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Planetary & Grid Healing Session

(Gijs & Carla filling in while Wynn & Terry are at a tradeshow)

Sunday Call 06/23/2013
Hosts: Wynn Free, Gijs Minderhoud and Carla Rueckert
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Susan Rush
Edited by Terry Brown

Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: Hello everybody, this is Wynn Free and this is June 23rd, 2013 our Sunday grid healing. This call is going to have a little bit of different format because Terry and I are at a trade show in Denver and it’s going on right now.

I just left the booth for a little bit to be here, but Gijs and Carla are going to keep the flow going. Gijs has some tape recordings or audios of one of our meditations, guided visualizations that he’s going to play. I’m sure it’s going to be really great. In fact it’ll probably be even better because you guys are just used to me and now you’ll see how well other people can do if I’m not here. So I thank Gijs and Carla for coming to the plate and being here to handle this.

Just before we started the tape recording, we were having a conversation with Michael in Camino, California. And I get incredible emails all the time from people who are having epiphany things go on as a result of listening to these calls. Sometimes I read them - sometimes people share their experiences and the reason to hear these things and hear somebody’s experience is because our premises are so far-out of the box. If you’re one of those people who are newly listening and evaluating, there’s something that goes on that says, “Can this be real”’

Even I had to say that for at least three years, maybe longer. Maybe even now I say it: Can this be real? Nonetheless, people have these amazing experiences and it’s the experiences that other people are having that convinced me, not only that it’s real but hopefully, for some of you, it’ll keep you hanging in long enough until you have your own direct experience. Now everyone is totally unique and different and they have their own cycles and their own timeline. So some people come on the call the first time and they’re just totally out … here’s one of the things that happens. People come on, they go really out there, get really high and they’re like that for a couple of weeks and then they crash. Because all their other stuff comes up because they didn’t really work out the lower levels.

They had a quick respite to the higher levels and then crashed to the lower levels. Then another thing that happens is somebody is totally ready. They’ve worked out all their lower level stuff. They’ve been working hard for probably lifetimes and they come on this call and it just is the missing link to fit all the puzzle pieces together and they don’t go backwards, they just hold the space. And most often is, somebody will come on the call and they’ll feel the camaraderie, they’ll feel something good, but they don’t feel any energies and they don’t quite know what we’re talking about.

Those people are people that if they keep hanging in there … now you see there are no guarantees, you could be wasting your time. Actually, you don’t have to feel the energies to get some kind of positive impact from this but a lot of times, if you hang-in and you come into these calls, there’s a clearing process that starts to happen. Remember, our Sources honor free will so there’s this process that goes along where you start asking for their help, interventions; and the way that looks is you’re not their minion. You are not their slave. They don’t have power over you nor do they want that. It’s a co-creative interaction where they exist in another dimension where they can flow into this dimension and they can flow into your consciousness in a way you can feel them just as someone might sit in a room and you can feel their presence.

If you close your eyes, you know they’re in the room, there’s an energy between you and them. Well, these Sources, these group souls, have a somewhat similar relationship where they have an energy but they just don’t have a body that sits in the room. But they can project into the room and for them to do that, first of all, you have to be willing to receive them. Like, they’re not going to push themselves on you. So there has to be an openness, also there has to be a trust developed. That’s another reason why sometimes it takes time to have this experience because you don’t have any trust yet. And that’s good because it’s good not to have trust for something that’s new and that you don’t understand.

It’s good to check it out really carefully because you don’t want to open up to the energies of something that you don’t feel really comfortable as to what it is. So trust is developed over time. Trust is developed making sure that you don’t feel we have any agendas; we’re not trying to sell you something all the time. We’re not trying to control you; we’re not trying to make you feel guilty. We’re not trying to put you into fear and really, I don’t have to do this. I’m doing it because I choose to. You don’t have to show up - you’re doing it because you choose to.

One of the great things about keeping things free is it keeps any hidden agendas of making money out of the picture. It doesn’t mean we can’t charge for a workshop here and there or do this or that, but the body of our work is free. It’s for anyone that just listens on the Internet or picks up the telephone. And then I’m working really hard, you know, we’re here at this show selling pendants to new age stores and that’s the way, I decided, that we’re going to try to cover the expenses and the time of doing all these shows [calls].

Carla’s husband has a landscaping business and she’s decided to do things and he decided that that’s how he’s going to help Carla do her work. So that keeps it clean, because it means never are we manipulating you to come to these calls and spend money or charge you for it. In other words, never are we saying, “Okay, you want to graduate this planet, here’s the keys, it’s only three hundred dollars – this da, da, da, dah.” It’s free and I mean that doesn’t mean we can’t ask for donations, that’s free will, it doesn’t mean we can’t sell a workshop. But the body or our information and the things that are most important, on both Carla’s website and my website are free.

There are people that are listening right now, right now, you know who you are, that we never said hello to, that would never spend any money with us, that never send a donation and you’re on this call and you’re saying, “God, I’m so glad I’m here, I can feel it.” Those are the people that, a year down the line, send me an email and are often times having these amazing epiphany reactions. So Michael in Camino, California sent me one of those kinds of emails yesterday. Michael, let me see if I can hear you. You might have to do star *6.

Gijs: Michael is un-muted.

Wynn: Okay and Gijs, we are recording, right?

Gijs: Yes.

Wynn: Yeah, we’re recording, okay. Yeah, Michael, why don’t you share your experience; how long have you been coming into our calls?

