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Personal and Planetary Healing Session:
Experiencing Source Energy

Sunday Call 09/01/2013
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Susan Rush
Edited by Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: Good morning, this is 10:06 a.m. on - what day is today? Today is … Sunday, September 1st, [2013]. Is this the official Labor Day holiday?

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Happy Labor Day.

Gijs: I did mute the lines, Wynn.

Wynn: You did?

Gijs: Yes.

Wynn: Thank you.

Gijs: I can imagine everybody saying back to you, Happy Labor Day. [Laughter]

Wynn: Alright, okay … so Carla’s not going to be on today.

Wynn: Once a year Carla has...

Gijs: Homecoming.

Wynn: Homecoming and this is her weekend for her homecoming. She invites people to her home in Kentucky and so she’s not on.

Wynn: I’m still not quite here yet. I’m still getting my energies together and we had a great session yesterday, I thought, and it was different. It was a different kind of session. When we do things, when I do things anyway, it’s always an adventure. It’s not quite known how it’s going to turn out or what’s going to happen but I might have a general idea. And I would say that the session we did yesterday was different than anything we’ve ever done before.

Somebody described it as a kind of like a roundtable. [A participant] would bring up an issue they’re working with and then I would make a comment, then our Source would make a comment. They would correct me and they said from our point of view it’s this and it we’d kind of go back and forth but we would really go deeply into someone’s issue and by the time we were finished it felt like there was a lot of clarity for people.

Of course, people were talking about issues that we all have. It’s not just - in most cases - none of our issues are unique. If you have it, there are probably 10 million people that have it or at least 2 million and maybe more. Because we think we’re alone in our issues. We think so but we’re not because everyone goes through the same thing and we may not all go through it at the same time. Some people go through something at one point and somebody else might have gone through it two lifetimes ago.

But eventually, we’re going through the same things and now with the Shift upon us, we’re kind of on a crash course to go through stuff. Because this is a bigger - at least as I understand it - that this is a way bigger … um, how can I say it? It’s so important to get certain things together, this lifetime and [there’s] kind of an urgency to it. Because this is not like other lifetimes, I don’t think. Everything says it’s different and there’s going to be a division of souls and all that stuff. So, there’s this stuff about whether you’re going to graduate this realm or not, and it’s not that it’s hard to graduate, you just need to have an open heart. [Laughter]

We’ve explained that many, many times, how that works. That the Earth is moving into a new paradigm and the Earth is going to be a 4th chakra planet or higher and in order for your energy field to fit into this upgraded Earth, your heart has to be open. When we talk about an open heart, we’re not talking about being a nice person. It’s an-energy that radiates from your heart. On these calls we’re making a reference point to how that energy can feel.

So it’s kind of a training center but there’s no teach and learning. It’s not lecturing - it’s sharing and in the course of this call, there are unusual energies that come present. They’re on the call and many people feel them.

I try to use my vocabulary so when we’re talking about things that we don’t know directly, we can’t validate directly, we can’t see it; we have to kind of second guess it, be detectives, “Okay, I felt that.” Then there’s this voice that spoke through Terry that said, “We’re touching each and every one of you that wants to be touched.” Now, could that thing you felt have been them touching you? You can’t prove that, you see?

So then you have to consider it. Then you come back again and you say, “Hmm, I feel something,” and then they’ll say that was us touching you or looking at you. Then you have a dream and you see something in a dream and it was unusual and it felt really uplifting and you say, “I wonder what that was?” Then some people ask about it and they say. “That was us; we were in your dream. Or that was this,” and so you have to watch this for awhile and be your own detective and decide, “Maybe this is right.”

Now if I told you not to do that, then we’d have fundamentalist religion and I’d say “Believe there is God speaking to us.” [Laughter] And once you start believing in something, you invariably bypass experience because you don’t need experience anymore - you’ve got faith. And I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with faith, in fact, even here in the context of this work there’s an aspect of faith. What is the aspect of faith? It’s not the end result - it’s kind of a middle stage.

Because people will be checking us out, they hear about us, and they say, “I wonder what’s going on there,” and they have enough faith to show up? And then they have enough faith to come back and maybe they come back for quite some time. Eventually either they have an experience, or they go somewhere else. Because I don’t tell people you can stay here on faith - you can, I’m not going to say one way or another. But too many people are having an experience that they just know that it’s real.

And you can’t take that away, it’s not based on faith anymore. So, anyone who’s listening that’s new, we have a lot of material for you to evaluate. We have a lot of material available for free on, of past conference calls. Just go at your own pace or as fast as you want. I would suggest go faster than your own pace because, if this is correct, this is a really good thing to integrate fast because some people are saying time is short on this planet.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the planet is going to blow up but it might mean that there’s some point in the near future - near future meaning 4 years, 5 years, this may not be the case - but that life breaks down from what it is right now. Many people are saying, “How can the economy go on? How can the environment go on?” There are a lot of variables out there - and then you add a couple earthquakes to the mix and then you add potential war to the mix and so it’s a fairly quick window of getting stuff together.

