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Personal and Planetary Healing Session


Monday 06.10.2013
Host: Wynn Free
Producer: Gijs Minderhound
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Michael Snider
Edited by Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson

Wynn: Welcome everybody this is June 10, 2013, all of you who are listening on BBS [Radio], all of you who are listening live and all of you who are listening to the "Replays".  We know you are there!  Welcome to the world of Inter-Dimensional Communication!

I am just curious; we still have everybody live on the line.  Have any of you understood how it feels to feel these Sources?   Have any of you had an experience (I am sure you have) of the subtlety of how it is when they connect with you.

Listener: (unknown female) Yes, I have!

Listener: (unknown male) I have!  It is very...

Gijs: I had, particularly yesterday during the channeling when they said that you could do your prayer kind of, they were looking at everybody and I felt a very big Energy!

Wynn: Who was the lady that said: "I have"?

Teresa: It’s Teresa.

Wynn: Teresa, oh we know you have had that experience. [Did I Hear?] Ron in Missouri?

Ron: Yes I have.

Wynn: How does this feel to you?

Ron: Well, the first time it was absolutely great!  It was like coming home.  But then it did what it usually does and it goes back into my background and I don't realize that I am making that contact, but I still am.  I would love for it to be more into the front!  I know I am in that contact [and] that's comforting.

Wynn: Now Ron, can I tell everyone your Religion?

Ron: Sure!

Wynn: Ron happens to be a Mormon and it's been my experience [with] Mormons (and I have said this in a Session we did) that supposedly the "Elohim created the Mormons" with the idea of bringing a lot of Elohim Souls into this Realm to "lift the vibration here".  So people that are Mormons that have especially...not converted Mormons, but people that have a lineage in the Mormons--they go back Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers--and when they come into our Calls, as long as they do not have a preconception in their mind, they are so sensitive to the Elohim Energy!  Part of the reason that the Mormons...[a cat is meowing in the background]..."I hear a nice cat there, is that a Mormon cat?"  (Wynn chuckles)  The kind of "relationship" that we are doing is really I think (I am just thinking this) that [this] is what they hoped the Mormons would do.  

The Mormons are very strong and if you ever go to a [Mormon Service]...when I was exploring all this I went to probably ten Mormon Services trying to make myself believe that this was real because this was--so out there! Literally I could feel the Energy so strong in the room of the Elohim!

Mormons don't know what I just told you as far as I know but in their Scriptures they do say: "When you leave this Planet you will end up doing Star Systems and Galaxies" and "This is like a temporary thing here".  Which would be something you would say to an Elohim Soul that was in this Realm.  Of course once anyone is in this Realm...this is not to exalt Mormons...

Once anyone is in this Realm even if they are an Elohim Soul they lose "Connection with the Higher Realm".  It is very hard to make the "Connection" and even when you make it, it is very subtle!  Does anyone else want to share how they experience the "Connection"?  

Marilyn: I do!

Wynn: Marilyn?  Go ahead Marilyn.

Marilyn: I feel something on the top of my head. Like my Crown Chakra. Like a little touching that is very subtle.  

Wynn: Thank you for sharing.  Anyone else want to share?

Michael: Michael!

Wynn: Hi Michael, go ahead!

Michael: (from New York) I also felt the same thing she did. I thought maybe it was the "Kundalini Snake" but at the same time I thought maybe it was the "Feathered Serpent" of the Aztecs but moreover when I came on to your site and I was listening I would go into "zoning out" every time and then wake up towards the end of the sentence.  Subsequently I thought I was missing something and thankfully they actually explained it when you asked about it then I felt a hundred percent better and I encourage those who are feeling these things to stay with it because it can give you the ability of being with others without even being on the phone.  Just thinking of them and be comfortable to know their feelings as well as their thoughts and it's just "overwhelmingly beautiful!"  I can't think of any Church that I ever walked away from that, let’s say, has that much even close to it, you know, in such a short time and I give you credit and of course the Elohim and the Ra and Ra'an for achieving this, you know!

Wynn: Thank you!  

Michael: Thank you!

Wynn: Anyone else want to share?

