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Personal and Planetary Healing Session

Sunday Call 9/29/13
Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Rick Vornbrock
Edited by Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: Alright. I think I’ll start with a song. Here we go. This is one of my old songs.

We are sailing on spaceship earth
in our common bond
Bodies made of flesh and blood
notes in the Universe’s song

We all make a melody
dancing patterns, points of light
Rainbow messengers
colors swirling into white

Everything you touch
becomes a part of you
Everything you touch
becomes a part of you

Everything you see
everything you do
is part of you

We are sailing on spaceship earth
reaching for the sun
Found in the freedom
of the many to the one

Like the angel of the morning
and the devil in the night
We’re going nowhere special
at the speed of light

Everything you touch
becomes a part of you
everything you touch
becomes a part of you

Everything you see
everything you do
is part of you

Everything you touch
becomes a part of you
everything you touch
becomes a part of you
. . . is part of you

Wynn: Alright. I was thinking today, you know, all of us who are coming into these calls are involved, on some level, in an experiment. And it’s an experiment because everyone of you has your own totally unique way of integrating what happens on these calls into your life including me, including Terry, including Gijs. We’re all, it’s the universal truth, we’re getting something new and different that most people are never exposed to. And then the first thing is to say “Is this real?” And the next thing is to say, “What happens if I keep listening?” And then the next thing is, “What do I do with all of this?”

As I’ve learned and probably you have learned, having a connection with these Sources, the first thing is it real? Are they real? And are they who they say they are? And if they are, what does that mean to me? Because it’s not about giving your power up to something that’s big or that’s wise. It may be about temporarily surrendering your energy voluntarily to this group energy. And every one of you, when this call is over, has to go back to your life. And has the challenge of, “What do I do? How do I make this empowering? How do I make my life shift? How do I have more of what I want? How do I become happier? How do I become more benefit to the people around me?”

And suddenly, all this stuff is provoked which are major challenges that each of us has to solve in a very individual way. And I thought I was thinking before this call, I was thinking that I would share and maybe Terry would share some of the things we’ve gone through and I was hoping Jim was here.

Jim, are you there? Jim McCarty?

Gijs: I just checked, no, he’s not here. Do you want me to give him a call?

Wynn: No. Well, I’m sure he knows about the call, Carla has the number, so I don’t think we should encourage him until he comes. Jim and I did a really, really great session 7 on the Ra material. It was actually the first time that Jim and I really interfaced and it was a little scary for me. I said, “Oh, oh. I’m really comfortable with Carla.” And I said hello to Jim many times, but we never talked. I wasn’t sure how he connected with the fact that his wife was coming into our calls all the time. And yesterday he did session 7 because Carla wasn’t available and I had a little anxiety about it and it went really, really well. I know it did, I know people really liked it and it was different than Carla, but it was powerful and it was actually a good change of pace.

On the Law of One Made Simple series, if you guys haven’t gotten it. One of the things is, we give out so much output of material and we give so much for free that when we have something that we even sell for a little bit, it like it’s easy to say “Well, what do I need that for?” And you may not need it, ok? The thing about it is that when we do events that we charge something for it creates a different energy, that’s what I’ve learn. And the reason it creates a different energy is because people are reaching back. And when people reach back and they pay something, even if it’s just a little bit, it creates a higher . . . I can’t explain it, it’s hard to put into words. It usually creates a different kind of energy where the energy sustains in a different way. For example, a few weeks ago we did an event with Terry channeling and people asking questions for a three hour event. And Terry wouldn’t normally feel comfortable channeling for three hours answering questions. But on that call I thought the energy sustained extremely well. Wouldn’t you say so Terry?

Terry: Yeah. I was surprised.

Wynn: Sometimes when we’re on a public call the reason we do even a short channeling Terry goes to sleep for the rest of the day. Because we really do have a group energy, we really do. Which means we are in each other’s fields and sometimes you can feel really good at the end of a call, and I usually feel good because I’m quick at processing things. I suppose that’s why I’m good at this job. But Terry can feel really tired at the end of a call when there’s a lot of channeling on it. Because we are in your space, we are one. We are connected. Now we’re no glommed together. When the call end we go our separate ways, except there’s a certain residual.

It’s like some of you are working out really intense heavy things and then during the call, you let go of it. And then, where does it end up? It ends up here and it’s ok because that’s part of the job. And others of you who are on the call are helping to hold for the people that are carrying heavy stuff. And next time we have a big rush of new people on the call, all of you who are learning to hold are going to be helping to hold for the new people. Because as you can see, this is, we could call it a processing of energies. Energies come together. And the majority of stuff goes up to the higher realms. And that’s one of the reasons we can keep doing it because as I feel it, they’re handling a lot of the energy that gets released on the call. And in observing the process, and I use to say “All the time this is an experiment, this is an experiment”, because I didn’t quite know what to do or how to do it and I had to learn it by continually doing it. And I see the results by continually doing it and then I would get better. But otherwise, if I do this, what would happen? If we do this, what will happen? So it’s a constant state of learning and doing.