Michael: Since probably about seven months.

Wynn: About seven months, and I think you heard me on George Noory, right?

Michael: I first heard you on George Noory, just by coincidence, I happened to be listening to the show which I don’t always listen to. I just happened to be listening to it and caught the last part of your show. I heard about your book; it sounded interesting to me. I ordered the book and then I started reading the materials and then I started coming to the calls but I had to use replay. I didn’t have Skype, so I’d go to the calls and listen to the replays and lots of it made sense – pretty fantastic story. You know, since my wife passed away seven years ago I was really trying to figure out where did we come from; what is our purpose; what is our destiny, you know, just like most people.

I was trying to figure that out before I heard of you so I wrote you an email to give you some feedback. And first I would go to the calls and replays, it would make sense and I enjoyed it. I didn’t believe everything, you know, I was using my discernment. And I wasn’t feeling the energy but I wasn’t stressed out about it. Everybody’s different. I didn’t feel anything although I liked the feeling of coming to the show then I went to a live call. I got Skype and was able to go to a live call. That call made a lot of sense to me.

I went to bed at about three in the morning and I had made up my mind before I went to bed that I wanted the Elohim or the Ra Group – I wanted them to contact me, if they wanted to. I was ready for that and I believed enough in the information that I had learned that I was willing to take that next step. So now that was just in my mind, I didn’t state it but that was just in my mind. I go to bed and at 3:00 a.m., I hear this crystal clear ding dong just like a doorbell. Not from my ears, not from my own doorbell because I don’t have one like that. And it just woke me – I sat straight up and it was a crystal clear sound coming from inside my head, not from my ears.

It was like something I’ve never heard before, crystal clear, and I go like, “What is that?” and I go, “Oh, that must be the Elohim asking my permission to come in.” It’s a doorbell, ding dong. [Laughter] I couldn’t believe it and the only thing – I go, “What is it, that my doorbell?” Well I don’t have a doorbell, not on my house, physically. So it just came to me, it’s the Elohim, just asking permission to come in my house. How cool is that? I just smiled, I was shocked but I wasn’t afraid or anything. It was just amazing, like these things don’t happen to me.

I eventually went back to sleep and from then on I followed the material, you know. That’s basically my story, just wanted to give you feedback and because of that, in previous calls, slowly, slowly, step-by-step I’ve started feeling the energy. I had no idea what you were talking about when Wynn was talking about shifts. I didn’t know - what is he talking about? I didn’t feel anything, but then I started getting chills down my spine at certain points in the calls. The first time I got chills, it was actually at the end of a call when everybody thanked Gijs and Wynn and Terry and everybody and everybody was saying, “Thank you, thank you thank you.”

I got this surge of chills all the way down from my head all the way down to my feet. Then, pretty much every call after that, at some point in the call, I will get that surge of energy which I never had before. So anyway, that’s basically the feedback I wanted to give you and thank you for all the things you guys do. How has it impacted me? It’s calmed me down and I believe that all this makes amazing sense even though it’s the most fantastic thing that’s probably ever happened to anybody, that all this can possibly be real but to me it is real.

I know it’s real and to me it’s calmed me down every day – a little less stressful in all the day-to-day trials and tribulations and all the stuff that we go through in 3D. It’s just made my life more peaceful, when before it was a lot more chaotic, a lot more chaotic and I really appreciate that. So I just wanted to give you that feedback, so that’s basically my story. You’re putting the pressure on me here Wynn.

Wynn: [Laughter] Michael, I want you to know, I want to personally guarantee you just changed a bunch of people’s lives right there, okay? So thank you so much. You probably feel not completely secure in public speaking but you did a great job and you’re sincere. We know you’re sincere and that’s an amazing story. When you realize that (I mean it’s different for every person) but they were so considerate, they rang your doorbell and then after that you felt their energy. It’s a great, great testimonial. Thank you for coming forward on that. Gijs, are you there?

Gijs: Yes Wynn.

Wynn: I am going to turn it over to you and I’m going to turn my phone off. It’s like giving birth to a baby and launching it. I’m not going to look back and so Carla is ready to do her song, we have music, we have my meditation (the audio of it) and I would suggest that if Carla feels comfortable stepping into it, let her do a planetary meditation. If she doesn’t, you can do it, okay? Let’s play it by ear and we’ll see you all for a regular show tomorrow night, okay?

Gijs: Alright Wynn, thank you for being here, say hi to Terry and good luck at the booth today, man.

Wynn: Thank you so much, alright. And again, thank you Michael and we’ll see you tomorrow. Have a great Sunday everybody.

Gijs: Yes, Michael, that was a wonderful story. Thank you, Wynn. So from here on, Carla, are you present over here?

Carla: I am, thanks, I can’t say that I’m confident because Wynn is such a talker [Laughter] and I’m less of a one. We southern women are not trained to talk, we’re trained to sit there and go “Isn’t that interesting? Yes, and tell me more.” But I am glad to step in and glad to be part of this. I find the show to be a lovely way of getting in touch with the energies that are around us. And good to be more closely in touch and it’s so important to have a group to do that with because a group really brings it in so much stronger. So Gijs, let’s talk real quickly. He was talking about you had some music. Shall I talk for awhile?

Gijs: No well, I have several things lined up, a personal healing session, also a little channeling session with Terry, and also a planetary healing session with Wynn. So I have plenty of stuff available over here.

Carla: Well I’m glad to do the planetary healing and I’m glad to talk for awhile. Figuring out the time – how long would you like me to talk? And I can come in and out, too, if you like.

