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Personal and Planetary Healing Session

Sound is connected to our chakras; levitation;the Annunaki

Sunday Call 08.25.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free with Carla Rueckert
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson


Wynn: Good morning, this is 10:05 a.m., August 25, 2013, and we are going to start with - I think I’ll play one of my songs. Are you guys ready?

Carla: I’m braced.        

Terry: Ready.

Wynn: Here we go. Carla, do you have any of your songs recorded?

Carla: Oh, I think I probably do somewhere. I’d have to dig them up.

Wynn: You know this is a song that I wrote, I can’t even tell you how many years ago - I remember when I wrote the lyrics - I said how did I write that? I mean I don’t know where it came from. I identified with being a hippy but these weren’t exactly hippy lyrics and they are so perfect for the work we’re doing now. I think I was kind of channeling when I was writing songs or I’m sure I was tapping into other dimensions.

Because I remember the process of how I would write something down and then one line would go to the next, to the next and I didn’t even know what I was writing about. You know you think that when you hear something that’s really well crafted, you think, “God, what a brilliant guy. He started with an idea and look how perfectly that fit together.” But I couldn’t take any credit, I would write a line down on a piece of paper and then another line and then another line and by the time it came to the end it would all fit together.

But I didn’t know where it was going when I started …

Carla: [Laughter]

Wynn: ‘I just wrote it down. Is that like channeling, Carla?

Carla: Well, it’s a kind of channeling, I suppose.

Wynn: A kind of channeling? I mean now we do - this whole call is like that. We start out and we end and it all fits together. But in any case, let’s see here.

Everything You Do Becomes a Part of You, by Wynn Free

We are sailing on spaceship earth in our common bond;

Bodies made of flesh and blood, notes in the universe’s song;

We all make a melody, dancing patterns, points of light;

Rainbow messengers, colors swirling into white;

Everything you touch becomes a part of you,

Everything you touch becomes a part of you,

Everything you see, everything you do is part of you.

We are sailing on spaceship earth reaching for the sun;

Finding the freedom of the many to the one;

Like the angels of the morning and the devils in the night;

We’re going nowhere special at the speed of light;

Everything you touch becomes a part of you,

Everything you touch becomes a part of you,

Everything you see, everything you do, is part of you;

Everything you touch becomes a part of you.

Everything you touch becomes a part of you.


Alright, I don’t know if you could hear the lyrics. Did you hear the lyrics, Carla?

Carla: I did hear the lyrics and they’re quite lovely.

Wynn: Thank you.  Carla, I’m just curious. You sing …

Carla: I do.

Wynn: Did you ever chant? Did you ever do any mantras?

Carla: In my practice? Oh, every once in awhile I’ve gotten off on doing that. It’s far enough away from what usually works for me that I don’t do it often but yeah, every once in awhile I do.

Wynn: You know the reason that people do that?

Carla: I don’t know. To keep themselves from thinking, I suppose.

Wynn: Well, now this is something that I decided for myself awhile ago, you know and I might be wrong but I don’t think so. Because I thought maybe we would try this. I’d like to get some feedback from the group of how it works for them. What happens is sound is connected to all your chakras or at least I guess the second chakra up - that when you let a sound from your mouth, it’s vibrating, potentially, at different chakra levels. That’s why certain people’s voices - Karen Carpenter - I mean there’re lots of people. Karen Carpenter has such a pure deep voice and it covers such a range of energy in her body. And other people, I’m sure many people … Well, the idea of a mantra - probably the most famous mantra is Om. The idea of it is to stimulate energies in your body to help open your chakras up. So if you take a look at Om, the sounds of it – now you can do this wrong and if you do it wrong it won’t work. Like you can say [High pitched, nasally] Om – that’s all just in my throat. You know how sometimes people can speak out of their throats, but if you get the Om sound, it’s [Om, deep, from the chest] it goes right to your solar plexus [Om] and then the M part of it goes right up to the top of your head or your third eye. So it’s Om, Om – did you ever realize that Carla?

Carla: Well, I had never heard any theory about it but I had been taught that it was in three separate stages: the ah, and the oo and the mm.

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: ‘and that the ah was deeper and then the oo was higher and the mm, of course with the closed lips, was higher still.

Wynn: Right.

Carla: So it all fits together, yeah.

Wynn: That is my theory, okay?

Carla: And you’re sticking with it.

Wynn: And I’m sticking with it and well, I mean obviously it vibrates in those areas and so …

Carla: Um. Hum. Well, it makes sense, why not.

Wynn: Yeah, if it’s vibrating in those areas, it helps those energies to open. Om you see it’s a smooth flow that goes right from the solar plexus. Om, by the time you get to m, you are vibrating around the top of your head. So it’s not just a mystery and I think people would find that if they would do a mantra or a chant and it had the right vowels and syllables in it, that they could give their chakras a workout if they kept doing it over time and help open themselves up. Now I think on this particular call that we do every Sunday, we are working on all those things and we’re working on them energetically. And I think there are points in the call where we are stimulating areas outside of our bodies, not just our chakras. But one theory of DNA is that there are 12 strands and the first 7 strands relate to the first 7 chakras. So when you are doing Om, you would be stimulating the first 7 chakras. Then of course, when we talk about leaving your body and going above your head and going into the sky and into the Universe, you’re stimulating the next 5 chakras.

But you know the key to graduating this realm is to have an open heart chakra, slightly more than half, or being of service slightly more than half. For people that are stuck there – I’d like to get feedback if some of you try this. If you feel an-energy then I thought we’d do it as a group. If you feel an-energy when we’re doing it, you might try it yourself during the week and see if it helps keep you open. Let me see here, let me make sure – I’m going to un-mute everybody. [Unmute] We just un-muted you all - would you like to try that together, doing an Om?

Everyone: Sure; yeah.

Wynn: Yeah? I’ve got to … let me see here – see if I can mute some of these people. I muted myself, okay, if you’ve got noise in your background maybe you could voluntarily star *6 yourself, okay? Did any of you ever try chanting? All the lines are open now. [Silence] Nobody ever tried it, right?

