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Personal and Planetary Healing Session

Sunday Grid Healing 10.13.13
Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Rick Vornbrock
Edited by Terry L. Brown
Formatted and sent by Robynne Olson

Wynn:  Welcome. It’s [October 13] 10:07 AM, 2013, Sunday morning and welcome to our Sunday Grid Healing Session. And if you’re here for the first time, this is usually our most popular call. I think the reason is, is because this call emphasizes feeling energies from higher realms and for many people that’s a first time experience to feel that. And it’s pretty clear it happens. And the call starts with usually Carla and I are talking about whatever and helping just to free some energies up and then, low and behold, there’s these energies that we start to feel. And we have sources that say that’s them projecting into this realm so everyone has to get their own experience on it. But that’s the experience a lot of people have.

So in the preamble to this call, people are checking in and there’s a little community generated. People start to get to know each other. And when people are in the space of feeling these energies, it creates the beginning of community, a foundation, because then they can go into the lower place of “Hi, how are you doing? What’s going on?” and there’s more compassion to it. Well, there’s always a little bit of people asking questions saying something. And if you never come in early and you can get on can get on a conference call, and I know many of you are listening on the internet.

One of the things about tuning into the conference call is that there are certain phone carriers that charge extra money for calling in these conference call numbers. So if you’ve never done it or if you found strange bills coming up on your phone bill, strange charges, then it’s probably better to come in on the internet. But the advantage of being on the call is, on the live call:

Carla:  You get to keep hearing it when the radio shuts off.

Wynn:  That’s right. If we go over . . . we usually try to keep it to ending when the radio shuts off.

Michael was talking about abundance early on. And there are certain New Age words which . . . I actually paid a lot of attention to New Age stuff for many years. It felt like something I identified with because it said we’re all supposed to love each other, we’re all supposed to be kind to each other. There should be peace in the world. And I agree with all those things in my own way. But there are certain buzz things in New Age. And what I’ve noticed is that anything that captures people’s attention and people start making money from it, so often the money becomes superior to the other stuff. People start earning their living and then they become invested. They stop looking for truth. They stop looking under the covers for corruption and distortion because they’re making money. It’s true with so many things. It’s true with channeling, it’s true with opening a New Age store, it’s true with God knows what. It’s kind of a dilemma because obviously money’s really important in this realm. Survival is important because every one of us needs to take care of each other and ourselves, ourselves first and then other people. Money is one way of taking care of each other.

So in the New Age, many of the New Age concepts like The Secret and just books, there’s a preoccupation with money, making money, being abundant. Then there are things like “if it’s God’s will, if it’s meant to be.” I have learned not to embrace those aspects because there is a truth in them and there’s not a truth, because, for example, when you say “abundance,” that it’s everyone’s right to be abundant. Abundance is something that comes from an inner projection out into the world. Until you have the inner projection it’s very hard to be abundant. It’s very hard to attract things to you. You attract things according to your inner projection. Everything that comes to you in life is a hundred percent reflected back from your projection. When you’re locked into a contracted unworthy view of yourself, it’s very hard to create a projection that creates abundance.

Carla:  You know there’s this word “enough.” The Lord’s Prayer says give us this day our daily bread. Give us enough for the day. It doesn’t say, “give us enough for tomorrow.” It doesn’t even say, “Give us enough.” But you’re basically saying, “Give us enough that we won’t get hungry, today.” You know, it’s not a prayer that tries to figure out how much is abundance. What is abundance? Abundance for some people is two pieces of bread instead of one.

Wynn:  There’s Carla butting in again. Carla, I’m just kidding, you can butt in anytime you want.

Carla:  I always do.

Wynn:  I know it.

Carla:  But I know I’m being helpful because what you’re trying to say is there is abundance.

Wynn:  I know you are. You know abundance starts, in my opinion, abundance starts with gratitude for what you have. No matter how little it is. It’s like if you can look at what you have and say, “Thank God I have that. Thank God I have a friend, a real friend. Thank God I have a roof over my head. Thank God I have dinner on the table tonight.” It’s like starting out being grateful because grateful makes what you have be abundant.  Once you start feeling that way, you then start raising your energy to attract things to you. And it’s kind of a paradox because when you accept the way things are, you start propelling yourself to new things. You can have a vision for things to come in but it has to start with acceptance.

