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DNA Activation and Open Chakras


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Sunday Call 09.15.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free (with Carla Rueckert and Terry Brown)
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee

Wynn: Good morning this is September 15, 2013 and Wynn and Terry in Arizona. And letís see, is Carla there?


Carla: Yeah, I am.


Wynn: Hello, weíve been looking for you.


Carla: [Laughter] Here I am.


Wynn: Iím going to start out with a song today. Whenever I play this song I think of Carla.


Wynn: Now, I had this song I was going to play and now it doesnít show up in my list, how can that be? I looked that up this morning and there it was. Maybe I dreamed it Ė that it was here, that I was supposed to play this song Ö Iím scrolling through here.


Terry: What song?


Wynn: What song?


Terry: Yeah.


Wynn: I wanted to play the song from The Man of LaMancha, the Don Quixote song.


Carla: Dream the Impossible Dream.


Wynn: Dream the Impossible Dream which happens to be Carlaís logo. Now, believe it or not, 20 minutes ago I looked at this list of songs and I said thatís what Iím going to play today. Now either my mind is blanking it out as I go through it again because it was there or, I was dreaming it when I was looking at it and itís not there.


Gijs: It is. Isnít titled as Reach Out? Like the fifth song from the top?


Wynn: No, itís not Reach Out. Itís called Dream the Impossible Dream. Alright, Iím going to play Reach Out, okay? Reach Out, here we go. [Music]


You know what, I found it. [Laughter] Iím going to play it.


Before I play Impossible Dream I wanted to say that one of the people who attend our calls, Gary Brownlee, and who helps immensely on sending out emails and keeping the website The Spirit Channel updated, was involved in an historic project.


I donít know if Garyís listening, I hope he is. Because on this call, one of the things that we endeavor to do and we may be doing it, is being able to project our energies, project our fields outside of our bodies, outside of our homes, outside of our planet and outside of the solar system. Now of course, weíre dealing in invisible things so we have to watch things over a period of time to decide if weíre actually doing that and what the manifestations of that are. There is feeling that comes in, thereís a sense that many of you feel and connect with on these calls and then say, whatís that? Thatís an unusual feeling.


Then we have voices that talk to us that say theyíre outside of all of that. Theyíre greater than all of that. Theyíre larger than all of that or I donít even know if you can use the word larger or smaller. If I canít figure [it] out Ė theyíre probably both larger and smaller because I donít think thereís size where they are. [Laughter]


But nonetheless Gary Brownlee has now become one of those rare people on the planet who actually was involved in sending a physical object outside of the solar system. He used to work for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and he was working on the Voyager which I guess you wouldnít call it a satellite, but itís a space vehicle, and the Voyager has just left the solar system. Itís the first object to ever leave the solar system and thank you, Gary for being part of that.


Now I wonder if that means if part of your hologram is out there with the Voyager. I believe Garyís name is written somewhere in that vehicle. So in any case, I thought I would share that and I found Dream the Impossible Dream.


Those of you that have visited Carlaís website will have noted that her logo is a pen-and-ink drawing of Don Quixote staring at windmills. The story of Don Quixote is the story of a man with a wild-eyed dream. What was his dream, Carla?


Carla: I am trying to remember if there was anything more than just seeing things in a very idealistic way. For instance, seeing his girlfriend, who in real life was a sort of a rough girl, as an idealized lady that had never been anything but very delicate and seeing things in their most beautiful and idealized form. I think he just wanted to right every wrong, to be a knight in shining armor. Really to be one, not just to pretend to be but to really be.


And the way he saw things was idealized to the point where everybody else said he was crazy. Actually, when that logo came to be the L and L Research logo, it was a little bit sideways because I had that over my desk in college. Wherever I was, whether it was before I was married it was in my room at home and after I was married it was in my one room. [Laughter] I had exactly one room to my entire apartment and I took it with me. Then through four years of a difficult marriage and then onward into single life again I had it in my apartment over my desk in the office. And Don said well, tell me about that and I did to the best of my ability which was pretty much what Iím telling you.


Itís been so long since I read Don Quixote, I donít remember precisely. Itís a long book. Anyway, I really liked the idea of The Impossible Dream. He liked the idea of seeing things and hoping for things and wanting things that maybe even werenít there but that we were trying you know and he liked the idea of something that was called Love and Light Research. We were originally The Love and Light Company and then shortened it to L and L.


He liked the idea of that, connected with Dreaming the Impossible Dream so I just did a search and discovered that since Picasso had put that out over 50 some years ago that it was no longer under copyright. It was an image anybody could use and so I thought groovy, ďWeíre going to use it,Ē and so we have used it ever since. Itís come to be synonymous with L and L Research and Love and Light.


But really itís a work of some genius. Done by an artist that certainly had [Laughter] various portions of his history that were questionable but that particular drawing was simply perfection. If you look, you hardly even see where his ink - where his pen left the paper. And yet in very simple terms he conveyed that whole myth, that whole folk song, folk story that Don Quixote Ö


Wynn: And I suppose the reason you identified with that is that on some level you were dreaming the impossible dream, yes?


Carla: I always knew I was dreaming impossible dreams [Laughter] and it never bothered me. In fact, I was rather proud of it. [Laughter] I thought, well why be like everybody else and just be going after fame and glory and the next seat in the corporate, you know who-ha. I really liked the idea of my being idealistic and being more on a spiritual quest and certainly Don Quixoteís quest was spiritualized.


