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Personal and Planetary Healing Session

Sunday Call 06/30/13
Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Rick Vornbrock
Edited by Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by
Aharon ben Or

Wynn: This is 10:12 am on June 30th (2013). We are almost at the end of the month. What do we have, Terry, one more day?

Terry: Today is the last day of the month. Tomorrow’s . . . .

Wynn: 30 days has September, April, June and September . . . . So this is the last day of the month. Tomorrow is July 1st. This is our Sunday morning grid healing and Terry and I always are very fond of the 4th of July. Believe it or not, before I knew Terry could channel, Terry and I had known each other for years and we used to struggle to make a living and do things to make money. And one of the things we did on the 4th of July is we use to sneak into events that had fireworks and we would walk around in the crowd selling those little glowing sticks. And we had never made so much money per hour as when we did that. I mean it was like, you know, this idea of abundance. You stand there with those little glow sticks and people are pushing to get up to you that need them for their kids and everybody would buy one. So it would be like suddenly you’re making a hundred dollars in an hour or two hundred dollars in an hour. And I just wish that July 4th could have been every night in those days.

And Terry, why didn’t you tell me you could bring in the Elohim? Jeez!

Terry: Well, I tried to introduce you to do channeling in 1995 and you just said you didn’t want anything to do with it.

Wynn: Well, I know why I didn’t. And the reason was because I said jeez.

Carla: It was going to change your whole life. That was why.

Wynn: Well, I was scared that I’ll get some right information from a channel. And then I would give up my power, ok? And I didn’t trust my ability to discern and I probably have had past lives, in fact I know I had past lives where I had that experience. Because channeling in itself, and Carla certainly knows this, is a crap shoot. Because when a voice starts talking to you through someone else, you have no tools for figuring out who that voice is and what their intent is. And so many people will elevate channeling and put it on a pedestal and think if a message comes through somebody, then it’s got to be the divine and you better do what they say and you better listen to them because it’s magical. And I’m sure I had that experience in past lifetimes where I was deceived from that and there was no way I was going to touch channeling at that point.

And even when I was involved with Daphne for the first period of time and Terry, I said, “How do I know I can trust this? How do I know I can trust this? Who are these guys? Are they really here to help? What’s their intent?” It took me a few years of paying very close attention, studying it and I think tracking the things through history. I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was the picture of Terry and Saint Catherine because I couldn’t imagine the negative doing something like that. And then, of course, I read Saint Catherine and I said it sounds like fate to me and you know, slowly but surely, I began to trust this work.

But even so, if you listen to our channelings and you’ll note that very, very rarely, if ever do they tell you to do anything. You know, when people ask them, you know, when people want to give up their power they are so masterful at rearranging a question so that it empowers you instead of disempowers you. Because I know how it feels when you’re really, really up against the wall. When you’re really stuck, it’s like you’re desperate and you’ll do anything. And if somebody comes and says, “Do this,” then it’s easy to give up your power because you’re feeling so desperate.

Now there’s another very good thing about being up against the wall. And what is a good thing about being up against the wall? Well, there was a book I read a long time ago which I can’t remember the name of at this point. And the guy said that no one will ever go through their dark night of the soul unless they have to; unless they’re up against the wall. Because when you go through your dark night of the soul and that is a Catholic term but in putting it in the context of how I mean now. Every one of us has a huge amount of garbage inside of us. We’ve got a track, we’ve have past lives, we have traumas, we have terrible deaths, we have guilt for things we’ve done, we have God knows what. And it’s there and it’s, oh you could say it’s buried under the surface and we do everything we can to avoid dealing with that. Because when you start to deal with it, it’s painful. And it can be really painful. And it can sometimes go for quite some time depending on how much is there.

So we distract ourselves, we have our pain and we look for another bad relationship. We do whatever we do to avoid that part of ourselves. And when you’re up against the wall and what this guy said was, “When people are up against the wall is the only time they will go through their dark night.” And the dark night means to me when you finally allow that stuff to surface and let it come out and that if you do that, on the other side of it is the part of you you’ve been waiting for, your spirit, your god side. And so if some of you are going through that now, this dark night, if some of you are feeling up against the wall, a really good way to think of that is that gratitude that is coming up. So let it come up and say, “Well, ok. I’ll deal with it.”