One of my teachers once said that the first rule of spirit is acceptance. So finding the small things to be grateful for, no matter how hard your life is, no matter how difficult things are, start off with acceptance. That starts leading to gratitude instead of cursing everything, because if you curse everything the way it is, then how can you attract something other than all the things you’re cursing? You’re repeating the same situation over and over and over.

Now it’s interesting that we’re talking about abundance because this morning before the call, I was on youtube. I had this thought of an old TV show that I remembered and I said, “I wonder if that’s still on youtube.” I found replays of it. It was just so funny to watch it. I watched two old TV shows that were old shows in the 60's. The one I was searching for at first was “Queen for a Day”.  Do you remember that show, Carla?

Carla:  Oh, definitely. I sure do. One of the times when my kidneys failed I was at home all day and I was just so looking forward to watching “Queen for a Day”. The woman was so thrilled with everything.

Wynn:  So probably there are a lot of people on the call, or some people who are younger and don’t remember that show. You can go look it up on youtube, “Queen for a Day”. And the story was . . . now there was something a little perverse about the story, the way they did the show. Because what they did was they brought three women up to tell their story of woe. Usually it had to do with being impoverished in some way, like the one I looked at, “my son has polio, he hasn’t been outside for like a year and he needed . . .”, what do you call those things?

Carla: An iron lung.

Wynn: No, he needed something to push him around on, to put him on.

Carla:  Wheelchair?

Wynn:  Not a wheelchair, the flat one, the flat thing. You know, what they use for 911 calls when they put somebody on that.

Terry:  A gurney.

Wynn: Gurney! Thank you, Terry. I knew somebody would have a good vocabulary out there. They had to put her son on a gurney and they couldn’t afford a gurney, so she was asking for a gurney and a wheelchair.

And then somebody else would come on and they had their needs. And somebody else would come on and had their needs. And then they would point to each person and the audience would applaud and the person who got the most applause on the applause meter would win and become Queen for a Day. So they would get their wishes met plus a limousine tour through Hollywood and whatever else they gave them and, of course, it was an excuse for all these sponsors to give people something and have their brand exposed to millions of people. So as I was watching it, I was saying, “How could they possibly deny the other two people?” Did you ever think that?

Carla:  You know, I never did.

Wynn:  Yeah, how could you have three people come up with needs and then only one would win and the other two were kicked back on the curb? But nonetheless, it made for an interesting soap opera show.

Then the other show that was one of my favorites, actually this was a good show, was called, “What’s My Line”. Do you remember “What’s My Line”?

Carla:  Oh, it was brilliant. Arlene Dahl was on it, Bennett Cerf, Garry Moore, the Random House people and there were two other people, witty, clever and funny. You were supposed to be able guess in ten questions or less what these people did. You could only ask yes or no questions?

Wynn:  Right, right. And then occasionally they would have somebody famous on.

Carla:  They were blindfolded.

Wynn:  They were blindfolded. Now you know what happened to Dorothy Kilgallen don’t you?

Carla:  I do not. She was hilarious, very witty.

Wynn:  She was killed.

Carla:  I’ll be doggone.

Wynn:  She had a mysterious death because she was going to investigate Kennedy. Right after she was in the midst of her Kennedy investigation, you know, when Kennedy died, was shot . . .

Carla:  She mysteriously was killed.

Wynn:  She had a mysterious death that everyone links to her investigation of Kennedy.

Carla:  I think so, yes.

Wynn:  These were like really intelligent people, really intelligent and they were all just being themselves and Bennett Cerf was the head of Random House, Dorothy Kilgallen was a columnist.

Carla: For reviews.

Wynn: She was a columnist and she was like a radical columnist probably for the New York Times and other places syndicated. She would be writing all kinds of stuff about digging deep into things.

So the episode that I quickly looked at today and I’m not sure how this relates to anything was this woman who was a very simple lady and her job was, she put up bowling pins. In other words, before they had automatic  . . .

Carla:  Oh, you mean she was the one that got them all back in their [slot]. . .

Wynn:  She’s the one that got them all back in their slot.

Carla:   . . . and she hopefully didn’t get beamed in the ankle while she was doing it.

