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Planetary & Grid Healing Session

Sunday Call 06.16.2013
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Susan Rush
Edited by Terry Brown

Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: This is June 16, 2013, Sunday morning, Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day everyone, whether you are or are not, you’re still a father somewhere in some lifetime.

So this is our … jeez, I’m still not here yet. Just wait a moment. We’re coming in for a landing. You notice when we start these calls, sometimes I’m kind of like saying “Where am I? Where are the energies?”

Carla: And then you get going.

Wynn: And then I get going. You know, it’s like an area that where faith comes in; it’s an area of faith because I know the energies will come because they always do but I didn’t know that at one time. It was like “Uh-oh, here I am, what if nothing happens?” I realize that’s a dilemma all of us have in many, many ways.

One of the ways that we often try to fix it--fix that void, like where are the energies? Is that we come in at a lower frequency and we establish the connection at a lower frequency with everyone around us. Then things get stuck at that frequency. Do you know what I mean by that, Carla?

Carla: I do, I was just thinking about that and thinking maybe you just rolled out of bed or you weren’t ready for the phone call and then even before you really got perked up I could hear you reviving as if a plant for water. You know, “Okay, I’m here; it’s working.” [Laughter]

Wynn: But I’ll give you an example of coming in at a lower frequency and establishing a connection at a lower frequency. [Loud exclamation] Hey everybody, we’re here Sunday morning for our GREAT conference call!” Now it’s like, “and we have our special guest Carla Rueckert!” You see it’s a whole kind of emotional way of revving the energy up. It’s not bad and it works and you hear it all the time on radio and television. But the problem is it doesn’t leave the space for spirit to come in.

It establishes a relationship on an emotional connection of some sort. It’s okay if you know what you are doing but most of the time, most of us start a relationship with that kind of energy and then we get stuck there. It doesn’t move out of there. If you tried to get it to move out, it’s just stuck; the person gets offended. Or it’s like changing the game rules.

So usually, at the very beginning of any connection - it doesn’t mean you can’t do a little bit of that, but at a certain point you have to back off and ask spirit to come in. Ask the higher connections to come in, in particular, if you’ve been coming onto these call and you’ve learned the frequency so that you can make it manifest in your own life.

Because that’s the only reason I show up on these calls, is to make that happen. In fact, see to “make” that happen is not even the right terminology because I don’t -

Carla: Allow it to happen.

Wynn: Allow it to happen.

Carla: Yeah.

Wynn: Yeah and to get out of the way and it doesn’t matter how I feel as long as that’s my intent, it always happens. That’s my experience, I didn’t know that at one point but it’s been my experience that that would be so. To me, what we’re doing here on these calls and particularly our Sunday call is just an absolute miracle.

It’s a miracle that we come together on the call and all these energies come in and these voices talk to us at some point in the call and they say, “Hey that’s us; those energies are us. Hi, we’re so happy to greet you and feel you.” These energies of Sources (you know, I’m very careful not to draw conclusions) and they say they created the Universe. They say they’re the over-soul for our planet (I don’t know if the Ra Group used those words but it’s one way of looking at them.) I’ve read about those things for a long time. I’ve read about creation, about God, about Elohim, about … and I was always reading it and can you imagine that it’s remotely possible, that those things we’ve heard about are here on this call?

We feel these energies and they say it’s them, you realize what a miracle that is. You know I received an email from a lady that’s been sending me, oh, different hellos at different times … and there’s people all over the world who are listening, we get used to saying hello to those people at the beginning of the call. We have a group of people that loves commiserating with each other and feel the connection.

So before the call officially starts, there are people saying “Hi, hello, it’s good to hear you,” and people get to know each other. They get fond of each other, in this energy. So, I don’t think there’s anything I can’t read in this letter but I won’t say the person name. I’ll say they’re in England and I do get letters like this every so often and I think it’s really great to share. Because it lets you know what the possibility is for you when you start to integrate these energies into your life.

Because these calls are really, in my mind, at their highest aspect, are reference points of certain energies that are meant to integrate in your life. Some people come on the call and they hit the ground running and some people, they’re on the call for a year and suddenly it happens. Other people, they come on the call and they hit the ground running and they have this epiphany wow reaction and then three weeks later, all their stuff is coming up for processing.

It’s one of the ways that it works for some people. Because, what’s happening is you’re hitting a reference point higher than your usual matrix and you’re not ready to hold that energy yet because you have all these lower energies that have to come up for processing. When they come up, usually you go down for awhile and then you start holding the energy on a more regular basis. It becomes like a new timeline and it’s not like you’re saying, you don’t have a low and a high to refer to – you’re just holding the space of something different.

You have to go into your memory banks to remember how it used to be. So this is one of those people and I don’t think I’ve ever talked to her. I don’t think she’s come in early on the call, she may have once but she does email me occasionally.


Hi Wynn,

I can’t tell you enough how happy and grateful I am that I have found your work and that you are doing this work. Things just keep getting better. I have been listening every day to the archive material and it is sooo good! I can’t express in words how good it is. I can feel the energy on every recording and I am really holding the space now. If I have a bad day, I listen to your recordings and by the end of it, I feel fantastic. It is helping me to be less emotional and more relaxed. I can hold the energy in all types of negative situations and I also feel the energy out of the blue sometimes.

