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Personal and Planetary Healing Session

“God wouldn’t be complete without you.” ~ Terry Brown

Sunday Call 09/08/2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free with Carla Rueckert and Terry Brown
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Greeter/producer Gijs
Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Susan Rush
Formatted and sent by Robynne Olson

Wynn: This is Wynn Free and it is September 8, 2013, and we have made it to September 8th! [Laughter]

Carla: [Applause] Yea …

Wynn: And despite the facts that the end of the world is imminent, it wasn’t. Of course this has been going on for a long time and it is one of the possibilities. It is like, are you prepared? The only way to prepare for the end of the world is to realize that this is one lifetime amongst many and you can’t end. World’s do end here and there, they do end.

What we’ve learned: there were two planets in our solar system, Maldek and Mars, where all life ended and thanks to Carla Rueckert (Hi Carla), we learned that all the beings on those planets got moved to another planet to continue their evolution. And guess what planet that was? Earth!

Carla: The planet of choice.

Wynn: That’s right. [Laughter] So life doesn’t end and your body will end, most likely, some people say it won’t but for most of us, our bodies will end. But that energy attached to our bodies won’t end, it goes on. And so we’ve been doing this for a long time [Laughter] and we’ll continue to do it and it’s a bit of a mystery because when we’re in this realm, you have no idea that there are other realms. [There’s] no direct connection, most of us, except Terry and maybe Carla.

But most of us don’t have the direct experience that there’s anything else. That’s why it’s known as scary because it feels like when your body dies, you’re gone. But when you start investigating, you don’t have to have the experience when you investigate deep down, there is enough proof out there that it works that way. That you do go on.

It’s a very good piece of knowledge to incorporate into your psyche because the more that becomes reality - that you go on - once you know that at the core of your being, even though you don’t have the evidence personally, there’s enough evidence (and certainly we’ve delivered enough evidence) on these calls that it works that way, that it removes a lot of concern.

And that you know it will continue and the Universe signs so that you can keep moving up a ladder of evolution - and it’s an evolutionary path, an evolutionary track. Each person is on their own very unique track and you can’t compare yourself with anyone else. And as you move up the track, when you’re at a lower place, you look at a higher place - someday I’ll get there and I’ll be exalted.

But once you get there, you’re not exalted [Laughter] it’s just well, here I am and it doesn’t feel better than that. You know I was speaking before the call, how most of us, I can certainly include myself, I don’t know about Carla and Terry, but when I was growing up I was taught that we were special. That my religion was special and there are all these words of talking about people who weren’t special.

They were common, they were black, you know that was one of the words - they were goy, that was one of the words. And I was indoctrinated to think that all of those words were lesser than and I was special and I was a smart kid and so I bought into it when I was a kid. I said well jeez, I’m smart. I’m smarter than most people, I must be right, I must be special.

Well as you can see, that is an indoctrination which totally takes you out of The Law of One, which is that we’re all part of the same energy. And since there’s an illusion of time (within time) yes, some of us will have more talent than others. Some of us will be smarter than other people and we’ve had lifetimes where we weren’t smart, where we were dumb, where we were one of the other people and somebody else was smarter and somebody else was more loving.

If you look at people - that they have qualities that you don’t have - and you look at them with jealousy or envy, you are putting one big block in front of your growth. Because how do you learn about qualities that you don’t have unless you look at people - that have those qualities and learn from them? And there’s this dumb thing called envy and jealousy that makes us feel separated from those people.

Now of course they may be putting out the other side of it that you’re common and we’re special and those are not the best people to model after but you can even model after them if you just forget that they’re doing that and look at the qualities they have that you want to learn from and that’s the way to learn. Jealousy and envy are the ways to totally be stuck. It’s not because you’re bad in God’s eyes or because you’re doing a sin, it’s because it puts it in your face.

It stops you from growing. It stops you from learning and when you think about it, the people that had qualities that you wished you had or that you felt deficient in, are the very people that are your teachers. They’re not your enemies. So, I don’t know why I’m talking about this but, Carla would you brought up to feel elite when you were younger?

Carla: Well, the only way that I was brought up to feel unique, and this was pernicious also, really - it really took me a minute to get over it - was to say that well dear, some people aren’t as intelligent as you and we; and we are cultured and we can understand the finer things and some people can’t and they don’t have the advantages and they’re lovely people, they really are - bless them - and all of those kind words.

Which, you know, are damning words and it’s just as much of a prejudice as anything else but I was so much of an outsider that it just didn’t really matter what people were trying to teach me and I was learning the hard way that I was absolutely unacceptable, I was the worst of the worst. I was a cross-eyed skinny kid, had to wear very thick glasses - very, very skinny - very awkward with people because I was used to talking to grownups mostly, I didn’t have a lot of socialization.

So I hit school man and I was hopeless. [Laughter] So it didn’t matter really what I’d been taught to believe. I became aware very quickly that I was a total idiot and that everybody else had a whole lot more of what it took, you know, than I did. And I was just so out-of-it, I was such an outsider that, that took over for me and one thing that was good was that my folks were performers. And if you’re a performer, you do not care about race, you do not care about age - you don’t care if somebody is polka dot. If they can blow their acts they’re fine, if they can’t, get them off the stage and give it to somebody that can do something with it, you know.

It’s very prejudiced against people that are incompetent, you know, at performing. So I did manage to grow up without the normal types of prejudice that you have in the south, I just missed all that [Laughter] and I was lucky for it.

Wynn: You know if you’re a performer, one of the things about being a performer and being in front of an audience is that if you have grown up with a certain prejudice or judgment towards anyone and they happen to be sitting in the first row of your audience, you’re in deep do-do. You have to get over your prejudice fast because …

Carla: If you want to share love with them, you don’t...

Wynn: If you want to share love with them … I remember when we were selling at festivals - and boy, did I learn stuff doing that because I remember, we were looking for places to sell and we ended up going to a gay festival, probably with 20,000 gay people and it provoked fear in me. [Laughter] Oh my God, how am I going to face all those gay people? And the amazing thing was, it was the most successful thing we had ever done up to that point; I had a total blast.

