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Writing the Old Testament

Monday Call 07/15/2013
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Michael Snider
Edited by Terry L. Brown
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: My name is Wynn Free, this is July 15th, 2013 and we are broadcasting out of Sedona, Arizona least that is where our bodies are and our energies are, I want to say everywhere but we're with you. We are with you, the universe is with you, loving consciousness is with you and with us, and we're all connecting in that.

I don't know if you guys saw the email I sent out but today is going to be one of those calls where I talk about one of the "sacred cows." Something that has been, probably, the foundation of Judeo-Christianity, which is the Old Testament and I don't usually like to take on those things because I don't want to offend anyone's belief systems and that has to do with any religion.

In the case of the stuff that I am going to talk about know I was doing some searches...I do a lot of searches, we ask a lot of questions and I usually don't like to do a call based on information that strictly comes from the channelings because there are always questions, particularly, if you are talking about a "sacred cow" and if you are talking about the Old Testament, for example, if there's information which is contradictory to what is in the Old Testament. It kind of puts me in a kind of competition with tradition...and it is only because I had this source talking to me, and how do I prove that's true...and I don't want to prove it's true. In fact, it's really not productive to go that route. Say, I'm talking to this voice and they are say this, and this is the truth. I mean it causes people to give up their power. They will say "I will believe Wynn", "I won’t believe that", "I will believe this," so I don't like to encourage, that way of researching [and] delivering information.

But we have had a few conversations about this, in many years and there happens to be an unusual amount of information that other researchers have done, researchers not channelers, that have come up with a similar outcome and I thought it would be interesting to talk about that tonight, since Judeo-Christianity has been such a foundation of, of western religion, beliefs, even ethics in the past, maybe not now but in the past, that created an ethical guideline for people to follow. There is a lot of stuff about it in the Ra material, which is contradictory and there is a lot of stuff that we've come up with that's contradictory and those of you who have been following these calls know that we have done a series of calls on Monday nights called, "How the Elohim Created the Universe." In which case they talked about being many millions of energies that were subdivisions of what they call ‘The One Infinite Creator’ that learned how to create frequencies-that bound frequencies that became "nodes" in space/time-which became the beginning a "Location".

Keep in the beginning, there was no "Location". There was just energy and awarenesses of energy and everything that we, see, feel, experience, is involved in a "Location" and in "Time"...and so on some level ,there had to be some kind of way of creating "Space and Time." Now I'm sure there was "Time" before there was a physical universe. Because, you cannot have Awareness: unless you have Time. Awareness means: you know what was "before", and what's "after." So there has to be some sense of "Time" for there to be "Individuation" to begin with. So obviously, there was a sense of "Time." This is me talking, I'm not quoting them. There had to be some sense of "Time" when the Elohim existed before the physical universe and then for there to be "Persistence."

What's "Persistence"? ...something sticks. It's not like a tree. You look at the tree today, you look at the tree tomorrow, it has "Persistence." It exists in "Space/Time", it doesn't go anywhere and in fact, it's very solid. And you exist in "Space/Time" and you’re not going anywhere but you, unlike a tree, which is very fixed, are a human consciousness [that] does go places. We think about things; we experience energies on these lines; we experience energies with each other; we experience lives and to some extent we are moving outside of "Space/Time" at the same time we are moving in it. Well, in any case, there was the beginning of the physical universe; there was DNA; there was the beginning of life; there was evolution; there was creation.

There are more questions to ask on this topic, which I have not yet asked and we will do more sessions in the future and I will get around to it. And the one thing that we did ask is that some Elohim chose to come into this realm and experience it and I would assume...I haven't asked this...but I would assume that when that first happened, they could occupy a body here. Was it a physical body? Was it an animal body? I haven't asked those questions. But they could occupy it, they could look through its eyes, they could see the universe from inside it and then they could go back to their realm. And then... they started getting stuck here.

I didn't ask this question to our sources but Edgar Cayce said, the reason they got stuck was because of sex! Not that sex was bad, but when they experienced sex through the body they were occupying--when you have sex it is not just a physical experience,-your energy moves into the energy of the other being and it stays there. And that other being is now holding part of your energy and you are holding part of their energy. So my speculation is that when they had sex and there were other beings that were holding part of their energy. They couldn't leave the realm, they got stuck here and then they got involved in a reincarnation and they forgot who they were. They forgot that they were Elohim, but they did know that they had power in this realm and that they could create subservience in the other beings here. And so they started to use their power and they became the "elite." They became the "controllers" and in general what we call the "negative elite" today is derivative of those original Elohim that came into this realm.

