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Personal and Planetary Healing Session

Sunday Call 07/21/13
Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Rick Vornbrock
Edited by Terry L. Brown
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: Good morning. This Wynn Free and Wynn Free and family. I forget what I call them now, the retro-indigos. We got to see if we get some people under thirty on this line. Of course, we have a bunch of people who are under thirty in spirit. Now Marilyn, you’re our moderator tonight, that means I have to hear you laugh all the time, right?

Marilyn: No, I’ll mute myself.

Wynn: That’s ok. We’ll keep it up until it gets to be too much, alright?

Carla: You’ll know the chuckle in the background.

Wynn: Your laugh is cheering everybody up. And of course, this is our Sunday Grid Healing. We have Terry here.

I don’t have Gijs here.

Carla, someone complained that I always start things then and then you fit in. So . . .

Carla: What’s wrong with that? It’s your show.

Wynn: Nothing wrong with that. I’m only the facilitator. But I thought . . .

Carla: And the originator.

Wynn: Originator.

Carla: Yeah.

Wynn: I thought maybe today we’d reverse it. But only if you want too. You could start and then you could say, “Wynn, what do you think about that?”

Carla: Uh, gee. I've been rotating around things like, what does it mean to seventy in a culture where age has changed tremendously since I was a kid. Seventy would have been extremely old when I was twenty. Seventy got to be moderately old by the time I was about fifty. If you look at the national statistics you’ll see that people are living longer and longer. And so the question is, can you live brilliantly, can you live with excitement? Can you live with originality and love and the heart to an age that’s longer than we had before? What do we do with the extra years? To me it’s not a problem because I’m set on my horse and I’ve been galloping for some time. And it’s a sturdy old horse. And we love to go and hopefully I’ll be going for another thirty or forty years, no problem. I certainly have the work to do. Spirit is a task master. And I was thinking about just how spirit is, you know, you get a little bit of a nudge from spirit. Ok, I can do that.

And then you settle into that and you get another little nudge from spirit and you think okay, after I do this I can do that. Eventually you get to the point where you’re feeling such a press of back pressure that you realize you can’t live long enough to get it all done. So you just relax about it. And age becomes meaningless. And the only reason age means anything is that your various parts may have to be repaired from time to time and the times become more frequent. That’s not always true. In my case I’m actually healthier and doing better than I was thirty years ago.

So what do we do with the time and if we’re doing something good with the time, then it doesn’t matter. Our age really doesn’t matter. And the only thing that matters is the energy level that which we meet the day. And though I will admit I sometimes meet the day by rolling over and going back to sleep for a while. I used to wake up at 5:30 and feel fit and ready for the day and I would get lots of work done before anybody else was up. I love the time of morning when you can just, it’s so quiet when nobody else is up. If you go outside the streets are yours, the lights are turning just for you and you’re sitting inside and you have your own little atmosphere and you can create it. And there’s nobody else in the psychic space. And then 6:00 hits or 6:30 and it starts getting very crowded in the psychic space and by 7:00 it’s crowded for the day. If you live in the city you can feel that energy all day. But the morning is so precious. And I lose that, these days a lot, because I just turn over and go back to sleep. My body says, “No, sweet heart, you’re going to need to sleep a little bit more today.” But I did get up in time for this. And that means afternoon in my part of the country.

Terry: Is today your birthday?

Carla: Today’s not my birthday, last Tuesday was my birthday. I turned seventy and it’s a huge one for me because when I was born, my parents were told I would not live, that there was too much brain damage. My left eye had turned into my brain, into the amygdala, which is the third eye interestingly enough and I always had thought it was something destiny ridden about that, that my third eye was opened at that time so that I could channel. I would not at all be surprised if that wasn’t something that just needed doing. And it did almost kill me but I recovered and then when I was two I got a very vicious case of rheumatic fever and almost died. The doctors again said well, she’s going to die from this.