Wynn: Here we go Ė Dream the Impossible Dream. [Music] I forget who that was singing. It wasnít the normal person.


Carla: It was a diva but I donít recognize which one Ö certainly a beautiful rendition.


Wynn: You know, we Ö first of all, I have to not say you know. I have to watch myself [that] I do not say that. Carla, just hit me on the head if I say you know. [Laughter] Itís like my way of like let me delay things Ďtil I think of something.


Carla: Itís a segue.


Wynn: Segue, right.


Carla: Ďinto what Iím going to say next, yeah.


Wynn: Well, we have a lot of reiterating themes and we refer back to them often and one of the reasons we refer back to them is because some of these things are crucial and itís hard to get it. Itís hard to get through our monkey minds to where we can integrate something and make it work for us. One of the themes is something thatís called DNA activation which has become somewhat of a buzz-word amongst many New Age people. Now I donít believe DNA activation was talked about in the Ra material. Is that correct, Carla?


Carla: No, it never was. No, you canít even say there was anything remotely like it.


Wynn: Have you ever looked at that yourself or internalized it.


Carla: I think itís quite valid. I think itís quite valid, I think that in-so-far as we have so many strands of DNA that are not currently being used, that thereís no question but that we have the capacity within us to get various strands of DNA that are not currently hooked up Ė hooked up and that that would equal being able to work with vibrations that we are not currently able to work with. I think itís quite accurate.


Wynn: Did you ever hear my explanation of how it works?


Carla: Go ahead. I donít think I have.


Wynn: Well, when the Universe was first created and we had conversations, quite a few with the Elohim about that, and they were creating a microcosm to match the macrocosm and the microcosm was DNA. So DNA is like a mirror of the entire Universe. Each strand of DNA, and there are twelve (12) strands, each strand opens up a greater hologram into the Universe. And the first seven (7) strands approximately correlate to the first seven (7) chakras and the next five (5) strands correlate to expanding outside your body into the greater hologram of the Universe or however large that can be. Does that make sense? Do you follow that?


Carla: I do.


Wynn: So the way a strand gets activated, and this is the trick, because when people hear this they say, ďWell how do I activate my strands? I want to be activated.Ē First of all, there is a handicap in this realm. The handicap is that what we could call the negative understands this principle very well. And they have their higher strands activated, but without compassion which essentially turns them into magicians.


Because they can control the Universe, to a certain degree, to their own ends and they have the idea of containing us, contracting us and keeping us in the first three strands of DNA. So thatís why the evolution of humanity has been so difficult. Because thereís an intentional programming in this realm to keep us contracted.


Once youíve taken of that programming, which everyone has for many lifetimes, probably, then you have a reality system thatís based around that program and that itís very difficult. Something has to come and break your reality system, so that you open up to new possibilities. Because the way you evolve DNA, and this is one of those things that Iíve said before, but when I say this I know everyoneís thinking, ďWell, how do I do it? How do I get my DNA activated?Ē


Itís a very simple process. Itís not simple necessarily to manifest but itís simple to understand. That since your DNA is opening to holograms that are larger and larger, depending on the strand thatís activated, all you need to do is find someplace, someone, somewhere where that energy is activated at a higher hologram than you are and let that energy flow through.


Now of course, this is not a one-shot deal. You canít just go and have that experience and everything shifts because itís more like an awakening, a flowering, a seed growing. Itís like you will always go back to your old patterns, always. And thereís going to be this process of going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth as that energy comes in. So the best ways to do this on an ongoing basis are to actually live in a situation where that energy is activated in your living situation.


That would be a community, a very high-minded community or a really evolved personal relationship. A personal relationship is probably one of the fastest ways, to fast track - to do this. Because in the energy exchange with another human you have an opportunity to surface all your lower stuff because people in relationships mirror each other. Theyíre reflecting, and if you do it correctly the reflections get higher and higher.


You donít get stuck in a lower reflection and if you do it at a lower level, you get stuck and youíre always blaming somebody or making the other person wrong. Of course this is sticking yourself because that person is potentially your ticket for your own evolution and youíre not manifesting it. You have to be able to switch the relationship. One of the ways to switch a relationship is to love someone the way they need to be loved.


Because once you do that theyíll start loving you back the way you need to be loved. And suddenly youíre activating your fourth (4th) chakra and of course, itís the love vibration that makes this work. If you look throughout history, if you start taking things apart, you can see that Ė this is my opinion Ė that behind the people that were able to greatly influence this planet was the inherent (even if they may not have had these words - they may not have even heard the word DNA) but a very deep understanding of the process, whether they understood DNA or not.


I mean, if you take Jesus as an example, a good example and certainly one Carla has used Ė you take Jesus Ė you have an example of a man who I believe had very high DNA activations. And that if you go large enough, you become one with whatever youíre expanding into and so if youíre at the top of the scale, the Father and you are one which is what Jesus said. And then he said, when two or more are gathered, so he was creating a precedent for community.


