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Sunday Call 07.28.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee



Wynn: Good morning everybody, this is July 28, 2013. This is Sunday morning and weíre all coming as we are. Itís interesting, this morning I got out of bed Ö now Iím one of those people, when I get out of bed in the first 5 or 10 minutes I am saying where am I? And Iím disoriented. So this morning I had a very strong case of being disoriented and I actually fell and said, where am I?


And I knew it was just because I got out of bed. I tell these stories so that everyone knows that weíre human because I think so many of us go through the same things. And because weíre doing these calls and because we all have these exalted connections (and they are exalted) with other realms, it does in no way take away the fact that weíre human. I think that one of the reasons that we can keep doing these calls is because we express our humanness.


And I was thinking this morning, something I was going to share Ö Well first of all, let me make an announcement before I forget, okay? Iím going to change our policy about sending out notices for these calls. Because up Ďtil now, you know the way the policy got started is when we had a few hundred people checking into our list and getting Message-a-Day and I said Iím going to make a conference call and invite these people to it and thatís how the calls got started and people kept coming.


Whatís happened now is that we have a really big list and Iím still sending out the messages to everyone. And what I found is, thereís a small percentage of the list - I can tell how many people open a message with my message sending service - and thereís a small percentage of the list that is open to the messages. Thatís opening them all the time. Like for example, we probably have about 10,000 people getting emails and on the announcements for the calls there are probably 300 to 500 that open them.


So whatís happening is there are 9,500 people that keep getting an email in their inbox that they never open and they become immune to our emails. I know that Iíve done that with other people when I get a lot of emails from somebody. Unless thereís a subject line that really is provocative, I donít open it. So what Iím going to do, what Iíve decided is to create a special list for people that want to get the notifications for these calls.


Then when I send messages out to the general group, theyíll have a different kind of content. Because understanding how it works, understanding that people respond to the subject line, then Iíll send out emails that have good subject lines and interesting things and I may even send out for example - audios of some of our calls. But Iíll describe what the call is so people are intrigued to listen to it. So watch your emails and if you want to get these messages for the calls then just subscribe.


Thatíll be a separate list for announcing calls and Iím sure some people will miss it all and then Iíll start getting emails saying I didnít get a notice about this call. Well, Iíll just tell them to join the list, the new list, okay? You know running a list is an interesting thing, if you run it masterfully. Because I think most people look at their list and they think Iím just sending one email out to everybody, but there are so many different kinds of people on the list.


Some people, even on these calls - I will do one call and people will say I didnít get anything out of that and then weíll do another call and somebody will say I got a huge amount out of that - or, the same call, a huge amount. And thatís because weíre broadband. We put things out so there are really sophisticated people that are paying attention to us. There are really people who, I guess you could call them - theyíve been metaphysical, theyíve been spiritual, theyíre very old souls and they respond to some of the deepest stuff that we put out.


Then there are people that are not as old souls. Now you know youíre not better or worse for being an old soul or not an old soul. For example, we know that there are lots of angelic beings in this realm who are not old souls but they come from very high places. So, one of the things about being an old soul is that you are more tapped in to the wisdom of this realm. You see things deeply. Youíve been here. Youíve probably suffered [Laughter] many, many lifetimes. If youíre a good old soul, youíll have compassion for people because youíll identify with their suffering because at one point in the track you suffered.


So, and if youíre not an old soul, it could mean that youíre an angelic soul that decided to come down here and help and often times those beings tend to be really happier in this realm. Theyíre innocent and you know their job is to be here and not get screwed up. Because usually those innocent souls that come into this realm from higher realms, they donít have the wisdom to stay out of trouble and they end up getting in trouble and then a hundred/thousand (100,000) years later, theyíre the new old souls.


Many of us came in [Laughter] and we were innocent like that and then we got in trouble and itís hard not to get in trouble in this realm. Itís really hard because, you know what do you believe? You know thereís a consensus reality, you come into this realm - you have your parents, you come in and youíre angelic and before you know it youíre starting to get the wrong ideas, the wrong ways of looking at things.


Not that theyíre wrong, but theyíre at a lower level is a better way of describing it. A lower level and [Exhale] as you adopt those things Ö (we heard that Terry). Was that you?


Carla: That was an out breath Terry, thatís all heís saying. [Laughter] And it gives me a chance to say that sometimes, itís not that itís at a lower level. I think a lot of times people speak simplistically, as if to children, and then when they get caught in it then they say, ďWell, of course thatís not always true.Ē


Wynn: Uhm.


Carla: Sometimes it means this and they explain and start adding some small print and itís still not enough. It doesnít really placate you but itís sort of Ö Youíre at the beginning of your education.


Wynn: Right. Well you know, part of the reason those angelic souls have come into this realm Ö and some of you may remember that I had spent a Monday call one night and if you hadnít heard that call, you should go through the archives and look it up on ďPhilip Dick.Ē And Philip Dick was a trashy science fiction writer in the 70s who was writing science fiction articles for - if some of you are old enough - they were saying things like Amazing science fiction stories! They used to sell science fiction like they do tabloids at all the supermarkets and he was writing stories for those tabloids.


And it just happened he lived in Berkeley at the same time I did and heís one of those people that Iíd wished that I had met but I didnít. But I certainly wouldnít have appreciated him even if I did because apparently he drank, he wasnít that together - and but he was keeping this journal and oh, his science fiction stories, after he died, ended up becoming major movies. But he never made the money from it.


So he was always financially deprived most of his life but ďBlade RunnerĒ was one of them and whatís another one? ďTotal RecallĒ with Arnold Schwarzenegger; there are probably about 10 of his stories and they always were stories that were very deep that would trigger thinking. You know, they werenít just adventure stories.


