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Personal and  Planetary Healing Session


Sunday 10.20.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free with Carla Rueckert
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Channeled and Edited by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
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Robynne Olson


Wynn: This is October 20, 2013, Wynn and Terry in Sedona, Carla in Anchorage, Kentucky, and this is our Sunday healing call and I’m going to play a song to start (with) that is from The Wizard of Oz. Carla, what’s your favorite song from the Wizard of Oz?

Carla: My favorite song: Over the Rainbow.

Wynn: There we go. [Music playing]

Some where over the rainbow, way up high,

There’s a land that I heard once in a lullaby;

Some day I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me;

Where troubles melt like lemon drops;

Way above the chimney tops;

That’s where you’ll find me;

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and

The dreams that you dare to dream, they really do come true;

If happy little blue birds beyond the rainbow;

Why oh, why can’t I?

Alright … that was on a British TV show from a woman who was virtually unknown. What’s that show called in the United States where they keep bringing people out with talent? Do you know Carla?

Carla: America’s Got Talent.

Wynn: America Idol?

Carla: That’s one too, yes.

Wynn: I think I was thinking of American Idol. But I thought what was interesting, is not only was that a spectacular performance, but it was obvious the woman didn’t quite believe in herself – and she was actually very beautiful – it’s a video on You Tube and what is her name? Her name is Leona Lewis and you can go watch the video ... and how they were encouraging her to believe in herself. Do you know, all of us, everyone listening here has some unique, extraordinary ability? You have it. You may not be able to bring the house down with a song like that, but you have something unique to yourself that would be important for other people.

It may not be important to the world, it might be important to your spouse. It might be important to your children, it might be important to your neighbors. How do you identify your talent and how do you bring it forth into manifestation? Those of you who are on these calls regularly, I know many of you have had great advances, one way or another, and that what we’ve done on these calls has helped you. It helped you and as you tap into these greater parts of yourself … you know there’s a saying, it might have been Jesus – did Jesus say this? “To whom more is given, more is expected.”

Carla: I don’t know if Jesus said that or not, certainly it’s in the Bible.

Wynn: It’s in the Bible: to whom much is given, much is expected.

Carla: [Affirmative]

Wynn: I know one of the things Jesus said … and this is not, if you’re listening for the first time, this is not a Jesus call. Without going into whether Jesus was the son of God and all the religious aspects of it [Laughter] …

Carla: We’ve butchered the words to Oh, My Darling so we might as well butcher the words of the Bible, too. [Laughter]

Wynn: Jesus certainly had a lot of wisdom and a lot of deep, deep understanding of the-way-things-work at a cosmic level. He also had an understanding of how to ground that awareness into a very simple way that anyone could apply and that if you applied it, it would work and it doesn’t have to do with believing in Jesus. The only thing to believe in is something that you can take, apply to your life and see a shift and then you can believe in it because you know it works because it’s yours. Everything else is irrelevant, even if it’s true it’s irrelevant unless and until it creates a shift in yourself that you can apply and make work.

Because the world is screwed up by people following things that they haven’t applied, that they haven’t made work and it just becomes something in their brain, their intellect, a belief. And beliefs are not so important unless they catalyze you into a shift. And I tell people over and over again that some of the stuff we do on these calls, I have come to believe that they’re real. Carla believes that they’re real. Terry believes that they’re real. But that doesn’t mean they’re real to you until you make it work for you. Because there is a premise here that there are energies/intelligences in other dimensions that are benevolent - that care about the evolution of humans.

That care about the evolution of you and, that they have wisdom, they have stories of the history of the Universe and the history of our planet that can wake up cellular memories for you. And they have this extraordinary ability, this is my take on it … I mean I know if I was a skeptic and I was listening - if you’re a skeptic and you’re listening and you hear me say this - the thought that would come up is that he’s just suggesting that and everybody believes it - when I say that they have the ability to project energy from where they are to where we are, in a way that we can feel it. And many of you on these Sunday calls have had that experience and you’ve felt the energy and it’s not just a little subtle energy.

It’s an-energy that, under the idea of The Law of One, which is another thing that I believe from my own experience is validated, everything is one-energy in the Universe, which means when you’re feeling the energy of a great benevolent group soul in another dimension, it may feel like it’s external but as it blends into your energy - some of you understand what I’m saying - it feels like part of you and the truth is - it is part of you. It’s an expanded part of you. Except that we have cut ourselves off. And when I say we’ve cut ourselves off, that’s not exactly accurate because it was an intention of other beings that cut you off.  It was specifically intended to cut you off.

Because when you’re cut off from the energy of the Universe, you’re disempowered because you feel small, you feel weak, you feel helpless. And when you’re small, weak and helpless you can be controlled. There are forces in the Universe [Laughter] – some of them in bodies and many of them outside of bodies that want to control you. They want to control you and they’re probably a lot of reasons why they would like to do that but that, in the lower dimensions, in the physical world, in this Earth plane that we are all in, there is an aspect of how comfortable can you be here?

Obviously, one is more comfortable here when they have lots of money. They’re more comfortable when they have people to do their beck and call, i.e. slaves. They’re more comfortable, certain people, when they have workers they can exploit, to work for $7.00 dollars an hour that can’t make enough to pay their bills so they have to work two jobs. So there are other people who are living off of that exploitation, that are in physical bodies. Some of them are very benevolent but a lot of them just don’t care. [They] don’t really care about you except about how they can ride on your back and have a more luxurious life. So that’s one reason that we have been contracted, on the human side.

Because that makes you and I more vulnerable to being controlled and when you start to break through this veil, which I believe is what happens when we start to connect with the energies. In fact they said it and they don’t have to say it, I can feel it. When we start to break through the energies of the veil and feel the connection to the positive higher realms, you are extricating yourself from the oppression of the 3rd density and this is an oppressed density. So I put the topic today to be “Vision” and what is vision?

Vision is an idea you have in your mind for something to occur in the future that’s not occurring now. And one of the things I’ve learned is that when you have and learned this access to the higher dimensions, when you start adding those frequencies to yourself, it adds a lot of thrust and energy to your vision. But you just can’t do anything you want. That’s not what vision means. You have to look at yourself in the present moment, each of us and each of us is uniquely positioned. There’s not one-size-fits-all but this concept, I believe, fits all.

