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Personal and Planetary Healing Session
When you have that feeling of being loved

Sunday Call 08/04/2013
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Susan Rush
Edited by Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: Good morning everybody, this is August 4, 2013 and we are here for our Sunday planetary grid and personal healing session. We have Carla Rueckert, Terry Brown and you know what, I’m so excited about that idea that I did of making a sub-group of people who really like to come to conference calls and listen to and get notifications.

You know every time I do something that’s like to group then there’s always like a status quo and it’s always comfortable to stay with the status quo. But every time you do something there’s the thought that, “Oh my God, am I going to upset people? Is this going to work?” Everything’s kind of working already but I kept having this experience of every time I would send out an email blast, I kind of felt a rejection.

Well, I feel energy and that’s one of the good news and bad news of this job. You feel energy. In fact, I’m sure Carla feels energy and Terry feels energy and when you offer something and it’s not accepted, I don’t think you can help but feeling a little bit of hurt. Now you get over it quickly but nonetheless when I send out an email and I know that well there’s this many people opening it and the rest are shining it on, I feel a little guilty because I feel like I’m imposing on people that don’t want the email.

It’s just sitting in their email box and I know how they feel because there are people that email me, that I’m on certain lists, and that I never open their emails. I’m just waiting for their super subject-line to make me open an email, otherwise I don’t open it. So I know there are people getting my emails that are the same way. And they don’t know what happens on these calls and I think if they knew, they’d want to show up.

But the challenge in this realm is how do you communicate that to somebody? [Booming radio announcer voice:] “You come to my great call today, we have all this stuff …” and they don’t even open the email. So it’s like now I have segmented my list and I can tell who’s really interested and who is peripheral. And I mean even peripheral people might be interested but they’re either too busy, they have a family [or] they just don’t want to take the time – they don’t know what’s happening.

So it’s great to have that segmentation where it actually makes me feel more like a family connection to all those people that joined the sub-list. Do you know what I’m talking about, Carla? Carla and Terry don’t even know what I’m talking about.

Carla: I do … because you know I have a lot of email and I think of a lot of it as spam and I think of it as spam because I’m just not interested and I delete it without looking at it. Most of it is from stores but there’s the occasional spiritual or quasi-spiritual website that I know goes out to 40 trillion people and me and somehow I got on their list. And there’s nothing personal there and I just delete it and what if I thought that about you and deleted yours? You know, that would be sad. So I know exactly what you’re saying.

Wynn: Well you know, I’m using what’s called an auto-responder and an auto-responder is like an automated system and you can actually send emails to a hundred thousand people at a time. Some people do this and they’re usually selling something and often times it’s you know, a business. Because if you have a 100,000 people on your list, whatever you sell, somebody’s going to buy it on an ongoing basis. And so it becomes a business.

Now I do that, I sometimes sell things. We put up the workshop and we put that out, sometimes I put pendants … You know when I put the pendants out to the list we were actually selling them in stores for a year at least, maybe longer before I had the courage to put them out on the list. In fact, it was scary to put them in the first store.

I have a self image and my self image makes me think of myself – I’m an author and I’m also influencing people in a spiritual way and I happen to be good at business and (I do) even in Sedona, it’s a small town and I’m thinking I don’t want people to see me as a vendor. I don’t want that image. And what if no one likes it? Even to go into a store and put it in, I said, “Maybe I’d get a lot of bad feedback.” Because I remember I was very sheepish when I went into this first store and I made a little tiny display and said could we put this on your table to see if you know, how people respond? And I said, “I’ll just put it on consignment,” and I put it in there.

I didn’t even want to check on it for awhile. It’s like one of those things, … “Oh probably no one’s buying them. Nothing’s going on.” And then a couple weeks later I went in and it was at the nutrition counter and the guy Jeff that was there, said, “What’s in these things? They are selling like crazy!” You know Sedona’s a pretty sophisticated town, everyone’s into alternative health, everyone’s into energy and I had the idea that they worked.

You know we just passed them around to a few people and then he told me that people are muscle testing here, we have the psychics coming in – everybody’s coming in and they sold like seventy (70) in two months, okay? [Laughter] It was like they couldn’t believe it. Finally I went in and I put a bigger display in. And the woman that was buying them didn’t have it on consignment - and you know at the time we were trying to figure out how to do all this stuff that we do for free and pay the bills.

Mostly, Terry owns a house here and she has considerable overhead and I had the idea, well we’ll put them in some stores in Sedona. This is the perfect city for them and if we get enough stores, we’ll have a little extra money and we’ll pay the bills. And we did, we put them in about ten stores and it was working. It just kept growing – it’s still growing and I’m pretty sure it’s going to grow into a huge business, huge. And it all came from me overcoming my resistance and sheepishly putting them in that first store.

I wanted to recommend something to people that – there’s a lesson in this that anyone can use – and that is all of us have something we can do like that. And often times (and I’ve made this mistake) before you do something that’s scary and maybe it won’t work, you start telling all your friends about it. You start telling everyone about it, so now if you fail, you’ve got to fail publicly.

Don’t tell anybody about it! Speak yourself out and do something in a very small way and see if it works. And then like build it slightly and build it. Then once it’s working you can tell all your friends about it because they can’t take it away from you at that point. Often times our friends, I mean the really best friends aren’t like this, but often times we have friends that would be jealous of us if we were really successful. It’s so subconscious you don’t even know it is taking place.

But when you talk to somebody who has that predisposition and you tell them something that you’re doing that could be successful, you’re actually bringing their energy into what you’re doing and you risk the chance of ruining that seed, that tiny fragile seed that could grow. I mean one of the things that lots of people have experienced is when they have the beginnings of a new relationship. They meet somebody they like and they think there needs to be a person that I could really go for and never ever tell anybody. Well, let me just say not never ever but just be really careful of who you tell because so many people would be wishing they had a great relationship and they can so easily be jealous if they think you’re going to have one.