That as people love each other, share love, now I donít mean mushy love, they learn how to activate themselves. Thatís the greatest value of a relationship. Activating yourself and activating the other person, getting over all the mental stuff. Getting over like Ďwhat are we talking about stuff,í having opinions, gossiping which is so often what things resort to. And then that energy starts to happen and thatís that experience when you walk into a room and you feel the vibe in a room.


When you feel the energy in that room, itís because the people that were in that space have learned to activate their higher chakras or their higher DNA. They were holding it and it anchored in the space. Now they didnít do it by a technique. Itís not with technique or rituals, it just happens. It is intent that makes it occur, consistent intent over time.


Those of you that listened to the few talks we did called Rewriting the Old Testament heard this story of the Anunnaki who were gold miners that landed on Earth and created humans. If you didnít hear this, donít believe it because itís too wild. But do your own research, itís in our archives and actually itís got serious scholarly study behind it, indicating that this is probably true, that humans were genetically engineered, originally.


At least one of the root races was genetically engineered by a group of descended Elohim who had gotten stuck in this realm for billions of years and called themselves the Anunnaki. Weíve talked about how the negative Ė how when you get into this realm, because of possessions, because of power itís very easy to lose your sense of The Law of One because in this realm itís either yours or mine. Itís either I control the energy or you do and so people compete.


When I say me and you, I donít mean me and you, I mean one (okay?) because on these calls, this is exactly what weíre learning to go above. Survival is such a preeminent preoccupation Ė it has to be, itís not wrong Ė itís that the negative controls you through survival. They keep you in your lower chakras because as long as youíre worried about survival, itís very hard to move into your heart [and] to the higher chakras.


So thereís a great advantage to having an economic disaster from the negativeís point of view. Because that fulfills their desire to keep us enslaved. Thereís a great desire to keep you in fear, because if youíre in fear Ė as Carla said, you have to choose fear or love Ė itís not so easy to choose love when youíre in survival. And this is where each of us has to become masters and disciplined so that we can be in both places at the same time. So when we hear of negative agendas and secret societies and all of that stuff, we have really, a machine thatís designed to keep us in our lower chakras. And why do they want to do that?


There are probably a lot of reasons but one of the reasons is because they feed off our energy. And that one of the things from the Ra material was that when you have a loving space Ė Iíll have Carla correct me on this Ė when you have a loving space around you, the negative canít through it. It bounces off. So when you finally build your energy up to where you can hold that space, the negative loses its control over you Ö its ability to control you, its ability to create fear.


You have even overcome the fear of death and in which case what do they have to hold over you? But Carla, did I get that right? You want to clarify that one?


Carla: Thatís close enough. Go right ahead.


Wynn: Close enough, yeah. So thereís a field that you create where the negative canít get through and then you are free from the encumbrances of this realm. Otherwise, as most of you have experienced, this realm is filled with traps, hooks. Ways to get you sucked in and in ways that once youíre sucked in, you canít get out of. Now as I have been studying this Anunnaki episode on the creation of humans, there was kind of a division between two points of view - these two brothers Enki and Enlil.


Where Enlil wanted to control everything or kill all the humans and Enki wanted to evolve them. Now one thing about the Universe is that nothing is destroyed. Everything exists and it continues to exist in whatever form it is. Which could be a soul on the other side, it could be a soul stuck in the astral, it could be you and I but we donít go away. We continue but our bodies go away.


And on the Enki side of the evolutionary scale, it seems to me thereís a little bit from Enki of also turning the world into a playground and you know having Ö Well, one of the ways of raising DNA is through intimacy and intimacy is - again, you still have to learn in intimacy how to hold it yourself. Otherwise if the person leaves you or the person dies Ö what you learn through intimacy is through the person. Each person has their expansion into a hologram and in the best relationships you have two people that have different expansions into different areas of the Universe hologram and when they come together and they have intimacy, their energies become one. So they both have access to the energies of the other.


When thereís a lot of cooperation going on, that creates a lot of power. It creates a lot of joy. It creates fulfillment and it activates the DNA. And as youíre involved in this relationship you are learning how to expand into this new holographic area that you were not formally connected with. And after awhile you have incorporated it. So the person is not quite as important as they were to keeping you in balance. That doesnít mean you have to separate, it means that the relationship gets better.


Because when youíre desperately clinging to another personís energy to keep yourself in balance, the word for that is: codependent. And usually each personís sense of independence and wanting to be free will be, partially - whatís the word? Ė partially fighting against that, fighting against the codependency aspect because no one wants to be dependent on another person. Or I wonít say no one wants to, some people do want to.


But nonetheless, ultimately the codependency has to grow into co-creation in which case this unit, this couple, suddenly is empowered. They can create things at a very high level because theyíre not codependent. In the codependency aspect of it thereís always fear and fear is that if the person leaves me I will be devastated, I wonít be able to continue because that person is making me feel good.


So the fear often times will create what itís afraid of Ė making people separate. So what weíre doing is weíre in a school and the school is learning how to expand our hologram and being involved in situations, people, groups, whatever that stimulate our energies so that we learn about things that we donít have inside us or outside us. We havenít had that piece of the puzzle and then we come together and we inter-mingle energies and then we learn from other peopleís energies.