Gijs: Yes, I kind of like to stick to the usual way we do this, if we start with personal healing first.

Carla: Okay.

Gijs: Where after we have - you know, you can talk if you want and then we’ll do the channeling session from Terry.

Carla: Yeah.

Gijs: Then after that, if you want to do a planetary healing Carla that would be great.

Carla: Okay.

Gijs: You can eventually do that if you want …

Carla: When do you want me to stop talking, if I start talking now?

Gijs: I want you to stop right now.

Carla: [Laughter] Okay.

Gijs: We’re going to do first, the personal healing session that takes about 28 minutes and then we’ll take it from there Carla.

Carla: Alright, you go ahead then.

Gijs: Alright, we have a bunch of people here on the call, on the conference line, that’s so great. Thank you all so much for being here and then, I don’t know the number of people on the BBS line but I know there are a bunch of people there as well. Thank you all so much for participating with us and right now we will start the personal healing session which is a recording from some time ago. Alright, here we go, 28 minutes and please enjoy.

[Previous recording]

Wynn: ‘and if you’re in bed, crack your knees so your feet are flat on your mattress. There is this theory that the entire Universe is made of one-energy. The Ra Group calls it The Law of One. [Continued as usual]

Gijs: Alright, that was a great session. Thank you all for being here and having this open space and Carla?

Carla: Hi Gijs.

Gijs: Hi babe.

Carla: I am so grateful that Wynn offered me this time. And I asked just to be open to what y’all might be interested in hearing from me and how it might be good sharing with you. I thought you might be interested in the part of my life where I was just getting familiar with kicking the tires and finding out what was going on with these beings that are from other realms. You have to go all the way back to my college days in the sixties. I’ll be seventy next month, so it’s a long time ago, it’s a half a century ago.

It was the heyday of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin; it was the heyday of Haight Ashbury and the flower children and I was only tangentially, a flower child. I worked steadily through that whole era, either as a student or as a working adult, working in libraries as a librarian. But things like that affect your whole being and I was very interested in meditation.

I’d heard a lot about it, I was a religious person that was Episcopalian. They’re pretty sane for religious people. They don’t say that you’re not going to heaven because you’re not Episcopalian. It’s a pretty graceful church, it’s a beautiful church. The one thing that they don’t do well is silence and I was looking for a silent meditation in Louisville, Kentucky and not finding it.

If there were any, I couldn’t find them and then I heard from a friend of mine (that turned out to be my first husband) that one of his professor’s was going to start a group of silent meditators. So I asked could I join and in due time he asked Don Elkins, a professor of physics and mechanical engineering at Speed School at the Speed Scientific School at the University of Louisville, and he said well, certainly, come right ahead. So there I was, 12 engineering students and I [Laughter] in the home of a friend of Don’s who had just come from Detroit with some very interesting information for Don to share.

Now, Don Elkins was an unusual guy, from the very beginning. He grew up very independent of anything to do with his environment. He always wanted to know why, why, why, he was a scientist and he dug and dug and dug and that got him rapidly into the occult, the metaphysics and what seemed to be spiritual realms. And he didn’t have any prejudices so he thought, “Well okay, if that’s where my research is leading I’ll go.” So he had heard quite a bit about things like reincarnation which he checked out at length. He learned how to do hypnotic regressions and he took over 200 people back through.

He discovered that he did believe in other lives because people kept going back to other lives and telling him details that they couldn’t possibly have known. Everybody, bar none, was just a regular person last time through, there were no queens. There was no royalty involved, it was all farmers and shoemakers and things like that, but he discovered that yeah, he did think that reincarnation was the way things were; and he did think that meditation was a good thing.

Then he started investigating UFOs, because he was a pilot from the age of 14 on, he was very interested in anything to do with flying and he’d done a lot of flying before he even graduated from high school. So it interested him that there were stories of UFOs and he would fly to wherever in the states there was a person that had experienced these things and he would check them out. He’d talk to them personally, he’d get their information. And it all went into this sort of incredibly brilliant mind that he had and he always said he was a puzzle-maker. He was putting the pieces of the puzzle together as to how things really were.

So by the time he talked to Hal Price from Detroit and Hal had been in a consciousness raising group there that had started because of a UFO contact, and the UFO people kept talking to this guy, and there was a lot of information to read Don read it through and in that was information on how to get in touch with them. And they said, pretty much the way Wynn has coaxed you into experiencing other realms, he gets us altogether in a circle and he starts talking about it and he makes it easy to experience it. Not to test whether it’s right, just to experience it. Then you are left with, what did I experience, you know?

Let me kick the tires of this, he gets you curious and that’s beautiful. Well Don didn’t have that graciousness about him, he was just aiming for the result and they said if you meditate together, in a group, in a dedicated fashion, you will eventually contact us. If you are seeking to learn more, if you’re hunting, if you’re seeking, if you’re curious and you get together you will contact us and we can contact you. We can start communicating with you. So this was his real reason for starting the Louisville group (so called).

None of us knew what he was looking for but we sat there and after about six months, some of the people started getting a lot of activity in their tongues and movements in their head (a lot of the same things Wynn talks about) energy at the top of their skull (and out there) third eye on the forehead. Then people started giving little messages, just maybe a sentence long. They would always be full of love and very uplifting and because of the fact that all these were engineering students, they would agonize about it and they would make the energy push the words out.