You take things like that and keep it to yourself until you figure out where to place it. Because every moment, and this is like a big concept here, every moment the Universe is recreating itself. Every single moment and our goal, is to stand in the middle of that recreation. Not to be stuck in the past, not to be stuck in the future. The now is where the energy is.

If you’re doing something, as soon as you talk about it to someone else, you are now recreating your Universe with that person’s hologram in it because you chose to share it with them. So often times, people share things because of … I can remember or, when I was younger – I’ll give you an example. I didn’t feel very acceptable. I mean I felt like I didn’t fit and if I was doing something that was big, that I would always tell everyone about it because suddenly people were interested in me, if you follow what I’m saying. They were interested and prior to that they weren’t interested.

Wynn: Okay, so … and you know so many of the things I talked about when I look at it now, I realized I blew the energy on it. I screwed up because I brought the energy in of a lot of people on everything that might have happened but, would very likely have been jealous if it happened. And I didn’t actually understand that principle at the time. But I do now; I do and I watch those things.

I’ve learned to share things with other people after they’re completed. Or, if you have someone that you really feel that heart connection with and you know that they support you without any jealousy, then that person can actually help hold the energies of something. One of the things we’re doing, we’re supporting all of you and many of you have had breakthroughs and it [Laughter] kind of blows my mind because we’re making this work.

We’re actually becoming a really supportive family that all of you are taking to heart. Do you know, I remember when I was younger and I thought of the idea of being successful and I thought that God, “It would be really lonely to be successful because I don’t have anyone to share it with.” And I felt the need share it because otherwise I would be stuck being really successful being at the top of something and subconsciously I didn’t want that. Even though, on the outward levels, I did.

Because I wanted to share it and it’s like you know all of you, whether you realize it or not … it’s like Dave in Mesa had been working so hard to get a job and he was on the verge of (I hope he doesn’t mind me talking; I don’t think he does.) … you know, on the verge of moving out and wondering where he was going to live, when suddenly he has a job. He comes on the line and he talks about it and it’s so exciting to have a group that shares your success.

It makes you have the confidence to be successful. And I hope we could do that for as many of you who would draw on that as possible. Because we have created an-energy of Oneness and you know creating that list of people who really want to get the messages for these calls, for me, is a big deal! I don’t know if you can understand it but it’s a big deal because you are the ones who are really, really on the inside track of this family that’s happening with this energy that happens on these calls. Where [there is] this feeling of Oneness. This morning I got so many emails from people responding and I’m going to spend part of the rest of the day answering everybody and saying thank you.

Because you’re not anonymous, you’ve been anonymous for a long time or you think you’re anonymous, and as far as I’m concerned, I know you’re there. I feel your energy. As far as our Sources are concerned, they actually tune in – they say this and I think it’s true to many of you who have had experiences – they actually tune in to you in a way that so many of you have felt that shift.

Felt that feeling of loving that can come in from the higher realms that even when you’re not getting it, here, even when it’s not happening in your physical life, you’re still getting that feeling of being loved. And you are - you are being loved! But so many people have no idea how to tune into that and I know that these calls have been helping and helping you succeed at that because once you have that feeling of being loved, all those obstacles that are in the world can start to slip away.

Because when you express a loving consciousness into the world, unfortunately, the greater world responds exactly to what you’re putting out. So when you’re feeling unworthy, the world looks at you as being unworthy. When you’re feeling unloved, the world looks at you like you don’t deserve love. When you’re feeling financially deprived, you go out and the world responds to you just as you’re feeling and it feels like you’re lucky if you get a job or if you make money.

Because in your consciousness you keep telling the Universe, I don’t deserve it. And when you start feeling this loving energy that can come in from other realms, that seems to be happening for the people on this line, many of you, and if it’s not happening yet, it’s something if you keep coming in, I believe you can look forward to it. When you feel that loving energy, you suddenly feel loved and as soon as you feel loved and you go out in the world, the world responds.

Some of you may have had the experience, you were lonely, no one was interested in you and as soon as you had a relationship, all these women or all these men started suddenly paying attention to you. Why? Because you were feeling loved and suddenly you’re more attractive. Well, here’s the trick. If you can feel loved from the other side, [Laughter] you become more attractive just as well and people gravitate towards you. Jobs become easier.

Think about it if you’re the boss in a given office – this may not work for the big corporate automaton structures but it works in a lot of other places. And that is you know when they’re looking for someone to do a job, of course you need certain skills to do the job and it’s like you need the skills but if they have ten people that have qualified skills and they get to meet someone that makes them feel good, that they can feel the loving of that person, guess who’s going to get the job?

The person that can hold the loving energy, because who doesn’t want loving energy in their office? Offices can be really a grind. People can be really wishing they weren’t there and suddenly – I mean Terry was a good example when she used to go into her law office – [Laughter] it’s like I mean she was in a law office and these guys are under stress and doing all their … she had nice people in her office.

But nonetheless, I think she helped lift – I know she helped lift the vibration of the whole office and they loved her and she worked for many years in the same office and that’s one of the keys to getting a job is to learn how to switch your energy so that you’re loving, because everybody likes a loving person and learning to detach yourself from the dilemmas and the obstacles of the moment and not let them keep you compressed.

Because when you make phone calls, when you go looking for a job, when you do anything that involves bringing in other people to help you, even if it’s making a movie, the more love you radiate, the more you get the support of other people because you make people feel better. And in today’s world particularly, people are really going through it. We’re in a shift, the systems are breaking down.

The world’s breaking down and we see it. It’s like people are nervous and they’re anxious and they’re scared. Even the bosses are scared. Is their business going to last? Can they endure the financial changes? All you got to do is learn how to tap into that loving part of yourself and that I hope these calls are helping you. I think they are; I know they are for many people because we move in to a loving space that’s not of this dimension. We move in to a loving space that moves through us from the outside of ourselves.