I went to a pub a few days ago and there was a band playing rock music. The music was so good I had to dance and I am a shy person so this is unusual, especially as the other tables were full of people who were watching and I was the only person dancing and I am not a good dancer. Furthermore, my new boyfriend was there – talk about cringe factor – duh! Anyway I kept dancing because I could feel the same energy that is present on the calls and it was strong. It came out of the blue. I managed to get all of the people at the tables up and dancing, one by one and at the end of the night hardly anyone was sitting down. It was a fantastic night.

Also, I keep putting people in the Light and I keep getting fantastic results. Here are some examples: I put my brother’s long term girlfriend in the Light and a job came up at a really good company. She received expert help with filling in her “CV.” Over a thousand people had applied for the position and she got the interview. It took weeks of quite intensive interviews and tests and she got the job. And throughout the process, I had been putting her in the Light.

I put a friend of mine in the Light recently because she had also been looking for a job for quite some time. Guess what? A job came up and she went to the interview and got the job. I put my new boyfriend in the Light and guess what? His manager suddenly quit and he was offered the manager’s position. Duh … unbelievable! Even though all these good guys [things?] are happening, the best part of all is being part of the group and feeling the energy. I really want to take a bigger role but I’m not ready yet. Since being part of this, my diet changed, I’m eating lots of vegetables and I have practically given up meat. I’ve given up coffee completely and I’m having great difficulty watching TV.

Wynn: You know that’s one of the first symptoms that everything’s working here, because the frequency of TV is too slow for this energy. This energy is less boring – I mean TV is boring compared to this energy. So I mean I know a lot of people have stopped watching TV because it just is boring.

Email (Cont.):

I just can’t stand it anymore; I spend most of my time listening to your archives on the spirit channel and sometimes DVDs. Is this normally what happens? My whole life is changing and it horrifies me if I think of not being able to listen to the calls, live or recorded.

Wynn: Now after a while you can just think of the energy of the call and you don’t have to listen. I’m not trying to get people addicted to listening to these calls but I do think that when you are in a certain transition state, it’s good to overload. Because you’re changing patterns and the calls represent a higher frequency and by continuing to listen it keeps you in that higher energy and that’s what teaches you how to hold it.

Email (Cont.):

The only thing that’s on my mind now is thinking of ways to integrate this info into my profession and how to talk about what you’re doing. I’m making contacts all the time so you and the group are always on my mind. Also, I would like to mention Terry. Not only …

Wynn: Terry, don’t listen to this, it might go to your head.

Email (Cont.):

Not only was she such a Saint in her previous life but she’s also a Saint in this one. She’s always there and she’s such a good support for you guys. I love the messages that she brings through. Her style really resonates with me, more so than anyone else. I wish her so much happiness and gratitude.

If I had lots of money, you guys would certainly get a large donation. One other thing, I would love to be able to send an email each week to register that I’m listening.

Wynn: Alright I’m going to check my emails, okay and I’ll read everyone’s name that sends me an email. “Just saying hello to you,” okay?, otherwise how do you know that I’m there? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that people are listening on BBS ( and you can see a list of their names?

Email (Cont.):

Wishing you guys lots of love, happiness and good fortune. I’m looking forward to the live call in the morning.

Wynn: Hi, I didn’t say your name but I read your email and I’m sure you’re listening so thank you so much for writing such an inspiring email to us all. Let me see here, she didn’t send me an email yet. I hope she’s listening.

Hi, on the internet to all of you all over the world. You know, I think it was last week, I mentioned a guy in Atlantic City (in Margate, New Jersey) who went to the Casino. Did you hear that story Carla?

Carla: I did not, tell me.

Wynn: Well, he went to the Casino in Atlantic City and he had in his mind “If I win, I’m going to send Wynn some money,” and then he played video poker and won ten thousand dollars. [Laughter] So I announced …

Carla: Oh my God. And he’s immediately rethinking this whole donation thing.

Wynn: No, no he’s sending us money.

Carla: Oh, that’s great.

Wynn: Yeah, and Dave, if you’re listening, thank you. That’s an inspiration. And so I had told that story and there’s a lady in our group who lives … and I said if anyone wants to go into a Casino and put money down they can send us money if they win, you are welcome to. And so somebody in Las Vegas did it and they also won. [Laughter] They didn’t win that much. They probably bet with lower stakes but I think they won a couple hundred dollars.

Now I don’t know if this is going to work all the time, this is just an experiment, okay? But I do know … are you guys starting to understand how this works? Are you starting to feel it? It’s not exactly magic; it’s that you are a creator. We are all creators and most of us have lost touch with our ability to create in this realm. What it is - is that in … I was trying to think of how to explain this so people could get it and use it.

How did Terry get un-muted? There she goes. First off, you have to be willing to look at the part of you that feels unworthy and don’t judge it. It’s like you don’t have to be feeling perfect to make this work. In fact, everything that you feel - let it be there and realize that your consciousness is sweeping all the time, or you can just imagine that.

See the pendulum that’s going back and forth that’s your consciousness and it’s going through all the dimensions, all the levels on every swing and there’s a point on the swing where you’re at zero point. Let’s say the bottom of the swing, where it’s coming down and going up and just at the point at the bottom where it changes directions from down to up, it’s the zero point. The zero point is where creation starts. So if you can imagine that pendulum and just think “I’m going to put this in the zero point of that swing”- (and a job today, my sister’s healing, etc., etc.)