So, let’s take a look at the Bible. Well, I'm going to refer to two pieces of scientific documentation and two researchers who had studied things. One of the things is that the oldest civilization on our planet, was in somewhere called "Sumeria", and that civilization is no more, but there are still ruins from it, and there was a scholar by the name of Zecharia Sitchin who was studying those ruins and he found stories on cave carvings that had never been revealed before.

In those stories there was a history of the ancestors of the Sumerians and not so long distant ancestors. maybe, you know at the time the stories were written it could have been, I don't know, I don't know how long, I don't know if he could figure that out, but it didn't seem like it was a long time... and he's written seven books, all of them very scholarly, very documented, where in the stories of the Sumerians there were space ships, that had landed. And the space ships were mining gold and they called the people on the space ships, I believe, I don't know if this was on the cave, I don't know how he interpreted this word but they called them the ‘Annunaki’, and that they were created by the Annunaki, in order to be slaves to mine gold. And when we had asked about this we got some confirmation that that was true! And the way this story goes is that there were two brothers ...both Annunaki, which means they were Elohim descendants in this realm.

The Annunaki had a home planet, and for some reason still unknown, they needed gold on their home planet. And they had found that there was a lot of gold to be mined on planet Earth, in particular, in South Africa. And they landed in their space ships and they started mining the gold but they went on strike because their bodies were not used to such physical labor or they didn’t want to do it because they felt bigger than that and so there was a decision made to create a "hybrid" of their genes and an indigenous species on the planet which was the Ape. And they were master genetic scientists, so they did create a "hybrid", and the "hybrids" had to be gestated in their women. So, they were creating "hybrids", gestating them in their women, who would mine their gold for them.

Now I am going to take a moment here, I am going to see if I can find this reference it is, here is a reference in National Geographic News-published April 8th, 2010. Now, probably you've heard people refer to something called "The Missing Link". "The Missing Link" has to do with- where is the transition species when Apes turned into Humans? Because, it is accepted scientifically, that Humans are derivatives of Apes. And for a long, long time there was no indication, no transition species found that showed exactly when and where that occurred. And now, in National Geographic, there is a new Human ancestor dubbed "Australopithecus sediba," which may be the key transitional species between the apelike "australopithecines" and the first Homo or human species according to this new study. Found in the remnants of an underground cave network in South Africa the partial skeletons are believed to be from a 30 year old women and an 8 to 13 year old boy, who apparently fell to their deaths into a chasm littered with corpses of saber tooth cats and other predators. The new species may be the wellspring in the local Sotho tribal language from which our ancestors flowed-the report suggests.

Well, I thought that's a very interesting thing because according to one piece of information these Annunaki were cross breeding in South Africa and now they have found skeletons of something, here (quoting from National Geographic News) "A.sediba" has a number of key traits that some would say mark it as an early human like Homo habilis-which many consider the first human species". But the "A.sediba", which is what they call these bodies, had long legs and certain human like characteristics in its pelvis, which would have made it the first human ancestor to walk-perhaps even run-in an energy efficient manner! Also, the face had small teeth and a modern-rather than chimpanzee like nose, the study says. And as in humans, the shapes of their left and the right brain halves-discernible from indentations on a remarkably preserved skull-appear to have been uneven. A facial reconstruction is in the works, and many people will be surprised by how human the new fossil species looks. Berger predicted, in a press conference Wednesday, "What you'll see is something surprisingly more modern than what we would suspect." there is another something, in South Africa, and it's something called, ADAM'S CALENDAR, in fact there was a gentleman on our line, who was sending me all kinds of information about ,ADAM'S CALENDAR, two years ago, Mac Bugalose, if you are listening Mac..."thank you." ADAM'S CALENDAR, is an unusual ...assortment of stones that indicate a lot of...let me see if I can find this here a lot of astronomical knowledge, and guess where ADAM'S CALENDAR is? It was also in South Africa!

So let’s reconstruct some of the story, that's based on some of the questions I've asked, and some of the research that I did, and see how it correlates. And, when we asked the question: the answer was that the Annunaki; these guys that are in space ships; that have a home planet; that are descendants of the Elohim...when I asked them, "were you talking to them?" and the answer was, in general, "no". They didn't know they were, at least, they didn't know they were descendants of the Elohim, except at some point they must have known because the Bible uses the word "Elohim" and it says "the sons of God mated with the daughters of man," they didn't say God mated, they said "the sons of God." And that would be a good way to describe these descended, Elohim souls, in this realm.