The thing about it is, people are not gay, people are not black - people are not Jewish. Those are like outer garments that they’re wearing in this particular life. It’s an illusion and when we start seeing them that way, then we just lose track of The Law of One, we can’t live inside of it.

Somebody sent me an email - which I love their headline - and last week I said something … I wasn’t censoring my mouth [Laughter] it popped out and I said, uh oh, I know I’m going to get in trouble for this.

I’m not going to repeat it but it had to do with calling a certain re … the idea of the word cult and how that word was used, and I think intentionally used and brought into this culture intentionally, so that things that had truth in them could be discredited by calling them a cult. I think I said that if they were not acceptable in the collective and you used that criterion we would find that most religions were cults.

Carla: Saying somebody is this or that … I mean, what’s a weed, you know? Weeds are simply something you don’t want in your bed, your flower bed. If they’re someplace else they might be absolutely perfect. I know I used to weed to keep the violets because here in Zone 6 latitude, violets make a really good ground cover and they stand the drought and they stand the flood and they stand the rough conditions that we happen to have here because it’s odd, it rains sometimes and other times it’s like a desert.

And other people try to weed them out and I just discovered they have a lovely heart shaped leaf but other people will call them a weed and will root them out and I think the definition of weed has to be very subjective and I think that’s what Wynn was trying to say. Are you back yet buddy?

Wynn: Okay, am I distorted?

Carla: No, you’re good.

Wynn: Alright … right now, I called in [on] the other line so if I start to get distorted just say it immediately and I will pick up the other phone, okay?

Carla: Okay.

Wynn: Yeah … so often we have these things in the back of our mind, these prejudices, these ways of not accepting people, these ways of looking down at people, these ways at feeling superior. And the first thing is to just notice them.

Carla: It’s a very crippling thought, isn’t it - a very crippling idea?

Wynn: It’s a crippling idea. Because it means if you want to evolve yourself, if you want to move into higher realms of spirit, you have to let go of those things and sometimes we don’t even know they’re there. They’re there because they were indoctrinated into us when we were growing up. And take yourself apart and see if any subtle areas - condescending, or feeling superior, or feeling separated.

Or you look at somebody and this thought comes to your mind that they’re a commoner or they’re a Catholic or they’re a Jew or they’re black or they’re an Arab, okay? [Laughter] Now the negative loves to get us to hate people, they love prejudice because as soon as you have prejudice, you essentially cut yourself off from your own spiritual expansion. You guys may not realize this - and this is something I came up with and I am sure it’s true and it has to do with how you become disabled from your own growth.

How that happens, and how what we call the ‘negative’ supports that to happen and so many of us have bought into that and don’t even know. From what I know now, everything is present in this moment. There is no future, there is no past. It’s all right here and as soon as you move into that, as soon as you move into the experience of the now, there’s a shift. There’s a coming forth, there’s a presence, there’s an awareness, there’s a connection.

That’s what happens on these calls, we come forward in the now. But how do we get tricked into not doing that, in our lives? There’s lots of ways and why is it so important that what we call the ‘negative’ doesn’t want us to move into that experience? Why would they care? Here’s the answer: when you’re in that experience of being in the now, you are a sovereign being. You are connecting with God. You are connecting with All That Is and no one can take power over you.

You become bigger than whatever would want to take power over you. They can’t encompass you. You now encompass them. But you don’t want power but they’re in your circle. Well, you can see why the negative would do anything to keep you from having that experience because they thrive on your energy. They thrive on having power over you. And so many of the institutions of our society and our planet are based on creating circumstances where something can have power over you and it’s very subtle because having power over you doesn’t mean that you’re walking around in chains, at least not visible chains, and the illusion is created that you’re free!

So you’re free but you’re expanded, you’re not in the now. You have the illusion of freedom but the truth is you are not free, you are controlled.

Carla: It is a very powerful, subtle thing because think of how all the Puritans, for instance, came over here in search of religious freedom because they had been persecuted in Europe. So they get over here and what do they do? They start burning the witches.

Wynn: And killing the Indians.

Carla: That’s a religion, too. And killing Indians, yeah - anybody that’s not like them. So, you know, that which is totally understandable - oh yes, of course you want to have freedom to believe the way you want to believe, all of a sudden starts becoming … somehow that gives you the right to persecute others that don’t think just like you do. So that how you repeat the abuse that was given to you - you’re repeating [Laughter] all over again.

Wynn: And there’s this illusion that people go into that if everyone was their religion, the world would be fine, okay? [Laughter] Or their whatever, that if everyone believed the same thing the world would be a better place. But it has nothing to do with belief. Belief is actually, to a certain degree, the enemy of freedom. Because as soon as you have a belief, you see everything in terms of your belief, rather than for what it is and you miss the boat.

And like what’s keeping us from ‘the here and now?’ What’s keeping us from that experience of ‘the now?’ Well, what is it that you think you need that you don’t have? What is it you think you need that you don’t have, is what’s keeping you from being in the present. So make a laundry list and work through each thing in the list. Now there’s a bit of a paradox here because to sustain your physical body, you need things.

You need a roof over your head, you need dinner, you need money or you need some form of exchange. So you do need things, but you have to detach yourself from your needs, from what’s missing. And because when you take your needs and put it in the way, in the middle, of your experience of being in the now, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Because, as soon as you move into the now and then from that position, go for the fulfillment of your needs, you can actually make things happen.

But when you approach your needs from a position of lack then you actually push the fulfillment of getting your needs away from you. ‘You follow what I’m saying? By moving into the now, into the present, doesn’t mean the things you need aren’t there - they’re there - but push them to the side so they’re not in your face. It’s like - did you ever meet someone that’s - I’m worried about being broke, I’m worried, I’m worried, I’m worried about my kids, I’m worried about this …

They’re totally dysfunctional. They’re incapable of making something happen. And the very things that they want to happen are getting stuck because they won’t let go of their anxiety over their needs and things keep encroaching on them. They keep encroaching - my house is going to get foreclosed, this is going to happen. Well, I’m not saying that every time that you move away from your needs and go into the here and now that your house may still not get foreclosed, it’s possible. But you know what? If it does you just cope with it, just cope with it as an experience and move through it.