You know, I wish I could have a channeling and they could tell me “Wynn, do this, do that.” But they don’t do that. They don’t usually do that. Sometimes they’ll make a recommendation. But by-in-large, we here on this planet are on our own and with the help of the higher realms. But what we do here, we have to do in our own little laboratory of our life. We have to take all of this and in some way, shape, form, manner, we have to apply it to ourselves. I don’t mean we have to, but there’s the opportunity to apply it to our life. And consider your own life an experiment because you have to see what works, what doesn’t work, Wynn said this, I’ll try that. And then when something clicks you’ll see a shift. Something will change. And then you know that it works. Then, when you applied something and know that it works, you can be a teacher for other people at that point. It will come up that you’ve done something that you know it works and there’ll be opportunities to share it with other people that you can see what they’re going through.

That’s part of what I’m doing as I’m talking here is that I’m sharing things that I have learned that work for me. Because I had to do a lot of work on myself this life. And there were long, long, periods that I felt so stuck that I thought I’d never get out of it. Day in, day out, day in, day out. So I understand that feeling of stuckness. And I understand that some of you feel that. That you’ve been going through something for a long time every day for a good portion of your life and suddenly somebody says “Maybe you don’t have to go through that anymore.”

Well, how do you move from where you are to not going through it? Suppose you’re coming on these lines, and you feel the energy on the line, and you feel a sense of love on the line and you go back to your life and there you are with those patterns. Now, for some people just being on the line starts to change the pattern. And for other people it takes more. And there needs to be more application of something. But what? But what are you going to do to make the pattern change?

Well, I was going to address a couple of those things that maybe might help some of you who are going through that. And I can tell you that some of the things that I’ve worked on in myself and I’ve watched and recommended to other people and I know they work. Now one thing I say may not work for you, and another thing might. And some of you might have things to say, “This worked for me.”

The very first thing in terms of changing something, making something shift… And I shouldn’t even say “changing something” because it creates the wrong mental image. Because we’re dealing with things we can’t change through our will power. It’s like when I say “changing something” it sounds like I could do this and it would make a difference. Well, it might but the changes that you really want go beyond will power, go beyond what you can impose on yourself. You can do certain things with will power. You can.

For example, there are times when I get really angry. And when I get really angry and sometimes I can be really impatient. And I blow my stack. Then I see when I do that how it impacts the other person and how it can shake up their vibrational field. And then of course, I read in Carla Rueckert’s material how when Jesus was a young man, he got really angry and the person got angry with ended up dying because they were so shook up because the anger was so powerful. And I said, “Jeesh, I hope I never get that angry.” But then I said to myself, “Ok. I can get really angry and I can’t sometimes help that, but I can stop putting it out into the world. I can bite my tongue, I can leave the room, I can do that before I throw a fit and let myself cool down and deal with the issue in a different way.” So it’s not like I can stop the anger. Now eventually the anger can subside but that’s a different process.

The first thing is monitoring what you put out into the world and don’t put out things that hurt other people, even when you feel the energy. Even when you feel certain energies inside yourself, bite your tongue and don’t put them out.

Now, does that mean there’s never a place for anger? No, there is a place. There is a time when I think it might be appropriate to put anger out. And I would say a place, for example, might be when you have someone in your life that constantly encroaches on your boundaries, and you told them about it a number of times and they keep doing it. And perhaps anger is an appropriate response there. And this is for you to decide. But because anger is kind of a punishment energy, rather you realize it or not, and it does create hurt for other people. And so there’s an aspect where it may be appropriate to do that when someone is violating your boundaries; when someone is violating your freewill; when someone is constantly taking advantage of you and you don’t know how to stop it; when someone is psychically syphoning your energy and and you don’t want them to, then anger might be an appropriate response. And of course, you can weigh this out and I find if I ever display anger, usually, not always but usually, I’ve weighed it out very carefully to say to myself this is appropriate here.