So it was very laborious, listening to one of these early communications but, they were very inspiring and what was of interest to Don was it was exactly the same kind of information that the Detroit group had gotten. So he pursued this and if people had a skill at channeling, so-called, he would encourage that and sooner or later we all came to know his story and all came to know what he was looking for. We knew it was a channeling group. I wasn’t interested in channeling. I just wanted to meditate so I did that for 12 years in his group. I was like the little quiet person that never raises a hand.

You know I said something at the beginning of the call, I’ve been trained to encourage other people and support other people and not particularly put myself forward. But finally, Don asked me if I would try and because it was Don and because by this time I had developed a great love for him (I simply adored that man) I said I would try. And well, Katie bar-the-door. Now when I first started trying, I got so overwhelmed with the energy that it would just – I would feel (I’ve never had a drug-rush in my life, I just do not know from drug-rushes, I’ve never tried the hard stuff) but I was getting that kind of rush that people describe where it just hits you so hard that you’re just practically knocked down. And I would just have to sit there and get through it, you know and this went on for a couple months.

I was getting used to that energy and finally I started hearing concepts and I started putting those out and once I got the bit between my teeth, I really progressed quickly. Pretty soon I got to the point where Don was interested enough to start recording my channeling and that’s where it began for me, in 1974 or ’75. Twelve years after I started with the group. By this time, I had been in libraries, science for a long time. I’d been doing well, I loved my job. There was nothing about take me away from all this you know, I enjoyed living in the Earth, in spite of the fact that I was going through a terrible bad marriage.

And it really didn’t phaze me from a certain point because well, people do and you just, you know hard things happen to people and you have to suck it up and get on with things. So I focused on my job and focused on the meditation group and other things that gave me great pleasure and joy. Church was one of them and I got through that period pretty much unhurt, unharmed, even though it did hurt, it wasn’t lasting, I got over it. After the divorce, in 1968 Don actually asked me to live with him which I did.

We moved in together and we started having these Louisville group sessions in our place instead of the original place where his friend had been holding them for all these years and they were very glad for us to take them over. So we did that all the way through the ‘70s, the ‘80s, the ’90 – well Don died in ’84 - but by this time my husband Jim, my second husband, had become part of the group at Don’s and my request. So Jim and I continued to have the meditation group, so it’s been probably the oldest meditation group, in the United States at least, having been in operation consistently since the ‘60s.

I was getting really good information, just exactly (Wynn talks about it very well and gets all the – dots the i’s and crosses the t’s) he gets it pretty much right in the various details of it. When I was in my late thirties, I got a contact from those of Ra that was right after Jim joined the group and the story of that was it was his great energy (he had a tremendous amount of energy) that fueled the working, that I didn’t have enough energy, in and of myself and Don didn’t either to hold that tuning that we needed to get the Ra Group. But with Jim added to the group it was possible.

So we had a golden day, really, of a 106 times where Don talked with Ra. I was the instrument and that was the information that was published and that was the information that Wynn saw. When he came to see me for the first time in 2002, we’d lost Don but we still had Jim and I was talking about my experiences to a UFO group, a national seminar that was being held in one of the casinos, and Wynn came to see me. It was a lovely gathering of the three of us. Wynn played his guitar and you should get him to sing more because he’s a great singer.

He writes beautiful songs and I really enjoy knowing Wynn and when he came out with the book, I discovered, good grief, he had put a lot about us in there. I was glad to see and I even worked with him to get some of the details more accurate. So I’ve known him for a long time and there’s a lot of trust and love between us. So it took me awhile to believe what was happening to me, to believe that I had shifted my idea of who I was from here and now, this is my life.

This is getting up and going to bed and going to see the movies I preferred and choosing the food I preferred and having a normal life, to living a life where the focus was beyond this life, larger than myself and where I knew that I had come here with a mission (that we all came here with missions). This had been said so many different times, so many different ways, and I’d seen it proven in so many different instances by now that I no longer asked, is this true? I assumed this is the way things worked.

So I was determined that I was going to serve and it seemed pretty apparent to me because of the reaction that we got whenever people saw The Law of One information. It changed a lot of lives and people have been very kind about writing us through the years and letting us know that it has happened, just like you all write Wynn. Believe me, a letter like that can make your day, it can make your week. You just soar knowing that you have actually helped somebody. To me, that is the kicker. That is everything. If you can help somebody else, you’ve helped yourself, you’ve helped the planet, you know?

It seems so clear to me now and I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t have to kick the tires. But certainly, and every time that I went into the process of channeling, I did the equivalent of kicking every tire I knew. I would tune myself up to my highest and best self before a channeling session. I would pray, I would sing, I would do everything that I knew to help me focus on doing this service and I would set my intention and I would tell the Universe, this is my intention, I set it here, I want to serve, I want to give information that’s in the vibration of the cosmic Christ, the vibration of unconditional love. Then, when I felt that I was at my best I would work with the group. I’d have them sing songs, I’d have them tell jokes, just like Wynn does, work with them to get them more of a feeling of a group, instead of just a bunch of strangers.

Certainly, by this time in the call, nobody feels like a stranger. Everybody knows he or she belongs and that is so critical for doing group work. You need to bring the group together and Wynn does such a great job of that. Once you’re together, you focus on what the purpose is and in his group he’s … so he focuses on working, I can’t … he didn’t have time to send me the names of people that need healing.