When I was first having conversations with this voice that said they were the Elohim, I kept doing searches on Google for the word ďElohimĒ trying to figure out where I could find references. And I found out that Philip Dick was keeping this journal while he was writing his science fiction stories and apparently he was communicating with the Elohim! [Laughter] and but the only time anyone would ever know it was if they read his journal. But he never put his journals out.


But after he died they put his journals out and there was this one amazing story in his journal where he talked about the Elohim and talked about - he called them pluriforms of light from the higher realms would come into this realm and they came into this realm to take bodies and to prevent the dark from totally separating from the light. That if these beings did not come into this realm, there was a high likelihood that this realm would separate out and be totally lost from the light.


But when they came into this realm, they would invariably forget whey they came. These were these angelic beings and they would get caught in the negativity of the realm and they would do it for many, many, many lifetimes. And as I see it, as I look at it, I see that they never lost their connection. They were always looking for their connection and they couldnít find it. And as they were going through all these dark lives, or oppressed lives, or lives of being enslaved by the negativity in this realm, they were actually learning the tools of how this realm works so that at some point they would suddenly have this great ah ha experience.


And they would have the map now of how to work in this realm because they werenít just reading about it, they experienced it. They had gone through it. They understood how it worked. They understood the negativity and they would come out the other end and they could be great teachers, or great inspirers for people. Itís the enactment of this quote from the poet William Blake where he said, ďItís the path of excess that leads to the palace of wisdom.Ē


And so, understanding all of that you can look at all the painful things that are in your track and right now, many of us are getting the chance to release those things. To have them come up, and when they come up it can be painful. Really painful, I mean itís because you have to experience the trauma. You have to experience it. Weíve talked about that a lot but as you do that, and as you release those things, it starts to make you wiser.


It starts to make you more compassionate. You now have the tools to reach out to others that are going through those things and help them. And it takes awhile to get it so donít be impatient. But thatís part of the process and understanding the process might help you with the patience. Because I know how it feels, I mean a good portion of my life I felt trapped and I probably still feel trapped sometimes. Itís not like it ever goes completely away.


Carla: You know, I think thatís something about incarnational lessons. Is that you think youíve got it learned, you think youíve got it knocked. Okay, I understand this was my incarnational lesson, boy did I suffer. Thank God itís over; but the dark night of the soul is over. The new day has dawned. I can relax into enjoying the fact that I understand at a new level. And that lasts for seemingly about 15 minutes. [Laughter]


Remember, itís the light that doesnít rotate, it spirals ever upward. And it spirals around again and you come to that point in your experience where itís time for a new dose of the incarnational lesson, at a new level. Itís more sophisticated, itís more subtle. Itís the same lesson but itís - you have to analyze it to realize, oh my God, itís the same lesson. As Wynn just said, ďOkay maybe Iím still feeling stuck sometimes but not by the same thing.Ē Well, but feeling stuck was the incarnational lesson or maybe it wasnít but I mean Iím just using it for an example.


ďOkay, but why am I feeling stuck now? So, oh good, here comes a whole new round of the incarnational lesson! And probably another dark night of the soul - I canít waitĒ. But you donít really think that, you really donít want another dark night. You really want to stay at that place but you canít. Because the way evolution works is that it goes ever onward.


So while weíre in this realm and while we are operating under such a heavy illusion, we will from time to time hit those incarnational lessons - be plunged into a difficulty of suffering and only awaken from it as we have gained the new wisdom. And this process goes onward and onwards, all of our lives and it doesnít sound too happy an event.


But actually, it is. It just means that we have a varied existence. Sometimes weíre living in the daylight. Sometimes weíre confused, dazed, disoriented and trying to figure a new level out. But weíre always the same adventurers. Weíre always off on the same quest. So itís just all part of the same rhythm.


Wynn: You know as youíre on this path and youíre actually in the middle of your unfoldment - usually when youíre coming out of your dark tunnel so-to-speak, where you didnít even know you were in a dark tunnel, it just felt like thatís the way it is Ė the first thing that happens is you see the lights, you feel good. You feel joy, you feel connected. You feel loved, whatever - something.


And the first thing that will invariably happen is your ego will immediately come in and say, ďJeez, Iím enlightened.Ē [Laughter] That will be the thing that automatically takes you back into the tunnel, okay? Because thereís something about when you start patting yourself on the back - and it doesnít mean you shouldnít pat yourself on the back. There are things you can pat yourself on the back for.


But often times, patting yourself on the back is an attempt to freeze something. Because, one teacher I had that I thought really influenced me when I was younger, said the most important word in spiritual vocabulary is etcetera which is next. And itís like Iíve learned that, that really got ingrained in me. Say for example when we do these calls and we have these amazing experiences and all these energies come in and I feel it and you feel it, and when the calls over, itís over. Itís next. What is next?


Donít be attached to that. Donít be attached to be thinking, boy I really look good, they all love me or this or that or the other thing, you know, because thatíll all keep you in a lower rate or a lower degree of frozenness. Now you know, one of the things I was going to share, I was thinking, but Iíve never shared this on this call ... You know sometimes weíd play one of my songs but in the context of this -what weíre talking about, and when I go back to the time I was playing music, when I was writing music, I was in that space of being very trapped.


Very much in a cave, very much like feeling inept, misunderstood and that there was something in me and I started putting a pen to the paper and started writing things, and I said, ďHmm, that looks good.Ē And then when I first did it I was writing lyrics to other peoples melodies and then I would try to write my own melody. Now I didnít think of it as that I would ever be good at it, I thought of it kind of as a therapy.