And what does that mean, dealing with it? It means getting up every day and feeling helpless. Feeling like I don’t want to get out of bed and face the world. It means feeling sad, it means having tears in your eyes. Now, you don’t have to know all the reasons you’re feeling this way. You don’t have to know that the things you did in your past lives, you don’t have to know any of it. You just have to let it surface. Bite your tongue every day and let it surface until it clears because on the other side of that is what you’re looking for. And if you hold that part down, if don’t deal with it, you’re going to miss out. You’re going to miss out on your own enlightenment; you could miss out on your own graduation. And if you let that come up, not only will you have that experience, but you will also be a much better light holder for other people because you’ll have more compassion. You’ll be able to hold the space for other people when they go through that.

You know, when somebody’s going through that, it’s not easy to find friends because all this garbage is coming up in you and everyone’s going to judge you. And everyone’s going to find reason that you’re not worthwhile because you don’t look good, you don’t feel good. You’re not working, you’re this and that. Well, that’s the thing about this group that’s good. That’s the thing that when you’re going through stuff like that, we are providing this anchor on a three times a week basis. We’re providing hundreds of things that you can really look at. And to hold the space so that something is there for you that gives you permission for yourself, to allow yourself to go through your own dark night of the soul. And that it’s very hard to go through when no one is there for you. In fact, it could be dangerous to go through because when it finally comes up, you can feel so helpless that you can kind of, you know, disappear.

You know, some of you have experienced that, you know how you bite your tongue and you’re like hiding all this stuff in yourself and putting on this good face to the world and you think you’re fooling everybody, everyone knows it but no one wants to deal with that part of you so go let you do it. And we just have this role of fronts, we put on good fronts. That’s the way the world works that’s why people are stuck. They get stuck in their position because they never go through their stuff, they’re just putting on a front that they think will be acceptable to other people. So and then you fell in love and you felt totally accepted by someone. The falling in love felt really good, and shortly thereafter something in you said, “Ah, now all my stuff can come out.” And it does. You know, all the parts you were holding in can release.

Now in a good love relationship, it will release and the person will hold for you. But in a bad one, when I say bad, one that is not an enlightened relationship. When a person sees that part of you and all that garbage, they’ll say, “What happened to the guy that was courting me? God, I thought, I didn’t know he had all that stuff inside of him.” And then the person will dump you. It’s really rough to go through dark nights of the soul. That’s why people would join monasteries in old. And if it was a good monastery, if it was a good spiritual community, they would understand this and they could hold while other people fell apart and went through this.

So, that’s what we’re doing on these calls, one of the things. We’re not just doing one thing, but one of the things is were kind of a virtual monastery that’s just going to hold for you as long as it takes till you get through your stuff.

And Carla, you probably have something. Let Carla and Terry share something on this because I’m sure they both have experience in this area.

Carla: Well, I think whenever you lead a spiritual group, you see a lot of it. And you’re just so glad you’re there, you’re so glad that you can hold that space for them and see them as souls, see them as who they really are. Not how they’re acting at the moment because there’s in so much pain. And just know that this is a soul that’s in pain, now all of a sudden you want to hold that space and you understand. There’s a place they can come and they don’t have to explain anything about themselves. They just present themselves at the front door and, “Hi, how are you?,” you know. You go around the circle, I mean, a lot of times we’ll go around the circle before we start meditating and all this stuff will come out and everybody’s around there to say, “I’m so sorry.”

There’s a powerful thing in a group that loves you and allows you to go through changes and knows that it’s ok.

So yeah, I’ve seen it a lot and I feel that it’s one of the most important dynamics of the group is that it can be strong for you. And there’s no effort, there’s no effort involved, of course. And nobody’s seems stretched because everybody’s been there at one time or another and so they’re glad for somebody else for to be their turn to feel that support. So it works out great for everybody.

Wynn: When somebody has not gone through their dark night of the soul and they first discover spirit, often times their first thing is to feel superior to other people. And then they look at everybody and they say, “I’m not going to go to that level. I’m not going to this level.” And when the person finally gets it, when that first person is actually in spirit and has learned the deepest aspects of this work, you suddenly realize you’re a garbage collector. There’s no glory in it, it’s like you’re holding for other people instead of finding and looking for the perfect, “I need someone that understands me, I’m looking for the perfect person.”