So why don’t we just take a minute in the middle of this rambling story and let’s take ourselves back up, back through the roots of our feet, right through the root chakra up through all the chakras of our spine, up through the head, up into the sky where we’re a group, we’re together, our auras are blending with each other in perfect harmony and we ask those people that have written in to Wynn recently – let’s just ask our unseen friends to please, please help each and every person that has asked Wynn for help.

They will know, they have telepathy and they will know who is being prayed for, who is being offered. We offer those people and we offer our group. Let’s take just a minute of silence and offer those prayers that we have, those thoughts that we have for the people that are in need. Mentally, physically, emotionally – okay, we’re going to take just 30 seconds. [Space] Okay and while we’re up here, while we’re at that place where we are All One and where we have a common intention, let’s direct our intentions, the way Wynn has us do.

Let’s look around first of all and see who is talking war. I know the North Korean’s have been talking war. I know that various parts of the Middle East are very upset … Syria, Iran, Iraq - some of the Eastern European countries that have in the past threatened mayhem and wanted to wreak war on others and cause them harm and even threaten atomic bombs, in the case of Northern Korea. Let’s keep them in our thoughts. Let’s ask them, ask the guys, those beautiful beings that are from other realms, please touch their minds. Help them to come to understand in a more wide way, a more understanding, a more intellectually logical way, a less unbalanced way so that they can pipe-down, bring down the rhetoric. [So they can] decide to use diplomacy rather than war, decide to become a part of the Earth instead of warring against it.

And I want to tell you how broken-hearted the Earth is when we are unhappy with each other and when we use sacred Earth for war. It is so painful to the Earth when that happens. It’s not the Earth’s fault and yet the Earth has to take that beating because the energies from all of us go down into the Earth. We have often heard in the readings that some of the earthquakes, some of the extreme weather that we’ve had and so forth are Mother Nature’s way of letting the tension go, a little at a time. So that a planetary shift that would wipe us all off the Earth at once, will never happen.

It’s a matter of taking a rubber band that is pulled tight and letting it go, a little at a time, reducing the tension, one disaster then another one. It hurts a few but it doesn’t hurt all of us and that is better but it’s still not what we would hope. So let’s focus on those places on the Earth where we know that trouble often happens. One place is the Ring of Fire that goes all the way around from China and Japan and down through the Pacific Ocean to South America, up through South America, up through Central America, up the coast of California. And then up the coast of Oregon and Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia and up into the Yukon and Alaska and back around to Russia.

Let’s focus on asking that Ring of Fire to calm down, bring the heat down, not necessary to be so angry. Lessen that heat as much as possible. If it has to happen, let it happen in a lesser way, in a place where there aren’t lots of people, so it can happen without damaging the people of Earth. There’s the New Madrid fault that actually runs really close to us here in Kentucky, it runs through Ohio … it’s pretty big, it goes all the way down to the New Orleans area and down into the bay (Gulf) of Mexico.

We can ask that it calm down, release; allow a lessening of the tension there. We ask this as a whole, we ask this as a group, dear sisters and brothers, dear angels, we thank you so much for your help, for touching each one of us, for giving us that feeling that truly there is something more, something other than a closed-in strapped down life that begins at birth, ends at death and we just have that little lifetime in-between. In a way that’s true. We have a lifetime to do what we can to learn and to do what we can to witness and to do what we can to serve.

But it feels so much better to know that we’re a continuing story. We’re citizen of the Universe. Our world is truly the Creation as a whole. We are moving through a school and planet Earth is a grade in that school right now. It’s just finishing up third grade, third density. How good to know that we move on to fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, oh my goodness, how good to know that we have so much to look forward to and to know that death is no sort of ending and that there is no judgment, that when we die we simply move on and leave a body, leave a physical body. And we go right on in our eternal body, our light-body, that body that we’re using right now.

Okay, we’ve worked with politics, we’ve worked with nature and if there’s more to it than that I can’t think of it right now so I’m going to bring you back down. Bring you back down through the densities that you’ve penetrated, down into this density, this lifetime, this little life, down into our skies, down into Earth’s home skies. It’s our home for this planet; this planet is our home for this incarnation and we love it. We’re glad to be here. Down through our heads, through the crown chakra, through all the chakras and back down into the Earth.

Now you never have to lose that ability to make this contact. It’s like a chat room, like a cosmic chat room whenever you ground yourself and then raise yourself up into beyond yourself and into your vibration as an essence, as a being. Well there are others there too. They might be in-between incarnations; that’s okay. They might be elsewhere in the world, that’s okay. They’re on your vibration, they’re your people. They feel the way you do; they’ve penetrated as far as you have and they form a group. Open up and feel that group and then rest in your higher identity. You never have to be caught up strictly into the here and now.

It’s good to be in the here and now but it’s not good to be imprisoned in it. You don’t have to feel that prison, you don’t have to feel the doors closing. All you have to do is use your mind, use your heart. Open your heart, open your mind. Move up into those realms where the Earth cannot touch you, where the ugliness and pettiness of this world has nothing to do with you, where you make your own choices of who you are and your vibrations or your name.

So we’re down into the body once again and I’m going to ask Gijs if he would like me to talk a little bit more which I’d be glad to do. I have an infinite amount of gab. [Laughter] It’s just a matter of what you have planned, Gijs. So what would you say, do you want me to talk some more? I could do some reading about angels; I dug up a reading that I did in 2011 that’s about the angels and I could take a few minutes and read that. Let me know.

