when I volunteered for something I didnít even know, what was going to be happening - that was absolutely awesome. I felt the energy so strongly; I felt it was a combination of the Elohim and the Ra Group. It was so real I could touch it, it was strong around me and then Dwayne and I connected this week and he is awesome. Heís a delightful person and we have a lot in common and that was a tremendous blessing so thatís all I wanted to say.


Wynn: Well thank you.


Joel: This is Joel; I can second that motion by the way.


Wynn: Joel, did you listen to what she said?


Joel: No, I havenít had a chance to go back to it yet. But from my standpoint I now understand Ö people go back about a year Ö


Gijs: Hold on guys, okay Joel.


Joel: They ah, you could feel ... I would have to say it was like a puff of smoke because the information would hit and as it would hit it was a matter of difficulty trying to translate what is kind of pictorial and linguistic and thenÖ in the end, I was trying to convey information and then it just got to be too intense that I couldnít keep up and I had to cut off. [Laughter] But it kept me up; I mean the energy was very, very visceral. It felt very kind of pulsee, I guess thatís the best way to say it and very, very Ö


Wynn: You were very profound, both of you. Both you and Teresa were very profound.


Carla, some of you donít know what weíre talking about. We might try this again on Wednesday. I did a workshop some time ago and I did this and Ö I didnít do the workshop. Believe it or not, I didnít get a single email from anyone that was interested in the workshop on it so I was wondering for awhile, jeez, I hope we did okay.


But maybe on Wednesdays weíll do this in the future with different people. I could call it an exercise in learning how to get your own guidance and on this call, there is a group-energy and that Iím talking into that energy, right now; and Terry talks into that energy. So what I did was I did a little exercise where I picked a couple of people who I was going to give the opportunity to talk into the group energy.


So [to] Teresa, I said start out and say I am Ra or I am spirit or whatever word, I am love and donít censor yourself. Let whatever comes out of your mouth come out and letís see what happens and it was quite amazing. [Laughter] You can go back and listen to the archives of last Wednesday. If you didnít know how I would set that up, if you didnít know what would happen and you just took what either of them said, you would swear they were channeling. [Laughter]


So we may try that in the future. You know, some of you may learn to be able to move into that altered state, write things down, and ask your high self for guidance and get your own guidance system working. Just always remember, always remember, whenever you do anything like that it is possible you could get something negative. When weíre on these calls thereís such a positive supportive energy that thatís unlikely but if it happened I would just cut the person. But listen on Wednesday and thank you for sharing. Anyone else want to share anything?


Joel: But you should quantify that we walked into that blindly, by the way. We had no idea Ö


Wynn: Yeah, they walked into it blindly. [Laughter] I just said Iím going to do an experiment Ö


Joel: Ďthree, two, one, go. It was a little mind-numbing, it worked out well I guess. Thank you.


Wynn: It was totally unplanned. I picked two people; I said I want you to volunteer and if you donít want to do it when I tell you what it is you could like change your mind and then they volunteered or I might have even volunteered you. I called on you, didnít I Joel?


Joel: You asked if Iíd volunteer and I said, ďSure ÖĒ


Wynn: Alright, weíre going to go back to our format. Okay, so what weíre going to do here is Ö let me go to my healing list.


Alright, so I explained earlier this idea that we can affiliate ourselves with the energies of the Universe and then every week we do a little guided visualization where we do that and actually many, many people feel the energies come in. This is like--in the earlier reference, this is like--learning how to ride your bicycle. This is like getting the bicycle [Laughter] and then when you go home you have to figure out what you want to pedal and put into this amplified energy, always remembering Ďfor the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will.í


So we start with the idea that the Universe is one being. And we, you and I, are micro-cells or souls in this being. In our dimension, in 3D, we have lost, for the most part, the ability to consciously feel this connection with All That Is. So thereís a propensity to feel alienated, separated, itís a dog-eat-dog world, and many people lose the ability to have compassion. Well you canít be compassionate out of an idea. You have to be compassionate out of The Law of One. Itís the only way thatís real.


