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Personal and Planetary Healing Session

“Sovereignty, Detachment, Acceptance”

Sunday Call  10.27.2013
Hosted by: Wynn Free with Carla Rueckert
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Channeled by: Terry Brown
Transcribed by: Susan Rush
Edited by: Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by: Robynne Olson

 Wynn: Good morning everybody and good morning to all you who are listening on the Internet and all of you who are listening to the replay. [10-27-2013] Good morning … in fact, I’m not going to say good morning to you, I already did. Carla and Terry, would you like to say good morning?

Carla: [Singing] “Good morning to you, good morning to you. You look drunk and drowsy - in fact you look lousy. Good morning to you, good morning to you.” That’s my contribution for the day.

Wynn: And Terry …

Terry: Good morning everybody.

Wynn: Want to do a little version of “Beat It?” [Laughter] This is October 27, 2013 and I would have slept-in today if I wasn’t the responsible party to be here this morning. You’ll notice the email went out around five ‘til nine …

Listener: Five after ten.

Wynn: Five after ten. That’s how I am this morning, I’m still foggy. And remembering the days when we could sleep in on a Sunday morning – it’s been a long time though. We’ve been doing these calls for a long time and I was talking a little bit about what a rebel I have been this lifetime. You know it’s interesting when I look back and see how that works because I was always looking for something; I remember when I was in college, I would go through the bulletin boards and I’d say, “Someday I’m going to find something on this bulletin board that I’m looking for.”

I would go into things but I wouldn’t commit because I knew there was something [out there] – I don’t even know if I had this thought in my mind – maybe I did; I had the idea that there was something out there that I needed to find and I was un-relentless in my searches.

Of course, to the outer world I looked like – how would I say it? What did I look like? I think I looked like a flake. [Laughter]  I didn’t want to be involved in anything; I wanted to retain my sovereignty and my autonomy and almost everything that I would find would impinge on that one way or another.

It’s like how do you retain your sovereignty in a world where everything is attempting to take it away, one way or another? Not even intentionally. Of course, there’re a lot of intentional programs in the world that are designed to take away your sovereignty and you don’t even know it. If you watch the news, if you listen to music … so often times there are agendas, and the most clever way to take away your sovereignty is in such a manner that you don’t know it’s happening and you think that you’re doing what you want to do.

What a tricky system! Where you can be fooled into thinking you’re doing what you think you want to do and at the same time your sovereignty is taken away and you’re a slave and you don’t know it. Do you know what I’m talking about Carla?

Carla: Well, I think that anytime you have to set the clock, you know, I need to get up at such and such a time in order to make it to work, in order to make it to some play date, in order to make it to visit somebody. Any time that you need to set the alarm, you have lost your sovereignty. You’ve given it away to the great God, Time. And any time you say, “Okay, I can do this,” and, as any kind of a job, then you’re giving it up not just today but the Thursday after today and the Thursday after that and the Thursday after that and so on, as long as the commitment lasts. So there’s almost nothing you can do that doesn’t commit you to something.

Wynn: Right, right.

Carla: You know, I guess the trick is so to commit yourself so that you leave it loose enough to give yourself a little loose time there.

Wynn: Um hum.

Carla: I’m not sure just when … in the early morning. Now I used to love the early morning because nobody was up. And even, you know the energy of the night was quieting down and the energy of the day had yet to awaken. All the spirits of the day had yet to get up, all the insects, all the birds and there was a very, very quiet time there about 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning and I loved to get up at that time and listen to Jazz and set my environment just the way I wanted to set it and do what I wanted to do for about an hour and a half, from about 5:30 until 7:00, when people started getting up and hollering, “Carla, it’s time for breakfast.” [Laughter]

You know and then, well okay, then it was time for the day but just for that, 90 minutes – it was mine – I loved it. It was so quiet and, it just so happened, that it was easy for me to wake up in the morning. It was almost impossible for me not to wake up in the morning, so it worked out for me. But yeah, I valued that time very, very highly.

Wynn: How about you, Terry?

Terry: I was just wondering if the example of your setting your sovereignty was that it’s like when Jim baked that incredible apple pie yesterday and you brought home a huge pumpkin pie – if that’s an example of you wanting to set your sovereignty?

Wynn: I don’t think so. I think that was just me walking through Safeway and seeing, “Oh, there’re those pumpkin pies I like, that are on sale,” and getting one. See, I want you guys to know that we deal with mundane things. [Laughter]

Carla: Well, it’s the mundane things that matter - you know I mean what else -   really? What else is there plays its part.

Wynn: Well, there’s talking to the Elohim, there’s talking to the Ra group.

Carla: That’s true, but you know you have to do that on a schedule.

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: Because you have to do that, at least I always had to do that with at least two batteries, you know, two other people besides me.

Wynn: Um hum.

Carla: And I had to precede that by a half hour or so of tuning and then, I needed to get ready to be a hostess because I was welcoming people into my home. And though I spent all of Saturday – this was on a Sunday when I did it – I spent all of Saturday cooking so that I could be hospitable and say, “Oh let me give you a slice of this, let me give you a cookie, let me give you a brownie,” whatever it is that I’d fixed up so that I could be hospitable and not just be a clunk, you know, and have pumpkin pie [Laughter] from Safeway. You know - something homemade.

So, I mean I pretty much committed my entire weekend either to church or to the channeling work. That was it - that was all of Saturday and all of Sunday – then I was done, and that takes care of everything except Monday through Friday when you’re working for a living. So [Laughter] in order to do what I really felt the Lord wanted me to do, pardon me guys, Creator, wanted me to do, which was to worship and sing in the choir and then come back to home and do my own thing, with the channeling and so forth, the studying. There went the weekend. [Laughter] And I did that for so many years, it’s decades I gave to that and I’ll do it again as soon as I can get out of this bed which I’m happy to say may be as soon as next week.