Gijs: Great Carla, thank you so much, it’s so wonderful to listen to you, that you did this healing session and also the story that you shared before that. Thank you so much; yeah, great if you want to do some more. What I also have in mind is to replay a 12 minute channeling session from Terry from last year, so ...

Carla: Okay.

Gijs: ‘shall we do that first? That channeling session is 12 minutes and then you pick it up from there, Carla?

Carla: Why don’t we do that?

Gijs: Alright, great so I’m going to start playing the session from Terry. Please enjoy, thank you.

Terry/Ra’An: …and we welcome each and every person who is on this call or will listen to a replay or will read the transcript later. The transcript or the replay will have the same energy and carry the same frequencies and the same vibrations as you are hearing on the original call.

We have said the word “vibrations.” We have a very high vibration with the color pink. We are in the space of each and every person who wishes us there. We honor free will and when a person asks, as each of you have asked today, either silently in your own heart or with an email to Wynn, we hear your call. We hear your plea and we see that you are a mixture of vibrations and we see that you each have a vibration within the 3rd density which connects you and grounds you to your surroundings and allows you to operate and to stay focused within the location where you are.

And we see that when you grasp on a certain vibration, a certain explanation, that it then affects your whole and your connection with your surroundings, with your body, with your health. The chakra system generates frequencies and it is either operational or you exclude, due to your belief systems, certain vibrations which damps the vibration of the certain chakra systems. When the chakra systems are operating fully and completely they bring to you, attraction of the things that can fulfill your life.

Some of the things which can damp your frequencies towards bringing you what you wish, health-wise, material-wise are belief systems that you have which fixes you into a certain vibration. One such example would be, “I have diabetes.” Another would be, “I have heart disease.” Another would be, “I have a congenital condition.” When you then fix that idea (that belief system) into the whole of what you are, it contains a frequency and it’s connected to the frequencies of all the other people, all the medical system and all their belief systems about that particular disease.

And you then, having that frequency/fixation in your space, attempt to heal--you are then putting a different frequency on top of the frequency that you have grounded there and is grounded with the medical profession and all of the belief systems of people concerning that particular disease. This makes a divergence--a gap--between what you wish and what is going on. When you bring into your belief system that you are now well and whole and all of your chakras are operating in a full-body manner and spinning in a clock-wise direction and that your foundational chakra is expressing the note, the musical note of C, then you can begin to attract and pull-in to you the grounding that you desire.

If you have the belief that you have no home--no place to go--that you have not the financial capability, you begin to fray the vibration of your foundation chakra and the C note may begin to be absent from your foundation chakra. And then you find it harder to attract to you, to pull-in the finances, to pull-in the grounding, the home that you so desire. As we see that many of you on the call are concerned about your financial condition and we look at each and every one of you. We see which ones have placed this in the light and which ones haven’t placed it in the light but have silently placed it in the light.

And we see then the importance of restoring the vibration within your foundation of the C note, the vibrations that will then connect you to that C note within society and connect you up with finance and with home and with then, the higher chakras with loved ones, with the sexual experiences you desire in the next chakra up which will then express the next note up which is D. And then you can begin to have some power because you have support and you can begin to support those you love and move to the next note up, the next chakra which is E and then, being supported you can begin to experience the love and you can begin to give love and compassion to others because you have a structure that is supporting you.

And then you can begin to share it with the next note up, the heart chakra which is F and you can begin to express--that’s the next chakra up--the throat chakra, the expression chakra which is G. Then as you open yourself up to the next chakra, to remote viewing, to extend yourself out, to begin to see around you, you open up the next chakra which is in the forehead and that is the note of A. Then, on these calls, you have been opening up your crown chakra to the higher realms where we are - and that is the note of [B]. And we connect with you from the crown chakra and we send our … we see you in our light, if you wish it.

We see you healed. We see your chakra systems open and working fully and we take the labels off you and allow you to set your own health, ideals, goals and those of those around you who wish that also. And we help un-stick those frequencies where one gets stuck in certain lower level conditions and we open the whole thing up. We leave you but we do not leave you. We are here with you and we--in this very meaningful sacred moment--touch those that wish touching; Adonai.

Carla: That’s a lovely, beautiful channeling.

Gijs: It is. This had some beautiful, very valuable information for all of us and I want to thank our Sources and Terry. This was a recording from last year.

Carla: I thought Gijs, if it would be okay, for the rest of the time I’ll talk a little.

Gijs: Yes Carla, please you take it from here.

Carla: Alright, this also is a channeling that I’m leading up to but it’s about angels and I thought you might like to know what one of the Confederation guys, one of the Sources from higher realms, had to say about them and how to relate to them and so forth. This reading is from February 12, 2011. The Source is Qu’o and Qu’o came to me after Don’s death and the cessation of the Ra contact.

I knew I had to stop doing the Ra sessions because it was killing me. I kept losing weight and losing weight. I was giving myself really literally, I didn’t know how to do it and I lost 2 or 3 lbs. a session and I ate enormously at that time but I couldn’t keep up. So I was about 80 lbs. when Don died and so I decided not to do any more trans-meditation. So I asked the Universe, “Please, if I could talk to Ra and not be killed, I’d like to.” So within a couple of months, the Qu’o Group got together and they were made up of Ra, of Latwii and of Hatonn. If you go to my site, you can read channelings from all three Sources.

That was so that they could step down the energies from the 6th to the 4th density (6th to 5th, 5th to 4th and 4th to 3rd) by having the various entities step it down. So the Qu’o Group is the Ra Group stepped down so that I can receive it consciously and here’s what they said on February 12th, 2011 about angels. The question had to do with the concept of angels.