Everyone: Oh yes; yes; sure did; yes.

Wynn: What did you chant?

Everyone: Om.

Lucy: Om and there’s another one also with Hare Krishna.

Wynn: Hare Krishna.

Duane: Hallelujah, works real good.

Wynn: Hallelujah? Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. You know hallelujah, I mean it might have religious terminology but when I say hallelujah (hallelujah) it doesn’t get me - the vibrations of it don’t seem to move up high. Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, I’m checking this out. I know Hu - just the Hu word - some people use Hu. Anyone else try anything, ever?

Everyone:  Om, madhney padney, om.

Wynn: Om madhney padney om – I’m familiar with that one. Well, okay. We’re going to try it for a few minutes and we’re going to hear each other with the mikes open and check out how the vibration of our group feels after we’re finished. This is voluntary so if you don’t want to do it, don’t. If you think you have your family in the next room and they’re going to think you’re crazy [Laughter] they’re probably right. [Laughter]

Lucy: Right. We’re all crazy. … [Laughter] It’s good to be crazy.

Wynn: They probably already knew that right? [Laughter] Are you on that call again with that guy Wynn? What’s going on there? [Laughter]

Marilyn: That call guy?

Wynn: Somebody sent me an email - I’m going to not say her name – that made me shutter. She said I think I’ve got a good name for everyone in our group. [Laughter] We should call ourselves the Wynner’s. [Laughter] And I said, “Absolutely not!”

Wynn: [Laughter] you know what, I don’t do anything other than showing up. And I know that it helps people to create a focus and to be regular and Terry and Carla – we’re creating a focus. And it seems like we’re special and it’s special because we show up because not that many people would even show up and keep doing something like this and not charge people for it. But this is not a personality cult. [Laughter] Even though I know showing up creates a point of reference for people, we’re not going to call you Wynner’s, [Laughter] okay?

Wynn: [Laughter] But we could call everybody Terryites. [Laughter] Or Carla-ites, [Laughter] right, but not Wynner’s? In fact, just call yourself by your own name and just put an “ite” at the end of it and that’s probably the best thing to do. So what are you? I’m a Jimite [Laughter] or I’m a Maryite [Laughter] or a Maryier.

Alright, here we go. Okay, now remember, when we do this pay close attention that the energy is moving down to your diaphragm. Jim, are you on the line?

Gijs: He was.

Wynn: He was … I just wanted to make sure he doesn’t overwhelm everybody. [Laughter]

Years ago I had a music teacher, a singing teacher, and she would have me stick my hand into my diaphragm and when I was singing she wanted to make sure that I felt a-tightness there. You know where your diaphragm is? I think it’s just around your belly button or just a little lower than.

Female voice: No, higher.

Wynn: Higher? Yeah, higher, okay thank you.

Female voice: Sternum.

Wynn: You know how a guitar works? There’re these little strings but it’s got this beautiful box behind it and, that it vibrates when the string makes a sound, the box resonates the sound, okay? So then it’s the box that makes a guitar sound beautiful and other instruments like that. Other stringed instruments from a violin to a cello and so what’s happening is if you look at your voice, you have this little diaphragm in your throat which is like the guitar string. Then you have this huge chamber.  

You have a chamber that goes from your throat down to your diaphragm, and then it stops there. It’s through your lungs and to your diaphragm. So when you’re talking, that chamber is either, resonating and making you sound a certain way, or it’s closed off.

So you have this diaphragm and this chamber and then it leaves through your mouth. So the amount of opening you have in that area is what makes your voice be what it is. So right now, many people are blocked in those areas and sometimes their voice sounds [Nasal sounds] hi, my name is Wynn and see, now I’m totally blocking my voice and now I’m talking from (let me get rid of any little accents there) Now I’m talking from my throat only and I don’t have my chamber open. You can hear how closed off I sounded. If I did a whole call like this I’d put everyone to sleep.

You see your voice is constantly putting out vibrations to the world depending on how that area of your body is open. So one of the things to do is pay attention right now, if you tend to be closed somewhere pay attention to it. Pay attention to where you’re closed. Pay attention to how your voice sounds and then practice and then ultimately, practice keeping your voice open through this whole chamber area so that when you’re talking to people, you come from all those areas being open.

If you talk about the chakras and you listen to the sound of my voice you’ll know that while I’m talking my heart chakra’s open. The energy is moving through that and there’s a feeling of love that’s being expressed just in the tone of my voice. My second chakra is open, which is my power chakra and there’s a feeling of power in my voice. How does that feel? Well, I remember noticing something a while back ago about people who I saw were leaders because I wasn’t a leader … I mean, if I had leadership it was way undeveloped.

But in observing people that have leadership, there was something that I noticed that was my personal observation. You see people that were leaders always seemed to have the threat of anger and an ability to create a boundary in their space. So when your power chakra is open, it creates that.  Now when I’m normally talking I don’t feel the vibration above my throat chakra which is the one above your heart. Throat chakra, I think relates to communication and wisdom.

If I pay attention, I can feel my 3rd eye and my crown chakra, but when we do the Om, the m sound immediately goes up to my 3rd eye and I can feel the vibration there and then my crown chakra at the top of my head, okay? So, alright, now we’re ready. So I’ll start it and just join in as you see fit. [Oming + some beautiful accompanying music begins] Alright, God, was somebody playing an audio of an Om?

Carla: It was very harmonious.

Marilyn: I thought that was you.

Wynn: No, was anyone playing that?

Marilyn: Somebody must’ve.

Female: Unless it was the angels?

Wynn: You know what? I think we should continue because [Laughter] something magical happened.

Marilyn: They were recording us.

Wynn: No, no, no, no. There was a shift in the energies where suddenly it – you all heard it right?

Everyone: Oh yeah, yes, yes [Affirmative].