But I was living in Berkeley and I would play something to someone and suddenly I touched them. And I suddenly got the idea that I had deeper vision of things than most other people and that it was coming out when I was writing lyrics and it encouraged me because for the first time in my life I felt there was something in me that had something to offer people and then I really went into it.


Some of you heard the stories of when I was hitchhiking and I had such amazing synchronicities and I couldnít understand it at the time. I said this must be God. But I was writing songs and I wanted to share with you two songs that I wrote in that period. Because I had tapped into - I couldnít live it - but I had tapped into the angelic part of me. I donít know if I want to call it angelic, but the enlightened part of me, the aware part of me.


And I was writing songs and I would write them like stream of consciousness. I would start writing the song and I wouldnít know how it would end, I didnít have any idea and by the time it ended I said, ďHow did I write that?Ē It was too perfect, it was too together and I realized I was tapping into Ö Now, when I start talking to people, I tap into that same thing because we donít know where itís going to go. These are not prepared talks and yet so often, weíll start on a thread and by the time weíre finished all the threads come together. Iím letting go and trusting and Carla says, ďWell I think maybe youíre channeling, Wynn


But I donít know if I would call if channeling. But itís kind of like as you just be neutral and as Iím neutral and start talking, I start accessing things but itís all happening in of itself. I donít have the sense of doing it and it comes out and while Iím talking, I know all of you are listening, but Iím not thinking about how Iím looking. Iím just talking and I know that Iím tapping into that place where all our energies come together.


And I was doing that in my music. I remember thinking, God I could change the world with this music! And I remember, I wrote a song called - I never played this song before and I never could live-up to this song. The only time I could live up to it when I was hitchhiking and staying in peoples living rooms because I felt I was doing it. But itís like when I look back at it I was actually connecting with group soul consciousness and trying to put it into words, of my thirty-year-old mind that wanted to help people and feeling all the pain and suffering in the world.


So I thought Iíd play that and it kind of like helps you see my track, from back then. Here we go, letís see. [Song playing]


I know youíve been troubled lately and I wondered just what I could do.

I wish I had more time that I could spend with you,

Now if I had two of me I would send one to your door,

And Iíd stay with you and Iíd hold you close

Until you didnít have those blues any more,

And you could wear my smile inside your heart,

I would shine inside you when your morning starts,

Yes, you could wear my smile and be happy if I only had two of me,


Now this worldís been going crazy, youíre not the only one,

But just what can one man do with a world thatís coming undone,

Now if I had a million of me, I would pass them all around,

To everyone that would need a friend, I would turn those frowns upside down,

And you could wear my smile inside your heart,

I would shine inside you when your morning starts,

Yes, you could wear my smile and be happy if I only had a million of me

But I just have one of me and I know how to sing a song,

So Iíll put my love inside it and now everyone can sing along,


And you can wear my smile inside your heart,

I will sing inside you when your morning starts,

And if you wear my smile and be happy

Then I really would have a million of me.


Alright, well you can see that on some intuitive level, I understood group souls. [Laughter] But never on a conscious level but I couldnít live up to that song. Thatís why it was hard for me because my conscious self Ö the only way I knew how to live up to that was to hitchhike and in being just nobody.


Like just kind of somebody that just showed up and then I would be discovered and I would be able to share all this great stuff with people. But as soon as I didnít do that, it became like I was trying to make a career in music or this or that. Now the interesting thing was - the guy that I ended up affiliating with and who was my greatest support in Los Angeles was Brian Holland.


He was the guy that wrote all the music for the Supremes and the Four Tops and when I was in high school, I remember listening to this amazing song by the Four Tops and I was probably driving to school or something and the first time I heard it I went out of my body. I had all these energies coming up inside of me and the song was called ďReach Out, Iíll be There.Ē Do you remember that song, Carla?


Carla: Oh, I think so. Sing a little for me.


Wynn: Well, I was going to play it but I didnít get a chance to upload it but I took the lyrics. And later I realized that a lot of things that sounded like love songs actually had another dimension to them. Because they were really God songs expressed as a love song, okay? You know, thereís a kind of love that on a human level, itís very hard to attain.


And yet, when we are moving into that aspect of loving another person, particularly at the initial stages, often times, usually, when you feel that great sense of romance and surrender, youíre seeing God in them. And, you are-loving the way the divine expresses through them and that humans usually are not ready to hold that level of love. But it youíre a songwriter, youíll capture it and youíll write it down in that moment and thatís why songs are so powerful.


So this was the song, ďReach OutĒ - this was the lyrics, you remember:


ďIíll be there to love and comfort you. Iíll be there to cherish and care for you.Ē

That was the song and so itís:


Reach out, reach out for me,

Iíll be there to love and comfort you.

Iíll be there to cherish and care for you. Iíll be there to always see you through.Ē


Donít we always want somebody like that?


ďIíll be there to love and comfort you. I can tell the way you hang your head, youíre not in love now; now youíre afraid and through the tears ďÖ


There I go, I get tears when I read it.


ďand through the tears you look around but thereís no peace of mind to be found. I know what youíre thinking, youíre alone now, no love of your own but darling reach out. Come on girl, reach out for me; reach out. Just look over your shoulder, Iíll be there to give you all the love you need. Iíll be there - you can always depend on me. Iíll be there to see you through. Iíll be there to comfort you.Ē


Thatís the lyrics. Isnít that amazing?


Carla: Um hum.


Wynn: Itís like Ö of course thatís a perfect love. And itís so hard to hold the energy of that kind of love. Because, as soon as youíre energetically involved with someone you usually get caught in the web of your shadow and their shadow and then that is what comes up. But you know what, if you can hold that space of the idea of that song for the people you care about, if you can remind yourself to look through the shadow side of the person, and your own shadow side.