In other times we’ve had lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, so now there’s a lot of people looking at those things that I just said. A lot of people - and a lot of people are trying to create new systems that will fit into or replace the old paradigm. But when we talk about the old paradigm being replaced, it doesn’t even mean that there are negative people that are causing all of this. There are aspects of it that look like it’s beyond anyone’s control.

Now there are a lot of areas where people are attempting to exert control but actually, this is beyond control. I mean, the dollar has become worthless on the world’s economy. We know that there seems to be people with agendas, in power that don’t really care about us. But they seem to but they don’t. People still think they do. Michael Jackson wrote a song, he said, “They don’t care about us” and so there are environmental issues, there’s … God, so many things but things have got to change.

Either they’re going to change in such a way that there’s going to be some kind of new paradigm of understanding things and relating and people coming in with new ideas of how to interface with each other and because the old way doesn’t look like it’s going to endure. And we don’t need to be spiritual to know that; you don’t need to be a scientist to know that. You can just read the newspaper everyday and read in-between the lines.

Of course, if you’re on the Internet, there are many, many things on the Internet if you look for them. Never before in the history of mankind has there been so much information at your finger tips, I mean in the old days, the best we could do was go to the library and you’d have to do a lot of research to find the right book. I don’t know if you guys have discovered this but there’s an amazing thing on the Internet with Google that if you type in any question, you’ll get an answer. [Laughter]

I’ve been showing this to Terry. It’s like things that you would think you needed an expert for, like your computer comes up with a funny thing that says “module xyz34572 has broken down,” and, if that came up at one point, you’d say what is module blah, bah, bah? And then you’d go on Google and you’d say, “Module 34572 has broken down,” and you’ll get about a hundred pages explaining about that.

Or, “Where do I find fish stew in Los Angeles?” And if anyone has fish stew in Los Angeles, it’ll come up. Or there’s a really handy site if you’ve never discovered it – it’s called Yelp lists every kind of business you can think of in a city. So if you’re in a city and you need a car mechanic, you just look up “car mechanic, Santa Monica” and you’ll get all these listings of car mechanics but they’ll all be rated.

Because people put in ratings for them and they put in reviews like, “Jack the mechanic can fix my car like a blast, he knows he can diagnose things; he’s the best I ever met.” Or “Don’t go here, they’re overpriced.” People just put in reviews and they’re available on Yelp. So if you’re looking for somebody and something or a dentist or anything - a good restaurant - a Chinese restaurant, you just put the name of the city and put what you’re looking for, “Chinese restaurant” and it’ll spit out a bunch of Chinese restaurants with everyone’s reviews on them.

So it’s easier to make better choices right now. The more people can operate under The Law of One, the more they can see each other, in each other. See, this is a funny paradox because on one hand there is what’s called the “NWO,” the new world order, which it says we would like to establish one government.

Because on the surface that might seem like a good thing, one government controlling our planet and if everything was perfect and everything was benevolent, that one government would be having access to the resources so they could share resources from one country to another country. Where there was balancing it out. The problem is, if you take one NWO (new world order) …

You know what new world order spelled backwards is? OWN [Laughter] own. There are a lot of indications that this NWO would want to enslave people; and in fact, to a certain degree, we are enslaved right now and many people don’t know it. The best way to handle being enslaved is to program you so you have the illusion that you’re not enslaved, that you’re free. But are you really free? Do you have enough money?

Do you feel like, not good about yourself because you’re money is low; your self-worth isn’t pinched? Where is freedom when you don’t have money and you have to do two jobs? Is that by intention, or is that just the way things flow? Did you ever notice (I noticed this, paid attention) that years and years ago our country had the best educational system on the planet - the best public educational system. Over the years our educational system has really failed.

It’s really gone down the tubes and why is that? Why is it that there’s enough money to spend trillions of dollars going into the Middle East, on a whim of an idea that somebody has weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and then go in and bomb that country and then find out they didn’t have weapons of mass destruction and even to publicly announce that and to just hardly say you’re sorry – not make any reparations to that country. Not say, “Let us help rebuild the damage we did,” - but just like it didn’t happen! And you know what? The people move right along with that. They shrug their shoulders and there’s not even an outcry.

Where is the responsibility, to go into a country and then leave it in shambles and say, “Oops, we made a mistake?” And you know there’s a possibility that’s happening right now, potentially, in Syria. I don’t know how closely you all are keeping up with the news on Syria and there’s a civil war going on. Now I don’t keep up with the news on Syria, I’m just picking up bits and pieces but there’s a civil war going on and there was an incident that happened where some people were gassed. Terry, are you there?

Terry: Yes, I’m here.

Wynn: You pay more attention to it than I do. What’s going on in Syria?