So they said there were many "starts and stops." There were many times when there were slaves made, by genetic quirk, on this planet and then they were wiped out or they died, or for whatever reason they didn't continue. Well, if we go back to this period I am talking about, which is the most recent time that occurred, we have these two brothers-Enki and Enlil. We have these Hybrid Beings that can't reproduce, and they're being, they're being gestated in the women of the time. Now this is not from my Sources, this is from stuff on the Web. And, the women started getting tired of being pregnant all the time and gestating these beings and so...the idea came about as-why don't we allow reproduction to occur in these Hybrids? And one brother was very much against it and if you watched Star Trek, there was something called, The Prime Directives, which was, “Don't mess with the evolutionary track of a planet-if you go there, leave it like you found it and let it evolve on its own. And there was some kind of Federation, Galactic Federation rule, that was something like that..."Don't mess with the planet." That was the Enlil brother, and the Enki brother then wanted to create procreation, and he did. And so the humans started procreating and there was a big conflict between these two brothers, and the Enlil brother wanted to do away with the humans! And the Enki brother didn’t. And, what we find is that the Sumerians...oh, oh, one of the questions we asked on this...we asked a question, and it was an interesting answer...Are you there Terry?

Terry: I'm here! Can you hear me?

Wynn: I hear you, I hear you. We asked the question, we asked them to tell us something or asked some question and they said that one of the things that happened is that the Annunaki had space ships, they would come and they would go and they would come and they would go, and the humans were kind of getting jealous, of them and they took over the space ship, because they wanted to see where it went and they [accidentally] blew it up.

Terry: Oh!, I remember that, I remember that really clearly what they find in ADAM'S CALENDAR are these circles of stones that are like-very resonate stones-that's a very a special kind of a stone, and there are circles, and what those circles were, were a place for the space ship to land and they would have a circle and the space ship would land and they would use the resonance of those stones to change the dimension of the space ship into the Third Dimension so that they could load the space ship with gold.

Wynn: Now was that in our session? Did that come up in our session? Or was that something that you read, from somebody?

Terry: No, that is something from my own memory of just my own bopping around and asking questions.

Wynn: Like you were there… right?

Terry: Yeah... I don't think I was there, it's like I was just looking at the Akashic Records.

Wynn: I see...ok...

Terry: Yeah...and the humans were working very, very, hard and they saw these opulent people like the space ships and the space ships had visitors like sightseers on them and part of thing--to pay for the trip--was to stop and pick up the gold and take it to various planets for distribution. So the humans would see these opulent situations on the space ship and they thought it was unfair to them, that they should just work in these-hot conditions and just, work, work, work, work, work- and here these vacationer people come and take the gold! And they didn't think it was fair and so they decided, the group of them, about six, decided to take over the space ship and they were going to commandeer it, but they didn't know how it operated and so, a couple guys got on board and a couple of the guys took over the mechanisms for the transference of this space ship before it took off but they didn't understand how to run it, so that it would take off normally. And they got everything, all the frequencies out of sync, and the space ship blew up! And so that really put a big…they stopped, stopping there. It wasn't safe.

Wynn: Yeah...yeah, I wanted to say, one of the things that I read, and this didn't come from a channeling, what I read was that the Annunaki, were having trouble controlling the humans. And, they started to try to use fear to control them, and they gave the idea that they were Gods and the humans were subservient. And that if they disobeyed they would be punished and not just physically punished but they probably had powers to psychically work with people to psychically punish them...I don't know, but none the less, the idea was to create fear and to create this idea of a vengeful God and the humans started running away! And they started going all over the place and Sumeria, it seems like, was one of the first civilizations of the humans and there might have actually been an ADAM and EVE. And that ADAM and EVE might have been the first of the hybrids that were created and gestated by the first women. And maybe this is just speculation, but you know in the Bible there is the story of the temptation and it seems like sex was the taboo, so maybe they did, were able to have sex, but were forbidden to have it, they were given fear not to have it. That's just my speculation, because I do not have any evidence on that, but since they weren't supposed to procreate, but now they're procreating, and now you have these two brothers kind of vying for control of the humans.