We learn new ways of under Ö not even understanding, this is not mental. This is, again, community, intimacy, and of course even (co-creating) with God and even with the higher realms, moving from codependency to co-creativity. What is it like to be codependent on the higher realms? It means I am nothing, God is everything. It means doing Godís will. It means thereís some intelligence up there that you have to please and you know what, thatís not co-creation. Thatís like fear of doing something wrong. You know there were godís in the Old Testament that we talked about that were not the highest Godís but lower gods that thrived on that particular aspect of their relationship with people.


Because they could keep you in fear, they could keep you attendant and you would give them your energy. The problem with that kind of relationship, the problem with that when itís not co-creative but it is codependent, is that despite everyoneís best intent to try to make a codependent relationship work, itís a closed loop and the energy doesnít sustain. So it creates then, anger. Why is that person not giving me what I want?


They used to make me feel good, now they donít, theyíre denying me. You think theyíre denying you because they can choose it. The fact of the matter is they canít choose it because the energy left. This is why that famous saying by - I forget the name of the guy who wrote The Little Prince Ė said, a relationship is not just looking at each other, itís looking in the same direction. Looking in the same direction moves something from codependency to co-creation.


When youíre in codependency, what happens is you are giving energy to each other that is going to die. The energy is not going to sustain and then often time people think the personís denying them, there must be somebody better out there and they go looking for somebody better. And again, in the beginning stage of the relationship, because there are no rules and the energyís really high, people can have a very high interchange.


But usually within six monthís Ė a year Ė after that runs out, theyíre back in co-dependency or theyíre back in no energy where they just have a formal kind of relationship, working things out. Like out of security, the guy works, the woman brings up the kids. Now when you have children it is a common purpose. But the whole point of all of this is how do you move into the situations where you can have the highest DNA activation?


It creates finding circumstances where youíre in co-creative loving connections. Now I know on this call that thereís energy coming in on this call that, for those of you that are taking them in, are helping to activate your DNA. This is a community and this is a grouping of energies where we are all sharing energies in a free way and there are no control systems here. Thatís why we can keep coming into these calls and the energy keeps coming present because each call starts with chaos, it doesnít start with any control mechanisms. If you hear me at the beginning of the call, Iím saying to myself, maybe I wonít have anything to talk about today.


Usually thereís no planning and it is seat of the pants but you know what? The energy comes in all the time and youíre part of that energy. Youíre part of the creation of that energy. Weíre part of healing each other and doing calls like this was my way of solving this impossible situation of having to travel everywhere and then leave and usually people canít sustain the energies. So this gives everyone who is participating an ongoing opportunity to sit in these energies.


But thereís still the need to create it out of your own creation, okay? I may be creating this Ė weíre all creating it Ė but Iím creating the venue, okay and weíre all creating the energy and ultimately, whatís your venue? Itís got to be totally unique to you, it has to be authentic. You donít have to do this in this way but you do have to look for ways to get that energy into your life on a regular basis so that you can activate your DNA. In particular, there is a distinct connection between DNA activation and graduating this realm, as I see it.


Because if we look at the Ra material, the Ra material said 51% dedication to service is what gets you out of this realm. In some of our material it said having your heart chakra open slightly more than half or 51% gets you out of this realm. Well when youíre dedicated to service, your heart chakra has to open and that is why service works. Itís one way of looking at it Ė to the other. It is service and keeping your heart chakra open - are two sides of the same coin. Each of us has our own personal challenge on an ongoing basis.


Now, I was talking about the Anunnaki and this Ö now we talk about the Anunnaki and we realized that was the most recent indication - intervention with them was like fifteen (15) thousand years ago. And we think well, that was then and this is now except itís not then and now. Because then we start looking through history and say how did these guys manifest? What did they do throughout history? How did it work? Did they reincarnate as humans? Were they working on the other side? Because we learned - we asked this question last Wednesday - that in the creation of humans there was a certain karma that they took on and that was to evolve humans.


And if you look at the two sides Ė the one side Ė the negative side was kind of not on an evolutionary path. It was trying to freeze the circumstance so they could always be on top. That means theyíre enslaved by the people they enslave, because it takes work to keep slaves. If you want to become free, you have to move from slavery into co-creation. In co-creation you donít have to work to keep someone hooked. In slavery youíve got to keep someone hooked over many lifetimes.


So thereís the one group that is just locking themselves into this enslaved reflection back and forth between those that they enslave and themselves who are being enslaved. Of course they are wanting to be enslaved but itís a high level of enslavement. It doesnít look like theyíre enslaved, it looks like theyíre bossing everything around and theyíre in control. But from my way of looking at it Ė theyíre enslaved.


Then you have the group that wanted to evolve humans, that wanted to move through this and that took on a certain karmic responsibility for the evolution of humans. And that throughout history Ö and this is stuff I canít validate but as I was looking through all the materials, it makes sense. There was Enki and there was Inanna. Enki changed his name to Pítaah or his name changed or actually Pítaah was part of this energy Ė itís connected with the word Pítaah and that Pítaah was in Egypt and working with people as a priest.


And then another time Enki ended up in India and became responsible for yoga. Of course yoga Ė what does yoga have? It has a way of evolving your DNA. Itís a way of meeting in groups. Itís a way of moving energy, moving kundalini. And then Inanna became the goddess of the divine feminine and ended up in different places creating tantric yoga, using sexual interchange as a way of helping to expand DNA evolution in people.