Don: I could add my two cents, this is Don up in Wisconsin, and one of the things that I find on least the Calls and the overall Energy isn't 100% to my feeling from, totally from the Ra Group. It's from the other people on the line too.  It's something...a community where it's other people that are open and exploring and looking.  And I know from my personal experience and history, it's like from the the age of four or five when ever I was I had to go to a Church School, and I had questions they couldn't answer, at the age of five I decided: "Church probably wouldn't be for me".  And later when I was about 6th or 7th Grade, I went through Church School again when I was older, and the same thing happened.  I've never felt that...I went through a period of questionings so I considered myself when I was a young person, as a...first an Atheist.  And then I worked kind of through that and then I became more of an Agnostic.  And then because I kept an open mind and kept reading other material, Edgar Cayce material probably chiefly, it brought me back to believing that the Bible is probably true to some degree.  But I’ve still never [I never] felt comfortable with the dogma of the Church.  And my personal feeling, and my personal search, is that: "Church...I think they got it wrong!" It's like: "Not that they are teaching 100% of false things."  I just feel: "They got it wrong!"  And it is more of a "Control Thing" than an "Opening Up Your Spirit Thing", and I find that here!

Wynn: Right. Thank you! It is kind of like a--Belief Pattern--"Believe in this".  As if: you believe in it, it will be real and not necessarily generating an Experience.  Is Terry here?

Terry: Hello?

Wynn: So Terry, everyone's talking about: "How it feels to connect with the Elohim?", and I thought I would ask you: "How does it feel to connect with us Humans?" (Wynn chuckles)

Terry: I don't know...pretty strange. (Terry laughs)

Wynn: (laughs with Terry)

Listener: (a female) I second that emotion!

Don: (from Chicago) How does it feel to Terry to connect with the Elohim when you are channeling?  What is that like?

Terry: They connect around my Crown Chakra in a circle around my head and I know they are there and it is like they are "Locked In".  There is a light pressure around that area and the "Intelligence" comes down through my Crown Chakra.

Don: (from Chicago) Do you have to do anything like to try to change your Vibration Frequency or anything?

Terry: They connect around my Crown Chakra in a circle around my head and I know they are there and they are locked in. The intelligence comes down through the crown chakra.

Sometimes it will be like Wynn will be talking and I think I am sleeping and then he [Wynn] will say: "Hey Terry, what do you think about what I've said?"  It is like I think: "Well, I don't think I really got it, I wasn't paying attention."  Then he [Wynn] will say: "Ok, never mind we will just ask them [Sources]." Then we do the channeling and he [Wynn] does the Invocation and then he asks them [Sources]: "What do you think about what I was talking about?" and they have a whole lot to say and very pertinent!  (Terry laughs)

Wynn: (Wynn laughs) They were paying attention, even though you weren't, right?

Terry: Right, it is like I start to go into a Trance before [the channeling]...earlier on in the Calls.

Don: (from Chicago) Can you still hear me?

Terry: Yes!

Don: (from Chicago) What is going into a Trance like?  Is it just like going into sleep for you?

Terry: Well it's like...there is "Them" and there is "Me" and when both of us are "Present"...I am trying very, very hard to be Invisible; trying very hard to not put any thoughts of my own into the Mix.  Because sometimes we get in a situation where we will be looking at [something like] "Remote Viewing", and they'll be in control of the "Location" and everything and I am trying to...I am along for the ride but I am trying not to let anything of mine get into the "Mix".  So I do Presets, to set aside anything that I might have going on that might get into the channeling.

Wynn: Terry, do you really think the Elohim loves Doctor Marshall?

Terry: Well...people are asking questions about--Earth Realm Body Problems.  They [Elohim] feel like he has got a handle on it more than a lot of other people.

Wynn: Well I think it is good because the people that we recommended always have [said good things]...I haven't heard any bad comments and I have heard positive comments.  If anyone listening to this, used Doctor Marshall, please send me your comments because I just go on faith that it is ok and it seems to be!  Because people when they are having health issues--it is really tough! You know if we were actually doing Health Issues Live we could put our whole project in jeopardy because you are not allowed to do it!  It is illegal.  I am not sure Edgar Cayce could do what he did now and get away with it.