Wynn:  Right, right. And they couldn’t guess her, but it’s very funny. It was really funny because she was so simple. They would ask her a question. And then John Daly was  . . . did you say Garry Moore use to be the host of that?

Carla:  Yeah.

Wynn:  Then it went to John Daly. Remember John Daly?

Carla:  I do.

Wynn:  Yeah. So John Daly kept… she kept answering questions but she was answering them wrong. So he had to keep telling her, “Oh, don’t say that, say this.” He kept correcting it because she was so simple. You can look it up. Just do “What’s My Line bowling pins” it will come up. You’ll laugh, it’s very funny.

It was quite a trip to go back to that era of time and look at the people, look at the women. Everyone was trying to be so good. People were good, at least they had really good wholesome presentations of themselves. There was “Ozzie and Harriet”, remember “Ozzie and Harriett”?

Carla:  They all worked in high heels and aprons.

Wynn:  Right. And “Father Knows Best”. But in any case “Queen for a Day” goes back to this idea of abundance. I really think the key to abundance is to find gratitude in the daily moment of everything. It’s like abundance doesn’t come for most people by winning the lottery or finding money.

Now, I never won the lottery but I have found money. I remember last time Terry and I were in Hollywood, we went to this little restaurant and we were sitting in the back and there was this envelope on the table it was kind of like a bohemian place and there was an envelope on the table and I picked up the envelope and I opened it and inside there were five one hundred dollar bills. And I said, “Oh my God, what’s this doing here?” Well, my first impulse was to go and give it to the people of the restaurant and say somebody left this. And then I reconsidered. I’ll tell you what I did. I went to the cash register, the person there and I asked them, “Did anybody come back looking for money?” And she said “No.” So I said, “Why don’t you take my name and number? If anyone comes back, call me, because I found some money.” And then we left. They never called me. So that was abundance, right?

Carla:  More than you had before.

Wynn:  More than I had before. But that doesn’t happen that often. Now, when you’re in a high state of synchronicity, you can attract things to you. You can attract all kinds of things to you. I can, I’ve done it in the past. But the New Age idea of abundance actually can make you be non-accepting of where you are and think that you have to go somewhere else to be happy. And that to me is not correct. It doesn’t mean, see, this is like a little bit of a, my vocabulary is going out today, I have two librarians here. It doesn’t mean that you have to be, I don’t want to say accepting. Ok, I’ll just say how it can work.

The first thing is to create gratitude for what you have, gratitude for every little thing. Go through and write it down, these are the things that I have and I’m grateful. And the next thing is to create vision for what you want. So it’s ok to have vision for what you want. But you have to have gratitude for what you have. Does that make sense to you Carla?

Carla:  Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Yes, if you just can count your blessings and really, really focus on counting your blessings then, oh my gosh, whatever it is that you need. I mean I’ve had this happen so often in my life. For a period for about three years in my life while I was still getting through college, I was making a dollar an hour, student wages. It was the only work I could do and keep up with my studies. And when I needed fifty dollars, I won a contest. When I had to have five hundred dollars, it was on my dresser one day; I’ve never known who put it there. And it just went like that and I didn’t have a penny but I had plenty. And it was because I always counted my blessings. I always felt like I was just in the midst of the most blessed state. I can’t express to you how blessed I felt. I was meditating every day; I was just in a very good place.

My marriage had gone to awful? You know the word “o-f-f-a-l”? And I don’t want to say a bad word on the air, but it had fallen apart to the point my husband barely spoke to me. It wasn’t an angry didn’t speak to me, it was indifferent. And that’s a lot worse, actually, when somebody just doesn’t care.

But I made out of my life, I made gratitude, that’s exactly the right word that you got. I counted my blessings every day. And I was glowing with joy all the time. And I did my work for a dollar an hour and then I got my degree finally after three years and I became a librarian and I had a little bit more than just enough for a one room apartment, I had enough where I had an actual bedroom. I mean, this was huge. And I was very careful with my money and when I had forty dollars I bought a stove. You know, I mean it was like that. And it was always the key was spending your time counting your blessings. There’s got to be a song about it somewhere. But really, I’m saying it worked for me.

Wynn:  Did you ever hear that old song called “Count Your Blessing Instead of Sheep”?