It’s like if you’re taking a vacation and you’re not sure where you’re going to go and you’re going to get in the car and the car has no gas in it, you’re not going to leave the driveway. And so, this energy that we are learning to take in and to feel is like the gas that goes in the car and now you’ve got gas in your car and you have to decide where you want to go. You don’t necessarily know … so you know a lot of the roads, you’ve been there and done that, but you want something new to happen. You want a new adventure, you want new possibilities.

Well, you might take one turn and the road’s closed or there’s a detour, so now you have to go back and try another way. Now you’re applying your vision to move everything forward. So you have to assess yourself as to where you are and the potentials of where you want to go and the route on how to get there and that is the beginning of vision …

Carla: Now in that regard, Wynn, just to go back to what you said about ‘to he of whom much has been given, much will be expected.’

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: Jesus did indeed say that, I looked it up and it was in Luke, __ chapter and 48th verse and Jesus was talking about vision. He was talking about that there was a day coming when he was calling people to set fire … He said ‘I am come to set fire to the Earth’ and the very next verse after ‘for unto whom so ever much is given of him shall much be required; and to whom men have committed much of whom they will ask for more. I am come to send fire on Earth and what will I be if it be already kindled? And I have a baptism to be baptized with and how shall I straighten ‘til it be accomplished? Because suppose ye that I am come to give peace on Earth, I tell you neigh but rather division. In other words … a choice.

So when we have a “vision,” we have power and we have the power to make choices. And aren’t you talking about how shall you make the choices? No matter what is in your way, no matter what you detour, no matter where you have to go, then you have to look and see what is my situation now? And isn’t it about love? Isn’t it about okay, my vision is about more love. So I’m here in this where ever I got detoured to and where is the love? Could that be somewhere that you are going with this, Wynn?

Wynn: Well, yes [Laughter] as a matter of fact. I was going to say - I was leading to the idea of how do you create a vision, and one of the ways things happen on this planet is that there’s all these energies in other realms that are waiting to either manifest or not manifest. One of the things that cause(s) energies to manifest is the number of people that are visioning that to happen. Now if you’re visioning things to happen that are not energies in the other realms, then it’s much harder to make them happen. But when you make the right clicking of everything – and how do you know?

Well, here’s what happens for me is I’ll think about this, I’ll think about that and then suddenly when the thought comes in that aligns with the energies that are present in other dimensions - when that thought comes in I feel a lifting of my energy. It’s like an “ah ha” experience and I could still be wrong but I will go along and say let’s see if I start to create in that direction (what happens)? And if I had it right, there’s a flow and if I didn’t, there’s obstacles. Now maybe I still have it right but maybe I just have to go through those obstacles. So if I feel strongly enough, I will go through the obstacles. I know that when I first got the idea of writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? … Now when I first got the idea that that was really important, man, were there obstacles! [Laughter]

The first obstacle was how am I going to get the time to write a book? And, how am I going to support myself while I write this book? And I said, well, you know what, I have a little RV - I know where to park it on the street where it’s safe. I’ll just live in my RV. I joined a health club, I’ll take showers there so I don’t need to rent a place and there’s Starbuck’s and Denny’s everywhere so I’ll just go there and then I don’t have to worry about making lots of money to pay for things, I can dedicate myself to this project. And then there was David Wilcock who hated the project, hated the idea of publicly being Edgar Cayce, at least in a book. David and I were fighting all the time.

And when I first started writing the book … you know how you want to please [someone]… I really looked up to David. I mean, I would call him and I said, Oh my God, that’s Edgar Cayce on the phone, I can’t believe it. And I wanted to please David. He was like the co-writer – he was young – but I wanted to please him, I wanted him to like the project and like what I was doing and I wrote a few chapters and I sent it to David and he said it was horrible and you know what? He was right - it was horrible [Laughter]. Then he said, I don’t think you’re the guy for this project and I said to myself what do you mean I’m not the guy for this project?

Okay, I told David I was going to write the book anyway and I didn’t care. He’s a public figure, I could just write about it. It didn’t need his approval. So I estranged myself from the whole situation and I started writing the book. At that point, I was released from needing David’s approval because up to that point I was operating like David had to approve of this and then I could write anything I want. Once I let go of that, I started to be inspired and the book was writing itself and I did five or six chapters and I said this is really good, I’ve got it.

So, at that point, I decided I was going to contact David again and I told him I think I have it, I think I have an inspired work here. And you know what, I could put it out myself, I don’t need you but it’s about your life and I would like your ... I don’t want to – how would I say, push in on the free will of his life, the things that he would rather not be out there. So I told him, I said - this was very hard for me to say to him, very hard – but I said if you decide that you don’t like it, I’ll dump the project, at that point and I won’t write the book. I was sure he wouldn’t like it - I mean I had spent already probably a year and a half working on this and I was willing to dump it. A couple of weeks later he got back to me and said he loved it and let’s move forward.

So it doesn’t mean when you have a vision everything is smooth sailing. Terry remembered that and it just blew her away that I ended up being back on track with David and writing the book again.

Terry: Yeah, I do remember that and like when you said you sent that first one to him I said, “Oh no, you didn’t send that to him, did you?” Because I didn’t think it was good enough, I didn’t think it was very good, and then I really admired you for rewriting it and keeping on forward, changing it around.

Wynn: Um hmm. You know I agree it wasn’t good, too.

Carla: You kept right on. You weren’t to be stopped. You kept right on, I remember too.

Terry: Yeah.

Wynn: That’s right. You know Carla has been … I mean we are much better friends now - we have much deeper understanding now than we had at that time. But we always had a connection.

Carla: The poor baby – I kept saying look, look it’s not the Carla Rueckert material, it’s the L & L Research material and I kept scratching out Carla Rueckert and putting in L & L Research and I kept doing it over and over and over again [Laughter] and then he’d go back and put “the Carla Rueckert material.” [Laughter] And when it came out, guess what it said - the Carla Rueckert material? [Laughter] Ah well, you can’t win them all.

Wynn: You mean I didn’t change it, right?

