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What is the meaning of secrecy in spiritual teachings?

Wednesday Call 06/12/2013
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled, transcribed and edited by Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

1. What is the meaning of secrecy in spiritual teachings?
2. How are ET’s distinct from the Elohim?
3. Who is Ra’An?
4. How can our sources answer our questions so quickly on these calls?
5. Do our higher selves contribute to the answers?
6. How does one compute the next step of advancement?

: This is June 12, 2013, Wynn Free in Sedona. Terry in Sedona. Gijs in Magalia. Magalia is in this country, isn’t that right, Gijs?

Gijs: Just above Paradise, California.

Wynn: We haven’t muted anybody yet. Anyone want to curse me out before we mute you all? This is your chance.

Good, no one’s cursing me out.

………….[Kidding around]

Wynn: Those of you who are listening for the first time, we do move into a sacred part of this call, we really do. This is kind of like the preamble so that everybody can get a little bit loose. We’ve all come [to this call] carrying the baggage of our day.

Somebody asked me how I was doing today. Just before the call I went to get our mail and there was this funny sound in my car and I said, “I wonder what that is?” and I started the car and my fan belt had gone. So this was at 5:00 o’clock. So I was hoping I could get back here before it overheated but I didn’t. I got as far as the supermarket and then we called the taxi and I got in just about the nick of time; so my car is still at the supermarket and when somebody said, “How’s it going,” I was thinking of telling you that but I said, “Why bother?”

One of the things I have learned over time, now I’m not saying this is true for everybody, is if you’re going to complain there are two reasons to do it and only two. One is the person you’re complaining to can fix your problem. If they can fix your problem, they are the right person. In fact, we called the cab driver. The cab driver happened to be a mechanic. He’s going to come over tomorrow and fix my fan belt. So it worked but often times what people do is they complain and pull someone else into trying to get energy and sympathy. Now you don’t do it on a conscious level. If you’ve really got compassion, it would work, but often times people do negative bonding, “Oh, we’ll never make money!” “Oh, life is terrible,” “Oh, the government is bad!” “Oh, the ET’s are coming,”--whatever they talk about.

I don’t know if you guys realize this but every single time you open your mouth you are recreating your reality. Did you realize that? So if you talk about things in certain ways, that’s the reality, you are creating. The problem is and the reason we do it is-- not to judge anybody—I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it and there’s a reason for it.

There are certain periods of your life where you feel really empty, you feel abandoned, you feel alienated, you feel nobody loves you and you don’t know how to lift that feeling. One of the ways to get a quick fix on that feeling is to say something really negative to somebody who then agrees with you. Now at least you’re not alone; you have someone else agreeing with how bad things are. That will usually last a rather short period of time until things get bad again. It’s like a momentary respite, so to speak, because somebody’s paying you attention.

The thing about humanness is that attention is a commodity. So when we pay each other attention, when we do that, there is an energy shared that feels good. The problem is when somebody stops paying attention suddenly you go right back to the old pattern. Then you keep looking for attention, calling people up seeing who you can complain to, who’s going to feel sorry for you, until you run out of numbers. You cannot sustain the energy by complaining. It’s only a very temporary fix that comes your way and then it stops. You can only sustain the energy in co-creation. It doesn’t mean you can’t say what’s going on but it does mean you can’t…

You know that feeling of desperation where you’re just ready to give up to anyone that loves you, and then suddenly somebody says they love you and you give up and you become a burden on them and they say, “What is this? I didn’t expect this.” You can’t sustain the energy and it takes a lot of self discipline to hold your energy above your desperateness. If you’re one of the people that go through this, you can feel desperate inside. I know the feeling. I’ve been there. In fact, I sometimes still feel that way. So I’m not judging it and I understand how it works that when you have that desperate feeling if you do something and pull something in. You won’t get something you want and then once it’s there it’s hard to get rid of it. It kind of stays there and you get stuck. That’s how reincarnation probably gets worked on in this realm.

So in any case, it’s very nice when we can all come in on the beginning of the call and have that feeling of connection. It’s just always there; it never goes away because it’s under the auspices of spirit or higher holograms. As long as no one tries to control it, as long as you move with it, it just stays there. We could do a whole call doing that, but really that part of the call is grounding the energy so we can so this part of the call.

As you may know, tonight’s the night, Wednesday night, when we ask questions.