That means you have to perceive the other as part of yourself and you have to be giving to the part of yourself that lives in the other and then you have a true expression of compassion. So the Earth is us. We are each other. For a moment, letís see the energy of the Earth. Everyone listening right now is on the same Earth and the Earth is alive. The Earth has an-awareness. The Earth pays attention to you. Mostly you donít know it but it is happening.


So in this moment feel the energy of the Earth coming up through the ground, though the floor and into the bottom of your feet.


[Guided visualization continued as usual]


[Still on guided visualization] Do you know if youíre one of those people who are vulnerable, who people can take advantage of - who people manipulate easily - part of the reason for that is your energy in your solar plexus is weak. Because your solar plexus is the seat of power and how do you make the solar plexus stronger? Do you know, thatís one of the things they emphasize in martial arts, it all comes from your solar plexus. They teach people to radiate energy from your solar plexus when theyíre in a combat with another person.


An easy way to get energy into your solar plexus is to make a guttural sound from your diaphragm. You can do this not just on this call, you can practice it anytime. That will help bring the energy down and create more power. When you have more power you can create more boundaries. You can defend yourself psychically. You can walk in an environment like the supermarket and not get pulled into everyone elseís vibration. It also allows you to project your heart more freely because you have your power protecting you. Some people are afraid to generate their heart energy because theyíre vulnerable and when you add power to it you now have vulnerability with power.


Do you know years ago I couldnít imagine myself doing what Iím doing now and I believe that one of the reasons Iím able to do this is I learned how to associate vulnerability of my heart Ė to power of my solar plexus. So hereís a little technique, guttural sound. Are you ready? If you donít do it well, then practice, okay? Put your hand there, feel your solar plexus.


You want to feel your diaphragm tightening up and the sound goes like ďUgh!Ē Letís practice it, ďUgh!Ē Feel the energy move down into the solar plexus? Iím going to un-mute everybody. Letís see what you sound like. Ready? - One, two, three ďUgh, ugh, ugh.Ē Not bad, okay. [Laughter] Thank you. Well, practice that okay?


You know, in the Hinduís thereís this idea of having a mantra and one of the ways that mantras work--one of the ways that makes them work--is the way they vibrate your body. For example, one of the most famous mantras is ďOhmm.Ē Take a moment and look at when you do the sound ďohmm,Ē how it moves through your chakra system. Like if you do ďohmmĒ itís in your chest and maybe somewhat touching into your solar plexus; ďohmĒ (changing sound/tone) and when you get to the ďohmĒ (changing sound/tone some more) Ė the ďmĒ sound moves right into the top of your head where the third eye and the crown chakra is.


Thatís one of the reasons chanting can help keep you open.--why people chant together because they share the group energy while theyíre opening the chakras. Watch, ďo-h-m-m, o-h-m-m, o-h-m-m.Ē Thatís another one you can do by yourself and practice. If youíre going to do these things, pay close attention that you just donít do it from your throat because you lose the impact.


Like for example, if I did ďohmĒ in my throat it would sound like this: ďohm.Ē Itís like, you know how a guitar has a sounding box, it has strings and the sounding box makes the sounds? You want your whole diaphragm, all the way up, to be the sounding box so the little sound that comes from your throat is being moved and held by the sounding box. Just like the strings that come from the top of the guitar only sound resonant because of the sounding box behind the strings. So your vocal chords are in your throat but all the way down to your diaphragm, is the sounding box. So you want to make these sounds so itís not that you open the airways so it goes down into the sounding box and not just in your throat.


And then we go down to our genitals and there is an area which is probably one of the most controversial areas in human development and itís our animal side, partially. Itís something that we all have to learn to deal with and what is our natural predisposition, to our expression from that area? From spiritís point of view, as far as I get it, there are no rules although itís easier if you have one relationship and but if that doesnít work for you, you have to find your own path.


You have to find, is it with men, with women, or both? And then the prime rule is:   Donít hurt other people. If itís not going to be a lifetime relationship or a marriage then make sure you leave people better than you found them. Then you donít get karma. If you go around hurting people you get karma. You get karma for creating hurt. Then you donít want to do that, you want to make this life, a life of clearing the old hurts that you created and not creating any new ones, if you can help it.