And as you integrate that, as you really truly integrate that you are loved, that you are cared for and even if not a single human does it for you, we have these huge – now this is what they say – if you’re listening and you’re new to these calls, you have to have this experience but these huge group souls that have been faced with the challenge of how to help humans.

You know I highly recommend – I’m going to put out a mailing later today about the Monday session we did or the Saturday session, the session we did yesterday on the connection between Ra and Jesus. And although Ra does not (in the Rueckert material, Carla’s material) ever directly say that, I drew the connection. They do say they work with people that request their help. They say that and they say something else. Carla, what do they say about that? How do they say they work with us?

Carla: They say that they wait for people to ask a question that is in the same vibration with the material that they put out.

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: So that they know that what they’re offering is vibrationally helpful with them.

Wynn: So their challenge, in my opinion …

Carla: If they choose to accept it.

Wynn: [Laughter] ‘is how do we make those humans aware of us so that they’ll ask, alright? One of the ways is putting out the Ra material through Carla … is probably the strongest thing of the Ra material is that if people relate to it in the highest manner they say, “Well, who are these guys? Maybe I should ask,” and that figuring out how to feel their energy and then ask.

Then your life begins this process of totally new possibilities. So my take on this and I did a lot of research which when I send this email out, I’m going to put the Monday call where I put the postulate out that Ra worked very closely with Jesus and there were many things that I uncovered. It’s not because I believed a channeling or they said it – I wouldn’t have believed it if they said it. But I did a huge amount of cross referencing in history and channelings and not just mine, other peoples.

It’s pretty compelling putting together an indication that Ra was very involved with Jesus and then on the Saturday call, we focused … we went out-of-water and we focused on the Ra/Jesus connection. So the value of this is that here are these two group souls that can help us. Some of us will resonate more with the Elohim, some of us will resonate more with the Ra Group. Some of us will resonate with both groups.

We’re really old souls. We’ve passed through the energies of both and that this just kind of wakes you up and it makes sense and it starts building the connection. In both cases, when you’re reading or we’re talking about … like I said if you are doing something and you tell somebody about it and they’re jealous - how it sabotages you? It brings in an-energy? Everything you talk about is recreating the moment. Everything you think about is recreating the moment.

Now if these group souls are real, then you start thinking about them and start contemplating it, you’re recreating the moment and bringing in what I think is the highest most powerful energies on the other side into your reality, not into a belief. Not into I believe they’re real but into their reality and all of this talking we do is to get through one’s logical analytic conscious mind so they start thinking maybe this is real.

Maybe I should try asking. Maybe I should look for that energy because the energies are subtle. They don’t hit you over the head, sometimes they do, everyone’s an individual and in general they’re subtle energies. They can become very strong but it starts off with a tiny little tingle. Many of you are feeling it right now just because I’m talking about them.

Of course when we do our visualization it can get really, really powerful and suddenly we really are experiencing having “friends.” Real, because they exist. There are millions of them and they’re sitting there saying how can they help us? I mean they can assign a group to work with you! There’s way more of them than people are asking, I believe, down here and so this is something that you have to learn how to work. And I thank so many of you because I take those people that responded to joining this special sub-group that are getting conference call notifications – I thank them because it’s an affirmation.

It brings me closer to you, it brings you closer to me - it brings you closer to them. And, I’m not a joiner, believe me. [Laughter] Most of my life, if I ever went into a room and somebody was giving a talk I’d be sitting by the door ready to leave. I’m not even a joiner here, I show up. I’m not a member of anything, I show up but nonetheless I feel a great sense of responsibility for this because I know it’s changing many of you out there.

And if you’re listening to this call and you’re wondering what we’re talking about, we have so many things that are available for [and] has loads of transcripts and Carla’s books are free on there. I would suggest that [you] immerse yourself into it – immerse yourself. In particular, we just did the Ra/Jesus connection workshop and you know what do we have? We have six of the Ra Sessions.

You can make a donation of anywhere from five to twenty five dollars ($5.00-25.00) and get the whole thing. Eighteen hours. Don’t think that this is not the most valuable thing that you’ve ever been offered just because it’s only five dollars. We do that because I know this can change your path. Many of the things we offer for free can change your path and there’s something in humans that think if I don’t pay for it – it has no value.

We have to ride the line of offering things for free and when we sell something and we ask for something you know, and it’s only five dollars. You know what, if everyone on our list spent five dollars to get that series of workshops -18 hours - we’d be really good but it’s a small group that’s interested. But this is where you can avail yourself of the opportunity to get, maybe, some of the most--many people have said this--that we have the most powerful teachings on the planet. I get that a lot and I think that could be true.

I mean there are many, many people that have great things to offer and I still browse the Internet and I still read things that other people are putting out. But the idea of helping people create a liaison between their alienated, lonely physical self and these group souls that can shower them with love is incredible and that’s what I think we’re doing and many of you have had that experience. So, now I’m hogging all of this and Carla, I’m sure you’re thinking I want to say this, I want to say that.

Carla: [Laughter] Actually, no, not at all, I’m just coasting along enjoying what you have to say. But I think that some people would say you’re right. Not to be too modest, I have had a lot of people say thank you through the years; you’ve changed my life and you know, God willing, for the better. And it makes you so humble and so grateful to be able to be in a position …

I mean I came into this life wanting to do one thing only and that was to serve the Creator that for some reason, I knew personally was there. I knew it and I don’t know how I knew it, I have no idea to this day, but I came-in really aware that there was a Creator and that my job was to serve this Creator and that I wanted to do that more than anything in this world.