And of course many, many churches and religions have great prohibitions against sex. Now this is not a call to have wild sex (how would I say it?) in an unbridled way. But loving sex evolves your DNA, fast. And one of the reasons thereís prohibitions to sex is itís such a difficult thing and people get in trouble there. They go into betrayal, they do all kinds of things that do just the opposite of what it could do. But the other reason is because when people have shut down their second chakra (creation/sex), usually their third chakra (solar plexus/power) is shut down as well, to a certain degree and that means theyíre easy to control and they become followers.


Theyíre not self-empowered and so organizations that want followers and want donations create circumstances where people feel guilty about opening those energies up.


On that note itís 11:00 a.m. and I think Iím going to just see if Carla and Terry have anything theyíd like to share on this whole thing that I just talked about. And weíll start our visualization. Carla?


Carla: I guess the only thing that I have to share is that Iíve been on that Homecoming and Iím very high on it and we make sure we have it every year. And the reason is that it lifts everybody. Everybody helps everybody to get lifted up and everyone can experience for themselves what itís like to be in that higher vibration and can get the feeling of what itís like and knows what it feels like.


Once you have a taste for it you donít really want to go back and if you can remember it well enough, you can go back there all by yourself just by remembering. So hopefully thatís what we give people at Homecoming, is that environment for growth, that hotbed for spiritual growth that is such a precious thing.


Wynn: So in the context of what weíre talking about Ö


Carla: In the context of what youíre talking about we are activating DNA.


Wynn: Youíre activating DNA even though you donít use that vocabulary.


Carla: Right.


Wynn: But you know activating DNA is fun and loving and empowering, you know? Itís not something to go around Ö if you see someone thatís selling DNA activations [Laughter] look really carefully because they give this illusion that you can see them one time and everything shifts. Now maybe it will. If you find that person let me know because Iíd like to find them, too. But in general, itís an easy way to create a momentary experience and charge you a lot of money and then they donít care anymore after they have your money. Thatís one of the ways to tell somebody who is truly working from the higher realms, is that theyíre not just there for you because you pay them.


Theyíre there, you feel their presence - theyíre with you. You donít feel like an object that when you pay them you get to use their services. Not that you shouldnít pay somebody, itís okay to pay somebody. And in fact, by the way, we need money right now so if anyone wants to click the donate button on the email today, feel free to do it. But make it a free will choice to support that which is supporting you.


Weíve chosen to support you and weíre doing it and when you make a donation youíre making the choice to support us back. And not only is it supporting us back, but itís enhancing the synergy of the relationship, building the synergy of it from your point of view. So it all becomes co-creative. And Terry is our silent anchor in the back Ö [Laughter]


Terry: Hello.


Wynn: Did you miss out on wanting to say anything?


Terry: Well I was just thinking about the relationship Ö I was trying to get a definition of DNA. And like what it indicates on the Internet in one of the main sites is that DNA is found inside the area of the cell called the nucleus. Itís very small and it is packaged Ė this DNA is packaged together. It has different organisms, many DNA molecules and itís packaged inside the cell and something thatís called the chromosome.


And then it gives instructions to make proteins and these proteins turn out to be genes and they give instructions to the body. Like how to build the body and whether itís to have blue eyes or brown eyes. Whether itís to be an elephant or whether itís to be a human. So thatís sort of how it all ties together with the DNA. And if you have a preconceived idea about yourself, say, that you are not worthy, youíre bathing the whole genome, the whole DNA of all of your cells in that feeling Ė in that belief.


And that itís inhibiting the interactions within the cells and itís giving a mixed signal to the instructions. I should exist and I should go forward and I should be all that I can be and then comes the idea that you are not worthy and then itís inhibiting the instructions to the DNA and to the body functions. And itís inhibiting the grease that makes the body flow and work together harmoniously and, itís a limiting factor.


So activation would be enabling the body to go forward with the maximum amount and top instructions that the body can utilize to be the best one can be and to be who one really is, because theyíre working together with the DNA and the whole body. Thatís my comment.


Wynn: Well thank you. And a lot of this unworthiness is actually programmed into this realm by the negative because if they keep people feeling unworthy, they keep you from activating your DNA. And the biggest fear of the negative, in my opinion - they didnít tell me this (but their biggest fear) Iíve read this Ė is that humans will activate their DNA to much greater potentials and that then they become equal and superior to the negative; that we have those potentials. And that no external force can do this for you.


When you hear things like the whole planetís going to shift and everyoneís going to upgrade, I personally think that the wording should be Ďeveryone has the opportunity to upgradeí not that everyoneís going to be upgraded. Because if everyone was upgraded, that would violate peoples free will. It would be happening to them, they were not part of it. And each of you is an intrinsic part of your own evolution, by your choices, by your actions, by your increases in wisdoms and understandings of how things work.


Terry: One thing that Iíve noticed is in doing readings for people, some of the people with the highest intuitive skills, the most psychic, the most brilliant, the most connected are under actual negative attack that knocks them back down so that even though theyíre totally brilliant and amazing people that they donít have - the fire - I mean they have a resistance to being all they can be because of the negative attack keeps knocking them back.


Wynn: Carlaís the best example, I think [Laughter] when she was doing the Ra material. They did everything they could to make her not want to do it. Am I right Carla?