So the first thing is is be very careful what you put out into the world. And if you are trying to clear your karmic patterns, if that’s your goal then if . . . now this is a big, big thing to take in . . . if you create something in someone else, since they’re you, you’re creating it in yourself. So therefore, if you create anger and you hurt somebody through your anger, and they now are carrying that hurt, you become responsible for their hurt and now you have a little karmic interaction where you might be forced to hang around until you help free them from the hurt you created. You see how that works? It’s like we are in a big soup here. And it may not be obvious but what did Jesus say? Jesus was very smart. I quote Jesus not because I’m a typical Christian but because he had so many very profound deep things he said in very simple ways. And even when I was younger and I read those things I said, “I know this, I know this on an intuitive level. And what I just said as you do it to these you do it to me. i.e., if Jesus represented the idea of oneness of consciousness and “As you do it to the smallest of these, you do it to me.” If he presented that then, he’s was saying what I just said that if you create hurt in another person, and you do it in a way . . . see, it’s complicated, you can’t just make a rule because, I have to clarify that. If you create hurt for someone then that hurt becomes part of your karmic thing to clear.

Now, sometimes people, this is where it gets tricky here. Sometimes people create hurt for themselves and you can do anything and they’ll be hurt because they’re putting that out, they’re creating it. And that’s different because even though you may trigger the hurt, their hurt was always there and you’re triggering it doesn’t mean you’re responsible for it. It doesn’t mean you’re creating getting karma for it. It’s where you do something like blow your stack and somebody shrivels and gets a physical reaction even, gets nauseous , their heart rate goes up. Yes, you’re responsible in that case. But if somebody has all this latent hurt inside of them and the smallest things can bring it up, then in that case you’re more catalyzing someone rather than the cause of it but this is all the stuff you have to figure out in your life because you can’t follow a rule to say don’t do this, do that, do that but these are some of the options in terms of how do you change your life.

One of the first rules of spirit, and this is an important one, really important, is acceptance. The fastest way to grow, the first step to take if you want grow is acceptance. Which means everything happens around you and you’re neutral no matter what it is. And you can test yourself. You can look at what pushes your buttons. Because if your buttons are being push it means you’re not accepting. And it’s like you can still deal with situations in a masterful way without getting your buttons pushed. And if somebody is pushing your buttons, if you are reacting it means that whatever they’re doing, part of what they’re doing is part of what you’re doing. Maybe it’s more blatant to the other person, maybe it’s new under the surface in you. If it wasn’t inside you, it wouldn’t push your buttons.

So learning how to observe yourself really carefully and accept. Let things flow through you. Acceptance does not mean letting people walk over you, letting yourself be abused. It means not allowing other people to push your buttons. It means observing where your buttons are getting pushed and realize that the other person isn’t doing it despite how it looks because it’s inside you and assuming full responsibility for everything that goes wrong with you and inside you. And as you start to do that to yourself, patterns start to change, you start to release things. And maybe it’s hard at first, maybe you won’t be neutral. You think “I should be neutral. “ Or observe the fact that you’re not neutral, observe each step of the way. Accept each step of the way and constantly work it because that very act of applying acceptance keeps moving the energy forward and eventually you’ll get the goal. And the goal is neutrality. It’s the ability to have neutrality around whatever happens around you.

Once you’ve learned to have neutrality, you’re now starting to be a master because you can be in any circumstance, people can be upset, people can be yelling at each other, people can be doing all their stuff. And you’ll just say “Huh-ha. Next thing.” You don’t react inside of yourself. Each of you can apply that, work it and if you do it it, you think of it as an experiment and you’ll start to see things shift.

And the headline today was grounding. How do you ground? What is grounding? One of the beautiful things about spirit is you don’t need anything to tap into the higher realms of spirit. You just become present and neutral. Neutrality is actually a really good place to come into these calls because then that’s what I do. I come into the call. If you notice that at the beginning of the call, and this was scary at first, I said “What am I going to say? What am I going to do? Where am I going to go?” And I just go into neutral and then I’ve learned from doing this that if I come into this call from a neutral place, the call creates itself. And when the call creates itself it brings me into a higher, all of us, into a higher connection with the now. And that’s the goal to connect with the now, to connect with the moment; to connect with the eternal now. To connect with the divine in the now, to connect with Elohim in the now, connect with the Ra in the now. You connect with all of those positive energies in the universe. Now they’re always there waiting for us to stop all of our agendas, all of our stuff to quiet down so they can flow in and that we can feel them. And when we do, there’s a sense of love that comes. There’s a sense of peace, there’s a sense of connectedness and many of you on these lines have learned to feel that on these calls. And I’ve learned to feel it, I mean it surprised me how it worked. That was part of my experiment to experience how those energies work. How they flow, how if I can stay neutral always, never misses a beat then it happens. Terry is the same way. And when she channels she becomes centered and neutral and suddenly their voices start speaking through her.