Wynn: You know, I was thinking just before that happened, before I heard that, that when you do an Om, live, with people in the room, there was something that was happening that I wasn’t noticing on this line. And that is, there’s a combination of voices where the beat frequencies come in and suddenly there’s a presence of everyone doing it together that’s different than if you did it by yourself. It’s like when you hear two voices that blend in a really great way, it is like it stimulates – how would I say this? [Male Oming] Let’s do it again. Let’s see if we can bring that energy in, okay?

Listener: Wynn, is it better to be synchronized or randomly, just everybody doing it on their own?

Wynn: I think randomly doing it on your own, okay? In other words, let it synchronize of its own accord. Which I can’t believe somebody wasn’t playing, I thought somebody had a …

Carla: Oh somebody was definitely playing something.

Marilyn: Yeah.

Wynn: Somebody was definitely playing?

Female: Yeah.

Female: I recognize that recording - I think it’s Eckankar of the Hu sound.

Gijs: Yeah, I recognize it, too. It’s available on YouTube.

Female: Yes.

Marilyn: Was that you Duane?

Duane: Absolutely not.

Carla + other females: [Laughter]

Female: Aw, come on.

Male: It sounds cool without the recording. [Male oming in background; is that Jim, because it’s very deep and low?]

Wynn: Alright.

Lucy: But you know, Wynn, it’s not Om, it’s Aum. A lot of people think it is Om but it is Aum.

Female: Yes.

Wynn: Well you know what? It was in Sanskrit so they didn’t have that alphabet in there so …

Female: Right.

Wynn: So I guess it depends on how people interpret it.

Lucy: True.

Wynn: Okay, how many of you noticed the shift in energy as we were doing it?

Everyone: Yes, yes, yes. [Affirmative]

Wynn: And how many felt your chakras opening up a little bit while we were doing it?

Everyone: Oh yeah, yeah, yep. I felt it was opening heart and pineal gland …

Wynn: Okay, let’s go back and do it some more. [Oming]

Marilyn: [Laughter] it’s starting again. [Eckankar music with Oming]

Wynn: Okay, now what we’re going to do is just be quiet for minute. Feel the energy that we just created. [Silence]

Female: Where did everybody go?

Male: To heaven.

Wynn: Everybody’s muted and we’re doing a moment of silence. [Laughter] Well, those of you that got something out of that, you might try it by yourself and see if you can bring the energies up. Particularly on a bad day, a day where things are – you know you feel like you don’t want to face the world or you feel closed off. Try doing an Om and see if you can switch your energies around. Almost every religion - I won’t say every one, I’m not enough of an expert - but many of the religions use that idea. What does the Bible say? In the beginning was the word? Is that right, Carla?

Carla: That’s right.

Wynn: Somebody mentioned Eckankar. That they thought somebody was playing an audio or a YouTube of an Om from Eckankar. What is Eckankar? They talk about light and sound. Now, do you know when the Elohim talked about the creation of the physical Universe, those of you that read the Creator God book, the way they described it was very interesting. There’s a concept called beat tones, a scientific concept. You know sound is a sine wave. It’s like an up and down and up and down and up and down and when you put two sounds together and they happen at the same time, something rather unique happens.

That is if the two sounds have different frequencies then the way they combine is in the sine waves – and you can show this mathematically – is that you get additional sounds based on the original two sounds and they’re called harmonics. You get the two frequencies added and the two frequencies subtracted. So that would mean, let’s suppose you had a 20-cycle tone, which would be very low, and a 30-cycle tone at the same time. In the mix there would be a 50-cycle tone and a 10-cycle tone.

In other words, 30 and 20 added together is 50 and 30 minus 20 is 10 so you get four frequencies. Then those new frequencies would start beating against each other and you’d get combinations of those frequencies. Those are called harmonics and this is why when people sing together they have certain tonal qualities. They can create a blend in their voices that can make shivers up and down of it. Or an orchestra has such amazing tonal qualities because of the harmonics that are generated by the interaction.

Of course, the phone is not the best audio reproducer, but I could hear some harmonics in the tone. Well, this idea of harmonics is a huge idea because when they described how the Universe was created – you can go back and read this – there was this explanation … Now you have these (and just say if we have it right, you know we can’t prove this) – but if we have it right, we have a bunch of Elohim’s in another dimension that don’t have bodies, they’re aware of themselves, they are pure energy and they can think, they can connect with each other’s energies and so there’s nothing that sticks.

There’s no physical Universe. So they’re busy experimenting and they send frequencies out and they’re very mathematical so they know how to do precise frequencies that they can create. Now don’t ask me how this works. Don’t ask me how a non-physical, no-bodied, energy form [works] … They might comment on it when Terry talks - but how can they send out frequencies? I don’t know, but they could. Where the frequencies combine there would be a node. Obviously, there was harmonics.

There was the plus and the minus and in some manner where these nodes would occur was the beginning of space time. Now the Ra Group talks about time space and space time. Time space is when you’re outside of time and that you’re just an awareness in an energy and there is no time. Space time is where there is time and so the beings in time space could beat against each other’s frequencies and suddenly there would be a point in space time, i.e. the beginning of matter, the beginning of the Universe and, that they kept expanding.

It’s beyond my understanding to explain that any further than I just explained it. But I can get the feeling of it and when two people do an Om together there’s also a magic that occurs. Just as when two people sing together – that they’re creating new frequencies in addition to the ones that they’re individually creating. That’s why sometimes you can feel all these angelic presences in the room when people are doing that and I’ve experienced that many times. But did you ever think of that Carla? So in the beginning there was sound.

Now you know Michael Tellinger, we’ve been talking about him, and he has that stuff on the Annunaki and he was talking about sounds. He showed a video and actually I videoed his whole talk so I might figure out a way to make it available. He showed a video where there were sound frequencies and the sound frequencies caused something to levitate, to lift off the ground. In the Edgar Cayce materials and in the Carla Rueckert materials, when they talked about building the pyramids – I believe it was in your material, Carla – they talked about levitating the stone and that it was sound that levitated the stones.