Carla: Well short of hitting me over the head with a 2 by 4, yes you are definitely right. [Laughter]


Wynn: Yeah, I mean to the point where she almost died. Because that kind of material and the kind of material weíre doing is giving people the keys to the whole process! And itís taking the power away from those external forces that want to give you keys. They want to control you so that you give your energy back to them now that youíre in slavery. So each of us has the wherewithal, the tapping into the passion, the intent and that creates the thrust to overcome this.


Because as you start going on this path, almost invariably you will get increased negative attacks trying to back you down. And this is the best way to look at that, because I have to go through this for sure Ė the best way to look at that is realizing those negative attacks, sometimes, are just obstacles. Like no one loves me, all the doors are being shut, however it looks those obstacles are actually your barbells Ė are getting more weight on them so you can be stronger. Itís an initiation to get strong enough to go through that. Because when you master it, it stops!


It doesnít continue and you have the power in you to master it. You have the power to go through it and you have to desire it with all your heart and soul. You know itís like that famous movie about the television guy, Iím mad as hell and Iím not going to take it anymore!  So you have to be prepared for that. Now not everyone has that, some people come in from really (really) angelic realms and they donít have that.


But usually those people, usually, theyíre not able to go out and be the highest warriors in this realm because they need everything purified and they create lives where they donít have to deal with it. They go into monasteries, they go into ashrams. Thereís nothing wrong with that, just itís a way of holding group energy that keeps one out of negative valances, in many cases, unless the ashram is under the negative valance or whatever which is certainly possible. But in any case, letís move on.


Terry: Can I say one thing here?


Wynn: Yes.


Terry: One of the things with me is I have worked really hard on myself to find any sources of negativity and to get to the basic cause of it, the basic source of it. And I have gotten to the source of a lot of different avenues where negativity can come in. Itís from surroundings, from the different people [that] may be jealous, or actual physical beings, or itís from programming that Iíve had in this life or last life, or many, many lives ago where actual programming has been done - on people in general - to knock them down so that when they think: Iím great, then all of a sudden they think: Iím not great.


And to bring the opposite in and maybe the thought was to keep them balanced in the middle of everything but it tends to make a yo-yo where itís like they think of a good aspect and then immediately think of a bad aspect. Like I can, I can Ė I canít, no I canít. I can, I canít, I can, I canít. I might, I should, I wonít. [Laughter] And the mind gets going in circuitries but itís been trained that way and a person can, if they start to notice that, can let it go on by and eventually deprogram them self. So there is stuff coming perhaps from outside or stuff coming from negative programming from the past.


But yet thereís another source of negativity that can come in right in present time and that can be from electronic current in real time - programming aimed to the individual when itís realized by a group that is people-have special qualities. And that they are going to take a whole section of society with them and make that whole section of society more aware. And then electronic devices are aimed at them, unknown to them, to confuse them and to make them more unaware. So that every case is different and has its own thing but thereís some general categories like this that Iíve noticed.


Wynn: They can even program thoughts in the ethers, right?


Terry: Yes. They can program Ö like theyíre project - I think itís called Blue Beam, project Blue Beam.


Wynn: Yeah.


Terry: I did some investigation just to see Ė you know to try and tune in to it, to see what was going on, and I got those green image pictures.


Wynn: Um hum.


Terry: Then I didnít even know what it was and then I went on the Internet and I checked and they had some of those pictures like Iíd been seeing when I was investigating it and that they can aim at people.


Wynn: Um hum.


Terry: And they can probably even get a personís electronic signature and take a picture of it and put it in a databank that they can then search through the databank and compare and locate the individual by the electronic signature.


Wynn: So this whole negative overlay is very sophisticated.


Terry: Yes.


Wynn: In fact, at one point I was looking up all kinds of people that channel and trying to figure out whatís going on, about five-six years ago, trying to learn about what people are saying and where itís coming from. And thereís people all over our planet that are getting channeled messages about a fleet of spaceships thatís standing in space waiting to save humanity. Millions of spaceships, our space brothers theyíre called and they came under the name Ashtar Command.


When I did a session on it with Terry Ö and of course we could be wrong and they could be right. When it comes to asking a question that you canít validate, it doesnít mean theyíre right. But the answer that came through was there was this giant organic computer somewhere out there that was able to interface with the psyches of certain humans and transmit messages to them and that Ashtar Command was a whole thing that was based on these projected messages from this organic computer, okay?


And I know, particularly, in various certain churches that people are getting channeled messages from the negative. So itís very tricky about giving up your power to anything outside of yourself and thinking Iím going to follow that. You know I endeavor, in our calls and on these things we do, to always have it a co-creative energy and thereís really nothing to follow. Thereís just some wisdom here and thereís some new understandings and things that you can incorporate because the goal is for you to empower yourself and have the tools and the keys to do that.


And, I just got some emails Ö hello to Siija Hill in England; hello to Ben Townsend who sent me an email that said you lived in Berkeley when I lived in Berkeley. Hi Ben, maybe we met on Telegraph Avenue, if youíre listening.


Letís go into this connection with the greater Universe and letís think about our DNA as we do it. Think about this energy flowing through you on a cellular level, on a micro-level.


We see the energy of the Earth Ė everything in the Universe is one-energy and in the highest truth, we are never separated from that energy. We are never separated from All That Is. We are never separated from each other and separation is an illusion that we experience in order to have a body. And everything that exists has an energy field attached to it, everything. Everything in the Universe - from a rock, to a cat, to you, to the Earth and the physical manifestation is always discreet. It is separate.