Carla: No sweetheart, you changed some of it but you didn’t change all of it because you wanted it to be simple. You didn’t want - L & L Research didn’t have a ring - I had a name - you wanted to use my name and the only reason, I mean I don’t mind, I have a good name. I’m proud of my dad, I’m proud of my mom, I’m proud of my history – you know, good name but you know, let’s face it, when you have a group that’s channeling and Terry will say this too, it’s not Terry, it’s the group behind Terry that has given her the energy that is calling forth that particular message. And if it were a different group, it would be a different message. So the group that you have is as important as the channel. It’s just that the channel has a particular job that makes her more visible (or him).

Terry: Right.

Wynn: Well you know, from an ego level, no one that does this work really wants credit. I mean if you’re pure in your intent, you don’t care about the adulation. You don’t care about people liking you personally or putting you on a pedestal.

Carla: Right.

Wynn: And that, you know …

Carla: In fact that gets in the way.

Wynn: It gets in the way. But on the other hand, the way things go out into the world … Like at one point, you know probably in 2004, I was thinking I was just going to be a writer and write these messages and the world would just love it. I don’t want to be in the middle of this, I didn’t want to take this position that I’m taking now. And more and more and more I learned as people connected with me, they would connect to the work and …

Carla: And I agree with that, too. You know I had to write an introduction to the scholar’s edition of The Law of One which is a new edition that combines all five volumes of The Law of One including all the fragments, putting them back where they belong in the original tapes, putting everything back in order. And I realized for the first time when I started writing about what had happened to The Law of One I realized nothing has happened to The Law of One itself. The whole point of building something is that you build it on a firm foundation and (it’s like a) anything that moves people is like a boat – it moves through the water which is like taking people on an expedition where they want to go.

You have to have a keel and I realized that the five books of The Law of One or the Scholar’s edition of The Law of One – those 106 sessions were like the keel and the other thing I realized is – and I never had realized before was that Don and Jim and me needed to stay who we were. Not then, in ’81, but all our lives and I realized Jim and I haven’t changed one iota. We did a morning offering then, we do a morning offering now. We did an evening offering then, we do an evening offering now. We say The Lord’s Prayer before we go to bed then, we do it now.

Everything that’s the basis of our lives is precisely as it was. All our dedication is exactly the way it was and people care that the people that are responsible for this material are real. Not that they’re so great, but that they’re real and that they aren’t ‘putting on’ and I realized, we’re part of the keel. We’re part of the thing that’s never changed.

Wynn: Um hum.

Carla: And when I die, I will be exactly the same as I was the day I began channeling Ra. Dedicated totally, not to The Law of One because we didn’t have it then, but dedicated totally to the service of The Infinite Creator, wanting to do nothing but that for my whole life. That was the way Jim felt and the way I felt and the way Don felt, and that’s why we got The Law of One. That’s why they were able to give it to us, because we were pure and we cared so much and they said, you know we’ve looked for purity like this and we finally found it – we’re going to use you, you know and we said great!

Please do and we gave them everything we had and that’s what we got. So I’m so glad we did it and I’m so glad that it worked out that way and yes, we are important. It is important but we’re not important because we’re so great, we’re just do-dos. We’re just fools, you know, like anybody else and we go through life …

Wynn: But we’re public fools. That’s what makes us great. [Laughter]

Carla: You could look at every part of our lives – you could check out anything that you want to and you’re going to see the same thing. You’re going to see people that are so dedicated that they’re fools for The Creator and that’s all that there is. That’s all that there is in our lives and that’s all that there ever will be because nothing can be more important. Hallelujah, hallelujah. You know, that’s my testimony now - it was then - it’ll be that way the day I die and forget Jesus, I’m talking about spirituality. I’m talking about being a servant to the Light and that is so important. And if you’re a servant to the Light you can go ahead and be a do-do but you’re a do-do in service to the Light and that gives you the ability to bring things through you that you could never have come from you.

Wynn: You know that incident with Wilcock where I was trying to prove myself to him - where I was trying to be good enough to write this book - totally screwed up my ability to write. [Laughter]

Carla: You just have to let that go. [Laughter]

Wynn: Yeah … Now you know we’re saying this and both Carla and I, in a worldly sense, have accomplished something that I know that many people respect and they look up to us but the rules of this apply just as well to you as it does to us. For example, you’re looking for a job and you have all these talents - you’ve had training, you know how to type, you know how to do accounting, you know how to fix cars, and you think you’re going to get a job because of your talents. Now you may get a job because of your talents but you are missing the boat because you’re going to get a job because you’re human and somebody feels you’re human and you have these talents.

But it’s your humanness that gets you in the door. If you just get a job because of the talents you have, because of the abilities that you have, then somebody is going to use you like an automaton and you’re going to go to work every day, the time is going to go slow, you’re going to say when do I get out of here? I don’t want to be here, but you’re paying your bills and you have a job. But you’re an automaton. But once you’re human, you’re going to attract a boss that’s also human and says, man, I like to be around this person. They cheer me up.

Particularly in this time period now with the world going through all that it’s going through. One of the most valuable assets you can have is the ability to hold a good spirit in your heart and lift the vibrations of the people around you and that’s the job you want to have. Where you lift the vibration of someone else and they lift yours in a co-creative way and when you come to work, it’s like you look forward to it. You look forward to being around all those people. So you see the fact that I had to be human and put this out as a human; that Carla had to be human and even Terry [Laughter] is learning to be human.

Of course, we’re all human but there is this fear that if you are yourself, if you really are who you are, no one would like you so you better try to be what people are going to like and that keeps you trapped in this realm. That keeps you in lower reality systems always trying to be what people like, rather than your authentic self. Of course, each of you has to go around that in your own way. Maybe you do some kind of therapy. Maybe you do healing. Maybe you do readings for people. But it all starts with your authenticity of being a human and from there - that grounds the energy.

Carla: It never hurts Wynn, to have the person that you worked for before say, this person always came to work. This person didn’t miss a day. This person was there when she said she was going to be there, she never broke her promise, she was dependable. Now all those, those things count. Those things count more than you think.

Wynn: Absolutely.

Carla: Yeah. So just being there, being yourself, lifting people up when you’re there, being glad you’re there and being there, you know. Not trying to be someplace else or dreaming about someplace else but blooming where you’re planted.

Wynn: I have this story that I’ve told before but I haven’t told it for awhile. You know I used to sell things at swap meets and festivals and I realized that in no other circumstance is “being human” more important that when you’re in front of a crowd of people walking by you, because they read your energy. And they don’t stop because they want your product. Some of them will but the majority of them stop … It’s kind of like you can watch the flow. It’s like you’re radiating into the crowd and when people feel that radiation, they automatically start walking towards you.