You learn how to hold for other people while they go through their stuff. And that is one of the greatest blessings you can do for another person. Hold for them in true fellowship. And allowing them to go through their stuff without getting pulled into their stuff because that’s one of the things that people will do that are going through things will try to pull you in and when they pull you in you lose your ability to hold for them.

You know, I don’t know if this is exactly right vocabulary wise but the difference between sympathy and compassion. Sympathy is where you get pulled in to someone’s tragic-ness. And compassion is where you can hold the loving space without getting pulled in for the person.

Now you know what? We have another ding-dong email. I don’t know if this is going to be the beginning of a trend or if these are two anomalies or if, you know I always take the skeptics point of view and say, “Maybe they’re just making it up.” I don’t think they are. In fact, I’m sure they’re not.

There’s a lot of phenomena that’s happening around this work we’re doing. “Phenomena” means things that shouldn’t happen by the normal laws of physics, but yet they happen. And you can pass it off as coincidence, you can pass it off in one way or another or you can consider the possibility that we actually are making a bridge to intelligences in other dimensions. And they say in their location that what we consider miracles is just normal everyday occurrence because they’re in a timeline where they think about something and boom, it happens. And we’re in a timeline where we think something, we want something and sometimes it can be a long time if not never that something happens.

Now, I have had times in my life when I was experiencing this idea that I would think of something and it would happen. And it was in a limited area. It’s not like I could say, “Ok, turn on light,” and the light turned on. In fact, it was almost inadvertent, I kept stumbling around. And things kept happening that were kind of beyond coincidence and it would usually happen when I traveled, I would be in a high state of having these kind of events and when I would stop traveling, they would stop. Now I understand why that happened. It happened because when I was traveling, I had let go of all grounding. I had let go of all control patterns. I was just floating around hitchhiking and my spirit was very free. And Terry and I when we came back from Denver, we had one of those experiences. I’ll share it with you, I’m going to be back to the ding-dong in a moment.

We went into a metaphysical store in Phoenix that’s carrying our pendants and I went there to collect the check. There was this lady who was one of the psychics in the store, who was at the counter and I had an immediate feeling of connection with her and I told her, “You would really like to, I’d like to tell you some things about my work.” We sat down at this table and we talked for at least a half an hour and she was really interested. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day she’s on our calls. And during the course of our conversation she was saying the one issue she had was something called fibromyalgia. It just came up as part of her sharing.

So we left that store and we were going to have something to eat. A couple of miles away there’s a restaurant called Wild Flowers. And Wild Flowers was the restaurant where I had gone down and did a little flash networking events. I went there and probably about ten or twelve people in the Phoenix area, we all sat together and they have a little private room they don’t charge for which Eric, who is the fellow this the concessionaires at the Hilton, was kind of coordinating. So we went to Wild Flowers and we were walking into Wild Flowers and there is this really delightful, high energy, far out guy talking to some woman in the parking lot, an older fellow, very noble looking. And I looked at him as we were walking by and I said, “You don’t do healing work? You’re not a therapist, are you?” And then he looked at me and he said, “Well, I’m a chiropractor.” We had a few words and I asked him if he knew who Edgar Cayce was and he said he did. And I said I wrote a book that proves that Edgar Cayce’s back in the world. And then I invited him to come sit at our table which he did.

Now remember, this is like fifteen minutes from leaving this woman who was a psychic. So his name was Ken, I believe. He came and sat down at our table, we started talking and he was totally enthralled with all the stuff I was sharing. And finally, you know I had told him I had written a book that had been a niche bestseller and then he told me he wrote a book too. Then he took out this piece of paper with the cover of his book and it was called Fibromyalgia, the Real Story. And that’s how synchronicity happens.

Now if you notice some facts about it, in both cases I picked the people. I picked the woman. I said sit down and join me. I picked Ken as I was walking in and I went out of my way to chat with him. But I picked the guy who wrote a book on fibromyalgia and there is a level of impossible coincidence there beyond even the fact that I picked people that caused it to work out in such an eloquent way. And that’s the way it’s happen for me many, many times in my life.

And what I see is that I’m not having so many synchronicities now. I don’t know if this is the reason or not but one of the things is I’m standing in the center of the May pole and other people are having synchronicities around this work. So I don’t need to go out, well, I still need couple of synchronicities because I know if I end up making a movie or doing certain things that are out of the box of what we’re doing, I’m going to need that kind of synchronicity to bring in the right people in the right way.