Again, this is something I haven't asked questions about but I have researched it. A lot of indications were: that Sodom and Gomorrah [were two cities that were destroyed by nuclear weapons] set off by Enlil-working on destroying humans. And Noah's Ark was an effort of Enki, trying to preserve the genetics of the humans, so they could continue and he was counseling Noah on this Ark. And the Gods of the Old Testament were by in large, these Aliens, these ET's, these Annunaki, and if you read the Old Testament, you'll see this, like "they sent a fire down from the sky"- and "something came in the sky and it was a chariot"...and all kinds of things that they identified as God, and weren’t.

And then there was Yahweh who I would highly speculate, was connected to the Enlil energy, which was a God form that was trying to control people through fear and "do this and make me happy" otherwise I am a vengeful God, and they could be vengeful! I mean they could have weapons; they could do all kinds of things so they could scare the heck out of people; they could kill people; they nuked a city; so imagine if that is going on around you, and somebody says "You better do what I say or you’re going to be in trouble because I am God." We'd all have to defer to a force like that, whether we liked or not, just for our survival.

So, Yahweh was Enlil and Jehovah was probably one of these guys. That is why there are so many names for God in the Old Testament. And then there is: who is the other one? Baal, he was not a Hebrew god, that was the Jezebel story where, one of the kings of the Hebrews had a wife who converted him to Baalism when Baal was a deity of fertility; sex; sacrifice and so there was this duel between the Yahweh God and the Baal God and the Yahweh God won because the way the duel worked is, if you ever read the Old Testament, there was some kind of thing of wood, and they decided whoever who could set the wood on fire-which ever group, the prophets of Baal or the prophets of Yahweh, whoever could set the wood on fire had the real God. So, there were the prophets of Baal and they couldn't get it to work. They were dancing...this is the way the Bible reads and then there were the prophets of Yahweh and they got it to catch fire. But now you can see that these expressions of phenomena that were happening didn't represent a Supreme Being; it represented a guy in a space ship that was pulling it off (my take).

There's a couple of books out there if you want to read this: Chariots of The Gods, by Erich Von Daniken; he has pictures-he shows there were landing strips; there were maps of the world, I mean when you read this stuff, there is so much evidence that its cut and dry. And there's another book that's called: The Gods of Eden, I think by William Bramley, which talks about all of this stuff. And when I asked the question, about it, I asked the Elohim...I said, "Well who did you work with?" This was a long time ago, this was before I even knew all this stuff, I was just saying, "I will ask this question and see what they say," and I was still testing it and I said, "Who did you work with in the Old Testament? And the answer was “Solomon". They said Solomon connected with the Elohim, and was able to bring a light around his people, and his people were happy. They could feel the energy. And, of course, when I read that, this was six years or seven years ago, and I wondered what that felt like. I wondered how he did that, and it was a mystery and yet it's not so different from the experience that we're having when we are on these calls, where we can just sit here in a little room or anywhere on the planet and yet they will come in and they will lift the vibration everywhere.

But in most cases, in the Old Testament, that was not taking place and probably even for Moses that was not taking place. I think, when Moses had the Ten Commandments, according to Carla's channelings, the Ten Commandments came from a negative source, and that the Ra Group would not word things "Thou shalt not,” “Thou shalt not," they wouldn't do it. They said: "We wouldn't make prohibitions-we would phrase everything in the positive." But what was happening was more complex because, you probably have a bunch of rowdy people there, and people that couldn't be controlled and a lower God form was trying to control them; give them ethics. If you give them the benefit of the doubt and the Ten Commandments came out in the negative as a result, to try to create-fear, because with negative rules you are not even supposed to think of another women if you are married, and yet, that could create an awful lot of guilt because guys can't control their minds and their emotions. They can control what they actually do, but things come up and they have thoughts and I wouldn't counsel someone to beat themselves up for having a thought. So we have Abraham and we have all these derivatives of these humans that were created, kind of in the laboratory with human gestation, and then we have the first instance [of humans], now I'm interested...there are interesting questions.

I want to see what time it is now. It is 6:46 …we might save these questions for next week. I mean I have questions like, for example: we have read in the Ra Material that the Ra Group moved souls, from Maldek to this planet. Maldek was the planet that exploded, in asteroids, to continue their evolution and how does that fit in with this genetic experimentation?