There was a thing that Michael Tellinger was talking about – he talked about something a guy that … Terry, are you on the line?

Terry: Yeah, I’m here.

Wynn: You paid attention to this and you know people can look it up – was that in Florida?

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: It was in Florida.

Terry: Coral Castle?

Wynn: Coral Castle, yes. There was this guy who lived alone that ended up having this stone monolith on his property with huge, huge stones that weighed tons and no one could figure out how he built it. How did he move those stones? There’s Stonehenge in England, another situation of huge stones. Of course, if we go into the idea that there’s lots of ETs they probably had - who knows what kind of technology they had. But I know both Edgar Cayce – and Carla, did your sessions talk about the pyramids being created by sound or just by levitation?

Carla: By thought.

Wynn: Pardon me?

Carla: They talked about them [being] created by thought.

Wynn: By thought, okay. Okay, well I think, I’m trying to remember - maybe it was just Edgar Cayce that said they were sound vibrations. You know, in Israel in ancient times there was this trumpet that brought down the walls of Jericho. Is that right, Carla?

Carla: Yes.

Wynn: Yeah, so another historical reference, possibly to the power of sound. Terry, why don’t you share what you remember about Coral Castle because people can go look that up on the Internet? It’s a fascinating story.

Terry: The fellow that built it was from, I believe, Latvia or some Eastern European country and the story goes that he was in love with a 16 year old girl and she canceled their engagement and so he went to America. He’d been trained as clerk over there. He went to America and he built Coral Castle. He would cut the stones out of coral and there would be tons – it weighed tons. He would put them together into a house, as [if] he was building his dream house for a family but he never married.

So he would always work at night and he would never say how he moved these tons of stones. People were really curious. There were two boys that saw him working one time and went home and told the parents and they asked how he did it and the kids said he had two ice cream cones that he was manipulating the stones with. [Laughter] So that seemed unreal to the parents. So then he decided that he needed to move his whole castle ten miles away to be on a better energy center.

So he hired a truck, a huge truck with a flatbed to come over and pick up the stones. He said, “Okay, come back in the morning and I’ll have the truck loaded for you.” So they came back early and part of the truck was already loaded with these huge ton blocks of stone. He moved the whole Coral Castle ten miles but he died without ever revealing his secret of how he moved these stones.

Wynn: Thank you. So maybe when our Sources talk to us, maybe they’ll comment on this and talk about how frequencies work. They may not, I don’t know.

Carla: Well I think that it’s easy enough to speculate that vibration is involved because the Universe – I mean the idea of the very first word being a thought – you can’t have a thought without some form and that form has to be some kind of a word.

Wynn: Um hum.

Carla: ‘and the word has to be vibrated to be heard.

Wynn: Um hum.

Carla: Now I think that you could definitely suggest that it is the vibratory power of various words … and supposedly the vibratory power of certain words in the Sanskrit language, or certain letters pronounced properly – the old saw about the word ‘Om’ if pronounced properly, just once, the whole world will come apart. I mean that’s the power of a properly vibrated word. If we are all thoughts, if we are all vibration - and people say, “Well, I feel your vibrations” - I mean we all talk about it, we all feel it so I think that we can assume that there is a power in words, carefully understood or vibration understood, properly.

Wynn: I’d be willing to speculate that every thought we think has a vibration. The thoughts are creating vibrations which re-create the reality and the Universe and I never thought about that before until just now. But I mean, certainly people have talked about the power of our thought. So if you think a thought of hate, you’re projecting an energy [or vibration] out that actually goes into the Universe. If you’re having an energy of Love, that is also projecting a thought. And our reality system on Earth is a conglomerate of all these thoughts and the words of the people on our planet.

The challenge is how do we shift that? You know there’s a subtlety here because it would be like prayer – where is your prayer coming from? Is it coming from the depths of your being, or is it coming from your mind? Can you move from your mind, so a prayer is not just a word but a radiation into the cosmos? Because I think that’s when prayer starts to work. When we can move from just our mind, thinking if I say this, this will happen, then it becomes like a magical incantation, like I can control everything by saying it.

When it comes from your being, it radiates out and when you’re not controlling it you’re actually one with the result. That’s what makes what we perceive as miracles happen. Now our Sources have told us where they are there’s no such thing as a miracle because there’s no limitation. Everything happens at the speed of thought. But in our realm it’s very stuck, it’s very solid. So if we want to change something in our lives, in our relationships, it’s a matter of getting that change, not just as a mental thing but as a radiation from our being.

In which case we’re part of the divine – we are part of the divine. We are all in this huge matrix here and one of the things we do every Sunday is move into the experience of being that. Of course, in truth, we are that 24/7. But we don’t usually experience that 24/7. If we did, we’d end up having miracles happen around us all the time, synchronicities happening.

I had a really interesting synchronicity last week. You know I’ve been talking about Michael Tellinger and he was giving a talk in Sedona so Terry and I went to the talk.

Some of you heard me talk about – I made these little thumb cards. Which I made a really nice little … it was that thing that I sent you Carla, that little PDF experiment with that idea of it? A thumb with a rainbow coming off of it and then I added the words Intelligent Infinity between the thumb and the rainbow. Because over the time of doing this work I realized that very few people can talk about it with anyone else. Even though many of you have been profoundly impacted by this, when you try to share it with someone else you sound like a whacko because these ideas are so far out of everyone’s reality system.

But at one point it was outside of your reality system as well and something intrigued you to pay attention and it snuck up on you. Almost like you didn’t know what it was going to be but you were curious. Maybe you saw my video, who knows what, anything. So I started to realize and actually it was the Ra Group that said this and that drove it home for me, they said (I think they said this), correct me if I’m wrong. They’re capable of doing miracles. Of course, the one incident that is on record or at least spoken about was the intervention they did in Egypt, 10,000 B.C. where they built the pyramids by levitation.