I am going to tell you guys my favorite story of the week.  This is something you can all do and let me know how it works out!  Maybe before I do that I will share with you how I experience this [the Energy].  What I experience is: as if my Consciousness moves in and out, it's "flickering".  On one side of the "flicker" is my Human side. Now I can feel the Energy.  There is Energy that comes in from the top of my head and I can feel all those things but when I focus on it there is a "flicker".  My Human side is on one side of the "flicker" and the Universe is on the other side and I am "flickering back and forth" all the time.  When I go look at it; when I look at the Universe side of the "flicker", it is kind of like I can--feel a Presence with me!

I think the Presence is...the Ra Group is closer, to me!  I probably have a long history of being a Ra Wanderer but I can feel, what feels like the Elohim as well.  I know I have to be "Holding The Energy" because it can't be an accident that I can "Hold The Space" and then somebody can "Channel" as a result of it, the explanation for that!

So, now I am going to tell you my favorite story of the week!  Thank you all for sharing!  I think it is really good when you share because there is always new people listening, or sometimes there are new people.  Sooner or later there is going to be lots of new people, and people come into this and they say: "What's this?", "What is that?".  The most important aspect of this Work is: "How you (the collective you, who are listening) can Internalize It and cause something to Shift in a way that makes your Life Better; that makes you feel Connected; that gives you the Courage to have no fear of leaving this Realm; that gives you the ability to look at another person and see through their frailties and see that—expression of Divine that they are."   

That is a big one because each of us has our "Wall Up" of how we like to be seen; how we want to impress people; and we see people through their "Walls"; and to be able to start to look at people; and feel who they are underneath--however they appear to be--because nobody is how they appear to be...nobody! (Wynn chuckles)  It is just [like] Shakespeare [said]: "All the world's a stage".

But my favorite story of the week is from Dave Fitzsimmons who lives in Margate, New Jersey and Margate is next to Atlantic City and when I was in Philadelphia, Atlantic City was our vacation of choice for our family.  Well, David went into a Casino in Atlantic City and I believe he "Called In the Light" and then he went over and to play Video Poker and he won 10,000 dollars! (Wynn chuckles)  So he called me and says: "I am sending you some money, Wynn".  So you know what, if you guys live near a Casino, I want to hear how this works!  Go in and say: "Ok, if I win, I am sending Intelligent-Infinity some money" and see if that raises your odds at all. Maybe it won’t!  Don't spend too much money (Wynn chuckles).

We did have one other situation.  I mean I think there are more situations like that, which I don't hear about.  I know that one in particular was a lady-Gina- who lived in Hawaii and she had a house on the market for three years and no one even came to look at it and she put the house "In the Light" and the "Sale of it" and she had three people come the following week going into a bidding war on it and she ended up selling it for more than her asking price!  And then she sent us a bunch of money!  So...try it out!  Just tell people you are going to send us money if you win, or if it works, and if it works just make sure you follow through!  Not too much money!  Don't take a big risk, but see [if this works]!       Terry...are you there Terry?

Terry: I'm here!

Wynn: Should we go to Las Vegas?

Terry: I will go to Las Vegas with you but I don't promise anything (Terry chuckles).

Wynn: You don't promise anything? (Wynn chuckles)  All right, you know when this all first started, those of you who remember in our Elohim Book, I had, we had, no money and they [the Elohim] had just predicted a News Paper Headline in advance, and so I asked them: "Could you guys help with the Horse Races so that we can make some money?"  And they said: "They wouldn't".  They said that: “It would send me back into Patterns of previous Life Times".  And actually I really understand why they wouldn't do it.  I think it is okay if it is like a synchronicity or you are using your intuition and you get some help but for them to tell you: "Go bet on this horse" and then "Go bet on that horse" know everything that happens becomes part of your history and then you talk about that and everybody is going to want to know how we bet the Horse Races.  So I understand why they didn't want to do it.

Lets go with the topic for tonight...we have here 6:27 PM.  We have a good twenty minutes, maybe twenty-five, or twenty-seven and Terry...we are going to continue the topic of last week, OK?  Are you ready for that?

Terry: No (Terry chuckles).