It blew my mind how consistent that would be and how I learned to master that in that situation. Because anyone that knows me knows that I’m not the best guy in the morning. You know I’m grumpy and irritable and it takes me a couple hours to get all my energies flowing and I would go to these events and it would be 9:00 a.m. and people were starting to walk by and I would say oh my God, I don’t want to deal with those people. They don’t want to deal with me and I could feel my negative stuff expressing into the crowd and of course, nobody would stop. So I came up with a little technique to shift my energy and what I did was I would yell out to somebody [Laughter] walking by and I’d say excuse me, it’s like we’re really slow and no one’s stopping, could you do me a favor and just look through some of these things? Look like you’re interested, you don’t have to buy anything but just look like you’re interested and help me get the energies going.

You know people would always stop when I said that. I didn’t sound like a salesman – even though it sounded funny (it was funny) there was truth in it and it made them resonate. So then the person would be looking through these sunglasses and they seemed to find one that they liked and I’d say listen, if you want that one for $4.00 dollars - we usually sell them for $12.00 - I just want to make a sale. You can have it for $5.00 dollars, or whatever. And you know what? As soon as they spent money, no matter how little, there was a real transaction taking place and as soon as there was a real transaction there was energy.

Once that happened, people started walking up, walking up, walking up and before you know it, there would be crowds around this little booth and other vendors were trying to figure out what’s this guy doing? How’s he doing that, you know? [Laughter] It’s like I just told you how to do it. You know if you’re going for a job …

Carla: Can I tell a story on you?

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: About generosity of spirit. You have it.

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: Well, you have that generosity … and one time, it was in between fairs and you had some sunglasses left over and so you went out on the corner and you were plugging sunglasses – to the tourists and you know, I don’t know where you were, San Francisco or someplace and a lady came up to you and said, “This is my corner,” and you said, “What are you selling?” And she said, “I’m selling bras,” and you helped her sell bras! You said okay and you started selling what she was selling [Laughter] and after awhile she said, “Well, what are you selling?” And you said, “I’m doing these,” … she said, “Oh, go ahead.” [Laughter] It was just generosity - it was looseness, it was being sure of yourself enough to go and help somebody else. Okay, I’m not attached. I’ll help you and I love that about you Wynn, I really do. And I think it’s a real important part of why people listen to you, because you’re real.

Wynn: Um hum.

Carla: And you have that generosity.

Wynn: I’m trying to remember that story now. [Laughter] I have so many stories … [Laughter] you know in one of the readings they said I was working out 27 lifetimes - this lifetime. It’s like God – as you guys know, if you keep coming into these calls, I never run out of stories of things and I think I remember that, I think that was very funny. In fact, when I was younger – I know now that I have a really – and you know this Carla – I’m really good at marketing. I’m really good at solving what it takes for someone to be interested in making a decision. That’s really what marketing is. Marketing is not selling something. But when you have something you know people want, what do they need to hear to gravitate to be interested in what you have, okay?

And once you solve that problem, you have a business. Because you have something that’s of value and you have people that need what you have and what do you have to tell them so they gravitate towards you and at least notice that you have it?

Carla: And that’s just what you were saying about getting a job. What do you have that people want?

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: They want somebody that makes them feel good and they want somebody that’s going to be there when they say they are. And so you tell that to those people and that’s how you sell them on you. You know because an interview is all about selling yourself.

Wynn: And you know what? If you take that thing about that story of being at the sunglasses [booth] in the morning … some of you feel depressed and when you go out in the world and say no one’s going to like me because I’m depressed – well, before you go to the job interview – and whether it’s a job interview or something else – find the things you can do that lifts your energy, okay? And then go to the interview. Spend some time [beforehand] like maybe listening to an audio of one of our calls (lifts your energy).

Maybe, go where there’s a bunch of homeless people and hand them all a dollar. You know I can’t afford to hand them a [dollar] – hand them 50 cents. It doesn’t matter. Hand it to them - bless them when you hand it to them. Say use this well. Buy some beer. [Laughter] Do what you want, here is a dollar and I guarantee you couldn’t go and give ten dollars away and not feel good. Then you’re on your way to the job interview, and guess what? The goodness that you’ve generated in that hour is going to project right into the person that is going to interview you. That’s just how I’ve learned that it works and it does work, it works, it works.

I’ve done it so many times and I have switched my energy so many times, and I’ve made so many things happen because of that and everyone can take that in and do it. At least try it, try it because when you’re feeling depressed it is very hard to make something happen. So in-between the time you’re going to make it happen, do something that lifts your depression. In fact, go out before you want something to happen and see if you can do something that lifts your depression. I mean, I have things that I can do that always lift me. I mean, I can go sit in a coffee shop and that lifts me - I could be sitting at home and feeling low energy and feeling like I don’t want to do anything and then I’ll go and sit in a coffee shop and even though I resisted going, suddenly my energy shifts - just being in a public environment.

Each of us has something we can do that’ll shift our energy and if all you’re focusing on is ‘woe-is-me’ and your sense of lack then you’re stuck. You have to do something that you can prove to yourself [that] shifts the energy. I don’t have time to do that, I don’t have any money! Well, you’re wrong. You do have time. This is where you have to push through the veil and you have to create above the veil so that you can attract something to you. Because, if all you’re saying to yourself [is] I don’t have any money, I don’t have any time, bah, bah, bah, bah – that’s your mantra and it’s going to continue whatever it is you’re doing.

It’s like you are a creator and you are creating yourself and if you don’t like the way it is, how do you recreate yourself? Re-create yourself. You start out with vision – I need this, I need that and now maybe you have physical limitations. Maybe you don’t feel well, maybe your legs hurt – find things that you can do within the context of your limitations. It may be you don’t go out – you don’t drive, your legs hurt – call your Aunt up that you haven’t spoken to for twenty years and say I just wanted to see how you’re doing. She’ll be so glad to hear from you that her gladness will come back to you and your energy will shift, okay? Does that make sense Carla?

Carla: Well, sure it does. Sure it does. It’s that realization that you do have power, actually and that that power comes within you not from without. It’s not in your dollars, it’s in yourself.  Believe in yourself, and then you can give to other people and you can give yourself to other people. If you don’t do anything but just smile at them, man, that means a lot to people.