On Saturday, Carla is feeling up to doing another Law of One thing. It is session 5. These are awesome sessions. For those of you who have curiosity about the way the universe works, about who the Ra Group is, this is probably, next to the Elohim, the most powerful influence, maybe even more so than the Elohim. I shouldn’t even say next to. There are times when the Ra Group works more closely with this realm.

Wynn calls in the light

Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxy, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. And right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. And do we have our sources present?

Ra’An: We greet you in the love light of the one infinite creator. It is our joy to be with you this day, the 12th of June, 2013, and we take a moment and we orient to the location and to the callers and to the people listening to BBS and we greet each and every one of you and we are available to each and every one of you who wishes to connect and wishes to be touched and we are available to you for assistance. We need you to ask for what it is that you wish and need for the highest good. Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes, we do. This is from Nikita. I’ll read the question and then I’ll give a short answer from my side because I understand it and then I’ll turn it over to you. Nikita says, “Is it possible to ask your sources the meaning of secrecy in spiritual teachings? I’m speaking mainly about the eastern knowledge in Buddhist masters who reach a great level of enlightenment, however, most of their teaching if not many of them are closed for the masses and even sometimes for westerners in particular. So if you feel the question is interesting enough, I feel the Ra Group will be more able to answer this question since they are ascended masters. If these teaching methods and techniques are developed in order that a human become more enlightened and in tune with the universe what’s the purpose of hiding it for a selective few?”

Let me give my quick answer to that and then I’ll turn it over to our sources. There are two reasons why throughout history, maybe three reasons why things were held in secret. One of the things is that, if you have a positive group that’s having meetings and coming together the real teaching is not in the words, it’s in the energy of the group, just as when we’re on this call the real secret of this call is not in the information we give but in the energy that comes in. In a meeting with a group of people in a room, the energy will always go to…will be pulled down by people so that it gets lost.

In other words, for example on this call, when I was on George Noory, and we were holding this energy on the call and we had these great masses of people come into the call, the energy got really kind of stuck for a while until enough of those new people started to be able to hold the space. Otherwise they were pulling on the energies of the people that had established the energy.

So in the past it was decided to be really careful about how you let new people into the energy because otherwise you could loose it. One other reason is that many times these high spiritual things really catalyze regular people. They would create enemies, hecklers, all kinds of stuff coming into the space if they did not maintain some kind of control.

Interestingly enough on these phone lines we can maintain a control that would be harder to maintain in a room because we can mute anybody. We can knock them off the call. It took me a little bit of courage when we first started doing it to be that, how would I say it, some people think it’s controlling. It is controlling but it’s not controlling though from a point of view of ego or wanting power. It’s controlling so the energy can hold on this call and that any person can’t just destroy it, which they could if there was no ability to mute people, and there have been times when that’s happened.

And the third reason of secret meetings, is it’s in fact it’s a negative group and they are channeling the negative and they don’t want anyone to know, and there’s a lot of groups that would present themselves as being positive who really are not.

So that’s my answer, and let me turn it over to our sources and see how they would address this question. Thank you.

Ra’An: Thank you. We do see the things that you have mentioned. Assuming it’s a positive group the reasons would be that the individuals who are new to the study would not be able to understand the materials without the preliminary understandings and so they would need to progress through the ranks or through the materials until the point where they would be able to understand at the higher levels.

Another reason as Wynn has mentioned is that the material may be catalytic and hard to take for someone who had not progressed up through the gradient scale of understanding of that particular body of knowledge.

Another reason would be that by holding these higher levels as a potential would give the people the impetus to study and to progress. If the materials were all made available at one time, they may think that they understand the advanced levels however they may not understand them in the full of what is being said and they may disregard them before they have the full wherewithal to interpret the knowledge.

Wynn: Thank you. Next question: This is from Michelle. “We’re confused on exactly what ET’s are, versus the Elohim, Ra, and Council of 12 et cetera. When we think of ascended beings, are we still talking about ET’s but in a higher form? Or is there a big difference between the ET’s visiting us and the ascended beings creator gods. You know what I mean? So are we really to fear them all? We’d love to have your take on this in a future call perhaps.” That’s Michelle in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ra’An: Thank you for your question. There are some writings which refer to ascended beings or refer to the Elohim or Ra as ET’s, however, that is not our general meaning when we refer to [ET’s.] ET’s are groups of individuals from other planets that have physicality, that have body structures. Some of them can move in and out of the third density and can arrive in the earth plane and then depart. There are visitors to earth and it has not generally been disclosed that they are from other planetary systems and they even have some under water bases here and they work with [some] governments. However, we get into areas that are of disclosure. A few governments have been referring to ET’s and flying saucers and have been revealing some of the information--a person in Canada, and a person in Russia. He dispensed some of that information. In general when we refer to ET’s we mean these other physical presences that come and go to your planet.