Itís an illusion of separateness because just on top of the physical manifestation are the energies and the energies do not have to be separate, they can connect. The key is to be living in a discreet body and to be able to tune into the energies of connection. So we see the energy of the Earth coming up through the floor and into our feet. Now our feet are flat on the ground or the bed or wherever, parallel to the Earth and we just see the rays of energy coming up into our feet from the Earth.


We know the Earth is there and the Earth knows we know, so we can say hello to the Earth. We can say I love you Earth Ö and you notice when you say I love you Earth thereís a little boost of energy. And we move that energy up through our legs, through our calves, through our thighs, through our genitals, through our solar plexus, through our chest, through our neck and into the top of our head. And notice how that feels.


We move through the top of our heads into the space above our heads, up to the ceiling, through the ceiling and through the roof (and if thereís any rooms above you then move right through those rooms and up through the roof) into the sky. We are directing our energy - we are moving our energy through space and through time. Weíre moving it through all of our past lives, weíre resetting ourselves and we come to the place where we are connected.


Each of us has a track through time and as we go back on that track, we find the place where we first separated our energies from All That Is and became individuated. We are innocent there but we have no experience. As we all move to that space, we can affiliate with each other in our innocence. We can touch each other. We can blend our energies. We can connect. We can experience family Ö where we can invite our Sources.


Theyíre not really our Sources - I call them our Sources - we can invite those higher aspects of ourselves: all those energies that we call the Ra Group, the Elohim Group. Keep in mind that everything Iím saying for us is also true for them. At one point they were not individuated Ė at one point they became individuated. In the Ra Group they went through a series of lifetimes in this realm and the Elohim Group, they didnít.


Or the oneís that did were no longer part of that group in that way but they had an affiliation. But as we move into that moment of individuation thereís a kind of equality that occurs amongst us all. So we invite them to join that moment of first cause, of first individuation and we are becoming one. We are one with All That Is and you can feel that tingling in your body.


You can feel that sense of connection and if we apply what I said earlier, you could assume that right now youíre in a state of DNA activation. And we can move that energy back down. We can go from that place of oneness, through all the realms, through all the timelines, through all the past lives and as it moves through it is a pure energy and as a group let us see our energy fields being healed.


The Elohim has talked about a very high group of Elohim called Grace and weíre asking for Grace to be part of this group now. Because Grace is at the first point of creation and we want to move that energy of Grace through our track, through our lives and grease it all - create a flow, a healing of the traumas, the anguishes, the hurts that have been imposed on us, to create that forgiveness of the things that we have done that has created judgment on our self. We move through that entire track right back to your present physical embodiment.


We bring the energy in through the top of your head as it comes through your roof, through your ceiling and weíre going to move it slowly through our body and as it moves through to free up any blocked energy, any pain, any hurt. As we move this energy through us, we can imagine our DNA - our chakras are unfolding, opening and move it where you feel blocked. Most of us have blocks on our heart chakra (4th chakra).


Move it focused right in your chest, in your heart chakra and let go of anything youíre holding in your heart that is contracting your heart. Let go of the people in your memory bank that have hurt you. Bring in the quality of forgiveness. Let go of the judgments of yourself, the things youíve done to hurt others. You know in Christianity they have this idea of being reborn in Christ.


When you experience this moment as being the first moment of creation, there is no past, youíre creating the future from this place. I believe thatís what it means to be reborn in Christ. It means forgiven for your sins - means letting this energy of spirit move you back to your innocence and releasing all those traumas, all those hurts, all those things weíve done to hurt other people that are in our track and right now, let them go.


Let the most pure spirit of love move through you. Letís go through, while weíre in this space, using our group energy Ė remember our group energy is very big because weíre including Elohim Group, weíre including Ra Group, weíre including all of us, weíre including all those angelic forces that are positive, service-to-others that would choose to be in this energetic space with us right now. We know youíre there; thank you.


And we have Debby in South Blooming Grove, New York who sends healing love and protection to all the beings on the planet, especially our brothers and sisters in the ocean. Especially include the dolphins and the whales that are being affected by the changes that are taking place on the planet at this time. And Debby also says continued healing, love and protection to her daughter Possum.


And then we have here Pat in Birmingham, Alabama keeping her older daughter in the light and ease the physical pain her mother is experiencing during her transition. Letís just send this light energy around Patís mother and she puts the wisdom of Wynn in the light.


And then we have Lisa in Washington Ė assistance in finding appropriate work and financial support; healing for her mother and her sister as well as healing for the planet. Thank you and wishing many blessings to all. And Lisa, remember when you are out looking, somebody is looking for you and keep going until you find that person or that group or that job.


Marsha in Panorama City is under attacks from her neighbors. Somebody slashed her tires. Letís just send healing light to Marshaís house, surround her house with this light and protection.


And somebody is sending light to everything concerned with the Colorado flooding: people, animals, livestock, plants, trees, rocks, etc.


And Zoe in Sacramento Ė please heal my cracked tooth. By the way, if you ever have a toothache (this is Wynn giving a side comment) a really good way to immediately stop your toothache is start chewing ginger on the tooth thatís aching. The ginger juice kills the germs and makes it go away. Terry and I have both used that.