We would like to ask what angels are and how we can interact with them?

And they said:

We are known to you as the principal of Qu’o. We greet you in the Love and in the Light of The One Infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening. We are privileged indeed to have been called to your circle of seeking and are very happy to be a part of this working. It is our pleasure to speak with you concerning angels. However, before we begin, as always we would simply ask you to take responsibility for your responses to those things which we say. Be conscious of whether or not you find our thoughts interesting. If you do, then they’re yours to work with as you will, if they do not cause resonance to start in your heart, then let them go for they are not for you.

If you’ll use your discernment in this way and pick and choose between thoughts according to how they strike you, how they seem useful to you or not, that will enable us to feel we’re not disturbing your free will and it will allow us to feel freer to speak our thoughts. We thank you for this consideration.

In talking about angels, perhaps it is well to start talking about humans. We also talk about ourselves for we also have been through 3rd density. We also have been flung out by The Creator to skitter across the pond of the Universe and move through many experiences and gather those pieces of information which interest us and to seek what we desire.

We and you together have had cause to feel the distance between ourselves and The One Infinite Creator. Not a physical distance but an emotional distance. Outer distances make far less of a difference to one’s feelings than the inner distances and we very often have felt very much apart from The Creator and from other selves. It is part of the challenge and part of the blessing of being a spark of The Creator. You deal, my friends, with illusion, with a thick veil, with chaos and seeming uncertainty for your entire incarnation.

In a way, your life is a race that goes not to the swift but to the perceiver of truth. You are racing not toward an object but towards the correct perception of objects. Occasionally one thing will come clear to you, you will have a realization about yourself and you are one quantum step beyond where you were in an understanding of who you are. However, it is very easy to become lost in the tangle of thoughts that clutter the mind.

Your mind is like a library with your information either filed fairly neatly or filed chaotically so that you have to send one of the librarians scurrying after it; someone’s name, the proper word that means such and such. The gaps in memory are notorious among the old but they exist for everyone, so that is what it is to be human, among other things. It is standing in two camps, one foot in each. On the one foot, space/time, the everyday consensus reality, the matrix, call it what you will. Your other foot is in the inner world, in consciousness, in Love. Furthermore, that is the point of your being who you are.

You are a place where two lands come together. You are the bridge between finity and infinity, between limits and limitlessness. You bring, if you choose, limitless and infinite Love into a world that is starving for Love. You bring infinite and limitless Light through your energy-body and ground it into the Earth’s energy if you choose.

You ask a great deal of yourself in 3rd density in that you ask yourself to wake up from a very comfortable slumber and become aware of the limitless potential that you contain. You become aware of your power and you seek its right use. You become aware that you do not know yourself very well and that you have been giving yourself a difficult time, looking with eyes of judgment rather than with eyes of Love upon what you do, what you think, and how you feel.

You become aware that you have allowed a clutter of meaningless detail to distract you from Love itself, from the devotion of your deepest heart, from the hopes and dreams that you carry like treasure within yourself. And you become aware that you have the choice of how you shall be, thought by thought by thought. So you choose to take on the challenge of 3rd density in the person who is awake, aware, and conscious and attentive and you make of your life a beautiful pattern; a pattern of learning and service, a pattern of responsibilities taken and manifested.

And as you get to know yourself, you begin to finally forgive yourself for being human. In the fullness of time you fall in Love with yourself and from that point on your incarnation is easier, for the harshest critic is always the self. Yet there is no end to the challenges of life beyond the veil of forgetting. This is not the case with the angels. You have observed the regularity and predictability and hierarchical nature of the world as scientists have come to know it. The elements of which you are familiar and many of which you are unfamiliar make up not simply a random collection of elements, but elements that have an arrangement because of their nature that fit together in a certain way.

And there is a hierarchy of energies you yourself are a perfect example of that hierarchy of energies; the energy field of the entire physical body holding within it the energy field of each organ, a system of hormones, and so forth. Down to the cellular-level your body understands its own hierarchy and it functions well. The hierarchy of the angels which you have asked us about is just as regular and predictable. You have angels at the level of Creator, you have angels at the level of personal angels [and] you have everything in-between. They carry out responsibilities according to their hierarchy.

What makes angels unique is that they have never left the vibration of the Creator. They have never departed from the one original thought of unconditional Love. They have never incarnated and they never will. While they have characteristics that can seem to be like a personality, to say that angels have a personality is to anthropomorphize incorrectly. Angels are Love. Angels are Love responsible for realms in a hierarchical manner. There are those which work with the sub logos the Sun in creating the archetypal mind and the blueprint for the densities in this particular creation. There are angels who are attracted to vibrations and flock to those whose vibrations are beautiful to them.

You may not feel beautiful dear ones, especially when you are struggling, yet to those who vibrate in unconditional love – the qualities of one who is seeking to learn and to serve are irresistible. It takes a great deal of courage to persist in a spiritual preoccupation and each of you is very beautiful to us and to angels. There are two basic energies which angels have to offer. One is a simple energy of Love itself and the other is a feeling of safety which could be called a healing energy.

Both of these aspects are the resources which angels have to offer. Angels also have connection with the four elements and the four directions so that as you become more and more aware of the correspondence between certain archangels and certain energies, certain powers and certain directions, you become more able to cleanse your habitation or the area around you with the help of the archangels.