Often times, people go through a terrible dastardly loss and as they’re approaching the loss, it’s so scary - I’m going to lose this, I’m going to lose this person, I’m going to lose this house, something - some kind of loss. And once they move through the loss and the other side of it comes in, something happens that was better, beyond their wildest imagination that they could’ve ever dreamed of that would have never happened if they hadn’t had the loss.

So, I’ve watched that happen many, many times - many times for me and you don’t have to be afraid of loss. The only thing to be afraid of is fear [Laughter] and if you’re afraid of …

Carla: ‘the only thing we have to fear is …

Wynn: You’re right … fear - I shouldn’t say be afraid of fear because how can you be afraid of fear, then you’re afraid. The only thing to work with is fear and how can you overcome the fear in that situation because fear will be what keeps you from being in the now. Now, do you know the reason that there’s so much effort by what we call negative about keeping you from the now? It is because when you are in the now, when you are truly in it, you are expanded into the part of you that’s God.

You are experiencing that connection and, from the point of that connection, you are bigger than consensus reality, you are bigger than the negative and now your consciousness can be a bridge from other realms into this realm to help reconfigure those things in this realm that are keeping it contracted and that’s why the negative doesn’t want you to go there. Because, then they become disempowered and the world is sitting on this teeter-totter right now about which way it’s going to go and it depends on how many of us can tap into the power of the now.

Now I never read Eckhart Tolle, but I know he wrote a book by that name and I wouldn’t be surprised if he talked about some of this stuff. But that’s one of things that happens on these calls, is that we get a chance, some of us, to experience the now. Now, you may be listening to the call and you may not be having that experience at this moment because in order to have that experience, you have to get out of your mind.

If your mind is busy thinking about it, observing it, even evaluating it, it’ll stand in the way of your energy shifting and it’s okay because you can observe that process. If somebody is new on the line, there is the process of do I trust this? Do I trust these people? Do they have agendas? You have to go through that process of evaluation. Is Wynn really talking to who they say they are?

Actually, you don’t really have to decide that; I never had to decide that. I tried to but I couldn’t decide. So I said I’m just going to evaluate this by the results, how does it impact me? What are they telling me? Is there wisdom? Is there guidance? Is there good, positive, loving energy? If all that comes out thumbs up, then we don’t have to worry if they’re the Elohim. One of the problems about focusing on oh my God, they’re the Elohim is this idea that you have to be lesser than.

Or kiss … I shouldn’t say kiss their ass, okay but I said it. Okay, prostrate yourself. My experience is - that’s not what they want. There may have been other God forms that wanted that throughout history, but that’s not what they want. You know, imagine yourself - some of you that have children - do you want your children to be growing up hanging on to you all the time? [Laughter] Saying dad, send me money, dad this, dad that.

Probably the greatest joy you can have with a child is for your child to go out and succeed and be happy and be-loving and come back and visit you, and have all this to share with you. You can say, God, I created that person, look at how wonderful they are. They’re doing better than I did. And I think that the relationship with the higher forces might be like that. That they would like, and they do give us all kinds of support - energetically, guidance, etc.

But not so that we keep holding onto their coat tails, but so that we can learn to be independent. That, we can learn to be masterful, that we can learn how to transform all those obstacles we see in our life. All those people that irritate us, all those people that pull on our energies, all those people that have betrayed us, all those people that have hurt us and abandoned us and that we can rise above like a phoenix and walk on top of the whole thing and say, I’m free of that!

I’m in the Now, it doesn’t affect me anymore. I’m above it. I’m free in this world, and every one of you has that potential at your own level. But you have to be honest with yourself and you have to look at all those things and you have to work with it. You have to work consciously on getting over it. And I am learning from these calls and I know many of you are and I know many of you are having experiences, not just learning things in your mind, I mean I get emails, you know … we read them sometimes.

People have certain dreams … they have mystical dreams, they have men in white robes, they have healings, they get filled with light, you know and it’s like, I’m not doing it. We’re just showing up and it’s amazing to watch the phenomena. My job is just to - for me, my personal conscious-side, which I have just like everyone else - [is] to get it out of the way so this other stuff can come through. It started out where jeez, if I let this go will the other stuff come through? I don’t know if it will come through, I don’t even know what’s going to come through and it keeps coming through.

And, Ciija Hill in England, thank you for letting me know I’m cutting out. Hopefully I’ve stopped, I’ve got my other phone on and Carla will tell me, if so and of course Terry is in the background and she hasn’t said anything. So often, she has the most profound things to say and in her own quiet, shy way, she sees things very deeply. Are you there, Terry?

Terry: I’m here, can you hear me?

Wynn: Yeah, you’re even unmuted. Congratulations. [Laughter]

Terry: Yeah, I think that what you’re saying is very profound because one of the control mechanisms that some people use is to put the other person down and if the other person buys it, then, they don’t want to reach out because they don’t think they’re worthy of reaching out. And so it’s a very big control mechanism, to put people down and then if they buy it they just don’t reach out or come back with something else. They just muddle around in the feeling of worthlessness.

So I think that it really pays to set that feeling of worthlessness aside and to know that you are a very important part of - a spark of God and you’re worth it, and you have a lot to contribute and God wouldn’t be complete without you.

Carla: That’s great, yeah.

Wynn: That is a quotable line: [Laughter] “God wouldn’t be complete without you.” That is really good, okay? [Laughter] Whoever’s transcribing this, use that as the title for the Sunday call: “God wouldn’t be complete without you.” Now it may not be true, okay? I think it is, because …

Carla: It’s definitely true.

Wynn: It’s definitely true.

Terry: Yeah. [Laughter]

Wynn: It’s just that if you take a look at your children and your children are growing up - what if they grew up and they were really successful and happy and they never gave any of that back to you? Wouldn’t it feel like a sense of loss? Like my child is happy … who was it? I think it was Madonna whose brother was living on skid row, okay? And that there was probably some kind of karmic condition there that she didn’t lift him out of skid row, but they used to write about it. But God wouldn’t be complete without you.