Well, I didn’t. And my kidneys failed when I was thirteen. Well, I didn’t die then. Although I came very close to death then and had an interesting experience where I had a chat with an interesting voice over that said, “Do you want to go back and live? Or do you want to stay on this side for a while and create maybe two more life times to do the work that you planned to do in this lifetime? Because you planned to do too much, really and we don’t usually do this and want to give you a second chance.” Ok, so I had a thought and weighing the various options. If I came back and if I didn’t come back and I had to come back twice and go through two more childhoods. And I thought I really had a tough childhood, I didn’t enjoy it much and I’m thirteen now, I’m almost through. I think I’m going to stay with this one. And since that time I’ve been gradually getting healthier and I haven’t had any real emergencies since then. Although there have been times when the doctor said, “Gee, I thought you were going to die.” And I’m sitting there smiling and going, “Well, I didn’t.”

I guess the answer to why is simply that if you have a lot of illness in your life where you have bed time and you can’t get up and doing anything, then you have a lot of time for inner work, if you strap yourself down to doing the inner work. And I always found that to be a good use of time. So I guess I used that time the way I was supposed to. And I never felt limited because I had to spend a little time in bed. I’m in that situation right now and have been for the next . . . this is a long rehab for me, two years, two months. And I haven’t been able to close a wound on my back. So possibly in the next month or so, I’ll have one last operation, it will close for good and I heal up for the next month and I’ll get all better and I’ll get back to life as I knew it before this.

Now, during this various time last three years or so, I haven’t been able to walk. So I’m recovering to life in a wheel chair. But this is basically ok because you don’t have to do anything to work on the computer except use your fingers. I got that. And I can work sitting in one place. So I can do my work. So as long as I can do my work, I’m pretty good with that. I know there are a lot of people who would be irritated at not being able to get around better. But I got around great for a long time.

And I’m kind of curious to see where this road leads, you know? It’s like I haven’t ever been on a road that stayed absolutely the same for very long. There’s always a twist and a turn and “Oh, let’s see what happens now.” And, you know, it’s good to have that attitude because the only other attitude, really is, “O . . . M . . . G, what am I going to do? I don’t know what to do because it’s not the same as it was before. And for all I know I might not like it.” And then you start spiraling downhill. So I’m glad I got such an adventurous spirit and kind of curious to know, “Well, where does this road lead?”

Wynn, have you gone down any weird roads lately?

Wynn: Well, I was in Mesa last week.

Carla: How weird was that?

Wynn: Well, Mesa is an interesting town. . . I don’t know if that’s a weird road. You know, as you were talking if I was just going to say what was popping into my head, it’s like a few years ago when I had met Daphne and I was in the middle of writing the book . . .

Carla: There was a turn in your road when you met Daphne. That was a ..

Wynn: Right. And there was that time in the first six months where I asked them, I said, “How do I know I live in other dimensions? I had all these synchronicities all my life. How do I connect with other dimensions better?” They said, “Write your dreams down.” And so that night I put a pad by my bed. I kept waking up and writing something down. And in the morning there were all these sentence fragments on the pad. And it said things like, “You have to look tall and thin. I’m finally getting there. You’re supposed to be the front man. It’s the insanity of passion that makes things happen in the real world.”

Carla: That is true.

Wynn: Communication from another dimension, just like Cayce. He slept to connect with these dimensions.

Well, that was going on for quite some time and it still goes on if I take the time to write them down.

Carla: And to read them.

Wynn: And to read them. And I had some really funny ones. One of my favorites was, “You finally found a job you won’t get tired of.” And you know, all of my life I use to think I have to earn a living. What am I going to do to earn a living? And I started out thinking I was going to be an engineer. Then I started out thinking I was going to be a physics professor. And then I started out thinking I’m going to be a musician, a songwriter. And then I ended up having all these weird jobs and then I ended up traveling around selling things at festivals. And it all seemed temporary. It’s like, well, you know, I don’t really want to do this but have to earn a living and then this whole thing started with writing the Wilcock book and Daphne. And then they said, “You finally found a job you won’t get tired of.”

And at that time I had no idea, well, what does that mean? You know, what is this job? How am I supposed to do this? And it’s just been unfolding and unfolding and . . .

Carla: And you don’t know until you get into it that it’s unfolding that way.

Wynn: That’s right. And not only that, the interesting thing about this job, if you want to call it a job, is that it’s not dependent on a worldly hat, so to speak. And as it goes it builds energy underneath it so every month the vantage point is different because energy keeps building. And the people around it, that are coming into it . . . when you’re operating in the Law of One. And I don’t even know if I want to say that I’m operating in the Law of One but I think I am.

Carla: . . . you’re trying to.