Terry: Wow!           

Wynn: Really?!

Carla: Um hum. The new bed is coming next week and that means that I can sit up, I can transfer to the potty when I need to by myself; I won’t have to have anybody here. I’ll have so much more freedom and I can work because I’m sitting up and I can see the doggone keys. You know when you’re doing keyboarding and you can’t see the keys [Laughter] … this bed, you have to lie down on it, right? So when I’m trying to do any kind of typing, answering an email from Wynn, “Thanks Wynn,” you know [Laughter] it’s like using all the muscles in my body to pull myself up enough to type. Let’s see that’s the capital, that’s a “T,” that’s an “H,” oh gosh that wasn’t an “H,” wait a minute I’ve got to go back. [Laughter] It takes like ten minutes to say, “Thanks Wynn.”

Wynn: Um hum.

Carla: And it’ll be so nice to be able to sit up again. Oh, I’m looking forward to this. It’s going to be so sweet guys.

Terry: That’s wonderful. Hooray.

Wynn: We’re going to be your cheering section here, okay?

Carla: Well, that’s great, yeah.

Wynn: You know if we’re going to talk about this concept of sovereignty, there has to be an overriding principle that is involved here that other people can embrace and apply to their lives because it’s an important principle.

Carla: Well don’t you think that the key to it is to decide what you, as in nobody but you, want to do? And if you want to do it and nobody but you wants to do it and nobody’s telling you to do it – and you want to do this thing, then it’s your sovereignty and no matter how much time it takes, you are using your sovereignty to do it.

Wynn: Yes.

Carla: It’s your sovereignty.

Wynn: Well, the thing about it is, do you know what you want to do? You know what you don’t want to do. You don’t want to feel trapped. But what do you want to do that doesn’t feel trapped? And I was thinking before the call today, we were talking about – in New York, and Terry says Los Angeles but I’m not sure I remembered it in Los Angeles…

Terry: Over in Larchmont.

Wynn: Where, in Larchmont?

Terry: Yeah, over in Larchmont.

Wynn: Did you ever see, sometimes like older men who find a public park and play chess all day?

Carla: Yeah.

Wynn: Did you ever see that Carla?

Carla: Absolutely, yeah chess or checkers and that’s their table and that’s their spot and they are … yeah.

Wynn: Yeah, and for whatever reason, those guys have a certain sense of freedom about them. They have a certain sense of community and camaraderie and when you get near them there’s a good energy. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Carla: Yeah and if you’re kibitzing and they’re kibitzing back at you and they’re teasing…

Wynn: Right, right.

Carla: They’re having a good time.

Wynn: So it seems like a dumb little thing going to play chess in the park but on some level they’re doing something very spiritual. To me it looks like they’re anchoring energy in the park. Because being sovereign, from one point of view sovereign could mean - like for example isn’t sovereign one of the words for a King- Sovereignty - somebody that bosses a country around?

Carla: Yeah, that’s the royal sovereignty, yes.

Wynn: Yeah, the idea is doing what you want to do, who you want to do it with, how you want to do it. But I wouldn’t want to be a king, that doesn’t seem sovereign to me. It really doesn’t.

Carla: Oh no, that’s a trap.You’re doing something almost every day of the year.

Wynn: Yeah. You are actually the slave of your subjects. This is like service-to-self, that doesn’t mean a king is service-to-self. But when you are enslaving people, let’s suppose you’re negative and you’re doing that – we know there’re those people there – they’re enslaved by what they enslaved.

Terry: But I think it depends upon their …

Wynn: Their demeanor, right, right.

Terry: Their demeanor – they might have a huge sense of responsibility towards their kingdom and they may be really trying to serve.

Wynn: Um hum.

Carla: That’s true.

Wynn: Um hum. Now I wanted to say a little bit about my experience of that and how I look at it now and how I integrate it. Because to me, I remember when I wanted to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it and I wanted to be sovereign (I didn’t use that word at that time) – I wanted to be free, I wanted to experience truth. It started out when I left Berkeley and put my thumb out on University Avenue and I said to myself if there is a God he better show up or I might die on the road [Laughter] and I wanted to prove to myself that there was a greater power. I’d read about it, I had studied spiritual things but I wanted a direct experience; and I started traveling and I had a bunch of astrology books and I had my guitar and I had never done anything like this before. And I mean I was very nerdy, studious and scholarly and I wanted to break out and I didn’t know what was going to happen.

It was one of those things where I spent about two days traveling and then suddenly I got into this experience where I was in a flow and it kept building and it amazed me and I started experiencing that I had something to contribute to other people. I didn’t know I had anything to contribute to people up ‘til then, or not much anyway. I didn’t know I could make a difference for people. I was just on the treadmill of life. I was going to school. I was thinking I wanted to be a professor and then I became a musician. That was kind of fun but I didn’t even know if when I was doing that - maybe I was contributing to the other band members, etc., etcetera.

But when I started hitchhiking, I started contributing and what I would do is I had these astrology books … I had learned astrology and I knew how it worked and somebody would pick me up and I’d pick up my astrology books and say when was your birthday? And I’d take the astrology book out and I’d look up their things and I didn’t read it. I knew it enough where I could do an interpretation right on the spot and I realize now while I was using astrology, I was tapping into my intuitive ability because I could talk to somebody and I used astrology as a point of anchoring.

But intuitively I could pick up the energies and I was always able to give people really valuable things, in that format. It’s like I was doing that and I was interfacing with life in that way. It wasn’t just the hitchhiking – I needed something to interface and, astrology and music were the things that interfaced, that allowed life to give back to me the things I needed to survive. Like people would take me home. I’d be sleeping on somebody’s couch and then I’d be somewhere for a couple of days and I would have great things to share and then I’d move on to another place and another place and it became a flow where I was very comfortable being in that zone.