Then we go down through our feet, through our legs, through our feet and into the Earth again. Take a moment and feel the energies and feel the connection between the Earth, through your body and the celestial realms. Now, while youíre feeling that I want you to think the things that you would like to shift in your life. The areas you would like help, the healings you need, the synchronicities you want to attract to yourself, and think them because the Universe is listening.


Now we have a healing list here, people that have sent things in. Let me go through some of the things that have come in today and yesterday and this week. We have here Ö now remember - I donít know, whatever word we use Ė I donít know if healing is a good word because this is an area where we use our group energy to expand so that we access those energies that are bigger than our disability and we see ourselves being perfect.


So we have Zoe in Sacramento Ö [continued as usual]

* * * * *

Wynn: And thatís all weíre going to do there. What time is it? Itís 11:35. Let us call in the Light and Terry, are you there? Hello, Terry?


Terry: Hello?


Gijs: I did un-mute you Terry.


Wynn: There you go, thank you Gijs.


Terry: I unmuted. Can you hear me?


Wynn: Yeah.


Terry: Okay.


Wynn: Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line. And that all negativity be taken, released and transmuted in the highest realms of Light. We see ourselves in the flow of energy, radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring The Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. And anything not of that nature must leave now. And we invite our message for today. Thank you.


RaíAn/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 9th of June 2013 and we are honored to be able to connect with each and every person who is within the sound of the voice or who will then be reading a transcript or listening to a replay. And we take a moment and we connect and touch each person who wishes to make connection with us.


Some individuals may not see the energy in that they are looking through a different filter/mechanism than where we are. In order to see us, it is a different part of the brain by the crown chakra that you and we can connect. And we are there whether you sense us or not, it just is whether youíre looking in right place using the crown chakra area of the brain when making the connection. We are extremely joyous that this explanation has been made and we are joyous of Teresaís and Joelís bringing through the higher Sources (us) also.


We are available all the time, 24/7 and we are there, we are in the Light Love of vibration and love which we engender is a filter filtering out negativity. We take a look at what each of you have in your hearts that you wish to change as a goal. And we move love into the area as love focused on the goal that you desire brings energy and eventually manifestation to the goal, the fulfillment of the goal which you desire. And we are profoundly thankful at this ability, this opportunity to bring you assistance, to focus our energy in conjunction with your energy upon your goal.


The desire of Jyoti to lift the brain fog and we see beyond the brain fog, and focus upon the clarity that underneath it all is really there. The desire of David to have the goals fulfilled for a better job, a better connection within an area that can meet the needs of existence in the third density. Others of you we silently connect and lend, impart, share energy toward the goal that you are working or moving into towards the cessation of the difficulties in the moving easily into the feelings you desire.


We work silently with the energies and we see what your own goal is. And the stronger your goal towards the fulfillment of the goal, the easier it is for us to work with you and to lend our energies to connect with you. Because when you have a strong goal in a certain direction we have something to connect to, to help build that is centered within yourself and can help the energies, the electrical potentials, to build, to bring the healing you desire to yourself and your body and your friends and your connections.


We do not say this lightly as we see the aloneness that some of you are experiencing. And we are there at a level that you are not focused on but when you can let go a bit and make a shift, allow the Love Light in, then you can move into your own area of connection with others and see the aloneness begin to fade. Thank you for this opportunity to be with you.


Wynn: Thank you so much. Letís move now into our planetary healing. You now just like your individual healing, and all of us, every one of us, me included, have blocks, have subconscious patterns, have needs--so does the planet have blocks. We canít violate those individuals on the planet, their free will, and overcome them through power who have intentions which we could call negative.


What we can do is find those areas, those cracks of openness and work in reinforcing them and expanding them kind of at a grassroots level. Find those areas where shifts can occur without violating free will and ultimately we have more power than the negative. Iíve said this many times but Iíll say it again. According to the Rueckert material, there are ten times more positive--I believe this is the Rueckert material: There are ten times more positive out there than negative.


The obstacle is that the positive has to honor free will. They need us to ask for them and the negative doesnít. They can manipulate, they can lie, they can control the media, they can control newspapers but there is an area, the Internet, which they canít control at this point. So we ask for the freedom of the Internet to be kept alive. Iím going to send out something later today. There was one of the most important videos Iíve ever seen on You Tube where the Department of Defense in Canada addressed the Parliament and told them that ETs were real, that cabals were real and that they were trying to control the world. Iím going to send this out and I hope that you will all share it with others because it is the most credible person to publicly make this kind of statement.