Wynn: I’m working at it. It’s kind of like you become everyone else, you are everyone else. And so as people change, you’re surfing the change with them. And suddenly your perspective keeps changing because everyone around you is changing. For example at one point I felt like . . . the word that came into my mind . . . I’ll say it. “A fart in a hurricane.” Ok? I other words, how in the world is this going to impact people? I think this is important. But I seem so very small and everything seems so big. You know, I had the idea I would knock on doors and you know. When you think of success, you think of having support from the elite. I didn’t put it in those words at that time but when I look back on it that’s how success looked.

Carla: You would get hold of people with really big names and they would think you were good and then they would talk to others about you and you’d be in.

Wynn: Right, right. And that did not happen at all. In fact it . . .

Carla: It happened. You knew a really big name and they talked to other people about you but nothing transpired.

Wynn: Right.

Carla: So everything happened except the outcome.

Wynn: Right. At a certain point I realized this is only going to happen if I make it happen. But how can one little guy do that?

Carla: If you let it happen. Relax.

Wynn: Or let it happen. Well, when I say, “make it happen,” you know, to me there was a making of it to happen. There was a forward motion then a retreat, doing something in a retreat. Trying this and then observing it. So there was definitely an act of creation, an act of participation on my part.

Carla: When did you start your first conference call? Because that seems to be what has been a hook up with people that really do matter on the other side.

Wynn: Right. Well, I started the first conference call . . . Terry, when did I start the first conference call?

Terry: Well, it seemed like we in La Canada. It seems to me . . .

Wynn: We did a conference call from La Canada. Well, you know what? I started, I actually started with the Don and Wynn Show on BBS radio. That was the start of being in the public.

Terry: We started recording a lot of them in 2007.

Wynn: If somebody wants to do a kick, you should go look on BBS radio and look up the archives of the Don and Wynn Show and you’ll hear Wynn not being very together. And sometimes that show, there were aspects of that show which were really funny. And someday if I take the time I’m going to go and edit some of them and put them together because they were so funny. And when I say funny, Don Newsome is the person who founded BBS radio.

And he discovered, somebody recommended that he meet me. Somebody that knew him and knew me. And I got on the phone with Don and I told him my story and he said, “Wynn, you have the most far out story I have ever heard. How would you like a radio show?” And at that time I said, “How many times can I tell my story?” First of all, no one was listening to his radio show. He had three shows, I think, and he was just starting and I couldn’t imagine showing up every week and talking. And so I said, “Don, I’ll tell my story into a tape recorder and you can put it up.” Which he did and I don’t think anyone listened.

And when you’re on the internet and you hear things and when you guys are all over the world listening, you might think this is a big radio show with 10,000 or 100,000 people. But internet shows are not like that. I guess they could build to that but, you know, what I learned after talking to Don for a while is that some of these shows that he had on and he just had three of them on where getting like 10 listeners, 15 listeners, very, very small numbers and yet everyone sounded like they were talking to 100,000 people.

Well, I sent the audio in and he played it. And then he started calling me or we would talk to each other. And he would be asking me questions and he kind of acknowledged that I had a little wisdom and that he was curious about this. And our conversations were very good and at one point I taped one of the conversations and I sent it to him. And I said, “Don, why don’t we put this on the air and call it The Don and Wynn Show?” and he said, “Wow, that’s a great idea!”

And you know, Don is kind of boisterous, enthusiastic, “Hey, Wynn. How you doing? How’s everybody?” He comes on at sometimes at the beginning of the show, you can hear, you can feel his energy. And we had a really interesting dynamic. And of course, in the back of my mind I just wanted to use The Don and Wynn Show to talk about these beings on the other side. And Don would usually derail me.

But I think we were doing it for about two months and at that time Daphne and I were living separately. She was living, I think, in Cape Cod. And I invited her to be a guest on the show because she thought all this stuff we were doing is very wacky and no one would be interested. And so, she came on the show and we were interviewing her and I would say for the first part of the interview she was talking about how I ruined her life and da da da da da. And suddenly in the middle of this interview she says, “They want to say something, what do you think?” And I said, “Oh, oh.”

I mean, we had not done public channeling at that time and I was always afraid that we we would bring something negative in and then you couldn’t take it back. When you do things in the public like this, once it’s done, it’s done.