I was having miracles and if I was going to interpret it as to what I know now, you know how I’ve grown since then, I would say that I had some deep internal memory of other dimensions and other dimensions have to do with being free from time. Dimensions in time, to me, have a correlation because when time is moving faster, when you experience time moving faster, that means you’re accessing a higher dimension and when time stands still, when it feels like it just stops then you are actually holding the space for another dimension in this realm. That’s when you start accessing very high levels of wisdom. That’s when you start accessing high levels of Sources in other dimensions and you can access it and bring it through into this dimension. That’s when you get through the veil.

When I was hitchhiking I was doing that - I didn’t use those terms, I just knew there’s something real about this. I’m authentically giving to people and when I was authentically giving and sharing with people I would automatically start moving into higher dimensions and that, it became a flow that I could hold on to and keep moving on. And I had phenomena going on, I mean at that time it seemed like phenomena, and I don’t know, I guess “phenomena,” we can use it at this time is when things happen that are outside of the laws of what would be expected in the physical Universe.

Like one of the things that happened was because I had these astrology books and because I was asking everyone their signs - this kind of blew my mind – that, I would get somebody to pick me up hitchhiking that had a certain astrological combination. Like it was an Aries man and a Gemini woman and they would drop me off, I’d wait for two hours for a ride and another Aries man and Gemini woman would pick me up. It happened, and then it would change the next day and it would be a Cancer man and then another Cancer man and I was observing this day in and day out and I was saying, how does this work?

How does this work? How does it work that I keep having the same people pick me up, of the same astrological combinations? And I was trying to come up with a theory of it, but I knew that I had moved outside of a reality system and I was in another reality system where it was working that way. It was slipping and sliding in a higher reality system and the way that I finally came to the conclusion of how the Universe worked to do that - is that I was transmitting my astrology signs, my astrological energies. It’s kind of like every day you’re a transmitter.

Every day we’re all transmitters and suddenly I was transmitting those energies and if you’re hitchhiking, what you are doing is standing there all alone, nothing’s there, and you’re a transmitter. And that depending on the astrology of the day and how it was intermingling with my chart, I would be transmitting a unique set of signals to the Universe and it would attract certain people to stop. It would stay the same for awhile and the next day or the day after it would change. It was the only way I could explain it to myself – I needed an understanding. I mean when I have a synchronicity I look at all of the intricacies of choices that are made to cause something to happen. And I know when you start having synchronicities, you’re moving into high levels of creation.

But it’s a trick to figure out how to do that because you have to let go to do that. You have to let go of the lower levels and there’s all this fear of letting go. So you have to build it up slowly so you’re comfortable. But when I hitchhiked I went through my fear and please, I’m not telling anybody to hitchhike. [Laughter] Especially today, I don’t think it would be a good idea and I don’t think I would do it again. But at that time, it was kind of acceptable. There were all these nomadic hippies going around looking for things and I can kind of fit into that mold and also, the fact that I was doing astrology charts and playing music - gave me an interface.


It gave me an interface on dealing with physical reality and having something to offer. So I felt better than ever in my life when I was doing that. It was like a reference point of flow at a very high level and I didn’t know how to anchor it though. Every time I stopped hitchhiking - every time I would stop - it would stop, I couldn’t maintain the energy of that flow and I would get into mundane things. I’d get into feeling trapped. I’d get into difficult relationships. I’d get into jobs that I hated .[Laughter] I resisted and it’s like when I was hitchhiking, everybody gave me what I needed. I didn’t need a job, I mean I was not certainly making lots of money but if I needed to eat, or people would donate something.

I still think how do I integrate that aspect of my experience with what I’m doing now? I’m getting up to it … I can see why people who do spiritual teachings, often are nomadic. Sometimes they are. They’re nomadic because they can tap into frequencies and they escape the control patterns, by traveling. Traveling was a way to escape the control patterns of this realm and, of other people because I only had to be with someone as long as the energy was present. As soon as the energy was not present, I could move on and there was no responsibility, no obligation – just flow with the energy. I wrote a song about that which I still have to make a good demo of. It was called Traveling at the Speed of Love and that was how I felt it.

It felt like I was traveling at the speed of Love and I could dump myself on any corner in any city in anywhere and as long as I had my guitar and my astrology books, magic would happen. What I’ve learned is that “sovereignty” is not so much doing what you want to do, when you want to do it - it is about holding a frequency that’s higher than what some people call the “control grid,” the frequency on this planet that’s trying to control you. That, for many people, is successfully controlling them. It’s holding a frequency above that and I think that on these calls we do on Sunday’s we bring in those frequencies, above that control grid.

Now if you notice, one of the intriguing things about these calls is that it has certain similar aspects to hitchhiking and wondering where you’re going to end up next. [Laughter] Because when we start, it’s like there’s nothing prepared, there’re no notes, we don’t know what we’re going to talk about, I don’t know what I’m going to talk about. That’s like jumping out and putting your thumb out and seeing where you end up – see the correlation? So when you jump off and don’t know where you’re going to end up and you’re doing it publicly with a bunch of people – and if you look dumb, you’re going to look dumb to everybody and you take that risk.

And you say, if I do this it’s going to come out and it always does and it stays a certain consistency of it and so, even though I committed to show up at ten o’clock and I could use that as a time constraint that says I’m not free, where’s my sovereignty? As soon as I’m there I jump into it and let go and suddenly I’m free again and we’re having a community. We’re having a communion, better than community - we’re having a linking of energies. So, what I have learned is I’ve learned to stay in one spot, somewhat, because I can radiate outwards from that spot, the energy of being in the moment and being free.