Carla:  That’s it.

Count your blessings instead of sheep
and you’ll fall asleep.
Counting your blessings.

That’s it.

Wynn:  And then there is another key, I think, is random acts of kindness. It’s like when you’re in a humbled position and you think you don’t have enough and things are so hard and all you think about is making money. How do I get more money? That is not necessarily the best way to attract abundance because you’re starting from being impoverished. So this idea of random acts of kindness, and I’ve said this before, but some of these things take quite a bit to sink in. So it’s ok to say it again. Even for me, it took quite a bit to sink in, to really grasp the principle. The principle is not going around saying, “I’m going to be good because then I’ll get money.” That’s wrong. That’s not going to work. You have to do small things where spirit is present. And where’s that moment, you know, they’re easy to miss; they’re really easy to miss.

I’ve learned to pay really close attention because for example, go volunteer to give food out to the homeless, and you go there and there’s someone else that’s volunteering. And suddenly you meet someone that might be the love of your life because you both are meeting in this place of giving and they know you’re a really caring person and you know they’re a caring person. And that way is a good way; I’m not saying that will happen, I’m giving you the kind of example. Or maybe there’s a guy who owns a company and you go do something unexpected and you meet the guy and he likes you and suddenly you have a job. But you may have to do it ten or twenty times or thirty times or a hundred times, you can’t look for the outcome.

Carla:  The opportunity.

Wynn:  You look for the opportunity and do it because it makes you feel good.

Carla:  Just make somebody smile.

Wynn:  When you make somebody smile, what you’re doing is you’re moving out of your feeling of contraction and compression and you’re giving something to someone else. When you’re doing it in the right spirit, you start opening the port holes for you to receive as well as to give. Giving and receiving are really part of the same thing in the Law of One. This is a tricky concept because sometimes people get “spiritual” and they just want to give but they don’t know how to receive. And sometimes receiving is trickier than giving because often times receiving . . . I think one of the reasons people have such a hard time receiving is because at the lower level, giving and receiving at the lower level becomes contractional obligation. Somebody gives something to you and then they make you feel obligated, and vice a versa, you give something to someone else and you make them feel obligated.

Now this is all happening on a very deep unconscious level. And you can look at that in your life because if you’re looking for the highest level of interactions between people, you have to access Grace. And Grace has no obligation. It’s the same thing as the meaning of unconditional love. You do something with no strings attached. And so you can observe yourself and you can ask yourself, “Am I doing this with no strings? Or do I have some level of expectation?” And not to judge yourself if you come up with you’re doing for a level of expectation, but to observe it. And then keep observing it until you can say to yourself, “I did that and I didn’t have any obligation attached to it.”

Carla:  Here’s one: If you get something don’t ever say, “But I’m not worthy.” Never say that. Of course, you’re worthy.

Wynn:  One of the reasons charity works is because the giver and the receiver don’t often times know each other; or giving money to the homeless. I remember one time I was in downtown LA and I didn’t have that much money but for some reason I had a hundred dollars in my pocket. And somebody was asking for money and they really touched me. And I gave them the hundred dollars and I just let it go. What did I do that for?

Here’s another story. I told this one a long time ago where it was Christmas time and I went to the post office in Pomona, California. There was this black guy standing there and asking for money. He looked scary, I mean he was like he was really downtrodden. I can’t remember if he had a shower or not, but he certainly did not look appealing. But I looked at him and I pulled, I don’t remember how much, maybe five dollars, maybe a dollar. Whatever I gave him, I said listen, “Put this in your back pocket.”  Now I don’t why I said this. It was like spirit coming through me, it’s not like I do this all the time. But I told him, “Put this in your back pocket and make it your lucky dollar and just keep thinking about it and smile at people when they’re going by.” And then I went into the Post Office, did my business then I left.

And about a month later I went back to the Post Office and this guy; I didn’t recognize him, came up and hugged me. And he said, “Man, you’re the guy that gave me that dollar. Hey, what you told me worked! As soon as you left, everyone was giving me money and it’s been going on ever since. I’ve still got the dollar in my back pocket, thank you so much!”

Carla: Isn’t that great!