Wynn: Um hum.

Carla: Excuse me Wynn I think you were going to say something.

Wynn: You’ve got to watch me because I forget things so fast. I know what I was going to say … I am leading somewhere. I want to share this to you, where we’re leading. You know there’s a group we have, and it’s an evolving group, and that group is you. You, who come into these calls. You, who have been here witnessing things. You, who have been here tuning into the energies. You, who have been having “Ah-ha” experiences. Some of you are still in your state of contraction but you’ve had a little bit of relief. Some of you have expanded. Some of you have had healings. Some of you have had jobs. Some of you have seen things that were put in the Light shift.

You know, there’s a lot of responsibility to learning all this stuff, and that, learning that you’re not a victim, that you’re empowered. You’re part of All That Is. You can’t get any bigger than that. You’re part of All That Is in a physical body and that we are moving into living within that, as a realization, not as an idea. I’m constantly thinking: what is my vision for this group? And I see that we have this amazing phenomenon of being able to create group intentions, being able to connect with these higher energies, and having things transform in this realm. They say that’s the way it works and I see it works that way. I mean, the very first time was with my sister’s Lupus, where her Lupus disappeared and I asked them, I said how did you do that?

And this is like when I was just [Laughter] … Well, first of all, saying who is this talking to me and do I trust them? And second of all … oh my God, they can do that? Because when I asked them how they did it they said we just projected an-energy into her blood and filtered the Lupus out. And I’m thinking: what is in their ability to do and not do? That is amazing! They projected an-energy. Well, that was in 2002 and that little concept has grown and grown and grown where we’re doing that right on these calls.

Now I wish that everyone that had Lupus, I could say just fix her. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet, maybe I will [Laughter] but many people (without me trying, just being on this call) have had things happen that shouldn’t have happened. That you could only attribute to this kind of interface with the higher realms and it starts to make sense in how it works. Because when you come to the realization that your physical body is just made up of all these frequencies from higher dimensions and everything starts in areas where things are fluid and then it comes down and solidifies into your body.

And there’s this illusion that this is all there is and the reason we have that illusion is because our senses don’t feel the higher … well, actually it’s not true because we’ve learned how to feel it. We’ve learned how to feel it, many of us on these calls. But it’s not through our eyes or our nose or our touch, you know, not through our normal physical senses. There’s some kind of … can’t put it into words. You can’t put it into words because - I mean, I can try but it’s not in the normal vocabulary. There’s a shift … there’s a quiet … there’s a centering and we suddenly feel still inside. We suddenly feel at peace no matter what’s going on in our life.

We feel a presence and then of course we go to Terry and Terry says, “Hi, that’s us you’re feeling.” Well, this is not a dress rehearsal. [Laughter] Is that real? Is that really them? It took me quite a few years to say it’s so congruent and so consistent, I can’t think of any other explanation and we learn to feel the connection, not through our physical senses. Some people say you’re feeling it through your pineal gland or through your third eye or through your chakras. But until someone has that experience, it’s just an idea and if you’re listening and you’re one of those that has not had the experience and you’re attracted to us, it’s one of those things to keep envisioning and be patient because you can’t force it.

The more neutral you get, the less pressure you put out, the more open … you can get to those frequencies. But for many of you, you know it’s real. You’ve felt it, and so I’m going to announce right now something … and I spoke with Carla about this and she’s agreed, and I spoke to Terry about it and she’s agreed. That we have been working with a small group (okay)? Maybe there’re about 10,000 people on my email list. There’re about 500 people that are subscribing to listen to our calls and to get notifications. So I would figure we have 500 people.

Now a lot of people would say that’s a big group but that’s not a big group because we have a whole planet of billions of people and many of those people would really appreciate finding us, just as you’ve found us. You found us through a synchronicity, through happening to end up somewhere, through reading a word - however - and you kept with it and you said there’s something there and something shifted. So now the marketing side of me says how do you bring this to other people? Well, there’s a lot of ways. Of course, one way is for me to get on more radio shows.

Many of you are here because you heard me on George Noory and George Noory happened to create an exceptional platform for me to be myself and he made me feel comfortable. So I could talk about things in a very matter of fact way and suddenly there’s thousands of people that are interested. So, one of the ways is to get on radio shows like that. But one thing I was thinking - and this is the idea that I’m formulating in terms of vision: I believe the most important thing we do are these Sunday calls and these Sunday calls, when we go - particularly into the healing aspect of it - our bringing in energies - activations, some people call them, that help waken up these dormant parts of yourselves.

They also allow us to create group intentions - or/are sometimes called prayers, in coordination with these higher group souls. If we follow the guideline of no fear, no control over others, and for the highest good of all concerned, honoring free will, they will come in and support our intentions. There’s this idea that we can actually, as a group, move energy into an area and that, we have to do it as a group. I’m not strong enough to do it myself, not completely. Maybe a little bit, we all do it a little bit, but as a group it becomes very powerful.

If we’re a group of 500 people and, I’m including all of you people listening to the replays, all of you people listening on the Internet and all of you that are present on the phone line, then we have 500 people on this planet and then we have, I don’t know how many millions, thousands, however [many] they would designate, working with us to support the energies. And so our group becomes very big but there’s still this honoring of free will. So you can’t impose this energy, you can’t impose these intentions on those beings that would feel intruded upon or that are committed to negative paths. You can’t do it because they won’t do it and it doesn’t work.

For example, from the Elohim’s point of view, it could be the Ra’s point of view as well, but I asked the question to the Elohim and I said well, why don’t we just knock off all [of] the negative and then we’ll have a nice world and they said they can’t do it. They can’t do it because even if you destroy the body, the energy continues and it’ll just come back on some future planet and manifest just like it’s doing in this planet. So, you either have to convert them, they have to convert themselves (but they have to be open to it), or you have to let them do whatever they do and influence the people they influence and create outside of their realm a new creation that holds its own despite what they do because that’s the dilemma in this realm.

Well, one of the things, is having more people on these calls would certainly increase our own power to influence this realm and so what I’m thinking of doing - I’m not thinking, I’m going to do this. It’ll work or it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter but I’m going to do it … is once a month, to set up a public call like our Sunday call. Like, maybe on a Tuesday night or a Thursday night and then we’re going to put the word out and this is where you come in, those of you that want to support this project. We’ll write up some emails that you can pass on and send to people and that you will show up on that call and help hold and ground the energy.