But we have this idea that there’s intelligence in other dimensions. And they say, when we tap into their energy, that we increase our potential for synchronicities. Our battery gets stronger. And they say that they can connect with us, and those of you who have been on this call regularly, on our Sunday call have witnessed some amazing phenomena that our reality that looks fixed is really not fixed. It looks that way. But it’s a creation of frequencies that come in from other dimensions and when those frequencies in other dimensions change, reality changes fast. And these sources can create or participate in those kinds of shifts down here. And it’s one of the reasons that throughout history they’ve often been interpreted as God because from our level, it looks like impossible things.

Years ago, not that many years ago, but when I was first studying this material and I was studying the Ra material, I remember, I don’t remember specifically all the details, but I remember somebody sent me an email with an excerpt from the Ra material. And it happened in the middle of the night and my printer suddenly turned on and printed that email while I was sleeping. And I heard it and I got up and there was the email printed of this excerpt from the Ra material. Now I can only conclude that that was Ra letting me know they were there and that they were not just some invisible force above and beyond, but they were integrated. Now, they don’t do that too much. They don’t do it because we would give up our power to them when we realized how much power they have. And our function here as humans is to empower ourselves, not to disempower ourselves. But occasionally we all need a little wake up call to say this is real, because it’s so outside of our logic and our conscious mind.

And a couple of weeks ago, I read an email of a guy that was telling the story of how he hears me talk about this energy on our lines. But he didn’t feel it, he’s been coming in for months. One night he was sleeping and what seemed like a dream in an altered state he heard this ding-dong in his mind. And he described it as being crystal clear, pure and something in him said, “That’s the Elohim. They’re asking permission to come in.” And he said, “Ok.” And from that point on, he started feeling the energy on our line. And he was sure that that was a message from outside this realm, just as I was sure when my printer went off in the middle of the night that it was a message from outside this realm.

So they will do little things, they don’t do them on demand; you’ll never know when it’s going to happen. But you can pay attention in to your life for signs and signals so that you give them opportunity even within the framework of the mystery to do something like that so that your logical mind can get over itself and say, “This is real.”

So now I got another email and I hope he doesn’t mind if I read this. His name is Michael. And you know what? Just for Gijs’ sake if you remind me his area code is 530, Gijs. I think he might live in your area, I think your 530, ok? So here’s what Michael sent me on June 22:

Hello Wynn and Terry. I first heard of you like so many on Coast to Coast radio around last September in 2012. I had just started listening to the show because I got tired of watching TV. There never seemed to be anything very interesting. Your book on the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce sounded interesting so I purchased a copy. I enjoyed it and started reading material about The Law of One on your sites. Then I started listening to the replays of the conference calls and reading the transcripts. I purchased the Skype account to listen live to the conference calls. I started coming to the calls but I was usually late, I had no mic to announce myself anyway. Recently I have been coming to the calls. I found an old mic that works and I’ve come out of the background.”

I got another person that got a ding-dong. They heard it and their wife didn’t hear it and they were having the same kind of experience as Michael did. And so maybe this is going to be a phenomenon, maybe it’s not, we can watch it. Now that I suggested it, if everyone hears a ding-dong people might say you’re being mass-hypnotized. But in any case, we’ll just pay attention and see, maybe I’ll read that. I’ll do more preparation and get the right email tomorrow.

Terry: There was one person that came up to the booth in Denver and she read about the experience or you told her about the experience Michael had with the ding-dong and she said she got that too.

Wynn: She did? All right.

So they’re very polite and it seems like maybe that’s one of their ways of ringing your doorbell so that they make sure you feel comfortable in inviting them in. And otherwise it could be an indication that you and I are totally nuts and you’ll have to decide.

And Ceeja in England just said she’s listening and Ceeja, thank you so much for emailing.

Carla, I am sure you have a good synchronicity story to tell or something like that or did something happen to you in this area where you suddenly knew this was real? Do you have something to share in that area?

Carla: Well, I have a very strange thing to share. A lot of times when Jim and I are really focused, we’re really talking in the car and we’re going down the expressway and we’re really getting into some interesting stuff and the lights on the expressway start going out one after the other. And we’ve had them go out all the way down for four miles, you know, one after another after another. And you look back, they’re still out back there. And you know they’re on and you see them go out and they stay out. And they’re saying to you, “Listen to yourself, this really good.” I can’t explain it, but I wrote about it in a book and I got a letter back when the book came out from a guy that said that not only had it happened to him and his wife but he started taking pictures of it to try to prove that it happened. And of course, there’s nothing about the pictures of the lights going out. So he was just trying to prove it. But yeah, that’s the strangest, most immediate thing that has happened along those lines.