If you can imagine yourself, putting yourself in this situation, here we have hundreds of people listening, I show up and I don’t know what I’m going to do. And I would say on every call just before the call there’s this moment of fear that says to me, “What if it doesn’t happen?” What if I’m front of everybody and I start bumbling and I don’t know what to say. But it never happens, it always comes. So I have learned that this neutrality really works, at least on these calls. It works in a lot of other ways as well. Being neutral allows you to feel where you are, to feel the energies around you, to feel the people around you. And as you do that you then learn to know what you’re connected to and how to connect because you can read the situation, you can read the environment. And you know who you can trust and who you can’t trust and who is safe to connect with and who isn’t safe. But prior to that, you’re busy making mistakes. Looking for love in all the wrong places, having the wrong partners, the wrong girlfriends and you’re attracted and then you find out what looked like a bouquet of flowers was a can of worms.

This is part of your training in this realm, learning discernment because for many of us it is important to connect with things outside of ourselves.

We’ve talked about, in my mailing this morning, the idea of grounding. And I was thinking how hard that can be even though it sounds so easy. What is grounding? Well, we have seven chakras, seven energy centers. Most of you are probably familiar with that idea, we talk about it enough. And it goes from the base of your spine to the top of your head. And some people call it kundalini, that’s Indian. Because there’s an energy that goes up your spine, up the top of your head. And when we do our meditation on Sunday, when we do our visualization, I would say that many of you are feeling those energies getting activated, those seven chakras or some of them getting activated, and even moving outside of your body, outside of your chakra system in to a greater universe expanse.

And you go back to your life and you’re faced with keeping your chakras in balance. And it’s easy, to some extent easy, to connect to the higher realms because you don’t need anything physical to do that. You can just move into a quiet place, light a candle and say “Ok, we’re ready”, you can do this yourself. You can bring in the energies, you can send Love Light to the people you care about as we spoke about last week. You can do all of that. You can do that in your car, you can do that sleeping in your car. You can do that anywhere because the higher realms are always there to be connected to.

But that’s not grounding. What is grounding? Grounding is getting the energy moving through the lower chakras and into the earth. Grounding is activating your own body. So how do you do that? You can’t just say, we do connect with the earth on our Sunday calls and many of you feel that. But when you go back to your life, when you’re in your life, how do you ground?

Wel,l grounding is, take the word “ground”, ground is earth, isn’t it? Ground. It’s dirt, it’s what’s underneath your feet. It’s like how do you ground to what’s underneath you? The first thing is, you need a house. You need a roof. Most of you have that in one way or the other; or an RV. You need things in the world that you can throw your energy into. Let me say that again. You need things in the world that you can flow your energy into. And with the higher aspects you don’t need things in the world to connect with the higher chakras because you’re connecting with things that are not in the world. But grounding requires things in the world. The fact that we can do this on Sunday and that we can create this energy on these calls is because we are all in the world and we are all connecting with each other and we are connecting our energies with each other and so that’s one example of how being in the world and connecting with things in the world creates a certain energy and that how do you do this in your life if you can?

Well, for some of us, this is one of those things that one size doesn’t fit all. Everybody has got their own unique answers to this, everyone. So I can’t tell you do this and it will work. But for example for some people having the right diet makes it work. Eating certain kinds of food helps you. For some people it’s not eating meat, for some people it is eating meat. For some people it requires certain sexual release and that can be with another person or with yourself. And it’s one of those things about sexual release is that . . . and I never hear people talk about this too much, but . . . when you release sexually, when you have a sexual release, there’s another person who might be there, might be or might not. But the truth of the matter is you’re releasing into an energy field. What is the energy field you’re releasing into? If you come to these calls and you’ve connected to really high energies, it creates and energy field that is really high. What is the opposite sex hold, the opposite sex or the same sex or whatever holds not just a body, because if it’s just the body, it’s just lust. But it holds and energy that’s connected to that body. And that energy is different from your energy. It’s like a missing piece of a puzzle. And the reason that we are attracted to other people in this way is because we learn to expand our energy by association with someone else that has an energy that’s in a different place than us.

Like a man and a woman will have different energies completely. I never want to say “always” but usually they have different energies. And so they’re holding different parts of the hologram and when they come together sexually, in the best of ways, they’re exchanging their energy fields and they’re teaching each other how to expand their energy field. They’re introducing a whole new energy to each other and of course, when that happens, it feels really good. If you have a really enlightening relationship, even if the person leaves you or you stop being connected in the physical, they would have taught you how to connect to an energy that you didn’t know how to do before. And that tends to ground you and then you can have a sexual release into that energy and it can be somewhat fulfilling, whereas if you don’t have that experience, the energy you release is not fulfilling.