Do you know what? That makes you really important. [Laughter] That makes you part of the completion of All That Is. All That Is - is not out there, it’s not separate from you because you’re part of The All. And the more you can internalize that and realize it, the more worthy you’re going to feel. Even [with] the most mundane outer circumstances, you can be a walking blessing. You can learn how to experience this energy of The Now, which includes the Elohim, which includes the Ra Group, which includes the Universe, even if you don’t see them.

The interesting thing is the way this realm works is we don’t see them but they see us. We’re blocked from seeing them so we have to decide if they’re really there by all the ways they can make themselves known to us in round-about ways. Do you know - would you really like somebody to materialize in your room right now, and say hi, I’m here? [Laughter] It would probably scare the be-jillions out of you. What are you going to do with them? Get on your hands and knees and say thank you so much for coming, you know? [Laughter]

That actually happened according to the Rueckert material - and we’re getting close to doing another Law of One workshop but - where the Ra Group manifested bodies that could be visible in this realm. They didn’t incarnate, they didn’t come in as babies. They created visible beings out of Light, probably in a similar way that after Jesus [left] … Now I’m just speculating here, after Jesus left this realm, according to the stories, there was a visible body that people could see after he was supposed to be dead. And was it really his body, Carla, or was it a Light projection?

Carla: It was a Light projection.

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: I mean, do we really have an identification with our bodies or our body’s vehicles that are kindly appropriate for our use? But the reason that they’re ours is that we combine with them, before birth or at birth, depending, and decide to be a part of that life stream for that incarnation. Before that, we were very real, very profoundly a citizen of the Universe, but we were not that body until we thought well, yeah, this works. I’m going to come in, in this body as, you know, we’ve planned and we’re going to have incarnation and at that point it becomes your body. But up until that point, it’s simply an opportunity.

You know that’s one thing that’s very interesting - and we’ve had a couple readings on that - because it happens to people, they have to decide whether to have an abortion or whether to have a child when it’s very inconvenient to be pregnant. And the question is well, what should I do? And of course, they never say what you should do. What they say is, to go into communion within and try to talk to that soul and find out if it was just an opportunity that they took or if there was a contract that you had entered into and you had agreed to work with them for that lifetime.

If there was no contract and it was just a random oh I think this is an opportunity I don’t want to miss, I just feel like having an incarnation you know? If it’s like that, they can have another opportunity and basically an abortion would not be an infringement on that baby’s free will. But if you’ve agreed, if you have a sense that that baby is your baby and you have a feeling of communion with that little being inside, then it’s on you to fulfill that promise and have that child. So that’s what the Confederation said about the question of whether to abort or not. So it has to be decided on, one by one by one by one thing.

Wynn: You know that’s exactly the same answer that Terry gave when we asked that question, exactly.

Carla: It sure does make sense, doesn’t it?

Wynn: Yeah.

Terry: Yeah, I noticed that - because I can see Light bodies and I can communicate with people, if they’re up to it, I can communicate with people that have crossed over and dropped the bodies - and that’s like a situation that kind of happened. Like I was with Wynn, right after the 9-11 in 2001 and after the towers came down there was a fellow that was very, very high up in the fire department that had lost his body and he showed up in my space and he said I’m going to be your kid. And he was so positive and so motivated - I mean he would have made a wonderful kid. He would have been extraordinary.

But I’m past the age of having children and so I said well you know this is not going to happen with me, I’m not going to have a child so go find a woman that is going to have a child and then get to be that child. And so he said okay and he left and came back a half hour later and he said nobody else can hear me.

Carla: Aw.

Terry: And I said well, you go find a woman. Go to a hospital and find a woman that is about to have a baby and become the baby and then she will hear you then. And he reluctantly said okay. [Laughter]

Wynn: You know, Terry used to talk to me like this twenty years ago and I thought she was off her rocker, completely. [Laughter]

Carla: It takes you awhile to go up to where Terry is. [Laughter]

Wynn: Right.

Terry: [Laughter] Right, after my brother passed away and we went back to the funeral, I was really sad and but then after the other people left, Wynn and I stayed and I started talking to my brother and I found I could talk out loud to him and he would talk back to me and I could see his Light body. And he was asking questions like where’s Mom, where’s Dad and that I’ve got to go back to the house, he would say, and help Mom finish the house, because he worked really hard working with Mom to help her finish work on the house.

So I told him, I said you know your job in the house - you did a wonderful job and your job has ended now. And this is something that everybody goes through whether they’re rich, whether they’re poor, homeless, have a fantastic home - everybody, whether they’re famous or not, they all go through this. So this is totally normal, what you’re going through and your job is finished at the house now and you don’t have to worry about it and he started to get it. Like he was telling me, he was saying you know when I was in the retirement home, I could not get out of there to go home and help Mom but now I’ve got another problem and that is I can’t make the body work.

Carla: Yeah.

Terry: So that’s what I told him you know, this is totally normal, what you’re going through and he would leave his body which was buried and his Light body would come and talk to me. And then I would say hey, let’s go for a walk and no, I can’t go, I can’t. And that it’s like, this is a whole new way of operating, that you’re going to learn now. And I walked toward the car and he followed me and I opened the door and I said hey, come for a ride with us you know and he said no, I can’t leave my body [Laughter] and he glided back into his body and it was beautiful to watch. [Laughter]

Carla: Yeah. [Laughter] Well, you know when my husband’s father died, in his eighties - it was a long and very fruitful life - he was being kept alive on one of those breathing machines and that was the only reason that he was alive and this had gone on for a couple of days. And so we were all sitting there in one of those little family waiting rooms that they have for the very, very ill – deceased’s family, you know just to wait there, and I said oh, Dad’s here, Daddy’s here.

And Jim, you know was hip to it and he said really, what’s he saying? He’s saying goodbye. He wants everybody to know that he’s so sorry to leave but it’s apparently his time and he wants to say goodbye and tell everybody how much he loves you and you know, all beautiful things. How much he cares and how he hopes you’ll take care of each other and all that and just basically saying goodbye.