And I thought to myself, as I was growing up you know, what can I do to serve? And I went through things like, “Well, I could work for the State Department and try to make a connection between nations and bring peace among nations and try to make a difference. Oh, I could be a nun, I could be a doctor in Africa,” and all these things that you think about when you’re a kid.

It got to where I was starting to plan college and I started to put my money where my mouth was and started to go into the political arena to make a difference. And I realized really quickly that the political arena wasn’t going to work for me because I didn’t know how to tell a lie. I was told by none other than weezy Mitch McConnell that that was the way politics worked.

You had to be able to lie and to lie well in order to be a politician and I thought, “Gosh, I’m never going to make it there,” so I switched over to pre-med. Then I got engaged and my beloved said, “I would not want a woman that couldn’t stay home and help me with my shop,” and I thought “Well, there goes that.” So I ended up taking English and you don’t prepare yourself for anything but a good life with English.

You store your mind with a lot of good stuff but it’s not a thing to take if you’re aiming for a job. So I graduated without that job aim and the marriage didn’t work out either by the way, at all. So all of a sudden I aimed where I was working at the time which was librarianship and I thought, “I could make a really good life at this. You can serve people every time somebody comes up to you in a library and asks you for something, you can help them.”

If you don’t have a book or something that they need, you can go to interlibrary loan and find it somewhere and get it for them. This is good, I’m serving the way I wanted to serve and I was content. But then my life kept changing and I ended up channeling just by making life decisions according to my heart and making promises that I kept and in seeing my path change constantly in front of me.

All of a sudden it settled down and I was channeling and people were starting to say, “You’re really helping me out.” And I realized, my heaven I can’t believe this, but spirit has landed me exactly in the best place I could possibly have been and I get to serve. How many people you know have this feeling and they get it like every day? I mean golly, somebody writes me almost every day from somewhere in the world. Because my work has been around long enough that it’s gone hither and yon and back again; and a lot of people have seen the stuff.

Their children have and then their grandchildren have and they say, “You know, your material has really helped and I am so thankful,” and I get lifted up so much every time I hear that. Because I have faith enough to know that the material is useful, if you take hold of it it’s useful in your life. It can settle you down and set you on a course that you would want to go on and that will do you well. That is so satisfying to me.

So I think that you know planning hasn’t worked for me in my life. Planning … screw it. It’s no good whatsoever. It doesn’t work. But trusting spirit has worked and has set me down right where I hoped to be. You know that Quaker song that says, “Set you down right where you want to be.” That’s just what it’s done for me and I am so grateful.

So I guess my thought today is to trust spirit, if that makes any sense. [Laughter]

As you see Wynn, I’ve just been floating along and thinking that you’re doing a good job [Laughter] of lifting my spirits up for the day. So, does that help or shall I keep on going? Have I gotten where you wanted to go? [Laughter]

Wynn: Well, let’s see if Terry will say anything. You know, it’s good to put Terry in the spotlight …

Carla: Definitely.

Wynn: ‘because she is shy and you know often times she has very …

Carla: ‘but she has very, very, not clever, but wise.

Wynn: ‘but wise and deep perceptions …

Carla: Yeah.

Wynn: And you know she has actually held the grounding for this work for a long time. You know she saw the value when it was happening and if it wasn’t for Terry, we wouldn’t be doing this, Terry and Daphne. Daphne was like a match that started a little fire and Terry was like the wood that kept the fire burning.

Carla: A big log, yeah.

Wynn: A big log, right. [Laughter] So Terry, are you there?

Terry: Yeah, I’m here. Yes.

Wynn: Now you don’t have to say anything but did anything inspire you in this stuff we’re talking about?

Terry: Yes, I originally was in the other realm, I was in the heavenly realm, and I was trying to figure out when people came back from living a life in 3rd density – how come they were so unfocused and their attention seemed to be all wrapped up on something that they couldn’t even seem to identify. And it was really hard to get them focused back in the higher realms.

So I didn’t understand what could be done and so I decided to come here and to find out how things worked. So my whole focus has been on “how do things work” and I originally took Physics because I thought that could explain to me how things worked but it didn’t explain how they worked. It just had descriptions, mathematical formulas of the workings.

So then I went more into metaphysics and this work has been amazing in answering a lot of the questions that I have had in how things are put together and how things work. Also, how people can get interiorized into a problem with the big challenge of how to solve it, and then their attention gets all wrapped up in that and they don’t look outside the box where their solution probably is.

So it’s been an amazing journey for me to be able to connect with the Elohim and to be able to put things together. My work with Wynn and Carla has been amazing and (even Daphne) in opening doorways that I’ve been able to step through; and having a creative team here working in the same direction. And I hope eventually there will be other people that can join, in a creative way, too.

It’s like having friends out there that I didn’t know were there--and all the people on the line that are coming-in and are interested--it’s like building a family. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you Terry. You know I thought I’d read a couple of the emails that have been coming in. This is from Susan:

I’m not a joiner either but thanks for leading me to this All is One idea. I just got an ‘Ah ha’ from something you said just now. We can really and accurately say that we have friends in very high places, even higher than the original meaning because it refers to mere humans, right?

And then, we got here from Dean Turner in Oklahoma:

Firstly, you had a great Ra material session yesterday; I thoroughly loved and enjoyed it. That’s the one that Carla and I did, The Law of One Made Simple. I read the bible a couple times and excerpts from it many times and I still do and it’s getting easier to feel the parts that are positive and the parts that are mixed. But I learned new … (I gained new - something yesterday) and gained some additional perspective on others. Thanks.

Thanks Dean for writing, I hope you don’t mind that I read your email. Somebody said Carla’s audio sound is weak, intermittent; and Gary Brownlee said that we have to be more professional and not let the phone ring (Terry). So let’s try to prepare for these calls and get the second phone out of your room so when it rings we don’t hear it and I’ll do the same. Or take the battery out of it or something.