You see, we are all doing this call together. I may be the facilitator, but your energy, you are voluntarily giving your energy to these two hours and our energies are collaborating and making the call happen, as well as the energies of these group souls. So once a month [we’ll] just do an hour session and maybe those of us that are on this call regularly might meet earlier. Come on the call like a half hour earlier and start holding the energy. The vision is that thousands and thousands of people, even millions of people will discover us and that I want someone to help coordinate this project who is good, who knows how to work with people, that’s not afraid of dealing with people and that coordinate others of you who would want to volunteer and do something and then send emails out, not only to the people you know, but to groups, to Edgar Cayce groups, spiritual groups and you know what?

We’re not going to be talking about all the cosmology. We’re not going to be talking about the Ra Group and the Elohim Group. I mean, I might mention it and I will mention it, [but] we won’t talk about that. But the focus is not like our Monday and Wednesday calls, or whatever. Let people come to the call and just have a generic, non-denominational call where people can experience the energy and then let people discover the rest of the stuff as they reach for it. This is my marketing idea and I shouldn’t use the word marketing but it is marketing. It’s like how do you get people to know about something when you know it would probably benefit many of them?

But they have to get through knowing what it is so they reach towards it and I think everyone wants to change this planet for the better. Everyone wants to grow spiritually and if people connect to the idea that what we are doing is fulfilling those two things they would gravitate towards it. And of course between Carla, Terry and myself we hold a very good public - how can I say it - edge to hold the energy and we don’t have to prove ourselves. We just have to be ourselves. Carla, the name that I’ve come up with … In fact, I woke up this morning and this name popped into my head. I was thinking what are we going to call this to make it simple? And I liked this name so much that I registered it as a URL. So I put up a webpage on it and calling it “Whole Planet Healing.”…

Carla: Say that again?

Wynn: “Whole Planet Healing.” Once a month - and then, some of the people will start coming to our regular calls on Sunday and so I want you all to hold the vision of that and hold the vision that you have people that would like to participate. Again, we’re going to make it non-denominational. It doesn’t matter if they go to church. I’m going to do my best not to offend anyone’s strong belief systems, although I probably will, but I’ll try not to. I’ll be very gentle and Carla will be even more gentle, and Terry will be even more gentle [Laughter]. So between the three of us I think we can make a breakthrough and I would like to visualize thousands of people coming onto this call. And, I mean, [if] I’m going to be really ambitious, I’d like to visualize millions of people coming onto this call.

I know that this is the kind of stuff that can change the direction our planet is going. It can bring comfort and solace to so many people that are scared [spelled out] s h i t l e s s and I can understand why they’re scared because there’s so much of this planet that is being controlled by negative agendas and if you don’t know that anything positive is out there, if you don’t know it, and all you see is these negative agendas, then what recourse do you have but be scared?

Now, somebody sent me an email – I’m not going to ask our Sources this question – I’m not going to ask it but I’ll just mention it. And, you know a few weeks ago we were about to go into Syria and start war with Syria which many people were predicting could be the next world war and that the forces were aligning - China and Russia and United States. And why we were going to war with Syria was because of these chemical weapons that were used that were allegedly done by the head of state of Syria.

But there was a huge amount of controversy and no proof ever given that that was actually the case, that that’s who did it, at least that I had heard, and we were going to go to war with Syria to balance this, what would have been a huge human rights issue, where the head of a country gases his people. Well, it didn’t happen and I’m not sure [of] all the reasons why it didn’t happen and I’m certainly glad it didn’t. We had a lot of prayers but somebody sent me an email and I didn’t investigate this deeply, I didn’t ask any questions about it but Terry you read the email, right?

Terry: No, I didn’t.

Wynn: Yes you [did] … about the rain in Colorado?

Terry: Oh yes, yes I did read it.

Wynn: Why don’t you share what’s in that email?

Terry: Well, it was indicated that this area in Colorado they got like a foot of rain in a very short time in an area that was normally dry and that it flooded. This water went into the underground bases there under Colorado and it created a giant flood down there and some places there was two miles of water and all their equipment was not working and they couldn’t even get to it and the email indicated that that was one of the reasons we backed off. I don’t have any data on it but anyway, that’s what the email said.

Wynn: You know one theory that’s out there is that there are underground bases and underground cities that the elite could retreat to if there was disaster on the surface. They’re huge and they’re all over the place. There’s probably hundreds of thousands of people that could go underground and that, from their point of view, it’s no skin off their back if the above ground stuff turns into a disaster zone because they can go into their bases and they’ve got food and everything stored there. So one could see how it would be a direct affront to their security to flood these underground bases.

In fact, some people say that Colorado, Denver, is supposed to be the new capital of the United States. But I don’t want to go into all that political stuff. But I do believe there’re underground bases; I do believe that there’re groups of people, that you can go search on the Internet for this, that would go there and, they were flooded in Colorado. The implication in this email was that this flood, this rain, was created by higher dimensional forces that were attempting to protect our planet. And I’m not sure if that’s true or not true. I’ve not asked the question. That’s the kind of question that is not good to ask because it’s what Carla calls …

Carla: Fear-based.

Wynn: What is it?

Carla: Fear-based.

Wynn: Well, it’s fear-based and also it’s transitory. In other words, you know I’ve come to the idea that you’re not supposed to quote Sources that say this is true. What did Carla say? Ask questions that are true 10,000 years from now, as they are now and then you’ll never get a negative Source. And if you ask questions that are very in-the-moment, is there going to be an earthquake in California, is there this, is there that …? You run the risk of getting negative Sources. In fact, if you’ve read The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, the one prediction that Cayce made about everything was going to be devastated … oh my God, I’m talking and talking. Everything was going to be devastated - California was going down, Tokyo was going down, there’s going to be huge earthquakes, the continent would split.

All of those things were not from Cayce’s normal Source. They were from a negative Source and that when I studied the Cayce readings I had a lot of information to validate that. So it’s not necessarily a good thing to say, “Well, let me ask our Sources, did they do that or not?” Now I might try it privately and see what happens but I’m certainly not going to do it publicly and if I did it, I don’t even know if I would repeat it to anyone. But, you know what? I’m talking and talking and talking and we’ve got to go into our healing session and let’s do it right now.