Wynn: But you know, I did all of that and I didn’t know, I didn’t have a clue that I was doing that for him. I didn’t have a clue. I don’t even know why I said it. But it worked.

Carla:  Well, you know, anybody can have a good idea once in a while.

Wynn:  Yeah, thank you. In the course of your day, all of your days, look for those opportunities. Even small amounts of money given to somebody with a great blessing can have a great impact. I mean, Jesus has this story and the story is where people were donating money and the rich guy donated a whole bunch of money and the poor woman donated just a little bit but it was a lot for her. And Carla knows this one I’m sure. What did Jesus say about that?

Carla:  He called it a “widow’s mite” and he said that was giving far more than the rich man could ever possibly give because it was all she had.

Wynn:  So even tiny little gifts given with the right energy start creating transfer of energy back to you. And that’s how you start building abundance. That’s how you start building worthiness. That’s how you start building gratitude. And that’s how you start laying the track for new things to come in. And it’s not by this New Age idea that we all have to be abundant, we have to be abundant and I’m going to think abundance. And when we were talking earlier and Michael had brought that up I was saying, “Yes, a year from now you’re going to see me on the hood of a Rolls Royce with beautiful women all around me.”

You know, until you really learn how this all works; you may not be doing yourself a service by having lots of money. Because when you don’t know how it works and you suddenly have lots of money, you have lots of people that want your attention because you have lots of money. And it’s not a real connection. It’s a connection based on, “Maybe he’ll give me some.” And those people then can become your slaves; they’ll do whatever you want because you have money. But you know what? There’s no spiritual connection there. It’s all about people wanting what you have. So it takes a lot of mastery to have something and to have extra and to know how to be still in the center of your being, still be compassionate, and know how to read people so you can tell the people who are authentic. You see, when you’re poor and somebody becomes your friend, you know they’re not your friend because they want your money. They know they’re really your friend. But when you’re rich and you have anything more than someone else has it and they want to be your friend, can you trust them? Can you trust the relationship? Or are they just using you for what you have?

You know, that’s why a lot of spiritual people have taken vows of poverty or don’t want to own anything because that frees them totally from having bunches of people attracted to them for money and people that are attracted them are attracted to them for their sense of enlightenment or for what they gain spiritually from the connection.

And Terry, you’re in the background. Terry is coming up with deeper and deeper observations of things. So let me pull her out from the background and see if she has a comment on any of this.

Terry:  No. I love what you are saying. I really don’t have a comment but I love what you guys are saying and what Carla’s saying about day at a time and thanks for the abundance that we have and that there is abundance there, it’s out there. And being thankful will continue the flow of it. Thank you.

Carla:  There’s one other thing, Wynn, before we talk about anything else. LL Research which is Love and Light Research is what Don Elkins and I called our research company when there were just two of us and it was tiny. And there were two people involved, Don and me. We called it the Love and Light Company. So when we got to be big enough to where we wanted to incorporate we called it L&L Research, Love and Light Research. OK.

The whole time since I’ve channeled the Confederation, the Ra Group and the 106 sessions of the Law of One, our organization has grown and grown and grown. And I discovered just yesterday for instance that there are over 140 posts to our conversations, we call them forums, but they’re conversations that go on. 140 posts so far and that’s just been since 2009. Well, it takes money to do all these things and somehow the money always comes. And more and more and more, thousands of dollars and how does that happen? I don’t know. But I do know that Jim and I, Don having left this physical plane of existence and just Jim and I being left.

Jim and I care for Love and Light so much more than we care for ourselves. It’s all bigger than us. It has nothing to do with supporting us. We don’t ask it to support us. We just want to serve the Creator. And this seems to be the way we can serve. People appreciate the work that we do and channeling. So I keep channeling, and I’m not right now because I’m getting over this back thing but that’s only temporary. Very soon I’ll be channeling again. And we do the channeling and I write and Jim works his ass off as a lawn man. He just cuts your lawn. That’s what he does to make a living. And he supports me and he believes in me and he lets me have the ability to spend my time doing the work. And it has grown and grown to the point where it supports not one but two people to answer emails and keep the website going and all sorts of stuff like that. Do I have any connection with that money? No. Only to be grateful for the fact that we have been able to keep responding to every single letter that we get. We have never gotten a letter that we have not answered. And that to me is just such a blessing.