Terry: Well, I need to hear it because that was a person that couldn’t get on this morning and they were trying to figure out how to get on.

Wynn: Okay.

Terry: So sometimes I get calls like that. How people can get in touch with us to let us know that they need more information to get on or something.

Wynn: Okay, we’ll figure that out. Maybe Jim will answer the phone or something, okay? Let’s see if we have any other … probably I don’t have time to open all the emails from people. But a lot of people are responding that they got my second email today.

So Colleen in Vancouver says I love you guys so much! Well, thank you. I mean ‘us’ guys probably spent a lot of our lives not feeling very loved and it’s so nice to feel the love from all of you radiating back to us and the love of the higher realms radiating into this realm. You know what, it is 10:56 and … let’s see, here’s another one: Thank you for your great work! That’s from Cecil Miranda. Thank you Cecil and thank you for paying attention and inspiring us because you guys inspire us, believe it or not.

It’s like we’re doing this as a team and you’re helping. In fact you’re not just helping. If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, is there any sound? No, there isn’t. Even though we know there is, it needs someone to hear it for there to be sound. And you guys are taking the energy and sending it back. You notice how it’s shifted, those of you that have been on these calls for a long period. Some of you say Wynn you’re doing so much better. You sound so much more confident, you’re this, you’re that.

That’s not actually what’s happening. What’s happening is we’re sending energy out and when we first started, there was no energy coming back. And then we’d have to go for like a half an hour going through stuff and then suddenly energy started to come back and we did that for quite some time. And the energy’s been building. Feel it, if we send energy out to you and it comes right back and then we send it out again and it comes right back. Now when these calls are happening, the energy start to come in before the call, not a half hour into it, because we are starting to build our energies in the higher realms just in the anticipation of the call, all of us.

We hit the ground running so we are doing this together. We have anchored something on this planet that’s really special and you are doing it just as well as me and Carla and Terry. And by learning how this works, you folks are on the road to becoming the masters of the future. This is the energy, if it doesn’t transform the realm (which it may not, I mean this is a pretty funky realm) it will transform some of the people that you come in contact with.

You know, I don’t use this as bait because I could and it would be wrong. I’d say when you learn to hold these energies open and you keep your heart open, it means, from what we’ve learned, that you’re going to graduate this realm. But you know what that’s not the reason to come in to these calls because that would be fear-based. “I better show up because of this ...” You come in to feel the energy because it feels better, right now.

Having an open heart makes your whole life be different. Everything starts to respond to you differently. On that note, let me just see if Carla has anything she wants to add then we’ll go into our meditation.

Carla: Let’s go right into the meditation Wynn.

Wynn: Okay. So the Universe is one being and we are all subsets of that one being. And one of the things that happens when you take a body on planet Earth is amnesia and you lose the connection. Most people lose the connection with All That Is. They don’t have a memory and there’s not a lot of love here. Love wakes up the connection.

Love is the lubrication that makes us see each other each other in each other. To see me in you and you in me and you know there’s a general idea that we are all one. Lots of people have said that. It’s like moving from the idea of being all one to the experience and that’s what this meditation is about, this visualization. Moving into the experience and it’s an unusual experience. You know, it’s hard to describe to someone that hasn’t experienced it because we feel the connection. We feel each other. We feel our Sources. Did you notice that I didn’t start this in the usual way, and just in the way we’re doing it, how present that energy comes in; and that tingling all around us and the sense of connection?

It’s because so many of you are hitting the ground running. You can feel the energy in the silence. [Silence] Now we can be specific and we will see the Earth, and we all have in common, two things. The Earth is under us, it’s our foundation and the celestial realms are above us. So the Earth comes in from the bottom, the Earth’s energy and the celestial realms come in from the top, through the crown of our head. From a human level, it’s all invisible. Our senses are not designed to pick it up.

But we do have a sense that is designed to pick it up. And I don’t know what the name for that sense is but we do it every Sunday. So imagine the Earth’s energy just coming up through your feet and through your legs and imagine that the Earth is alive and it can feel you. It knows you’re there. It’s hosting you and that just like everything else in the Universe, the Earth likes to feel affinity with all those beings that are on its surface.

So let’s tell the Earth in our minds, [we] love her and we thank her and we’re grateful for her hosting us. Because most people don’t know the Earth is paying attention to them. The Native Americans do. Let’s feel that loving connection with the Earth right now and move those energies through our body; through our energy fields of our body, through our genitals, through our chest, through our solar plexus, through our neck right up to the top of our head.

Can you feel that energy moving through your body? Now we’re going to move through the top of our head, above our head to the ceiling and we’re going to move through the ceiling. Just in your imagination, just track this in your imagination. Imagine that you’re above your head and that you’re up at the ceiling and you’re not leaving your body. You’re not astral traveling. You are in your body, you’re body is radiating this energy up and down and you’re at the middle point.

You’re going through the roof and into the sky. You don’t have to worry if this is really happening or not, just use your imagination and see how your body transforms, the feelings in it. We’re moving through the clouds, through the sky and there’s this thing called the veil and it’s an energy field that surrounds the Earth that contains us. I believe it’s there by design so that people can’t expand. We’re going to move through the veil and we’re going to move above the veil. And we’re moving through space and now we’re moving through time as well.

We’re moving through our past lives. We’re moving through all the things that created trauma and hardship in our body, all those memories--some that you’re aware of and many that you’re not--and we’re moving through them. Because all time exists simultaneously. As you move through them, you move above them. And we finally come to the place where we converge, where we--all of us on this line, all of us on the replays, all of us listening on the Internet--we converge and we touch each other, our energies.

You know, just as we said hello to the Earth and we love the Earth, let’s say I love you to all of us that are on this call and that are listening. Do you know that we love each other because we couldn’t do this (most of us) by ourselves. This energy is unique to a group coming together and communing. As Jesus said, when two or more are gathered, this is the experience. We bring in all that connection from this group energy.