Terry: The rebels are fighting against the government and it was said that recently there was some gas attacks and 1200 people were killed and the international law is that you can’t use gas. And so Perry came back from Syria and said that the government over there in Syria had used gas and that we needed to stop the government and to take the government out of power or something - to attack them back so that they won’t use gas.

However, there is a rebel group over there that took responsibility for that and said that they were given it, by a prince in Saudi Arabia, a whole bunch of weapons and they didn’t know what they were or how to use them. And they were carrying them and there were canisters and stuff and they went off, they exploded and they were supposed to take them to an Al Qaida-connect group, but they exploded and the rebels took responsibility for it and said they didn’t know how to use these things.

So there’s this big controversy about whether we should go in based upon the fact that, the report said it was the Syrian government that did it.

I’m really hoping that we don’t go in there (myself). The Russians are sending more troops down there and we’ve got four warships over there ready to attack with cruise missiles and Russia said, “Don’t do it,” so it could be a big deal. President Obama announced that he’s going to have to have Congress take a look at that and vote on whether we should go in or not. So that’s the latest that I’ve heard.

Wynn: Well that’s a positive because previously he was saying that he wasn’t going to do that. He could just declare that we could go in, right?

Terry: Right.

Wynn: I mean that’s what’s happened in the other Middle Eastern countries. There was never any act of war declared, right?

Terry: Yeah, we just go in and start bombing.

Wynn: I don’t usually talk about politics on our Sunday call, except this is a serious situation and we’re going to put it in the Light today and so I wanted to make sure that you all knew what we’re putting in the Light and how important it is. Because if we go in, basically, we’re threatening to go in and bomb Syria on hearsay, there’s no proof that they did what they’re saying they did.

We have made huge mistakes in the past, going in on these things on hearsay. There are even the rebel groups who are taking credit for it which means that they did it. The official story is not correct, that the President of Syria didn’t do it.

Terry: The President of Syria says he didn’t do it.

Wynn: And he says he didn’t do it? And I’m not sure it makes sense. You know you can reverse engineer something and say, “Why would that guy do that? What would he have to gain from it?” And I don’t know if we can find anything he has to gain from it - certainly, a lot of bad press in the world and the threat of being attacked. Why would he do something like that?

Syria is saying if they get attacked, they’re going to attack Israel. Russia is going to come to their defense. China’s going to come to their defense. If anyone sends missiles to Israel, they’re going to attack back. And you know the negative sources in the world, on this planet, understand that there are a lot of prophecies about the Middle East being the beginning of Armageddon and one of the things that I get is that there are long range plans made in prophecy by the negative. Prophecy, if you notice with our Sources, there’s a pretty consistent point of view that they don’t make prophecy. Anything can change. The fact that we gather here together, the fact that you all are on this line right now, the fact that we are sending energy for certain transformations means things can go differently because we are here.

Now Terry has a friend who is - I guess he would call himself a mystic - and Terry talks to him regularly and he tunes in and he said something to Terry. He’s never really taken an active role in paying attention to the work we’re doing, but he’s very sensitive and he told Terry, “I can sense that you’re making a difference in the world.” What did he say, Terry? How did he say it?

Terry: He said I can start to feel the impact of your work on the world.

Wynn: Yeah. So we have a group energy here that is making a tiny ding in the consensus reality, with just a really small group! But it’s small, but it’s strong. It’s strong because we are calling on really big groups and they’re coming to the front and center and when we put energies, intentions, prayers, whatever you want to call them - they add to them and that makes everything leveraged, highly leveraged.

It would be like the Elohim had said: it’s like riding a bicycle. It’s one of the really good images [Laughter], riding a bicycle and you turn the pedals and the energy is transferred through the chain to the rear wheel of the bicycle and it’s amplified. So with no bicycle you have to walk everywhere, everything is slow. But the bicycle is like amplifying your impact so everything happens faster. So we are leveraging ourselves on these calls.

We’re leveraging ourselves in our own personal advancement. Many of you are getting that, things are speeding up. You are learning things faster, you’re moving into places that used to be obstacles and they’re no longer obstacles and some of you said jeez, “He’s right. You know, I’ve been on these calls for a year,” - you don’t even realize something has shifted. So this is like a new shift mechanism that’s happening - that it could change the planet!

It could. It’s certainly going to change a bunch of individual lives. We’ve already seen it change, how would we say it, things on the planet that were going in a certain direction that switched directions. Like, on one of our Sunday calls, if you happened to have been here, a couple years ago, suddenly we put a hurricane in the Light and it suddenly dropped intensity, tremendously and unexpectedly and miraculously. And, I don’t know if we did that but it was an unusual correspondence.

So there is strength and power in this and it’s important that it reach more people and so we’re working on that and you guys are helping, so thank you. We’re here today because there are lots of people that have volunteered their time over the past years because we have like a mini corporation going here with so many people volunteering, that are putting the transcripts up, and that are keeping the website going.