Wynn: No?  Why did I know you would say that?  Ok, we are never ready but it does seem to work out.  

Terry: OK.

Wynn: Let me see here...I am just looking at the emails before we start and lets see if there is anything good to look at.  Someone...Melba is saying: "she is getting around to reading my book."  Rosalie is saying...I know yeah [Wynn says to Rosalie’s email comments] the way in that email, I don't know if you guys saw it, I have a link to this Canadian Defense Minister who knows that ET’s are real and announced it to the Canadian Parliament and he also announced about Negative Cabals--Secret Societies.  I mean it was quite amazing to hear that from a reputable guy, so check that out!  Here is somebody in the Ukraine (Wynn Chuckles) this is one of those "Cons".  Somebody took over somebody’s email and is telling me: "they are in the Ukraine and they need to borrow $2,000 so that they can sort out their Hotel Bills and get back home."  Sorry...I don't believe you!  Alright, let’s go on.

(Wynn starts reciting the Invocation)  "Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here [listening to a Replay or reading a Transcript] and any Negativity be taken to the Highest Realms of Light and transmuted for the Highest Good of All Concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of Energy radiating from the Center of the Universe; through the Galaxies; through the Milky Way; through the Solar System; through the Outer Energy Fields of Planet Earth; through our Bodies and into the Center of the Earth and right now we invoke a Group Energy Connection while maintaining the Sovereign Integrity of our Souls and we invite those Sources that are Positive; Service to Others; Honoring The Law Of One; to join with us and we create a Protected Space that only the Positive have access to and anything not of that nature Must, Leave, Now!  And do we have our Sources Present?

Terry: (Channeling Ra'an) We are present this is Ra'an and this is the 10th of June 2013 and we take a minute and get orientated and situated here and we connect with the audience either now or in the future.  Do you have questions?

Wynn: We are going to resume some more of those questions about "How The Universe Was Created" and a lot of people have emailed me and I don't quite grasp this, maybe we can get some clarification: [on] the idea of Spinningness. We have talked about this a number of times.  Let me say how I am trying to understand Spinningness.  You have an Individual Energy Unit which is an Elohim Unit and that Elohim Unit can Spin Energy and they can decide the Frequency that they Spin the Energy.  First of all: "Is that somewhat of an understanding of Spinningness?"

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) It is possible to Spin Energy like a child can "Spin a Top".  An Individual Being, an Energy Unit can Spin Energy and can do it to various specifications and geometrical formations.  Actually, geometrical formations can be created by different Spinningness's in a section of Spinningness's of Energy.

The Spinningness focuses the Energy of The One Infinite Creator (the Being in the localized area) allowing focus of Intelligence and Consciousness and Awareness.

Wynn: Now if you have two Elohims Spinning Energies do they get together and decide: "You are going to Spin at this frequency" and "I am going to Spin at this frequency" and then "We are going to merge our frequencies" and maybe two or three or four or more and something happens?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) Yes, however when you speak about that, you speak about the Energies as being decided upon, and then carried out.  It is more with the Elohim, like the--Immediate Carrying out of the Intention.  So the Decision and the Carrying Out is together, and they may dream about how the Units of different Spinningness's would end up with different configurations.  They may dream about that but there is usually no Time Lag or Universal Lag between the Intention, and the actual Creation of the Spinningness's, it depends upon their Intention.

Wynn: Now, is this Spinningness between Elohim that is: the beginning of Physicality?  Is that correct?

Terry: (channeling) That is correct!  It creates a focusing, it creates a Shift, a Movement and in doing that, it distills the Manifestation of the Consciousness; the Intelligence; the Awareness that is then distilled from the--"All THAT IS".

Wynn: Now, say for example something like a Galaxy which is made up of loads of Stars and Planets: Is the Galaxy spun out all at one time or is it built up from the individual components?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) It is both.  Spun out as the Original Galaxy may be the Spinning created by an Individual or Group of Individuals and then they begin in various areas of Condensation to have eddies within and there is a Wave that goes to the Center and back and this Wave then (we don't want to say-ruffles) it creates eddies as it goes to the Center and back and then to the Center and back.  It can create crossings of Energies which create Nodes which then begin to become the Manifestation of Gases and Condensation of other Energies that then begin to move in connection with other Gases that have been Isolated Out and begin to Spin with the Whole and then they intersect with further crossings of Energy and soon you have the Coordinates for the Manifestation of an Energy Node that can burn brightly and begin to tear-off and become a Star and then Isolated Out around a Star Planetary-Manifestations.