Planetary Healing


So let us move into the group energy, that area where weíre all connected and weíre connected with the higher forces and weíre acting as a team. We can now manipulate this energy for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. Now we just do it through our intentions, our group intention.


We see this energy Ö itís like a movable mass of energy, of positive Light energy. Itís connected to our intentions and we bring this beautiful energy and we surround our planet with it. We can visualize the Earth and in fact, youíre part of the surrounding of the planet. We move it closer to the planet and we have all of these beings on this planet, multimillions of them that have taken bodies who came in from higher dimensions. Many of you are those beings but there are many more and those beings are like seeds to be awakened.


We surround this energy around each one of them and when they reach up they might feel something, might feel thereís something hearing them. Letís take this energy now and move it through the oceans. Letís move it through uplifting the vibration of water everywhere. Water is very sensitive to intent. Some of you may have read or read about the work of the Japanese fellow Imoto who wrote a book where he was analyzing water molecules and he found out if you took a bottle of water and you wrote the word ďLoveĒ on it, it would change the molecules of the water.


You might try that. But itís not just the word ďLove,Ē itís your intent to bless the water when you are doing it. So letís bless all the waters of our planet. Letís bless all those beings in the water, particularly, the dolphins and the whales (who are) Ö the dolphins are very evolved.


Letís move this energy around all those power structures on our planet. We donít expect to convert them but there are people inside of them with positive intent that would wish things to be different than they are. Like that gentleman in Canada who made that amazing breakthrough speech to the Canadian Parliament. Letís surround all those legislative bodies in Washington, D.C., the judicial bodies, the executive body of our government and that all those people can feel the energy to have a choice of being more compassionate.


This is all for the highest good - more caring. As we go to London we do the same thing and Moscow and do the same thing; and Ottawa, Canada and do the same thing; and Israel and do the same thing; and the entire Middle East. Letís send the light to all those people that have been killed, many of them unjustly, most of them unjustly.


Letís do the ring of fire. Letís do earthquakes. Letís do the whole planet first and see our blanket of Love surrounding the planet and moving in on anywhere there are potential devastating earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and ask that these can be put off or minimized away from population centers - small eruptions to release the tension, rather than large and in particular the ring of fire, moving up from the southern [tip of] South America.


The ring of fire is the area mass surrounding the Pacific Ocean, the land masses, which is the most volatile area in our planet for earthquakes. And we go from South America and we see our energy going through the Earth, finding those tectonic plates, surrounding them with Love Light, up the western coast of South America, up to Central America, up to Mexico, up through the western coast of the United States. California, Oregon, Washington, in particular Los Angeles and San Francisco and their environs which are particularly vulnerable to earthquakes.


We see the energy moving through and down into the Earth, up through Canada, up through the Yukon, across to Alaska, the southern coast of Alaska, down the eastern coast of Russia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines. Australia, New Zealand, Japan. Letís surround the nuclear reactor, itís probably still leaking, and ask for the radiation to be dispersed.


We have about one more minute. Letís ask for interventions to stop any nuclear weapons from going off on our planet. Letís ask for transmutation of all those harmful things that might be artificially created from Chemtrails to HAARP waves. Letís ask for freedom of the Internet. And finally, letís bring the energy back down to ourselves and realize every moment youíre alive in this realm you have the potential to be anchoring this energy, wherever you go, whatever you do.


Remember this space, bring this energy in and anchor it as you move through your daily activities in your own town, in your own family, with your own friends and with your neighbors. On that note, we are going to end this session. I thank you all so much for participating, you are really important. I know there are many of you listening, I donít know your names - youíre all over the world and you are being felt and heard and appreciated. You all have a wonderful rest of the day.


And I thank Carla and Terry, I thank Gijs, those people that are coming into this call and making it possible for us to do this. Weíll see you next time. Everyoneís unmuted.


Chorus: Thank you, love you all, thank you, have a good day, I love you, Love and Light, love yourselves Ö


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