And see, how can you really stay tuned-in to who they really are and this is with everyone in your life; stay tuned-in and not get pulled into the dark side of our-selves. Thatís the trick in this realm. Then, as youíre doing that, you have to make sure that thereís gratitude from the other person. Because there are a lot of people, that if you make yourself that vulnerable and caring, they will take advantage of you.


They will rob your bank account, they will use you; they will abandon you because thereís no gratitude. Itís in their consciousness to just be a user. So you canít give that kind of innocence and total vulnerability to someone who is a user or youíll end up very hurt, sooner or later.


Carla: You know I was saying to Jim the other day, my husband, that the deepest verb in our language is probably trust. Because people can say I love you, they can say Iíll be there for you. They can say all these promises but if you can trust somebody then nothing has to be said.


Wynn: Um humm.


Carla: Itís all right there. Somehow you know the people or you think that you know the people you can trust. And in a way, becoming older and wiser is a process of becoming able to penetrate the levels of distrust, the levels where people are going to play you and create of you, a victim. So that youíre left at the end saying I shouldíve not trusted him; I did and Iím so sorry, Iíll never trust anybody again.


And I think thatís the motto of so many of us when weíve been hurt is I will never let myself get deep enough with anybody to be hurt like this again. I canít do it, I mean even when your dog dies you know, because animals live so much more quickly than us and you know a dogís fifteen years is quickly gone and youíre barely - you know, youíve gone from 12 to 27 in that time but youíve got a lot of years left, the dog doesnít. And you lose that dog and you think I canít do this again. I will never have another dog. But then you get brought in, you know into having another dog because you see a puppy and theyíre so cute. So you start falling in love all over again with a new dog.


Youíve got a new dog and youíve got wonderful years of companionship ahead but thereís always that ending that the dog canít help because he lives quicker than you do. So I think trust is so, so deep. Such a deep word and in a way itís deeper than the word love because weíve used love to mean everything. You know, I love hotdogs, I love Frank Sinatra you know, I love Mariah Carey, whoever we love. And you say the same thing for I love Jesus Christ, I love Buddha, I love the Creator.


You know, you donít have a word Ö I remember Woody Allen in - I donít remember which movie it was, it was a long time ago, maybe 50 years ago, he said (you know, maybe it was Annie Hall) still 50 years ago but I remember the movie. And he said, ďI lerv you, I donít just love you, I lerv you, because you can love anybody but, I lerv you.Ē


Now he was trying to create a word that meant love, only more so. What do you do, you know you run out of words, but trust - nothing quite means trust. I trust you.


Wynn: You know, somebody [who] influenced me used to say - he had a great model to run people by and decide if he trusted them, okay? Iíll share this with you because all of you can try running this by the people in your life and see if they meet the test. It was a really interesting test. He said you know when Iím thinking of really letting someone in to be a friend, I ask myself, ďIs that the person I would like to be next to in a foxhole in a war? [Laughter] And if theyíre not then Ö


Carla: If they donít have your back then, then they never will.


Wynn: Thatís right. If theyíre just thinking of themselves and theyíre not thinking of you Ö So think of those people in your life and see if youíd like to have them next to you in that situation. Of course, we donít want to emphasize war and all of that stuff, but just the idea that would somebody let you fall? You know a lot of times (you know) friends come when youíre looking good, when youíre doing well, when youíre making money, when youíre feeling in love and itís easy to have lots of people that want to associate with you. But, as I have learned and some of you have learned - that when all of that goes away and youíre feeling desperate, needy, abandoned, hurt, most of those people are no longer there for you.


In fact, many of us donít even want to call them up and let them know how difficult the time is for us because we donít want to risk them shutting us down. We want to live in the memory of how good it was when you were looking good and they were looking good. But I think, in the future, particularly in this world thatís breaking down, weíre going to find ourselves in situations where we really need real friends. Those friends that stand by us and that means also, you stand by them.


This is a very delicate situation because thereís this element of worthiness. In other words, you have to be worthy of a real friend and they have to be worthy of a real friend. Or you have to evolve your relationship so you become worthy and because otherwise you can be a fool and be somebodyís friend Ö Like you can be there for someone else and they would never be there for you.


In this area of trust one of the things I realized that trust is something thatís developed and earned over time. Itís not something, for me, itís not something to extend to somebody immediately. And realizing that when youíre in the developing of a relationship with somebody, if youíre giving something, then youíre taking a calculated risk, which is okay. The thing is, is donít risk more than you can afford to lose.


And if you lose it and you say well that was just part of growing, of testing, of seeing if this would work. But if you give more than you can afford to lose, your life can fall apart. And that let the relationship evolve where you know that other person is going Ö that you can count on them. That they mean what they say. You know one of the things that Carla has said - that Wynn is a really good salesman, which I am.


The thing about a salesman, the negative part, can be a salesman can make something be really good. They can do something and take your money and then theyíre gone, you never hear from them again. Thereís no feeling about it. And I donít think Iím like that because Iím still here. [Laughter] But I have the ability to present things in such a manner that theyíre attractive and that puts me in a good position to do this job. Because of course weíre dealing with things that are very sacred and also very catalytic and very hard to get through peopleís logical brains and I have to find the words all the time.


Particularly with strangers or on radio shows, to translate this in such a manner that people are at least curious. What Iíve learned is thereís nothing I can say in my mind thatís going to totally change somebodyís life. But if I can make somebody curious and to reach back, then thereís enough materials in our work and Carlaís work that you really can change your life. Because now youíre accessing all this information thatís out of this realm, thatís from another dimension.