They were working with a previous life of Edgar Cayce where he was a high priest in Egypt and they were doing healings. If you read Edgar Cayce [The Reincarnation of], there were different temples that were built where people would come for healings and I think they were quite successful. In the Carla Rueckert material they said that they actually manifested bodies. They were not bodies that were born into this realm. They were bodies that were created out of light-forms that were visible to people and they were handsome and they walked amongst the people in these light-form bodies and they did all these miracles and healings, etc.

Then it was indicated that they decided that this did not end up with a good result. Because the priests of Egypt were wielding tremendous power over people, they could do rain, they could make things happen. They could do magic and suddenly their power was usurped by this group that called itself Ra (that apparently they identified themselves by the name Ra) and that the Ra Group was not interested in power. They were interested in attempting to shift the collective energies and that this, what they were gifting, was not to be reserved for a small group to stay in power and control people.

But the priests took this and they used the name Ra and they used some of the esoteric knowledge they were learning and used it as if they controlled it. So Egypt became negative. For thousands of years Egypt was under the auspices of these priests and they used the word Amun Ra and that was their form of God. So often times, now when people hear the word Ra, they think it’s negative because there was such a history of the word Amun Ra in Egypt. Which, I don’t know if Carla ever extrapolated this but I did.

They didn’t say that in the Ra material, they just said that what we did was taken over by the priesthood at the time and used to control. Isn’t that right Carla? Do I have that correct?

Carla: Yes.

Wynn: Yeah, but when you study the history of the period you realize that Egypt was using the word Amun Ra so it couldn’t have been the Ra Group. Then, as I was studying some of this Annunaki incident – I’m sure you all know, we did about three Monday’s on it, you can go back into the archives – where there was a group of ETs that were gold mining and engineered humans. They created this idea of subservience and that in order to control the humans that they created, they made themselves be gods. They were gods that created fear because they had weapons and they had atomic weapons.

They used them and it scared the hell out of people so everyone, all these created humans, just deferred to them. If you heard the stories, things like the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah was a nuke going off. As was the Tower of Babel, I think that was as nuke or some kind of weapon – and it’s an amazing story that links it all together.

Apparently, they could live a long time like a long time, meaning hundreds of thousands of years. Because where they came from time ran differently than it did on Earth. So one year was three thousand years.

So they could make very long range plans and the humans were engineered not to live a long time. Because they were afraid if the humans lived a long time they would develop their DNA and their chakras and they’d become as powerful as they were. So humans would only live a hundred years. But one of these Annunaki who was named Marduk ended up being called Amun Ra in Egypt, so it starts to tie all the stories together. The priesthood was under the auspices of one of these long-lived god forms who could appear to do all kinds of miracles and he said he was Ra and that’s how the power of the Ra Group was usurped.

So they said that (I think it was the Ra Group that said it) they don’t do miracles anymore [Laughter] because it tends to make people give up their power and it’s too easily usurped. So now they work with this realm by making people curious and in making someone curious it causes them to reach back and in the reaching back it creates an-energy. It doesn’t create a giving up of your power. It creates a relationship, it creates a co-creation and within the co-creation they can work with that and miracles can occur, rather than in overt miracles.

Obviously, we did a talk where I made the postulate that Jesus was connected to the Ra Group and that, of course they did miracles and Jesus did them. And it didn’t take long for Christianity to get corrupted because what happens is everyone jumps on those things and wants to own it and in the owning of it they take it away from the masses. They take it away from the lifting of the planetary template and they turn it into jobs, power, control and lower levels of interaction with our planet.

So you know it’s very interesting how all these different stories converge so precisely. That’s one of the things that I do is I study it all because if it only comes from one source, I would say can this be real? Particularly, because you can’t validate it, but when you have Carla channeling her Ra work saying how the priests took this and used it for control – now I read that years ago – then you start studying the history of Egypt and they’re using the word Amun Ra and then you go back to the story of the Annunaki and there was one of the Annunaki who was worshipped as God in Egypt that was called Amun Ra.

Of course, Amun, I would be willing to bet, is the root word for amen which all the religions use to close their prayers, amen. So it all has snuck in so very subtly totally into the culture and the acknowledgement of these controlling god forms. You know what it is the way it is. This knowledge just helps you understand it and the key is those forms are here today and those control forms are here today. We call them the secret societies. We call them cabals. We call them the Rothschild’s and the dark magic and they’re here. You know one time I asked the question I said, “Why don’t we just knock them all off so we can have a peaceful planet?”

The answer was that if they did that they would just come back in some future epic. Because the way this realm was created, there has to be free will. Free will is what allows us all the opportunity to reach Godhead, to reach Source. There can be no control patterns by the higher Sources. So that if you got rid of all the negative it would come back. Now somebody sent me an email recently. Hi, they’re on the line now and you know I told them I hope they’re right but they forwarded an email from someone that said …

It’s been decreed that all the negative forces have been taken and they’re getting rid of them and the higher forces are sending them back to the Light and they’re not going to be here anymore. You know, I wished it could work that way and maybe there’s something I don’t know and it does work that way. But from everything I’ve learned that would take away the free will evolution of all these sources and they’re part of the mix in this realm. So the highest of Sources wouldn’t do that.

It’s like how could you take somebody and put them back and immerse it into the Light if it didn’t want to go? It would have to want to go, otherwise it’s you know violating its free will. Now lower forces can kill people. They do it all the time and try to eliminate things by violence or force. Some people might think that it would be appropriate to kill all these negative beings and maybe it would be, I don’t know. I’m just saying that the higher forces wouldn’t do it though. It’s got to come from somewhere else if it’s going to happen. I mean there is a right if you’re an oppressed person to lift the yoke of oppression off yourself and sometimes that might involve violence.

If it involves violence, I’m not going to promote that but some people do it. In the course of history there have been many revolutions to try to overthrow oppressive forces. Often times, when there was a revolution, whatever came in afterwards became very quickly just as corrupt as what was being overthrown. I think that was true for the French Revolution. Wasn’t that true Terry, for the French Revolution? Terry says she was there. Terry?

Terry: Yeah, in the French Revolution?