Another thing is, we have this incident in South Africa that was the Old Testament and the beginning of man-how does that fit in with the people in Atlantis?... And the people in Lemuria, where did they come from? Were they part of those humans? Or was there another creational aspect or landing of Aliens or what-created those populations? Ok... so there's a lot of great questions here to pursue, and why is this important? This has happened so long ago. Well you know we have the Enlil and the Enki groups. The Enlil group: wanting to create slaves, and or destroy the humans. The Enki group: wanting to evolve the humans into spirit-spiritual awareness-and the Enlil group was afraid that the humans might end up having too much power, if they had a spiritual awareness, and so they did all kinds of things to stop that from happening. If you bring that into current time, and you consider that maybe those are the paradigms that are still operative, it is more complex than that. I know we have Aliens; we have Orions; we have Reptilians; we have Pleidians, but there is still a paradigm of the Enki and Enlil Annunaki and that many of you have heard that one of the intents of the elite is to wipe out a huge population on this planet-75%. Leave enough so that they can have slaves and they can rollick here. And that's probably, some of the reason behind some of the things that seem to make no sense. Like chemtrails; or fluoride in water; or artificial sweeteners, that have proven to be bad for you; or drugs and medicine which make a lot of money but even with drugs that are not working well, they keep staying on the market.

I am not an expert in researching all of those things but I do know there is enough activity that says there is something not right in Dodge! Something’s wrong, there's some kind of agenda, that's behind the scenes, and many people have been quoted who are in the elite, talking about this population control and wiping up the population, and that was exactly what was happening then! So, you know, some of us might have been there. Some of us might have been in the Enlil Clan, some of us might have been in the Enki Clan. Say for example, Jesus would have been derivative of obviously the Enki template which wanted to evolve humans to a higher spiritual awareness. And it is interesting how you can look through people in history and see how they slant from one side to the other.

You know there was show on television called Ancient Aliens and I don't know how much of this they covered, I didn't watch it, I know David Wilcock was a guest as were some of the other people, I believe, Zecharia Sitchin and even Michael Tellinger, who wrote a lot about ADAM'S CALENDAR and you know if you want to learn more, you can do a lot of Google searches. Write this down...fascinating subject...Enki , Enlil; Zecharia Sitchin; Annunaki gold miners; Adam's Calendar; and there is a huge amount of stuff on the internet about all of this. And it gives some insight as to some of what might be seemingly, totally irrational moves by governments; by people in power; by bankers; and that this could be the thing that's behind is 6:52. I don't think we have time for a session.

Terry: I wanted to say that Michael Tellinger is coming to Sedona in August to talk.

Wynn: I know that...I think that he would be an interesting guy to go see.

Terry: I think so.

Wynn: He is actually doing the talks all over the place, so if this perked your interest, you can go put it on your calendar and check him out.

I think of things that we can cover in one hour. On some level the Egyptians...there was communication with the Ra Group...attempting to shift things 10,500 BC, when in an earlier life of Edgar Cayce's, walked this planet and was a High Priest in Egypt that had a connection with the Ra Group. Of course that's not said in the Edgar Cayce materials but what is said; he did all these healings; that some of the Ra group actually manifested bodies, and walked on this planet; they didn't come in through the birth canal they came through the projection of light energy. Can you feel the energy when I am talking about that? Jeez! They, they are paying attention.

I get that they're loving that we're explaining this, because what happened was...that whole episode that they did of trying to evolve all the humans changed the template that was picked up by the Priests of the time and they used it to increase their power and their eliteness! In other words you can use this kind of information. I could say: "Well we're going to give you a little bit and then you have to pay us all this money to get the rest" or, "You have to worship us, cause we're connected guys". And that's how the Priesthoods work it. They make themselves, overly important, so that you have to give them energy... you have to give them money and that's how they make their life on Earth more comfortable. Now, many of them don't even know they are doing this, you see it is kind of the tradition and once you have the tradition, then it just kind of gets accepted...everyone does it. Well...listen...let's take one moment, it's 6:56 and we'll take one more minute... and let’s just bring the energies in... and create the intent to... "surround our planet with this Love Energy...surround them...that are reaching for the positive...all those people, that wish they could find us...right at this moment...we ask our sources to work with us, on this (silence for 20 seconds)...............and I have Blessings flowing...through this work...surrounding you...connecting you...and that each of you can reach your highest potential...and keep reaching...don't give's there," and on that note...we'll end this call. Are you there Gijs?

Gijs: Yes Wynn.

Wynn: You can open the lines.

Gijs: Alright.

Wynn: Hello

Listeners: Hello Wynn. You rock!

Wynn: Did you guy's find that interesting?

Listeners: (a cacophony of voices saying) You rock! Yeah! You were awesome! Loved it! Yes! Thank you Wynn and Terry! Have a wonderful day, love you all! Thank you! Goodbye! etc., etc.

Wynn: Thank you so much!

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