Itís higher than your normal consciousness and as you keep accessing it, you learn to go higher than your normal consciousness. I say that only because of so many people that Iíve watched that work for. If youíre listening to this call now and youíre feeling really stuck then you might give it a try (listening to our) you know we have our archives section. And I know there are people doing this. Theyíve downloaded the audios; they play them in their car, they play them at work.


Itís like a constant inundation of first higher frequencies and then a lot of understanding about what youíre going through that you can integrate, that can let you know that someone out there is aware and cares and youíre not isolated in your experience of what youíre going through. Because I think thatís the worst. I remember when I was younger and I was going through intense things, everyone else seemed together [Laughter] and I seemed untogether.


And, I mean it seemed like, why canít I be like everyone else? Theyíre all so happy, theyíre married; they have children, theyíve got jobs. Here I am, I donít know how to make who I am work. Itís like I wished I had found me then, because I would have sped up my process. I wouldíve understood myself better and I mean, I hope that for those of you that this is making sense for, it might contribute that to yourself.


You know what? Iím going to do Ö you know a lot of times we keep talking and Iím going to go into the second hour of this and do our healing session and do it really long and really get those energies to come in. Itís so amazing that weíre doing this because it goes back to my song where I said if I had a million of me but I didnít know it [Laughter] at the time. But I do have a million of me and you have a million of you. We have these invisible guys in other realms that have just been waiting for ions for people to ask for them so that they have the permission to come in and work with us.


That is the most powerful thing weíre offering and if you keep hanging in, sooner or later youíll probably get it. Carla, before we move on, do you want to say anything?


Carla: No, I think youíre on a roll. Letís go to the healing.


Wynn: Yeah, before we do that, just before you know Terry always listens and she usually is not bold enough to interrupt like you are but [Laughter] often times, in her quiet way, she has extraordinary observations about things. And Terry, are you there?


Terry: Iím here, Iím here. Yeah, I feel like even myself, Iíve been getting Ö like the last I think it was Wednesday call, somebody asked the question about energy. Well, the answer was energy. They were in a situation and things werenít going well and that kept recycling over and over the same and not coming out of it.


And they came through and they indicated that the person needed to get the energy of something else to be moved into their space; and when they could grasp a different energy, that this would help them to move out of the old energy and the old things that were going on. I know I think Wynnís been trying to get that across to me, but I really got it when they came through and they said that. How important it is to be in the energy of what it is that you would like to achieve.


Wynn: I think one of the hardest challenges is that all of us have immersed ourselves in our lives as they are now and weíre in this mirroring effect where everything is reflecting back to us and weíre caught in the web of the reflections. This is a really important concept. Youíre placed in this physical Universe, you have a little body on Earth; you have your friends, your family and every one of those people is reflecting you.


It creates an energetic lock that keeps you in that matrix of a lower aspect of yourself. And if youíre one of those people that have a higher aspect, itís not like you have to jettison yourself out. Thatís what I did when I was hitchhiking. I jettisoned myself out and thatís how I started to discover everything because nothing was reflecting me at that point. I was just alone on the road and it was just me and the world.


But that was me and I had you know a track, I was a troubadour during another life. I donít recommend that you do that, okay? But hopefully one of the things weíre doing on these calls is creating that anchor point of a higher dimensional connection. And that as you assimilate that it starts to inspire the part of you thatís above your own matrix, the world thatís all reflected back to you.


Then, as you hold it, then instead of just reflecting everybody back, you hold your center point and it becomes a more pure innocent energy and the people in your space, some of them, will respond to it. It doesnít mean you have to explain anything to them. This all happens on a psychic level. They respond to it and they start shifting. The others that donít shift, that donít respond to it, you can still engage with them without losing the connection of your highest aspect of yourself and they donít pull you into it.


At the lower levels of dealing with this, they pull you into it and then you resist and then when you resist, it creates conflict. So the resisting of it doesnít work and the immersion in it doesnít work either. It just means that you have work to do on yourself. You know we are one source of that, these calls we do and our materials and our archives, in helping presenting to you a whole other view of reality and not only an intellectual view but the energy of that reality.


And one thing thatís wonderful about working with Carla and Terry, that in spite of the fact that all of us have our lower natures, we are coming together on these calls, on our Sunday call, and we reflect the very highest back to each other. And then we learn to do that all the time so that no matter when weíre going through lower aspects I can call Carla and sheís my friend or she could call me and Iím her friend and Iím Terryís friend.


We have that friendship that you know it feels to me fits the criteria that Iíd have any of those people in my foxhole [Laughter] with me because I know my back would be watched and hopefully they know their back would be watched. That creates a beautiful relationship. But itís taken a long time in my life to have those kinds of people that I associate with. You can use that as a model, as a kind of criteria. It doesnít mean you have to reject everybody, it just means that ďput it in the right place in the cabinet,Ē and donít think of it as more than it is.


Let it be as it is because everything evolves. I mean, I would say Carla and I have known each other for six years now and we didnít step into that relationship when we first met. There was the potential there. We didnít step into it and it took quite some time to evolve to where itís at now where we can be so comfortable with each other. Even in front of all of you, publicly. Allow that aspect to be there, because then it shows a reference point of how things could be for everybody.


That it is possible to have really good friends. It is possible to trust. It is possible to connect with the higher dimensions and make that an everyday aspect of your life where you know youíre not alone, even if there are no humans to connect with. You can keep connecting to the energies of these group souls who donít have anything Ö


Well, I donít know - I mean, Iím just mocking it up that probably itís their greatest pleasure and joy to have people reaching for them because they understand in-depth, the kinds of things weíre going through. They have the ability to connect with you and they are an aspect of you. Itís The Law of One in action. And that, when you make that connection, you donít have to worry about looking for love in all the wrong places [Laughter] which I certainly have done; which many of us have done.