You are becoming part of creation. You are getting the help of everything outside of zero point. Keeping in mind that our Sources are very close to zero point but they’re not there. If you’re at zero point, you’re at the beginning of everything and it’s the beginning where things grow from. We could call it the Source of creation. All of creation is generating from the zero point where time stops. Zero point, it sounds like a complicated concept, but it’s not really. It’s just that your consciousness is always swinging through it. When I say catch that moment, I don’t think you can actually catch that moment, it’s not a moment because it’s no time.

But you can watch the … imagine the swing and put a gentle pressure against that pendulum so that at the point that it hits zero point the pressure pushes through and it gets registered in the higher levels of creation. Then it starts the process of manifestation so something shifts here in the physical. That is a definition of prayer that I don’t think … Does that make sense to you Carla?

Carla: Yes. You’re on a roll, keep going.

Wynn: I’m on a … that’s how I think prayer works. Prayer works when you insert something at the beginning of where time stops. Since everything else generates from that, including the Elohim and the Ra Group (everything generates from that) as long as your insertion meets the criteria of the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. It’s like creation can shift according to your request. Now remember honoring free will is a big one. That means the negative has free will. You can’t ask anything in Creation to shift that’s going to violate anyone’s free will.

You have to look for the cracks in Creation to get through to make a shift in manifestation. That’s why, for example, one time we did this session on Sunday and a hurricane seemingly changed direction. Even the hurricane, some of you heard that session where Terry was reporting the Elohim talking to the hurricane and it really sounded crazy. Nothing like that had ever happened on this call before.

But Terry was there talking to the hurricane and the hurricane changed direction unexpectedly and on the news everyone said it was weird. But the hurricane had to agree before it would happen. There were all kinds of people praying aside from us and they were bringing that up and mentioning it but until the hurricane agreed, nothing would happen. So that’s why …

Terry: I just wanted to make a comment. The hurricane dropped in magnitude, it didn’t change direction. It dropped in magnitude significantly when there’s no way it could have done it because it was over warm water.

Wynn: Thank you, I’m going to start rumors. [Laughter] Was that you who was un-muting yourself?

Terry: I was un-muting myself.

Wynn: You were having a mute/un-mute fight, right?

Terry: Yes [Laughter] right. [Laughter] It was the second one we had; the first one you won. [Laughter]

Wynn: [Laughter] I see. [Laughter] Hey, what did you think of that email?

Terry: Oh, it really touched me. That was really, really nice to hear.

Wynn: I was going to tell them what you’re like on a bad day but I decided not to. [Laughter]

Terry: We all have our bad days. [Laughter]

Wynn: So in any case, when we’re putting things into the Light, when we’re doing our planetary healing session, when we’re doing our personal healing session, what we are doing is we are looking for that point where the pendulum changes directions and stops and inserting an intention through that. We become a co-creator with All That Is at that point. All of us together become really powerful co-creators and this is exactly what you would do to make a shift in something in your life.

To make a shift in something in your health, in making a shift, a contribution, for someone you care about. Now one of the things is when you put somebody in the Light, it’s like, can they have that happen and still honor their free will? Now, do it anyway, put it in the Light because I’m not smart enough to figure these things out. But when I say honor their free will, a mother puts her son in her Light and help with [his] alcoholism and the son is thinking, “Oh man, I can’t wait to get my drink today.” Well, he doesn’t want help. He’s still in the place where he is enjoying drinking.

By the way, I did get an email from Ciija in England thanking me for reading her email. Hi Ciija, thank you for taking the time to write it and [for] inspiring everybody. Who else is here? Morgan says, “Hugs and hi to all.” Hi Morgan, we love you and she also says, “Hi to Michael.” Carla, do you know who Michael is?

Carla: No.

Wynn: No? Okay, he’s been doing healings with people. I thought maybe you’d connected with him but maybe not. So, am I off my roll or am I on it? [Laughter]

Carla: Just butter it a little bit. [Laughter]

Wynn: Well maybe I’ve said all that needs to be said on that topic except that I hope that all of you find a way to - maybe that image of the pendulum stopping - I’m sure there are other images. But take this idea that you’re in the middle of time when you don’t realize it, but you’re in the middle of all these times operating and you’re kind of locked-in in a habitual way experiencing time in the way you’re experiencing it.

When you want to shift into a higher dimension and I assume everyone on this call wants to experience higher densities, higher dimensions – we talk about it enough – and we talk to these Sources that are coming from those dimensions. They say time gets so s l o w when they start paying attention to us. They are in this place where time is moving fast and then it all slows down to molasses and we’re in the place where time is moving slow and we don’t realize it because we are used to it. We are saying, how does time move faster?

Well, some of you are noticing when you come on these calls, time moves faster, it changes. You know I think about, literally, an hour before the call I’m thinking, “Oh my God, what am I going to do for two hours?” And when we get into it, suddenly it’s happening and in a sense I’m experiencing not doing it but holding the space and riding the … God, how do I say this? It’s like thoughts come into my mind and then I’ll say that and then I won’t go there, I’ll go here. There’s a place where I’m making lots and lots of decisions very fast and then I lock on something and I say that and then I say this and then I say this. And some people say it sounds like I’m channeling. But does that sound like channeling Carla?