Where, when I hitchhiked I couldn’t do that, I had to dance around and move really quickly and keep moving to keep my feeling of sovereignty. Every one of us has that challenge of how to rise above the compression in your life - the things that are holding you down, whether it’s sickness, whether it’s health, whether it’s a relationship, whether it’s a job. Even now I see that I’m on automatic pilot in certain ways, and Terry sees this all the time. We will go out and sit down somewhere and I’ll end up saying hello to the table next to us and we have this really great connection of some sort, or, smiling at the person at the supermarket who is at the deli, who is serving and finding an authentic way to relate to that person that makes them feel a little more joyous and in doing that that makes going to the supermarket another adventure.

I’m going to have all those people (in there) that I’m going to move through, that I have helped lift the vibration by noticing something nice about them. Sometimes you can’t do it. Like I notice –if I go to restaurants – there’re some restaurants I can only go back to once every two months or three months so they forget me because when I kept coming back I would feel trapped. And other restaurants I can keep coming back because the energy never traps me. It’s a very subtle thing - I don’t know if I’m explaining it in a way that’s useful to you. But it’s like paying close attention to this feeling of being trapped and not trapped and learning how to follow those signals in order to stay free in this realm.

If you’re one of those people that watch TV all the time, I would almost guarantee that you are compressed. You may not even know it but you’re compressed because the energy of TV is compressive. I used to do it - I remember I would turn on the TV when I was younger and watch for hours and what it does is it locks your mind into a level and it keeps you preoccupied. But when it’s over, it leaves you empty. It doesn’t really sustain your energy, it just leaves you empty. So, everyone’s different. Everyone has to figure this out, this challenge of how to move through life at some level that you’re not trapped. And if you are trapped right now, and I know some of you listening are feeling trapped, then you have to figure out … You can’t bully your way through it.

You can’t bully your way and become sovereign. Don’t control me. Leave me alone, you know. That is not self sovereignty because that’s resisting a control pattern and by resisting a control pattern, you’re still being controlled because you’re resisting. You have to flow around it and you have to let it be there and flow … I’m not saying you have to. Martin Luther King came into my mind and Martin Luther King obviously resisted a control pattern and so did Gandhi. And there are times when a control pattern was so oppressive that you have to do something radical to get out of it. It might mean, for some people, like divorce – that would be a radical thing to get out of a control pattern. Or quitting your job and looking for another job.

But do you want to quit your job before you … Most people won’t look for a job while they have a job so they’ll wait ‘til they leave it and then look for a job. Of course, if they don’t find it they have to worry about not having any money for a few months and you don’t want that to happen. It’s much better to look for something while you’re still sustained, even though it’s not perfect, than jettison yourself out of it and be desperate. Because the problem of being desperate is however you are – you attract how you are, so you attract desperateness to you and desperateness is not a good position to look for a job.

Or to look for anything because it pushes away what you’re looking for, it doesn’t let it come in. Now Carla and Terry are totally different than me. I have, I think, a very unique life experience and I have had to find my way in very unique ways. Of course, I’m a male, Carla and Terry are female women and the feminine principle works different than the male principle. Now, in resolving duality it all becomes one but nonetheless, every person is a total unique Universe unto themselves flowing around in this huge Universe making their energy pathways and figuring out what their next step is and how they’re going to do it.

Like for example, you know Carla has been coming to our Sunday calls now for quite some time and it started out because – I know Carla used to go to church every Sunday – and then she was in bed and she couldn’t go to church. And I know how important it is for her to have her spirit activated and I was encouraging her to come to the call at least one time just to see what happened. But I didn’t really think she’d get involved because I thought she might feel too constrained and I might be too overbearing and I didn’t want to be less than I was and yet she’s come and it’s just a beautiful experience having her.

I tell Carla, I tell her this to the side, often times I take a leading position in the conversations but Carla - and I’m explaining this to you all because this is not obvious and it’s important - Carla brings an incredible hologram of energy to this call and whether she’s the center of attention or she’s in the background, her energy is there. Can you feel her, as I’m talking about it? It’s a huge sustaining energy and it’s one of those things that people, when they do it, they don’t usually get credit for it but they get freedom for it.

Carla: It’s nothing you’re doing.

Wynn: Pardon me?

Carla: It’s nothing you’re doing, it’s just who you are.

Wynn: Yeah.

Carla: It’s what you’re being, it’s what you be, not what you do.  I don’t care if I ever say anything on this show. That doesn’t matter one bit to me. That’s not why I’m here. I’m here to share.

Wynn: And Terry does the same thing.

Carla: Yeah.

Wynn: But with a different frequency than Carla. Terry’s frequency is different. But she’s totally present on the call and that even though she’s in the background and even though I have to encourage her to come forward sometimes [Laughter] and she reluctantly comes forward and says something, she is supporting the energy on this call. Many of you listening right now are supporting that energy with your holograms. You’re supporting it with your invisible side. You don’t need even to be acknowledged because spirit is acknowledging you for being there and you can feel it.

It’s one of the reasons, maybe the only reason that I can show up and not feel trapped because we are creating a space of untrappedness. So instead of having to hitchhike around the country and spend a little bit of time with this person and move on, and a little bit of time with this person and move on, I can stay in the center of my being and I can spend time with all of you and this is an amazing thing because it’s not physical. We’re not spending time in the physical and it’s unusual in this realm. Even people who go to church – they’re in the physical. Yet we are creating a non-physical space of connection amongst us all that has total free will attached to it that has no diminishing of sovereignty, that doesn’t have a building to support. It doesn’t have a staff to support where you have to start worrying about money. Not that I don’t worry about money, but I don’t do it in this group. I still have to make money and somewhere across the line of this work, somewhere, I said I have to not think of this work as making money. It can make money and people donate and when you do, it is so gratefully received and those of you that are donating every month, we have to do something special for you, even if it’s a small donation.