Many of us have gotten really hurt. We had our innocence and we got into a relationship or we got married or we fell in love and then we found out that the person wasnít who we thought they were. Usually people arenít who we think they are. So this wonderful thing of having energy friends in other dimensions doesnít mean you canít have a love relationship in here, but youíll be able to have the wisdom to see it for what it is and let it evolve.


And seeing if you hold the space of truly unconditional love for that person, if they respond to it or if they just think youíre an idiot and they take advantage of you, okay? Because you can unconditionally love somebody but it doesnít mean you have to be personally involved with them. When youíre personally involved with someone itís rather important to have some kind of energetic reciprocal connection at a high level and if you donít it doesnít mean you should leave them. If just means that if youíre one of those beings who have come into this realm with that potential, then you need to find something that responds to that in you.


Or, you need to find and reinforce this connection with the higher dimensions because they will always be there for you. And that does not mean that youíre not supposed to have a human experience because you are and when youíre having a human experience, it is okay to make mistakes. It is okay to take risks. You know when youíre taking risks then make them calculated risks so you donít risk more than you can afford to lose.


See if you can develop some people in your life that you would like to have in the foxhole with you that will watch your back and you will watch their back. Now on that note, we are going to go into our little healing session. You notice the energies are already coming in. And so many of you, you are responsible for what weíre doing here. Your ability to respond, to feel the energies have made it so we can be inspired, that we want to keep showing up. Youíre part of this creation.


This is like bringing new energies into this realm that werenít here before and that youíre part of that and youíre helping to anchor that. Many of you are on your way to mastership and to be learning how to hold these energies in your own space and your own domain, in your own dominion, in your own city. So, the human consciousness is flexible. The human consciousness changes all the time. It changes by your thoughts; it changes by your environment.


It changes by your projects, the things that you do and it changes by your intent. In the highest truth thereís no limit in your ability to expand, that we can be each other. We can be Earth. We can be the Elohim. We can be the Ra. Not on an ego level, but to be able to hold that expansion in our own human consciousness. In so doing we become a divine expression in this realm and that itís so important in this period of time.


Because one of the things that is happening is things are breaking down. The things that people were holding onto are falling apart. And when people are losing their hand-holds on the things that were making them secure, that were making them happy, they become more open. Thatís when you have the ability to hold the space to help another person because theyíre reaching. When people have it all together, when they have lots of money, they have power, they donít usually reach. In fact they just keep operating within their own little system to increase all of that.


So we see the Earth. And we all live on planet Earth and that, weíve learned that everything in the Universe is alive. Everything has a consciousness and the Earth has a big consciousness and, that thereís an-energy around the Earth and we, as part of our existence, live in the energy of Earth but we take it for granted because itís always there. So it becomes like a background program. Like living in a very picturesque city, and if you live there, often times usually you wonít have the same reaction to it as a tourist does.


So right now, we want to feel the Earth. We want to feel that connection. I tell people, put their feet flat on the ground so your soles are parallel to the floor and the ground. We can see the Earth. We could imagine that the Earth hears us talking about her and just because weíre talking about her, she gets called to action and weíre going to ask the Earth to send her energy through our floor and into our feet.


And move that energy of the Earth through our feet, through our legs, through our calves, through our genitals, through our solar plexus, through our chest, through our neck and into our head and we can feel the Earthís energy. Weíre communing with the Earth. We can send our love and gratitude to the Earth for all that she has endured in connection with holding the space for mankind, who usually often has abused her.


The reason the Earth gets abused is because people donít know the Earth is alive. Whether it is setting off nuclear weapons, whether it is drilling for oil, or just having hateful energy, the Earth feels all that and keeps holding space. So we thank the Earth for her patience. We ask the Earth to be sensitive to those who are having gratitude and for protection for those people, particularly for disasters or things that are balancing that come through the Earth.


We know that there has to be a certain amount of balancing in this time, energy release which comes as earthquakes and other things. We ask the Earth to mediate on that so that they can happen in a way that doesnít destroy lots of people, away from population centers and in small doses rather than large to release whatever energies. We now have the Earth like a finger of energy moving through our body, up to our head. And now weíre going to move through our head, through our crown chakra and weíre going to move higher than our body.


Start out like a foot above your head and all you have to do is imagine your energy a foot above your head and there it is. Weíre not leaving our body. Weíre extending our energy. We have an energy thatís occupying our body. Thatís who we really are and this energy will follow our intentions. So weíre putting the energy above our head. Now weíre going to move it up to the ceiling.


Now weíre going to move it through the ceiling, through the units above you, if youíre not on the top floor and through the roof and into the sky. You can imagine what your roof looks like; you can imagine looking down and thereís your house. Your bodyís inside it but your energy is through the roof. Then you keep moving higher. Youíre a hundred feet above your roof. Youíre two hundred feet above your roof. Youíre into the clouds.


You can imagine looking down and seeing your neighborhood below you. Now some people actually master the art of seeing while they move their [energy] body and they call that remote viewing. Weíre moving higher. We look down and we just see the circumference of the Earth and we go through whatís called the veil. When we go through the veil which is like an energy blockage around our planet, we start to have the ability to move through time as well as space.


Remember, the physical Universe is a construct of time and space. Many spiritual groups talk about something called the eternal now which means that there is no past. Everything was in the now. The past was in the now. Thereís a record of the past in the energy fields. But we are in the now and we are learning to stay in the now because everything expands from the now and change and shift because people are in the now.