And so Jim’s Mom looked at me and if looks could kill, [Laughter] I would have been a goner. And she said well, I don’t believe that at all. I think he’s going to come around, he’s going to get better and I think that you’re an awful person to be saying that he’s gone. I mean, they had told us that he doesn’t have any mind left, you know. He’s had too much damage. If he came back, he’d be a vegetable. He wouldn’t be the man you know, but she didn’t believe that. She felt that it was against faith to react to what for me was absolutely real.

Terry: [Affirmative]

Carla: ‘Terry knows what I mean there, it’s totally real. You’re totally talking to somebody who’s saying goodbye, and but you don’t want to press it on anybody because for them, that would be the biggest cruelty. So I shut up and we sat in that hospital for three solid weeks until she came to the decision to take him off of the breathing machine. And he died, his body died, I should say within a couple hours after that, it was not sustainable. So I was so relieved you know that they let that poor body go, it had worked hard enough and he’d had a good full life. So, but it’s odd to have this capacity to feel or see what other people don’t because …

Terry: Yeah...

Carla: ‘it totally works for you. Go ahead.

Terry: Pardon?

Carla: I said, go ahead.

Terry: There was another friend that I have and he can see spirits and he can talk to people that have passed on. And his mother was dying in the hospital and the whole family came except for him and they were all sitting around the mother just crying and crying, don’t leave us, don’t leave us, don’t leave us and day after day was hanging on and hanging on. So this fellow, he was like the black sheep because he didn’t go.

He called up the hospital and he spoke to his mother on the phone. He said, hey Mom, what’s going on right now? Who’s there? And she said well my sister Esther (who had passed away before her) is with me, she came to visit me and she’s got suitcases with her. And he said to his mother, he says you know what? Don’t listen to all those people who are around you, just go with Esther. See what Esther’s saying. So after the call was over she hung up the phone, closed her eyes and passed away.

So people that are hanging on, hanging on to people can prevent them from transitioning because the people just really want to be there. There was another case where a fellow called me and he said that his friend had been mortally injured in an automobile accident in Santa Barbara. And she was on life-support in the hospital and he asked if there’s anything I could do and I said well, I’m working as a legal secretary, I can’t go but I have two friends that I’ll call and so both of those friends went to the girl in Santa Barbara. Now they can also see people that have passed on and talk to people that have passed over.

So they started working with the girl and they were able, even though she was brain dead, to get her to move her feet up into the air and everything and they were able to talk to her. And they said you know what do you want to do? And she said, well from the time of the automobile accident I considered that my body was dead and I’m moving on but my parents keep begging me to stay and so they just went on and on and on, on life support.

So my friends met with the parents at six o’clock in the evening, and they were near the Mission and they were explaining what the girl was saying, that she wanted to move on, she considered the body dead and the parents agreed to release the girl. And so, right then, the sky got dark and the bells started ringing from the Mission and right at that point, the body wouldn’t even work on life support and she left her body.

So my friends then went back to their motel and got their stuff, went back to the motel and the girl was in the motel room and she was saying look, you’ve spent all this time with me and then all of a sudden, you know when I leave the body you leave me, you abandon me. So they said, oh, we’re really sorry, you can come with us and hang out with us and be with us. And so the girl sat in the car with them, with just her energy Light body, and they went back to Los Angeles. And so my friends called me up and said come on over, Diane wants to meet you (the girl that had passed over).

So I went to visit them and they said now she’s communicating through making the TV go knock, knock, knock and the stove go knock, knock, knock. So they said, Diane, make the TV go knock, knock, knock and it takes her a couple minutes to get it started so we waited a couple minutes and then the TV starts going knock, knock, knock, knock so I got acquainted with the girl. Diane was saying this is awful to have to communicate through knocks and get the stove going and the TV going. This is really frustrating, I can’t communicate that well.

So I said come with me and I’m going to take you down to where there’re a number of young girls, that some of them may be, wanting to have a baby. So I went to the car and I opened the car door and I got her situated in the car with her Light body and I took her down to this place where there were a lot of young girls hanging out and I opened the door for her and she went inside and I didn’t see her anymore. But I’ve done a lot of work on myself, like really, heavy, heavy work on myself so that I gradually, over time, have gotten to see these things.

Wynn: Alright.

Carla: And I think that’s important, what you just said Terry, because that means that people can work to open up their inner sight. It’s not just for the very, very few. It’s not just for others - it’s for everybody that wants [it]. If you want to open up to inner sight, it’s a matter of really working at it over a period of time. And I think the key is silence, to find some way to get silent and work with your inner guides as you begin to feel the Light, as you begin to understand energy and understand what’s going on.

You know when you feel this or feel that thing ... Oh, I know what that is and I need to encourage that in myself and here’s what I’m going to do and you make a plan, you know and eventually the door opens that you wanted to open because you’ve firmly intended to do it. It’s not just for the other folks; it’s not just for some very few like Terry or me. It’s for anybody that really wants to put in the time. But I will admit that some of us are born with a gift and it comes easier and I think another gift that you cannot praise too highly is the gift of faith.

And you know that’s where - what Wynn was talking about earlier - it gets really strange because faith is a wonderful thing and but at the same time, faith, carried to the point of - what would you say Terry, fanaticism? Or, anyway, that can hold you up just like any other thing that’s too much of a good thing. You really need to balance it.

Wynn: To me …

Carla: ‘go ahead.

Wynn: To me, faith is something that is a halfway house until you have experience, okay? Faith should lead to experience of some sort, something that is real, that is happening, some synchronicity or something. You know for example, somebody is listening to this call right now and they’re evaluating us and they’re saying, you know what, these people sound fairly intelligent … they’re having this crazy experience, maybe there’s something to it. Then they come to the call next week. Now they’re coming to the call next week because they have faith, they had enough indication that there was something here and they’re checking it out and they’re having faith and keep they coming to the calls.