It’s like you are giving of your consciousness, to this work and I have this feeling, as long as the planet stays going that this work is going to be around for a long time. And I mean, when I say this work I’m including Carla’s work. These are epic works that is beyond my mortality, and Carla’s mortality, and Terry’s mortality and we put it out … and I became aware of that at a certain point and if you ever wanted to think of something that can affect your sovereignty, that thought does it. I know Carla knows that. It’s why she dedicated her life because this is the kind of work that liberates people and you don’t want one person not to have the opportunity to liberate them self because they can’t afford it, or they don’t even know what it is. They have to discover it to start the process of liberation. How do you promote something that liberates somebody? You put an ad in the paper and say, “Get liberated,” and come to this workshop for $300.00 dollars. Usually those things don’t work. I’m not saying they never work. Usually, you have fun at the workshop and when the workshop is over you go back to your patterns. It’s not easy to stay above the waterline in this realm of the control grid or the control patterns or whatever anyone wants to call it. Terry, you’re being silent in the background. What would you like to say?

Terry: Yes, I would like to thank everybody that made donations. We got some donations here and there was Alex George, and Carolyn Castro, and Yvonne Mathis, and Ware Jewelry, and Fred Daugert and Oren Weinreb recently made donations. Somebody sent a donation of $200.00 dollars in the mail and they didn’t say anything about where it came from and so we were able to pay-down more of the BBS now, and I just wanted to thank everybody who made donations. It’s very, very helpful towards making the work expand and getting it out there to people.

Wynn: Those of you may not know this but we have about, amongst other bills, we have one of our biggest bills is $400.00 dollars a month that we pay BBS to be on these calls. So if you’re one of the people that are listening on BBS, even a little donation … A donation is one way to express your energy. All this stuff is happening in the non-physical. We’re making a non-physical connection with people but in order to do anything in this realm, there’s a physical that has to be contended with. There’s a house that has a roof on it. There’s food that we have to all eat and then there’s our BBS bill.

I’m very grateful to Don and Doug, who own BBS, because we fall behind and they never bug us. They just let it be. But I just bring that to your awareness, it’s one way that you can be supportive and maybe one day we’ll do a telethon [Laughter] if Carla wants to do it. We’ll spend all day on the phone raising money to pay expenses so that we can keep everything free. This is listener supported radio. Every action you take effects you and you know there’s one fellow that loves our work, it’s helped him so much. I’m not going to say who he is but he’s made some very big donations and he says it liberates him to make those things.

What happens is there’s a lot of things that I don’t do because we can’t afford it that would get this word out to more people. Next month I’m going to … I found a guy that does P.R. that’s connected to a lot of radio stations, and that I think he’s connecting with my work, at the beginning stages. Because he’s a guy that’s had miracles himself; he understands the workings of spirit and I’ve studied him and I said this is a guy that might be able to carry some passion. Because most people do business - they’ll do what they’re supposed to do, even a P.R. agent, but they don’t have any passion and this guy has passion and he’s gotten people on big radio shows and big TV shows and he doesn’t charge a lot for what he does. And so, somehow we’ve had enough money (but we really don’t have enough money, we really don’t) but I’m going to spend it anyway because I know we need to reach more people. So, for the next three months I’m committing $500.00 dollars a month and you’ll probably see some emails going out that Wynn is going to be talking on this radio show or that radio show and those people that we reach are going to end up, some of them, here on Sunday’s and be part of our invisible group energy, supporting the evolution of ourselves and our planet. So money makes a difference. I mean, for the longest time I had absolutely no money and I was doing things on the Internet that I could only do myself, to make this work.

So when you put money out, you are not just giving us money, you are directly connecting with changes that happen as a result of us spending your money to reach somebody. Interestingly enough, every single person that’s reached is incredibly important. The Ra Group is a group of graduated souls of millions - millions of souls - and they work for our evolution and at one point I believe, Carla can clarify this, they said that they don’t expect a huge amount of people to graduate this realm, and yet even one … How did they say that, Carla? Do you recall?

Carla: They said if one understands what we’re saying, that is wonderful. That is all we need. We’re happy. They’re not counting. Forget ye the counting.

Wynn: Right. So if we spend a thousand dollars and one person finds us and changes their path then that would be a great accomplishment. And the Ra Group is millions of beings and they say the same thing: if one person finds our words and finds some enlightenment through it and does what they need to graduate this realm, then they’re happy. That’s an accomplishment. We talk about graduating this realm, and I know everyone of you who has heard that term is saying to yourself am I going to graduate? I hope I graduate.

I have a contention, a belief, that by coming into these calls, by affiliating with each other in a way that we connect in an invisible realm in a way that we can feel loving energy inside of ourselves – if we’re doing that then we have to be in 4D [4th density/dimension] to do that. We’re not doing it in 3D. We’re not in the same room - we’re everywhere in the world and yet, there’s this energy that can come in, that you can feel. You can feel the gratitude – I can feel the gratitude in myself for all of you being here and that, regardless of how I feel when this call starts, by the time the call ends I’m in a different space and I would be willing to bet that that works for a lot of you.

So we are learning, and I include myself, we are learning how to free ourselves from 3D. And as you learn that, you can start cutting your cords, the cords that keep you in 3D. What is “cutting the cords?” You have to look at what you’re attached to. Are you attached to your family? It doesn’t mean you can’t love your family. It doesn’t mean you can’t love your job. It doesn’t mean you can’t love making money. It means, can you love all those things and not be attached; because if you’re attached, the attachment keeps you in 3D, so you have to learn to flow through your life in a detached way.