Carla: Well, when you get inspired I sometimes think that channeled is a narrow term because all of us are channeling one way or another. Whatever we’re saying, it doesn’t just come from the womb. I mean there’s a process, we’re moving through something. But I think spirit moves through us in different ways and at different levels. Sometimes as you slow down a bit, it sounds as if you’re going a little bit deeper and you could say, “Well that sounds more like channeling.”

But then there are people and I think that we all experience this where something has us that day. We’re asking for help, we’re getting help, and we’re able to give help and somehow it’s all coming together and it’s wonderful to feel that and I think that at those times spirit is helping us to find the words that we want and it isn’t necessarily an outer presence from an upper realm somewhere. It’s just spirit.

The spirit that’s in-dwelling in all of us because as you said we come loaded and it’s a matter of beginning to experience ourselves and allowing that to become our reality. “Oh, this is who I am; this is what it feels like to be me.” So the energy can get brighter and brighter and pick up more and more. [Does] that make sense?

Wynn: Yeah, you know one thing if people want to understand the idea of channeling a little better, if you’re the least bit sensitive and you talk to people, you will realize that for each person that you talk to--that you have a genuine conversation with--you are talking in a different way. You don’t always talk the same way to everyone. Because other people have different vocabularies, other people understand things, some people are more emotional.

If you are picking up on people, this doesn’t happen on a conscious level, it happens automatically; your communication changes based on who you’re talking to. Not everybody can do this but many of you can be aware of that phenomenon and that means you are becoming one with the energy of that person and something in you automatically registers how to communicate to them. You do it unconsciously, you don’t even know you are doing it until you go back and look at it and maybe some of you, as I say this, you are thinking about it for the first time and you realize, “I do that, yes, I do that.”

So that is somewhat a kind of channeling because you are picking up someone else’s energies and you’re changing your outward expression based on who you are talking to. Like I’m sure you might talk to your mother different than you talk to your daughter. Every person is a unique creation or potentially a unique co-creation and it’s in the space that the creation happens.

If you recall at the beginning of this show, I was trying to demonstrate how, like if you were on television and this kind of energy is almost never broadcast through television, maybe never, I don’t know – I can’t even remember it because everyone is trained to take up space and to hold the timelines in a certain place that doesn’t leave the space. Now Ciija was talking in her email how she started dancing in that club and got everyone dancing; it’s like real energy does that.

If you’re in a music concert and people are jamming and they really come together, the whole room will come together with that energy and everyone feels it and everyone knows they’re feeling it and there’s space being created. On television there’s very rarely space. In fact, the goal is to move into your space and take it over! Do you follow what I mean by that? To move into your space [Loud and animated] …“Hi, this is Wynn Free and we are on the Sunday morning conference call, we welcome you all – Carla, what do you think today?!”

Carla: I think that’s a wonderful example of how you do it. [Laughter] Just pitching your voice and going with it.

Wynn: Yeah, on the radio shows all the disc jockeys they all talk in those kinds of voices and even Regis, “Hi Regis how are you? [This is Kathie] hi Regis, it’s good to see you.” It’s like all in a programmed tank of expressions and emotions [that] it’s not bad, no judgment on it. It just …

Carla: There’s a kind of desperate gaiety to it.

Wynn: Right, right it’s trying to fill in the spaces and hold your attention and push energy into you and you get programmed. That’s why they say if you’re going into the higher dimensions - don’t watch too much TV because the whole frequency of TV, the whole frequency of newspapers is all in that place. If you pay too much attention to it, it keeps you locked in to a reality system. That’s one of the problems with this realm. Not a problem but just an observation of so many people are locked in to that system that they’re stuck and they can’t move. If you bring something out of that system into their system, they can get hostile. They get mad at you because they’re comfortable in that system. Carla, are you ready?

Carla: I’m ready for whatever you throw at me Wynn.

Wynn: We are going to - did you guys get you …

Carla: You want to sing, don’t you?

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: Yeah, I’d love to do some singing with you. Okay, there was a little ditty that I picked up in …

Wynn: Let me just make a mention. In the email that I sent out this morning, I put the lyrics to it and if you want to open that email, Carla would like this to be a sing-along for those of you that would like to sing-along. It is called We all Come from Love and now that I just made sure they opened it, go ahead Carla.

Carla: Oh good, okay open that up and it goes like this,

We all come from love and unto love we shall return. We all come from love and unto love we shall return. Like a river flowing into the ocean. Like a ray of light returning to the Sun.

Wynn: Now, do you have the idea that people should sing it once or are we going to repeat it? Is it a round?

Carla: I thought maybe at the end of the show, we could kind of go out on it. Then, if people wanted to hang around and talk, they could. But it would be nice because then people who are listening could sing-along too and then even though they weren’t here they could pick up on being a part of it, just listening to the audio. Do you like that idea?

Wynn: I don’t know. I have to think about it. You know one of the things is people sometimes tell me that they want to come back and ground at the end of the show. Because sometimes we go out there and I don’t come back and then they email me and say, “Wynn, you left us spaced out.” [Laughter] Well, you know what, we started and talked about it right now – is it okay to try it right now?