Wynn: Yeah, everyone was just as corrupt afterwards, fairly quickly?

Terry: Well, I don’t have data about after the revolution …

Wynn: I guess I’d have to study that to say that for sure but, somewhere I recall that’s true, you know? But in any case, unless people are coming from their hearts … You know when people are oppressed, often times when they lift the yoke of their oppressor’s they’re still in the energy of oppression. So now they take power and they become the oppressor’s. That’s the way I think it works, very often.

You know Gandhi was example of somebody that lifted the yoke of power without using oppression in the way he did it, non-violent peaceful resistance. He got the English to release their control of India. So, you know this is how it works in the real world. This is why it doesn’t work to go against the negative, because it polarizes you – you have to equal their energy to go against them. This works just as much as it does for political things and nations as it does for you in your own lifetime.

Where, when you have something negative in your space oppressing you – you probably go back and think about it historically – that when you go against it, when you try to fight it, when you try to overpower it, you only keep digging a hole and crawling into your own hole because it doesn’t go away. Often times, for example and you may have observed this, I certainly have, sometimes people have a person they’re in a relationship with who is oppressive and they feel oppressed by.

Gijs: 11:20 a.m.

Wynn: It’s eleven, okay? When they finally get out of that relationship, what do they do? They get into another relationship that’s just as oppressive and then another one. So, you see they’re carrying the energy of the oppression. The only way out is to lift that energy from yourself. In which case you get into Jesus: ‘resist not evil, turn the other cheek,’ you know all those things. Because you cannot fight the negative by power, without going into power and losing your own connection to spirit.

On that note, as Gijs is reminding me, we’re running out of time. We’re going to go through this quick. We brought a lot of energy in here in doing this Om and we lifted the energy. So I’m going to do a really quick planetary healing, a personal session and then we’re going to hear a message from our Sources through Terry. Then we’re going to do our planetary healing.

So we just see ourselves right now, wherever we are on this planet, in the center of the Universe. There is no time and space. All of that is a huge hologram projection. We are All That Is, contracted into our little physical reference point. We always were that and we got stuck in the forgetting, the disconnection of the energies. So right now we’re getting unstuck. We are moving beyond the veil. We are moving into connection. There is nothing that exists that is not us. From our little reference point in space time, from our little point in the physical realm where we experience this reality, we can extend in every direction our energies.

We can expand our energy just by thinking about it. When we did the Om, we balanced the energies in our body. We could feel the energy centered and now we are radiating out like a star. We are radiating who we are, our being, into the Earth. The Earth is radiating back to us. We are radiating through the top of our head into the cosmos and there’s no limit to how big we can be. But this is not about power, this is about empathy. This is about connecting with All That Is, being part of All That Is, being part of each other and then learning how to ground that into your life so that you can live that.

We’re not talking about other people, but being in this state of radiation. Radiation is not a good word to use, it sounds like radioactivity. But expansion, energetically flying out from yourself and realizing that you are your neighborhood. You are your spouse. You are your children. But you don’t have any power over them except in what they share with you and the only way to get anyone to share back is to inspire them. That is your challenge, to figure out how to inspire your little small sector of the Universe that you are in and you have a degree of responsibility for.

How do you inspire? How do you radiate out? It’s going to be different for each of person. You each have different tools. You know many relationships in this realm have what we call karma attached to them. Another word for karma is obligation, another word is exchange, and you owe something. Maybe you did something to someone in another life and you have to make up for it this life. Right now you can rewrite all those scripts, the Universe is open - they don’t have to stick anymore. One way that you can grease the wheels of rewriting the scripts is doing more than you’re supposed to.

If you have a job, do something extra. If you have a spouse, do something extra. Get them flowers. I know, you don’t think you’re romantic anymore. Well do it anyway and see what happens because it’s the extra thing that you do that transcends the level of obligation in that relationship and starts lifting things out of karma and into grace where miracles occur. You know as we expand into the Universe we find, at the higher edges of the Universe are these group souls. Now they say they’re group souls. They talk to us. We don’t know that they’re group souls. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and you can try to go with that.

But there’s an energy that we can feel that they say is them and, that many people have had amazing phenomenon and transformations in their life by becoming one with these energies. When that happens, suddenly your thoughts have the vibration to change the Universe. Of course, this is all done with concepts of the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. But if there’s a way that you would like to change your Universe then this is the time to think it because your thoughts are vibration.

Your thoughts are frequency and let them radiate out into this field that we are creating. We are creating our world. I should say the field is always there but we are in it now. We’re not always in it. But when you’re in it it’s a very powerful time to create intention and thoughts and put it into that field so that you can have transformation. Then we’re going to do the same thing for our planet. So take a moment of silence and let your thoughts vibrate out as frequency into this field and to create a transformation that you want in your life.

Whether it’s healing, whether it’s a better relationship with someone, whether it’s protection from earthquakes, whether it’s a prayer for the planet – take this moment of silence and let it flow into the Universe. [Silence]

Now we have a list. Sometimes people send me requests to my email for Sunday. Let me see, I think Morgan did – Morgan, put your request in the Light. But, in general, I miss them if you send it to me by email. Now every Sunday email that I send out has the right way to do this and there is the [link there].

It’s called and when you go there you go to a form and it asks questions about what you’d like to shift and change. You know when you fill out that form it automatically transfers and it’s on the web and we can see it. People in our group check out that page and your request is now visible as soon as you do the submit form. If you want to check out the page, go to and you’ll see that page. And --

Tammy in Playa del Rey, Californiaputs her grandfather Edward in the Light who passed on yesterday. I would like to send him lots of Love and Light and for him to have loving guidance and assistance as he begins his new journey.

Susan in Michigan … she puts her adopted children in the Light and their traumas and that they can be released. See the Light surrounding her adopted children.

Debby in South Blooming Grove, New Yorkcontinued healing, Love and Light for my daughters Possum and Mollie and my son Dioji. And --

Lys in Rimrock, Arizonacomplete cure for mine and my daughter’s liver, digestive system, lymph system and the release of the edema; and the total vanquishment of all evil around us - our living space and all areas of our being and lives so we can fulfill our purpose here on Earth. Let’s just see a column of Light moving down on Lys’ home in Rimrock, Arizona for protection from the center of the Earth.