Wynn: Thank you. When the Elohim extends these frequencies out to create something like this: does part of them get bound in the Creation?  Or does it get created and they let go of it and they are free of it?

Terry: (channeling) generally they let go of it and they are free of it, however, they may have such an Intense Curiosity of what it's like in certain places there; or what to experience in the Center of it; or other parts of it that they may then go and be trapped in the Energies of it!

Wynn: And once they are trapped can they get out of that or are they stuck?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) generally, if their attention span; their span of what they are aware of; if it becomes Lesser-Than the Area within which they are trapped that's how they become--trapped! They become Lesser-Than.  It is becoming Lesser-Than that creates traps at all levels of Existence.

Wynn: So they forget!  They can't remember?

Terry: (channeling) Yes!

Wynn: They have no reference point of how it was?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) Their reference point becomes smaller because they feel Lesser-Than other Areas and so then they become a part of the smaller Manifestation.

Wynn: You talked about the word "Node": "Is the Node indicative of where two Frequencies meet of two Elohim Souls (or more) who are projecting these Frequencies?"

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) We were thinking in reference to that where the Galaxy is spinning and the projection moves to cause a Wave moving to the Center of the Galaxy, and then back from the Center of the Galaxy, and Areas of Intersections are what we call Nodes.  

It could be just Waves moving through the Galaxy; Waves moving through the Sub-Atomic Particles; Waves moving between Individuals; creating resistances in Non-Resistant Areas in an interaction between Individuals.

Wynn: Thank you! I think...I am not sure I understand that.  Nodes are...could you say that again?  Is there a way of saying this in a more simple way?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) Nodes are Intersections of Energies wherein the Intersections become a Slight Slowing of the Energies, which creates a more of a Physical Manifestation in many cases.

Wynn: So it is very complex because first there is Nodes and there is Sub-Nodes and the Universe has got Planets and Star Systems and everything is unfolding, really as a cacophany of Frequencies.  

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) Yes!

Wynn: And it is quite complex!

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) Yes and each Individual Awareness has like a "Homing Device" ( a way of matching Frequencies) that are "Their Frequencies" and they match and attract "Other Frequencies" that are of the "Same Frequency" and so this is a mechanism where they place themselves in an Arena, an Area of Manifestation where they can then experience those Frequencies and the results of those Frequencies which may be very good or may not be good because if they are attracting Frequencies that are detrimental  it can make life very hard and it gives them by them doing this, the "lessons" that they need for their next step, which is to move through and on beyond that area of Intense Manifestation that may not be pleasant.

Wynn: When they are doing this do they know exactly how it is going to turn out or is there an element of like, "WOW!  Look what we just did...isn't this a surprise?"

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) There is an element of "WOW!" about what we just did and not all of the ramifications are realized.  However there is an overall "Guiding Principle" throughout that. The Individual Awarenesses will move into Areas of Similar Vibrations to where they are, (have placed themselves) in All That Is--and then will be able to move in Areas in their Comfort Zone through all of the ramifications of some of the resulting Frequencies that they are experiencing in their Life Experience at that time.

Wynn: Now Humans are Microcosms, yes: of All That Is?  In other words: The same Principles in the Universe work for the Elohim as humans except that--in a smaller way.  For example, when Humans are Co-Creating: are they actually creating Spinning Frequencies that cause New Things to Occur?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) We answer the first part of what you have said first.  An Individual may not be a replica of the Macrocosm because it may be dificient in certain Frequencies which then, in an overview, which place it where it is.  So there may be missing Frequencies within their experience, which then since they cannot experience full range of Frequencies, they have limited experience to re-experience Patterns that they have previously found to be beneficial but which may not any longer be beneficial to them.