We ‘give special commendation to Gary in Redondo Beach and Bogdan, who just retired who put up The Spirit Channel website; and Connie who did a lot of the raw transcripts and Gijs, who’s been coming to the calls for a few years and just started showing up, and saying hello to people, and there’s so many people … Susan Rush, who’s doing the transcripts and you know what? They’re getting that it’s working, that people’s lives are changing and so each one is doing a little bit and when you connect with what you’re doing, it creates the motivation.

We’ve been showing up on these calls for years now, even when there were like ten people on the call and when you see someone change as a result of something you contributed, there’s a connection made in your mind that you did something. This is important. When you can actually, most of the time, for many of us, we can only appreciate change that directly, is in our life. In other words, if I give somebody five dollars and they say, “Thank you, I’m so appreciative,” - that was a lot of physical exchange there.

I give someone five dollars and they said, “Thank you. I’m so appreciative.” or, many situations like that, where there’s some kind of reciprocation. But when you do something that impacts a stranger … and we do get thank you’s and people send us emails, but when we have actually contributed to a stranger that we don’t know, that we didn’t hear them say thank you, and some of you listening right now fit under this category, and yet your life is changing as a result of paying attention to this work. And when I connect with that, in order to connect with it, I actually have to move into The Law of One. Because, when I say there’s no reciprocation, I should re-word that a little bit because we do get emails from people. People do make donations. We do know people appreciate the work we are doing, but the connection and the length of time we’ve been doing it, to the point where we’ve gotten those results, and we just got a tiny bit of results, it’s like I recognize that when I’m doing things of that long range kind of vision, trajectory - when I’m doing that - it moves my soul into a high place of creation, of a high vantage point.

As opposed to, “Here’s five dollars, thank you.” That is the immediate vantage point. But these trajectories project into the future and the results are too far away from the action. So you can’t operate for the results. You can’t give somebody five dollars and say, “Wow, let me wait for the thank you.” You have to keep the projection without worrying about thank you’s and the results and then, over the long run you start to see that it works.

And I always think that if I’m learning something, there’s something in it for you as well, that one of the harder things in life is to give without response. This is the basis for unconditional love. Unconditional love doesn’t require a response. It doesn’t require someone to do something. It doesn’t require them to say thank you. It doesn’t require them to even know what you’re doing because you didn’t do it because someone clapped, or if someone said you’re wonderful for doing that, you did it on a higher knowing - on a contribution to the Universe. Now when you start doing actions that contribute to the Universe, as opposed to the things that bring immediate response, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with immediate response things - it’s always a pleasure to have immediate response.

It’s always a pleasure to have companionship and friends and whatever but when you can do certain things that you don’t have immediate response from, where the connection to the response is too far off then you’re operating and building a different kind of muscle. There, you’re laying a foundation for moving and living in other timelines. Because this timeline operates best when there’s immediate gratification. [Laughter]

And you start doing things that don’t have immediate gratification and it takes a certain degree of self discipline to actually even do them. Because part of you wants gratification, results, wants thank you, wants the money, wants I do this – you do that and all that stuff keeps you in the world. Now I’m not saying to stop doing all that stuff. Because you’re in the world and you can’t be in the world without doing that stuff, but to be able to do things that have a long range projection and that the response is nothing less than changing people’s souls and their directions and contributing to them.

I’ve been thinking about this, what can people do that has that? So now we have something, it’s still only a testing program. But I made what I call, these little thumb cards and they’re little business cards that invite people to our Sunday call. The idea is that you can leave these cards anywhere. You can put them on a table. You can put them in a coffee shop. You can hand them to a stranger - you can say, “Check out this call.”

You see, that’s the kind of action that can have huge, huge synchronicities connected to it, without any immediate gratification. In other words you go lay a card here, you lay a card there … six months later you’ll be on a call, you’ll find that there are three people on the call (four people on the call) that are there because you left a card somewhere. Think about that.

See, no immediate gratification but yet people that are coming into these calls, many of them, I think are having great, great life transformation events. Suddenly six months down the road you find that there are some people on the call that picked up a card that you left in a Laundromat. Suddenly something will click because you become responsible for the change you create in other people and that works for the good and the bad, that’s karma.

You become responsible for the change you create in other people. Like, to give you an example of that, an example would be suicide. Somebody was talking about the karmic implications of suicide because I’ve learned that (in general) suicide is considered not a good thing to do and karmically it’s not a good thing to do.

One of the reasons that suicide is not a good thing to do is because if you do it and you leave other people hurt and abandoned because you committed suicide, you become responsible for those feelings of hurt and abandonment of other people.

Then that responsibility leads to karma and you have to come back and balance the action. So the suicide didn’t really get you advanced anywhere.

I remember Neale Donald Walsch who wrote Conversations with God had said that if you want to change something, change it for someone else and it has to change for yourself as well. How does that work, in principle?

Well, if you’re feeling sad and if you can make someone else feel happy - if you can make them laugh, if you can tell a joke and someone else laughs, immediately the karma of the laugh comes back to you and you’ve lifted your own spirits. So that’s a very interesting principle that whatever you create in someone else, comes back to you. Whatever you create in someone else comes back to you. So, what do you want to create in another person?