Just imagine that, you know, we’re just projecting ourselves into this other dimensional place. We’re a group and now we’re going to invite our Sources. These two group souls that we’re just hypothesizing that we can do this because they exist in another dimension and there are millions of them. They are so happy, as they have expressed it, to find a pathway to have their energy felt in this realm. We invite them into our group.

Now we have a conglomerate energy that we have built. We’re not stuck here. This is just in this moment. This is a free will association of us and them. Even though it’s happening outside of what our physical sense is – can be aware of – many of you feel the connection. And when we have this huge group energy, we also have the power to create intention.

Intention is the human quality that penetrates through the veil and causes things to rearrange in other realms that precipitate into a change in this realm which can look like a miracle. It’s not a miracle. It’s just a Universal law, not a law of Earth. It’s a law that the Universe works this way that it tracks intention and intention precipitates and in our group we have the proviso that intentions has to be for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. And even when we don’t know if that’s true, we ask that and this works this way, we don’t get the assistance from the other side unless it is true and sometimes you don’t know.

So you have to let it be. You have to let it unfold and not say, “Well, I put this out and why didn’t it happen?” Right now, everyone has something that they would like to happen in their life that’s not happening. Each of you has that and we’ll take a moment and hold silently whatever that is, that it can manifest for you. Whether it’s healing, whether it’s expressing love to another person or someone you care about. You can send them good energy.

You can send this energy – this light to them. Again, there’s the proviso: for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. We’re going to take a silent moment here and allow you to hold the space for transformation in any way you see it, and this can be also for your planet. We’re going to do more on the planet, later. But just hold that energy, hold that intention and put it into this group energy. [Long period of silence]

Carla: I’m not sure where Wynn has gone.

Wynn: Oh, here we go, here we go. I’m talking away, and … [Laughter]

Carla: There you are … I was just about to say this has gone on too long, I better do something.

Wynn: Thank you, thank you … I muted myself when we went into that silence and I forgot to un-mute myself. And somebody emailed me and …

Carla: ‘Now you have to say I’m sorry to Terry. [Laughter]

Wynn: ‘I’m sorry to Terry?

Carla: There you go.

Wynn: Oh, oh for the mute, alright. [Laughter]

Carla: Yeah.

Wynn: Right, well I’m going to have to take lessons from Terry, okay? Now, I was saying something really good too … what was I saying?

Oh, we have this energy and we put our hopes, our dreams - our wishes into this energy and it’s amplified. The more you can hold things there, the more they can manifest into the physical. You know it’s not just luck when things happen in the physical.

It looks like luck sometimes but it’s not just luck. It starts out with the intentions from other realms coming together and creating synchronicities, healings, whatever. Let’s put some of the things that people have emailed me … I know what I was saying [before], I was saying, you know it’s a good exercise that when you want things to shift and transform, it’s a good idea sometimes to write them down.

It grounds the energy. When you write anything down and it’s in the physical, it makes a connection from the higher realms to the Earth. And you might try it if there’s something you’d like to happen. Have a little book, keep a journal and write down things you’d like to happen and see if that doesn’t increase the speed at which your intentions manifest.

And we have Chris who is asking for healing, protection from negative beings and energies and a job.

And then we have Barbara in Twin Falls, Idaho who is putting her brother’s nursing home issues and his pending Medicaid approval; her sister Pat, her health issues, her friend Kevin’s challenges and our relationship in the Light for divine healing and wholeness. May we all be blessed with joy, harmony and divine wholeness into our divine templates in all aspects of our lives--mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. I am grateful for all blessings seen and unseen and I’m full of gratitude. Thank you. And she’s blessing her three kitties and her aging dog Bogie.

That is very sweet. Thank you for being such a blessing to the people and things you care about.

And we have Lyra in Fort Worth, Texas. This is somebody sending it to someone else. She says my friend Lyra needs her spleen healed. So I read that but it’s good to put your name.

And Eve, who doesn’t put her city or anything but her name; Eve, we send this energy to you.

Michael in San Diego healing for his brother Steven and his nephew Shane.

And Wilbert in Brooklyn … he’s asking that the following numbers be the first prize winning numbers for tonight's Powerball lottery jackpot. Now Wilbert, you forgot to say you’re going to give us a big donation if you win. But I’ll say this anyway: 1, 5, 7, 11, 21, and BB 25.

You know we do have this guy in Las Vegas … Hi David if you’re listening. And I believe it happened …

Terry: It’s Atlantic City.

Wynn: Atlantic City, I’m sorry, Atlantic City. And David went gambling a few months ago and he said if I win something I’m going to send some money to the work Wynn is doing and he won ten thousand dollars and sent us a bunch of money and we got an email from him – we’re still waiting for the envelope. But it happened again. Watch your mail … So I’m sure it was just coincidence, right? Right - okay.

We have J.B. in Ann Arbor, Michigan is putting Gabrielle McMichael’s in the light and healing energy during her struggle to survive and to increase functionality in her pancreas.

And then we have Donna in Toronto … personal healing and something called Acoustic Neuroma.

And we have Mary in Lafayette, Louisiana … healing her body from depression and extreme fatigue.

And then we have Everett in Phoenixeyesight. Terry, who was that doctor that had that thing for macular degeneration?

Terry: Dr. Jerry Tennant. He’s in Texas and he’s an M.D. and he’s discovered a lot about macular degeneration and other eye diseases.

Wynn: Okay - and Marianne in Los Angeles … she’d like a wonderful new job that is close to home working in my profession and a new and lasting love relationship in my life with a man that I share common interests with.