And I don’t think any of that would happen if people didn’t sense the integrity of Jim and me and the integrity of the material. Just like you put your stuff up for free, there’s integrity to that. And so people want to donate, they want to help you with that. And money comes in to make it possible for you to pay your bills. And hopefully more and more will come in and you know, it will grow itself because of felt needs. But it’s always a need. The need is pushed forward because it’s what people ask for, it’s what they want. So they donate a little bit because they want to see it happen.

It’s when you submerge yourself in something larger than yourself, something you believe in with all your heart, something that you want to give your life for. That’s all Jim and I want to do for the rest of our lives is give ourselves to this service. And I think that there’s so much in that, there’s so incredibly much in that. The secret to abundance, as you say is in that, casting yourself upon the waters and saying, “Whatever it takes. This is what I will do, I will do whatever I can to serve. I don’t care for nothing for what I get for myself, nothing.”

Wynn:  There’s another way of looking at donations and that is, under the Law of One, there’s an aspect of us that are all part of each other. We still separate and we’re still part.

Carla: Right.

Wynn: When you inspire someone else into that space of experiencing the oneness, when they donate something, they’re actually giving to themselves and you. You’re doing a role that they can’t do and they’re doing what you can’t do.

Carla:  It’s all a labor of love and it all goes together. And it’s all one thing.

Wynn:  Yeah. So it completes the cycle, it completes the gratitude cycle. That is really . . . any of you who saw our donation buttons, even three dollars, two dollars.

Carla:  Oh yeah, that’s what it’s about.

Wynn:  If you do it with your heart, if you do with your gratitude that we’re here doing this, then it’s not only taking from you it’s giving to you. Because you’re giving to the greater part of you which is us, not that we’re greater but that we’re doing a role that you probably can’t do and that you’re supporting us doing this role. And if somebody has lots of money and they give it to us that allows us to reach more people. So if we’ve made a difference to you, you’re creating the bridge that we can make a difference to more people. See how it all works? This is how the planet evolves, if it does, because people work into that unconditional reciprocity of gratitude and support.

Carla:  When I thank people I tell them, “You and we are collaborating in this labor of love. We couldn’t do it without you.

Wynn:  I mean one of the unsung heroes that very few people ever have heard about in the terms of Jesus’s life . . . because I ask myself, “How could Jesus do what he did? How did have the money to do it? How could he have afforded it?” And there was a guy that most people don’t know about, who was quite wealthy that was funding Jesus. Isn’t that right, Carla?

Carla:  I don’t know about this guy. Who was this guy?

Wynn:  You don’t know. You see that’s how unknown he is. His name was Joseph of Arimathea.

Carla:  Was that the guy who paid for the place where Jesus was laid to rest?

Wynn:  Well, I understand that he was a wealthy . . .

Carla:  Well, the thing is if it weren’t for him, Jesus wouldn’t have had a tomb.

Wynn:  Yeah, but it’s my understanding that he actually took Jesus to England and he had boats, he use to do trading and he was quite well to do and he was in the background financing some of Jesus’s work. So, because it has to work somehow; it has to work in the physical. As far as I know up to this point, God does not print money. God works through each of us.

Carla:  As a matter of fact there’s a parable in the Bible that’s really cute on this. One time Jesus was asked, “What are you doing here and shouldn’t you be paying taxes on it?” And Jesus went to the edge of the Nile and opened the mouth of a crocodile and there was a coin in there. He took it out and and he said render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. Render unto the Creator that which is the Creator’s. They didn’t know what to do about that so they left him alone after that.

Wynn:  Alright. Well, before we go into our healing part of our call, maybe I’ll see if anyone would like to make any comments. It’s 10:56. So we’ll take five minutes for comments and then go into, what should I call this part of the call: The Grid Healing part, personal and grid healing. Anybody want to make any comments about any experience they’ve had related to what we’ve been talking about?