Of course, if you consider yourself positive, service-to-others, you’re going to lift the vibration. You want to give people something that changes their life that takes them out of their woe. [There’s] a lot of woe in this world - and what is it that you can do? Well basically, as you have changed in this work, those of you who have been paying attention, can monitor your own changes over a period of time. You’re not blind believers, you’re not followers - you’ve been showing up and you’ve been watching how something changes inside you.

How this works, how moving into other timelines works - how karma starts falling away. You’ve been feeling a great sense of value and worth because you come to these Sunday calls and you know even if you’re not doing anything else, being on this call makes a difference. You know you’re making a difference. You’re getting stuff for yourself, you get to feel good, the energy lifts, but you are making a difference in a bigger way.

That bigger way of making a difference, it doesn’t have the immediate rewards. It doesn’t have the applause. It doesn’t have the “Here’s $5.00 dollars. Thank you.” There’s a long range benefit and you’re coming because you’ve tapped into the fact that there is a long range benefit, not just for yourself but for this planet. This is how something new gets established. It was Margaret Mead who said, “It’s a small group of people that can change the world.”

Many, many people talk about how important love is but the amazing thing is - love is on this line. It’s on this line in a way that you can feel it and that I can feel it and that connection is on this line and that wisdom is on this line and support is on this line and that’s pretty damned good for a telephone line, [Laughter] right? It’s like no building, no structure, just a telephone line and all that is here. And there’s more, the tools for changing our planet are on this line, opportunities for you to make contribution are on this line, opportunities that otherwise you’d never figure out -many of you - how to do that.

I don’t know if you’ve ever stepped back and looked at that - opportunities to share something with other people that can change their lives. If the work we talk about, about graduating this realm is correct, the opportunity to have what you need, to learn what you need to graduate this realm and all of those things are here. Because of modern technology, we’re giving them, by and large for free. Do you know, in the past if there was somebody that had the experience that I had and they said, this is important to share with people, they’d have to have a building …

I guess, unless they meet in the woods, they need a building, they need for money and of course we need money. You can’t escape that, it’s a lower level of this realm that will always be here. But if you look at how many people we’re influencing, compared to how much money we’re spending, it’s quite amazing. That’s one of the great benefits of technology, that it’s possible to reach a lot of people with not many resources, but just with a lot of enthusiasm and passion that moves through the Internet and people get it.

It moves through your life, the people around you get it and so, on that note I’m going to start off with our personal healing session and move to the planetary healing session with a message from Terry in-between and I want to spend some time to see if we can contribute something positive to the energies in Syria, which are so volatile right at this moment.

So, the idea is that if we go deep enough, if we go high enough, the Universe is one being, just like our bodies are composed of billions of cells all making up one being, which is us. We are little cells in the body of God or the Universe; it’s interesting how the cells and souls are so similar: the cells that make up your body and souls that make up the body of The One Infinite Creator.

But we normally feel isolated and alone, and on these calls there’s a magic that happens where those feelings of aloneness and separation, dissipate in a very real way, where a bunch of (on the surface) strangers that don’t even see each other, can feel this sense of closeness, of camaraderie. That is The Law of One. That in truth, we are all the same energy expressed in all the unique ways that we have our individualities. And so this is the duality.

You’ve heard the word duality. Duality is where two opposite principles can exist at the same time and this is the ultimate duality principle because each of us is totally separate. Each of us is occupying our own body. Each of us has our own bank account. Each of us is individual and simultaneously each of us is the same. You have to go through some multitude of dimensions - multitude? I don’t know if that’s the right word but some degree of dimensions, because we’re existing in a matrix and there are multiple timelines connecting us, not our bodies but our energies.

Now there we go into an area - how do I know I’m an-energy? Well, it’s something you’re going to have to come to by your own personal exploration. But I am sure that I’m an-energy that’s occupying a body. And that energy doesn’t have … your body has very fine rigid lines, like where your skin stops, the air starts. Your energy does not have fine lines.

Your energy expands, contracts all the time depending on who you’re with, what you’re thinking, and on this call our energies are going to expand. They’re going to expand to as far as you can imagine. We start out with the energy of the Earth and the Earth itself is just as alive as we are. It has awareness, it has trajectories for the future, it has an energy field around it - it is part of The Law of One and the energy of the Earth moves through everyone’s floor right now no matter where you are on our planet, in the world, the Earth’s energy is moving under you.

We can have that energy move through our body in a way that we can be aware of it. Can you feel a tingling in your feet? Say hello to the Earth. [Silence] We bring that energy through our feet, through our legs and our calves, our solar plexus and our chest and our neck and our head. So it’s a finger of energy connecting the Earth to our bodies, up through the top of our head, into the space above us. We keep moving, up to our ceiling, we move through our ceiling, either into the sky or into the rooms above you, but keep moving until you hit the roof.