In the now, everything in the past is present. Itís present in this constructed matrix which we call the Universe. Thereís one-energy that the Universe is composed of, we are all the same energy, that Earth is the same energy. As we move up the timelines in the matrix we come to a place where we, who are on this line, converge and we touch each otherís energies. We can right now just say I love you to each other because itís all of you who are making this possible. Iím not doing it. Iím with you and Iím just putting words to it. We can feel this love and we can invite now, those Sources that are positive and service-to-others that honor The Law of One, to join with us.


We create a-huge group energy of the few hundred of us on this line and the multimillions of them, however many they would assign to this project. As we do this many of you are feeling your innocence, youíre feeling your connections. You feel that space in you that is peaceful, silent, above all the dilemmas of your life. Above all those things in your life that are reflecting back to you from lower levels, youíre above them. This is a reference point.


The lower levels of reality start out up here and then they precipitate down and weíre going to move back up here shortly and work on precipitating and shifting and seeing where shifts could happen. Well letís right now take this energy that we have created, this huge pool of energy, and bring it back down through all the levels, back through the veil, back through the sky, back through our roof and back into the top of our head.


Keeping in mind that when we left on this journey it was just our own unique energy that was moving up, and now we are connected to a huge energy of millions of souls all, theoretically, (we canít see this but letís just take the hypothesis) working together. All creating congruence and bringing this energy back down. Feel it as it enters the top of your head. What we want to do is move this energy through our bodies and keeping in mind that all of us have corrupted energy to some extent or another.


That means we have points in our energy field that have been stuck for many lifetimes, places where the energy has gone. Like for example, you had trauma and the trauma created a blocked energy somewhere in your body and it continues on and on. So weíre bringing this pure energy in and we want to work on our levels of blockage and see how much we can release and free. So we come in through our heads Ö


And I should say those blockages create what we call dis-ease in our body. Itís where we canít heal ourselves. So we bring that energy through our head and through our eyes and into our brain and around our teeth and any place you feel blockage, just release it. Just release it. Itís kind of like, this energyís like a huge river and it will pick up and carry things downstream. Just let it go into this energy. Let it disburse down through our neck. If you have some physical problems, focus the energy on that physical problem.


And down into our chest and, of course, the chest is where your heart is. The heart is one of those places that not only is it the producer of the greatest joy, it also holds the energy of all the hurts weíve had for all our lifetimes. So letís move into our heart and let this energy cleanse our heart, cleanse the energy of our heart and release the energies of those miasmas that your heart is holding.


And in your conscious mind you can think of the people in your life, this lifetime, which have created distortions in the energy of your heart. The lover that abandoned you for another person, do you still have a grudge inside yourself? Do you still hate them for doing that? Letís put this energy around all of that and forgive them and let it go. Release it. Do you have someone that stole money from you? Think of them, forgive them and let it go.


Do you have somebody that talked about you behind your back and really hurt you and caused other people to judge you? Forgive them and let it go. These are all the things that hold your heart captive in this realm. If you want to graduate this realm, you have to get your heart from being captive. You have to forgive all those people who helped capture it. It doesnít mean you approve of their actions. It doesnít mean that youíll want to be friends with them.


It means you donít want to hold any energy in your body thatís negative around anything that was done to you and also anything youíve done. Chances are you have not been perfect. The chances are youíve talked about someone behind their back. The chances are you have abandoned someone and forgive yourself for doing that. You know, when you did it you probably didnít understand karma. You didnít understand that they were part of you and that by creating pain for them, on some level, it was required for you to create pain for yourself.


Right now, let it go. Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for all the things youíve done all your lifetimes that you donít remember. Make a pact, a covenant that if spirit will help you keep these things released you will use the new found energy to be of service in this realm. Letís just see our heart healthy. Letís see this energy releasing and molecularly transmuting anything which is keeping our heart in an unhealthy space. And we move to our solar plexus, our stomach area and we know the solar plexus is the seat of personal power.


You know thereís an energy that radiates from your solar plexus and that energy in the space around you creates the boundaries. So that people canít move into your energy field and grab it. Do you know if youíve ever noticed someone who is a good leader, someone who manages a company or is any kind of leader, if they are a good leader you feel the energy of their power, their solar plexus. Opening your heart, doesnít mean you discard power. The two work together.


To have leadership you need to have your second chakra activated. It creates respect from other people. If youíre operating just from your heart chakra, often times youíre too vulnerable you take on too many energies. Particularly if youíre trying to lead from that place, you need a-certain energy from your second chakra because that helps organize everything around you. It keeps people from sabotaging you and they will or theyíll try.


We move into our second chakra which is our genitals [creation chakra] and realize that itís okay to be human. That sexuality is part of our animal nature and that the real challenge is to deal with oneís sexuality responsibly. Because itís an area that can create so much joy and so much hurt. Itís an area where we connect our energies totally with another human. Who are you connecting with? Once you connect your energies in that way, you are in the karmic soup of that other person.


So pick people that donít have a lot of karma. Pick people that are on a higher path. Pick people that really you have gratitude for in their life. Because once you open this up, itís not that easy to close it down. And if youíre going to be involved with somebody but itís not going to be a lifelong relationship, then make sure you leave them better than you found them and then you wonít get karma.


Because if you move into something with someone and then you leave them and they are hurting, then you become responsible for their hurt. That keeps you bound at this realm.


Then we go to our base of our spine which is called our root chakra - has to do with survival. You know if all your chakras are working and activated together, it works with the survival thing because it attracts things to you, that attracts people to you. It attracts money to you, it attracts jobs to you. Letís just see that our root chakra is feeling energy and energized.


So we have, each of us, things that we would like to see shift and change in our life. And remember, when you ask for something you have to do the physical things necessary to bring it about. For example, if youíre looking for a job you have to apply for jobs, okay? You canít just ask. You have to go out and pound the pavement, lift up the phone. And that is part of what stimulates the synchronicity.