So many of us need to go and have that experience in order to learn that and then we can be more detached from clinging to another person to fulfill our energies. Now I never heard anyone say that, I hope I . . . I’m talking about sex, it’s one of the sacred cows that you usually get in trouble for and because so many people have strong opinions about it. But what we’ve learned is one of the reasons there’s been such a prohibition to sex in spiritual and religious stuff is because by not having sex you end up not being grounded and when you’re not grounded other people can control you. And there’s been a hidden agenda in most religions, in many things to control you, to keep you weak so if you’re weak and you’re always seeking, you’ll end up tithing every month, somebody’s going to have a job and all of that.

So this is one of the ways to get grounded and some of you don’t need it. But some of you do need it and are not going after it in which case you have an area of stuckness because you need the experience in that realm in that level to free yourself to get to the next level. And then the other thing is, the root chakra . . . what are the three lower chakras? The heart chakra, the [solar plexus] chakra, the sexual chakra and the root chakra? The root chakra has to do with survival and it has to do with making money, with could also have to do with sex. Sex can help you feel like you’re in survival. It helps you with . . . how do you do all that? You have to attract things to you. Again, everyone’s got their own unique way of figuring this out for themselves.

And I would suggest every week think of an area where you can do an experiment. Experiment on yourself. And when you do an experiment you don’t know how it’s going to turn out. So don’t risk more than you can afford to lose. It’s like if you’re loaning money to somebody, a lot of times most of us have experienced loaning money and you don’t get paid back. Well, what I decided was, if I ever loan money to anybody, I can’t loan money that’s more than I can afford to lose. If I can afford to lose it, I can do it. And if they don’t pay it back, I’ll just let it go. And but if it’s more than I can afford to lose, I won’t do it.

Same thing in life, if you’re doing an experiment in anything, ask yourself, if the experiment doesn’t succeed, if it fails what will happen to me? And if it’s really horrible what will happen to you, then don’t do it. It’s too big of an experiment, do small experiments, like you have to figure it out. You have to figure out what your experiment is. Sometime we’ll do a work shop and we’ll have everybody do an experiment that would be out of their normal characteristic and then come back next week and share what happens because if you do experiments, you learn. If you do nothing, you just get what you always got and nothing changes.

I know how that feels, I know how it feels to get up every day feeling feeling stuck and nothing’s changing and I want something different, what do I do? I’m stuck, I’m stuck. And so all you do is put out stuckness and stuckness comes back. All you’re doing is putting out unworthiness and unworthiness comes back. And nobody is really worthy or unworthy, everybody is worthy, I should say. The thing about it is, these are things you go in and out of that when you’re feeling unworthy, you put that out. And when you’re feeling worthy, you put that out. Like if you’re looking for a job, look for a job when you’re feeling worthy. A good experiment is to say, “How do I shift this feeling of unworthiness to worthiness? How do I do it? What do I do?” And there’s something you can do to make that shift. If you sit and do nothing, it probably won’t shift. It might be for me I can say that I can make a shift by going to a public coffee shop and sitting down. And I can recognize all this resistance of walking out the door, getting in the car and driving to the coffee shop. And I’ve done it enough to know that when I do that things shift inside me and if I’m feeling unworthy, it switches to being worthy.

And you might try that. You might go to the art museum. Do something that cheers you up. You might go to a movie by yourself. Don’t worry if no one’s there, do it by yourself. And see if it works. Consider it an experiment and this worked, it shifted me. Now you have a tool to use in your life. You have to constantly do these things or else you go into inertia. You go into feeling totally stuck, nothing changes and you can go for years that way. And then you get sick because the energy’s not moving and you have to work for another lifetime to get more chances.

So, these are things that I have found that work. I’ve watched other people that have made them work. And that no matter how persistent a pattern is, no matter how hard it seems to get over something, to move through something that there is a way, there is always a way and you have to be unrelentless in your willingness to keep searching, to keep experimenting, etc., etc., etc. And the very act of doing those things starts to create more interface between the higher realms because you’re creating more randomness. And within a certain level of variability, more randomness in your life creates more chances or synchronicities for chance meetings, for whatever. It’s like I experienced that big time for quite some time in my life when I had to hitchhike, I was the ultimate of randomness. But I didn’t just hitchhike, I had my guitar. I would arrive at . . . I wouldn’t tell people to hitchhike because it’s . . . I had the where with all to do it. Although I didn’t know when I started I did. But it creates a lot of randomness where the universe starts moving differently around you. And for me it started to create things around me and it was a big learning experience for me to experience randomness in that way.