Carla: Yeah.

Wynn: Now, does everyone sing everything in unison?

Carla: Yeah.

Wynn: Or, it’s not one of those [rounds]…

Carla: It’s not a round, no.

Wynn: It’s not a round.

Carla: But you sing it over and over, you can sing it as much as you like. You can really feel the incarnations falling away until we really are - we’re coming in, we’re coming back, we’re coming in and you know where ever we are we’re with each other. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Wynn: Alright, why don’t we un-mute everybody.

All: [Cacophony]

Wynn: Can you guys hear me?

All: [Resounding yes’s] Now –

Joel: ‘awful lot of time zones here.

Wynn: A lot of times zones [Laughter]

Joel: It comes off your cell phone delayed … 2 seconds one person, 1 second, 3 seconds … West coast, East coast…

Wynn: Well, you know, the interesting thing is this console on this is very sophisticated and we can mute people individually. So Gijs, are you paying attention?

Gijs: Yes, I am. [Laughter]

Male voice: He’s all over it.

Wynn: So, Gijs and I are the mute patrol, okay? How many of you opened up that email and see the lyrics?

Everyone: I did. I did. I did. I did. Hear, hear.

Wynn: Alright, now so Carla, I turn it over to you.

Carla: Okay, everybody with me now. [Singing] We all come from love, and unto love we shall return, we all come from love, and unto love we shall return, like a river flowing into the ocean, like a ray of light returning to the Sun.

Female voice: We’ll get better.

Carla: Well, I thought that went really well.

Wynn: Carla, I thought you were going to keep doing it?

Carla: Oh okay, let’s go for two this time guys. [Singing] We all come from love, and unto love we shall return, we all come from love, and unto love we shall return, like a river flowing into the ocean, like a ray of light returning to the Sun.

We all come from love, and unto love we shall return, we all come from love, and unto love we shall return, like a river flowing into the ocean, like a ray of light returning to the Sun.

Wynn: Carla, now I made a really good observation there, you know what it is?

Carla: How’s that?

Wynn: This is a woman’s thing. [Laughter] Did you notice all the female voices there?

Carla: I did notice there was a kind of …

Willow: No, no, no, no there were male voices and this is Willow and I’ve been staying muted the last several calls. I’ve got to tell you, that was so incredibly beautiful, that’s the first time my heart has smiled in over a week. Thank you very much.

Carla: Aw, that is wonderful.

Wynn: Thank you Willow.

Everybody: Thank you. Thank you, Carla.

Wynn: Terry, are you there?

Gijs: Let’s see if Terry is muted. Yes, Terry is muted, hold on Terry, okay you’re un-muted.

Terry: Can you hear me?

Wynn: I hear you. Willow, are you there Willow?

Willow: Okay now, I think I am there.

Wynn: Yeah. I’m going to suggest, I’m going to volunteer you both and you can decline but I was going to say I thought of another song that would be a good one to do, okay, and you know what it is?

Male voice: No, what?

Wynn: Row, row, row your boat. [Laughter]

Carla: That’s a very spiritual song.

Female voice: ‘Want to do it in rounds.

Carla: No, that would be a disaster. [Laughter]

Wynn: Let’s start it simple first, maybe another week we’ll do it in rounds. Terry, you want to try it? Terry, are you there?

Terry: Ah, which Terry?

Wynn: Terry Brown.

Terry: Yeah, I’m here.

Wynn: You know the words to Row, Row, Row Your Boat?

Terry: Ah, I’m not sure, but probably. I have to come back to this realm [Laughter] to do this.

Wynn: Maybe I shouldn’t have called on you. Would you rather …

Willow: Instead of Three Blind Mice, we could do a whole bunch of blind conference callers. [Laughter]

Wynn: Okay Willow. Willow, you and Carla and me will do Row, row, row your boat. Let’s see if more guys come into it, okay?

Willow: Well I heard Dwayne very clearly singing along.

Carla: Oh, I heard guys.

Willow: Yeah, I heard guys.

Male voice: I was singing.

Wynn: I heard more guys at the beginning -

Carla: The quick ones were mostly female voices. But there were plenty of guys in the mix.

Wynn: Maybe the high voices come in better.

Willow: We need a guy to start Row, row, row your boat; somebody volunteer.

Gijs: Alright.

Willow: Oh, Gijs! Good job! Perfect.

Gijs: Okay, here we go, two, one … [Singing] Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream.

Jim in Sedona: The number to call in New York folks is 927 … [Laughter]

Female voice: ‘merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life can be a dream.

Carla: I think it’s a very spiritual song.

Everybody: Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream. Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream. Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream. Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream.

Willow: I’m out in the backyard and my neighbors have got to think I’m out of my mind. [Laughter]

Wynn: Alright, well very good. [Laughter]

Willow: If you hear a bunch of sirens, they’re coming to take me away. [Laughter]

Wynn: You know, I was just thinking [let me mute everybody] … did I hear a rooster?

Carla: What are you thinking, Wynn?

Gijs: Okay.

Wynn: Hang on - I just wanted to get everyone muted. Well I was thinking, if we were in a building and this is a Sunday morning service, this would probably be the moment I’d say, alright guys, [let’s pass] you know how they pass that plate around and everybody puts money in it, right?