Well I keep saying there’s an-energy on this call and that certain people learn to feel it and some people feel it right away, some people feel it a year later and that’s just been my observation. Now a skeptic would say well, they’re just feeling it because they believe it, they’re creating it – it’s not really there. You have to decide which is true. The best thing is not to decide until you have an experience.

Carla: Right.

Wynn: But you might come to the calls for six months and suddenly you have an experience of some sort. [Laughter] Sometimes the experience …

Carla: I’ll tell you one thing that really has impressed me through the years is every once in awhile you’ll get somebody brand new who doesn’t know a thing about meditation, channeling, whatever … nothing about energy, nothing about other realms, nothing - I mean nothing. And she or he - usually it’s a woman for some reason they seem to be more open earlier or quicker - will get the context and have all kinds of rushes in energy and doesn’t know what to do with it and is frightened - terribly, terribly frightened.

And so there goes, you know, that night because I need to spend the time with her - bringing her down, comforting her, letting her know that it’s perfectly normal, that she’s not strange, she just happens to be capable of something that most people aren’t capable of at the get-go. But that will tell you, I think faster than anything else, as far as personal experience, that this is real, because it happens.

Wynn: Um hum.

Carla: And even if people can’t get the context, they can get the energy a lot of times and they’ll say well I feel the hair on my legs moving around or I feel my body in my chair and it feels big and like I’m floating in my chair and things like that and I know enough now to say well that’s the energy, that’s what that feels like when it comes. That’s the way that your body’s expressing the energy. It don’t exactly know what to do with it. Oh, okay … and then it’s alright because I can reassure them that it’s totally normal, there’s nothing to be afraid of. But until that point you know, they’re ready to panic. [Laughter]

Wynn: Um hum.

Carla: God, what’s going on? Oh … you know and it’s the heebie jeevy kind of a feeling.

Wynn: Sometimes people wonder why we … okay, we’ve got these two group souls that are huge and awesome and we think we’re bringing in their energy so you can feel them, and why don’t we just do that right away, instead of doing all this talking? And the reason is because this talking is what creates the human grounding which allows them - allows you the human grounding which bridges the connection into this realm.

Now if you’re one of those people that comes to the calls regularly and tuned into the energy, you may not need that. And if you’re one of those people that have come to the calls and still in the process of working out your stuff, this can really help because what we’re doing is talking about your stuff and then while we’re talking you say hey, they’re talking about me. They understand what I’m going through, they understand my process and that helps you say if that’s all true then maybe the other stuff is true.

It starts you in the process of being open, because your monkey mind will not believe this is possible and it will keep going back to that - I kept going back to it. [Laughter] Believe me - starting in 2002, when I met Daphne, I said this can’t be real. This can’t be happening, there must be another explanation and it took me a long time to integrate it, to say okay, it’s real. There’s no other explanation to explain it, it’s got to be this way.

And I know when somebody comes and hears us for the first time they’re going through that same process and that our job is to say, what do we need to say to you to realize that we understand the process? And, it’s okay to go through the process. It’s okay to go through the doubt. It’s okay to go through the questions. It’s okay to go through the scrutiny because we’ll probably pass, if you really decide to look at it, we’ll pass. Where we don’t pass is where people make a quick judgment and they make a quick judgment and they decide what it is and they don’t look deeper into it and they miss it.

Like people who look, they can look under rocks, they can, you know look through stuff, this is transparent what we’re doing. There’s no agendas here other than to create a space where we can experience higher levels of connection with All That Is. That we can take those connections and empower ourselves in our own lives to become more than we ever believed possible, and there’s a process to go from where you are, to that place.

You know, in an early conversation with the Elohim [Laughter] with Terry and this blew me away - the wisdom of it - they were talking … let me see if I can remember. I can’t really remember the question I asked. They talked about making eggs and they said you don’t just say boom, here’s scrambled eggs. You’ve got to crack the egg; you’ve got to put the milk in. You’ve got to work it up; you put it in the frying pan. You watch it and after awhile you’ve got scrambled eggs, okay?

See, what they’re saying is there’s a process and some of you think you can jump the process and you can become something without going through all the in-between steps. And you can go through the in-between steps fast, it doesn’t mean it’s going to take a long time, but you still have to go through them. Let me see if Carla and Terry have nothing more to say. We have about 40 more minutes and we have to do our meditations and this is an important call because there’s a lot going on in the world.

Carla: Yeah, let’s do that.

Wynn: Yeah, okay. So let’s very quickly go through this personal expansion visualization. And as I say things, just track my words and you don’t have to believe anything, just imagine. Use your imagination to just go along with it and while we’re doing that, observe your body and how it feels and any shifts that it goes through.

The principle behind this is that the Universe is one being and we are all part of the one being and on the Earth we’ve become separated. We don’t easily experience that connection, so this is a guided visualization to reconnect with the experience of being part of All That Is. So we see the Earth … of course the Earth’s alive, the Earth is aware and we are all in the energy of the Earth, every one of us. The Earth is underneath us and it radiates energy and let’s imagine the Earth’s energy coming right up from its core through our floor, through our feet.

Keep your feet flat to the ground, your soles parallel to the floor. If you’re lying down, just crack your knees so your soles can be flat. Feel that energy in our feet, a tingling (is what it feels like - tingling) and let’s imagine that tingling is Mother Earth. Let’s tell Earth that we love her. It’s really great to love Mother Earth because the Earth won’t abandon you. Everyone else might but the Earth won’t.

You live in her field. She has a huge field that encompasses all humans and often times, most often the Earth is not acknowledged. Most people don’t acknowledge her as being alive or having feelings and we’re doing that and I would imagine that that makes Earth happy. Happy that she is acknowledged, because we’ve lived on Earth many, many lifetimes and most times we didn’t acknowledge her.

Wynn: So we take that energy of the Earth and we move it up through our legs, through our calves, through our groin, through our solar plexus, right through the top of our head. And we realize that we are always connected to the Earth and the Earth is always there as our friend and that we can feel the energy when we tune into it. We move through the top of our head, through the ceiling, through the clouds, through the veil around planet Earth, through other timelines, through the planets.