Wynn: Thank you. From my perspective, the Elohim and Ra groups are pure energies--the Elohim thinner than Ra. There is a vocabulary thing where Carla Rueckert and I use density in different ways. I think of it getting thinner as you get higher. She says you get thicker.

Ra’An: As you get higher in density, the more the light frequencies make up these body structures therefore the denser the light structure, however in the lower densities the body structures are more chemical and are heavier.

Wynn: Right, Right. So, basically as you go through the dimensions, you go through physical bodies getting into less physical, less physical, as it gets less physical it can move through dimensions more. It has certain agility. And as you get into the really highest levels, it’s all energy, there’s no physicality and ET’s are in between. They are not at the higher levels, they are at some level of form in one of the other densities, whereas the Elohim group, has, as far as I can tell from all our conversations, does not have a form. They exist in a formless state although they can manifest a temporary form if it suits them. Is that kind of accurate?

Ra’An: Yes, as you get into the higher densities there is still physicality; however it is more and more made up of light frequencies and light bodies.

Wynn: Thank you. Next question and I’ll answer this one very quickly. Somebody asked, “I understand who Ra is, but who is Ra’An?” That’s from Greg in Michigan. Just for clarification, when I started having communications with other dimensions, it was by in large the Elohim who were talking to me and very occasionally the voice that came through Terry or Daphne identified itself as the Ra Group, but mostly the Elohim Group. Then one evening we were going to do a public channeling session and Terry was doing it and she kept telling me they were going to have a surprise tonight but we don’t know what it is, they wouldn’t tell her. I’m just thinking, “Oh my God, what’s coming up now?”

But that evening the voice coming through Terry said that because we had created a resonant frequency sensitivity to both group souls, the Ra Group and the Elohim Group, that the voice that was going to communicate to us had elements of both groups at the same time and they identified themselves by the name “Ra’An” and An came into it because The Council of Ahn was a division of the Elohim that was communicating to us very often, not the only one but one of them, so they said. So this was a combination of that particular division of the Elohim and the Ra Group. Of course, I believe it’s not the entire Elohim and it’s not the entire Ra Group but there’s a section that they assign to work with us in this group. Would you like to give any clarification to that, our sources?

Ra’An: We have a number of areas of the Elohim and of the Ra that are available for these calls and can move into answer questions based upon whether they have the ability to do the translation from the mathematical Elohim and from the area of the Ra Group. So there are sections of both who/we are available on these calls. It depends upon the frequency of the question and we are alert to be able to come through and answer questions which particularly ask our specialty.

Wynn: David, the rock and roll guy from Grove City, who is listening on BBS. Hi Dave. His question is: “I would assume that one of the reasons our sources can answer our question so quickly is they aren’t bound by time and to a degree already have heard the question before we ask it. Is this correct?”

Ra’An: This is correct to a certain degree, and sometimes you will notice that we comment before the call, before the questions start on the call, on some of the areas that people are thinking about in the area of the questions. So we do pick up on a lot of it before the questions are asked verbally and [to us, time moves very slowly] in your dimension and it seems to us sometimes like it is very, very long and the question burns into the framework of things before it is asked.

Wynn: When you do that, when you answer a question before it’s asked, is that because you have picked up the question in the asker’s consciousness prior to it being verbally asked or is it because there’s actually a future that you can move into and know that’s going to take place in the future?

Ra’An: Well, all is the present, and so we see it all integrated but within its own framework within the present, so we simply see and grasp it. Also, sometimes it takes [so long], since time moves so much differently for us than for the third density, we get somewhat impatient sometimes and jump the gun and answer before it is asked.

Wynn: Thank you, and then Dave asks, “I wonder, are our own higher selves contributing to these answers.”

Ra’An: Your own higher selves are working so diligently with your all that they do have an effect and help with the connection and with the obtaining of the information for the answer.

Wynn: Thank you. “So, if these answers ultimately got alive to the degree of ascending to a higher realm, aren’t we then going to the very higher self that the answers were coming from? Is this cosmic loop theory valid, or have I been watching too much Star Track?” Thank you.

Ra’An: The all must be considered in giving the answer. If one layer is considered without the other layers, the information can come through differently and not be harmonized with the all. When it is harmonized with the all, you get a more correct answer.