Barbara in Twin Falls, Idaho … she’s putting into the Light her back pain and all who suffer from pain and chronic dis-ease; and all my loved ones and relationships to be in perfect harmony and Love; and my brother, my sister, and my friend Kevin. I am grateful for the divine healing in all aspects of our being/lives and thanks to our Sources. And again –

Laurie in Tombstone, Arizonaabundance of money and health. We need for chemtrails to be harmless; for the positive to win against the cabal. We all need peace, prosperity and Love. Please heal my husband. Thank you, Love you all.

Kathleen in Dallas, Texas please help my son find a job he would love in Santa Monica or Thousand Oaks during September. Thank you.

Everyone else on this list, we will just send you blessings and thank you for your submissions. And again, let’s put our own personal requests into this field right now.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect everyone on this line and any negativity be taken the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of our planet, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us where we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now. Let me just make sure Terry is unmuted. Can we hear a sound?

Terry: Ah, yes.

Wynn: Oh, we hear you, okay. We’re going to turn it over to our Sources for a message, thank you.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We take a moment and we align with each and every person that wishes to receive energy, to be touched and to be connected with. We are a free will Source so we do not connect unless you wish the connection. Sometimes it is hard to feel or to sense the connection although it is there and available to you. It is a frequency which we are present with and [that] carries the information.

You have asked concerning the ability to move objects by levitation. There are more than one ways. One of them is when sometimes you might find or some people have found themselves levitated as if picked up off the ground. It is from another entity with power from the other side - an invisible entity or ghost that is picking the person up. Such was the case of St. Catherine wherein she was picked up by the angels around her.

Other ways of levitation were in using sources of sound frequencies above the ability of the ear to hear. Wherein the sound frequencies were generated and then focused upon the object one wishes to move as the sound, which was an inaudible sound because it’s a very high frequency, was focused through a cone-shaped object. So you needed a source, the frequency, and you needed the cone-shaped object crystals to focus the energy and you need two of them. Not just one, as it is through the manipulation of the two of the cone-shaped objects that the intersections of the frequencies, as they first of all strike the object, and then are refracted off the object - create patterns that have nodes. And it is in these nodes where sound is canceled. This inaudible sound, high frequency, it is canceled leaving a void. It is in this void that when the cones are positioned correctly ... And as Coral Castle was built, as he worked with establishing the nodes under the blocks and around the blocks, he also had a stabilizing influence that could help to keep, as he was positioning, the sound frequencies could help to hold the block until the sound frequencies could be positioned correctly. Then, by the manipulation of the nodes around the blocks could, as you position the cones can keep the block juggled in the node and thus, gently, gradually move it in space. And it appears as if it is levitating but it is being held up by the mechanics of the sound at the node point and keeping it in normal homeostasis. There are, from this principle, great branchings out that can be applied to whole other areas in the operation of the manifest realm.

We take a moment and we look at the things each of you has put into the Light and wishes to change, whether it is on the healing list or not. We see that many of you have asked for others and this is helpful in that it gives support by your intentions, your vibratory intentions that actually have a resonance in the manifest world and work to help support the individual. The individual (him/herself) is very, very important towards the outcome of the healing request.

As the individual (him/herself) needs to intend for the outcome and not go into agreement with aspects of the physical Universe that are hard to overcome. When one goes into agreement with those aspects like: there is no money available would be one potential thing that one could fall into, because there is money available. So the individual’s intentions and beliefs are very important for the outcome. Therefore (when the person and we see that many of you have asked for yourself) you have the greatest leverage through your intention towards bringing about the result that you wish to achieve.

It is a sacred moment when we are able to connect with each of you and it is with the greatest of Love that we connect with those that wish to be connected with and assist in any way that we can. Thank you for today, for this moment.

Wynn: Thank you for being with us, and joining in our group energy and helping us to expand it.

We have about 9 minutes and just before we go into our planetary healing session I wanted to … somebody sent me an email - that Tina is talking about a planetary healing that somebody has announced at 5:11 EST, 4:11 Central and 2:11 PST for Syria and Egypt. An opportunity to send out peace energy to Syria and Egypt and so, we can do that today. I believe there’s a YouTube on that. She gave me the link but maybe if you just do “planetary healing, Egypt” you’ll find it on YouTube.

Tina: It’s a peace portal activation, Wynn, on YouTube.

Wynn: Okay, peace portal activation – is that Tina?

Tina: Yes, peace portal activation, August 25th

Wynn: Okay.

Tina: ‘a YouTube video. Thank you, bye.

Wynn: Alright, thank you. Peace portal activation. And next Saturday, I’m going to do, I don’t know if we’ll call it a workshop, but something we’ll have a small donation for where we’re just going to spend 2 or 3 hours answering questions. Either I’ll answer them or Terry will answer them. She didn’t know I was going to announce this so she might go on strike. I’ll let you know if she goes [Laughter] on strike but otherwise we’ll just play it by ear and you’re all welcome to come into that. We haven’t done one of these for a long time.

Terry: When is this?

Wynn: Next Saturday. Are you available next Saturday?

Terry: I don’t know – what next – do you have a date for it?

Wynn: No, it’s – let’s see, today’s the 25th – it’s probably the 31st, okay?

Terry: Okay and how long will this be, 10 to 1?

Wynn: Two to three hours - 10 to 1 or something, yeah.

Terry: Alright.

Wynn: So, often times when we do a long session like that we get into a really great energy and we haven’t done one for a long time. So I’ll make an announcement – just mentioning it now. And we have about 6 minutes [remaining]. Carla, would you like to do this?

Carla: On next Saturday? Next Saturday, I’d be glad to.

Wynn: No, no, yeah – but also, would you like to do the planetary meditation?

Carla: Oh, alright.