Wynn: Well, thank you. About you, Terry, do you have one? You had one you we’re telling me about the other day. Synchronicity?

Terry: Oh, I remember what it was. I was travelling, I was on my way from Portland, Oregon to Rochester, New York and my girl friend had said to me that she was looking Pat Flanagan and if I could find him to let her know. So I was half way between, somewhere in Wyoming, I think and I picked up a newspaper and it said, “Are you looking for Pat Flanagan? If you are, call this number.” And that’s really neat.

Wynn: You know, one Monday we’re going to do a call and have all of you who’ve had synchronicities share your synchronicities. Because we have a large spectrum of people listening to us. From one side of the spectrum people are saying, “This can’t be real, this can’t be real. There must be something underneath this, there must be some agenda because what Wynn is saying can’t happen.” And on the other side there are people that are listening that have been in the middle of all these synchronicities, all their lives, and having these experiences and they know they’re real and suddenly they’re getting a better explanation.

When I was younger and having them, I didn’t understand it. I said, “There must be a God.” That’s all I could say to myself, this couldn’t happen. You know, one of my most extraordinary synchronicities, I’ll share one that just knocked my socks off. And it was when I was in Los Angeles and I was struggling to be a successful songwriter. And I had gotten an entree into an office where they had listened to my songs and they said they were going to do something with me. And it was the office of Brian and Edward Holland. Some of you who are old enough might remember Holland Dozier Holland who were the original Motown songwriters in Detroit. And they wrote classic, classic songs like How Sweet It Is, they were all The Supremes, The Four Tops, Reach Out, I’ll Be There, Standing In the Shadow of Love. I remember when I was in high school and I heard that song Reach Out, I’ll Be There. I was driving around, I can still remember, I went out of my body. I said, “What a beautiful sentiment, “reach out, I’ll be there.”

Well, everything about that relationship was synchronicity-based. Like, the first thing that happened was I dropped a tape off in their office and then I went into a restaurant a couple of blocks away. I’m sitting at the counter and I had my hippie guitar case which was patch work leather that I made. And I’m talking to this guy next to me and we’re talking about music and he looks at my case and I tell him I’m hitch-hiking around the country, I just got here, I want to be successful. And then he said he wrote a couple of songs and it turns out and I said, “Oh. Anything successful?” And he says, “My name is Brian Holland,” and he says, “We’re going to have to listen to your songs.” And of course this was an all-black office at the time and there was still a segregation of black music and white music. And I waited a few months. Oh let’s just say we had more synchronicities, I don’t want to take up the time of the call to tell you all the things that happened. But they were kind of accepting me and we were planning on things to do.

And then some point four or five months into that I used to take a walk two or three times a week on Venice Beach. And then I went into a bar to get a drink, which I never do, very rarely do I drink. And there was a woman next to me and we started talking. And she was getting drunk and she invited me to come home with her. And I would say this was the only time in my life that that ever happened. It’s not that I didn’t wish would happen, it just never happened. And so, her name was Pat, Pat Hogan. Shouldn’t say her name, but alright. Pat if you’re listening. Well, I started seeing her and a month later she was living in an apartment house in Oakwood Garden Apartments in Marina Del Rey. And a month later, she was moving into a place called The Marina City Club which was this luxury high rise unit of three apartment buildings with about a total of 600 units. And she was renting a room from her girl friend.

So I continued to see her and I would go over there and one morning I left the apartment and I was walking down the hallway, I walked by a door and there was an envelope scotch taped to the door and addressed to someone. And this was the unit next door to hers and it was addressed to Brian Holland and it turns out he had an apartment in the Marina City Club. And he learned that I had girlfriend that was next door to his apartment and he decided God must have sent me, he said, “Wynn, have the key to our office, use our stationary to get your songs recorded.” I would like come and go like I . . . I never took any money from him, I was all like free-exchange. And I was sure I was going to be successful out of this. I mean to me it looked like God was setting this up.