There is another class of angels that is indeed angelic and yet these angels have had incarnations. Those are the entities who have chosen to be angels but were not angels from The Creator. Yet between incarnations, it became apparent to these souls that the work that they wish to do was angelic and so these entities were incarnated and lived for a short time on this terrestrial ball you call Earth. And then seemingly far before their time they were taken instead of moving into the healing of the incarnation and the choosing of another incarnation, these particular entities moved into the higher realm. They are able to become angels because of their innocence within incarnation.

These little ones are especially fond of those whose hearts are open and are very grateful to rest in that open heart that will accept them. As this instrument mentioned before the meditation began, it is critical if you wish to work with angels to thank them and to ask them to participate in your life to be with you and to share their love and their healing and their feeling of safety. If you do not ask them they cannot break free will. Therefore it is important to remember each day to thank the angels that are around you and to ask them to continue helping you.

We are those of Qu’o and we leave you in the Love and in the Light of The One Infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai my friends.

Carla: Now that is a beautiful reading and you’ve heard elements of these ideas before. Each time that you listen to Wynn because Wynn is moving from our readings and from his own readings and he’s getting the Confederation and the Elohim straight and he knows it well, he’s a scholar of it.

If you’ll remember when I was doing the Rosie energy giving. Rosie was a little angel that came to me in 1971 at a séance. She jumped up out of the floor in her little white, you know, séance thing out of nothingness she just suddenly appeared and she ran around the room and she came and she threw herself at my knee. She was only a little thing probably around 4 or 5 years old and she just clung to me and she said, “I want to be with you, and want to be with you every minute of your life. Will you accept me; will you let me come to you?”

And I said, “Well, do you come in the name of Jesus the Christ”’ I always ask that and it’s a vibration that goes far beyond this planet I found out through research. And she said, “Of course.” [Laughter] You know, from that point of view, it’s silly even to ask. “Of course I do.” Who comes from anything but love? That’s the truth, you know. So I said okay. So Rosie is one of those angels that was born and died young while she was still completely innocent and decided to become an angel.

She gave out quite a few angels on the program and at one point I discovered that I didn’t feel it was really appropriate to do that because people were expecting angels to help them with their needs for finance or their needs to find the right mate and to solve the problems of life and these little ones didn’t have that capacity and it was distressing to be asked for and then to find they weren’t enough. Love wasn’t enough and so I decided not to do that anymore so I haven’t done that for quite awhile.

I guess I could revisit it at some point or you can write Wynn if you really think that I ought to open it up sometime again but I just felt like I was kind of abusing my position asking Rosie to do favors for me where I might be asking these other little ones to be hurt. So I didn’t keep that up. But anyway, the Elohim, that are the Source that comes through Terry are at the level of the planetary creation and are entirely different [Laughter] and do have capacities to have the big picture and to understand from that level but they are still creatures of love. They are still creatures that have not participated in the rough and tumble of planetary life and I think that is why they are balanced very well by the Confederation members such as Ra and Qu’o who speak through me because you’re getting a Source direct from Love and you’re getting a Source that is from Love but it also has a much more complex footprint--I’d guess you’d say--as it’s coming through because it comes through all the densities up to where they are at this point.

And you can map those densities if you start studying this area and can see just how far they had to come to achieve the viewpoint, the ability to use Light as they have now. It’s just amazing that here are these entities that you think would be far beyond Earth, far beyond anything to do with Earth, far beyond us and our petty problems but no, because we are The Creator, we are little sparks of The Creator. We’re very important. We are part of The Creator. We are All One.

We and the Elohim and all the entities from higher Source, higher realms, we are All One. When we get together even at this level, even in 3rd density, we can be enormously powerful and part of the power that we can offer is that we can connect with these powerful, powerful energies of our unseen friends and even in our personal lives I think it really helps sometimes just to get quiet, to do the meditation, to get from the here and now, from sitting in a chair, up through the roof, getting free of gravity and age and condition, getting out into a place where we’re citizens of the Universe. We are infinite and we are one.

We can touch the truth, we can feel the truth and we can ask for more. We can ask for information, we can ask for help, we can ask for guidance. Then of course we have to make sure that we trust all of this but how freeing it is – somebody asked me the other day, “Why in the world would you want to forgive? What is so important about it?” She said, “I see this all the time forgive, forgive, forgive. Well some people, I don’t think they really deserve to be forgiven. They’ve done awful things,” and I said, “Well, as long as you can’t forgive them, at some level you’re not free. You’re imprisoned with them, you’re stuck being part of the energy of that judgment. But if you go to the soul level and you say, ‘Okay, at the soul level, I see this person, as a soul, and as such, as part of The Creator, I am one with that person, I love this person regardless of what this person has done, it’s not who he is and I love him. If you can get that far, you have freed yourself from the prison of your own judgment and I like to move free. So that is why forgiveness is so important.’”

Gijs, I think it’s time to give it back to you and to tell everybody what a delight it has been to talk with you all. I love you all so much. You are a part of me and you’re in my heart.

Gijs: Carla, it’s a delight to be listening to you, thank you so much for all your sharing and yes, we’re getting close to the end. I also want to thank Wynn, Terry and Daphne and of course our millions of Sources in the higher skies. Thank you so much, I’m going to open up the lines and I also want to thank everybody on the conference call here with us, those listening on BBS radio, those who listen to the replay, thank you so much and we are all so very important. I love you all.

Everybody: Thank you so much, that was beautiful. Thank you very much Carla, thank you Gijs.

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