Wynn: Thank you. Dave says, “If I may speak on behalf of our 3D group to our sources, ‘we love you, too.’”

Ra’An: That makes us smile, our energy smile.

Wynn: Thank you. There was a question on Monday that I didn’t quite finish asking--that was our call on the creation of the universe. It had to do with the idea that we are creating our reality and we are creating a little energy module in the matrix which some say is your soul energy and it wants to get bigger, getting it bigger is meaning that we are evolving. It’s looking for a way to get bigger but it has to get through the next step, and so there’s this process. We’re all stuck in our little module and we want to expand. We say we want to expand. We want to know what the next step is for the expansion to occur. I think the question is, “How do we take the observation of our life and our life events and compute the next step of advancement in this process?”

Ra’An: Thank you. There are several scenarios here that we are looking at. One of them is, “How do you get bigger to overlook the whole scene?” When you simply project yourself bigger than whatever the scene is you are looking at, or bigger than the city or bigger than the state, or bigger than the United States or bigger than the world, then you begin to get senior, a senior look, an overall look, you could actually see your state, or see the country, or see the earth and see the different energies and the different cities, and to do this places you to have this facility, this skill.

You are then able to get bigger than a problem, when you are bigger than the problem then you can see the different aspects that make up the problem. You can go off and look for solutions that can come in from outside.

When you are smaller than the problem you are operating within all of the parameters of the problem and you are bounded by the problem. In order to find a solution to the problem, you need to go outside of the box which holds the problem because the solution is generally outside, or when you have a problem you have one side and the other side and you need to let go, perhaps, of one side, but getting bigger than the problem may take you into a not just one side or the other but may take you into whole new look so you can see that there may be other solutions besides the two sides of the problem. There may be another whole solution that can solve both sides of the problem without having to win, one side over the other.

We have addressed there, the ability to get larger than an area and if you take everything with you in your consideration to attempt to get bigger, then you may have a very hard time and need, as Wynn says, to go through the various steps involved, however if you simply leave everything behind, [leave behind] any aspects of the problem or the situation, leave them behind, and simply you, yourself get bigger than the whole area and everything in it, then you can begin to find solutions that you may not have even thought of beforehand. It isn’t a matter of going drudgingly through one layer or one learning after another to get bigger. There is simply you and will yourself bigger; you, yourself without bringing with you all the aspects involved.

Wynn: One of the things is, what are you willing to let go of? People say they want that but, say for example, to do this work I’m doing I found I had to become very detached from life and death; from my own life and death and other peoples’ because in general I care about people. I realized that I couldn’t let caring about people let me get drawn into everyone’s drama, which I don’t mind doing because sometimes it helps people to get drawn into their drama but I didn’t want to let go of that because people are going to think I don’t care, but I had to let go of it or I couldn’t do this.

There’s something to let go of, that you say, I don’t want to let go of that, and if you don’t let go of it, it holds you in your position. So you can’t hold on to it and still be detached. It doesn’t mean you have to separate.

Ra’An: There is another option and that is that you can detach from it for a time to go and check out the larger sphere and you can always redirect into it at some later time and may bring back with you a greater look.

Wynn: Yes, that’s exactly what I was going to say. You can detach and then you can move into it because it helps somebody to be personally connected to talk, to have sympathy and then you can detach yourself again, and if people don’t get mad at you, if they give you the freedom to do that. Often time’s people don’t want to give you the freedom. If you move into the personal thing and then you suddenly get detached they get angry with you. So everyone has to figure out how to cope with it. It’s very personal. It’s not impersonal. It’s like a real world where people care about you in their life and then you detach, and they don’t see you and you feel like they wished you were there and then you get drawn into wanting to be there so you’re not disappointing them and then you get caught and feel trapped by it and then you detach. For me, in my experience it’s like a dance of moving in and around and about, because you don’t want to be so detached that you’re not there for people and you don’t want to be so connected that you’re stuck. So learning how to move in and out of it and other people let you do that.

It’s 6:58 and we have to get off the air. Carla Rueckert and I are doing session 5 this Saturday. This is an extraordinary session. We are looking at the Ra material.

I thank you all for being here and supporting the work we are doing and I hope the work is supporting you back. We love you all and they love you all and as the Elohim say, “We leave but we do not leave.”

Callers: Thank you so much! Thank you so much! Good night everybody! Thank you! Blessings! Thank you all.

Gijs: Love you all.

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