Also, love and light to Bob Gibsonís girls whose mother has passed over. And love and light to take charge of the publishing and distribution of the writing I am publishing online for the highest good of all concerned.


And then Lys in Rimrock, Arizona Ė protection and healing for the entire world for damage thatís already been done from chemtrails and electromagnetic energies used to do weather modification. And she asks for protection and healing for herself and her daughter, itís been a difficult couple of weeks. Letís just send light around Lys.


And we have one more here. We have Michael in Chicago Ė healing for Joseph Pyrzynski in Chicago for his drug addiction.


Rick in Iowa City Ė his brother-in-law Mike has severe bone cancer and lots of pain. Put him in the light for healing, comfort and answers. Thank you.


Okay, weíre just going to get a message from our Sources through Terry.


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line and everyone listening to these calls for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.


And right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


RaíAn/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 15th of September 2013 and we take a moment and we adjust to the frequencies of the 3rd density. We are a group soul, RaíAn. We are an aspect of the Elohim connected with an aspect of the Ra Group. And, we are also connected with the aspect of the Elohim Grace today.


And by virtue of the fact of us being a group soul, we are able to hold the energies of the manifest world and to move as a group within the manifest world and to remote view, to travel to the aspects of the Earth plane in which you have put into the Light and are able to move, to touch, to be with each and every person who wishes connection. And we provide a source of support, an energetic support that you can triangulate with.


If, for instance, you have on your Team Shift call more than one person, then it makes it easy to triangulate with us. When there are two that are gathered and would triangulate with us, then you can hold the support that we offer as we do not interfere. We do not interact unless it is you yourself that desire it. So do not be afraid to ask. When it is that you desire something as the ones that have put your names on the healing list today, and we include in that everyone who has asked silently or secretly without even knowing they have asked, are asking/are desiring, for desire is a basis of asking.


It is creation of an-energy, of a magnetic light that lets the Universe know to bring what it is that is needed for the sustenance, for the support. And it is important that you yourself know your worth because in knowing your worth you can open your own self to give and to receive. If you feel that you are not worthy of support or receiving then you will block the entrance of that support to you.


And your whole system is composite multiple cells that all get the signal and all act in harmony and unison. So when you know that you are a worthy good person, it opens up the ability for you to open up and activate your chakras and to give and receive. And it is through connection that you can grow. It is through getting out of your own box that you can know that you are a part of all, a part of whatever it is you desire to move into and to be a part of.


We are cognizant of the things individuals have put into the Light and we send Love Light for strength to Marsha and to Jim. And we send Love Light to Possum. And we hear the call from Fremont, California and the humming sounds coming from above and getting louder. Are they real? These sounds are low frequency waves that are real and are at a frequency that the human being is operating at.


Therefore they can disturb sleep and can get on your wavelength and hijack your consciousness as you ride on their wave of the low frequency hum. When an individual lives in an area that has a solid foundation, for instance, a stone base Ė this can amplify the hum. We suggest seeing if when you may travel to a different area, a different geological formation, if the hum becomes less.


It is a man-made hum that is part of a low frequency system of communication that is part of a system submarines communications and other communication operates on. So it is real. Play with it a bit and see if there are other areas if you stay overnight, if you do not hear that hum so loudly. We take a look at the other things people have put into the Light.


We send opportunity to those looking for a job. We see that there is opportunity, that there is something specifically for you that you can do and feel good about and then also good about the financing that you are bringing in. We send this for money and resources to Susan. We thank you for this opportunity to be with you and we Love you. This is a sacred moment and we are honored to be in contact with each and every one of you. Thank you.


Wynn: I have a quick question. The question is: as a person anchors their frequencies in the higher realms, as a person activates their DNA strands, do they become more immune to these external frequencies that are attempting to impact their consciousness?


RaíAn/Terry: It is where a person is focusing. If a person focuses on the hum for instance, then they bring their whole body range into the frequency of the hum and it is harder to move out of it. If they change their attention and their focus to another area they can perhaps have the hum move into the distance within their own psyche so that it is no longer affecting them. The more aggravated by something one is, the more their attention and all of their focus goes to it and the more it aggravates them.


Wynn: Thank you. You know what, we have taken a long time and next week I promise I am going to focus Ė Iím going to cut my talk to half an hour and focus on the activation part of this call. And we very quickly hold our group energy together and we become co-creators with the Universe and we surround our planet with this energy.


We are the gateways, we are the links surrounding our planet and impacting moving down through the planetary fields and impacting everything on this planet that is reaching for spirit. We ask for protection from earthquakes, from negative influences. We ask for awareness for the populations. We ask for the quality of discernment for ourselves.


We ask for the ability to hold no matter what happens around us. We ask for the courage to stand up against all of those things that would pull us down. We ask for the blessings of spirit of the highest realms for our homes, for our health, for our families, for those people that care about us and those people that we care about.


Itís 11:59 a.m. We have to close and we bless you all and weíll see you next time. Tomorrow we have Joel (Terry) in Chicago is going to interview Gijs on our call.


And weíll do this every so often, interviewing people who are contributing to our work or who have their own way of contributing to the world - on Mondays. So on that note, I thank Carla, Terry and Gijs and all of you for being here.



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