We come to a place, right now, where we are all connected. ‘We’ being all of us on this line. Of course, we’re connected to everybody but we can’t move into the experience of that connection, but we can move into it on this call. And as we move into the experience of the connection, that we’re all part of the same energy, we’re all one but we’re not glommed together. We’re one and separate at the same time. But right now we’re moving into the experience of the oneness and as we do that some of you may be noticing your third eye in the top of your head have a glow around them or a tingling.

And we’re going to invite these voices that talk to us - that say they’re group souls that exist in other dimensions - we’re going to invite them to join our group energy. You remember, All Is One, so they’re us, we’re them. And we were talking earlier about moving into the God part of us, the part of us that can recreate reality. That can, through our intentions, make shifts in where shifts don’t normally happen.

And in our group in what we are doing this is all done with two caveats. One is for the highest good of all concerned and the other is honoring free will. So while we have this connection, while we’re in the experience of it, it’s very powerful because we are all combining our intentions for a common purpose and the purpose is healing ourselves, healing each other and healing the planet.

So right now, I would like to ask you, those of you that wish to, bring your intention into your conscious mind. Bring your hopes for yourself into your conscious mind and tap into this energy and put it into the field of this energy. This might be for healing. This might be for healing someone you know. This might be for improving a relationship. This might be for your children, remembering that honoring free will and for the highest good of all concerned.

You cannot impose yourself on someone and want them to do something because you want them to do it because that would not be what we are working with here. That would be magic. That would be control. We are extending opportunities, we are sending Light and giving others the options for better choices and this is extremely powerful for doing just that.

Now we have a healing list and I’m going to go through some of the people that are on this list but you don’t have to be on this list to make this work. For some people it helps them to write it down. Even for yourself - many people say … when you have things that you’d like to happen, write them down. Write them down in longhand so it grounds the energy.

We have here Debby in South Blooming Grove, New York … she is putting in peace and positive outcome with Syria. Thank you, Debby. And she’s also putting in Love, healing and protection for all of the beings on the planet who are being affected by the changes. She’s also sending her Love and Light to Phoebe, Mollie, Emme, Possum, SweetPea, Dioji and Pugsley. And I’d like to send special Light to Pugsley because anything that’s named Pugsley has got to be awfully lovable. [Laughter]

And now we have Rosalie and Rosalie is putting into the Light Carol, Jeff, Patsy, Ron and Patrick, Leanna’s triplets who are now starting kindergarten, Lorie, Red and Caroline and thank you all.

Did you feel the energy move, from Rosalie to all those people? If you feel this works, it’s not magic. It’s not deferring yourself - it is you, your energy connected with All That Is energy. And suddenly you are very powerful, you have all those resources and you’re in the middle. That’s why asking is so important, it keeps you in the middle. That’s why they do things when we ask. It creates oneness.

Marsha in Panorama City … Marsha is going through a lot of stuff in her home and neighbors that are attacking her psychically and let’s just send protective energy around her home. Also she’s putting Jim Cole and Dan West in the Light who have products in the alternative health field. They’re being attacked by the FDA and she puts that whole situation and Jim’s health in the Light; and we have here

Laurie in Tombstone, Arizona … and just puts her friend David’s issues with the Army and back pay, world peace, clean air, chemtrails, wake people up about GMOs and help me win the lottery, okay? [Laughter]

Terry: [Laughter]

Wynn: Just be clear, it helps to include in your request to send us lots of money if you win, okay? [Laughter] We have David in Atlantic City who keeps going to the casinos and says I’m going to send Wynn and Terry money for their work if I win and he sent us two checks so far, which were percentages of what he won. One of the checks was three thousand dollars and one was five hundred. So it’s working. [Laughter] I give you all permission to do that; we have

Lys in Rimrock, Arizona … and she asks for a better relationship with her doctor; to help she and her daughter go through their health issues and stop treating us like we’re crazy and stupid and to get the specialist that will help us get proper diagnoses so we can get more help with our health. And Lys, I’m thinking about you every week - when I go to lunch with Lys. She’s in our neighborhood, in the general area; we have

Barbara in Twin Falls, Idahogiving thanks to Sources for all positive outcomes in my life and the lives of all my loved ones and I’m asking for peace in the world especially in the Middle East and Syria. I put this visualization of lasting peace into the Light for all humanity. That Light and peace prevail - thank you God, thank you Universe, thank you angels; and we have

Bridgett in Madison, Wisconsin … she puts her brother in the Light to heal him from the stressful situation. Just remember, Bridgett you’re part of the loop. When you can tune into the Light and when you can hold it - really hold it and feel it - go out to your brother it’s working. Sometimes you have to move through his stress to get it through to him and so just be diligent.

Now let’s take this energy that we have created of oneness and we’re going to bring it back down, very quickly - through the clouds, through the roof, through the top of our heads, through our bodies. Let’s go from the top of our head and very quickly see it moving down your head ... So imagine we have this string coming from the top of our head way up to this oneness energy, coming down from the oneness energy back through the top of our head and slowly moving through the energy system of our body and any place that’s out of balance gets filled with energy.

It gets balanced. We ask for healing. We ask for any dysfunctions to get balanced by this energy, to bring it back into balance, through our heart, through our solar plexus, through our genitals, through our legs, through our feet and back into the Earth. And take a moment and experience your body and see if you can feel the expansion. See if you can feel the connection, down to the Earth and through the top of your head up to the cosmos into the oneness. And you’re in the middle of it and your body is a focal point, and when the body goes all these energy connections remain.

Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect every person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way and through our solar system, through the top of our head and into the center of the Earth.

And right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. We leave a space for a message through Terry.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. It is a sacred moment when we are able to connect through the sound of the voice with each and every person who wishes to be connected with, and we are aware of the things that you have put in the Light. Whether you have put them in the Light in the formal way or whether you have simply asked for them in your own hearts.

We are there and we are present and it is within the silence that we can be heard. For if you are going to write on a chalkboard, if the chalkboard is empty you can write and the words can appear and the words can be read. If the chalkboard is full of writing, you cannot make the writing that you put on top of it clear so that it can be read. ­­It gets muddied by all of the other writings that it is going on top of.