We go through the roof and we go into the clouds. We keep going, we go through the veil. What’s the veil? The veil is an-energy around our planet that keeps us all contained, it keeps our energy contracted here and we’re moving through it. We move through the veil and we move higher. We’re moving through space and time, we’re moving through planets. Can we really move through planets? Now you know there are multimillions of people that believe in astrology, including me, and I know if planets can move through us, we can move through them.

We’re all carrying the solar system in our DNA. It’s a microcosm. Whilst we keep moving through all these dimensions, all this space, we come to a place where we are one. This is that place I was mentioning where we can be all separate, in our separate bodies and simultaneously be all one-energy. Did you notice a shift when I said that? I did - I know some of you noticed it. The energy got more refined. [Silence]

So let’s silently say I love you to everyone on this line because they are making it possible for you to have the experience and vice versa.

Now, let us invite our Sources to come into this connection. Remember, we’re operating in The Law of One. The Law of One says it’s all one-energy so we’re affiliating with each other - there’s no hierarchy, there’s no bosses. There’s free will and everyone who participates, does it from their free will - from you, from me and our Sources.

We’re not all equal - we all have different reaches, energies. The interesting thing is that at one time, some of us might have been them and some of them might have been us. It’s like we’re all just in different timelines going through what we go through but in the truth of it we’re all one. But do we want to live totally in the truth of being all one? Probably not, because then the separation disappears, the awareness of being separate disappears.

You see why we’ve chosen to have that experience? We’ve chosen it. So now we have a conglomerate - we have an “us,” a “them,” the Earth and we are voluntarily coming together to be one. So while we’re in this space of oneness, we have access to one another, we have access to our Sources. And you know there’s part of us who is separated, that has defects. We all have defects in the separation; now we’re accessing energies that aren’t defective where we have defects.

We experience those energies working with us and healing us and since we’re all one, our thoughts that go into this pool of energy are no longer our thoughts. We originated them but now they’re in this conglomerate energy field and if a number of people have the same thought the field starts to re-create reality according to those group thoughts. This is the power we have. This is what we’re learning. So while we’re in this state of conglomeration let’s put the thoughts in our mind that we would like to see manifest in the shift, for healing, for yourself, for someone else, for abundance.

See, how it works is you put a thought into this group energy and that thought then establishes itself as a point of creation. And then you go out in the world and you sit down next to a stranger who had another thought that was in the group energy - not even in our group - you don’t have to be in this group to participate in this and then suddenly two of you made an apparently random decision to sit down in a Starbuck’s and it was just the person you’re looking for and vice versa.

So it’s a combination of putting group thoughts and intents into this group energy and then taking an action that allows for randomness - that allows for spontaneous connection and seeing if that thought can turn into a person or an opportunity or a healing. So right now put your thoughts in - and in this group, in this Sunday session we’re doing we are working with The Law of One which means we are asking for the highest good of all concerned and we are honoring free will. [Silence]

While you’re putting things into this energy field, think about pedaling a bicycle, right in your mind and that the chain extends up to the Elohim and the Ra Group. Now there are some of you that have put requests onto our list here - you don’t have to do that, you can just think it. So/for those of you who did that, we’re going to go through it.

We have Cecil in Mountlake Terrace, Washington who puts his wife, Betty into the Light for healing of her kidneys. He puts himself into the Light for healing of his bronchitis; and then we have

Pat in Trussville, Alabama asking for the Elohim to continue to un-stick geometric karmic patterns from her. Remember, we/they can’t violate her free will so we get her to ask even in the least bit of a way it opens a lot more possibilities.

Teresa in Granger, Indiana … puts her singing and songwriting in the Light and support for her new album.

Lys in Rimrock, Arizona … all her chakras spinning fully in the correct ways and directions, complete and total cure for intestines, colon, liver, bladder, reproductive system, bones, joints, muscles, nervous system, glandular system, immune system and every single cell and enzyme and healthy chemical pathway in her body.

Remember, every time we grant these things someone, we grant them to ourselves.

Debby in South Blooming Grove, New York … sends healing to her girls, Possum, SweetPea, Phoebe, Mollie and Emme and her boys, Dioji and Pugsley. Debby, you have picked really great names for your children. Love and healing and protection to all of the Beings on the planet that are being affected by the changes that are taking place at this time.

Teri in Missouri … entertaining thoughts of difficulty being in the physical realm, she has children who depend on her. So we put in the Light her feelings of finding a reason to be here and some joy; and we have

Rick in Iowa City, Iowa … for my brother-in-law Mike in Texas - sends the Light to [heal] his bone cancer that has spread throughout his body that is said to be terminal. Thank you, for the highest good.

Joel: Wynn, you’re getting really faint and there’s a humming.

Wynn: Who is that, saying that? Hello? Is that better? Terry, can you hear me?

Joel: Yeah, it’s better.