Wynn: So in other words, let me just clarify this: a Human has slotted themselves in into to a small Subset of the Macrocosm and they exist within that Subset and until they expand out of that Subset their experience is just going to be within the Subset, kind of like the Matrix?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) Yes!

Wynn: And that's even true for Wanderers or Elohim Souls that come into this Realm?  They find themselves in to a contained Subset, yes?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) Yes and they do not then look further out or larger than themselves and so they do not realize the rest of what is there.

Wynn: Thank you!  So, for a Human (I am jumping around here) we are going from--The Beginning Of Creation to a Human-- (Wynn Chuckles) but for a Human their first step is to (sometimes people say) "observe yourself" and by "observing yourself carefully" you have to move outside of your Matrix to watch yourself in the Subset of your Creation.  Is that accurate?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) Yes!  People get Belief Systems that they may have picked up when they were small based upon their Parents Belief Systems and how they were treated when they were small and then they feel that the world is like that.  However if a person who doesn't realize that they have any thing different about them observes other people; a good range of other people and sees how things; how it goes for the other people and is very perceptive about their own experiences and really takes a look at their own responses to things and things that, ways they respond, that may not make total sense in light of what is going on.

Eventually they can begin to pick up where the areas are that they need to work through.  An Individual tends to find themselves at the point that is their next step.  The things being thrown at them are the things that they really need to learn and to work through, and it may be frustrating because it doesn't seem like those things should be there, but they can in observation then begin to see where their responses are not the ideal responses for the situation.

Wynn: When we as Humans hang out with other people, are the people that we hang out with very important, because do we tend to reformat ourselves based on the Matrix's of the people we are around?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) Individuals tend to attract people around them that will provide the catalyst necessary for them to move in to their next step of growth.  

Wynn: Thank you! I know everyone on this line that is listening is saying: "I want to go to my next step of growth?"  "I want to be bigger than I am."  "I want to expand into the Universe."  "I want to know GOD!"  What should they do?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) Realize that you are at the exact right place for your next step of growth, and the things that you are finding in your daily life coming up against, are the things you need to evaluate; work through; observe; and go beyond the limitations that you are experiencing in your own daily living.  

Wynn: And that's true even if a person is in a daily living zone which is terribly painful?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) Yes!  

Wynn: Is the pain there for a reason?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) The pain will be an Indication that there is something that needs to be changed. There will be a way through and around and over the pain.  The pain is a sign that there is a disconnection; a disconnection in the body; a disconnection with other people; a disconnection with their own desired results; a disconnection with the love of themself.  There is something that is disconnected when there is pain so the Energy is not flowing.

Wynn: Ok, thank you.  And that can be even disease as well, correct?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) That is correct it all applies to the Body System as well when there is a break in the skin the skin feels the disconnection and you feel the pain of the skin and its separation from the flow of Energy and the Energy stacks up on both sides of the cut and can't get through and back-flashes up through the Nervous System and it is a General Stopage of flow of Energy!  

Wynn: Ok.  Some people ask this question and it has to do with this idea that "We are Creating our own Reality" and we are in our little Energy Module in the Matrix; you could call that your Soul Energy [it] is in there.  It wants to get bigger; it is looking for ways to get bigger; and it has to go through the next step.  In the best of all worlds this is like a totally self contained process but in the worst of all worlds and this is where I want to ask...

BBC Radio: If anybody can hear me, you have about 2 minutes.

Wynn: Two minutes? We have to get off?

BBS Radio: Less that that, about 1 minute.

Wynn: Ok, we are going to save this for next time.  It is a good question.  Would you like to say anything for closing?

Terry: (channeling Ra'an) We appreciate this opportunity to be with you and we admire your questions and your looking into things.  Thank you!

Wynn: Thank you so much!  And all of you are unmuted and reminding you Saturday we are doing a Session with Carla Reukert on The Law of One Made Simple and we will see you all next time!  And if any of you go gambling let me know how it works?  (Wynn chuckles)

Listeners: Thank you Wynn! Thank you Terry!, Thank you!, Thanks Wynn & Terry! I Love You!,Thank You both!, Thank you Gijs!,Thank you!, Thank you!, etc., etc.

BBS Radio: Thank you guys, I appreciate it!  Have an amazing week!  

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