Carla: That’s the theory anyway.

Wynn: Just the theory and I said we can’t do that on this call and then I said well wait a second, everyone could just bring up their PayPal button and put a dollar in. [Laughter] So, I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to complain though if anyone puts a dollar into PayPal while we’re on the call. But one day, I’m going to do it. I’m going to say, “Okay, it’s time for PayPal,” and [have] everyone put in a small amount of money and if you happen to be rich you can put in a large amount of money.

But what I see is--the way money works is--if you’re tuning in to the energy of this and you’re tuning in to The Law of One then supporting something that is you that’s a higher aspect of you, is really a good thing. Because you’re supporting that which supports you and it ties the energy in and it’s good to put that support right at the moment when you’re feeling the energy. It kind of connects the energy. It’s like later, you’re thinking, “Well, Wynn is really nice, we did that, I’m going to make this donation” but right in the moment when you’re feeling the energy.

That’s why people do Telethons, right? Raising money, that way because it’s easy to give at that moment you’re feeling energy. Because you’re feeling one with the thing you’re giving to so you’re giving to the thing you’re feeling one with and the energy comes back. And on that note, it is 11:01 a.m. and let me see if there are any more emails here from people that want to say hello.

Wynn, (Rosalie, I think in Texas) regarding 4D methods for manifesting like and then it cuts off that word. Two things on the subject that have been said on recent calls: 1) make yourself bigger than the problem; 2) many are still using 3D methods for problems like jobs instead of 4D. Can you please expound on this sometime soon?

Make yourself bigger than the problem. Let me talk about using 3D methods for problems like jobs instead of 4D. Well, you know what? You’re always going to have to use something in 3D. We are doing these calls and as long as we’re using voice, as long as we’re using Internet technology and telephones, we are using 3D. The deal is not to change and say okay I’m not in 3D, I’m in 4D but to find the niche, the space, the point where the pendulum stops and where the intention can slip through the cracks.

Like, I’ve become really good at this, I mean whenever I’m out and about I’ve learned to find ways to put energy through wherever we are and find ways to say things to people that tend to uplift them and cheer them, regardless of the circumstances. And I’m probably more verbal and facile at that than many people. But nonetheless, to look for, like if you’re going in for a job interview for example, and you’re going in to someone’s office and you’re all frigid and frozen, concerned about the interview, you might miss the fact that they have a beautiful plant in their office.

And to make some kind of comment, now this can’t be manipulated or it won’t work. It has to be genuine so you have to slow yourself down to the point where you can respond to things in a genuine way and forget that you’re going for an interview. That’s just the game that’s being played. And you’ll say what a beautiful plant, my Aunt had one of those; how often do you water it?

But remember, it may not be the plant, it may be anything. It may be their last name might be Kapowski. Are you from Poland? I’m half Polish, nice to meet you, a fellow Pol. But it can’t be manipulated, understand, because it’ll show through? It’s got to be genuine. So you’ve got to find the cracks in 3D where you can do something that’s out-of-the-box that deepens the connection and makes that person remember you. And then of course, just pray. Just pray to be guided on a given day.

You know one of the things that I’ve learned when I’m looking for something-- this is a very important thing that I’ll bet you a lot of people take for granted. Let’s suppose I’m supposed to be on a radio show or I want to call a radio show up to see about being on that show. Well, it’s very important for me to go look at their website; go look at what they talk about, to listen to some smidgens of previous shows because that tunes me in to knowing how to talk to someone; to introduce myself, how far I can go.

If you are going for a job interview, look up the company, read about the company. Read about the people in the company. Feel the company and say, “Hmm, I can see myself fitting in there.’” And that is setting your energy up in a greater way to get that job. Another thing is, anything you want in the world, realize that you probably have to go … if you do a hundred interviews, there’s a chance you might get one job. And if you do one interview and pump yourself up and you don’t get the job and then you have to recover for awhile and then before you go out and do another interview, it’s not as good.

Set yourself up to do a lot of interviews. Actually, one technique is to play a game with yourself so that every time you do an interview, you do something nice. You know, you give yourself a nickel and so it doesn’t matter whether you get that job or not. Make it not matter, just keep doing it, that way each interview is an accomplishment. It’s something that you’ve done and if you do enough interviews you’ll get a job. So don’t pump yourself up on any particular interview, just keep going. As you stop caring about whether you get that job or not, you’ll actually make a better impression. You won’t be so stiff. You’ll just shrug your shoulders, you’ll walk in - you’ll walk out. Those are things for jobs.

Also realize that if you’re coming into these calls, and if you’ve tuned in to these energies, you have a criterion of wanting a job that holds a higher level of energy than most other jobs, where there’s a loving environment. And people that own businesses, that have loving environments in their business, are looking for you. Because they don’t want the regular worker to come in, they want somebody to hold a loving space. You’ve got to go look for those people ‘til you find them because then it’s a marriage made of heaven. And they’re out there; they’re most definitely out there.