Carla: It’s out there.

Wynn: It’s out there, right. But I said we probably only have ten people listening, why don’t we take a chance.

And so there was this extraordinary message that came in and Don was flipped out. So the show went on and Don was kind of intrigued with this crazy idea of Daphne and Terry and Terry would come on. And then I think one of the funniest things that ever happened, and I don’t know the answer to this, I’ll just tell you what happened, is that Daphne was on the show and she did a session, she started, you know, we did a channeling. Now the first time she did it, that very first time it was the council of twelve. They described themselves as the administrators for the Elohim. And it was a very deep profound message about the state of the world. And I think the next time we did it I was expecting something like that. But by this time, Don was completely irreverent on the show. And to him, he did not hold the energy of sacredness. And the first time we got away with the Council of Twelve. And a couple of few months later, the voice who came through Daphne said it was Buck Choy the Dolphin. They were there to answer questions. People would call in.

Well, I mean it was funny. And to this day, I don’t know if we had a dolphin or if we had the Elohim making pretend they’re a dolphin so that they could do this without being made fun of or something. And those shows are all in the archives at BBS radio if you look up The Don and Wynn Show.

Carla: Those were the days.

Wynn: Those were the days. But in any case, I don’t remember what you asked me, Carla, and now I’m talking to you.

Carla: Oh you were telling me how you started.

Terry: Carla was on The Don and Wynn Show with you on December 3rd, 2005.

Wynn: More than once, right? Oh, I know, the question was when did we start conference calls? Well, what happened was there were people coming into The Don and Wynn Show and people who were hearing me give live talks. And they were interested in pursuing the work or paying attention to it and Don wasn’t but I started doing conference calls for the people who were interested. And how do I give support to people? When we started, we never did channelings live. And you know sometimes I would read channelings and in fact when we first started there was a fellow named, what was his name, Terry?

Terry: The guy in Las Vegas?

Wynn: No, not the guy in Las Vegas. If you’re listening excuse me for forgetting your name temporarily. The guy in South Carolina . . . Wayne, Wayne Smallridge. And Wayne really was a fan of the Carla Rueckert material. And so on Tuesdays he use to read one of Carla’s Q’uo channelings, every Tuesday. And he would just read things.

Then again I invited Daphne to listen in to one of these conference calls and I said, “You know, people are really being influenced.” And again she came on, she was in Cape Cod and at this point there was a message. I wasn’t expecting her to channel, I just wanted her to listen. And then again she said they wanted to say something. And if you listen to video on, the little video, the fifteen minute video that opens up that page,, I have a good portion of that audio of that session because this was the Elohim or the voice that says it’s the Elohim coming in saying, “We’ve waited a long time for this moment.” We had fifteen people on the call and it was just quite amazing, it was one of those triumphant amazing calls and sessions that Daphne brought through the Elohim on. It was a total show stopper. Remember, on The Don and Wynn Show, the Elohim was not talking directly, it was The Council of Twelve that was doing that. When these guys say who they are, I never know that they really are who they say they are. I gage it by the value of their message, of the intent of their message, the vibration of their message and at that time in particular, now I tend to believe that they are who they say they are.

But for a long period of time I didn’t even want to say that because it was too much to live up to. We did say it, they said it and I know they talk through other people and I know they don’t always say they’re the Elohim. And I believe even the Ra group might talk through other people and they don’t say they’re the Ra group. I mean the Elohim there’s one person that channels that says it’s The Group but another person it’s the Council of Light. And in a sense that’s a little easier if they’re identifying themselves that way because you don’t have to say that you’re bringing through this exalted, the most exalted name in terms of God, probably in history, which is the Elohim.

Carla: I don’t think it’s just that, I think there’s more than that to it. I think that when some energy is coming through an entity, like comes through me, comes through Terry, comes through Daphne. The entity and the channel have created an unique passage way. And it could be said, ok, this is great exalted being number one through Carla. And then great exalted being number one through Terry, great exalted being number one through Daphne. But that’s not really the way it works because as many vibrations as there are people. And there are many, many sources of good information that are delighted to speak with us and they have all different vibrations. And so you’re looking at a fairly huge number of possible hookups. So it’s not like there’s this one entity on the other side and they speak with slightly different names because they have different people. They’re actually different entities, you know, there are different parts of the Elohim or there are different parts of the Ra. You never get the Ra group such as I got, nobody else could do it as I got it.