Letís take a moment and put in our conscious thinking, those things weíd like to shift in our life. Always for the highest good of all concerned and know that our Sources are hearing you. Theyíre feeling you and they can help. Of course they are you, itís you helping you. Itís the higher aspect of you helping the lower aspect. You can put someone you care about into this field and ask for them to be helped.


Then we have some people here (healing list) Ö Kathleen asks for all areas of her life that need healing for her highest good and to be of service to others and receive an abundant income; and to be guided to meet people and work with people for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you, I am grateful. Kathleen must have known what I was talking about today, huh? Then we have Ö


Mel in England Ö love and light to Roger Walters for his steady progress and return to health, following his being sent home to die a few weeks ago; he was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer 18 months ago and has undergone two series of chemotherapy. He is now undergoing a nutritional medicine regime along with the spiritual mind approach. We send the light to Roger. And then we have Ö


Kathleen again Ö sending the light to her cats Dennis, Bert, Merlin and Phantom.


Now we have Jayme in Tennessee Ö emotional torment, physical health and reconciliation with her children. Letís take a moment and just focus that energy towards Jayme. And then we have Ö


Laurie in Arizona Ö money, good health; protect our amendments, Bill of Rights and our Constitution. Please have the government for the people, by the people.


Gijs: 11:45.


Wynn: Thank you. And I think we better stop going through that even though we gave ourselves a full hour; I think we need a little more time to go through all of the stuff. Letís get a message from Terry.


Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Terry, myself, Carla and every person on this line, listening on the Internet, listening anywhere on our planet right now. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. We turn it over to our Sources through Terry.


RaíAn/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is RaíAn. This is July 28th, 2013 and we take a moment. And it is with profound gratitude in our energy hearts that we appreciate the opportunity to be available to each and every one of you that wishes the connection. It is profound for us and sacred that we can have the opportunity to connect and to be available to you.


We feel your reaching. We feel your need. We feel your desire to connect, to be a part of all that is to know, that you are important. You are a treasure. You are a part of all that is and it cannot be without you, ever. You are always a part. You are a part of us and we feel that when we offer the opportunity, we let you know we are there and you respond.


It is like a child coming home and it brings tears to our energy eyes that we are welcoming you and you are feeling it and you are-knowing that you are more than your body. You are more than your life in the Earth plane. You have a future and you may, at this time have your contract with your body and your life and you are more than that and we are available to you. And we look at the things on the healing list.


We see the-disconnect (and) between the health tissues. We see the-disconnect between certain things within the family and we send grace with gold energy flecks to get the energy moving from your side, you who have asked, to heal the wounds, to make you whole. And although we are speaking for only a short time, we are there. When we leave, we do not leave. We are still there. Thank you for this opportunity, this profound opportunity. We love you.


Wynn: Thank you and letís just move right now to that space where we are combining our energies in the very highest dimensions to create healing for our planet. We know that our planet has got a fight of intentions going on for it, that there are competing intentions and that our intentions as a group and, calling in the support of our Sources make a difference.


And that we ask right now for the very highest of connection as we take this group energy and we move it through the dimensions so it surrounds our planet. We see our planet surrounded in this energy and just like we were doing acupressure/

Acupuncture on the energy fields of our body earlier, we do this for our planet. We realize thereís an energy field around our planet and that everyone on the planet is creating that energy field and putting whatever their energies are in that group energy of the field of the planet.


We surround and embrace that energy. We see our Light surrounding and embracing our planet and looking for those points where the energy can be amplified. Where those positive intentions for the highest good of all concerned can be amplified and touched. And that all those people on this planet who are Wanderers, who are Star Seeds, who have come here from higher dimensions can touch this energy and feel the empowerment of it.


We surround our planet and we look for all those places of earthquake potentials and we send this energy down into the planet, through the Earth, through the ground and we ask for balancing of these energies. So any earthquakes can be moderate and a little small releasing of energy instead of devastations and away from population centers.


We see the energy between the Earth and the Sun and we send Love to the Earth Sun connection. We send the energy to all those people that are praying. That however they call on God, that they can make a connection and that their prayers can be heard. We ask for interventions in all those areas where there are destructive elements being artificially created to disable humans, to the chemtrails, the molecular repairing of everything that can be dangerous to a human.


We ask no nuclear weapons go off. We ask that all those in power can open up to their hearts and to compassion. We send the Light to all those brave people who have risked their lives and their careers and their futures by standing up and talking about things. We ask for the awareness of the general population, the vision to get through to see whatís actually at play on this planet. And to see beyond all the consensus realities that are holding them in contraction and in position and in naivety.


We see so many people have good hearts but donít know what to trust. And we ask for the discernment of people and that the truth-come through, however it needs to come through so people can wake up. On that note, weíre going to count down and come back. If you want to stay in this space and meditate and hold it, thatís a good idea but if you have things to do and you want to get back into being focused in your body, weíll just do 5, 4, 3, 2, [and] 1.


And just before we end this call, BBS I see is making noise. Weíre just about to sign-off, Don. Just to let you know that next Saturday is going to be Session 6 of The Law of One Made Simple series with Carla and that tomorrow night Carlaís going to be a guest and weíre going to look at the connection, if there is a connection weíre going to explore it, with the Ra Group and Jesus and thatís going to be a very interesting session. Thatís tomorrow night and on that note, I am going to un-mute you all and weíll see you next time Ö okay.


Everybody: Thank you, bye-bye. Thank you, I havenít heard you for awhile but I have a phone Ö Thank you Wynn, thank you Carla, thank you Terry, thank you Gijs. Thank you everybody for coming on. I send you Love. Love you all Ö 

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