You have to learn to accept everything moment to moment and not get caught in all the webs that are there to get caught in and, not to hate the webs, to learn to flow through them. To be like steam and water that just flows around and includes everything and doesn’t get trapped. In the course of your day you can observe carefully and say what’s trapped me? And then work on it and untangle it and let it go – and the next day, the same thing. Because, as you start doing that, that’s a very good technique for freeing yourself; because as you can observe the part of you that’s observing has detached itself from the part of you that’s being trapped.

Are you trapped by your disease? Are you trapped by your health? Are you trapped by relationships? Are you trapped by your poverty? Are you trapped by the things that make you happy [Laughter] - that you think make you happy? Are you trapped by the things that make you feel secure? This is not about rejecting or walking away from any of those things. You don’t have to do that. You don’t have to do what I did, which is hitchhike, and that’s walking away from everything and just being free flowing. You don’t have to do it. You just have to release the attachment, constantly.

You have to be unrelentingly honest with yourself and look at the areas of attachment and let them go. Are you attached to your ambitions and your dreams? Are you attached to (like) having the perfect love relationship? Are you attached to being enormously wealthy? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have that love or the wealth, it means to detach yourself from it and you have to say to yourself, if my life ended today, can I be complete with everything? And the more that you can say that, that if my life ended today, I’m complete. There’s nothing more I have to do in the physical realm.

Then, that is your rule of thumb or your guideline to say, “Hey, I’m going to graduate this realm. I’m finished - I don’t have to do anything.” Then, the next moment you can go back into struggling a little bit, you can go back to all the things that you’re programmed to do or that you need to do, or that you think you need to do and … I still have got to make money, we’re going broke; my leg still hurts, my ‘this’ still hurts … But move back and forth through dealing with all that stuff and being detached from it.

Maybe that seems like a paradox but there’s the inward and the outward and the detachment starts inwardly. Pulling all the plugs and saying if I die today it is okay. When you can say that and you’re worried about graduating this realm, I think that’s a fairly good guideline to say that you’re probably going to graduate. Carla, does that sound right to you? [Silence] Are you there Carla? I hope I’m still on the air, let’s see.

Terry: Yeah, I can hear you.

Wynn: You can hear me.

Terry: Yes, maybe Carla dropped out because sometimes, every now and then, there will be a dropout from the phone. Every now and then my phone drops out. It hasn’t done it in awhile, in a few weeks now.

Wynn: Um hum. So does that sound right … Why don’t you share something?

Terry: Okay. One of the things I wanted to do was [say] thanks so much to – I didn’t include everybody on that list. And David Fitzsimmons paid for all of October on BBS; and Marilyn Hausman has been regularly sending money in the mail; and all the transcribers - Connie had transcribed so many transcriptions; and Susan and Rick are working transcriptions and Michael; and Gijs is contributing so much by being there at the beginning of the calls, and now Donna and Marilyn; and Bogdan put up the website; and Gary has done a lot of work; and Robynne is putting up the audios. Oren is putting up the transcriptions and doing a lot of work. And everything that people have contributed, it really helps.

With this autonomy that you’re talking about, I think it’s important for a person to not get trapped and to maintain their (own) autonomy and their (own) sovereignty. And within themselves, if they have aspects of their lower self that tend to get trapped then they can use observation. This is something I do, I use observation to tell what it is that is trapping me or what makes me feel trapped and to go back then to dismiss it and then to learn to use communication to communicate how I feel and how I want to proceed and my needs so that I can work out harmoniously whatever that’s making me feel trapped.

And I think the happiest I feel is when I’m contributing, like when I’m editing the transcriptions, when I’m sending the transcriptions out. I’ve finally finished one and it’s an accomplishment and I’m sending out, and to be able to feel the connection with people. So those are a few of my thoughts.

Wynn: Thank you. Is Carla back? [Silence] Okay. Let us move into our personal and planetary healing right now and take a moment and move into that place of observation. Look at yourself … Carla, are you back?

Carla: I am.

Wynn: Did you get knocked off?

Carla: Ah yeah, I got knocked off temporarily, but I got back on.

Wynn: Okay, alright. I’m just moving into our meditation. Did you have any comments? On the stuff I was talking about?

Carla: I am so glad to be here. I’m so glad to be holding this space and I just thank everybody that’s here for holding their space. I just feel so much a part of you and I thank you for being a part of me. That’s it.

Wynn: Thank you. So, we can’t see what we create in other dimensions, at least I can’t and most of us can’t and yet, we have this idea on these calls that we are moving into experiencing ourselves as part of All That Is. Not believing it. Not having it as an idea but having the experience, the knowingness, the connection. That each of us is a little point of Light energy occupying a physical body and the physical body is trapped. It’s in this dimension. It’s clunky, it needs things and we have to deal with that. But who we really are, is not that physical body. We are a dancing point of Light that has chosen to occupy this body, to come into this realm, to lighten the vibrations of this realm, to make the connection with all the other dancing points of Light, to make the connection with the Earth.

As we experience that Light (we’re calling it Light energy) we move into experiencing our freedom. And there’re many other people on this planet that are dancing in that Light, are touching into it. Do you know, when we’re in this space, we’re actually connecting with all kinds of things that we can’t see. That’s how synchronicities start, because we start making the connection [and] we don’t even know we’ve made the connection. Then a week later, a day later, a month later something comes into our life that manifests that connection that we have made, now or last week. 

So the Universe is creating itself all the time and it’s creating itself by all these points of Light that have managed to get above the control grid and managed to commiserate with each other and they don’t even know they’re doing it. We don’t know we’re doing it. And we see ourselves on this call – we’re learning how to create intention to move that invisible energy. Always for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. There’s absolutely no limit to what’s possible as we touch this energy. As we touch that part of ourselves that’s part of All That Is, that always is part of All That Is that we forget, that we lose track of.