Wynn: It’s better? Okay. Rick, just send me an email about that, I’ll give you a reference.

Pat in Trussville, Alabama … is sending Love Light to her beautiful daughter who is having trouble transmuting karma between herself and this man who would use her. Hey Pat, just remember she’s using her experience so just send her Love Light for the highest good and don’t try to define her experience for her. She has to choose that; and then we have

Rick again, in Iowa City, Iowa … for his mother-in-law in the hospital dealing with her blood pressure; and then

Tammy in Playa del Rey, California … to her grandfather who passed on yesterday, on the other side; and

Susan in Michigan … is putting into the Light the traumas that my adoptive children have experienced in the hope that they are released from their beings.

Just remember when you’re around people that are going through trauma, dysfunctions, put the thought in your mind to hold your energy above all of that. Don’t let it bring your energy into a place of matching their energy because people learn from your energy, your children learn. And since the chances are there are areas where you have trauma, they can be triggering your trauma, so try to rise above that so that you can set a template for them that allows them to move above those areas.

We are going to call in the Light and get a message from our Sources. I want to particularly - we’re going to do it again in the planetary session but right at this moment I want to put Syria in the Light. I want to put everyone connected to Syria, everyone holding energy in the Light, and that those thoughts can be directed towards peace, towards the highest good of all concerned, towards compassion.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity (be) taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

And right now we invoke a-group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others - honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. And I leave the space for our Sources to come in with their message for us this Sunday.

Ra’An/Terry: This is Ra’An and we greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We are here this first day of September 2013 and are available to each and every one of you that would like to experience connection with us. We are free will agency so you need to ask, you need to desire to make connection. Asking does not mean that you have to say it in words. You can say it by intention, by desire, the desire to connect.

It is like the completion of a circuit to know that there is a home-base that you are loved, that you are cared for, that you can dip in to our connection if you desire. We take a look at the things that you have put in the Light, the things that you would desire. There are many people praying for Syria and the situation in Syria that [it] can be amicably resolved. Much of what happens is created and it is not known that it is, or thought of, that it is created.

It’s not that they happen accidentally, however much is created. We place in the area of thought - the potential - that those responsible for actions in the Mid-East can consider the highest good of all and can consider free will and can consider that they may not have the exact information; and to be very careful on what they base their actions on. That they do have the right information and to look beyond what appears to be the right information.

We take a moment and send peace to the area and we thank all of those in positions of power who are taking careful consideration before they do any action. We are aware of the things you are putting in the Light and aware of your great desires to make things go right for you and your loved ones and your family. This desire goes a long way towards the righting of things, the making things right, the healing of things.

We send Love Light to Sea Serpent Cecil, for you and your wife and we take a moment. And for Tammy, we take a look and we see that your grandfather is still around and you can simply talk to him as if he were there; and just let him know that he is loved, but he is not held, he is not bound and he is free and his contract with the body has completed and now he is free to transition to something else and give him the love and he will get it.

We see that many on Earth are looking to their minds for the solution of problems and sometimes their mind contains a circuit and the thoughts go round in a circuit. They have to remember to get the mail. I have to remember to pick up the sugar and their mind goes round and then it acts like mind chatter. When they try to meditate these thoughts come in and it is hard to clear the mind.

One of the ways to help to clear the mind is to move into the heart chakra and sense the peace, the love, the centering. Sense the connection with others, the love and the details of the mind chatter can dissipate as you refocus onto the heart chakra and you can come from center, from the now and you can take the actions that are in the highest good, as it is clearer when you are coming from the heart chakra.

All the rest of you that have put things in the Light, whether you have stated it or not, just move into your heart chakra and see and envision the healing for yourself, for the family, for the betterment of the connection within the family. Picture the connection getting better with the children. Connect with love when you are considering something you disagree with that the children are doing. Connect with love because love can be a bridge.

Understand from their talks where they are coming from and then they will be more open to see where you are coming from.

We love each and every one of you and we are honored and it is with profound thanks that we let you know that we appreciate this opportunity to be with you and to be connected with those that wish connection. We leave but we do not leave.

Wynn: Alright, let us now, keep rolling right into our group energy and are putting thoughts into this pool of energy which is connected to the Universe which is connected to the collective of our planet. And we look at our planet from above, from a perspective of the energy and see the beautiful planet and see the energy around it. And the energy has dark spots in it - it’s the energy produced by all the humans on the planet.

It has dark spots because there are dark humans and they’re not bad, they’re just manipulative and their energy goes into the energy of the Earth. So for the moment, we’re going to do like cosmic acupuncture as we take our group energy and move it in to surround our planet and all those areas of dark energy, we’re going to flow around them. We’re not going to be confronted by them. We’re not going to challenge them. We’re just going to be like an ocean – flows around it so it gets to the Earth. [Silence]

Female voice: You faded out.

Wynn: Ah, we’re not talking. [Laughter]

Female voice: Oh.