Marianne, if I was you, I would be attending you know Vaughn Faulkerson’s -who lives in North Hollywood and on Sunday’s is opening his home for people to attend our Sunday sessions, live, and he’s got a group of people, probably. I don’t know if his email went out but if you’re not aware of him, email me and I’ll make sure that you get into contact. It seems to me as the Sunday sessions grow it would be a great place to meet somebody, okay?

And Marianne would like a healing for her body, mind, spirit and emotions and help with finding the perfect romance. God, it could even be Vaughn, uh oh. Don’t listen to this Vaughn.

Pat in Birmingham, Alabama Keep my Emily in the Pink Light of love ... Elohim Grace, keep her covered with your golden sparkles to lessen stuck geometric matrices between her and her boyfriend. Thank you Elohim for the "coincidence" of listening to George Noory last summer ... I never would have met Wynn Free and this work. Thank you, Pat.

Marsha in Panorama City and you know what, this is an old one. I think I’m going to stop reading these.

So if you have something that’s important, let’s just move into the silence, put it out again – just put the thought out. Put it into the field for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. We ask for the help and support of all those positive energies in other dimensions to make my own dreams manifest. To make me healthy, wealthy and wise and that if you hold the thought that you’re dedicated to service and that if things come to you and blessings come to you, that you’re going to use all that to help this planet and increase the strength of the request.

Now, let’s bring this energy of this huge conglomerate energy that we have created with the help of our interdimensional friends, and bring this energy down through all the levels. Through the clouds, through the veil, we’re moving through the veil, through the sky, through our roof, through our ceiling, into the top of our head and we’re going to move it through our body. And everywhere we move it through our body it’s going to clear the energies. For the highest good, it’s going to release stuck energy and miasmas and hurts and pains in your body.

If this works for you, on these Sunday calls, I would suggest listen to this part of our call every day, twice a day because it’ll come in on the replays. Because these are old habit patterns and this is like reprogramming your matrix and that usually, even when you feel it on the call it comes back. But over time it starts to not come back or it comes back less. Move this through your body, any place there’s imbalance. Release it through your heart, through your solar plexus, through your genitals, through your legs and back into the center of the Earth.

Shut your eyes, if they’re not already, and feel the connection to the Universe - your tiny little body and this huge energy that you are part of and that is the connection to All That Is. It’s always there and it’s always available when you ask. It doesn’t mean you can be here all the time. You have to take care of your mundane life but you can take care of your mundane life and still be here, I should say.

Let’s call in the Light. Now you know calling in the Light is one of those few little rituals that we do and the truth is that we just called in the Light. Right what we just did. So this is redundant and the value of it is, is that you can use this, if you’ve learned to attach energy to the words, you can use this as a shorthand to making this space happen.

Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

We turn it over to our Sources to speak to us through Terry Brown, at this moment.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is August 4, 2013 and we are delighted to be with each and every one of you that wishes connection with us whether it is on a later transcript that you are reading, or on the replay line, or now in the time that the recording is being made.

We thank each and every person for being with us and for the participation in every degree that each of you is participating. And we thank you, those that have given donations for the work. If you would like to find more information, we have a number of transcriptions and all the audios that are up and they are on and they are available there for free.

We thank Bogdan for having set up this website and for Gary for keeping it up and for Connie for doing transcriptions and Susan and Rick and Valerie [and] every other person that has contributed. As this is a vast body of information that you can go into and find more information and we are very thankful for everything that you have done and also for the network that Carla has put up in making her channelings available also.

We take a moment and we look at those things that you have put into the Light and those things that you would like to change. And we see each of you and we see that within your own separate matrix that it is possible for you then to step even farther and to access those higher energies that are available to you outside of your toroid matrix.

And to be able to step outside and access the healing, the grace, the toolbox that you can then bring in through your matrix. The key is to ask. When you ask, then the Universal forces, the higher realms know that you wish the change and the key is to ask. And then it makes it easier to bring in the forces that can help you to make the changes that you seek.

Asking is the big key. Intending, desiring the change is a big key. For then it can be given. We take a moment and we look and we see those things that you are asking for. And we see the Universe begin to change, to take those things into account and make space for those things that you wish in your life. And we are there beyond manifestation. We are there, hearing you. We are there and we continue to be there even though our voice--the channeling ends, but we continue to be there. We leave but we do not leave. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you very much. Right now we’re going to move into that place of the-group energy where we are operating as a team and with the support of our Sources, part of the team. We’re going to create planetary intentions, planetary shifts. That, we’re going to create requests for planetary shifts for the highest good of all concerned.

We just did a whole bunch of personal requests, some of which were planetary. But things for your own person, as your own small body and your own little life, and it’s really not a little life, you may think it is but it’s not. Because each of us is impacting the collective, each of us is recreating the Universe. Each of us who are learning how to connect to this thread of energy, to this bridge of energy beyond the veil of this realm – are recreating the Universe.

Recreating the potentials and possibilities and this is really important right now. Because, as many of you know, there are a lot of beings that have negative intentions or self-serving intentions. And you know what, the Universe responds to them as well. They do not have the advantage of having these group souls working with them and we do. We need more people on this line to make this more effective.

But we see our energy and we can just imagine this group energy superimposed on the physical Universe. We see it surrounding the entire Earth like a blanket. We see the Earth has all these areas of darkness that are created by those people of negative intention and we’re not going to try to change that. That would be a violation of their free will. That’s how free will works, even though it can create a lot of hardship for people.

We have to work around it and so we do. We flow around all those energies and intentions that are holding anything negative in them and we move it right down into the Earth, through our bodies. We surround our planet and there are all those beings on this planet who have incarnated here to lift the vibration, that have an intuitive automatic ability to connect with these energies. They’re called Wanderers, they’re called Star Seeds and many of them have gotten lost. Because they came here to do this and they come here and they forget that. And we send this energy to them all. We send this hope that they find something that helps them connect and implement their original mission to come down and take a body. Those people – and there’s millions and millions of them … Carla Rueckert’s work had said in 1983 (or in that period of time) there were 65 million Wanderers and that is people from the Ra Group that took bodies.