Zoey:  This is Zoey in Sacramento. And what came into my mind is a period in my life when I was down, you know, we were having a divorce and I was moving to Chicago and I was trying to find work and I couldn’t find work. And I thought because I had a bachelor’s degree maybe I could tutor and I went into this little known college at that time just to try to get a tutoring job. And they said, “No, we can’t use you because we teach differently, you’d have to take one of our classes first”. And I said, “Oh, okay. That’s alright, I’ll do that.” And that opened the door to the rest of my life because that happened to be a way of approaching writing. I’m a writer and wanted to be a writer. And approaching that of teaching people how to do that that’s entirely different from anything I had in all of my schooling. And it was just in this one little place. I had no idea about it when I went in there. I just thought, “Oh, another college, I have an English degree, I’ll teach, I’ll tutor.” And that opened a whole career for me where I learned. Not only did I start writing like a mad fool, but also learned to teach that approach and took it into the public schools in Chicago, into several class rooms. And I’m still doing it here in Sacramento. It has raised my life experience just tremendously.

Carla: Isn’t that wonderful.

Wynn:  Well, thank you for sharing that. That was just a random choice of thinking something. . . I had that so many times: Those times when your energy’s unencumbered; when you free your energy up.

Zoey:  Maybe it also points to some principle of accepting what’s put in front of you. And be willing to explore it.

Carla:  Yeah, I can do that, yeah, I can do that.

Caller 1:  I had one experience.

Wynn:  Ok.

Caller 1:  I’ve noticed that the single event anybody can do is build community. Everything you’ve discussed is a by-product of doing that. You don’t even have to make an effort. Just build community and it happens. That’s all.

Zoey:  That’s a really good point because this particular approach, that’s what it does, among the students that are in the writing class, it builds community. Thank you for adding that.

Caller 1:  De nada.

Wynn:  Anyone else?

Anna in Berkley, are you there? Hello, Anna? Well, hi Anna. Anna’s a sweet lady who’s been coming into our calls for many years now. And at one point I went up to the Bay area and I slept on her couch in Berkley. She has this beautiful little apartment and a beautiful little garden, I remember. It was like she’s a Zen master, she keeps everything around her so meticulously, I hope she hasn’t changed, meticulously organized, great energy.

That a whole other topic about organizing your environment so energy can flow through it. You know, when you’re cluttered, when you’re depressed, you tend to get cluttered. And when you get cluttered, the energy gets stuck and can’t move through things. And as you start to straighten everything out and organize it, you make energy pathways, automatically starts lifting your energy. And as many of you might have discovered, there’s a great resistance to doing that. There’s a great resistance because you have all these material objects that all have a piece of your past attached to them energetically. It could be a memento, it could be something you bought and didn’t want to throw away because you spent fifty dollars on it even though you never use it. Did you relate to that Carla?

Carla:  I certainly can, not that I do it myself. In Jim’s and my house we have an amazing multitude of things, but every single thing has its exact place. And we’re both neat-nick nuts. The thing of it is, everything has a story. So you never want to say, “Oh, how interesting this is.” or God forbid, “Look at this wall, it just got all these things on it. You want to talk about any of these things?” My dear, you don’t want to ask unless you want to spend the next six hours listening to us tell stories about our forty years in spiritual work. People give us things and they’re beautiful things and we always find just the right place for them. And of course, we have books out the wazoo and they’re organized by topic and they’re all over the house. It’s pretty ruthless actually, the organization that takes place. It has to be because we have a lot of stuff. But there’s a peaceful feeling when everything is in its place. You know?

Wynn:  Yeah. I just want to make a point. If you’re in a depressed state, if you’re feeling contracted and your residence is also messy, one way to lift your energy is to go very slowly. You don’t have to do it all at one time. Start making organizations. And if you’re going to organize, what I found is that you make piles of stuff and you put things in piles. And pile number one is things that I need to have access to all the time. And those things should be around you. They should be where you can see them, find them easily. And then there are things which you want to use occasionally. And those should be in closets or organized where you don’t have to see them, but you have a good enough organization where you can find them. And the third thing is, this is something I haven’t used for a year or two years, and those things either give away to Goodwill, have a garage sale. Or if you still want to keep them, put them in the garage, put them in boxes and label the boxes so God forbid you should ever need it again. And just slowly keep filtering everything through this system. And before you know it, your environment will start to be more clean. Clean, I don’t even mean clean like dirt, dirty and clean. I mean harmonious. And if you want to flow your energy into the world, it’s good to have harmonious environment, because that’s your foundation. What’s that saying, cleanliness is next to Godliness? To be able to create the organization so energy can flow. I mean, what do you think feng shui is? It’s the whole science of having and organization around you so that energy flows best. And when energy’s flowing best, it keeps you from being contracted.