Father Mother God, we ask for the Love Light to surround and protect each person here. Any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth.

And right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. And right in this moment, each of you is a spirit residing in a physical body. It’s your suit and your spirit is your energy and it’s flowing through your body. It’s giving your body energy and that spirit is not limited to the edges of your body. It is a radiant energy that is unlimited in its ability to expand.

So let’s now imagine this spirit is centered in our heart, in our chest and it’s going to expand. It’s going to start off expanding downwards into the Earth and feel the oneness with the Earth. Feel the connection with Mother Earth. Earth has an energy – same idea – it expands from her center, it goes out and all of us are embraced in her energy, whether we realize it or not. See, it’s all one on the energy level. We only feel separate. But right now we’re letting go of that separateness and feeling the connection with Mother Earth. She surrounds our body and you can feel the energy coming up from the floor, from the ground, and surrounding you and you can say “hello” to Earth.

Someday maybe we’ll talk to Earth. Maybe we’ll try it with Terry and see what she’d like to share with us. Feel that energy and tell the Earth that you Love her. That she’s your friend. She’s always there, for many lifetimes that we’ve spent on this planet. The Earth was always there. So we’ll hold this connection with the Earth and we’re going to expand our spirit energy from our heart, up through our chest and our neck and our head. We’re going to go above our head into our room and then through the roof and through the clouds and we are creating this. We are moving into a space where all of us on this call are coalescing, we’re touching each other. We’re combining our energies.

Remember, there’s only one energy so when we come back to it, we are each other. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have a life and a body and don’t have to take care of yourself in this realm but simultaneously there’s an aspect that is one. So we can feel that oneness, we can feel that connection; we can feel that camaraderie, we can feel that brotherhood. We invite our Sources and all positive Sources in other dimensions that like to participate with us - to join in our field and help us with healing ourselves and healing our planet.

Take a moment and shut your eyes, if they’re not already shut, and feel what it feels like to be one with so many beautiful energies from the Earth to the sky. Some of you can feel your third eye vibrating. Some of you can feel the top of your head energized. Some of you can feel a presence with you and when we’re in this space the Universe is hearing you and you have broken through the separation and you’re part of All That Is and you’re in the experience of that. Take a moment -and this is the moment to ask for things, envision things that you would like to see happen, for yourself, for your family and for our planet.

To silently, with all your heart, let those thoughts move through your consciousness right now. Realize that you are a co-creator with the Universe and you are innocent and you are worthy and that the more that’s given to you, the more you’ll give back. Envision that for your future. Whether it is money, whether it’s Love - you get lots of gas in your car and go places where you are in service. Where you’re helping others and you can still honor your physical being. You can still honor … you can have nice dinners. You can have wonderful relationships. It doesn’t exclude that.

We have these people that have put things in the Light today. We have …

Marsha in Panorama City, Florida … asking for Jim Cole and his partner Dan West who are in a big (according to Marsha) framework for stuff and she asks for grace to enter in and alleviate the situation. And then we have …

Bob in Chico, Californiamay the Elohim add their energies to that of the presence of life, sending out unconditional Love to Mother, Father, planet Earth. To touch the hearts of all life on and in Earth and let their free will do as it wishes. And perhaps it will help nullify the greed, domination, control of those power brokers that have no conscience and perhaps some will actually absorb unconditional Love. And thank you for such beautiful thoughts Bob. We have …

Debby in South Blooming Grove, New York … She’s asking, please send the strongest, the most powerful healing energy, Love and Light to my dear sweet little Possum who is not doing well again, at this time. I truly believe with all of my heart that everything is possible. I believe she will heal and be well again. Thank you, bless you all. And let us all just send that energy to Possum – I think that’s Debby’s daughter – I think.

Terry: Yes, it is.

Wynn: What’s that Terry?

Terry: It is, yes.

Wynn: It’s her daughter.

Steve in Mitchell, South Dakotasending Love Light and healing to my best friend, Sandi who has a tumor near her spinal cord that needs to be removed. And

Lys in Rimrock, Arizona  Asks for a perfect cure for all her physical problems for both herself and her daughter and the experience of peacefulness, safety, comfort and freedom from pain and suffering. And the complete removal from our bodies and levels of being of any and all lingering beliefs that pain and suffering are helpful or necessary at all and absolutely replaced by the total knowledge, experience, understanding and expression that Love, comfort, peacefulness, joy, abundance, health, safety, power, compassion, harmony and happiness are our birthrights as beings of the Universe. As we are divine expressions of the completeness of Beingness – living expressions of All That Is. Thank you, Lys.

Don in Brecksville, Ohio … asks for his vision to improve in his right eye. Thank you. And one more here is …

John in Blackwoodto heal the sciatica originating in L-4 L-5 lumbar causing chronic pain all down to my right leg. Thank you. And one more here is …

Robynne in Orange County, California … is asking for abundance and money and a good permanent job and healing as well. Thank you.

Take another moment and put anything in your thoughts that you would wish to vision for shift in your own life.

You know what? I already called in the Light. I usually officially do it now but let’s just bring back the Love Light which we already have present … Bring that connection to the Universe, bring that connection to each other, to the Earth and to the highest Sources that are here to work with us and support what we’re doing in a co-creative fashion. We bring protection from anything that’s outside of The Law of One. We have a pure Light moving through all the dimensions and a protective energy around everyone on this call and I turn it over to Terry. Let me just make sure you’re not muted Terry – can you say something?

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Okay - and we have a message from our Sources. Thank you.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We are here today - the 20tieth of October 2013 - and we are delighted to be here and to let the energy flow to each and everyone who is wishing to receive the energy, is wishing to receive the Love, is wishing to touch, is wishing to make connection. And we open the channels and we bring Love.

We bring the energy of un-manifestation that can be moved by you into manifestation that can be sent to Possum;

Can be sent to the eyes that need to be healed where there is a lack of flow, where there is a blockage where there is a lack of openness of the blood vessels to be able to bring blood to the eyes to interchange the energy, the oxygen and the blood to the eyes, so that the eyes may brighten and they may begin to focus after the blockage. When the blockage is released, then there can begin to be the energy on the other side of the blockage and the eyes can begin to work.