That our minds tell us this can’t be real and as we touch into this energy, our potential, in every way increases; our potential to heal ourselves, our potential to heal each other, our potential to heal the planet, our potential to work neck and neck, shoulder to shoulder with higher energy forces that can feel us, that can affiliate with us and that can join us in the spirit of The Law of One. That energy becomes so powerful and many of you have experienced it and, some of you are going to experience it. And, it’s my belief; we’re talking about sovereignty - that until you can touch into this energy, you can’t be sovereign.

Nothing in this world can make you sovereign. You can have power. You can have everyone say tell us what to do but that’s not sovereignty. Sovereignty means operating in Light, living in God’s holy thoughts. L-I-G-H-T and let’s let that energy infiltrate our entire physical body. That clunky body is also made of that energy that has contracted itself, frozen itself, but everything in your body is glued to that energy. Let’s see if we can create a flow in our body that helps liberate those areas of stuckness. Let’s imagine right now that your body is surrounded by the angels. Angels could be just members of the Ra Group or the Elohim Group or some other group.

But we only accept support from positive Sources that honor The Law of One, that honor free will and operate for the highest good of all concerned. Let’s just see your body surrounded by those beings. Real beings that think, that have intention, that have watched this planet for millenniums and say, “How hard it is to get here, that we’re invisible, no one can see us.” Imagine those invisible beings around you. Imagine healers, imagine angels, whatever word. Invite them to surround your body and ask them for the highest mastery possible for fixing your body, if it needs to be fixed. Take a moment and just have that experience.

You feel the presence around you? [Silence] You’re not giving up your power, you’re co-creating. You’re affiliating with. It’s okay to have needs. There’s a difference between needs and attachment. We can fulfill each other’s needs without being attached. [Silence]

Carla: You know that’s so true, Wynn. You fulfill each other’s needs without saying a word. And all the empty places that we have, we fill for each other and we have no idea how that happens but we know that we’re content and we weren’t before and all we can do is say thank you. [Silence]

Wynn: Love is helping the people around you fulfill their needs without getting trapped by it. And as you fulfill the needs of others you create the karmic reciprocation to have your own needs fulfilled.

Carla: And it’s not a cost. It costs you nothing and it costs no one anything because it’s a transfer that’s a sharing and the sharing comes right back to you and (even) more than you got before so that we’re all adding to each other and we’re all larger than we were before.

Wynn: So we’re in this magical place where we have a huge conglomeration of energy that we have created, we have invoked, we have asked for, we have intended – and our energy is flowing with each other and with those higher energies in the Universe that we refer to as the Elohim and Ra Groups. You can think of Jesus as being part of it. You can think of any name that you have - The One Infinite Creator that conjures up that frequency of connection - connection with sovereignty. All these individuated beings throughout the Universe who’d choose to participate (absolutely no control pattern), who would volunteer to create this space because it’s through our group co-creation that shifts occurs, that healings occur, that miracles occur. In other realms there’re no miracles.

They’re not bound by the constriction of planet Earth. So we can be here and be there and then things lighten up on Earth. So be in this flow and put your intention out for the areas that you need healing, for the areas and the people that you care about that need healing. When I say care, are you learning how to care without attachment? Now you don’t have to, that’s your choice. But if your care has attachment to it, then it has strings and it can very well lead you to come back into this realm – if you wanted to graduate.

So take a moment right now and I want you to go through everything in your life that you would like this Light connected to; your home, your family, this group, each other – and if you could have something come into your life that’s not there right now, I want you to put it into this field. In a loving way, just say, “Can this come into my life? Whether it’s a job, abundance, a relationship, health, balance - for someone else - just ask. We have this healing list that people put things into the Light and I’ll read a few of them; I don’t have to read it for it to happen but reading it helps anchor the energies. We have

Debby in South Blooming Grove, New York … she’s been putting (I think it’s) her daughter in the Light for quite a few weeks and, I can’t thank all of you enough for sending your greatest Love Light and healing energy (to my sweet little Possum); I noticed immediate improvement and even though she still has some symptoms, they have lessened greatly. I can see that she feels better and it was wonderful to see her smile again. Please continue to hold her in the Light and send loving healing energy to her. Thanks and blessings to all with lots of Love from both me and Possum. And then …

Marsha in Panorama City, California … I love you. Requesting prayers for grace to be able to give donations to help you; prayers and help for myself from attacks and for Jim Cole and his partner Dan George.

I know Marsha is having a lot of difficulties in her house with neighbors and let’s just send blessings around her whole house for upliftment and protection from any negative energy.

Michael in San Diego, California … and he sends the Light to Steven Adler and also to Shane Adler. Let’s send the Light – those are obviously, relations to Michael.

Judy in Los Angeles, California … I hope you’re listening Judy. Healing request for Rina, daughter of Norman and Irene, I won’t say their last name.

When you have these healing requests, remember that you are the healer. When you can meditate and tune into the person’s energy that you want healing, when you can send unconditional Love to that person, that’s what works. It’s not asking these invisible Sources to do it – they do it through you. Many of you have heard the story of my sister’s healing where I said can you help my sister and then a few weeks later her Lupus disappeared. But what I don’t always say is that when my sister got home from the hospital and she was in a rehabilitation home, for 3 weeks I called her up every day.

I called myself the cheer-up committee; I would tell her jokes, I’d make her laugh. I made her tell the jokes to the nurses and when she had that healing, they said – a very important principle – if I didn’t do the cheer up committee, they couldn’t have done the healing. Which if you extrapolate that, it means we have to create the energy pathways so the healing energy can flow. It has to go through us; it’s not like the higher Sources are doing you a favor if you ask them. You have to create that pathway. If you can’t do that, I don’t know, maybe something will happen. You never know but it certainly increases the possibilities.