Okay, thank you Rosalie for your questions. Here we go. Vaughn says - Vaughn held a meeting at his home in North Hollywood and he says encourage more of that. We’re getting there. Let’s see here … somebody was driving to Schenectady and heard in the wind, a female voice calling his name. Who was it? ‘Got me, that’s a Wednesday question. And here is Dave, the rock n’ roll guy from Grove City, Pennsylvania saying, “Wynn, Terry, Carla, Gijs, the producer greeter guy and everyone else on the call, saying ‘Hello.’”

And here we have Joshua – Joshua wants to know how we can honor the Ra Group for Father’s Day. Carla … [Laugher]

Carla: …Like a father.

Wynn: Hey, what did Jesus say? What did God tell Jesus? Love your neighbor as you...

Carla: ‘as you love yourself, yeah.

Wynn: ‘love yourself and that’s the way you give love to us. Isn’t that right?

Carla: Yeah.

Wynn: Yeah, there we go. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Carla: As you love yourself, yeah.

Gijs: Very important to love yourself first.

Wynn: Well, I wouldn’t wait to love yourself because if you can love your neighbor it’ll come back and you’ll start loving yourself, okay? I mean, some people have this idea that you can’t have love until you love yourself and so they’re in a quandary because they say I can’t have love.

Interestingly enough people that love themselves easily usually came from very harmonious childhoods. People that have had difficult childhoods where their parents didn’t get along and they weren’t treated well have a much harder time loving themselves. One of the things about loving yourself, through working things out with other people, if you’re around people that can see through you and see to the part of you underneath all your stuff, they’re tapping into your love and they help you to and you can do the same thing for another. It’s a matter of finding people that understand this game of seeing through people’s stuff into the part of them that is love and then we help each other become love.

And if you say you can’t love someone else until you love yourself, you’ll lose this great tool in the physical world of how to let people help you and encourage you. Gijs, I got a question for you. Are you there, Gijs?

Gijs: Alright.

Wynn: Tell me, did you have great parents?

Gijs: I had great parents, yes I did.

Wynn: See, there’s an example. That’s why, one of the reasons you have a lot of self-love, okay?

Gijs: Yeah.

Wynn: And sometimes it looks very easy for you but what looks easy for you can be very difficult for someone else who came from a difficult childhood or parents that they didn’t experience love from. So I would have picked you immediately to have a really good childhood and parents, so thank you. Now we’re getting all these emails and [Laughter] Ciija asks can we put the Ra Group in the Light and what would happen, would they move up another level of spiritual evolution? [Laughter]

You know what, I think if we all moved up or this realm, they would move up because they wouldn’t have to do what they are doing. But I think they don’t want to move up because I think they’re playing their part of helping us and they have to be positioned where they are in order to stay in connection with us. Otherwise we’ll be lost, there are too many people here, you know, this is a million year project and it’s not very fast. It’s kind of like, sometimes all of us have those choices to make because certain people need you in this realm and would you say, “I’m going to jump start and go there,” and abandon the people that need you? You probably wouldn’t, okay?

Carla, do you know a guy named Mitch?

Carla: I know several named Mitch but I don’t know the one that wrote you.

Wynn: Mitch is a guy who said she and her husband gave thanks to as they felt the vibes very strongly.

Carla: Ah.

Wynn: But in any case, Hi Mitch. Alright, let’s go into that place of quiet inside of ourselves. Let’s move into that space where we can feel our energies. We can feel the energy in our body and we can feel Mother Earth. Earth is alive, Earth can feel. We put our feet flat on the ground. [Continued …]

[Then Wynn reads the healing list with all the different requests at]

Wynn calls in the light:

Father/mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth and right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereignty integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now and we invite our Sources to speak to us through Terry.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An with aspects of the Elohim and aspects of the Ra Group and we welcome each and every person on the line or who will listen to our call or read any transcripts. We are honored to be able to enter into this sacred space with each and everyone who wishes to be connected or touched or to connect with us.

It is so significant and meaningful that we cannot even explain how much it is to be able to have this connection with those in the third density. We hope that the calls will grow and more and more people will be able to connect with the higher realms, the higher densities, the higher Light that you and each person that connects are able to have a new viewpoint and an expanded viewpoint, which brings us to the question that was asked earlier on this call about how do you expand your own sphere? You could say how do you expand your own sphere of influence? It is depending upon how big your reach is; how large is your area of influence?

How large is the area that you touch and can be part of and therefore have some say in control of, some way to control a larger area? So that if your reach, if your connection has gotten interiorized into your specific problem and you are then trying to solve the problem within the parameters of the problem and you are not reaching outside of that box, you will keep working with the manifestation within the problem and the constructs that are within the problem which will not take you outside into a solution that can sweep the whole problem away.

When you are interiorized into the specifics of the problem and are working with the aspects, for instance, if someone has an illness and they are working within the confines of the illness and are not thinking outside of the confines of the illness, they will stay within the confines of the illness. For what they really wish is to step outside of the illness and to find healing within the confines of the problem then they are working with the aspects of the problem, the things that have generated the problem. And to be able to get bigger than the problem, and by that we mean to be able to have the anchors outside of the problem instead of anchoring inside the problem.

But to the aspects which the problem is constructed of and consists of, to go outside and to get some other anchoring, the anchoring of the concept of being totally healthy, the anchoring of what it used to be like before one entered into the problem. To find an area of one’s life of what it felt like to be totally healthy before the problem arose. This begins to anchor you into an area that has some factors of control. You can begin to conceive again of what it was like before the problem. We see that when you first start doing this, this may be foreign or hard to conceive of being bigger than the problem.