We see that there is the intelligence of The All and intelligence of The One Infinite Creator - can see, can vision things, possibilities for you that in your own fixed way and when your focus is narrowed down into the things in your immediate vicinity and to the problems that may be there for you, that your focus becomes narrowed down - the lens of your camera - the sight becomes narrowed down and they envision a problem.

And the All That Is, of which we all are, there is the intelligence, there is the vision to bring to you things of health and ability and fulfillment that you, in your narrowed down vision, are not seeing. Therefore, the phrase “let go and let God.” open yourself to the possibilities that can stream in to you when you let go of your narrow focus vision and open up to a wider vision. We Love you. The All That Is loves you. Thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. Let us move into our teamwork, our oneness, our connection to the oneness and a temporary coming together. Do you know, sometimes people misunderstand this coming together. I heard people think that when one talks about oneness, they must be talking about the One World Order or I’ve heard people talk about John Lennon’s song “Imagine” and thinking that must be a negative song, and it’s not true. It’s not the way it works. Being in the oneness doesn’t mean that you’re part of a glom, that you’re stuck together, that you’re a slave.

In fact being in the oneness means that you’re in a flow, that if everything is part of you, then you can move in that flow from one thing to the next to the next and always stay centered. So our coming together on this call is part of the flow but you’re not stuck here. We come together and we go back into our lives and that flow has to move back into your individual life. It’s not here, it’s with you. This just happens to be a place where you can experience the energy of that space. And in each moment of your life, it’s your job to be creative, to create what it takes if you can or as you learn how to have flow in that area - whether it’s with your husband, your children, your city, your community and yourself and the Universe - to create flow, to be in flow.

That is what oneness is. Oneness is flow. Oneness is being part of everything and learning how to integrate, in a creative way, your physical experience into that flow. And as a group, we are volunteering - those of you who are volunteering to take that energy of our group energy and put intention to it and surround our planet. Let’s just see all our spirits coming together with all the high energies of the Universe, all of them, every last one of them that would like to participate with us, and we surround our planet with that energy. We surround it … even, there’re all these negative flows. It’s like acupuncture in your body. Your body has places where the energy is blocked. It is okay, we’re just going to find the cracks.

We’re going to find the people, the people on our planet who are reaching up. We’re going to reach down in our flow -- we’re going to bless every single one of them that are reaching up. They don’t have to understand it, they don’t know we exist. We’re just going to unconditionally lift their spirits, lift their courage, for as much as their high self will allow that energy in. We surround all those groups that are working for the evolution of our planet. We surround everyone, even when they have a little mixed understanding of things. They don’t understand, it’s okay but their intent is for planetary healing.

We hold that space, and we move this energy down closer and closer to the Earth, through the Earth, through the core of the Earth. We Love Earth - we can feel Earth saying how much she appreciates this energy, being connected. We send this energy to the Earth ~ Sun relationship. A lot of times we don’t think of the Sun but the Sun is a huge powerful influence on our planet. And you know, we’ve asked questions … a very interesting thing has come up that the Earth and the Sun are kind of friends [Laughter] and the Earth can actually ask the Sun to do something or not do it. And part of all these solar flares that people are talking about - that they come from the Sun - has to do with the situation of the Earth getting very frustrated with something that is really hurting her.

Things hurt the Earth. You know, when there’s a nuclear weapon [that] goes off - when there’s wars. Probably, even when there’re inharmonious thoughts, the Earth absorbs it all. And the Earth can petition the Sun for a blast, and let’s send energy to the Earth ~ Sun relationship. Let’s send that energy right now, for harmonious connection and harmonious connection with the Sun as well. You know the reason Egyptians talked about the Sun God is because, as far as I know, the Sun is the sub, sub, sub logi and, in fact, is the – let’s not use the word God – but it is one of the energies that everything else in the solar system has to fall into.

Just like we fall into the Earth’s energies and we all are part of the Earth, all the planets are part of the Sun’s energy, including ours and including the Earth. So that’s how the Sun God idea got going. We ask for the quality of peace and brotherhood. We ask that all of those plots by small groups that would be designed to upset our planet’s balance have synchronicities that don’t allow them to happen. And if the rain in Colorado was from our Sources, we thank you for that. We ask for time on our planet to let this energy that we are creating here, expand and proliferate to its maximum expansion so that everyone who would wish they could find this finds it.

We ask for the support of our Whole Planet Healing sessions. Let’s go back to earthquakes. We just … how much time do we have here? Eleven fifty six [11:56 a.m.]. Let’s send the Light to … we’re going to do the Ring of Fire as one big deal. We’re very powerful now. You know ‘with the faith of a mustard seed you can move a mountain.’ So we are going to look at the Pacific Ocean, like a big laser beam of Love Light coming from the heavens down on the Pacific Ocean and all the land masses surrounding it. The Philippines - we thank you for having that earthquake in The Philippines away from population centers. I believe that’s what happened.

And everywhere from the coast of South America up through Central America, all the way through California, Canada, Alaska, Russia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan – special energy healing to Fukushima in Japan - the transmutation of radiation so it’s not life threatening. Australia, New Zealand and everywhere else on our planet that there is potential for earthquakes or volcanoes, we ask for divine mitigation for the highest good, to hold these things off, to do them in moderate ways if they have to happen and away from population centers. We ask that no nuclear weapons be allowed to go off. We ask for blessings around the whole Middle East area, the Palestinians and Israelis, and blessings to all those souls who have lost their lives in the Middle East, whether in our armies or civilians that were killed.

It is 11:58 a.m., we’re all going to come back to our own bodies, get centered again and realize there is no time ever, that you are not the center of your Universe, that you are not connected to All That Is and the Earth and that, the more you intend, the more you intend to have this connection, the more you sit down and say I radiate out into this space I’m in right now, the more you’ll have it. It’s a co-creation between you and the Universe. In order to be connected to the Universe you have to act. There’s a responsibility to it, and the more you assume the responsibility, the more you will feel the connection.

I thank Terry, I thank Carla, I thank Gijs and I thank our Sources and I thank Earth and Sun [Laughter] for being with us here today. We have a star-studded show and I thank all of you so much for holding the energy for this past two hours – and we’re going to un-mute everybody. You’re all unmuted …

Everybody: Love you all … be well … Love-Light to all … blessings … thank you …

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