For you, maybe randomness might be going to the library or to the art museum or to the coffee shop or taking a walk or driving to a different city. This is a good one, this gets you out of patterns. Go to a surrounding city that’s far away and sit in the Starbucks there. It’s different than the city you live in because you don’t know anybody. No one knows your patterns, no one knows “there she is being depressed again walking around”. And you’re free to make it up as you go and just sit there and take the energies in, have no expectations. Say to yourself, “Universe, if anything’s supposed to happen, I’m open.” Go there and call in the Light. Go in and say, “I’m going to plant columns of Light.” in the city ten miles away. And go to another one ten miles away and another one ten miles away. Go different directions and then go home and feel how it feels to be in your house after you’ve done that. Because you know what? Everywhere you go, you’re still there. Do you realize that? You may not realize that, but I realize that. That I can project my energy back in to Philadelphia and I’m really doing it. On these calls we project our energies to different places and we’re really doing it.

That means if you go to a coffee shop here, a coffee shop here, a coffee shop here, all around your house in little different cities, or even in the same city, you’re circling your house with energy, positive energy. You’re creating light columns in all of those coffee shops. And before you know it, the quality of how you feel in your home will be different. You’ll be expanded, you can sit there and think, “I’m projecting to all these coffee shops that I sat in”, and suddenly your home doesn’t feel so lonely. And now, you’ve created this expansion of your space for miles around you and that becomes your home as well as your little house. You know, I should let Terry say this because she’s seen me do this so many times and she doesn’t do this. She’s doing a little better. But often times I’ll create a place like this and she ends up going there because we’ve anchored the energy where she feels comfortable in that place.

Are you there, Terry?

Terry: Yeah, I’m here.

Wynn: You know what I’m talking about? You better say yes or I’m in trouble.

Terry: Say a little more about it to create a place. But like you mean . . .

Wynn: Well, in other words we’ll go somewhere, right? Let’s suppose we go to do a talk somewhere and we’re staying in a motel, right? Before you know it, I’ll go to a coffee shop or a restaurant and I’ll anchor my energies there. And then later in the day, we’ll go together. Sometimes I do this better by myself than with you. And there are all these waitresses and people saying hello to me and suddenly you feel comfortable there and you’ll go there by yourself because you anchored your energies.

Terry: Yeah. Well it’s quiet amazing what you do. I can go to a coffee shop and it’s like I’m not at home there and all the people are strangers. And then you go to the coffee shops and you talk to the waitresses and with ten minutes you got a connection in finding out stuff that would take me five years of going there to make that connection. It’s really amazing.

Wynn: What I watched is I would go to a restaurant or a coffee shop and then we both go and then you would go by yourself because it became home for you.

Terry: Right.

Wynn: Like the feeling that I created triggered you where you would never probably end up feeling that comfortable in the place, you end up feeling comfortable.

Terry: That’s right. And the people that work there, it ends up with a connection, a warm, close connection that I wouldn’t have gotten if I just been there alone.

Wynn: Well, what we’re actually doing is we’re, what I see is, we’re extending our feeling of home so that the home is no longer limited by the boundaries of our four walls and particularly if you’re in a home and you’re living alone and you happen to feel lonely in your home, it’s a really good way of expanding your parameters, to go triangulate your neighborhood. Go to different coffee shops or restaurants. When you go to a restaurant and you buy a meal and you pay for it you’re grounding yourself in that restaurant. You’re grounding yourself and so you’re planting your energy there into the earth and then you go to another one and you’re grounding yourself. And see if you can take in those energies and go home and suddenly your home is expanded into all of those places. It’s expanded. It’s one of the reasons walking is good, walking grounds you, walk around your block, walk around your neighborhood. Think of yourself as anchoring light as you’re taking these walks. And you are, you are doing that and you’re expanding yourself and you’re lifting the vibration where you live. If that works for you, that’s your experiment. [Tell yourself]“I’ll test this and see if it works.” If it doesn’t work, then dump it and do something else. But I’m giving an example of how to be grounded.

And as you do this and as you ground yourself, suddenly, you’re more uplifted. And now as you’re more uplifted and your energy is higher you go into that coffee shop and somebody starts talking to you and you meet someone new. And that becomes a job or a relationship or a friend or someone to introduce our work to. But it’s like getting unstuck from all those patterns that keep you so contracted. The whole game is how to uncontract yourself. And that’s what the game is on these calls, uncontracting ourselves. And we do it on the calls, many of us have that experience of uncontracting ourselves and feeling expanded. And now you have to take that and bring it into your life. And there’s always, every one of us, including me, has the potential to do more of that.