There’s probably way more now, and that didn’t include, I believe, maybe it did but I don’t think it included the Elohim Star Seeds that are in this realm and they’re all like sleeping seedlings waiting to be awakened. And I put the hope that they can feel this energy and that they find the thing that awakens them because they are one of the hopes for the planet.

We send this energy to Egypt, to all the conflict that’s going on there - the people that are being hurt. We send it to the entire Middle East, for the highest good of all concerned. We send this energy for the quality of discernment in the population and that people tap into the highest truth. And we surround the planet again with this Light, this energy and we’re going to go on an earthquake seeking mission. Not an earthquake seeking mission, but an earthquake fault seeking mission. You know underground there are these plates that are against each other called tectonic plates. When they have a certain movement between them we end up with an earthquake. Part of this is the Earth releasing, releasing its own built-in stresses. And we’re going to ask that this energy moves through the crust of the Earth but finds those places where there are tectonic plates and surround them.

If there’s any decision making process here, in the consciousness of the infinite that decisions be made that earthquakes can be released gradually and away from population centers; small earthquakes away from population centers.

And so if you happen to live in an area where there is a fault underneath you, see that energy just moving right through your body and underground. And in particular, let us work and focus our energies on the area around what’s called the "Ring of Fire" around the Pacific Ocean. We start in South America and we focus this energy like a laser beam. So we’re going up through Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, through the west coast of South America.

So we go up to Central America, through the west coast of Central America. Up through the west coast of the United States, Chula Vista, California, San Diego, slowly moving our focus … Orange County, Los Angeles and we just work with Vaughn’s group or whoever’s there even if it’s one person with Los Angeles holding the space for safety and protection in the L.A. area.

We go from Los Angeles (and I mean Los Angeles environs, not just the city), all the area that has earthquake faults within a 30-mile, 50-mile, 100-mile radius of L.A., up through Ventura, through Carmel, Monterrey, and then San Francisco and its environs. And then up through - north across the Golden Gate Bridge through Sausalito and Marin County and Concord. We know Francis is in Concord and thank you for holding the energy in Concord, Francis and anyone else in that area.

And we move from there to Northern California, through Oregon, through the coast of Oregon and we can just envision it on a map, through Portland, through the coast of Washington state, through Seattle. All the mountains which could turn into volcanoes and we just see them staying as mountains or small eruptions if that happens. We have Mt. Hood and Mt. Ranier and anywhere else on our planet that this might be the case.

Then we go to Vancouver in British Columbia and up the coast of Canada and across southern Alaska. They said, in a recent session that Alaska was one of those places that were particularly vulnerable so let’s really focus a lot of energy on the southern coast of Alaska. And, across to Russia, down the eastern coast of Russia, and then China, and then Singapore, and Hong Kong, and the Philippines, and Australia, New Zealand, and of course Japan.

Back to Japan and the nuclear reactor that has been spewing radiation and we ask that the radiation be capped and limited, for the highest good of all concerned. And Hawaii, we see the entire area – we look at it like we are powerful and we’re moving our energies all the way from the beginning of the Universe, down through the area surrounding the Ring of Fire.

And we just see a huge energy blessing and uplifting that entire area and protecting. And we move it to the middle of the country. To what’s called the New Madrid fault, centered in St. Louis. And we see protection all the way from St. Louis to the Gulf of Mexico and into the Gulf of Mexico. We send our energies under the ground, like powerful and holding the space together for protection from movements of the tectonic plates that could create a lot of tragic stuff for this country.

And anywhere in the world, just put ourselves on automatic finding – earthquakes, tsunami’s, volcanoes – we just ask them to be tempered. And anywhere there are droughts, we ask for rain to fall. And we ask for interventions, we ask for protection. We ask that nuclear weapons be disabled and not be allowed to go off. We ask that any synchronicities that can disable self-serving things that don’t violate free will, for the highest good of all concerned, can occur.

We ask for protection from our atmosphere, from things in the sky – Chemtrails.

We ask for molecular redistribution of anything that can be reconfigured that’s harmful, to be reconfigured now. We ask for awareness amongst the population of this planet and we ask for more people learning how to create intentions. Whether they use God or whether they use Allah, whether they use Elohim and Ra – understanding there’s only one-energy in the Universe - we ask to amplify the intentions of all those people who are praying and reaching and asking.

We ask for the amplification of all those intentions for the protection and evolution of our planet. And on that note, I want to thank all of you for being here, all of you who have been supporting our work, all of you that have made donations - I’d like to thank you. I’d like to thank all of our volunteers who are doing transcripts, who are putting things up on The Spirit Channel so that you can read them.

You know there are so many things we could be doing that we just don’t have the time or the help for and we’re doing the best with what we have and I thank all of you who have been helping us. I’d like to thank, in particular, Terry and Carla for being in support of this Sunday call. I’d like to thank Daphne for helping light the match and I’d like to thank all of you who are showing up and I’m going to play … I think I’m going to play a song here.

Let’s see if I can do this. Let me see if I’ve got it here. I’ll tell you what - we are just going to end here.

Gijs: What song do you want, Wynn?

Wynn: Well, I have the songs open here. I thought I opened or put a song up … I’m just going to play Paco bel, Canon in D to close off (one). And those of you that need to come back into your bodies, let’s just count down, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. If you’re on BBS, this song will probably end after we’re put off the air. So let’s see here … we’re playing. [Music] Alright, we’ll see you next time. Thank you so much, all of you for being here.

Everybody: Thank you … See you tomorrow, love you all ... Thank you Terry, Wynn, Carla, Gijs … Love and blessings for us all, love you all …

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