You know, only recently did I really figure out the missing part of the puzzle is that I had this past life in Egypt and Brian was my musical director and we knew each other. We had a super deep affinity and that’s why that happened. But I’m sharing this with you because I want you guys to have synchronicities. I want you to attract the things into your life that you need. And you can do it. We’re setting examples here. And the key to this, the key to making it happen as I see it, is learning how to project your energy into the higher dimensions where these things come about. And when you do this, you don’t actually . . . it’s not like you know you’re doing it, it’s kind of under the radar. You don’t know you’re doing it. But you can start to get the hang of it and it’s a waving a little off center. In those times when you’re feeling really high and expanded like on these calls when we put things, that’s why we put things in the Light. When we put things in the Light this call has an expanded energy to it. And it’s not magic. It’s not the Elohim and Ra coming down saying, “We’re going to grant you your wishes.” and acting like they’re the genies up there that can make things happen. It’s you lifting your vibration into the higher dimensions and putting your intention into that space so that it can participate into this realm. And that because we’re doing this as a group and as a team, we help each other lift into those dimensions. And that is when Jesus said, “When two or more are gathered,” we need each other to learn how to feel those energies.

And as you become more adept, you know, they use to call those people who were spiritual students adepts. Ok? As you become more adept these things will start happening in your life. And if enough of us do this, we will change our entire planet because this whole reality system here starts there and participates here or it’s very difficult to change anything in the physical world through physical actions. But as you start learning the access of higher dimensions, higher timelines and you put intentions into that, it creates a shift in this realm and you start to understand what it means to be a co-creator with God or the Universe or the Elohim or Ra. Because it’s about co-creation. It’s not about submission, it’s not about taking yourself out of the picture. You’re still in the picture and you’re a part of the Divine will or you can access that. And when you’re on the right track, and the right track means for the highest good of all concerned and honoring freewill. Those are two aspects, maybe there’s more, but those are two important ones because when you are putting things in the Light that are of that nature for the highest good and honoring freewill, you are then having a clear track and all you have to do is access those higher spaces, access them so that you can put the change in motion and then what seems to be miracles happen down here. And of course, I think these ‘ding-dongs’ are just the subtle funny ways that they have to participate with you in a way that’s respectful, respects your space and helps you build your own confidence that this is real.

And we’re having something happening today which is a first time event and that is Von who lives in North Hollywood, that’s been on our calls, who has been, I actually stayed at his place in North Hollywood for a few weeks a couple of months ago and he has this beautiful penthouse condo in North Hollywood that he’s decided to open up on Sunday mornings at 10 am and invite people in the L.A. area to come over and listen to this call as a group which is a wonderful idea because up till this point, unless I showed up somewhere or else I, Terry or I, Terry and Daphne showed up somewhere, there was never a gathering together. And this is a gathering together without us being there and it’s the first time it’s happened and it might be something that happens regularly.

By the way, here is Shanna. Shanna sent me an email, she was the psychic that just lost her job after we were there.

So getting back to Von.

Gijs: I think he went on to BBS radio, Wynn.

Wynn: Oh, he did. Alright Von, your probably sitting there thinking, “Oh my God, he’s calling on me!” Well, we’re glad you’re doing this and thank you for being a pioneer and this should be something. It’s very important for people to network in their local areas.

It’s very important , number 1, when people are in a room it is easier to feel the energies. Number 2, things are breaking down on our planet in case you haven’t noticed. And it’s really important to develop connections with people who you can count on and trust in your local area. If any of you who are listening want to try this, and the Sunday call’s a good one to do it on, Email me and we’ll see what we can put together. And the thing about it is, don’t think about big numbers. Don’t think, “Be ambitious.” If two people meet and they hold the space, that is big. Usually if you get ambitious and you just think I’m going to get lots people here, usually it screws up. Ok? And you try to please everybody and then all these people will corrupt the energy or take it over. So if you start this, just be happy if one or two people. And let it develop like a seedling and be strong and before you know it, there’ll be lots of people. But don’t look about lots of people because I don’t think it would hold, it will fall apart.

Hello to Joshua in Austin, Texas and he says it’s nice to hear Carla’s happy strong voice.

It’s 11:08 and we got get to other part of our call.

Carla: Oh, Wynn. I wanted to thank Jay who sent me some beautiful flower essences. Thank you very much. He listens to your call all the time and he wanted to do something. He sent some to Daphne and he wanted to send some to me, he was lead to do that and I just wanted him to know how appreciative I was. He put this tiny little teeny weenie little package there was barely enough room for my address and no address on the other end. You know, no return address so I couldn’t write him. You know me and my thank you letters and I couldn’t write him back a thank you letter. I was frantic. I so glad I got the opportunity to thank him here.