And when somebody says they are channeling Ra I just shrug and say fine because I know that it you look and listen to the Ra group through me and the so-called Ra group through anybody else, it’s not going to sound the same, it’s not going to have the energy that’s the same. And I have no reason to defend it or whatever, but they express now you have to have at least three people, you have to do this, you have to do that. You know, there were rules that they set up for doing it with me and they had been explaining what they had been looking for when they found me, ok. That is not going to happen through another person. But an energy that’s a good bit like that could come through somebody else and that energy may say, “I am Ra.” Well, there’s a whole planet full of people, there’s millions and millions of people on this planet. Why couldn’t it be somebody from that planet which is Ra. That is not the same so you’re not going to find two people offering the same energy. That’s all I was saying. Make sense?

Wynn: Yeah, can you hear me?

Carla: I hear you. Can you hear me ok?

Wynn: Yeah, yeah. What I want to say or my take on this is that when there’s a session, a channeling session that is coming from what calls itself a group soul, then the group that’s grounding it becomes part of the group soul and it’s actually it’s not a them and a you, they’re just giving the information that’s congruent with the group that’s grounding it. That’s why Daphne and I and the Sources that come through sound one way, and Terry and I and the Sources that come through sound a different way. And people would wonder, that doesn’t sound the same . . . but we’re not talking about personality here. We’re talking about group energies. The group energies are merging, just as you feel the merging on these calls, they’re merging with us. And they’re talking to, they’re the higher aspect of us talking exactly in the right way through our expression.

But nonetheless, there’s people that I feel are channeling part of the Elohim group but they don’t say it’s the Elohim. And one of the things of the thoughts that crossed my mind is that if a source identified itself by an exalted name to someone then that could easily perpetuate an ego trip on that person. And that if they have the propensity for self-aggrandizement or they’re feeling secure and they want to say, “Jeez, I’m talking to the Elohim, I’m really somebody,” then there’s a pretty good chance they won’t use those names in identifying themselves. Because the name doesn’t matter. But in my case, I was so scrutinizing and so skeptical plus I had previous lifetimes where I connected with them. And I took it like a detective to figure out this can’t be real, can this be real? And I kept taking it apart until I came to the conclusion it was real.

Carla: And in the case of Terry, you have here a sweet humble soul that is proof against ego. Not interested in ego, doesn’t like it, won’t take it, laughs at it walks on. So there’s not going to be aggrandizement.

Wynn: Right. So I won’t say it’s decision making, but there is . . . like I don’t think they’re thinking, “Well, we better not tell these people that we’re the Elohim.” I think it just happens automatically as a result of the group energy that’s connected, that’s grounding it. This is why when people say they want to channel, they think, “I’m just going to be at service and let somebody speak through me.” And it’s so easy from that vantage point to get a negative source. And believe me, negative sources are looking over everyone’s shoulder all the time waiting for a moment of weakness or a moment of . . .

Carla: I call it temptation.

Wynn: Temptation.

Carla: Temptation. That’s a simple word. Yeah. Ego mostly. Oh, well this will make me look good.

Wynn: Yeah, and people eat it up all the time. You know that? They eat it up. I mean imagine, I have imagined, I know this has happened. I know it because I met people that have had this experience. Suppose you’re a high person in a religion and you wife suddenly says, “We’ve chosen you. You’re the same person, we are the same voice that spoke through Jesus.” And then they do a little bit of psychic phenomena and they predict a couple of things. You will be hooked, that’s hard to resist unless you’ve heard a show like this when if somebody said be careful to a novice who heard a voice like that, whoever was talking to them would have them in the palm of their hand.

And this happens on grand scales, grand, all over the place. And of course, when it’s happening, people don’t usually announce, “I’m getting messages.” But they will be in the background following the dictates of those messages which is how you get some of these terrible rituals and sacrifices, etc., etc., etc. And as we said last Monday as I was going through the Bible, even those sources, some of those sources . . . the one that I pick on is Yahweh because Yahweh is nothing like our Sources. Yahweh was creating fear with sacrifices, control and . . .

Carla: That was a good example of a mixed energy.

Wynn: A good example of a mixed energy.