And so these are simple things that you don’t need lots of money to do. You can do them in your own time, in your own discipline. But it is hard to get started and I know this, I watch in myself, I watch it in Terry. It’s hard to get started because all of these things that you have around you have an energy around them that’s part of your life. And every time you pick it up, that energy flows into you. And you pick up a few things and you start getting really tired. So sometimes you can have someone else help you who doesn’t have the attachment. And they’ll help lift the energy from all this stuff. Or else do a little bit at a time and before you know it, it will be done. But it’s really important because it’s in your control. There are a lot of things that are not in your control and this is in your control. You can do it and why not?

Because you say you want more, you want abundance, you want to flow. Part of this has to do with . . . there’s a great saying which I say around our house. It has to do with you can’t get any bigger than your basket can hold. Did you ever hear that Carla?

Carla:  Yep.

Wynn:  So if you want more, your home where you live is part of your basket. And if you want more start straightening out your basket so that there’s room for things to flow into it. Another one is if your glass is totally full, you can’t put any more water in it. So if you have all these things clogging up your energy in your environment, make a commitment to straighten them out so that the energy can flow. And it will make a difference, I guarantee it. And it will be hard to start and it will make you tired but go for it.

Carla:  You can do the same thing with your mind. If your mind is cluttered, you can’t think. Bring it down to empty and then you can fill it all you want. And fill it up with good stuff and then think about it and then empty it again as you use what you got.

(meditation, visualization)

Wynn:  We’re going to call in the Light, of course we already have the Light, it’s redundant, but we’ll do it anyway.

Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. And we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. Thank you.

Ra’an:  We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. We take a moment and we take a look at the energies. First of all, close-up, this is Ra’an, we take a look close-up at the energies on the Earth level. And we take a look from there, telescoping in on the stars. We see that the actions of the stars are moving into a Mercury retrograde situation. And as they move into this situation, the things that were on automatic that were flowing automatically within individual spheres have a little different orientation affecting them. And the individuals then may, it is easier to make a miss step or for something not to proceed automatically the way one expected. So it it is a time of sitting back being more observant of how things are going and taking care.

We take a look then, zeroing in on the Earth under the atmosphere or right above the Earth. And we see the storm in India and we send Love Light to all of the people who are gathering to protect themselves from the storm.

We take a look at the energies around Washington DC. And we see a great deal of anger projected into the area from individuals throughout the country who are affected by the shutdown. We work for a moment to clear, to dissolve that energy and to bring Love Light as an option to help ease the frayed nerves, the worry.

We take a moment and view the area of Fukushima. We are speaking slowly because we are surrounding the area and are observing the area. And we bring our Love Light into the area of higher radiation. And we radiate out from that to areas of people that are affected and we see dissipation and dissolving where needed even into areas where people have been affected by the radiation and see their bodies overcoming the effect of the radiation.

We take a look at the healing list. And we see the feelings that are involved, the hurts. We see frustration and we see the angers that are involved in the separate issues and we say for a moment take a vacation and move into the higher frequencies. Take a vacation from those negative feelings and just for a moment feel the Love, feel the care, feel the nurturing, feel the potential abundance that can be available. And move into, for a moment, the feeling of that abundance. Think of something in your area that is abundant, some beloved jacket, some simple thing, a flower in a neighbor’s yard. Think of the things that you, yourself like and move your energy from the depression, move your energy out of the angers. Move it just for an instant to experience it into the area of abundance and love. And be there with it for a minute. Even if you can imagine it for just a little bit, for an instant. It is getting that feeling of where you really would like to be. And this is the start, the grounding, the start of the grounding of knowing what it’s like to be there and to let the other go.

Thank you. We love you more than you can imagine. We leave but we do not leave.

Wynn:  Thank you. Thank you for being with us. Thank you for letting us experience those energies of the higher realms. Reminding ourselves that we are those energies, we work as a team. And right now we are going to work as a team and surround those energies around our planet.

(grid healing)

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