And it’s always a constant experiment. “If I do this what will happen? If I do this, how will I feel? If I talk to a stranger, what will happen?” Just be careful, if you’re opening up to strangers, be careful because those of you who have open hearts tend to be very vulnerable immediately and take somebody in. And that may not be the best thing to do until you test it for a while. Make sure they don’t have an agenda, make sure they don’t want anything. One of the hardest things when you’re needy is people tend to shy away from you because they’re afraid. Everyone is afraid of getting involved in someone else’s problems. Which is not being your brother’s keeper, of course, but on the other hand you can’t throw pearls before swine.

It’s one of the reasons that Team Shift, which we mention every so often and if any of this is resonating with you it’s one opportunity we provide for people to get connected with each other that have been on our calls on a phone line every day, small groups where they call in the Light, they put their issues in the Light and they to meet each other. But I watched in Team Shift how sometimes it works phenomenally and sometimes it doesn’t work. And I watched as part of my experiment, let me see if it was a good idea and why does it work sometimes and doesn’t work other times.

Well, sometimes, I’ll give you some examples, sometimes someone thinks they know what’s good for everyone else. And they are on a little call of five people and all they’re doing is telling everybody what they should do and how they should do it. And the person is not coming from a place where their life is together. And that’s a person that’s looking for energy from other people and that person could screw up the whole vibe on the call. Another time it doesn’t work is people are begging for sympathy and they’re having a hard time in their life and all they do is tell everybody, “Woe is me.” And then that’s where you get stuck at a lower level. There’s a difference between sympathy and empathy. Sympathy pulls people into your negativity and once as if two people that are in a negative thing together it makes it better. It does make it better for a brief instant, ok? But it doesn’t stick, it doesn’t hold because after a while it gets old and you keep reiterating the same negativity. It’s like people who get together and say how bad they are or how bad the world is or how bad women are or whatever, finding fault with everything around them because it gives them a momentary feeling of superiority to find what’s wrong with everything. But it doesn’t hold, it doesn’t stick. It’s just a momentary kind of affinity that’s not coming from a high place. And if you really want to make something work, move into it in a neutral place. Don’t immediately dump all your problems on everyone else. Call in the Light, put things in the Light and learn how to do what we do on these calls which is to affiliate our higher energies create a group energy to bring in the energy of these Sources and bring them in so that we can have an uplift-ment in ourselves which gives us more power to deal with everything else.

If any of you want to try it, just do it as an experiment. It’s like Edna is graciously volunteering for a couple of years. She tries to put people together who will get along or will have affinity or going through similar things. That’s one of the things that if you’re working through something, the best person to connect with is someone who’s working through something similar, but where you learn how to use that interaction to keep moving above what you’re working through. And that way, there’s an interest in keeping the interaction going.

Just send me an email and say you’re interested in Team Shift, and I’ll send it to Edna. You’ll end up in a group. And even if you’re shy, even if you think no one’s going to like me, try it out. This is like an experiment, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. If it does work, it may be the best thing you’ve ever did. It may be the thing that helps you graduate this realm. And we offer it for free. Why do we offer it for free? Because we’re nut cases. One day we’ll charge donations for this stuff. But I know that the people going through these heavy things often times are the same people that are having a really hard time making money.

So, let’s see here. I’m looking at my email.

Lucy said, she was playing Everything You Touch a few times this morning “ and then I chose to play it. Thank you, Lucy.

Cejee Hall in England always says a greeting before or when the call starts. Hello, Cejee. What does she say today, she says, “My main computer is being repaired. Anyway, hope that you and Terry and everyone are else well and I’ll be listening to the call tonight.” She lives in England so it’s tonight on her mobile.

And then we have here somebody who heard about Marsha. Marsha is always putting things in the Light and she has trouble with her neighbors. And somebody sent Marsha someone that helped clear her house energy for her. Hi, Marsha. We love you, Marsha. Marsha says to be sure and thank this person.

You see, what I have learned it’s the small things that build infinity. I’m not perfect at this but I try. If somebody sends me an email, sometimes I’m so busy. And I read the email. Now one of the things I have a hard time with is people are always sending me: “Look at this youtube, go to this website,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I don’t have time. It’s like I don’t need other people’s affirmation that I’m on the right track. I know there’s a lot of great things out there. But when somebody talks about their life in some way and I do read it. And I make every effort. If I haven’t ever responded to you, I’m sorry because I make every effort to find time to respond. Even if I read this and I can feel what you’re going through. Even that, it means I’m caring. And the slightest little human response, the slightest thank you means so much to people. I know that. It builds the energy.

Somebody once said, and I know this is true, this is like another principle, an easy principle, this is something everyone can do. We all have relationships of obligation. In other words you pay rent, you get an apartment, you have a job, you get paid for every hour you show up. And in a relationship of obligation, that’s a worldly thing, we have to go through life doing those things. But here is something that everyone can do. Watch for opportunities in relationships of obligations to give a little extra. Something more than you’re obligated to do. Now this has to be done very masterfully because you have to do it when the energy is present.