Carla: Part of it came from beyond but it was a negative source. As Ra pointed out it was a negative source working through a positive channel. So the best they could do was to put a spin on positive information that made it end up being negative. Like, it’s one thing to say, “Love your neighbor.” It’s another thing to say, “Thou shall not commit adultery.” “Thou shall not, thou shall not,” that’s negative. That’s the difference, right there. And may I say, if it ever happens to you, and they say, “We’re the same voice who spoke through Jesus.” Sweetheart, don’t think you’re smart, just back up and say, “Well, I love Jesus with all my heart.” I mean you wouldn’t say, “We’re the same voice who spoke through Jesus,” unless you love Jesus, ok? So you say, “Ok. I love Jesus,” so challenge them in the name of the same energy that spoke through Jesus. Challenge them, “Can you say that Jesus is Lord? Can you say that you come in the name of Jesus?” And that is calling upon the source, not you, but something on the other side. And if they’re negative and they’re not from that energy, they can’t say that. And you have just stopped a sad thing from happening. You have just stopped that energy from being able to use you. So it’s really simple. You just have to challenge the source.

Wynn: I should say here, if Jesus doesn’t happen to be your personal reference point, then you can pick something that is the highest personal reference point you can come up with. Like, “Do you come in the Law of One? Do you come in service, service to others?

Carla: In service to others. That’s what Jim uses. Do you come in service to others?

Wynn: Are you here. And this is one of the reasons that having two or three or more people holding the space. And this was in the Ra material, they said that the negative cannot get through a loving space. They bounce off of it because they would have to become loved to enter the space. And in a certain way they’re saying that you or us or we are equal to that energy. Because, not equal in the sense that we have the knowledge or the power, but we’re holding it on Earth. And so it’s our loving energy that becomes the filter to make sure a negative source won’t come through, because they won’t come through a loving space.

If you’re coming from a place of power, and when I say “power”, I can mean giving up your power. “Tell me what to do.” Then that will automatically tempt a negative source. Those of you who have been listening to our Wednesday sessions where people ask questions and some of you even think that “Just tell me what to do. Tell me what to do.” And they think that there’s some answer to that question. And there is not an answer to that question of “Tell me what to do” and you’ll notice how masterfully the Sources that come through Terry will always turn a question, you know this took me awhile to have confidence in because I was afraid they would start telling people what to do and then I’d start worrying about who’s talking. But they never do. They give you the guidance to activate your own discernment.

Carla: General guidelines, nothing specific.

Wynn: Right. The general guidelines. So you can . . .

Carla: But that doesn’t abridge freewill, you see.

Wynn: Right. Right. But a negative source will tell you what to do and that abridges freewill. And Carla, you’ve done an awesome job. Did you notice how fast the time went? You know, that is the criteria when it’s working. The time goes fast. And that means that whatever we talked about, we were accessing higher dimensions. And you can use that as a good reference point for yourself, that if you move into something and the time is moving fast then that’s a sign that something is going on. Now, that may happen with negative sources too. Because negative sources are in higher timeline as well, but I don’t know. What do you think of that one? Can the negative sources make the time move fast?

Carla: Well, they can to a certain extent but it’s harder for them to maintain. Sometimes, then what else? What else? What else? And the negatives always depends on specifics. And when you’re trying to tell somebody specifics about the future, you can’t more than guess. And the principles of prophecy have to do with what’s possible, what’s probable. Ra calls that possibility/probability vortex. You have a possibility/probability vortex that something’s going to happen in x number of days or months, ok? And you have little ones and you have big ones. And a prophet hones in on the biggest one and says, “This is what’s likely to happen.” or “This is what’s going to happen.” Just sort of makes a shortcut. But you run out of that when you have to make it more and more specific because the possibility/probability vortex fails. And so the negative source has to begin creating. And that’s one thing they’re not very good at.

Wynn: I mean you guys can look at people and you can see there’s certain people out there that always have to have something new and breakthrough to get your attention. And that if they lose that they feel like they don’t have your attention. And their underlined agenda is to hold your attention to them. And if you notice, we don’t do that. We don’t have new and breakthrough things. I mean we could be saying, “What’s going on in the Universe, there’s a wave coming in here and groups of people are going to be ascending next week and there’s going to be an overthrow of the government. And you know, you could say things like that and you’ll get a bunch of people suddenly paying attention to you for a little while. But after a while, they keep watching you and you keep doing that and you lose the energy. Some of you are out there looking for that stuff. And you can look and just notice it, but while you’re looking, notice that aspect of things. That if you’re trying to get someone that has an inside track of what’s going and they keep coming through with . . . I mean there was a lot of people before December 21st, 2012 that were using that as a way to hold the energy of loads of people.