Wynn: Okay.

Carla: Let’s see, we are still in that space. We haven’t come down yet, so we’re there together where we can set our intention. And I think because of the fact that we’re going to do this quickly, let’s take a moment to set an over-arching image, because this is something that is real and it’s happening all the time on the angelic level. There are angels whose job it is - (I discovered this in ’77 during something called a mind-link) that are knitting a web of Light around the planet - the part of the planet that’s moving into 4th density. It’s like a web of golden Light and we can join with that web as it goes under the sea and over the mountains. It follows the line of the Earth itself. It’s a web that keeps the planet stable and helps to avoid the movement of tectonic plates, except for very slow movements. So that keeps disasters from happening in the worst possible way. So let us imagine that we’re joining our angels in that job of coming down in our imagination, in imaging, in ideating into that Ring of Fire now, that we know is always on the verge of moving. We’re moving with the angels in filling up that ring of Light, and that stabilizing ring.

All up the coast of California and Oregon and up to the curve of the Pacific, across the reaches of Russia and China, into Japan, down into the southern Oceania, down even to the very bottom reaches of the South Pacific and completing that ring and making it safe for all of those people who live in those areas. Just praying that this may be truly effective and that, we may be talking to dear Mother Earth and asking her please, to slow down. Remember that when these tectonic plates move it can cause pain to us humans that please, to be gentle with movements.

Now everywhere there is the possibility of movement from earthquakes – the New Madrid fault and all other places where there is a possibility of movement, let’s imagine ourselves moving down the reaches of the inland states: Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, down into the bay. Now, since hurricane season is unfortunately upon us, let us think of those places in the South Pacific, in the South Atlantic and all those places where hurricanes may be brewing and tropical storms, moving from the Pacific, eastward across the southern United States.

Especially the Bay of Texas [a.k.a. Gulf of Mexico], the Bay of Florida and across to all of those little sweet countries in Central America and in the Atlantic and on into the Atlantic and the North Atlantic where tropical storms may come up and move up the coast of America and move into island countries like Haiti, Bermuda, places like that. And ask that please, to halt all of those energies that cause the rotating storms and ask them to slow down, move gently and remember the value of American life, of the life of people in Bermuda and Haiti – all those places where the tornadoes can hit so badly, to keep the water from doing the destructive force.

The water doesn’t want to so remind that Oceanic energy to relax, calm down and moderate all energies. And there are energies within the human soul that cause an enormous amount of pain. There are places where there are wars, not just the large wars but all the little wars, all the internesiant slaughters that are taking place in Africa now and in places like in North Korea where there is leadership that has a taste for violence. Let us move into [the] mind of man and pray for sanity, for balance, for reason, for compassion and the remembrance of the value of simple human life, the value of talking to each other, of inviting people to come and sit on the front porch and work it out, wherever that front porch may be. Wynn, I hand it back to you. [Silence] Or maybe not, Wynn, are you there?

Wynn: I’m here, I’m here. Sorry.

Carla: [Laughter]

Wynn: I did a Terry. [Laughter]

Carla: That’s okay. [Earlier] I forgot that in trying to get my husband’s attention to turn down the television, I unfortunately yelled his name [Laughter] right in front of God and everybody and I want to apologize for that.

Wynn: Alright. [Laughter]

Carla: So we’ve all been goofing around today. Anyway, back you sir.

Wynn: It is 11:59. BBS is ready to go to their next show so we’re going to bring our call to an end. Those of you that want to come down to Earth we’ll do a quick countdown and those of you that want to stay in this zone, please do …

Doug: Hey guys, no worries. Hey - Wynn?

Wynn: Yeah.

Doug: Can I ask you a question?

Wynn: Who is that, is that Doug?

Doug: Yeah.

Wynn: Yeah.

Doug: Did you get the T-shirt?

Wynn: I did.

Terry: Oh, thank you very much for the T-shirt, yes. I’m wearing it right now. I appreciate it.

Doug: Isn’t that the finest material there is for T-shirts? You can’t get finer material for T-shirts, at all. It’ll become your favorite shirt, I swear it’s just … and soon we’re going to make them available to the world but we wanted to tweak it, we wanted the colors to be even more standout. We thought it was just a little too dark and some other things but this next week we’ll have them.

Wynn: Wonderful.

Terry: Will everybody on the line have an opportunity to get them?

Doug: They will and it’ll be at cost. We aren’t going to go out there and charge more money than it cost us to actually make them in bulk.

Carla: What guys. What fine fellows you are.

Doug: We just want to spread the … and it is such great material. It’s like the finest material and that’s kind of fun to share quality. We’re even coming out with baseball caps [Laughter] and mugs.

Wynn: BBS is doing its part to change the world. That’s Doug from BBS. Of course, we’re on BBS Radio right now. Those of you that are hearing us on the Internet, we thank BBS for giving this opportunity to be broadcasting around the world. Now Doug has made us go over, it’s 12:01. [Laughter]

Doug: ‘alright guys.

Wynn: Thank you Doug. [Laughter]

Doug: You bet my friend, I’ll let you go.

Wynn: Alright, so now we don’t have to do a countdown to bring us back. [Laughter] Doug helped ground the energy back but we’ll do it anyway. But you don’t have to come back. If you’re in a zone right now,  you can hang out and meditate. If any of you try doing Om by yourself, send me an email and let me know if you use that as a way to shift a depression or a down day and if you get out of it.

Part of this work is learning how to change your energies, your vibrations so that you can move out of those contracted places that we all go to and get into an uplifted space where you’re connected to everything. So 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and we’ll see some of you tomorrow night, okay.

Duane: Steamroller.

Everyone: Blessings and love; thank you Terry, Wynn, Carla, Gijs.

Michael in Watervliet: Love and blessings.

Carla: God bless everybody.

Gijs: Thank you Carla, Terry, Wynn, all of you.

Everyone: Love and Light to all of you; thank you all.

Mel in England: Thank you to everyone.

Marilyn: Thank you everyone, Love and Light.

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