Now I’ll give you an example of something I did this week that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. We have a mail center and I think the lady charges us a certain amount every month like 15 dollars a month or 12 dollars a month and you know, you get your mail there. And we get incredible amount of packages at that mail center and they never grumble, they always handle it really well and really responsibly and carefully. I was thinking how much they make an hour because we’re their costumer, we’re probably not a good costumer for them in terms of how much work they do for 12 or 15 dollars a month. But if we’re paying somebody 10 dollars an hour for all the packages they handle, we’ll probably end up paying them 40 dollars a month. But the woman never grumbles, never complains. She just assumes that that was her deal and that was her level of obligation. In other words, we pay that much and she’s going to do, she’s going to accept packages for us because that what she does and that’s what she’s agreeing to do.

So I went in there last week and I have to take the right moment and I said, “Chris, here’s my credit card, could you take an extra 30 dollars off today?” And she said, “What’s that for?” And I said, “It’s a tip, please take it. You know, you do great service for us. I want you to know it doesn’t go for granted.” At first she didn’t want to do it and then I said, “Chris, now do it, do it. It’s like gratitude, it’s a good energy.” Then she did it and it changed our energy. I came back the next day and she was just glowing when I walked in.

That’s an example of how to take a relationship of obligation and do something a little extra and turns it into a relationship of grace or it starts to put grace into the mix. And you got to pick the right moments. You can’t just do it all the time or else you become like one of those people who just thinks I got to give to charity or I got to do this and I got to be good all the time. It has to be the moment that when you do it there’s gratitude. It’s like when everything is working, no one thinks you’re patronizing them, no one thinks you’re going to ask for a favor back if you did something. If you’re in a job you might bring a piece of candy to the boss and say, “Listen. You know, you sit there, I’m so glad you’re the boss. I don’t show much appreciation, I got you a candy bar today.” Or I don’t know. You have to be creative, but don’t be dumb, be creative and figure out how you can constantly flow little random acts of kindness to shift and lift the energy around you. And it works. It really works.

You’re not doing this for other people. You’re doing it for yourself so you can live in a more uplifted environment. Triangulating your house and going to coffee shops works. I’ve done that so many times. I know it works. Will it work for you, I know. You may go into coffee shops and get allergic to the smell of coffee and it doesn’t work. Taking walks works. It grounds your energy while you’re walking. Think of the earth as you’re walking.

(visualization etc. skip to time mark: 1:26:34)

Wynn: We’re going to move over to a message through Terry from our Sources.

Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here. And any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light, transmuted for the highest good for all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us. And we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

And I can turn over to Terry. I want to make sure she’s unmuted so say a word before you start.

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Ok, we hear you, thank you.

Ra’an: We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. We are here with each and every one of you and we take a moment and we connect. We are here and available to you each and every one who wishes the connection, where ever you are and whenever you listen or read a transcript and we aware and connected also with everyone on BBS radio.

It is our profound thanks, it is an honor to be able to make this connection, it is a sacred moment in time and we are aware of what each and every one of you have put in the Light rather it is on the healing list that was read or rather it was not. We send Love Light to Posum We send Love Light to Sam. We send Love Light to Jim Cole. Love Light to Marsha. And we send Love Light to the area where Marsha lives for the calmness and the peace to magnify but it is already there but in the background. We send Love Light to Bill that his needs may be met.

We send Love Light to Carla and Jim McCarty. We take a moment. And we thank Carla for the profound connection that she provides in the third density realm and the connection she has made and she provides to others. And has put up on her website LL Research for all to read for free.

And to each and every person again who has put anything in the Light. To Allen Ferguson for his sensation and getting it under control for his tinnitus; For all who are having a financial concern and situation that there may be a reversal, that there may be a grounding where their needs begin to be provided for in a greater manner; for Patty for healing; for peace.

For all the people who were in the floods in Colorado that they may become grounded again and move through that; for the people of Fukushima. That the land may again become fertile; for the ocean, for the Pacific Ocean around Fukushima and into the deep ocean; for the cessation of detrimental radioactivity.

For each and every person who is connected. It provides, it brings us joy to make the connection and to begin to focus our intentions for help and for your financial needs to be met and for help to return into your life and you are the master of this. And we are merely lending a hand. And we incorporate grace. We bring grace in to help unlock stuck situations so one can move through those situations where it seems the most impossible to move through.

And we thank each and every person who is volunteering and helping. And we thank BBS radio.

We are with you and we do not leave, although we close this direct communication we are still there. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you.


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