And then of course we did ask that question and our Sources said nothing’s going to happen on December 21st, 2012, it’s going to be another day. But yet there probably hundreds of thousands if not millions of people paying attention to that date thinking something extraordinary was going to happen and there were lots of people in the public eye that were using that anticipation to hold the energy.

Carla: Some people really felt so let down. I felt so sorry for them, the ones that called in to us and said, “What the heck happened?” And I pointed out that this was something that was not on our side of the veil, it was on the other side. It was something that had caused a shift and the energy came through. And so we were going to be seeing progressive shifts in the way the energy came through, but it was happening on the other side, it wasn’t happening here. So there wouldn’t be any obvious difference here, there would be a slight difference for people that were sensitive to it in the vibrational energy that was available. And then there would be more available and a little bit more available as time went on. And sure enough, that’s what psychics have talked about, “Oh, here’s another shift coming, here’s another shift coming.” And that’s right, that’s the way it is. But in terms of what’s happening on this particular planet in the here-and-now physically, nothing. Like you said, another day.

Wynn: It’s my opinion and I may be not accurate in this but my intuitions tell me that it is possible for a human to get above all of this stuff. To get above the planetary things. When I used to do astrology charts and I would interpret charts, I got the idea that on a certain way it was a lower level of relating to the Universe. And it was true level and that when you got above it, it didn’t mean that it didn’t work. You still have to go through the planets just like if you get above your body, you still have to go through your body. But the point is it’s more like you’re operating outside of your body and you’re using your body as the anchor point for that higher level of operation. And in which case you get above astrology, you get above planetary shifts, you get above . . . you start flying with the angels rather than . . .

Carla: What they’re interested in is the truth that is always the same. It will be the same in 10,000 years and 10,000 years after that. And there’s a wonderful energy to that. And that is the energy that is very, vey positive.

Wynn: So on that note, let me tell you in two weeks from yesterday, Carla and I are going to do Session 6 of The Law of One Made Simple.

Carla: Can you believe it’s actually powered through to the sixth session? People are going jeez they’re doing another one. OMG, I can’t believe they’re doing another one. And it will be fantastic, right?

Wynn: That’s right? Well, you know what’s interesting about these sessions and the Ra material is that as you start to hear about the history of, not mankind even, but our solar system. As you start to hear that, you hear these events that have occurred over, over even hundreds of thousands of years, like the Maldek and Mars incident where Ra moved souls from those two planets to Earth to continue their evolution. As you hear about it starts to move you into the timeline of those things, it starts to . . . many of you are old souls. Many of you were there. And you start to get this intuitive grasp of how big the picture is and how big you are and that’s starts to shift energies potentially on some of the lower things you’re experiencing.

In other words, every moment of your life you’re identifying in your consciousness with a certain time track. And it doesn’t just stay one way it goes back and forth here and there. There’s never like a locking in and saying, “Ok, I’m always in this time track.” You’re moving around and you can tell when time is moving faster, you’re moving in a higher time track. When time is moving slower you’re getting involved in all these petty relationship things and people are irritating you and you see what’s wrong with everybody. You’re now in a lower time track at that point. And you can move from there to the other place and back and forth and over time as you expose yourself to higher time track stuff then you start to anchor more in that higher time track.

And then you start having those little synchronicities and those little magical things occur that give some kind of personal validation that something is going on. And then you see those people who were really bugging you on a personal level and that would push your buttons. They start losing their ability to push your buttons. They try and you’re just neutral and you’re not judging them, you can allow them to do all that they do and you just shrug your shoulders. You don’t have to defend yourself, they don’t understand and that’s ok. You don’t even have to exclude them from your life, you can work around them because they don’t get to you.

And at the point they’re getting to you, they’re just being your teachers because they’re showing you your points of hooks. They are showing you where you can be grabbed and pulled into this realm and get caught up in the drama here.