Zoe in Sacramento, California … is sending Love Light to Carolyn and her work in Uganda and her personal safety and success. Continued perfect direction for getting my own work out to those it can help. Help for my daughter’s young stepson and those who are trying to assist him in overcoming early trauma. Blessings to all - thank you. And we have here …

Lys in Rimrock, Arizona perfect cure for my liver, bladder and intestines. Perfect cure for myself and my daughter for all our physical problems and Love, comfort, peacefulness, joy, abundance, health, safety, power, compassion, harmony and happiness are our birthrights as beings of this Universe and we are divine expressions of the completeness of Beingness – living expressions of All That Is. That was very well beautifully spoken, thank you. And we have one more here …

Susan in Cambria, California … healing for my friend Diane. She has peripheral neuropathy and health problems. Please pray for healing. And on that note, again, let’s put in this field the things that we would like to see shifted for ourselves and the people we care about.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity - be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. And right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Right now I turn it over to our Sources to bring forth their message this Sunday, October 27th, [2013] Thank you.

Ra’An/Terry: We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. It’s the 27th of October 2013, planet Earth. And we focus on each and every person who has put something in the Light that they would like healed, for them self or for another. We are there with you and we are sensing, first of all, the thing that you wish healed. Give us a moment. We see the things that you have placed in the Light and we are working with each and every individual that is placed in the Light. We are working in a non-linear manner so we can work with each of you at the same time and we have our attention on each and every thing.

We speak slowly as some of the things that we are working with, for and with you, are very slow moving and the elements are moving in a direction that you wish to change. So as we look at these things we see, and in working with each and every one of you, if we mentioned one specific thing, then that one specific thing applies to one specific person and does not apply to the others. However, we are working with your issue, also. We work with many things at one particular moment in time which is now. We work with the elements connected with Jim Cole’s case.

We work with the release of the individual Richard Bassett from his body so that, since he has passed on, he can move in a liquid-like Loving form into his transition.

We work with Sam Cat and his connection with the physical.

We work with Terry [F.] and we see the choice to be in the depression and the desire to change the depression and we suggest, as the depression exists, to also move into energies that are not of the depression.

We work with the energy around Possum and we see the lifting of depression and the moving of joy into her life and hence the moving of joy into her mother’s life and to her son’s and family. And the lifting of joy of one will lift the joy of all.

We work with Gijs in his new home and his new car to move seamlessly into the new surroundings.

We work with Lys and her daughter and we see a changing, the placing within her vicinity, the elements necessary for her and her daughter to heal the conditions in the digestive tract.

[We work] also with Steven Adler and see the conditions changing and the information needed to be able to bring the change, any changes, needed in life’s path, the information to come.

We thank you for this tremendous connection and the opportunity to be with you. And we work with each and every person even though they are not mentioned here. They are mentioned in our book of connections and we are there with you. And language does not express this adequately. Thank you for this opportunity and we Love you, thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. We’re going to move into the visualization of all of our energies becoming a team - one huge group conglomerate energy, composed of ourselves and those Sources in other dimensions that are operating and honoring The Law of One (within the context of The Law of One); honoring free will and the highest good. And we take our energies and we surround our planet, our planet Earth. For a moment we can see these energies as separated from our bodies, for a moment, and coming down surrounding the Earth like a huge cloud of Love infiltrating all those areas where the energy is blocked in our planet system.

All those areas of darkness, infiltrating, (I should say surrounding them) getting through them, not sneaking in. [Laughter] And finding all of those beings on our planet that are reaching upwards, that are praying for healing, that are praying for planetary transformation, all those people who are anchoring this energy of shift – we ask for their empowerment and their connection and their participation, even invisible participation, with this work we are doing, honoring their free will and the highest good. We send this energy to the Ring of Fire, all the land masses around the Pacific Ocean.

We see it as a huge beam of Light, huge, coming down from the sky, from the heavens, from the Source of creation, penetrating through the land masses and surrounding all those tectonic faults from the coast of South America to Central America, United States, Canada, Alaska, down the eastern coast of Russia, to Japan to New Zealand and Australia.

Surround those faults and ask cooperation of Mother Earth to keep earthquakes away from populations and [only] have small releases.

We go to drought and while we’re surrounding our planet, we ask for rain for all those areas that are producing food, crops. We ask for interventions. We ask no nuclear weapons be allowed to go off. We ask for vibrations that counteract all the vibrations that are put out on this planet, from wherever, designed to control us, to change us – from frequency towers to chemtrails to HAARP. We demand each of us can hold the space, but particularly all those on this line that overcome the influence of those energies. We ask for compassion and for every controlling political power on this planet.

We ask for interventions to block those actions of the few against the freedom and evolution of the many. We ask that each person listening, in this group, be blessed. That each of you, in a personal way, can strengthen yourself, take care of yourself, have those things come to you that you need, learn to give and receive in this realm, and still remain sovereign.

On that note, I thank everybody. I thank again, all the people that made donations. I thank Carla, Terry and our Sources and all the volunteers.

We will un-mute everybody and see you tomorrow, where I think we’re going to do a session and we’re going to ask questions about Shaman’s, signs, totems. Have you ever heard of all the symbols that happen that seem to portray things? Like a crow flies over - Indians use this … we’re going to ask how that works, I think. No promises, this is how I stay sovereign, I don’t have to commit. But I think that’s a good topic that I’m interested in and we’ll see you next time. Thank you.

Everybody: Thank you, Terry. Thank you everybody. Thank you, Terry. Thank you, Wynn.

Carla: It’s been wonderful today, guys. I love you all. This is Carla. I’ll see you next time.


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