Wynn: Thank you … we’re in a contemplative energy-expanding space. And we’re moving our energy around the planet in a great loving pink cloud moving close to the planet, moving into the oceans. Moving through all those channels that are open where energy can flow. We are surrounding every city, every power structure, every government, every decision making apparatus. And we send Light for compassion, for those people that have the potential. We move this Light.

We move this energy into the grass roots. Outside everyone’s vision, there are little groups forming all over our planet like tiny modules. They’re starting to meet each other, they’re interfacing. They’re creating a potential for a new paradigm, for a new reality. It’s coming up like seeds, like sprouts everywhere. There are all those Indigo and Crystal children, some of them are starting to hold this new vision.

It’s a web-work, a web that’s got filaments and we are all filaments connecting with each other on this line. And you’re all filaments going into your life connecting with your life and we’re weaving these filaments - we are weaving … they are anchoring this Light from afar.

And we in particular now move this energy - do you notice that we can move it? It’s an energy that we can focus, we can disperse it. We can center it around the Earth, we can point it in a direction.

We can stand in the middle of it and it goes to Syria. We see it hanging over Syria and we see it bringing balance, sanity to the situation. We just ask for the highest good, that it can be resolved peacefully. When you take a situation like Syria apart, there are a lot of agendas going on that we can’t see so we can send our Light into all those agendas for the highest good and for peaceful resolution.

Now let’s move to South America. Every week we do the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire is the land masses surrounding the Pacific Ocean and that it is the most volatile earthquake area on our planet and we’ve already seen a number of earthquakes: Chile, Japan. So we’re going to take this energy that we’ve created and see it like a laser beam pointed to the coastline, penetrating through the coastline, underneath the ground and striking (in a soft gentle way) the tectonic plates which start earthquakes.

We see a laser beam at the tip of South America, moving up the west coast of South America, moving up through Mexico, moving up through California, moving up through San Diego, Los Angeles. Remember we’re visualizing the laser beam going through the ground into the underground where there are plates, tectonic plates, that when they disassociate from each other, start an earthquake.

We move up to San Francisco, through Marin County, up the coast from Mendocino to Oregon, to Portland, to Washington, Seattle, to Mt. Hood, Mt. Ranier, to Vancouver and up the west coast of Canada, across to Alaska and down the east coast of Russia, to China, to Singapore, to Hong Kong, to Indonesia, to Japan. We surround the Fukushima number 4 nuclear plant - we ask for the dissipation of radiation, quickly and safely.

We go through New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii and we move our energy projecting mechanism to the middle of the country. And we do the same thing on the New Madrid fault starting from St. Louis and the four/five states surrounding Missouri. We go to the Mid-Atlantic fault outside of the east coast.

We go to the Canary Islands and we go to every place in the world that has earthquake potential and we send this Light to them for balance.

We ask for rain. Many areas of our planet are having a drought right now and people need food. We ask for rain so that we can have crops (speaking slowly).

And let’s ask for interventions for the highest good of all concerned, we would like to ask that no nuclear weapons be allowed to go off on our planet.

We ask that all unnatural ways of impacting our health and our wellbeing, please be blocked in some way because they violate our free will - things that go into our food, into the skies, into frequencies. We ask for molecular redistribution at whatever level is possible to make things safe. You know those of you that know my story, know the story of my sister whose Lupus went away and when I asked them how they did it, they said they put a filter into her blood and took the Lupus out.

Think how profound that is. An intelligence that’s operating in-between the cracks - that can become so microscopically small that they can filter Lupus out of a blood stream. And that they honor free will and they request to be asked. So we ask right now for those interventions that keep our planet safe and those people who are reaching for truth and connection.

Remember, we can’t fix the planet and because you can’t change people who want to be negative.

They have a right to be negative. They have the right to free will. You can’t change all that. We have to find the spaces in-between those things where change is possible. And on that note, I want to thank all of you for being here; I want to thank Gijs and everyone who is volunteering and we are going to bring this session to a close. Let me play Gary Grant’s song which has become a hit, for the close and BBS can fade us out anytime they like. [Instrumental song]

Duane: Finally, good audio … good work, team.

Everybody: [Laughter] Love Light to all; love you all, bye, bye; thank you everybody, have a wonderful week.

Sedona Jim: Thank you Wynn, thank you Terry.

Everybody: Thank you so much; thank you everyone; Love-Light to everyone; blessings for all.

Michael in Watervliet: Love and blessings.

Gijs: Gary Grant?

Gary: Yes.

Gijs: Thank you for the super … [Interference and everyone talking at once]

Gary: You’re welcome.

Everybody: Have a great Sunday, bye.

Wynn: Hey Gary, people they keep telling me they love that ending with that piece. Send me another one.

Gary: I will do that, Wynn.

Wynn: Alright.

Gary: Thank you, Love Light to you Wynn.

Wynn: Okay, bye.

Duane: Goodnight steamroller.

Gijs: [Laughter]

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