So the Ra workshops are very good. First of all, Carla and I always have such a good rapport when we do things together. And then we have all this Ra material coming through, talking about all these previous tracks. And at first it sounds like science fiction and after a while you say, “Wow, this is true!” And it starts to reprogram your belief patterns. Because even when you come to these calls, even when you feel good energy, there’s something that’s so wild about it. It’s so out there that you have, I mean I did, you have to keep asking, “How do I know that’s true? How do you know that’s true?” And you see how brilliant, how eloquent is the word, how eloquent the patterns are that hold it all together. And eventually, even though this is so outside of normal reality systems, it makes a lot more sense than the things that are in consensus. At least it does for me and if you hang in long enough, you can see if it does that for you.

And by the way, if you noticed what I just did, that was an example of making sure freewill is always tantamount. Because you may not have the same experience as I do. You may think we’re full of it. And that’s ok. I’m not going to tell you to believe this because I believe it. I can tell you my experiences; I can tell you how it proved itself to me. But ultimately, you are in the laboratory of your own life and you have to make it work for you. We can go over this, over and over again, and we show up, but somehow or another you have to integrate it and you have to see something change in your life that’s positive. And you have a synchronicity, people change their attitudes. I get emails from people that, “I was on your call and suddenly all the people that I knew, that I was having trouble with, I stopped having trouble with them. They started treating me differently.” And that person didn’t tell them, “You got to get on Wynn’s calls, you got to believe in this, you got to believe in Ra, you got to believe in the Elohim.”

It’s like, it was you who shifted and you are the expression of God in this realm. Every one of you is an expression of all that is. And you’re no worse than the greatest thing in the Universe. You may have more limited abilities because you’re in this realm, but many of you are wanderers and star seeds which means at one point you were up there and you volunteered to come here just to do this anchoring that we’re doing on these calls. And in this realm, once you’re here, you didn’t find anything that helped you anchor. You didn’t understand why you were here. You were confused; you had the amnesia that everyone gets when they’re in this realm no matter where they came from. But you, in fact, made a great, great sacrifice to come here to do this work. And that some of you are connecting with the fact that the work we’re doing, the work we’re presenting is resonating with that original intent to be of service here.

And on that note, anything you want to add to that, Carla?

Carla: No, I think that’s a really good time to segue into all of us souls letting ourselves come open to the gateway to Intelligent Infinity and doing some work together.

Wynn: Well, if you happen to be listening for the first time or you’re new, one of the things we’ve learned and I learned this by trial and error, is that our soul energies follow our intent. And that we, when we learn to have the correct intent, we can shift our connections. And so every week we do a guided visualization. And if you go along with this and you trust my guidance on it, we can have the experience of what it feels like to move through the veil and feel that sense of connection to the higher realms and the Earth.

(healing etc. . . .)

Wynn: Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry and myself, Carla and everyone within the sound of my voice right now. And that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy, radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us. And we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. And anything not of that nature must leave now. We turn it over to Terry and our Sources.

Ra’An: We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An, the 21st of July, 2013. And we take a moment and we connect with each and every individual that wishes to be connected with as we are freewill and we only connect where asked and desired. And we see the things you have put in the Light. And we see the kernel of the desire for yourself, for another, the things that you have asked for, that desire. And whether that desire will hook up with manifestation and will be able to bring the shift into your life, into the lives of the others that you have asked for.

We concentrate for an instant upon Roger. And the instant is one to move on but still stay that Roger can use his desire which has already brought him through a number of months when he wasn’t expected to live to fulfill his desire to bring in from the surroundings from the Universe the things that his body needs to take hold of to heal to bring him through.

We take a moment and we look at other things that individuals have put in the light. And we see in each one there is a kernel of desire of wishing, of wanting, of taking hold of manifestations and bringing that desire into a greater and greater envelopment of what is wished. It is that desire, that connection that will bring you into the change that you wish.

We see the job; we see the unfolding of a new shift for the person who wishes to shift jobs and the bringing of help into the arena of a new life.

We see each and every one of you. And we are with you and keep asking each day, keep envisioning what it is you wish to move into. And we add our energies, we will add our energies, we are available when you ask to your healing, to the things that when they are for the highest good will manifest. For the highest good of the individual, for the highest good of all around. Thank you. We leave but we do not leave.

Wynn: Thank you.

(planetary healing)

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