So, as Carla has said the silence is important and if you attempt to achieve the silence in your mind and the mind chatter begins to just come in, don’t ever beat yourself up for the mind chatter. Just observe the mind chatter as this is a treasured, most important phase of clearing your mind. It’s important first of all to know what writing is already up there, what is the sound? What are the thoughts? What are the belief systems?

What are the vibrations coming in from your neighbors? What are the vibrations left over and running like circuits in your mind, from the TV programs that you have listened to and watched? This is an important, treasured phase in the clearing of your mind - is to see what is there and to not beat yourself up at all if it can’t be cleared. Just, first of all, observe, listen and see if you can find patterns that then can be unraveled.

We admire you for your undertaking of your life in the 3rd density and you’re learning to be grounded and to work with the manifestation Universe and to learn the ins and outs of it. It is an important phase. You are treasured and you are very important at whatever phase you are in. It is all part of the learning process of our soul, The One Being, the All That Is. Everyone is important and as it has been said before, “God is not complete without you.” Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you and that sounds a good book title: “God is not complete without you.” I’ll remember that. We’re going to move right into our planetary healing and I want you to tune into that possibility. That you are more important and more powerful than you ever dreamed you could be - that you can make a difference to the outcomes on this planet - and you and we - because on these calls we are tapping into the power of WE, the power of group intentions - the power to create fields of energy larger than those fields that are in place that are creating all the negative agendas, and we are the creators of those.

We are the expressions of the Divine. We are the manifestation of God’s will in this realm. Jesus said, with the faith of a mustard seed you can move a mountain. What did he mean by that? I believe this is exactly what he meant. That as we tune into the oneness - the power of the oneness - and as we operate in this moment as a team - it’s in this moment - we’re not glommed together, but we voluntarily pool our energies together, just as the Ra Group voluntarily pools their energies together.

And there’s free will - they don’t have to do it - we don’t have to do it. But the power of this pool of energies is the only thing that has any hope of shifting reality systems in this realm and we are the holders of that energy. We and others like us, others tapping into this. They may not have the same approach but it doesn’t matter as long as their intent is pure and they’re operating in the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will they are doing the same thing.

There are people all over the world right now who are praying for shift and peace and for transformation and we invite their high selves to let their energies join us as we bring our group intentions together. So we see ourselves holding the bridge, the space for anchoring these energies around our planet. We bring a glowing pink, whatever color, surrounding our planet in this loving energy. We see all those people on our planet that are reaching to hold this kind of space, that are Wanderers that have come in from other dimensions, that are very able to be tuned in to these frequencies, that have the sensitivity to it, we send this energy to them and we invite them to join us, at least on a high-self-level.

We take this energy - and we are the focusers of it - whatever we think about it goes to, it moves there. So we descend upon the Middle East and historically the Middle East is one of the hotbeds of this planet. And we surround Syria, the country Syria, to start with, we ask for compassion; we ask for empathy, we ask for equity for the people of Syria and for those in power who have the choices to extend these qualities.

We go to Washington, D.C. and we ask for the same qualities - for empathy, for compassion from the decision makers and we see (the boats) the ships that have come in surrounding Syria - from Russia, from China - and we send our Light surrounding these ships. We move to Israel and we do the same thing. We ask for compassion, we ask for empathy. We ask for these qualities to be exhibited by the leadership and the people of those countries, for their highest good and honoring free will.

We ask that The Law of One become manifest and the Palestinians and the Israelis might see each other as brothers under God and we zoom out and we hit all the other countries of the Middle East. We ask the Light to go to the people that have been ravaged by the wars. We surround the souls that have been trapped and died in those wars and ask for help in releasing them if they’re still in bondage around our planet.

We go back to Washington and again we send the Light around Washington which is in Congress and the Supreme Court, we extend it again for the qualities of compassion and empathy. We send the Light to the people of America for awareness for the discovering of truth, for the learning of the hidden agendas, for learning the power of their voice to shift things.

That to this movement that’s happening of awareness, this growing movement of awareness that’s happening in our country and that it continues to grow and people continue to speak up for what’s right, for what’s compassionate, for what’s empathetic. We move to a couple of other capitals of the world. We move to Moscow and to the leaders and the parliaments of Moscow and we ask for compassion and empathy and care. We move to London and we do the same thing, we ask for compassion, for empathy and care. We move to Tokyo and do the same thing and Paris and do the same thing.

We take our eraser to the chalkboard and we slowly erase hate, greed, slavery. We’re erasing those words and we write on the chalkboard empathy, peace, Love and we see ourselves reprogramming the collective consciousness of this planet … care, respect, forgiveness. As we write each word we are reprogramming reality.

We very quickly move - talk to the Earth and we’re moving to the geo-physical things - earthquakes, droughts - and we surround the Earth in this huge loving energy. And we move through the Earth and we find all those tectonic plates that are the precursor to earthquakes and we surround them with Love and we ask Earth for her support in the balancing of these energies so that any releases be slow, careful and away from population centers.

We ask the Earth, as our friend, for her support and we ask for rain in all those areas where there is drought. And we ask for interventions for the highest good of all concerned in honor of all those people that are praying and requesting, we ask for interventions to shift anything that’s toxic in our environment and balance it and render it harmless … chemtrails, HAARP, weird frequencies. We ask that no nuclear weapons be allowed to go off.

We ask that any synchronicities or events that are creating harm, hurt, fear that are projected into this planet, that there might be synchronicities that they may not happen - there may be interventions where the will of the few would tend to subjugate the freedom of the many. It is 11:57 a.m. and we’re going to count down … 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and I’m going to play a song to end this call and BBS can cut us off at any time - fade us out. We’ll say goodbye to everybody and thank you so much for being here, for being part of what we’re doing. [Song] Okay, we’ll see you all next time, thank you so much.

Everybody: Thank you Wynn, thank you Terry, thank you everyone; blessings and grace; thanks Carla; loved all the stories; see you all; marvelous …

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