Wynn: I got an email from Rodger who is been not hearing ding-dongs but while he’s sleeping he’s hearing knocks at the door and he gets up to investigate only to find no one was there. Then he goes back to bed. Next time this happens he’s going to say, “Come in,” and see what happens. Thank you for alerting me.

Alright, we got a lot to do and we’re fitting it into 11:09. Now some of you who are on these calls notice how fast the time passes on this call. Notice we start out, we jump in and then suddenly it’s like within a short while time is zipping by. Do you know when time is zipping by, that is a sign that you are accessing another dimension. Sometimes people think that accessing another dimension is like you’re going to be looking through new eyes and you’re going to be seeing spacemen and planets and universes. Well, some people might do that but I don’t do that. I just notice time suddenly moves faster and I realize that the way time moves is a dimensional thing and as you start accessing higher dimensions, time passes very quickly and that’s a good mark point for yourself to say this is happening. And that when time is passing quickly, that’s the indication that it’s a good time to put your intentions into that space because you are in a higher time zone. You are in another dimension, part of you and that’s how you recreate your life from the higher realms by putting intentions. And after a while you’ll end up just holding space of that faster time zone. And you know what? You won’t even know you’re in a faster time zone because you have no slower time zone to compare it too. Ok?

So, let me see here . . . we are going to go through a really quick visualization . . .


Greg in Post Falls, Hawaii: His local township is trying to pass a law forbidding planes that are leaving chem trails…

Remember if you want a synchronicity you have to put yourself out there. You have to reach. You have to make the phone call. When we were going through those little discussions about synchronicities you will recall that I introduced myself to the woman at the metaphysical store. I invited her to come talk to me. Fifteen minutes later I stopped the guy, who wrote the book on fibromyalgia and I talked to him.

If you want a new car and you’re sitting in your apartment saying, “God, help get me a new car,” you’re not going to get the new car until you go to the car lot. If you’re going broke and have no money, start calling agencies that help. Start calling churches that help. Put your energy out there so you can have your synchronicity. Don’t sit there waiting because it’s the energy that’s moving that makes something happen. If your energy is static nothing can happen. So move your energy and don’t give up, no matter how many months it takes. This does work. They aren’t miracles. This way of working the universe which looks like a miracle does work. It’s a higher law and you can access it.

Now let’s have a message from our Sources through Terry.

Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energies fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. And anything not of that nature must leave now. And we turn it over to our Sources to address us through Terry. Thank you.

Ra’an: We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. We take a moment and we make ourselves available for connection for each and every person that is on this call or may listen to a call later or read a transcript.

We are experiencing the completion of our mission to make ourselves available to connect. It is like the completion of an electrical circuit that allows things to happen, that allows information to flow. When one communicates, when one asks, one puts it there that they are open to change, to receiving information, to making the step, making the shift that they are desirous of. When one communicates they let the universe know, they let others know what is needed, what is wanted and make the connection to those things that they need and want.

We are mindful of the things that each of you have asked for. And we see that you have opened the door, you have begun the communication you have asked. And this is the beginning of a process that you can continue. Follow the little threads, your thoughts in your mind of where you can go from this point in retrieval of a job, in the perusing of the benefits that you wish, that you need. When you make yourself available to communication available then there is someone on the other side of that communication eventually to hear you who has the where with all to bring the pieces together to help it to happen for you. If you have made a communication and nothing is happening then you can continue to ask to find other avenues, to find other people who have the power to make this happen, to merge with your needs and your desires to help you to resume your own power to help you to put the pieces together to begin to rebuild. A little piece at a time, one little thread is a strength and two little threads can then be built. And from where you are you begin to see where to go, how to make your next action. We have profound love and we feel your love and we feel this connection with your vibrations. And we bring all of our toolbox of potential healing powers to be available to you and to strengthen your own centering so that you can with your own self resume your own power, express your own self, come into your center. You are on the right track. You are moving from where you are to where you wish to be. And we are mindful of those that you wish to help and you can expand through your own love to those people a greater opportunity for healing.

Bless each and every person within the sound of voice or transcription. We are there for you. ‘Ding-dong.’ Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you.

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