We look at another area and that is that of finding a job. So when you look within the confines of one particular job and how to handle the bringing-in of that particular job, you may not look outside into all of the other jobs that may be available out there and may even provide more fulfillment than the one particular job you are going after. There may be other things out there and by bringing those into your consciousness you begin to expand your space, your anchor points into something outside of that one particular job and begin to see other things that can bring energy and financial health into your own life. There is, by grounding into something that is larger, it can catapult your space into a larger space.

You have the ability to make your space larger and smaller and when you do this, you attach, you anchor to things in the area that help keep your space larger or smaller. So when you begin to make your attention go into larger things, then your space gets larger and you personally can begin, as you have more anchor points to a larger space, begin to feel more confident and begin to feel that you can control the smaller problem. And it puts the smaller problem into perspective so that you can begin, first within your own concepts, your own self, your own taking up – existing in the space. You have more space as you get larger and you get larger anchor points.

And so then you begin to put the smaller problem into perspective and you have more possibilities, more things that could potentially help you. More synchronicities are available to you since you have opened yourself up to the larger potential. We hope this has shed some light and this can be applied to any problems you may be having. We love you more than you can imagine and we are with you. We leave but we do not leave. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you and let’s immediately move into our planetary healing session. They talked about being bigger than the problem. Right now we are moving back into that group energy. Just imagine being in that energy of zero point, of in that place where time stops, in that place where everything just began, in that place of innocence. We are a team and we’re looking down and we see all through the timelines how things got corrupted and screwed up and beings lost their connection with All That Is and felt isolated and alienated and scared. We move through those timelines. We’re bigger than the problem, right? Bigger than the problem, we’re before the problem.

And we’re going to move that energy through our body, we moved it through and we started clearing our energy fields, in the body. Let’s move with the force of The One Infinite Creator, with the force of our own creative abilities, through the timelines. Moving through the energies and shifting and changing and uplifting everything, honoring free will, always for the highest good of all concerned. Finding those areas where there’s asking, where there’s reaching and finally we come to our planet Earth. We see it in this transition; we see above the conflicts, we see above the negative, above the elite.

We’re moving down as a grand loving energy surrounding our entire planet. Moving into innocence and where the rigidity of the negativity is holding on, we just flow around them like the water flows through the Grand Canyon. Nothing is an obstacle. We flow through and around and change the vibrations of everything as we move through it.

We touch the dolphins, we touch the whales. We touch the Indigo children and the Crystal children. We touch all those people anywhere that are open to be touched. All those people in power and in government, right now, we are bigger than the problem. We see all those negative creations in this realm, all of material and frequency; we are bigger than the material and the frequency. We see things shifting. We see things that are harmful breaking apart and not having impact.

We’re going to hold the space of a great pink glow surrounding our planet that we are part of the creation of. And there’s something called the grid work of the energies in other realms. Some people say the grid work has gotten corrupted with negative stuff. We are like bulldozers moving through and shifting the energies where we can do it for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. We ask that this planet be miracle-ized, that all the connections that need to happen, all the interfaces, all the sacred geometries come into line right at this moment so that our planet can bathe in those energies and those people that are ready to feel this, can feel it.

We send this energy, as we do every week, usually along the ring of fire which is the earthquake zones around the Pacific Ocean. Remember, bigger than the problem, bigger than the problem. We have unlimited consciousness, unlimited power, with the faith of a mustard seed you can move a mountain. We are going to move from the tip of South America, along the west coast of South America. We are going to project our energies through the ground (into] underground into those areas where there are tectonic plates that could cause earthquakes. We’re going to ask that no earthquakes go off in major cities or that earthquakes be limited and released in small amounts, rather than huge amounts.

We go up the coast of South America, Central America, the west coast, Mexico, California, Oregon, Alaska, east coast of Russia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Japan - we ask to cap the radiation of that nuclear plant, Fukushima and down through Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii. Then we go to the middle of the country, the New Madrid fault, the east coast’s Mid-Atlantic fault, and our whole planet’s surrounded in this beautiful energy and that anywhere there’s earthquake potentials that, that can be mitigated. That anywhere there are Chemtrails, that they can be deactivated, anywhere there’s artificial frequencies in the air that they can be frequency’d against; blocked.

We ask that each of us learn to hold these frequencies and these intentions and hold the image of being bigger than the problem. We ask that other people will find this group; they’re going to find it through you. They’re going to find it through me. We have to put the energy out. So we are the magic, we are the hope, we are the action. So each of you is a creator at the highest levels and you just have to own that and on that note, it is 11:55 a.m.

We’re going to do a countdown to bring our energies back to be grounded. That doesn’t mean you’re losing the energy, it means you’re centered in your body. You’re centered in your home, you’re centered in your family and you don’t have to be spaced out for the rest of the day. That happens for some of you so we’ll just go 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; Happy Father’s Day everyone.

Everyone: Happy Father’s Day. Thank you everybody, have a wonderful week. Thank you, take care. Love you all; Love and Light to everyone, thank you. Have a good day everyone; Happy Father’s Day, goodbye. [Music]

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